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Retro Game Walkthroughs For
"Industry Giant 2"
(PC Games)

Retro Game Walkthroughs for Industry Giant 2 (PC Games)
Submitted By: froots
This walkthrough is a step by step guide of how to complete the
three campaigns in the game. I hope you find it useful.

Easy Campaign

Level 1
Objective: Raise $4 Million
Time Limit: 1900 - 1905

1. The town of Whitefish, in the south-eastern corner of the
map, boasts the largest population and the greatest demand for
food. Immediately build two shops in the town, one in the
north, and one in the south.
2. Build a large warehouse to the west of the town, making sure
to erect it as far away from the residential hoses as far as
possible, yet close enough so that it can supply both shops.
3. Now build a chicken farm and two cattle farms. Have one of
the cattle farms produce milk, the other meat. Check the total
of each product demanded in both of your shops and adjust your
farms' output accordingly - you may need to increase wages to
ensure sufficient supplies.
4. Money starts rolling in immediately, but its more of a
trickle than a flood. To speed up your profiteering, plant two
orchards towards the end of May in your first year (apple trees
are planted in June and picked in September). Set them to
produce as many apples as possible by increasing wages.
5. The apples from the orchards aren't enough to satisfy demands
throughout the year, so in May of your second year plants
another one. You should now be keeping adequately fed and making
over $200,000 profit a month. Sit back, watch the cash roll in
and move on to the next level.

Level 2
Objective: Achieve a company value of $10 Million
Time Limit: 1940 - 1949

1. The only two sources of oil in this map can be found around
the lakes to the north and south. Build an oil derrick next to
the south lake, as this is closer to the east and west coastal
2. Make the town of West Beach your first target. You've got a
large budget to play with, so open clothes and sports shops, and
a household goods store right in the heart of town.Now place a
warehouse and position a train station nearby. Build another
station near your oil derrick and add a warehouse, chemical
factory, sports factory, crocodile farm and textile factory.
3. Deliver handbags, dinghies and sun tan lotion to West Beach
and wait patiently for your cash to build up. If you find that
you have a surplus of goods either reduce your factory
production or drop the selling price to boost demand.
4. Once you've enough cash, turn your attention to South Beach
for the next stage of expansion. Build a cloths store and a
sports shop and link them to your factories by train - don't use
road transport as the distance between your factories and the
town is too great.
5. With the South Beach shops up and running you should be
earning enough loot each month to complete the objective within
the time limit. However, you can hasten the approach of the next
mission by expanding your operation to Palm Beach Central in the

Level 3
Objective: Achieve a company value of $15 Million
Time Limit: 1950 - 1959

1. The town of Flushings where the fast bucks are made, but its
on the opposite side of the river to your resources. Start by
building a large warehouse on the river bank next to the town.
Now place a harbour with two piers next to it and position a
similar harbour directly opposite on the south bank.
2. Build two or three shops in Flushing, spreading them out so
that most of the town is within their catchment area.
3. Resources are spread out on this map, but you can finish this
mission by producing just a couple of goods so don't worry about
collecting all of them. Shut down the quartz, precious metal and
beuxite mines and link your oil and iron ore to the southern
harbour. Add an extra line for bringing in the electronic
engines to the harbour too.
4. Start your production with chemical and household equipment
factories. Produce plastic boxes and deliver them to your
warehouse near Flushing. Use the cash that comes flooding in
tobuild a steelworks and another household equipment factory so
that you can produce washing machines. These are highly
profitable and enable you to expand your operation.
5. With a bit more cash in your account, build another chemical
and household equipment factory. If the demand for plastic boxes
isn't being met yet, use these new factories to increase your
output, otherwise turn them to the production of disposable
cups. You need plenty of oil for this, so increase the pay of
your oil derrick workers to ensure maximum production.
6. Meet the demand for disposable cups, plastic boxes and
washing machines and you can wrap this mission lond before the
time limit.

