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Retro Game Walkthroughs For
"Pokemon Blue"

This game is also available on GBA.

Retro Game Walkthroughs for Pokemon Blue (Gameboy)
Submitted By: Daleo

Battle through the gym leaders, catch every Pokemon and become a great Pokemon trainer with my guide to one of my favourite RPGs of all time.


When training up weak creatures, put it at the top of your list, and then when you start fighting swap it for a stronger creature and that way both Pokemon will share experience.

As soon as you can, get rid of the non-attacking moves, such as Leer, as they are a waste of space.

If a Pokemon is about to bite the dust, call him back as he will still gain experience points when the battle ends and you’ll still have a Pokemon to use, even if it’s almost fainted.

Take weak and hard to train Pokemon to the Daycare Centre in Cerulean City, and then go on and complete the game. Go back once finished and that creature should have levelled up a lot, and you’ll have enough money to pay the man who looks after it.

Make sure you have friends to trade with, as traded Pokemon get double experience in battle and there are some Pokemon on Red you can’t get on Blue and vice versa.

Make sure one of your Pokemon has a move to send Pokemon to sleep, as defeating it will be easier and catching easier also.

Don’t evolve a Pokemon straight away, as although the evolved form will be more powerful, it will learn moves slower.

Don’t waste time with flashy moves. The quicker you can see off an enemy Pokemon, the more experience you’ll gain.


Explore all terrains you see. Pokemon can be found in many places in the game, even behind statues in Gyms!

Use your Pokedex to find where a certain Pokemon’s habitat is, rather than searching anywhere as it will usually be in the wrong place.

Some rare Pokemon you’ll need to search ages for, but never give up. Pokemon like Clefairy you will eventually find with patience.

Don’t grow too attached to the starting Pokemon you get. You’ll need to raise a strong squad to take on other trainers and not just rely on your first Pokemon.

In the main adventure, there are many trades you can make with people to get elusive Pokemon. Also remember to trade with a friend to get Pokemon that are not found on the Blue version.

The best way to capture a Pokemon is to put it to sleep, and there wear down its health and then attempt to catch it.

Ultra Balls are the best brand of ball, as even though they are the most expensive they are far more powerful than the other two types.

Always catch another version of a creature, as when one evolves, you’ll have another in the original form.

Always carry plenty of Pokeballs, as some creatures will take over 20 balls to catch.

Save before you try to catch the one-off Pokemon, like the three rare birds as if you fail to catch them you won’t get another chance in the game.


Pallet Town

Bulbasaur – One
Charmander – One
Squirtle – One
Poliwag – Common
Goldeen – Common

Your adventure begins in your home town. Get the potion from your PC in your room, and (once you get your Pokemon) if your Pokemon are weak go back and visit mum and she’ll heal them for free. Leave your house and talk to the locals, then head north toward the grass. Before you reach the grass, Prof. Oak will call you into his lab to choose your Pokemon.

From the three starters (Charmander, Squirtle and Bulbasaur) I recommend Bulbasaur because he is effective against the first few leaders, and that will give you time to raise a strong squad without worrying about your strongest Pokemon. Your rival will always choose the Pokemon that is effective against yours, which is unfair, but such as life. Before you leave, he will ask for a battle. If you have that potion, you should see him off easy.

Visit your rival’s sister to get a World map, and then head north with your new Pokemon to Viridian City to get Oak’s parcel.

Route 1

Rattata – Common
Pidgey - Common

Rattatas and Pidgeys are the Pokemon you’ll find here, and use these battles to level up your starter to get you going. Speak to the man about half way through for a potion, and if you want to go back without being bothered by Pokemon, use the fences as you can jump them.

Viridian City

Poliwag – Common
Goldeen - Common

Go to the Pokemart to pick up Oak’s parcel, and then head back to his lab to get your Pokedex, a device that stores information on all the Pokemon you see. Once you get back, buy a batch of Pokeballs to catch a few creatures. There isn’t much you can do here because the Gym is locked until much later in the game, and you have no special abilities, so once you have your Pokedex head north toward Viridian Forest.

Route 2

Caterpie – Rare
Rattata – Common
Pidgey – Common
Mr. Mime – One

Train your Pokemon up in the grass, and once you have Cut go through to the passage on the right to find to find a Moonstone and Hp Up, and the man in the house will swap an Abra for the rare Mr. Mime. Once you have caught 10 types of Pokemon and Brock’s badge visit the technician in the house at the end and he’ll give you Flash, a special move that lets you see in dark places.

