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Rainbow Six: Lone Wolf Walkthroughs

Submitted By: Super Nova
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| _ / | |_| | | | | \| | |||/ |||| ||/\|| \ \ | |
\ \/ /
| | \ \ | |-| | | | | |\ | |||\ |||| | | _\ \ | |
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|_| \_\ |_| |_| |_| |_| \_| |__/ \__/ \_/\_/ |___| |_|
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Type: FAQ/Walkthrough
Platform: Sony Playstation and PSone
By: Super Nova
Email: [email protected]
Version: Final

|1. Legal Information |
|2. Updates |
|3. Introduction |
|4. Story |
|5. Frequently Asked Questions|
|6. Walkthrough |
|7. Weapon List |
|8. General Strategies |

|9. Email |
|10. Credits |
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/ /'
/--1.Legal Information--\
This guide is protected by the Copyright Law. Anything copied
from it must
be done so with the consent of Duncan Hardy. This guide can only
be found at
the following sites:
my site (see GameFAQs)
Should you find it anywhere else, I would be grateful if you
could notify me
at the above address. You may print a section or the whole of
this document,
but only for reference purposes (i.e. to look at it while you're
/_ _____/
/ /'
Version 0.1
Initial Release (submitted 6/9/02)
Only level one & two walkthrough at the moment! But rest assured
I'll soon have the other levels done. Finished writing story.
Version 0.2
Submitted 9/9/02
Added levels three and four (with maps). Added all the usual
stuff that
goes at the end of a FAQ (email, credits etc.) as well as some
additions to the story. This guide can now be found at!
Version 0.3
Submitted 19/9/02
Added an entire new section (Weapons) and mission five. Changed
general presentation somewhat. Although the walktrough is
complete I'm
considering adding the briefing from the game in as well as
the mission guides (e.g. more strategies) and maybe adding a
tips section.
This guide can now be found at!
Version 0.4
Submitted 28/9/02
Added briefings and tips section. Also, I've taken the 54321 off
end of my Gamefaqs alias because it looked stupid.
Version 0.5 (Final)
Submitted 29/10/02
Reformatted the FAQ so it isn't totally corrupted when you put
it in your web
browser, a mistake I somehow managed to miss. Added FAQ.

/_ _____/
/ /'
Welcome to my Rainbow Six: Lone Wolf walkthrough! The fact
remains that this
is one of the shortest First Person Shooters on the Playstation,
nay, ever. It
has only five short levels! But it's damn hard at first, and
this walkthrough
is intended to help those hopelessly stuck. This is my first
attempt at a
complete walkthrough (at least it will be eventually) so I hope
it turns out
okay! All right, here we go...

/_ _____/
/ /'
Anyone who's read Rainbow Six by Tom Clancy as I have will know
that it is
all about an international anti-terrorism team called Rainbow.
It is run by
John Clark (a.k.a. "Rainbow Six"), a once pro CIA agent who has
now retired
and runs Rainbow instead. The role of his team is to combat
global terrorism,
and his son-in-law, Domingo Chavez, is the leader.
The story in Rainbow Six: Lone wolf is totally original, but
the characters
are the same as in the novel, and the element of strategy from
Rainbow Six games is still present.

WARNING: SPOILER ALERT! Rather than a complete copy from the
instruction book
let I thought I'd write a brief summary of the story as the game

Ding Chavez is the most skilled member of the Rainbow team, and
when his
organization was tipped off by ex-criminal Xander about an arms
ring run by
terrorists in Solhier, Norway he was sent to deal with them
alone before they
became a real threat.
Xander was being held by the terrorists in the holiday village
of Solhier,
and the bad weather conditions and nightfall provided a good
cover for
Chavez's infiltration of the town. He found a secure path
leading to Xander's
hut and entered it.
The next morning he took Xander from his cabin, but the alarm
was sounded.
Chavez was forced to eliminate the terrorists who blocked his
path as he
escaped. Unfortunately, Xander was soon recaptured, and taken
into a cave in
the mountains, heavily guarded by the terrorists.
Chavez had to infiltrate the cave, negotiating the terrorists
within and
finally freeing Xander. However, Xander refused to part with any
until his brother, also taken hostage, was freed.
In order to safely bring back Xander's brother Ding Chavez
eliminated the
terrorists in another village West of Solhier and freed the
hostage. His final
challenge was to infiltrate the base of the arms dealers now its
location had
been revealed. It took all his stealth and skill, but eventually
the Rainbow
team triumphed once more.