Level 4
Objective: Achieve a company value of $20 Million
Time Limit: 1960 - 1979

1. The trick here is to concentrate on selling to the triangle
of towns - Gotham, Southville and River Junction - in the map's
centre. Its also wise to stick to goods requiring no more than
petrol and wood, as all the other resources are spread out.
2. Base your production faculties near the oil fields to the
north of River Junction. Start by producing disposable cups,
plastic boxes and detergents. These are all easy to produce, but
highly profitable and in great demand. Start off selling to
Gotham and River Junction and then expand to Southville as soon
as you have sufficient finances.
3. Make sure you place a large train station near your oil
fields. You may only start with a couple of trains, but you need
a lot more as you progress so its best to be prepared.
4. Develop facilities for the production of furniture goods in
the same area as your oil fields to the north of River Junction.
Construct the necessary buildings for the creation of office and
garden furniture as these are not only profitable; they don't
require any other resources either.
5. If you need to expand your empire further, concentrate on
simple goods like picture frames and garden houses as these are
cheap and easy to make. Once you have your network set up to
supply the three towns with goods, the money should come
flooding in.

Medium Campaign

Level 1
Obective: Achieve an annual turnover of $10 Million
Time Limit: 1910 - 1924

1. With resources scattered almost as far and wide as the few
small towns dotting the map, initially this seems like a
daunting mission. Indeed, the first couple of years are tough,
but you can soon make a killing thanks to Port Thierry's
population explosion.
2. Start by producing picture frames and furniture for the
people of Red Oak. Don't develop in this corner of the map too
much though, because its Port Thierry's where the real moneys to
be made. Use Red Oak to keep your cash ticking over while Port
Thierry grows.
3. After a couple of years, turn your attention to the
south-east. The easiest way to make a fast buck is with simple
goods, like wooden toys and chairs - the demand for these goods
is high and they're easy to make.
4. To make some serious money and reach the turnover target you
need to produce some of the more expensive goods, such as deep
freezers. Some clumps of iron ore can be found near the top of
the map. Mine this and use it for the manufacturing of deep
freezers, metal cars and tricycles.
5. Set up a few logging camps and timber yards just north of
Port Thierry. Build some paper plants and factories to eep the
town supplied with newspapers, calendars, wooden chairs and the
like. Do this and you should be able to hit the turnover before
the 20's arrive.

Level 2
Objective: Achieve a company value of $10 Million; deliver 256
whiskey to the warehouse in the mountains
Time Limit: 1925 - 1934

1. Note that you can only sell grocery products on this level.
2. The land around Punta Estrella is barren and infertile, so
place your farms on the lush land to the east of Coahuila. Start
with one chicken farm and four cattle farms; have two produce
meat and the others milk. Build two grocery stores in Punta
Estrella, remembering to keep as far apart as possible so your
feeding the whole town.
3. Build three farms towards the end of March and have them sow
wheat. Build a food factory and use the wheat to make doughnuts.
Your cash stockpile should now keep rising steadily. Once you've
got a cool million, build a quartz mine on the river bank to the
south and turn it into bottles. At the same time, construct two
more wheat farms. You now have everything you need to produce
the whiskey.
4. Build a station near the warehouse in the mountains and link
it to the one near to where your whiskey is stored. Now use at
least three trains to ferry the goods to the secret hideaway as
quickley as possible.

Level 3
Objective: Deliver 256 whiskey to the warehouse
Time Limit: 1935 - 1944

1. Most of the towns on this map are of no use whats so ever.
Ignore all of them but Centreville, which can be found in the
north-eastern corner of the map.
2. Right at the start, place a clothes shop at either side of
the town so that you can supply both goods to the whole
population. Now build two cotton farms and two sheep ranches
(for wool) on the fertile land to the south-east of the town.
Build three textile factories and have one produce winter
clothes, one fabric and the other summer clothes.
3. Once your cash pile is looking healthy again, build another
cotton farm and a cattle rance (for leather). Now construct a
sports factory for the production of footballs.
4. Footballs can be made quickly and cheaply, so build a railway
to Anguilla and start flogging them there as well. By now you
should be making at least $200,000 a month. Plough this into the
construction of a railway line from the whiskey warehouse in the
south to the one in the north. Build a railway in small chunks
as this makes it easier to pick the route you want and keep the
cost down.
5. It takes a fast train around seven months to make the return
trip between the two warehouses, so buy as many as you can
afford and aim to have the two warehouses linked by 1940 at