Viridian Forest

Weedle – Rare
Kakuna – Rare
Caterpie – Common
Metapod – Common
Pikachu – Rare

The forest is a simple maze, and to get to the end, head east, then north and finally west and follow the narrow paths. However, explore the whole forest to find various items. All the trainers are bug catchers, but your starter should see off their weak teams. When catching the bugs, catch Catepie and Weedle, and don’t catch Kakuna and Metapod, as they don’t have any attacking moves. When your at the end of the forest, search around for a rare Pikachu.

Pewter City

We you arrive, visit the Museum to fill your Pokedex with some rare prehistoric Pokemon, and once you have Cut visit the guy in the Pokemon Lab who’ll give you the Old Amber fossil which can be transformed into the rare Aerodactyl at the last city you’ll visit. You can’t go through Route 3 until you defeat Brock at the Gym

Gym Battle – Brock

Geodude (Level 12)
Onix (Level 14)

Brock likes to use rock type Pokemon and loves using defensive moves. If you chose Bulbasaur and you have Vine Whip, this battle will be a piece of cake. If you didn’t, you’ll struggle so you need your starter to be at a high level. Defeat Brock for the TM Bide, Boulder badge and now you can learn Flash.

Route 3

Pidgey – Common
Spearow – Common
Jigglypuff – Rare
Magikarp – One

This route is a mazy path with many trainers. Don’t avoid them, as the experience is priceless, and if you’re weak, go back to the Pokemon Centre in Pewter rather than waste potions. Once out of the maze, try to catch a Jigglypuff in the grass and get another Spearow as it can be swapped for the Rare Farfetch’D later in the game. Don’t buy the Magikarp from the man in the Pokemon Centre, as this useless Pokemon can be caught for free later.

Mt. Moon

Zubat – Common
Geodude – Rare
Paras – Rare
Clefairy – Rare

You’ll be attacked constantly in this underground cave, so keep your wits about you. Make sure you get a Geodude, as they are very powerful Pokemon, and also invest in some Escape ropes just incase you get lost or your Pokemon get a battering. Make sure you explore, as there are a few TMS, a moonstone and a Rare Candy to be found. Take the ladder north-east of the cave, and then take the second you find. The last will lead you through a long path where Paras can be found.

Take down the Rocket bandits and then defeat the Super Nerd trainer at the end. He will give you the choice of one of two fossils that can be transformed into Pokemon at Cinnabar Island. Choose at will, as they are similar to each other, then take the ladder ahead to get to Route 4.

Route 4

Rattata – Common
Sandshrew – Rare
Spearow – Rare

Similar to Route 3, battle all the trainers you find for experience, and remember once you jump over the ledge you can’t get back. Also remember to pick up a Sandshrew from the grass.

Cerulean City

Jynx – One
Krabby – Common
Goldeen – Common
Psyduck – Common

As soon as you get a Poliwhirl later in the game, come back to this city and swap it for a rare Jynx with the man. When you get to Vermilion City, get the bike voucher and come back here to get a bike, and you must also head north to find Bill. On your way you’ll meet your rival, and his Pokemon will be levels 15-18, but you should be able to see him off. For now though, visit the Gym.

Gym Battle – Misty

Staryu (Level 18)
Starmie (Level 21)

Again if you chose Bulbasaur this battle will be a breeze, but if you chose any of the other two, I would recommend you bring out a Pikachu which will succeed easily against Misty. Once defeated, she will give you Bubblebeam, Cascade Badge and the ability to learn Cut.

Route 24-25

Weedle – Rare
Kakuna – Rare
Pidgey – Common
Abra – Rare
Metapod – Common
Bellsprout – Common
Krabby – Common
Goldeen – Common
Psyduck – Common

This Route is split into two. First, tackle the six trainers on Nugget Bridge to get a Nugget, which can be sold for plenty of cash. Collect TM45 from the north-west, and see off the sulking trainer. Now search the grass for Abra and Bellsprout, and once caught head north-east and see off the Hikers, who use rock Pokemon. Pick up TM19, Seismic Toss, and then go to Sea Cottage. Help Bill return to his normal self by using the computer, and he’ll give you a pass to get on the S.S.Anne. Use his computer again to see all the evolved forms of Eevee.

Head back to Cerulean and go through the house previously guarded by a Policeman. Battle the trainer and he’ll give you Dig, and once done head south for Vermilion, jumping over the fences as you go.

Route 5

Pidgey – Common
Bellsprout – Rare
Meowth – Rare

Leap over the fences to the south to reach the Daycare Centre, where the man there for a price will nurture any Pokemon. At the bottom of the route, you can’t pass through the Guard house unless you give the guard some water, so instead use the underground path.

