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Retro Game Walkthroughs For
"Golden Sun 2: The Lost Age"
(Game Boy Advance)

Retro Game Walkthroughs for Golden Sun 2: The Lost Age (Game Boy Advance)
Submitted By: JoNeZy

Anyway, as the game begins, we see Felix, Jenna, and Kraden in Venus Lighthouse. Felix Moves a statue onto a button, lowering a neaby forcefield, then leaves. Jenna and Kraden now start talking (you'll see a lot of this in both Golden Sun games). Jenna acts worried about Felix and wonders if she should have stopped her brother from leaving. As she and Kraden begin to leave, the ever-mysterious Water Adept Alex appears. Alex offends Jenna by acting surprised that she is concerned about her brother. Jenna asks Alex why he wants the lighthouses to be lit. Apparently, he and Kraden want to light the lighthouses for the same reason-to resurrect the glorious lost age of men. After this, everyone walks into Jenna (yes, into; you'll see a lot of this in Golden Sun games, too) and she crosses where the forcefield was. To prevent you from following Felix, it reactivates. If you played Golden Sun, you'll know that walking into the field causes you to get hurt, so stay out of it. Go down the stairway nearby. Not much to do here. You'll see a Carry puzzle (solved by Isaac and co.). Just go through the next door. There are two paths you can take in the next room. Don't bother with the stairs, just go through the doorway. Before going through the bottom door here, go through the right hand door. Jump across the scattered platforms and up the stairs on the other side. Take the Herb in the chest and head back across to the other side of the platform room. Go down the bottom doorway here and around the long pillar. Head through the door, down the hall, and exit the Lighthouse through the next door.

Notice the birds flying around. :) As you continue down, you're surrounded by guards and ruffians. They sound mad about Sheba being kidnapped and demand her back. To fight you, they also send for reinforcements. Alex steps in to fight them for you. He sends two of the soldiers flying with a water geyser and scares away everyone else, disappearing with them. After a moment, you regain control. Head to the left out of the area and keep going west. On the way, you'll meet a loose Ruffian. He is feeling braver now that Alex is gone and fights you. Dispatch him with Jenna's Fume Psynergy and continue on to Suhalla Gate.


After climbing some stairs, beat another Ruffian. Climb down the vine up ahead and approach the cave to the right. You'll have to fight 3 more Ruffians first. Get them with Jenna's Flare Psynergy, which can target all of them. In the cave, you can use the neaby Psynergy Stone to replenish your Psynergy. You'll have to fight a Punch Ant first (beat it with your Fume Psynergy). Now, exit the cave.


You'll see a Lemurian ship wrecked on the shore. Kraden somehow jumps into it briefly. Apparently, the "thingie" that makes the ship move is missing. Soon, Alex appears, as planned. They all notice that Venus Lighthouse still hasn't been lit (Isaac and co. are battling the Fusion Dragon now). Soon, however, it is lit, causing the ground to shake. The tremors tear the Suhalla Ridge in half, detaching Idejema (where you are) from Gondowan! The whole island seems to be floating, as it begins to drift away from the mainland.

You soon see Jenna and Kraden lying stunned. Kraden offers the first funny quote of the game: "I'm hungry." How can he be thinking about food now!? In the final scene of the first game, Alex appears again and leads Jenna and Kraden to Felix and Sheba! And they're even alive! Sheba wakes up and tells everyone what happened on top of Venus Lighthouse. Soon, Felix wakes up. Everyone sees a new continent (Indra) and thinks they're saved, but Idejema misses the continent! Even worse, a huge tidal wave spanning the horizon (probably caused by the earthquake) wells up not far ahead. It strikes the island, knocking everyone down. After you (now Felix) wake up, say you'll check yourself for injuries if you want a laugh. Go around the island and wake everyone up, except Alex, who has disappeared. You find out that the tidal wave pushed you back to Indra! After more talking, exit the peninsula and head south to your first town, Daila.

b. Daila to Kandorean Temple (Daikt)


There isn't really much to do in Daila at the moment. Stock up on new weapons and armor with your money (beat monsters for more money) and talk to the villagers to learn about various Indra locations (read their minds for more information). And finally, get acquainted with the various parts of a typical Golden Sun town. Once you're ready, exit through the south exit. You'll soon meet up with a Venus Djinn calling itself Echo. It will give you a basic tutorial on how to use Djinn and then join your party (and become your "pal")! You can go to the Kandorean Temple now, but you may want to train your party up a few levels first. Anyway, once you think your party is strong enough (and you have the latest weapons and armor), head to the Kandorean Temple (it looks like 3 towers; you need to go across some rivers to reach the temple, which is south of Daila).