Level 4
Objective: Achieve a company value of $20 million
Time Limit: 1948 - 1959

1. This is arguably the easiest mission in the medium campaign,
although expect a tough first year. Your money is very tight at
the beginning, so the most important thing is to get goods into
retail. The best starting place is Sprague in the northeastern
2. Begin by tapping the precious metals near Sprague North train
station. At the same time build a steel works and a toy factory.
Set the factory to producing friction trains and have trains
from your depot in the south come up to take them to Sprague.
3. You can only afford one toy store at the beginning of the
game, but by the end of the first year you should enough to
build another. You should also look to expand to Potlatch in the
centre of the map. Build a single toy store and have a couple of
trains come up from the depot to supply it.
4. By the end of the second year you should have enough capital
to takeover Wallowa. The town is big enough for two shops, but
make sure you have enough trains running the line and keeping
them supplied.
5. And thats it! New toys become available as time passes, but
follow this course and you can have this mission finished long
befor the kids start demanding them.

Level 5
Objective: Achieve a company value of $20 million
Time Limit: 1948 - 1959

1. This level starts with your operation in disarray. Pause the
game immediately and have a good look at all the ships,
factories, warehouses you've inherited.
2. To cut costs and save time, close the logging camps at
Southport North and open a new one near Southport East. Next
check the stock capacity of all your warehouses as some aren't
taking the right goods. Finally, change the shipping routes of
the liners carrying goods to the north island and have them
stock to Summerton instead.
3. Forget all the towns on the north island and focus on meeting
the needs of Summerton - its closer and bigger so there's more
money to be made.
4. Open a shop on Summerton and add new ships to your fleet in
order to get more fuel and iron ore to your factories near
Summerton North harbour. Build an extra chemical factory and
another electronics industry and churn out mor expensive goods
like hi-fis and colour televisions.
5. If you can meet the consumer needs of Summerton's residents
you sould be making in excess of $400,000 profit a month. Keep
this up and you'll reach the target well before the time limit.
To speed things up, open up shops on Saint Stephen and Holy Hill
and use the ships carrying resources from here to deliver your
hi-tech goods.

Hard Campaign

Level 1
Objective: Achieve a company value of $25 million
Time Limit: 1910 - 1924

1. Just ebhind Aurora's skyscrapers is a strip of land large
enough for a medium warehouse. Drop one in and put up two
household stores.
2. Build a harbour on the coast to the south-east of the city
and bring up the iron ore from the island to the south.
Construct a steel works and household equipment factory and
build deep freezers. The mountains make it impossible for trains
to get to the town, so employ a fleet of trucks to ensure swift
delivery of the freezers.
3. You can't satisfy demand with one factory, so once you have
the money, build another one alond with an additional steel
works. Now build a harbour near the precious metal on the big
island and deliver it to your main depot close to Aurora.
4. Build extra factories for the production of cutlery and buy
additional trucks. By this point you should have a healthy back
balance, so you can now look to use the oil stashed in the three
large warehouses to the east of Aurora. There's no room to build
factories here, so construct a harbour and deliver it to the
island where the iron ore is being mined. Convert the iron and
oil to steel and rubber and produce wheelbarrows. Deliver these
to Aurora and you're well on your way to reaching your target.
Now all you have to do is sit back and watch your money grow and

Level 2
Objective: Accumulate $4 million; meet at least %40 of bread
Time Limit: 1925 - 1939

1. You'll find that each is extremely tight on thiis level, so
the most immediate goal is to simply make some money. Don't
worry about trying to feed the masses straight away.
2. Start by having all your ships deliver timber to Sawmill
harbour. Near the harbour build two more material factories and
have one produce wallpaper, the other wooden ladders. Red Sund
is quite a distance, so focus on selling to Red Creek initially.
If you have the cash, open another hardware store in the town to
increase your sales potential.
3. Once your cash reserves are looking quite healthy
replenished, look to start supplying bread to the towns of Red
Sund and Red Creek - ignore the other towns as they only add to
your logistical problems.
4. The only fertile land available is on the island to the
north, near your logging harbour. Build your farms around here
and look to be making in excess of 20 bread a month. This
requires a lot farms and a large fleet of ships too. If your not
making enough money to sustain such large production, open a toy
store in both Red Creek and Red Sund to keep the kids happy with
wooden toys.
5. If you meet the demand for bread in both of the towns, it
should be enough to complete this level.