/_ _____/
/ /'
/--5.Frequently Asked Questions--\
In the two months that this FAQ has been out I have been
showered with
questions about the game, so to avoid more I've decided to list
the most
common ones.

Q: Are there any cheats for this game?
A: No, there are no codes, button codes etc. for this game.

Q: Are there any Gameshark codes for this game?
A: Probably. Look at or make your own with
Gameshark Pro. Don't
ask me - I don't have a Gameshark.

Q: I heard there are some codes at site
here. Is this true?
A: Maybe. But I don't have time to validate these claims.
However, if you've
made sure that they're true, tell me the codes and I'll put them
on the FAQ
and credit you.

Q: Can I have your FAQ on my site?
A: Probably not - I've been asked enough times already and I
probably won't
let you. But ask anyway just in case.

Q: Can I have a copy of your FAQ to look at?
A: Yes! Just go to and download one! You don't have
to ask me!

Q: My controller doesn't work for this game. What should I do?
A: I don't know - get a new controller or something (yes I
really did get
asked this question).

Q: I can't open doors! How do you?
A: Press and HOLD X to open doors.

Q: How many levels are there in this game?
A: There are a pathetic five levels in this game.

Q: Is this game worth buying?
A: No. See my review at
for details.

/_ _____/
/ /'
Mission One: Operation Arctic Phoenix
Objectives: Locate access path, Infiltrate Xander's cabin
Briefing: Jan. 15, 2001

Control - Operation Arctic Phoenix. A previously convicted
terrorist, Xander
Theissan, contacted us at 07:00 hours claiming to have
information on the
recent weapon imports into Russia. His current location is
Solhier, a small
resort town.

John Clark - This is a sensitive case, and could give us the
edge on the
terrorist activity in Russia. Xander claims the group that he
used to be part
of is monitoring him, eliminating the option to send an entire
team out to
Solhier. Ding Chavez, you have the knowledge to pull this
mission off. You
will travel alone, and it is imperative that you get to Xander
without being
detected. Enemy casualties are acceptable, but if you make your
presence known
this mission will be a failure. You'll go in at night to
minimize the chances
of detection. Weather reports for the region indicate a break in
the heavy
snowfall, giving you a window of opportunity.

Kevin Sweeny - I have studied the case reports on Xander's
interrogation two
years ago and it is obvious he is a very intelligent man. With
this comes
arrogance, however: he is the kind of person who despises people
who he feels
are not as his equal. We do not know how he views Rainbow - be
aware that he
may have constructed this scenario with some ulterior motive. I
advise you to
tread very carefully.

Recommended Kit:
Primary weapon - 7.62mm PSG-1 Sniper Rifle
Secondary weapon - 9mm 92FS Pistol
Slot one - Flashbang

Slot two - Primary Magazine
Recommended Insertion Point: South of village shops _

__ __________ _____/
| |________ ____| | |
| |e____| | | ____e___3__ g|________ | |
| \
/ |___|g|________ | e|_| |
| \
| _____ 4 | |________ |___
___| \
| __| | | | | e |_____|
| | |e | | |
e |
\ |___ | | | |
/ |____| 5 | | |
| /\ | | 2 |
| \/ | | |
e |
| e | | |
______ \
| _______ | | | e
| |
\ | | | | | ______ |
| |
| | d ____| _| e | | | |
| |
| d | | |
______|______|_e|_____ / |
| |_______| |_____ ______| | | |
| |
\______________e___________| |_r___1___| |___
___| |

i=insertion point
r=recommended insertion point

Note: I apologise for the crudeness of the map, but it should
help to
understand the walkthrough. I realise that it's slightly out of
but it should aid you to locate the terrorists. The same applies
for all the
maps in this walkthrough.