Once you get there, you find that the front door is locked! You'll have to take the secret entrance. Go around to the left and up the side of the temple wall. Notice the leaves covering a hole on the wall here. Have Sheba cast Whirlwind on the leaves to blow them away, revealing a staircase leading to an underground cavern. Go through the cavern and climb up the rope. You're in a well! Once you emerge from the well, you'll be inside the walls. Now, enter the central tower. You'll see some monks in training practicing levitation (unsuccessfully), overseen by the head monk, who is on an unreachable platform. The only way up seems to be to climb a rope, but the rope lies untied. If you want to reach the other room, you'll have to enter the Temple through the door ahead.

This temple is apparently a training ground for the monks here. If you want to get a new Psynergy, you'll have to pass the test. First take the path leading north from the entrance. Save before opening the treasure chest here; it's really a Mimic. Use your attacks, Djinni, and Psynergy to defeat it and get a Game Ticket. Now, go and take the left path (the right one is a dead end). There is really only one way to go here, so make your way to the staircase. You will be in an area covered in pillars you must jump across like in Venus Lighthouse. If you try to jump from the platform you start on, you'll get nowhere. Climb down the ladder and make your way through the pillars. Climb the opposite ladder. Go down to the south end of the platform and jump across the pillars to the door. You will soon come across a fork in a room with the sound of running water echoing through the cavern. The right path is once again a dead end, so you should take the left one. Head down the stairs to reach a room with the large river you heard in the above room. You can't cross the river yet. Head down to the bottom of the room and cross here. Head up through an opening on the right side of the river and make your way through the rushing water and rocks. Once you can reach the upper right side of the room, get onto land and go down and right to the door.

You'll meet up with your first real puzzle. Two circular platforms are periodically raised into the air by water geysers. Unfortunately, neither goes high enough to go anywhere. To make the platforms go higher, push the provided pillar onto one of the platforms to concentrate the water on the other one. Get onto it to be taken up to the level with the pits. First, take the right hand platform up. Hop off and open the neaby treasure chest. You'll find the Mysterious Card, the first of 3 items on of your party members can equip to permanently change his or her class. You probably don't want to equip it yet, though. Now, go back to the geyser room and push the pillar onto the platform you just used. Take the other one up, hop off it, and climb the ladder to the left. Head beck to the right and walk across the rope (don't worry-Felix, Jenna, and Sheba are all licensed tightrope walkers escaped from the circus). Get off this rope, but don't get on the second one yet. Go between the rocks above you and go to the right. Use Move to push the pillar across the chasm and jump across. Push the pillar the rest of the way, in front of the air jet. Now, go back and walk across the other rope, safe from being blown off. Don't climb down the ladder here-keep going along the walkway. Hop across the ledges here and climb down the other ladder. Go through the doorway at the bottom of the room. You'll see a Mercury Djinni near the door, but you can't get it yet, so keep going. Climb the ladder and 2 sets of stairs. Go around the large pillar here and climb the ladder. The sign here says that to cool the rock, you must empty your soul... But you don't need to do that. Just use Move to move the rock out of the way. Before you go too far up the hallway, save and equip the Mysterious Card to Sheba to give her the Juggle Psynergy. Now, keep going up the hallway and you'll meet your first Boss.


These big blue apes are not all that hard. They are weak to fire Psynergy. Have Jenna use Flare, Sheba use Juggle, and Felix heal as necessary. This battle should only take a few turns; the Chestbeaters have only about 150 HP. After you defeat them, climb the ladder they were guarding and go down the winding hallway. After you go through the next door, you'll be in a torchlit room. This happens to be the room Master Poi uses to go between the two platforms in the temple lobby! You will meet with Poi, who is amazed to find that someone not his own student made it through his challenge. He is now compelled to give you a sacred artifact that allows you to tie the ropes you have seen throughout the temple. He uses the Psynergy, called Lash, to give you access to the Lash Pebble. Equip it to any party member you want. You may want to exit, but first go back into the temple. Return to the Mercury Djinni you couldn't reach before. Use your new Psynergy on the coiled rope to tie it to the post. Climb the rope and engage in battle with the Djinni, Fog. Use your strongest Psynergy and heal if necessary; the Djinni is stronger than a Chestbeater. After you get the Djinni (you may want to keep it on standby to avoid messing up your classes), exit the temple and return to Daila.