Level 3
Objective: Achieve a company value of $20 million; achieve a
minimum of %5 growth each year
Time Limit: 1940 - 1955

1. Start by shutting down your timber yards on the island in the
south-west corner of the map - they're too far from any of the
towns to e of much use.
2. Open a book store in the town of Grand Jaw and build a
logging camp, sawmill, paper mill and a print shop on the land
just north of the town. In order to keep your book store
supplied without the need for ships or trucks, position your
warehouse between your production facilities and your shop.
3, You only need to achieve five percent growth each year, so
don't expand too quickly or it becomes exceptionally difficult
to maintain over the last few years of the mission.
4. Start by selling simple goods like papers and copy books.
Each year add something new to your product catalogue,
remembering to keep new factories away from the town
5. Turn your attention to Timberly North once you've run out of
development space around Grand Jaw. Build another book shop in
this bustling coastal town and set up the required factories on
one of the islands nearby. Again, start by selling one or two
products and add to the list each year. Once the town's demand
for paper goods is met, repeat the process with the town of

Level 4
Objective Meet %50 of the demand for luxury cars.
Time Limit: 1955 - 1964

1. Luxury car production is so profitable that you can't fail
but to make money on this mission. However, in contrast to the
last level you need to expand quickly in order to meet %50 of
the demand over the 10 year period.
2. The most important thing on this level is to get cars into
the shops as quickly as possible right from the start. Begin by
targeting the town of Buicktown. Build al the necessary
factories norht of the town and bring iron ore down form the
mountains by train. Place an airport near your factories and fly
in petrol from the oil fields to the south - airports are
important for the first time on this level as success lies in
the swift delivery of recourses and goods.
3 Once you start selling cars in uicktown, plough the profits
into new factories so that you can start selling to the other
towns. Build an airport near each town's warehouse and fly the
cars staright to the shop floor.
5. Planes require more maintenance than trains so make sure you
build repair facilities near all your airports.

Level 5
Objective: Achieve a company value of $400 million
Time Limit: 1960 - 1979

1. As with the last level, success depends on rapid but sensible
expansion. You need to double your income each year for the
first four of five years until your earning about $3 million a
month, then you can sit back and wait until your ban-balance
resembles that of Bill Gates's.
2. Metallic resources are extremely scarce on this level, so
start by building up an empire of book stores. Concentrate on
one town the first year, ideally Port Ogden, making sure you
meet demand for as many diferent products as possible.
3. In the second year expand your business empire with book
stores in the other towns, opening two or three book shops in
each one to ensure maximum sales. Just by selling newspapers,
copy books, gift wrapping and comics you can make about $1
million profit a month.
4. In the forth year spots goods and clothing become
increasingly profitable thanks to the pleasant weather, so build
lots of cotton farms to supply all the towns with summer
clothing and jeans. Also, open spots stores and flog footballs
and sledges as they're cheap and easy to make.
5. Once your credits is looking healthy, turn to more profitable
goods like hi-fis and colour TVs. Trains are too slow for
covering the considerable distances between each town, so build
airports and ferry goods and resources by air. Ariports are
expensive, but they, alond with all your factories, add to the
value of your company.
6. There's an abundance of trees on this map, so it's worthwile
building furniture factories in order to keep towns supplied
with tables and chairs. Such goods may not be highly profitable,
but they provide a stable and consistent source of income.

And thas it! Game completed! I hope this has been of some help
to you on what has to be the hardest game in my collection.

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