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Retro Game Walkthroughs For
"Perfect Dark Zero"
(Xbox 360)

Retro Game Walkthroughs for Perfect Dark Zero (Xbox 360)
Submitted By: AliBoy
A quick look at the game on the agent setting. Obviously the other settings get harder and require a bit more thought but this should at least get you started for now.

To unlock weapons for use in the single player game you must first find them on the specific level and end the level with the weapon still in your possession. Here are a list of the guns and the levels you can find them on.

Falcon - Nightclub Stakeout
Magnum - Rooftops Escape
Magsec 4 - Mansion Infiltration
Phychosis Gun - Trinity Infiltration
M60 - Mansion Infiltration
Plasma Rifle - Temple Surveillance
Rocket Launcher - Bridge Assault
DW-P5 - Nightclub Stakeout
UGL Liberator - Nightclub Stakeout
CMP-150 - Sewer Retrieval
RCP-90 - Jungle Storm
KSI-74 - Lab Rescue
FAC-16 - Trinity Escape (off dead ally)
SuperDragon - Outpost Rescue
Laptop - Trinity Infiltration
Viblade - Mansion Infiltration (In the red trip laser room)
DEF-12 Shotgun - Nightclub Stakeout
Combat Sheild - Trinity Infiltration
Frag Grenade - Nightclub Stakeout
Multi Mine - Temple Surveillance
Hawk Boomerang - Trinity Infiltration.
Flashbangs - Lab Rescue, River Escape
Rocket Launcher - River Extraction

The following is a list of achievements in the game and how to unlock them

10 Minutes Survived - Survive 10 minutes in Onlsaught mode
100 Headshot Kills - Get 100 Headshots kills in any Multiplayer mode
100 Mele Kills - Get 100 Mele kills in an Multiplayer mode
100 Kills in Team Killcount - Get 100 kills in Team Killcount mode
10 Territories Held - Score 10 points in Territory Gain mode
100 Explosive Kills - Get 100 kills using explosive in any Multiplayer modes
Played 10 Deathmatch games - Play 10 Deathmatch games
100 Sniper Kills - Get 100 Sniper kills in any Multiplayer modes
10 Headshot Kills - Get 10 Headshots kills in any Multiplayer mode
100 Kills in Killcount - Get 100 kills in Killcount mode
10 Sniper Kills - Get 10 Sniper kills in any Multiplayer modes
10 Explosive Kills - Get 10 kills using explosive in any Multiplayer modes
10 Kills in Killcount - Get 10 kills in Killcount mode
10 Mele Kills - Get 10 Mele kills in an Multiplayer mode
10 Kills in Team Killcount - Get 10 kills in Team Killcount mode
Complete Single Agent - Complete Single Player on Agent Difficulty
Complete Single Perfect Agent - Complete Single Player on Perfect Agent Difficulty
Complete Single Secret Agent - Complete Single Player on Secret Agent Difficulty
Complete Single Dark Agent - Complete Single Player on Dark Agent Difficulty
Complete Co-Op Agent - Complete Co-Op on Agent Difficulty
Complete Co-Op Secret Agent - Complete Co-Op on Secret Agent Difficulty
Completed Co-Op Perfect Agent - Complete Co-Op on Perfect Agent Difficulty
Completed Co-Op Dark Agent - Complete Co-Op on Dark Agent Difficulty
Played 100 Deathmatch Games - Play 100 Deathmatch games
Played 1000 Deathmatch Games - Play 1000 Deathmatch games
Played 10 Dark-Ops Games - Play 10 Dark-Ops games
Played 100 Dark-Ops Games - Play 100 Dark-Ops games
Played 1000 Dark-Ops Games - Play 1000 Dark-Ops games
1000 Kills in Team Killcount - Get 1000 Kills in Team Killcount Mode
1000 Kills in Killcount - Get 1000 Kills in Killcount Mode
10 Flags Captured - Capture 10 Flags in Capture The Flag mode
100 Flags Captured - Capture 100 Flags in Capture The Flag mode
10 Player Infected - Infect 10 Players in Infection mode
100 Player Infected - Infect 100 Players in Infection mode
1000 Player Infected - Infect 1000 Players in Infection mode
100 Territories Held - Score 100 Points in Territorial Gains mode
10 Rounds Survived - Survive 10 Rounds of Eradication mode
100 Rounds Survived - Survive 100 Rounds of Eradication mode
1000 Rounds Survived - Survive 1000 Rounds of Eradication mode
10,000 CR Property Destroyed - Destroy 10K CR of property in Sabotage
100,000 CR Property Destroyed - Destroy 100K CR of property in Sabotage
100 Minutes Survived - Survive for 100 minutes Onslaught.
1000 Sniper Kills - Get 1000 Sniper kills in any Multiplayer Mode
1000 Headshot Kills - Get 1000 Headshot kills in any Multiplayer Mode
1000 Mele Kills - Get 1000 Mele kills in any Multiplayer Mode
1000 Explosive Kills - Get 1000 Explosive kills in any Multiplayer Mode
1 Co-op Mission On Dark Agent - Complete 1 Co-Op mission on Dark Agent Difficulty
5 Co-op Missions On Dark Agent - Complete 5 Co-Op missions on Dark Agent Difficulty
1 Solo Mission On Dark Agent- Complete 1 Solo mission on Dark Agent Difficulty
5 Solo Mission On Dark Agent - Complete 5 Solo missions on Dark Agent Difficulty

Multiplayer Modes
Kill count: It's you against everyone else. Rules are simple kill anything and everything. The player with the best score wins.