Route 6

Pidgey – Common
Bellsprout – Rare
Meowth – Rare
Krabby – Common
Goldeen – Common
Psyduck – Common
Nidoran F – One

At the end of the tunnel, forget about the Nidoran swap and enter to the south of Saffron. Watch for the strong trainers, especially the one with a Butterfree, and later in the game use the large lake to get many water Pokemon.

Vermilion City

Farfetch’D – One
Krabby – Common
Shellder – Common

Get the Old rod from the fisher and get a Magikarp. Then, go to the Pokemon Fan Club and listen to the man, who’ll give you a Bike voucher. Go get a bike from Cerulean, and do the Spearow/Farfetch’D swap. You can’t enter the Gym until you board the S.S.Anne and get Cut, but once you get it enter the Gym.

Gym Battle – Lt. Surge

Voltorb (Level 21)
Pikachu (Level 18)
Raichu (Level 24)

Not a very nice chap I must say, but if you have a rock Pokemon in your squad, like Geodude, he’ll be useless. Again Bulbasaur is a good choice for this battle, but if you have Squirtle you’re in trouble. Defeat Surge for the Thunder Badge, being able to learn Fly and also TM24 which is Thunderbolt.


The ship is to the south of the city, and to get on you need the pass from Bill. Once on, barge into all the cabins and do battle with other trainers. Many will have water Pokemon, but there is a variety to battle. Look around for TMSs and Rare Candies, and look in bins for other goodies. Before you reach the captain to the northwest of the ship, you’ll need to battle Gary and his Level 16-20 creatures. Once he’s defeated, visit the captain for HM01, allowing you to learn Cut and to get to the Gym leader. And remember, once you leave the ship with Cut, it leaves the port forever.

Diglett’s Cave

Diglett – Common
Dugtrio – Rare

Use this route to reach Lavender Town as Route 11 is blocked by a Snorlax. Whilst you’re here, nab a Diglett and proceed.

Route 9

Rattata – Common
Spearow – Common
Sandshrew – Common
Voltorb – Common

A long, mazy route with plenty of trainers for you to battle. Pick up TM30 from the south and get a Voltorb on your travels. You can’t reach the Power plant until you have surf, so instead walk around the trees to Rock Tunnel.

Rock Tunnel

Zubat – Common
Geodude – Rare
Machop – Rare
Onix – Rare

You’ll need to use Flash in this cave, which you can get back at Viridian after catching 10 Pokemon. There are some tough Pokemon here, so make sure you have a beefy squad, and make sure you pick up a Machop and Onix on the way.

Route 10

Rattata – Common
Spearow – Common
Sandshrew – Common
Voltorb – Common

Now you are south of the Power plant, so continue through the route. Pick up the Max Ether by the tree on the right of the exit, and you can avoid the trainers by taking the path on the right, but the experience will do you good.

Lavender Town

Mr. Fuji is trapped in the tower, and you won’t be able to rescue him until later. Once you rescue him, visit his house and he’ll give you the Poke flute to wake up Snorlax. Also in the area is the Name rater, who will allow you to change your Pokemons’ names.

Pokemon Tower

Gastly – Common
Haunter – Rare
Cubone – Rare

Before you can enter this tower, you’ll need the Silph scope to allow you to see the ghost Pokemon. Skip over to the Celadon City section to find out how to get it, and then come back here.

The Channellers you face have ghost Pokemon, so make sure you a Psychic pokemon in your team, and you’ll also battle your rival here. His team is very varied and reaches up to level 25, so be careful whilst battling. There are many items scattered here, including a Rare Candy, and look for the healing tile on the 5th floor that acts as a Pokemon centre. On the 6th floor, you’ll encounter Marowak if you have the Silph Scope, and you need to defeat it to progress.

On the 7th floor you’ll need to defeat the three Rocket members, which will then free Mr. Fuji. In return for your kindness, he’ll give you the Poke Flute which can awaken the Snorlax blocking the entrance at Vermilion.

Route 8

Pidgey – Rare
Meowth – Rare
Sandshrew – Rare
Vulpix – Rare

The trainers around this route have poison and electric Pokemon, so be careful when battling, and when you reach the end another thirsty guard blocks your way, so take the underground passage instead.

Route 7

Pidgey – Rare
Bellsprout – Rare
Meowth – Rare
Vulpix – Rare

Again you can’t use the house passage as another guard is thirsty, so instead head north and then west to reach Celadon City.