1.As soon as you start press pause and turn on night vision (in
future I'll
take it for granted that you'll use night vision yourself
without me reminding
you). Now turn left to face the wall and walk up to it. Strafe
slowly right by
repeatedly pressing R2 and take out your pistol. An enemy will
soon appear in
the roofed corridor, so crouch and peep round the corner then
fire like
there's no tomorrow. It will take a few tries but eventually
you'll kill him
before he kills you.
2.Now enter the corridor and crouch, advancing slowly until the
outline of
another terrorist becomes visible. Use the scope on your Sniper
to pop him in
one hit then stand up and aim right through the opening to see
terrorist who you should deal with the same way. Now look across
the square -
a sniper stands high up on the building opposite, so show him
who the real
sniper is. Turn further right so you are looking between this
building and the
one you faced at the beginning of the level. Press L2 repeatedly
but don't
touch the directional pad and soon another enemy can be seen
behind a wall.
Kill him then face the second enemy you killed and walk over to
that area,
ignoring the two guards on the path behind (it's not necessary
to kill them).
3.Hold X to open the gate and you materialise on a path. Follow
it until you
see a terrorist with his back turned. Kill him for his
incompetence and open
the next gate further ahead.
4.Opposite you, behind the fountain is another victim for your
sniper. Now
look right a little and slowly move forward until you see
another enemy who
will also see you, so be quick with the rifle.
5.Walk over to the fountain then turn 135 degrees right to see
another sniper
who you should kill (he's in between the two houses). Now go
back to the
fountain and walk forwards until you see the last enemy of the
level. Near his
body is the door you should open to finish the level.
Mission Two: Operation Silent Shelter
Objectives: Rendez-vous with Xander, Retreat to extraction
Briefing: Jan. 26 2001

Control - Operation Silent Shelter. The information obtained
from Xander
indicates that initial sceptism about him was unnecessary.
Indeed, most of the
information has already helped confirm several suspicions about
the area.
Rainbow will now take him under full protection. Rendez-vous at
his house and
escort him to a safe zone.

John Clark - There is evidence to suggest that despite your
caution last night
the terrorists have learned that Xander has turned informant. We
don't have
time to wait for nightfall: you must extract Xander immediately.
You know the
town by now. Get to Xander's house immediately and escort him to

Kevin Sweeny - The tape you recorded last night has proven
useful in analysing
Xander's current state of mind. His voice wavers at key moments,
suggesting he
is scared or lying. The possibility that he is lying must be
taken seriously,
but given his experience at being deceitful, I wouldn't expect
it to be so
easy to spot. My warning still stands. I do not trust this man,
and I think
you should be wary .

Recommended Kit:
Primary weapon - 10mm MP5 10A2 Submachine Gun
Secondary weapon - 9mm 92FS Pistol
Slot one - Flashbang
Slot two - Primary Magazine
Recommended Insertion Point: South of water fountain


__ __________ _____/
| |________ ____| | |
| |_____| | |e i__________ g|________ | |
| \
/ |___|g|________ | |_| |
| \
| e _____ | |________ |___
___| \
| 6 __| | | | | |_____|
| | | e | | |
\ |___ | | | |
/ |____| | | |
| /\ | | |
| e \/ | | |
| e | | |
______ \
| _______ | | | |
| |
\ 5 |2 | | | | ______ |
| |
| | d ____| _| | | | |
| |
| d 3 | e | |
______|______|__|_____ / |
| e|4______| 1 |_____ ______| | | |
| |
\______________r___________| |_________| |___
___| |

i=insertion point
r=recommended insertion point

Note: Remember that no enemies appear until you 've entered
Xanders hut.

