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"Trauma Centre: Under the Knife"
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Retro Game Walkthroughs for Trauma Centre: Under the Knife (Nintendo DS)
Submitted By: Meka Dragon
This walkthrough will give you an overview of the tools available and the types of challenge that you will have to face. Details on the different types of operations and GUILT infections will give you all of the information you need to tackle any of the missions in which multiples of any of the actions may be required.

Tools of the trade:

Laser: Used to burn tumours and the like. Touch where you want it to burn, avoid bare skin, or it'll bleed. A high-tech version is available for some operations, which can be used infinitely.

Gel: Use on the yellow dotted lines prior to making any cuts. Can also heal minor wounds left after operating such as small cuts.

Drain: Suck away excess fliud of all kinds. Rub upwards on the drain until fluid clears and you get a 'success' sound.

Forceps: Used for pulling stuff out - tumours once they've been cut free and foreign objects such as glass. Touch the object you wish to forcep, and drag it to the tray. A membrane may appear in the tray if it's required. If so, apply with the forceps, put gel on then rub in with the hand until it disappears.

Hand: As mentioned above, used when membranes are applied, but a more fun use is in massaging a heart back to life. After you learn 'healing touch' you can double tap the hand icon to slow down time by drawing a star on the screen. Very useful for operations when time is short.

Ultrasound: Used to locate foreign objects or tumours under the skin. Tap the place you want to use an ultrasound on, and if there's something underneath a black outline will show.

Scalpel: Used for slicing and dicing your patients. Normally there will be a dotted line showing you where to cut. You'll also need it to get rid of tumours, and stab GUILTs with a tap.

Stitches: Draw zig-zags to sew up the patient when you've finished. Cover the entire cut, or it won't work properly.

Syringe: A selection of bottles will appear when you click the syringe icon. Drag upwards from the bottle to fill the syringe, and drag downwards to inject in a tapped on area. The green stabiliser fluid increases a patients vitals, and will be used numerous times within an operation.

Bandages: Apply gel first, then drag the bandage where you want it. It moves like a bandage, in a straight line, so you can't loop back on yourself.

Basic procedures:

Removing foreign objects:

Remove with forceps, if it's only a small cut, apply gel. Larger cuts will require stitching.


Small ones, apply gel, larger ones stitch up.

Large round wounds:

Apply a membrane with forceps gel it and massage before finishing off.


Drain the blood out, hold closed with forceps and stitch up.


Some can be ridded by a combination of gel and lasering - doesn't matter what order you use. Others will have to be located first with the ultrasound, cut open with the scalpel, drained of fluids, cut out with the scalpel, foceped out, membrane applied and rubbed in with gel.

GUILT operations:

Infant Kyriaki:

Find with ultrasound, scalpel open and cut them free, then laser them dead.

Mature Kyriaki:

Find with ultrasound, scalpel open and cut free. When you use the laser it'll disappear under the skin again, so repeat the process until it dies.


Best attacked with the drain as they combine. You can use gel to try to direct them together. You'll have to do this a few times. They'll go black and white eventually. It'll start making black and yellow tumours then grab it with the forceps and drop it on the tray. Tidy up the wound to finish.


Keep an eye on vital signs and use the syringe if necessary to stabilise the patient. They usually drop when it blinks purple. They regenerate quickly, but only if there is room to do so - if possible back them into a corner to reduce the chance of respawning. Use the healing touch to give yourself more time. To get rid of them you have to pull out all of the needles with forceps, attack it with the scalpel, pluck it out with the forceps. Careful pulling out the needles, as they can turn to vapour which will need draining, and it will also cause another spawn.

Infant Tetarti:

Inject with red serum. Use ultrasound when it goes beneath the skin. Scalpel then syringe when you find it - do this a couple of times, then pluck out with the forceps. Cut and drain it on the tray to finish it off.


Three at a time, yellow, green and purple. Keep an eye on them when they first appear, as they lose their colour, but you need to recall which is which. Take purple serum, and inject it into the one that WAS purple. Take green serum and inject that into the one that WAS green. Stick yellow serum into the last one. You'll have to repeat the process, so just keep your eyes on the colours when they move again. They're faster each round, so use healing touch to slow them down.


Inject serum into the moving white bit until the core surfaces. Laser that bad boy until it dies. Then it gets serious. A group of mini-cores will develop around the main one. Follow them with the laser, keeping an eye on the patients vitals. Mini-cores will appear outside of the main one. leser quickly to stop it producing too many tumours. More mini-cores will appear causing massive cuts if you don't laser them very quickly. Healing touch is a good idea. Whenever you're not coping with the mini-cores try to laser the main core to work that down.


This thing will travel through four stages, and essentially you have to defeat it before it completes its journey. When you cut it, it will separate and all parts remain alive and moving. The basic explanation is to cut it up tiny and remove all the parts with forceps, but there's slightly more to it than that. You can use the laser to stop smaller pieces moving. Laser and cut the tail in two, then laser those bits. Continue cutting and lasering, removing bits when they're small enough. When the pareskevi move to the next area, up your patients vitals before closing the first area wound. If it gets to the heart, you're as good as finished, but if you always remember to slow it down with the laser, it souldn't come to that.

Baby Savato:

These will try to come together to form a bigger one. They can be defeated with the laser, even if they do form up though.


Warning - don't use healing touch until the final stage.

Use scalpel to cut web away. It will ruin the scalpel, and you'll have to wait for a new one. Stabilise whilst you wait. Laser the Savato to stop it making new webs. Don't worry too much about the babies unless you have time to get them quickly. Cut webs and stabilise until it moves on to the next phase. A protective shell will appear, so attack it with the laser until it disappears. He may attack making three cuts, which could cause some trouble. When the shell is gone your assistant will tell you to stab him with the scalpel. Laser again, unless you are prompted to inject. It'll really go for it after this, causing 9 cuts to the heart. Healing touch will activate automatically. Hit the icon again to perform a second healing touch to completely stop time. Inject the serum to finish him off.

Well done. Now go get a job with the NHS, or something, you're fully trained.

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