Heal your party here and buy better weapons if you wish. After you're ready, exit Daila and head east to the Shrine of the Sea God.

c. Shrine of the Sea God and Dehkan Plateau (Shrdp)


As you enter this cave, you'll see two young boys (Riki and Tavi) on opposite cliffs. Tavi was washed away from his friend by the tidal wave that knocked Idejema into Indra. Go up to the rope Riki was unsuccessfully trying to throw and use Lash to save Tavi. Riki will come back. Overjoyed, they both talk about catching a strange creature. They say that it is too fast for them to catch and can fly... They instead go to Daila to eat, though. Shimmy across the rope and through the door. Head across the two wood bridges here. You'll notice that the next one looks cracked... And that looks like a Jupiter Djinni there! As you try to cross the bridge, it breaks. Climb the ladder to the Djinni, who flies away. Chase it and it flies away again. Chase it down a long hallway and down some stairs. It seems to have forgotten to fly here; its footprints show you which way to go. You'll soon see a choice of 3 staircases. Take the left or right one and head across the bridge. You'll see the Djinni escaping under you! Go back down and up the bottom stairs. Climb down the ladder and follow the Djinni. You'll chase it to a raised loop. No matter how much you chase it, it keeps ahead of you. To cut off its escape, push the lit torch into the gap in the path. Once you catch it, standby Echo and Fog and prepare for battle. Have Jenna attack with Fume and Felix and Sheba use Summons the first turn. Following that, have Felix use Cure to heal and Sheba and Jenna attack the Djinni until it is felled. Once you defeat it, Breath will join your party! There is nothing else you can do here now, do use Retreat and exit. From the cave leading to the Shrine, go back to Daila and head south to a fork. Take the east path and follow it until you reach Dehkan Plateau.


After climbing some stairs, you'll see some holes and cracks. You can't get past them; instead, just fall through. In this cavern, go through the door at the bottom and take the useful Full Metal Vest from the chest. Equip this powerful armor to whoever you want. Go back through the door and up the stairs to reach the other side of the holes. Now, walk right and hop across the pillar to get an Elixir. Notice how the pillar cracks the first time you step on it and crumbles the second time. Now hop across the other two pillars to the other side. Notice the strange pillar here. You can't do anything with it yet, so just go south and around the bend in the path. You can hop across the holes here, but first fall down the open crack at the top of all the holes. You'll land next to a chest containing a Mint, which raises one party member's agility permanently. Use it on your slowest character (probably Felix). Now slide down the slope, climb the vine, and go though the door. Climb the nearby stairs and push the pillar down. Hop across it to emerge just below the hole formation. Go all the way across it now and take the north exit.

You'll now face a small puzzle to get your first Artifact Weapon. Hop across the pillar here to reach a fork platform. Take the upper pillar and hop to the pillar on the right. Hop back and on the pillar again to make it crumble. Climb the vine behind it and open the chest to receive Themis' Axe. Since Felix is the only one who can equip it, give it to him; it is a powerful weapon. Now, exit the area and reenter. Hop across the first pillar and take the lower path. Go up as far as you can and hop across some more pillars to the other side of the puzzle. As you take the long, winding path to some more cracks, notice how all the strange pillars seem to block shortcuts. Don't worry, you'll be able to remove them soon. You can go across the next few cracks, but there is nothing beyond. Fall down a crack and take the path until you emerge above ground again. Up ahead, you'll see a Mars Djinni! As you chase it, it will fall down a hole and crack the only safe path. Follow it by falling down through and exiting the room you fall into. Go south here and climb the vine. Before you exit the area, push the pillar above the exit into the valley to create a shortcut to where you are. Now, go to the next area.

You can go down the vine below, but you'll have to solve some puzzles for a Nut. Don't go there yet. Jump across the gaps in the rickety bridge. On the other side, the Djinni will use a new Psynergy, Pound, to pound one of the shortcut pillars into the ground! Go south and fall through a crack. Climb the stairs and return across the bridge, climbing down the vine at the other end. Walk across the two tightropes and push the first vine-covered pillar you see to the right. Climb it and jump onto the plateau, then Lash a rope. Climb it and take the Nut, then go back down and push the other pillar off the ledge. Climb down it and follow the canyon path to a tall vine. Climb this one and you'll be on the other side of the crack you saw before. Go across it and follow the Djinni east to the next area. It will jump across a pillar, preventing you from following that way. Climb down the vine instead and push the vine-covered pillar to the right. Climb up it and jump to solid ground, then onto some more crumbly pillars. Jump to the far one, then back to the near one to crumble it. Go around the loop and move the normal pillar as far left as it will go. Climb up it and jump on the other pillar to crumble it. Climb up the vine behind the crumbled pillar and push the pillar here off the plateau. Go back down and Move it as far left as you can.