1.Enter the cabin through the same door as you did in the
previous mission
(Arctic Phoenix). You'll see an opening on the right hand side
in the hut, so
walk into this bedroom place and the alarm will be sounded and
laser grid in
the house set off.
2.Don't go into the next room just yet - if you look left
through the window
you'll see a terrorist with his back turned - easy prey. Unload
a few rounds
into him _then_ go back to the entrance area.
3.You'll see some lasers, so crouch under the high one (the low
lasers can't
be avoided, so beware). In the next room is a fireplace on the
right and
windows on ths left, with a big laser in the middle. Start to
advance, and as
soon as you hear "Hey, you!" retreat, as there are people behind
the windows.
There is no easy way to avoid them, but I suggest waiting a
while then
venturing back into the room. The exit is to the right after the
4.In this room there is a door opposite and a window to the
left. Go over to
it and hopefully a terrorist will be standing there - another
easy kill. Now
open the door and toss a flashbang out with a QUICK tap of R1
(don't hold it
down) and rush out and look left immediately. You should
eliminate the stunned
enemy here. Step back when the flashbang explodes (being careful
of the laser
behind you).
5. Round the corner of the hut is a guard patrolling. You can
either chuck a
flashbang or go all out and run from behind cover (I prefer the
latter method)
to deal with this threat. Beware, as there is another guard
nearby who may or
may not rush up to you. If not you'll have to take him out
yourself by peeping
round the corner and firing until you're sure he's dead.
6.Move round the corner of the house next to the cabin to see
patrolling threat, so using the time old
peep-round-the-corner-and-fire tactic
send him to meet his friends. Walk over to the gate and take out
flashbangs. Open it then run away to the left and while the gate
is still open
(not very long) and chuck in the flashbang. It takes practice
and skill to
execute this, but if you manage killing the terrorist behind is
easy. Just
walk along the path to finish the mission.
Mission Three: Operation Rapid Fox
Objectives: Locate and free Xander
Briefing: Jan. 26 2001

Control - Operation Rapid Fox. Xander has been tracked as the
headed north into the mountains. They were last seen entering a
cave system
there: this is probably the source of the weapons being smuggled
across the
border. Xander must be rescued from the cave systems. The
mountain has been
mined extensively in the past for its copper and zinc content:
analysis of the
old records suggests the terrorists are heading towards a
disused section to

John Clark - The terrorists have made a bold move seizing Xander
in broad
daylight. Either they're worried or overconfident. Doesn't
matter which -
either way you've got the edge. These caves go deep underground.
If this is
the way they've been smuggling weapons you should find a
sizeable operation
down there. Check your targets. You don't want to pop Xander by
accident. Be
on the lookout for guards dug into cover and don't fall for any

Kevin Sweeny - Xander know how to delay his kidnappers, so you
shouldn't be
too far behind them. They will be alert for any attempted
rescue, so be

Recommended Kit:
Primary weapon - 7.62mm PSG-1 Sniper Rifle
Secondary weapon - 9mm 92FS Pistol
Slot one - Flashbang
Slot two - Primary Magazine
Recommended Insertion Point: Beggining of cave (the only one

| | _______

| |/ | _____

| h |_ | \

| | __ | __ \

| e e | / \ | | |e \ ___
| | / | | | | \ ___ / \
| | / | | | | \ / \ / \
|_ e | / \ / | | \/ \/ \
| | | / 4__/\ \/ | \ 3 e ____ e\
| |5| _/ \_/ \ / \ __ | |
/ \ | / \ / \ / \ 2 | | 1
| _ | | e | \_/ \__/ \__ | |
| | | | | | __|| |
| | | | | e\ | |____| |
| | | |__/ / |__ ___|
| |_| | | /
\ | |___/
| ___________|

r=recommended insertion point
h=hostage (Xander)