Celadon City

Dratini – One
Scyther – One
Porygon – One
Eevee – One

When you arrive, your firs objective should be to head round the back of the mansion and to the top to get an Eevee. Then check out the Department Store, which sells basically every item in the game. At the top, get some drinks from the vending machines for the girl next to them, as she’ll give you three TMs, and the thirsty guards who will then open the path. Once you get surf, visit the lady across the pond and she’ll give you a TM, and also visit the café to get a Coin Case, which can carry coins for gambling and a certain amount of coins can get you prizes, such as rare Pokemon. Once you’ve had a look around, use Cut to get to the Gym.

Gym Battle – Erika

Victreebell (Level 29)
Tangela (Level 24)
Vileplume (Level 29)

Erika’s team of grass Pokemon can prove very strong, but if you have a fire Pokemon in your team you’ll see her off easy. Once defeated, she’ll give you Rainbow Badge, TM21, which is the excellent Mega Drain, and allow you to use Strength when you get it.

Team Rocket HQ

Go back to the casino, and battle the Rocket at the top. When defeated, press by the painting to open a secret passageway. From the first basement, take out the Rocket enemies and then down to the second basement. Once in, you need to get past a maze of conveyor tiles. To get past it, step on the most bottom facing tile on the left, then the right facing tile, then move right once you stop and take the next tile and then finally use the bottom most left facing tile. Make sure you get all the items in the maze before you proceed down the staircase.

The lift is broken, so use the downward staircase and use the conveyors to get the Rare Candy and reach the fourth basement. Once there, get TM02 and the Hp Up then beat the guy for the Lift Key. Now use the instructions for floor two to reach the lift and get to basement four. Defeat the two guys at the entrance and enter to face Giovanni.

Enemy Battle – Giovanni

Onix (Level 25)
Rhyhorn (Level 24)
Kangaskhan (Level 29)

Giovanni’s rock Pokemon are tough customers, but using a water Pokemon should see them off. Defeat him for the Silph Scope, allowing you to finish the Pokemon Tower and save Mr. Fuji.

Saffron City

Hitmonchan – One
Hitmonlee – One

Now that the guards are not thirsty, they will let you through (after you give them drinks). When you first arrive, most things are blocked off, and you need to beat Giovanni at Silph Co. to unlock the Gyms. Visit Mr. Psychic’s house for TM29, Psychic. Get as many revives as you can, and once you defeat Silph Co. pay the Gyms a visit. There are two Gyms, the Dojo and Sabrina’s Gym.

Enemy Battle – Karate Master

Hitmonchan (Level 37)
Hitmonlee (Level 37)

Take on the other trainers for valuable experience, and then use a Psychic or your staring Pokemon to see of this relatively easy battle. Your reward is the choice between Hitmonchan or Hitmonlee. Their both similar, so choose at will.

Gym Battle – Sabrina

Kadabra (Level 38)
Mr. Mime (Level 37)
Venomoth (Level 38)
Alakazam (Level 43)

To reach Sabrina, the combination is top-right, bottom-left, top-right, bottom-left. Sabrina is a very difficult trainer to beat, and her Alakazam can see off Pokemon easily if you’re not careful. Bug Pokemon or ghost Pokemon are the best choice her. Beat Sabrina and you’ll be able to control Pokemon up to Level 70, whilst getting the Marsh Badge and TM46, Psywave.

Silph Co. Building

Lapras - One

Make sure you explore the whole building for plenty of items and Pokemon experience, but to get to Giovanni you firstly need the Card Key. Use the lift to get to floor 9 and take the teleporter south-east to the north. The key is to your right, and from there go to floor three, and unlock the first door you see. Take the teleport to meet your rival. His Pokemon are now level 40, so be careful when battling him. Once defeated, get Lapras from the man next to him, and take the teleport to the top floor. Now open the door to face Giovanni again.

Enemy Battle – Giovanni

Nidorino (Level 37)
Kangaskhan (Level 35)
Rhyhorn (Level 37)
Nidoqueen (Level 37)

Again similar to the battle you fought before. Water Pokemon are the best here, and the Lapras you received can come in very handy. Defeat Giovanni and the president will give you a Master Ball, which you should keep for Mewtwo at the end of the game.

Route 11

Drowzee – Common
Spearow – Common
Sandshrew – Common
Nidorino – One

Along this route, make sure you pick up a Drowzee, and use ground Pokemon to see off the electric creatures the trainers put out. Don’t bother swapping a Nidorino for a Nidorina, and at the end, if you have at least 30 types of Pokemon (which you should by know), the aide at the top of the house will give you an Itemfinder.

