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Retro Game Walkthroughs For
"Paper Mario"
(Nintendo 64)

Retro Game Walkthroughs for Paper Mario (Nintendo 64)
Submitted By: Jetster
1. Characters

Mario - Mario is back in a new "paper" adventure!

Luigi - He is in this game, but hardly plays a big roll, poor Luigi.

Princess Toadstool - She gets captured by Bowser, again! But this time,
Bowser captures her an unusual way. Play the game to find out.

Bowser - The green, nasty turtle is back and powerful than ever when he
takes the legendary Star Rod!

Kammy Koopa - Bower's side-kick, and little helper in this new game. She is a koopa with a broomstick.

Twink - This star kid helps Mario and Princess Peach throughout the game.

Tayce T. - A cook in Toad Town. Give her some ingredients and she will cook up something! Some things will not turn out right, and she will give you a "mistake" in return. Go to the "Other Stuff" section to find out all the "good" ingredients to give to her.

*7 Star Spirits*

Eldster Mamar Skolar Muskular

Misstar Klevar Kalmar

You must save each star spirit throughout the game. Each of them will give
you their power. Here is the list of all the powers.

Eldster's power: Refresh (Restores 5 HP, and 5 FP.)

Mamar's power: Lullaby (Puts all enemies to sleep.)

Skolar's power: Star Storm (Damages 7 HP to all enemies.)

Muskular's power: Chill Out (Lower enemies attack power.)

Misstar's power: Smooch (Restores 20 HP.)

Klevar's power: Time Out (Makes your enemies unable to move.)

Kalmar's power: Up & Away (Turns your enemies into stars, and removes them from battle. This does not work on bosses.)

2. Clues (for each chapter)

Chapter 1:

When at the Koopa Bros. Fortress, make sure you fall for the Yellow Koopa
Brother's trick to get to the Bob-ombs and get Bombette to join your party.

When you are in the room at Koopa Bros. Fortress that the doorways raise,
you must destroy all the enemies in the room to make the doorways lower

Tips for the boss in the boss section.

Chapter 2:

To get Dry Dry Ruins out of the sand, you must have the shiny stone to tell you where it is. It is found in the Dry Dry Outpost and you must go to the shop and purchase the Dry Shroom, and the Rusty Hammer in that order.

The statues in Dry Dry Ruins have hollow holes in them to place the items
you find along the way. Place them in every other hollow statue. Here is a picture for a demonstration.

- this indicates the items
| | this indicates the statues

|-| | | |-| | | |-|

Pretty quick, you will find out exactly where to place the items.

Tips about the boss in the boss section.

Chapter 3:

When in Forever Forest, you must go through the correct gate. Each correct
gate will give you a clue. Here is each clue.

First Clue - In front of the correct gate, the bushes will shake.

Second Clue - In front of the correct gate, glowing red eyes will appear in a tree.

Third Clue - In front of the correct gate, a tree will laugh at you with
glowing red eyes, and a glowing red mouth.

Fourth Clue - Ok, I can't exactly remember what the fourth clue was, but
here are the rest of the clues, but I am not sure what the order they are

One of the clues - Several mushrooms will be in front of the right gate.

One of the clues - A group of flowers will smile when you press A in front
of the correct gate.

That is all of them, I think.

When you are at the Boo Mansion, to get to Bow, you must return the rest of the painting to the picture on the 2nd floor.

Tips for the boss in the boss section.

Chapter 4:

To get to Shy Guy's Toybox, go to the empty house in Toad Town. Turn
transparent with the help of Bow, and a Shy Guy will enter the house. He
will enter a secret door, follow him. Now, go inside the Toy Box!

The Toy Train is located in the Toad Town shop (the one nearest to the Toy Box, and once you return the Storeroom Key to him, he will grant you access to his storeroom, which has many good items, plus the Toy Train!)

When you get the Toy Train back, you must leave Shy Guy's Toybox, and press A outside of the box. Choose the train, and drop it inside to put it back on it's tracks.

When you go against the monster with the lantern, jump on the lantern with Mario's attack to light up the room. The monster hates light, then use your partner to attack him.

Tips for the boss in the boss section.

Chapter 5:

When saving the Yoshi children, you must explore the jungle. Here is the
locations of all the Yoshi children.

First Yoshi child: Find him near two piranha plants. Fight the plants to
save him.

Second Yoshi child: Find him in a tree. Use your hammer to knock him down.

Third Yoshi child: You will find one in a bush. Fight the bush type monster and shake the bushes ahead. You will then find the Third Yoshi child.