1. Put on your night vision and walk past all the crates. Look
right and
slowly advance until you see the first enemy. Snipe him, as he
shouldn't even
see you.
2. Turn around and take the left path. This leads to a raised
area with a
crate. Once you reach the crate crouch and move forward until
you can see the
torso of another guard. Take aim, fire, then return to the first
guy's body.
3. Follow the winding path until you reach a beam with a light
hanging from
it. Through here is a large expanse with an enemy who can't even
see you at
the other end. Deal with him and move on.
4. You'll soon come across another cavern, and there is a wall
of rock
sticking out which will provide cover from the enemies within.
Press L1 to aim
and R2 to strafe out slowly, and as soon as one of the bad guys
comes into
sight, shoot (remember that there are two of them).
5. You'll soon come to a fork: take the right path and you will
soon come
across a doorway. Through it you should be able to see two
enemies across the
room, both behind crates. Shoot them both then put your back to
the left side
of the doorway. You should be able to see a terrorist who will
immediately see
you. Be quick, as it would be a shame to die at this point. When
you've killed
him the room should be clear so run over to Xander and wait for
him to get up
and...hey presto! Mission complete!
Mission Four: Operation Stone Feather
Objectives: Locate Theissan cabin, free Xander's brother
Briefing: Jan. 28, 2001

Control - Operation Stone Feather. Xander is refusing to
disclose any more
information until he is certain that his brother is safe. His
last known
location was a resort chalet to the west. If the terrorists have
taken him he
must be rescued.

John Clark - It's not much of a resort - more like a collection
of chalets.
There is a small pathway between the houses, but that might be
dangerous. This
is a nighttime mission. Be extremely careful. If the terrorists
spot you,
they'll shoot the hostage. If you have to neutralize someone,
use a silenced

Kevin Sweeny - Hostage situations are always sensitive. In most
cases the
terrorists become nervous, and if not handled correctly will
kill a hostage.
In this case there is only one, so hopefully they will not
expend their
insurance too readily. With tensions running high they are
likely to guard the
hostage very closely , so check your targets.

Recommended Kit:
Primary weapon - 10mm MP5 SD10 Submachine Gun
Secondary weapon - 0.45CAL M23 SD Pistol
Slot one - Flashbang
Slot two - Primary Magazine
Recommended Insertion Point: North of Extraction Point

_____/ _ \

/ | | | | _____ \___

| | | | | | h | \

| |_| |_| |_e_d_| __ \

| e_3__ | | |

| ___ | || | __ |

__| | | |____||__|| | |

__/ |___| e 2| | |
/ __e _ |__| |
/ |___| _ | | ___e |
/ ___ _ | | | || |e e|
/ | | e| | | | |_||____| 1|
| e |___| | | |_| /\r\
| |_| __________________/
| e ____/
| /
| ___/
| __/

i=insertion point
r=recommended insertion point
h=hostage (Xander's brother)

1. As soon as the loading screen disappears, press R1 like
crazy, do nothing
else! This will kill a terrorist who would otherwise have killed
you. Now
crouch, put on night vision and turn towards another enemy who
you should
eliminate quickly. Look to where his body lies and strafe right
until you see
another target who you should deal with in the same way. This
can be tricky-I
recommend the use of a flashbang to help.
2. Walk near to his body and turn right between the two cabins.
Take a left,
crouch and slowly advance until you see another bad guy next to
the hostage's
house. Empty a round into him then run to to the door (don't
open it though).
3.Crouch and look to the window. Retreat a bit then chuck in a
Open the door, run in and look left to see a dazed terrorist.
Shoot him, go up
to the hostage then start to leave the house. He'll follow, so
just wait a few
seconds while he makes his way to the extraction point and it's
complete! (That must be the shortest mission walkthrough ever in
the history
of video games...however, it is the best path in this very short
Mission Five: Operation Cold Talon
Objectives: Neutralize all terrorist activity in the base
Briefing: Jan. 30, 2001

Control - Operation Cold Talon. Xander has now revealed the
location of the
terrorists' base of operations - a farmhouse in the valley
several miles as
from Solhier. Infiltrate the farmhouse and seize the weapons
cache located

John Clark - Finally we have the information we need. The
farmhouse is their
regional headquarters - losing it will set them back years. Shut
them down,
and about a dozen countries get a whole lot safer. You'll have
the cover of
some very nasty weather. The rain and sleet will help conceal
you. To maximize
the number of targets, though, you'll need to hit them during
the day.