Team Kill count: Similar to kill count except you now have a team, so kill the enemy team and try work as a team to get the best score.

Territorial Gain: The aim is the kill the enemy but to also capture and protect specific areas of the map. Points are given for holding a specific area for a certain amount of time.

Capture the flag: The old favourite. The aim is simple, capture the enemies flag and return it to your base while at the same time protecting your flag from the enemy.

Infection: You either start the game infected (as a skeleton) or normal. If you are infected you need to try kill any normal players. If you are normal you need to avoid being killed and also kill the infected skeletons.

Eradication: Similar to team kill count except players don't respawn. You need to kill all of the enemy within the time limit.

Sabotage: The attacking team has to destroy certain objects highlighted on the map. The defending team needs to kill all the attackers and prevent all of the property being destroyed.

Onslaught: The attacking team needs to kill all of the defending team. The defenders are confined to a specific area and must survive the attacking team. Attackers will respawn until the time runs out or all of the defending team dies.

Single player
Mission 0

A basic tutorial level that will teach you the basic skills required for the level. Listen to Chandra's instructions and proceed through the level.
If at any time you get a bit lost just stop and after a few moments an arrow way path will appear to point you in the right direction. If you can't follow the instructions to proceed through the level then maybe this game just isn't for you :0)

Mission 1
You need to use stealth for this mission, get spotted and you fail the first part of the mission. The aim is to identify the enforcers and use the audioscope to lock onto their location.
From the start proceed forward, an enemy is sitting on the boxes with his back to you . Mele attack him and then run left. Head to the far end and you'll see a ladder. Climb this and you'll find yourself on a helicopter pad. There is a garden below you, in the middle of this stands one of the enforcers - you will need to get closer for the audioscope to lock onto its target.
Move down the stairs and head to the right, from the wall you should be able to lock on to the enforcer with the audioscope. If you are playing on the agent setting then this should complete the first mission task.
If your quiet you should be able to sneak past everyone to the far end of the garden, you'll see some jeeps a head, move towards them and hug the wall to the left. A few guards sit on some boxes but if your quiet you should be able to sneak past them.
If not then you have to kill the enforcer and guards around you.

Walk up the stairs and shoot the padlock on the door to open it. Follow the path round to the left and down the stairs. Kill the guards around and then find the key usually up in the room on the other side of this area. You can also destroy the boat if instructed too. Then unlock the door and head into the alley.
In the alley watch out for the guard who sometimes hides behind the large bin. Proceed down the stairs and open the door to the club. Shoot the guy with the broom and then kill the guards in the next room.
You need to drop all your weapons to pass through the metal detector. When inside pick up a gun from the guards you killed and head up the stairs. Go to the very end of the hall and open the door. Kill any guards inside and then mele attack the fire alarm on the wall to set the alarm off and make people leave the club.

You can head back and get your weapons or stick with the new ones you have. Everyone left inside the club should be armed and dangerous so kill anything that moves. You need to move up the stairs and through the club. The arrow way points will point the right way should you get a bit lost. Once you head through the double doors at the top a cut scene will kick in and the level finishes.

Mission 2

The mission starts inside a car park and straight away you will be attacked by a gang of bikers. Kill them all also look out for the explosive barrels, handy for killing enemy quickly and easily. When you kill them all look for the dropped keycard and use it to leave the car park. Head along the alley killing the enemy as you go. Also destroy the cameras. You can if you like use your data thief on the fork lift if you wish but this isn't necessary.
Head inside the warehouse and kill the enemy as you proceed through. Once in the street kill the enemy and then head to the left and towards the building at the end of the street. The briefcase is locked inside a safe. The key is hidden up stairs in a filling cabinet but you can also use your data thief to enter or destroy part of the wall with a demo kit.
Once you secure the case more enemy soldiers will attack.

You then need to head into the subway beside this building and move through the station, you'll encounter both enemy soldiers and security guards. You can start a fight between the two if you are silent and manage to kill a gang member during their argument with the security guards. Continue through the level and down towards the trains, you need to kill the enemies on the trains, head inside the train and proceed through. Then head into the room at the end of the platform and kill the guards inside and then head up the stairs to the end of the level.

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