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Retro Game Walkthroughs For
"Broken Sword - The Sleeping Dragon"

Retro Game Walkthroughs for Broken Sword - The Sleeping Dragon (Xbox)
Submitted By: mikelar
With over half a century wait between the second and thrid in the series, George Stobbart is back with his chic french side-kick, Nico. Set 3 years after George's and Nico's last encounter, an underground cult threatens the very existence of earth and its up to our two plucky heros to save the day....again! Here is a complete walkthrough for the game written by me, mikelar. I'd like to say that this is all my own work created through playing and finishing the game on my own.

Since the first 10 minutes of the game is explained in the back of the manual, I'll start where the manual leaves off. I've seperated the walkthrough into seperate chapters with headings so just scroll until you reach where you're stuck to get the answer.

So, are you sitting comfortably children? Then I shall begin:

George in the Congo -

After George as escaped the plane, he will be stranded on the cliff face. Harry the pilot will be on a ledge above George. Fortunately for him, he can make his own way to safety. As for George, he must find his own way off the cliff face. Firstly, walk to the edge of the ledge you're on. This whole section is a bit of an assault course simply to get you used to the controls. Climb down, jump (making sure to jump quickly on the cracked platforms as they crumble) and wall hug around the ledges moving from left to right all the way. It's important that you make your way around using the lowest ledges you can get to as one way of climbing the ledges only leads to a dead end. You'll pass a waterfall as you jump and climb. Continue on your way until you reach an opening in the cliff face. Here, you'll see a cut scene of a mysterious character being killed.

Nico in Paris -

The cut scene shows what appears to be Nico entering the flat of a hacker-geek type (he's called Vernon), you'll notice the neighbor watching from across the corridor. Vernon whittles on in the cut scene for a second before the character we thought was Nico kills Vernon. You now control Nico. Firstly, take the pencil from the notice board. There's no point in trying the door as it is locked so instead, open the door which leads onto the balcony. On the balcony, push the bird feeder (or whatever is is!) to the other opposite side of the balcony. Climb onto it then face the wall, you'll be able to hang from the drainpipe from here. Shimmy across onto the next balcony. Unfortunately, this door is also locked. Turn around and climb over the railing on the balcony, again, shimmy along to the next door. Examine the door to reveal a slight crack and a latch keeping the window shut. In Nico's inverntory, you'll notice she as a press card, use this on the door and Nico will be able to lift the latch. You can enter the flat.

Once inside, walk through into the living room, examine Vernons corpse to gain his business card. On the floor infront of the door you tried to come in through you'll find a shell from the round that is now firmly lodged in Vernons head, take this as evidence. Walkthrough into the kitchen. Watch the cut scene which shows the killer hiding behind the fridge, after a brief encounter, the killer aims to shoot Nico, quickly grab the frying pan (your only given a second to do this after the dialogue) which Nico will hit the killer over the head with, the frying pan also deflects a bullet. Once both characters regain their balance the killer aims again. Quickly open the fridge to knock the killer off balance and scare her away. Now the flat is safe, listen to the messages on Vernons phone and pick the bank statement out of the litter bin in the corner. Examine the rug which leads form the kitchen into the living room, Nico will pull the rug back to reveal a loose floorboard, pull this up to reveal a safe which you'll be able to unlock later. For now however, you need to find out who tried to kill you! Exit through the back door of the flat and climb down the ladders. On the street, pick up the newspaper which is near the dustbins. The wall opposite the ladders you came own from can be climbed, over the wall is a small garden with a bench. Infront of the bench is the killers black wig, pick this up. Examine the wig to reveal that the actual hair colour of the killer is blonde. Climb back out onto the street. Talk to all the characters in the street (the skater, the woman sweeping, the traffic warden and the girl sitting in the park who is Vernons girlfriend, Beatrice) until you have enxhaugsted all topics for each character. Talking about the shell casing and the sports car which the killer escaped in to the characters will end this section for Nico, the cutscene shows Nico being arrested for suspected murder.