Kevin Sweeny - The terrorists will feel secure in their base
here: successful
infiltration will require unsettling their equilibrium.

Recommended Kit:
Primary weapon - 10mm MP5 SD10 Submachine Gun
Secondary weapon - 0.45CAL M23 SD Pistol
Slot one - Flashbang
Slot two - Primary Magazine
Recommended Insertion Point: North of Barn

(Thanks to KAZAA for telling about this weapons set, which I
used but changed

| |
____________________/ |
/ |
/ 3 ____________e_______________d_ r|
| | | e 1___|
\ | | |_

| | | |

| | | _|

/ | | |___

| | | e|

\ | _____________d____| ___|

|___ | | e |_
| | | | 2 |
| / |___________| | _|
| | e |_| | | |___
| | | | e/ \_______|_| |
\ \ |________| | |
\ \ / i |

\ \______________________/ |
\__________e____________ |
\_______ |


| | | | | | / | | |____|
|_|_|_|_|_| /__| | |
| |___| | |__ e
| 5 | | |
|_ | |____________
|_|____4_______ | | |
| | |
|___ ___ _ | |
|___| |___| |_||
|___________e__ |
| |
| |
| ___ ___ |
||___| |___| |

| |
| |
| ___ |
| | | e |
| | | |
|__|___|______ |
| | |
| | |
|____ | |
| | | |
|____|______ | |
| e |
| |_______ ____|
| | |____|
|_____| |_5__|

i=insertion point
r=recommended insertion point
1. There is an enemy immediately in front of you when you
begin. Crouch and
stay still until he's gone then do the necessary things (e.g.
put on night
vision and change trigger group). When he returns shoot him
straight away.
Wait awhile and hopefully at least two enemies will come to
examine his body.
2. When they are dealt with look left and walk around this area
dealing with
various threats. One terrorist is in between the barns, so
strafe and shoot to
kill him. Another walks along the edge of the cliff and another
is opposite on
the other side of the chicken pen (don't approach too much and
hopefully he
won't even see you). Don't worry too much about ammo, make
survival your
3. Walk around the house, leaning over the cliff with your
pistol out on the
way. An enemy will walk across below you, so use your vantage
point to pop him
in the head a couple of times. Now go to where 3 is marked on
the map and
blast away at the enemy patrolling here. There may be another
from inside the
house, so beware. If not, take out the flashbangs, hold down R1
then press X
to open the door. Release the trigger button then run away until
you hear an
explosion. Quickly return and take out the dazed terrorist.
4. Follow the corridor until you see a doorway on your right.
Enter and go to
the other doorway on the left. Here you should see some crates
and an enemy
behind. Shoot him in the head with your pistol (the position you
need to be in
in order to do this is marked as 4 on the map.) Now enter this
room, go up to
his body and look through the doorway on your right. Position
yourself so that
you can throw a flashbang into the room. Chuck one in then run
in and kill the
stunned enemy.
5. Go to the stairs behind you and start to climb them. As soon
as you hear
"Hey, you!" retreat. Position yourself so that you can see the
bottom half of
a person if they were standing at the top of the stairs, but
they can't see
you. Soon an enemy will stand in exactly that position, so kill
him with
minimum hassle. Climb up the stairs again, and retreat once more
when the
other terrorist spots you. Repeat the process to kill him too,
and finish the
mission and the game. You will then be congratulated by John
Clark, and the
credits will appear. Congratulations! You've finished Rainbow
Six: Lone Wolf!
(Yeah, I know there are more impressive things to do, but at
least you now
have an excuse to sell the game - if you can find anyone
gullible enough to
buy it).