Get back up on the plateau and jump across. Go down the stairs the Mars Djinni went down. Go through the only door to emerge in an underground room filled with cracks and the Djinni. If you try to approach it, it Pounds you down through the hole. Instead, go across the cracks to the lower right door. Go up some more stairs to be above ground. Fall down the right hand hole to the left of the stairs to land right on the Djinni! It runs way, dropping a strange cube. No, it isn't floating, it's just above you. Go around the cracked floor and pick it up to find that it's the Pound Cube. Exit through the top right stairs and go through the door. You'll find the Djinni here, but don't go to it yet. Pound down the pillar behind it to cut off its escape, then battle it. After you beat the Mars Djinni Cannon, it joins your party. Climb the vines on the right side of the room and go through a door and up some stairs. You'll be on top of a new area. Go down two flights on stairs and up one on the left. Push the pillar onto the indentation to open another shortcut. Now, go down some more stairs to exit the plateau. On the world map, you can see a ship like the one you sailed off on at the end of Golden Sun! It is beached and unable to move, so just leave it for now. Keep going west until you reach a cave.

d. Indra Cavern to Garoh (Incmd)


There is not much to do in this cave, but what you do is important. Go up and you'll see a strange tablet on a platform. Use Move to slide the pillar one space to the right and Lash the rope to the post. Climb the rope and hop across the pillar to the platform. As you examine the tablet, strange runes pop out and fly into Felix! You can now Summon your first Combo Summon, Zagan! You need 1 Mars and 1 Venus Djinni on standby to use it. Keep heading along the road and you'll come to a town south of Indra Cavern, Madra. Before you enter it, walk around in the large forest west of Madra. Soon, you'll encounter your second Venus Djinni in a random battle. When you beat Iron, it will join your party. If you Set it to Felix, his class changes to Knight! Now, enter Madra.


As you look around Madra, you learn that the people here are still on alert from a recent attack by people called the Champa, led by a pirate called Briggs. Apparently, they believe the person who came on the boat you saw earlier was a Champa, and locked him up. Enter the jail in the southwestern part of the city and you'll find that the man's name is Piers. As Piers insists he is not a Champa, one of the two men guarding his cell starts taunting him, causing Piers to use some Psynergy! This scares the man and his partner away. If you read Piers' mind, he'll sense it; he must be an adept! As you exit the prison, a rich lady comes up. After some talking, she gives you permission to cross Madra Drawbridge and enter Osenia. Before you leave, buy all the latest weapons and armor, and sell your obsolete ones. Also, enter the Inn, climb the stairs, and exit through the top floor. Jump across the awnings on the shops and open the treasure chest to get the Nurse's Cap. Now, go to the outskirts of town (outside the gate) and go around to the right. You'll soon see a ladder behind some trees and gravestones. Climb down the ladder to be in an underground cavern.


Take the upper door here. Go around through the tunnel and through the next door. You'll see what looks like the ruins of a house. Go through the "door" and climb the vine. Up ahead, Move the pillar into the pit and walk across. Climb down the vine at the end of the ledge and enter the doorway. Go through some more doors and stairs until you reach a chest, which contains the Tremor Bit! Now, Retreat out of the catacombs and exit Madra. Walk northeast until you reach Madra Drawbridge.


Because you met the rich lady, the soldiers allow you to pass. Keep going until you reach Osenia Cliffs.


Before you cross through, jump across the wreckage (of a Champa ship; maybe Piers really is innocent) to reach a chest containing the powerful Pirate's Sword. Now, go back to the shore and climb up the vines, crossing over to Osenia. Keep heading down the path until you reach Mikasalla (you can enter the Yampi Desert now, but you have business elsewhere in Osenia).


Once you reach Mikasalla, do the usual: stock up on new items, heal your party, and find the Lucky Pepper in the Inn. Once you're ready, exit Mikasalla and head north. Then, go east until you reach a dark green patch of grass (there should be a cave northeast of the patch, but you can't do anything there yet). Search the lower part of the patch (near the triangular forest) here until a new Mercury Djinni appears! Defeat Sour to have it join your party. Sour is somewhat harder to find than Iron was, but keep looking until you find it. Now, go back to Mikasalla and head east. Take the southern path at the fork and cross some more rivers to reach the next town, Garoh.