George in the Congo (Again) -

Once inside the cave, you can enter to examine the corpse. On the dead body you will find the guys ID. On the table in the corner, pick up both the magnifying glass and the postcard of Glastonbury with Bruno's name on, examine the postcard. Next, push the crate in the opposite corner onto the pressure pad, this will open the door. In the next room you'll find a strange machine, in true Broken Sword spirit, without knowing what it does, try to make it work. It'll explode. Pick up the metal rod which was blown from the machine. Use the metal rod on the panel near the door you came in through, pull the lever and then remove the metal rod. This will mean the door will stay open without the box being on the pressure pad, move said box into the room with the machine and over to the gap in the far wall. Before you leave, you can look through the window to Georges left of the front door to see why you couldn't exit through that way - armed guards! Climb the box and through the hole. You'll notice a nest on a ledge, use the metal rod on the nest to knock it down, then pick it up. Continue on your path until you emerge on a ledge above the guards you saw outside. Examine the large stone dragon head, place the birds nest into the back of the head and use the magnifying glass to light the nest. The cutscene shows the guards running away, George will slide down off the ledge. Once on gorund level, a man will shout at the guards telling them it was you. You'll notice Harry, the pilot, will sneak into the jeep. Quickly, run over to the jeep and jump into the back to make your escape.

George in Glastonbury -

In the street, talk to both characters (the colonol and the Irish reporter outside the pub) on all topics. On the left hand side of the street is a shop called the "Cosmic Fariy". Enter the shop and examine the rack in front of the counter to reveal that the shop sells the same postcard you found in the Congo. Examine the poetry book which is on the counter. Talk to the shop owner on all topics. Exit into the street and talk to both the characters their about the shop owner. Further down the street from the "Cosmic Fairy" is a fortune tellers shop, in here you can ask the fortune teller to examine the card. She tells you that you'll need to "cross my palm with silver". Go back into the "Cosmic Fairy" and talk about all topics again. You will recieve a copy of the book on the desk. Use the metal rod from the Congo on the book to free the 3 silver coins on the front of the book. Exit the shop, talk to the Irish reporter outside of the pub again about the book. The reporter will notcie that the contents of the poetry book have all been copied from other poetry books. George will follow the reporter as he goes to argue with the owner of the "Cosmic Fairy" about this. Whilst the two are arguing in the shop, sneak up stairs through the door to the left of the counter. Talk to the girl about all topics. Go back downstairs and talk to the owner about Bruno, he'll give you a pair of Bruno's boxer shorts. Back outside into the street, talk to the colonol on all topics (the girl is his daughter that he's looking for if you haven't kept up with the story). Next, go to the fortune teller, use the silver coin and the postcard as well as the boxer shorts to reveal a cut scene showing a shadow surrounded by flames. Back outside, you'll see the back of the pub is ablaze. Talk to the Irish reporter, he'll help you knock a door down which leads to the back of the pub.

Behind the pub, you'll see a monk running away. You need to arrange the boxes infront of the barn in order to climb through the window as the barn door is blocked. Push the box on its own so that it is under the window. Then push the box which is ontop another box foward onto the box you originaly moved (its alot easier to do then actually explain) which will make a stair leading to the window. Inside you'll find Bruno, talk to him then escape back through the window. Once outside, the barn will explode (two explostions already!? Not bad). Talk to Bruno about all topics to finish George's section.

Nico in her apartment in Paris -

After Nico complains about being locked up, check the messages on the phone and call both the options available. Leave Nico's apartment and enter the street Vernon lives on. Talk to all characters about all topics. Climb the back stairs that lead to Vernons flat - you escaped down these same stairs when chasing the killer. Examine the door, Nico will explain that the key is still in the door. Use the paper on the door, Nico will slide the paper under the door. Next, use the pencil on the door to push the key out from the inside, it will fall onto the paper. Pull the paper out to gain the key with which you can open the door. Once inside, check in one corner of the kitchen and pick up a tissue from the box. Walk towards the bedroom door of Vernons flat. You'll hear sobbing, entering the bedroom you'll see Beatrice sitting on the bed crying over here boyfriend. Give her the tissue and talk to her about all the topics including the topic on the safe (she'll tell you here birth date at this point). Leave the bedroom and walk to the safe. Intereact with the safe and you'll notice you're given the option to enter Beatrice's birth date, this is the correct combination for the safe. Take the DVD and piece of paper and leave Vernons flat. Once outside, the killer will make an attempt to run you over in her car. As with the sequence earlier, your given a split second to dodge the car by pressing X at the right moment. Once you dodge the car, leave for Nico's apartment.

