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Retro Game Walkthroughs For
"Dragon Ball Z: Budokai"
(PC Games)

This game is also available on PS2.

Retro Game Walkthroughs for Dragon Ball Z: Budokai (PC Games)
Submitted By: GenYLun
quick spell
p = punch
k = kick
e = ki
g = guard

FAQ Moves/Walkthrough
King Kai Fist 2, 5, 10 (2-5 ki) P+K+G
Super Saiyan 1 (5 ki) P+K+G
Kamehameha (1 ki) P P P P E
Kamehameha (1 ki) P ->P P E
Kamehameha (1 ki) ->K P P P E
Zanku Fist (1 ki) K K ->K K E
Dragon Throw P+G

Kid Gohan
Unlock Potential (3 ki) P+K+G
Masenko (1 ki) K K-> K E/->P P ->P P E
Kamehameha (1 ki) P P P P E/P P <-P P E
Kill Quick (PC, 1)-Forward+P, P, K, K, E
Continuous Ki Blast Wave (2 ki)P, P, K, K, E
Hurricane Kick P+G

Teen Gohan
Super Saiyan 1 (4 ki) P+K+G
Kamehameha (1 ki) P P P P E/P P <-P P E/->P P ->P P E
Instant Kill Quick (1 ki)->P P K K E
High-Speed Hammer (2ki) P P K K E
Jackhamer P+G
Firece Ranma K K <-K E

Android #17 n #18
Power Bliz (1 ki) P P P P E/->K P P P E
Energy Field (1ki) P ->P P E/->P P P K E
Power Strike (1 ki) K K ->K K E
Power Falling stars (2 ki) ->P P P P E
Buster Swing P+G

Super Saiyan (3 ki)P+K+G
Buster Cannon (1ki) P P P P E/->K P P P E
Finish Buster (1ki) P ->P P E/ K K ->K K P E
Burning Attack (3 ki after Super Saiyan) ->P P P K E
Blast Attack (1ki) K K ->K K E
Rapid Fall Slash P+G

Super Saiyan (4 ki)P+K+G
Galick Cannon (1 ki) P P P P E/P ->P P E/->K P P P E
Final Flash (2ki) P P K K E
Final Bash (1 Ki) K K-> K K E
Meteor Flash ->P P P P E
Nose Dive Crash P+G

2nd form (3 ki) P+K+G
perfect form (4 ki) P+K+G
Spirit Bomb (3ki) ->P ->P K E (after perfect form)
Kamehameha (1 ki) P, P, P, P, E/->P ->P P P E/->K P P <-P E
Utltimate attack (1 ki) P P K E
Native Power Rain (2Ki) K K K ->K E

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