/_ _____/
/ /'
/--7.Weapons List--\
Weapon: 5.56mm M4 Assault Rifle

Trigger Group: Single, triple or fully-automatic

Game Description: A compact version of the M-16, the M4 Carbine
is commonly
used when the firepower of an assault rifle is needed, but the
weight and size
is not. It is commonly used by US and Israeli special forces. It
standard with a single and full auto trigger group.

My Comments: I find this to be a little inacurate, and because
of a quick fire
rate your clip empties in seconds. It makes a lot of noise, and
is therefore
useless for stealth missions (which most are in this game).
Anything it can do
the SD10 can do better and more silently. Not highly
Weapon: 10mm MP5 10A2 Submachine Gun

Trigger Group: Single, triple or fully-automatic

Game Description: The preferred Submachine Gun of
counter-terrorist operatives
around the world, Heckler & Koch's MP5 is known for its
reliability and
accuracy, even when firing on full automatic. Rainbow uses the
9mm MP5A4
fitted with single, triple and full-auto trigger group.

My Comments: This ideal for mowing enemies down, especially at
close range,
which is why I use it in level two. However, its accuracy
falters at long
range, and it can take 15-20 bullets to kill an enemy fifteen
metres away.
Always useful if you need to be sure of killing a terrorist
before he kills
you, but at the price of almost an entire magazine.
Weapon: 10mm SD10 Submachine Gun

Trigger Group: Single, triple or fully-automatic

Game Description: Terrorists throughout the world fear Heckler &
Koch's MP55D.
Its integral silencer is so effective that the report of the
bullet is
miniscule compared to the click of the bolt operating. Rainbow
uses the MP55D5
whenever both accuracy and stealth are essential.

My Comments: This Submachine Gun is more reliable, silent and
accurate than
its noisier brother, but at the cost of firing rate. No enemies
hear it
because, as the game boasts, it is very silent. As the focus of
the game is
essentially on stealth, this is a real bonus. If only it had the
range of a
sniper rifle this would be the only weapon you would need in the
whole game.
Weapon: 12 Gauge SPA5-12 Shotgun

Trigger Group: Single shot

Game Description: The SPA5-12 is a fully automatic combat
shotgun capable of
emptying its nine-round clip in 2.255. This makes it ideal for
clearing a room of all hostiles.

My Comments: Bah. This is pretty much useless. Only about two
enemies in the
entire game are close enough to warrant the use of a close range
weapon, and
those too far will take 5-6 shots to kill, by which time you'll
be mincemeat.
You have to use the
off-when-they-come tactic to successfully finish any of the five
missions in
the game, and there has to be a handy wall for this to work. The
only good
thing about this is that it kills in one shot if the enemy is
close enough.
Weapon: 7.62mm PSG-1 Sniper Rifle

Trigger Group: Single shot

Game Description: Arguably the most accurate off-the-shelf
sniper rifle
available. A favourite of police forces around the world, the
PSG-1 comes
standard with a 6x sight and fires the NATO 7.62mm round.

My Comments: Because this is the only long range weapon in the
game, and
because most enemies in the game are more easily killed from a
distance (most
don't even see you if you're far enough away) this is an
indispensable gun.
You can finish the game with it if you want, no trouble. It
kills in one shot,
and the only possible disadvantage is if an enemy near you has
seen you, you
probably won't have time to take aim before you die.
Weapon: 0.45CAL M23 SD Pistol

Trigger Group: Single shot

Game Description: The specially designed sound and flash
suppressor on this HK
MK23 virtually eliminates muzzle flash and provides more than
35DB (Decibels)
of sound reduction. An essential part of any Rainbow mission
requiring both
firepower and discretion.