Once at the apartment, use the DVD on Nico's DVD player. It's a video message by Vernon who informs you on the key of Solomon and the Manuscript. At this point, call your friend on the phone, he'll come around. Talk to Nico's friend on all topics and then call the news desk, again talk about all topics. Talk with Nico's friend once more on all topics and leave the apartment for the theatre (before leaving however, the boss from the newspaper rings and Nico tells him that she quits!)

Nico at the Theatre -

Once in the area, walk around to the back of the theatre. In a back ally, you'll find the car the killer tried to run Nico over with, examine the car and Nico will find a theatrical mask - your in the right place! You'll notice that there is scaffolding against the buidling opposite the theatre down the ally. Walk along the side of the scaffolding until your given the option to climb up. Climb the scaffolding making your way to the bottom of a sign board attached to the framework. Examine the sign board and undo the metal clips holding the board there. Next, make your way higher up until you reach the top of the sign board. It is held in place by string, undo the string and the sign board will fall. Nico will cross onto the roof top of the theatre. On the roof, turn left and climb down the ladders to find an open door, enter the theatre here. Continue through the theate until Nico hears someone coming, watch the cutscene to see Nico being captured by Sassaro, the bad guy of the game, and his men.

George at the Theatre -

Leave Bruno and walk into the back area of the theatre. Pull the box there around to the right hand side of the dumpster. Climb the box, pull the dumpster lid down and enter through the window. Exit the store room you just climbed into, enter the door the the left of the door you came out of. In this room you'll notice the crates pilled everywhere. Move the crate in the furthest corner of the room so that it is next to the two pilled crates. This will allow you to pull the crate that is stacked away from the wall to reveal a light switch. Turn the light on, George will notice scratches under the middle crate. Move this crate to reveal a trapdoor which you can open. Continue through the underground corridors and climb the ladder which leads into a boiler room which has a locked door to one side. Climb the ladder further and watch the cut scene where George thinks he's watching a rehearsal!
After the cutscene, sneak around to the right hand side of the stage, climb the ladder there. In the rafters, turn left and release the bar against the wall. It jams after moving slightly, hang and shimmy across the bar until you get to the other side, release one sandbag quickly followed by the other to knock out the guard (he's called Flap) standing over Nico. The cut scene shows you freeing Nico. George and Nico have now been reunited!

Exit the stage on the left hand side and enter the foyer where Nico was captured, pick the cup up from the floor. Back to the left hand side of the stage, walk down the stairs. In the room with the small lift is a crate with a box of theatrical face paints in. Pick one out. Find the door under the stage which leads further down which will result in a cut scene of a guard shooting out of the room he's hiding in - you don't need to be in there yet so you can forget about that room. Walk straight foward in the direction you came down the stairs in and enter the first door on the right. You'll see a support beam holding up whatever is on the floor above (its supporting a safe you need to open). Examine the beam. Exit the room and continue in the direction you would have been going if you hadn't have entered the room. Watch the cut scene showing George and Nico's disguist over the dead body, check the corpse and the door. Head back up the stairs you came down on. In one of the rooms is a dressing room with a safe under the desk. Examine the safe. Leave this room, back up more stairs and onto the stage. Use the theatrical face paint with the cup, then use this combination on one of the stage lights at the front of the stage, this will melt the wax into a lubricant. Go back to the room with the support beam holding the safe. Use the lubricant on the beam, then 'use' Nico on the beam. George will ask Nico to help him push the beam. The safe will fall through the floor and smash open. Pick up both Solomons key and the key card. Talk to Nico about the key you just picked up.

Back outside in the corridor, use the key card on the door near the corpse to reveal a lift. Use the lift to descend into an underground area. Walk along the corridor and watch the cut scene where George and Nico notice the stone against the wall. Continue along the corridor into a huge room with a beam in the middle. Examine and take the stone which is held in the beam. Walk back, a cut scene shows a man killing some guards further down below, Nico will then point out that Sassaro is coming up in a nearby lift - time to hide! Quickly run to the opposite end of the ledge you're on until your given the option to drop down and hang next to Nico. Wait for them to say they'll wait around, then shimmy as far left as possible. Climb back up onto the ledge, Sassaro will point you out to his friend who'll try to shoot at you, the cut scene shows the gun jams which gives you the chance to run away. Quickly run back down the corridor and into the lift again. A cut scene shows you escaping safely. At the top of the lift, use the bottle opener on the lift door to jam it open. Back where the small lift is under the stage, use the lift to appear in the middle of the stage, you need to do this to avoid guards, climb down the front of the stage and run back out the way George entered the theatre. Outside, a strange man will electricute George and take the Solomons key he had, the man will drop a strange stone which you take.

