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Retro Game Walkthroughs For
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Retro Game Walkthroughs for Pursuit Force (Sony PSP)
Submitted By: pb

Below are the rankings and the difference they make in the game:

Officer - Basic, starting point in the game.
Sergeant - Slower to recover your energy
Lieutenant Ė Faster movement on foot and in vehicles.
Captain - Get the Enforcer gun, which is must more effective than the Defender you start with
Major - Slower overheating in the helicopter gun. (canít find any other improvements though)

[B]The Missions:[/B]
Firstly, a quick summary of all the missions:

Capelli Missions:
1 Rat Race
2 Cold Contract
3 Line of Fire
4 Witness Protection
5 Legal Eagle
6 Don the Run

Warlords Missions
1 Toxic Convoy
2 Hardware Hijack
3 Atomic Ambush
4 Velocity
5 Day of the Dam)
6 General's Revenge

Convicts Missions
1 Ski Run Rampage
2 Rapid Reaction
3 Wilde's Boys
4 The Forger)
5 A Snitch in Time
6 Bus to the Border

Vixens Missions
1 Daylight Archaeology
2 A taste of Metal
3 Fox Hunt
4 Babes, Boats and Bullets
5 Girl's Best Friend
6 Whiplash

Killer 66 Missions
1 Guardian
2 The Big Game
3 Sythetic Science
4 Pursuit Plunder
5 Risky Business
6 Monster Toshima

[B]Capelli Missions[/B]
A stereotypical Mafia Gang

Mission 1 - Rat Race
1)Drive Leone to the airport
2)Protect him from the Capeliis

A very basic start to the mission. With about 15-16km you need to outrun the mafia cars, theyíre bullet-proof so no firing and you canít change cars yet. The next lot of car drivers can be shot though, so as soon as you get a break from the first drivers, get ready on the trigger for the next lot. Try to avoid innocent people and your Justice Meter will rise. By the time that most of the cars have been dispatched (about 8km to go) your Justice Meter should be full. Quickly use it to repair any damage and just floor it to the end of the level.

Mission 2 - Cold Contract
1)Take out the hitmen before they reach Asten Town

This one sees you on the water and, yey, you can jump! Keep jumping to boats (press circle when you see the green icon) and kill the enemies. You can use your justice meter to perform a shot in mid-air when it fills up, but I would recommend using it for any damage your boat gets, in case you canít jump.

Mission 3 - Line of Fire
1) Tail Deadeye
2) Protect the Mayor
3) Ensure Deadeye does not escape

Firsly, just follow, nothing else. Keep an eye on the meter that shows how far away you are and stay in the middle.

Next (after the cut scene) start shooting as you get nearer the car you can land on. Jump to it as soon as you can and take out the driver. Getting this car will give you a better chance of doing some damage to the other car. Donít worry that you canít kill him, a cutscene will show him escaping to the harbour.

The cut scene takes you to a boat where you need to chase Deadeye and kill him This can be quite difficult, you need to get the four green icons to light up. Change boats by stealing the enemies boat when yours gets a lot of damage, as deadeye will often shoot at you and cause damage. Donít forget, you can also use full justice to get all your health.

Mission 4 - Witness Protection
1) Escort the FBI boats safely to the city

As soon as you get to some enemy boats, jump on them and dispatch the enemies. For the next two boats youíll need to slow down to kill them. Taking them out will fill up your meter. Always draw the attention from the boat you need to protect and change boats when your damage is high.

Four more boats can be dispatched in the same way. Youíll find backup, but then need to go back on land to fight the ambush. This involves killing 12 enemies. This is fairly easy, though keep an eye on your map to check where to go.

Mission 5 - Legal Eagle
1) Destroy the Lawyer's entourage
2) Capture his vehicle and gain entry to the mansion
3) Clear the grounds for the SWAT team

First Helicoptor Mission. Use the D-Pad for higher accuracy and shoot at the first 7 cars that come your way. Jump into the car of the lawyer and stay ahead of the first few cars until you come across some you can fire at. Take these out without hurting civilians and youíll earn your Justice Meter points to repair any damage. This should allow you to get to the mansion.

At the mansion, grit your teeth! Youíll need to kill all 14 enemies in just 1 minute, again use the map to find them.

Mission 6 - Don the Run
1) Stop Don Capelli from escaping the city

Shoot out one of the cars and then concentrate on the other 3 before catching up with the Don. Concentrate on the gunmen and as soon as another car comes along, jump into it to replenish the damage and your weapon. Once your damage is lower you can drive to one side of the Donís car and take out the gunman on one side. Then do the same with the other. Lastly get right up alongside the Donís car to take him out. Donít think you can take him out in one go though, grab any passing cars when your damage is at least half.

[B]Warlords Missions[/B]

Rouge Mercenaries

Mission 1 - Toxic Convoy
1) Capture all the Toxic Barrel Carriers

Quite simple, if you jump between the trucks. Avoid the civilians to pump up the Justice meter and jump on each of the trucks in turn to capture it.

Mission 2 - Hardware Hijack
1) Chase down the Warlords
2) Don't let them escape with any hardware

On a bike. The handling can be really annoying, but keep practicing and donít hit anything. Capture the truck that appears after the cutscene. Take out the trucks in the tunnel as quickly as possible. I found that jumping on one and then taking the other out with the gun from the second truck is quickest.

Quickly move through the on-foot section to the docks. Yes, itís another boat race. Capture boats by jumping rather than shooting at them from a distance and then concentrate on the helicopter.

Mission 3 - Atomic Ambush
1) Escort the nuclear transport safely to Ronada Air-force Base

As the escort is attacked and dispatched, youíll see 2 trucks ahead. Jump to one and then attack the other by shooting. Keep doing this with the next few waves of trucks.

On-foot, chase and kill 16 enemies. Ignore the helicopter if you can until the end of the on-foot section. Youíll eventually be able to get a truck. Dodge the fire from the copter and make it to the end.
Mission 4 - Velocity
1) Quickly find and board the bus
2) Save all the passengers

Just like in Speed, control the bus so that civilians can jump off. Get the jeep just in front of the bus to let them off as quickly as possible.

Mission 5 - Day of the Dam
1) Stop the Warlords from destroying the dam

Take out 9 boats as quickly as you can. Try taking out the first 4 with the helicopter gun. Get the rest from your boat. Pretty simple.

Mission 6 - General's Revenge

Keep firing at the general and dodging. Use your justice meter to ensure you survive the onslaught of mines and fire. It may take a few goes to get it right, but just keep firing!

Thatís it for the two sections. More will be added when Iíve played this game a little longer.

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