My Comments: This does not do as much damage as the 9mm Beretta,
and has a
smaller clip (13 bullets compared to 20 in the 9mm) but it is
silenced, so it
won't bring enemies rushing forth if you use it. It takes about
five shots to
kill, but that counts for both close and long range, so at least
you'll know
what to expect. I usually take this, as it allows for a more
Weapon: 9mm 92FS

Trigger Group: Single shot

Game Description: The Beretta 92FS is Rainbow's 9mm pistol of
choice. Its
primary advantage is low recoil and a large magazie compared to
te bulkier

My Comments: You can fire pretty fast with this, faster than
with the silenced
pistol, but don't forget that nearby enemies will hear you. It
has a large
magazine and can kill in three shots if you're close enough to
the target.
Avoid in stealth missions when enemies are close by.
Weapon: Flashbang

Trigger Group: N/A

Game Description: Capable of stunning adversaries wit a
combination of bright
flash and loud report, flashbangs are commonly tossed into rooms
to "prepare"
rooms prior to entry. The valuable seconds gained while
potential hostiles
from the stun effects can mean the difference between life and
death to a
tactical team. Also known as distraction devices or stun

My Comments: This is an immensly useful weapon. You throw it
like a grenade,
and its blast radius is quite large. Its effects last about ten
seconds, which
is plenty of time for you to blast the victims. Almost every
level in the game
has several situations where they come in handy. The only
disadvantage is that
if you are near the explosion you will see white (the equivalent
of being
"stunned") for ages. Also, you only get three per mission.
Weapon: Frag Grenade

Trigger Group: N/A

Game Description: the M6I Fragmentation Grenade is the standard
issue grenade
used by infantry around the world. While its blast radius is
small, an
overhand throw is still necessary to safely clear the blast
radius in the

My Comments: I rarely use these, because in order to kill an
enemy with one
you need to be in a position which will make you vulnerable, and
how quickly you die on this game this is not good. The blast
radius is very
small, so an enemy has to be really near to it when it blows to
be killed by

/_ _____/
/ /'
/--8.General Strategies--\
Although I have a mission walkthrough, this does not tell you
everything you
might need to know, so this section will have some general
strategies for you.
If you have any useful tips, email me.

-Night vision is your best friend. There is only one mission in
the game where
it is light, and even then night vision will illuminate enemies
(even if it
makes the screen go a little fuzzy).
-Your secondary weapon can be more useful than you might think.
It takes more
shots to kill an opponent, but it saves primary ammo if the
enemy can't see
you, so you're safe to fire without them attacking back use your
-Ammo is never really an issue in this game. Although enemies
don't drop ammo
as long as you choose primary magazine in one slot you won't run
Especially with sniper, where you practically never have to
reload at all.
-In missions three and four the terrorists never kill the
hostage whatever
happens, which is very boring but makes it easier.

There are some glitches in the game that I thought I'd list
here for fun. If
you've found any more, please email me and tell me about it so I
can put it

-Climb up logs: In mission five, opposite the nrthern insertion
point there
are some logs stacked on top of each other. For some reason you
can climb up
these. A sniper post maybe?
-Floating bodies: Also in mission five, you can get a
terrorist's body to
float. Go to the bottom of the stairs in the house and shoot the
guy at the
top. If he falls forwards when he dies his body will float in
-Walk through doors without opening them: In any level with
doors, go up to a
door and run forwards into it (but don't press X!) You may find
that you're
trapped in the door. Move around a little then face the other
side and if you
can free yourself you'll walk out the other side without opening
the door!

/_ _____/
/ /'
If for some reason you wish to email me (preferably it will
have something to
do with Rainbow Six: Lone Wolf or this walkthrough) do so at the
address at
the top of this FAQ. I accept contributions/suggestions and if I
add them to
this document you will be given full credit (as you can see, the
credits list
is somewhat small at the moment, so please, if you have an idea,
email me). If
you spot a mistake/something I've missed out and are correct you
will also be
credited. If you're stuck and my walkthrough isn't detailed
enough write and
I'll help if I can. HOWEVER.. Don't send me junk mail, spam,
etc. because I'M NOT INTERESTED! Also, make the subject
something like
"Rainbow Six: Lone Wolf".

/_ _____/
/ /'
===============================================================================, and for wanting this FAQ.

KAZAA, for giving a weapons recommendation for mission 5.

You, for wanting to read it , thus giving it a reason to exist.

Myself, for having spent about six hours writing it.

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