Back at Nico's apartment -

Talk to all the characters in the apartment on all topics. George will realise that the key you picked out of the beam is the same shape as the key hole in the room where you saw the man get shot in the Congo. Time to go back then.

George and Nico in the Congo (what, again?!) -

After Harry drops you off at the front door, 'use' Nico on the door so that she pulls on the door, whilst she's pulling the door, use the metal rod to break the lock off. Back in the room, use the stone you found in Paris on the door with the Omega sign on it. Through the door, you'll enter a room with 3 sets of spike traps which fire out of the wall when you step on the pressue pads. Talk to Nico on all subjects. Face left and hang from the ledge, shimmy right across the platform pads onto the other side. On the other side, you'll find two stones. Push one stone onto the pressue pad, this causes the spikes to lunge foward but the stone will stop them from touching. Push the stone until it is furthest it will go without killing George, push the next stone into the same gap as the first, then push the original stone onto the next pressue pad to trigger those spikes. On the second pad, examine the dead body and take the scarf. Examine the scarf to reveal a a metal plate. Go back to to where you pushed the stones from, examine the cogs nearby and use the metal rod on them (handy tool, a metal rod). This will allow Nico to cross. Carry on into the next room.

This room has a path mapped out according to which stones you step on (it's more clear when you see it). You need to shout to Nico using here in the inventory screen to tell her to activate the different animals allowing George to cross safely. Nico will be left behind, exit the room. The floor is missing in the next room so desend down into the hole and walk through the hole at the bottom. In the next room, you'll see three stones. One stone is needed as a counter weight to allow George to cross a platform. Unfortunately, it's the stone furthest away. The stones are on three levels; 1, 2 and 3. Move the stone on level 2 around to the gap that stops the stone on level 1 from moving across to the next platform. Once the stone on 1 is moved, move the stone on 2 back to its original position where you can then move 1 further along until it is on the platform and acting as a counter weight. George will then be able to cross.

The next room shows 4 huge devices. These need to be combined into one. To do this, you need to use the control panel near the devices to turn the pointer in the middle, this will allow you to control each huge device which needs to be plugged into the device near the other door from the one you came in through (we'll call this device North). The order the devices need to be plugged into North is: East, West and South. You need to move the devices into the middle of where the pointer is, make sure that the crystals set in the side of the devices are aligned with the device at North and then move them into position. Once all the devices are in position, activate the panel that is on the side of the North device. This will cause the device to project a beam into the next room, follow the beam.

In the next room, you'll need to rotate the crystals so that they reflect the beam. Firstly, check the panel behind the giant stone and try to make it work. Next, reflect the beam onto the huge piece of stone so that it moves. To do this, you only need to rotate the crystals in the middle of the room, the 3 in the far corner are not needed. Once the stone moves, you can walk up the stairs it was blocking, you will meet up with Nico again. Examine the other panel which is next to the stairs, again try to make it work. Talk to Nico on all topics. She will stand and wait at that platform. Leave the room and head back to where the beam is being projected, press the panal on North to reverse the beam, this will drag the huge rock in the next room back to where it was, enter that room again and press the panel. Nico will press hers at the same time, the door will open. You need to free Nico from behind the huge stone so, once again, go and change the direction of the beam so that Nico can get out, you can then leave the room through the newly opened door. In the next room, you'll notice an indent in the wall. Place the metal plate you found in the scarf into the indent, it will fall out. Place it in again, use the scarf on it. Nico will hold the plate in place whilst you move through the door. In the next room, take the second stone from the beam and leave.

Nico's apartment once again -

Back at the apartment, your friend will be there with the inspector who arrested Nico. The room has been trashed. Watch the cut scene, talk to all characters and wait for Beatrice to enter the room. Remember the room with the guard shooting out? It's time to go back there for more clues on the whole situation.

Nico back at the theatre -

Go to the dressing room where the safe was before it collapsed through the floor, since the door into the room you need to get to is locked, you'll need to climb through the hole made by the safe. Once down on that floor, make your way to the room where the guard was firing from. Inside, you'll be attacked by Flap. Another sequence that needs a quick reaction, your given a second to knock Flap out with a vase. Once this is done, continue into the next room and examine the postcard of a castle in prague which is on the desk.