Go up the slopes here and notice two things. As you go up, you're forced to push pillars that block the way back (don't worry, you'll be able to get back out). Also, it seems to get darker as you go on. One you reach a long path, you see a small, strangely wolf-like boy come up near a pond and howl, scaring Sheba! Could he be a werewolf? Kraden seems excited to find a real werewolf (or lycanthrope as he calls the boy) and wants to continue on to the town. As you enter the town, more strange things happen. Everyone outside is wearing long cloaks with hoods, saying they don't like the full moon (read their minds to find that they CAN'T take their hoods off; definitely werewolves). Also, the shops aren't selling anything useful now. All you can do is rest at the Inn and talk to the townspeople to find about a mountain called Air's Rock north of Garoh. Last, if you go to the northeast part of the town, a full-grown werewolf comes out of a seemingly featureless rock using a new Psynergy! Now, exit Garoh and head northeast until you reach a bridge. Cross the bridge and go west until you reach a mountain in the middle of the desert.

e. Air's Rock (Arsrk)


You hear the cool music here? Well, you'd better like it, because you'll be hearing it for all of the longest, most tedious dungeon in the game. You'll be spending hours traversing the surrounding area, rocky side, and interior of this mountain. Anyway, notice the strange rock up ahead. I call them "whirlwind stones", for a reason you can find out now. Cast Whirlwind on the stone from below to magnify the whirlwind and shoot it at a nearby sand barrier, blowing it away. Go through the clear area and west to another stone. Cats Whirlwind from above to dissolve another barrier. You can't reach the open area yet. Go north to the top of the ground area. You'll see a large, pink Whirlwind-shaped stone behind some rocks. If you want some experience, coins, and a Lucky Medal, battle the Mimic here. Go down and around the U-turn. You can go up the stone ladder north of here, but it leads to a dead end. Keep heading east to the northeast corner of the area and cast Whirlwind on the stone from the right. This clears a sand wall blocking a powerful weapon, but you can't reach it yet. Go straight down to the southeast corner of the area and again cast Whirlwind to the right. Go north, west, and south, around the rock grouping to where the sand wall was. Beyond it is another whirlwind stone. Cast Whirlwind on it from the bottom twice to clear away two sand barriers. Return to where the first barrier you blew away was and go east. Turn north at the fork and take the Cookie from the chest. Now go south and west to the first whirlwind stone. Cast Whirlwind from the right and go around to the entrance. Go through the cleared wall and down through a corridor to another fork. Go down and take the Smoke Bomb from the chest, then go north and cast Whirlwind on the stone from the bottom. Go around to the north side of the stone and go through this corridor. Follow the path and you'll be at the pink whirlwind stone. Cast Whirlwind on the stone to clear away the sand on the stone ladder. Climb up it to reach the first cliff area.

Walk over to the left and climb up the ladder. Take the left of two ladders and drop down the slope on the top. The whirlwind tiki statue will blow you to another ledge. Drop down the next two slopes and let another statue blow you. Once you stop, push the pillar to the left over the ledge to create a shortcut. Now, go to the right and push another pillar. Walk across the pillar in the pit and climb down the ladder up ahead. You can now take the item in the chest you opened up earlier, which contains the powerful Storm Brand (equip it to Felix). Climb back up the ladder and then take the left of two ladders. Climb down the other ladder to a ledge, where you'll be blown by another statue. Climb the ladders above you to be right next to a pillar getting hammered by a tiki statue. Push it get down and get blown by the statue. Climb up the long ladder and then start climbing another one. Carefully time when you climb so you don't get blown off the ledge as you make your way to the top. Slide down the indentation and push the pillar to the right. Climb down the ladder and walk across the statue (when it isn't shooting air) and get the Sleep Bomb. Let the statue blow you back up and walk right to the next area.

Climb the ladder here and don't get off at the first fork. Keep climbing and get off on the next landing. Move the left of two pillars to the left and climb back down to the landing you passed earlier. Slide down the slope to the right and let the statue in the ground blow you up higher. Walk over to the left and Move the other pillar to the left. Jump to the space you created. Slide down the slope and let the statue you land on blow you up high. Climb up the stone blocks to the left and get off on the ledge. Climb up the next ladder to a misty area with another pink whirlwind statue. You can't reach it from here, though, so just Move the pillar into the pit onto the metal plate. Go back down to the right of where the statue blew you upward and slide down two indentations. Walk to the left and climb to the top of the ladder (get off on a ledge below the one you were one before). Climb up the ladder to the west here to be on a ledge just below the one with the whirlwind statue. First, climb the ladder and cast Whirlwind on the statue to clear away the mist. Now go back and take the alternate route back up here (where you cast Move) and climb the ladder above you. At the top, you'll find the powerful Fujin Shield. Return to the other side of the once-mist area and climb the ladder there. You're now on the summit of Air's Rock (finally). Cast Whirlwind on the statue here to open a hole on the top of the mountain leading inside! Climb down the ladder and enter.