Fourth Yoshi child: You will find the next one in a warp pipe. Jump onto a
purple spinning flower to blast up to the warp pipe, and go down. You will
need the help of Watt to see through the dark cave. You will then find the
Fourth Yoshi child.

Fifth Yoshi child: Once you exit the warp pipe, get out Sushie, and go onto the water. Follow the water path to go to the last yoshi child sitting on an island, all alone.

Tips for the boss in the boss section.

Chapter 6:

You need to first find Peutinia, she is in the east. Once you find her,
destroy the moles around her. For a reward, she will give you a magical
bean. Hold on to it as you will find two more items useful.

To get the Red flower, the Blue flower, and the Yellow flower to move, you must give them berries that match their color. Use your hammer on some trees to find them.

The soil will be given by a flower in Flower Fields. I believe she is the
one with the long nose connected to the crystal tree (forgive me if I am

When you come across Lily, you must find the Water Stone for her. When you find that rose behind the maze, she has it. You must find her something "more beautiful" and that's when the flower that is attached to the Crystal Tree comes in, she will give you a crystal when you tell her the problem. Take the rose this, and give Lily the Water Stone.

Also, when you return the Water Stone back to Lily, you will be able to get a Bubble Berry to give to that Bubble flower. Also, for a reward, Lily will give you the Miracle Water, the final item to plant the bean near the entrance. But don't cheer yet, you need the sun to come out

The Bubble Flower will take you across from the bubble is gives you. Proceed on to find a tower with the sun at the top. Use Bombette to break open the rock inside the tower.

To get the sun back up in the sky, you must destroy the Puff Puff machine. After you leave the tower with the sun, you will face Lakilester. He will join you after you beat him. He will help you get across spikes and lava.

Go back to the place where the colored switches are. The only switches you need to mess with is the Green and Purple ones. I can't remember the exact order, but there is the clue. Use Lakilester to go back and forth on the spikes. The Puff Puff machine is next.

When you destroy the machine, go back to the main area where the entrance
is. You will have the three items (soil, bean, and miracle water) to go to the sky and fight Huff n' Puff. After you do all of that, go up the
beanstalk, and proceed on. Huff n' Puff in next.

Tips for the boss in the boss section.

Chapter 7:

Go to Merlon's House and talk to a character from Shiver City. Then, go to the warp pipes. With the help from Watt, you can find secret switches to get to the town.

To solve the murder case in the snow town, you need to find Herringway. You need the Warehouse key to get in a secret part of his house. When the green penguin is out of the lake part of the town, smash the ice with the new jump technique, and get the key with Sushie (Swim to it and dive underwater.)

The scarf and the bucket go onto the snowmen with missing items outside of
the town.

Once you enter the Crystal Palace, you must find the Blue Key, and the Red Key. You can find them easily at the beginning. You will find the Blue Key first in one of the rooms below.

Tips for the boss in the boss section.

Chapter 8:

This chapter will start once you get closer to Bowser and Princess
Toadstool. This is probably the most frustrating chapter.

When you are at Bowser's castle, you must go all the way through to even get to Princess Toadstool's castle. You will come across frustrating dungeons that are so long and get real annoying after a while.

When you come across the gold cannons, you can just run away from them, and not waste time with them, unless you want more Flower Points.

The clue with the boxes of Bowser is that you can move one in each room. To get the key for the door in one of the rooms, you must move the box a
different direction to go through a different tunnel.

Tips for the boss in the boss section.

3. How to beat each boss (including Bowser)

Chapter 1 Boss: The Koopa Bros.
Location: Koopa Bros. Fortress
Difficulty - Extremely Easy
Best Partner: Bombette

These guys are so simple. To make the battle easier, make sure you have
Bombette with you. These guys attack in two forms. The first one with a
Bowser machine, and one as themselves.

Chapter 2 Boss: Tutan Koopa
Location: Dry Dry Ruins
Difficulty - Very Easy
Best Partner: Parrykarry

This guy won't take you very long to beat. Once you inflict enough damage on him, which won't take very long, his Chomp will chase him out of battle. Also, during battle, he does call the help for Chomps. They are very weak, too.

Chapter 3 Boss: Tubba Blubba
Location: Gusty Gulch
Difficulty - Extremely Easy
Best Partner: Bow

This guy is so easy, you won't believe it. Hit him a few times, and he's
down. But, you will have to fight his heart in Glitter Gulch which is
extremely easy as well.

Chapter 4 Boss: General Shy Guy
Location: Shy Guy's Toy Box
Difficulty - Easy
Best Partner: Bow

This battle can last for awhile, but this guy never gives up. He always just sits there, and watches his workers do all the work for him. After a while, he will fight you himself. This guy is also easy to defeat, and there are no real tips.