George and Nico at the Castle in Prague -

After the cut scene of the car breaking down, ring the bell for the front gate. The guard won't just let you in though, tell Nico to ring the bell, she'll destract the guard after 3 rings allowing you to sneak past. Once inside, you need to avoid the guards and their dogs. Face left and scale the wall. Over the wall is a small garden, continue left and scale that wall until your standing in a small ally with a dead end. Walk to the open end, you'll see the guard and his dog patrolling. Wait for them to get farthest away and sneak past up the stairs to the left. Watch out for the seacrch light in this area, it's easy to avoid. Search the bins in the area until you find a burger (there is some foil and string which isn't needed). Continue around the search light into a small courtyard. Push the 2 stacked boxes so that the top box slides onto the adjacent box. Pull the single box around right around to the stacked boxes so that you can push the box again until it is against the wall. Climb the boxes onto the walkway above, follow it around, slide along the ledge, right across the front of the castle and climb down the other side. Walk across from the small garden you're in watching for the guard nearby and into an area with crates. You'll notice that the crates are amongst boxes which can't be moved. There are two gaps for you to push boxes out of the non-moveable boxes. You need to move a box against the wall through the opening furthest away from where you stand when you enter the crate courtyard (again, easier to do than to explain). Climb this crate and over the wall. On the other side, a dog will bark and alert a near by guard whenever you move. This guard cannot see you after you drop down from the wall because of a large storage container. Approch the side of the pen where the dog is held and throw the burger to it. Turn around and sneak right around the wall and out into the large courtyard. Moving south, you'll see Nico standing at the back gates, talk to her about every topic. Move to the left of the gates until you reach a wall, you can safely run along this wall as lorries and containers block the guards' view of you. Carry on right around the wall until you see a jeep which is on a jack. Check the glove box to reveal a remote control. Open the back gate with this control to let Nico in. Go back around the wall with the contrainers and trucks until you find a small shed-like building. Press the small red button on the side, the door will open and then close when you let go. 'Use' Nico on the button, she'll hold the door for you. Inside the shed, you can take the coal on the floor (which is not needed but turns out to be Georges lucky piece of coal) and a jack handle lodged in the door. With the jack handle, lower the jeep off its jack, take the handbrake off the jeep by checking the front end, then push the jeep against the wall. Climb the jeep to gain access to a small roof. George will climb the drainpipe which will collapse after George makes it onto the roof. The cut scene explains how Nico will need to find another way in, you'll then have control over Nico. Take the bracket that fell off the drainpipe as George climbed it and get off the small roof. You'll notice two black cars parked near the jeep. Stand near the car furthest away from the jeep, climb onto the bonnet and check the window the car faces. Use the bracket to open the window and gain access to the castle.

Inside the castle, Nico is standing in a small store room. Exit the room and watch the cutscene about the guards. Walk up the stairs opposite the door you just came out of. A floor board will creak on the landing, the guards will check upstairs but will not find you. Continue through the corridor with the red carpet to the end room. Inside, you'll find a luggage case at the end of the bed, open it and take the hairdryer. Go behind the screen to revel another luggage case, open this to reveal a wig, take it. Then examine the case, Nico will find a small button. Use the pencil on the case to reveal a secret compartment which hides a knife sharpener. Leave the room and go back down the side stair case. Sneak across the hallway and into the kitchen. Talk to the chef on all topics, try to take the bleech which is on a shelf in the kitchen. Try to take a vegtable. Then talk to the chef about both. Offer him the sharpener you found in the wig case and, whilst he's busy sharpening his knife, take the bleech. Go back up to the room where you found the hairdryer and sharpener and place the wig in the sink in the bathroom. Pour the bleech on the wig, then use the hairdryer. Nico will then have a blonde wig with with she can impersonate Petra, Sassaron's evil woman assistant. With this, you can walk back down the corridor with the red carpet to be 'captured' by a guard. The action will then switch to George.

