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Retro Game Walkthroughs For
"Harry Potter and The Philosopher's Stone"

This game is also available on PC, GBA, PS1 and PS2.

Retro Game Walkthroughs for Harry Potter and The Philosopher's Stone (Gameboy)
Submitted By: Jammydoger
Hello my name is James and I am here to help you complete harry
Potter on the gameboy.

Well first the title screen comes up so like it says press START

Go on do it now! Then you can make a new game, load an existing game, do language settings and play bonus games which I'll tell you about further on.
Right, anyway if this is your first time playing on this game you press NEW GAME so go on!
Then it comes up with a letter from hogwarts you can read it if you want
Or just press A (its not very important) Welcome to Dragon Alley! After Hagrid starts speaking to you press A five times if You can't be bothered to read it.
After go to the wand shop right in front of you go through the door. Hagrid will speak to you and so will Olivander (That's the man behind the desk) it will say you Received HARRYS WAND. After that walk outside of the door and a Little boy will come and speak to you and tell you what deck of WIZARD CARDS you want (so pick the red ones the best) you can pick anyone you want.
Then it will say you received FOLIO MAGIC And FOLIO TRIPLICUS and a 2 CARD COMBINATIONS and if that wasn't enough 4 WIZARD CARD too! (Very generous!).
After that you have to get your money from Gringrotts Bank, its very big and fancy just go right and through the wooden doors you'll find a
note on the door not important so press A couple of times as soon as you walk in it says about if your ever lost you should Press SELECT so you can if you want, keep going straight up and You should find Hagrid go right up to him and press A he'll Speak to you. You will now enter the Vaults.
You will fall over and have to find Hagrid which ill help you find of course!
So first go RIGHT then UP but before you can, you should see a blue
Cloud its O.K it doesn't kill you or anything walk straight into it goes on do it! It will say you are about to enter a MAGICAL ENCOUNTER press A 5 times now creepy music comes up and you will Be standing with 1 2 or 3 enemies. Well the aim of it is to press SPELL and it will come up with FLIPENDO UNO and VERMILLIOUS UNO you can pick either id pick VERMILLIOUS UNO so Press it no go on! Then it will come up with an arrow you can Pick the whatever enemy just move the DIRECTION key up or down(The direction key is that pad on the left just move it up or

Then press A to cast the SPELL then the other one will hit you (if there is another one!) then again keep doing it until they all run away. Then if your lucky you might get an item or some SICKLES, continue going up and the first LEFT, UP, LEFT , FIRST UP, RIGHT then you should see a hole in the wall just go up to it and press A it will say you received a WIZARD CARD Continue going RIGHT, UP, LEFT, UP, RIGHT, UP you should run into a big cloud go into it. Then press SPELL to make them run away you might faint and end back in Dragon Alley! Speak to the lady and she will heal you up to full health! So you will
have to do it again ill tell you the directions again RIGHT, UP,
Then you will have to fight the rats again! After you have killed the rats go UP, RIGHT you will meet Hagrid talk to him by pressing A.

You will go into your own Vault with loads of money it will say you have
Got 850 sickles and school supply list there is a heap of money in the top right hand side go up to it and press A it will say you have got another CARD COMBINATION. Make you way out of your vault and follow these directions:
After speak to Hagrid he will tell you about the school supplies.
Go LEFT UP LEFT and a boy will speak to you and say about secret things in COULDRENS.
Continue going LEFT UP and through the door speak to the man behind the desk. Press BUY and buy a POTION KIT BAG Press A to get it. Go out the door and go LEFT and you will see a man in the corner hell says about the circle card ill tell you further on go into the door and press buy and buy both cauldrons.
If you want to see what school supplies you need just press START
Then choose ITEM and school supplies well lets have a look we
Need: 3 robes, 1 winter cloak, 1 pointed hat, 1 pair of gloves,
1 name tag pack, 1 potion kit bag OH wait weave already got that!
Any way 1 set of first year books and.. That's it. So let's get the 3 robes to get there go to the wand shop but not in it then go down and left carry on going left and WAIT there's the shop with a robe on the shop so go in it of course and you shall find Draco Malfoy and hell show off about himself talk to the lady behind the counter and buy : 3plain work robe, winter cloak, Dragon skin gloves, and a pointed hat. Now all we need is some First year books!
Make your way out of the shop it will say that you can equipped stuff on to you not very important after go left and up and you should find a shop with a book on the front speak to the man behind the desk and after you have pressed A for a couple of times it will say would you like to make a purchase say yes and it will say you received school books go out the door and make your way back to Hagrid near Gringrotts. I will carry on the walkthrough in a few days and hope this came in
Handy. (sorry about spellings!)

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