Chapter 5 Boss: Huge Piranha Plant
Location: A volcano
Difficulty - Hard
Best Partner: Sushie

This guy is probably one of the hardest bosses in the game. He is a fire
boss, so you would probably need the help of Sushie in this battle. He will have two forms. The first one, he is pretty easy, just hit all of his heads.

The second form, his three heads are flaming with fire. You can jump on them or else you'll get scorched. Just use Sushie on the big head first so he will faint for awhile, then deal with his weaker heads. They will spit some kind of creatures at you, make sure you get rid of them too before they hit you.

Chapter 6 Boss: Huff n' Puff
Location: Flower Fields
Difficulty - Hard
Best Partner: Lakilester

This boss would probably be considered hard, but also can be fairly easy
once you know what to do. I suggest having Lakilester out with you. This
boss will shrink every time you hit him, because little clouds fly off of
him everytime you get a hit. Once he is small enough, he will be
defeated (also when he inflicts alot of damage of course.)

Chapter 7 Boss: Crystal King
Location: Crystal Palace
Difficutly - Easy
Best partner: Bombette

This boss is very easy. It only took me one try to beat him. Just hit him,
and hit him until he decides to make two other forms of himself. Once he
does that, just use "Star Storm" and it will hit the correct one. No real
tips for this battle since it's very easy.

Chapter 8 Boss: Bowser
Location: Peach's Castle
Difficulty: First battle (Easy) Second battle (Medium/Hard)
Best Partner: Varies (Bombette, Bow, Lakilester, etc.)

You first fight Bowser inside Peach's Castle. It takes no effort to beat him the first time since you have the "Star Beam" The second battle is the one you need to worry about.

The second battle, I have many tips. First, use Bombette. Now, you need to
save up alot of FP to, or else you will have to use your no FP attacks if
you use it all. I suggest using "Refresh" throughout the battle, it helps
alot. I also suggest having the Life Shrooms with you just in case you run
out of HP and they revive you with 10 HP. You can get these shrooms in that ice town place and in that star town near Star Haven. The "Star Beam" will not work at first because Bowser has become more powerful. Soon, you will get the "Peach Beam" so don't worry.

You also get to battle as Twink, and Princess Toadstool, no biggie, because they each have only one move. Twink has "Dash" and Princess Toadstool has "Focus" and you will go against Kammy Koopa.

Twink uses "Dash" to fly at Kammy Koopa. And Princess Toadstool uses "Focus" to wish to make Twink stronger, it does work. The battle also does not show any HP, so don't worry about your health.

When you beat her, you will get "Peach Beam" to upgrade your "Star Beam"
Then after that, you will go against Bowser for the final time.

This walkthrough was sent to me by a mate as he wanted to post it on SR as he had heard about me winning a DVD for something similar but he does not have the internet so he did it on Word and gave it to me to post. So credit goes to him for writting it and then credit to me for re-typing it and posting it :D
Submitted By: Lakitu
Paper Mario Bosses

1. Introduction
2. Bosses


Welcome to My Walkthrough for Paper Mario!
Here's the story...

One day, in the cloud, Star Haven, Bowser kidnapped the Star Rod. Mario tries to defend, but he gets thrown out the window by Bowser. The Star Spirits give Mario energy for his quest.


1. Goomba Bros. = Just Keep Hammering them, Start with Blue, he's weaker. Use Goomnuts.

2. Goomba King = Use your Fireflower and Hammer him.

3. Bullet Bill's = Just avoid them all. If you are unfortunate enough to encounter one, Always repeat the following= Get first strike and flee.

4. Fake Bowser = Use a hefty stock of items, and Kooper's Shell power. If you have Mega Smash, Thats Great.

5. Koopa Bros = Use a POW block, take out Red, then Strike them in a Row.

6. Tutankoopa & Chomp = Don't worry about Chomp, If Tutankoopa dies, you still win. Use Parakarry's Shell Shot, And Use Your Now Upgraded Super Hammer to Mega Smash Tutan.

7. Tubba's Heart = The Same As No. 6.

8. Tubba Blubba = He's Really Easy.

9. The General = Strike the Bulb on the Pram then Hammer Throw General Guy.

10. Lava Pihrana= Equip Close Call and P-up, You'll Need It.

11. Huff'N'Puff= Attack The Tuff Puff's with Air Raid.

12. Crystal King= Use Watt and Mega Smash.

13. Bowser (1)= Just Paralyze, Attack and Counter the Star Rod.

14. Bowser (2)= Use Mega Smash And Shell Shot. When H.P reaches 20, Smooch. Then Use Star Storm, Then Hammer.

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