If your party is running low on PP, take the Psynergy Stone here. Go around the path here and climb down the ladder. You'll see a gray tiki statue and a huge statue with its mouth closed. You can't do anything here yet, so just go around the ledge and to the next door. You will be in the main cavern of Air's Rock, with two doors to choose from. Take the left one first and climb down the ladder. Push the pillar onto the pad and return to the main cavern. Go through the other door you could choose from. Follow the only path until you reach a ladder. Climb down it to reach an interesting puzzle. There are 3 normal pillars in two "zones" and 4 Poundable pillars. Only 2 of the pillars can be up at once. Anyway, here is the solution. Push the pillar on the right onto the Poundable pillar (Pound it down first). Don't bother changing the left set of Poundable pillars, but push one pillar to the top right of the pushable "zone" and the other right below it. Now, climb back up and hop across. Go down and across the floating platform to another whirlwind stone. Use it to blow away some sand. Return to the pillars and go through the way the sand was blocking to... another whirlwind stone! Cast Whirlwind on it from the top to blow away another sand barrier. Go through where this barrier was and down the ladder at the end of the hallway. Push the pillar here all the way left, onto the pad. Climb back up and backtrack to near where you entered the room. Jump over the platform and to a new ledge, from which you can reach some stairs.

You'll see a pushable "zone" here without a pillar; don't worry, you'll get one there later. Head up and climb down the ladder, go right, and climb up the next ladder. Go right again to the doorway and up. You'll see an air jet being blocked by a pillar. Push the pillar out from the jet to make another jet disappear. Go through the area the jet was blocking and then up and around to another pillar and air jet. Move the pillar to the right from across the gap and go through the area previously guarded by the air jet. Move the pillar back to where it was at first from across the disappeared steam jet. Now climb the ladder and hop across the pillar. Go down and down the ladder. Push the pillar here onto the pad and climb the other ladder. Go down and around and push the next pillar onto the pad to relocate another air jet. Go back and jump across the other pillar you pushed onto the pad and go down. Slide down the slope, climb the ladder to the left, and go through the rocks that were inaccessible before. Now, go through the next door.

All you can do here is jump across some platforms (floating and non) and enter the next door. Go up and down the ladder to another whirlwind stone. Use it to the left to turn a huge spinning device. Climb back up and jump across it, then climb down and up the two ladders. Take the north path first and push the pillar here onto the pad to make yet another shortcut. Go back and take the west path, which curves up and around to another whirlwind stone. Blow the spinner back to its original position and go to the platform just before the pillar you pushed. Jump across the spinner, walk over the rope, and go to the next staircase. You can go around and grab the Elixir here if you wish, but then go back and take the long hallway north. Climb down and go across the floating platforms. Hop across several more platforms until you reach a ladder which you should climb. Hop across the nearby gap and use the whirlwind stone to blow the spinner above. Go north and hop across it, then go around the northeast side of the room and blow it back to its original position. Climb back up and hop across (too... much... hopping...). Don't slide down the slope to the left; hop across the pillar and shimmy over the rope. Go through the hallway ahead, hopping over some long pits, until you reach a door to the next room.

Hop across the gap here in the main cavern and climb all the way to the ground. Go down the stairs here to emerge in a rough underground cavern unlike the carved out ones above. A huge Psynergy stone, the center of Air's Rock's wind power, is in the center of this room. Examine it if your party is running low on Psynergy and keep going around the room to the next stairs. You'll emerge in the center of the main cavern. You'll see 3 paths of floating platforms. Go down the rightmost one and through the doorway at the bottom of the cavern. You'll emerge... outside! On the side of Air's Rock! To open up a handy shortcut, push the pillar to your left onto the metal pad. Now, go through the door and beck into the rock. Hop across either of the other floating platform paths and you'll be near a pink whirlwind statue. Use Whirlwind on it to activate the huge tiki head and all the small ones in the room! Now, stand on the tiki statue just below you to be blown all the way up to the top floor

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