George on the roof -

As George, pull the crate around so that it is against the wall where the path had crumbled. Climb onto the walkway and up to the door (it's locked) turn right and climb over the small wall, walk along the ledge. Examine the gargoyle there, then push it over. Make your way right around the ledge until you reach a terrace, drop down onto it. Hang and shimmy on the smaller ledge that leads from that terrace and onto another one. Climb in through the open window. Inside, you'll need to move the crate in the furthest corner to reveal a hole to climb through. Once on another walkway, continue onwards to find an area where a wall has crumbled, against the wall where it has fallen is a drainpipe. Examine the pipe and take the tin cup that is lodged there. Next, find the metal grate in the area, try to pull it open. George will explain how it needs oil to loosen the hinges. Go back up to the small room where you had to move the crate out of the corner. You'll find a lamp hanging on the wall. Use the lamp and it will start to leak oil, fill the cup with some oil. Make your way back to the grate outside and use the oil, George will then be able to open the grate. The action will switch back to Nico.

Nico as Petra -

Watch the cut scene which shows the guards thinking you are Petra. Talk to all three guards about all the topics, examine the door behind the guard sitting down. Then talk to the guard sitting down again about the door, he'll tell you that you have a secruity card for that door waiting for you but the secruity cheif has it. He's outside near the area where you threw the dog a burger. Once you have the card from him, you'll need to verify it. Go back to the lobby with the three guards and, instead of going to the door with the seated secruity guard, head in the opposite direction and through the door there. Get the woman at the computer to verify your card, don't forget to pick it up after she's verified it. Use the card on the secruity door near the seated guard to gain access to the lower levels of the castle. Continue along the corridor and wait for the cut scene. The action, once again, will switch to George.

George in the Castle -

In the far corner of the room you'll find a burnt out washing machine, push this machine onto the trolly at the bottom of the screen, once the washing machine is on the trolly, push the trolly against the door, the door will break open. Walk down the corridor. A cut scene will show Nico and George meeting up again. Follow the corridor around until a cut scene shows a guard over looking a section of the corridor. Go back down the corridor to find a secruity door. 'Use' Nico on the door, inside you'll find a cupboard with a guards uniform inside, George will change into this. You will then be able to pass the guard who was outside. In the next corridor, you'll see a secruity door which can't be opened, follow the corridor around until you reach a room adjacent to the locked room. Here, you will need to move the crates there so that George can climb up to the vent. Listen in on the conversation Sassaro has with Flap and Petra. They'll leave. Examine the grate, try to open it. Use the silver coin in your inventory as a make shift screwdriver to remove the grate, then 'use' Nico on the grate, she'll climb through to open the door from the otherside for you. Once inside, examine Sassaro's desk to reveal a small hidden button. Press the button to open the secret door, leave through the secret door.

George in the street in Paris -

After the conversation in Vernon's apartment, you'll turn up in this area. Go to the men drilling in the road, examine the tool bag nearby. Go around and turn off the machine powering the drill. Whilst the man is turning the machine back on, steal the sewer key from his tool bag. Use the sewer key on the drain cover. The workman will tell you it has been welded shut, you'll need more power to open it. Cross the road and walk left of the closed cafe, you'll see a woman sitting at the urinals, talk to her on every topic. Climb the scaffolding which is set up at the nearby building, climb around until the woman at the urinals sees you and tells you to get down. Talk to her again on every topic until she moves, climb the scaffolding again and carry on from where she stopped you, take the rope you find and climb down from the scaffolding. Go back to the men working on the road, use the sewer key with the rope, then both on the drain cover. George will attach the other end of the rope to the nearby lorry. Try to wake the sleeping man in the cabin of the lorry, then talk to the man who's drilling. He'll tell you that the man sleeping isn't working because he's afraid of earthquakes. Try to wake the man again, George will pretend that an eathquake is happening and the man will wake up and drive off pulling the drain cover with him. Descend into the sewer.
Submitted By: mikelar
Continuing on from the 'George in the street in Paris' chapter -

Once inside, follow the path right around until you reach the door with a skull on it, examine the skull. Then place the object the man dropped when he mugged you into the skulls mouth to open the door. Inside, follow the blood trail. You'll come across two doors opposite each other, enter the right hand door to see all the monks lying dead. Check their corpses to receive a key, check the mircowave in the corner. Leave the room and carry on following the blood trail until you reach a room where a guard is sitting eating. Go back to the room with the dead monks and press the microwave so that is counts down, quickly run into the opposite room and hide behind the door. Wait for the guard to come and investigate, he'll walk into the room with the dead monks, walk up to the door to the room, you'll be able to shut the door. Then quickly use the iron key to lock the guard in the room. Carry on following the blood trail. Follow it through the room the guard was eating in, through a small corridor and into a room with wine bottles on the wall. George will notice the blood trail stops at the wall, a secret door. This puzzle involves you working out the combination of which to pull the wine bottles out of there resting place. Each wine has a country of origin and a name, the answer lies in the country of origin. The answer can be found by checking your notebook for the journey taken by a monk when he moved Solomons key from Israeli to France. The answer is as follows:

1 - Green Bottle - Israeli
2 - Red Bottle - Italian
3 - Red Bottle - German
4 - White Bottle - French
5 - Blue Bottle - French

Continue through the secret door, you'll find the end of the blood trail along with the man who'd been making it. He'll tell you about a secret staute you need to look out for. Walk up the stairs and into the dressing room. Carry on through this room into a huge hall. You'll see a guard patrolling nearby as well as a guard and a dog further away. Sneak up to the booth nearby and examine the bible inside. Sneak around the patrolling guard moving against the wall making your way to the opposite end of the hall and into another room. Check the clock in this room. Opposite the clock, you'll see a statue. Check the statue and then check the metal plate at that base. Go back outside, sneak past the guard and check the bible again. Once more, go back to the room with the statue and enter the number from the bible into the clockface. A secret door will open behind the statue. Walk through here and watch the cut scene of George being knighted.

Back at Vernon's apartment -

After the conversation, Nico will stand in the arch way, talk to her on all topics. You'll look at a map of North Africa. Show the three stones whilst viewing the map in this order:

1. Psi Stone
2. Omega Stone
3. Alpha Stone

This will reveal the next location.

Geroge and Nico in Egypt -

After the cut scene which sees Nico run past the guards, move George in the same direction Nico ran. Creep all the way. Meet up with Nico again, talk about all topics. Further along from Nico is a small secret door. Examine this, then use the car jack handle on it. The door will open. Inside the room, use the three stones on the indents in the door to open the door, enter the next room. This room has a puzzle which is very similar to the fox, the chicken and the corn puzzle where you need to move one across a river without leaving one that might eat the other. This time, the puzzle is told with a killer (acting as the fox) the brother (acting as the chicken) and the witness (acitng as the corn). The puzzle needs to be completed in seven moves, it is done as follows:

1. Move the killer across the water
2. Move back empty handed
3. Move the brother across the water
4. Whilst remaing at that side of the water, pick the killer up and bring him back
5. But the killer down and pick the witness up
6. Move the witness across
7. Move the killer across.

This will let you into the next room. In this room, you can watch the cut scene. Flap will be ordered to kill you. Once more, your given a second to make your move, at the right time press X and George will knock Flap out. The cut scene then shows George and Nico attacking Sassaro and knocking him out. Talk to Nico and Bruno on all topics and Petra will turn up. She's now working for the orignal master templer. The master templer will kill Sassaros and leave you to die. After the cut scene, make your way up the stairs to find the bomb, yet another quick decision allows you to dive clear of the blast. After the rubble has settled, move the stone in the trench so that you can move another stone nearby over the gap. Move the stone in the trench further down and once more, move the other stone across that gap. Then move that stone against the wall and climb up. Before leaving the area, Nico notices that globe in the middle of the room has ley lines which converge over Glastonbury. Back into the room with the killer, witness, brother puzzle, you'll notice the hologram is malfunctioning. Watch the cut scene.

George and Nico in Glastonbury -

Watch the cut scene which shows the nice landing by Harry. Walk up the street and into a small courtyard with boxes. Move these around so that the box against the piece of wall sticking out from the bottom of the screen is pushed against the wall to the left of the screen. It's a bit fiddly because there are so many boxes but it's easy once you know where your trying to move. Once you've made the stairway leading to the open gap at the top of the wall, walk through this. Nico will become involved in a catfight with Petra leaving you to fight the master templer. Watch the cut scene of him changing into a dragon. Once George falls into the underground crypt, examine the sword base. Place the key of Solomon into the base, take the sword. Back up above ground your going to have to fight the dragon. Hide behind the walls as the dragon fires moving to the closest wall on the left as the dragon fires at you. Once there, stay crouched until the Dragon starts to charge up. You'll know when it's doing this because blue sparks appear around the dragon. When it's in this state, run up to it's underbelly and quickly press X. Watch the cut scene followed by the ending. I love a happy ending (especially ones that involve the death of a dragon)!!

So thats it, thats your lot! I hope you enjoyed playing the third in the series as nearly as much as I did!


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