Route 12

Pidgey – Common
Bellsprout – Rare
Weepinbell – Rare
Tentacool – Common
Krabby – Common
Magikarp – Common
Goldeen – Common
Snorlax – One

Use the Poke Flute to awaken Snorlax. There are only two in the game, so save before you try to catch this very stubborn beast. Make sure you get TM39, Swift and the Super Rod on your travels, as that will let you catch more water Pokemon.

Route 13

Pidgey – Rare
Venonat – Rare
Ditto – Rare
Bellsprout – Rare
Weepinbell – Rare

There are many trainers lurking in this maze-like route, all whom are Bikers. Make sure you get a Venonat and a Ditto from the grass, and fight the trainers for valuable experience.

Route 14

Pidgey – Rare
Venonat – Rare
Weepinbell – Rare

A long, south-bound route home to many trainers, you’ll need to have Cut at the ready to get past some of the trees to make it to the end. Also pick up a Weepinbell if you haven’t already evolved your Bellsprout.

Route 15

Pidgey – Common
Bellsprout – Rare
Weepinbell – Rare
Tentacool – Common
Snorlax – One

There is another chance to catch Snorlax here if you failed the first time, and you can also get TM20, Rage on your travels. If you have 50 types of Pokemon visit the aide at the end of the route for an Exp All, which gives all your Pokemon, even ones that didn’t battle, experience.

Fuchsia City

Magikarp – Common
Krabby – Common
Goldeen – Common
Seaking – Common

Visit the Fisherman’s hut for a Good rod, which isn’t as good as a Super rod but gets lower level water Pokemon. In the Warden’s house, you need to go to the Safari zone and retrieve his teeth and he’ll give you Strength, allowing you to move boulders. But your first priority should be the Gym.

Gym Battle – Koga

Koffing (Level 37)
Muk (Level 39)
Koffing (Level 37)
Weezing (Level 43)

If you have any Psychic Pokemon, they will see off Koga’s creatures easily. Also make sure you have plenty of antidotes handy as the poison moves can get very tedious. Defeat Koga for the Soul Badge and TM06, the very good Toxic move.

Safari Zone

There are many Pokemon to catch in the Safari Zone, but you can’t weaken them, you can only throw special Safari balls at them. Some Pokemon to look for here include Exeggcute, Chansey, Kangaskhan and Rhyhorn. To find the secret hut, which contains HM03, Surf and Warden’s teeth, head east from the start up the first ladder, then head west, north to the hill, west to area 2, up the ladder and finally north then east.

Power Plant

Voltorb – Rare
Electrode - Rare
Pikachu – Rare
Raichu - Rare
Magnemite – Rare
Magneton – Rare
Zapdos – One

Now you have surf, head back to rout 9 and surf down the stream to the Power plant. There’s only one floor and many of the items are actually Voltorbs in disguise, so watch out. The first of the three birds, Zapdos, should be your main priority, but save before you try to catch it as at Level 50 it will take some time to capture the beast.

Route 16

Spearow – Common
Rattata – Rare
Doduo – Rare
Raticate – Rare

Get HM02, the essential Fly from the house at the top of the route, and you can’t head down this route without a bicycle. Get Doduo whilst you travel, and use the Bikers to gain experience.

Route 17

Spearow – Common
Rattata – Rare
Doduo – Rare
Raticate – Rare

Another cycling road to head along, but this time at a much faster speed. Take out the trainer’s Pokemon with ground creatures and continue on to the end.

Route 18

Spearow – Common
Fearow – Rare
Rattata – Rare
Raticate – Rare
Doduo – Rare
Tentacool – Common
Krabby – Common
Magikarp – Common
Goldeen – Common
Lickitung - One

Again you need a bike to continue, but make sure you swap a Slowbro for the rare Lickitung with the trainer in the guard house.

Route 19

Tentacool – Common

Here you’ll need to surf along the route, and make sure you get a Tentacool as many will attack you on the way. Also take out the water Pokemon swimmers using electric or grass Pokemon.

Route 20

Tentacool – Common

Another stretch of water, but at the end get onto the land and enter the hut into the Seafoam Islands. Once you’re done and dusted there, you’ll exit via another hut and then you can continue on to Cinnabar Island and take out the trainers as you go.

Seafoam Islands

Seal – Rare
Slowpoke – Rare
Psyduck – Rare
Krabby – Rare
Zubat – Rare
Golbat – Rare
Staryu – Rare
Dewgong – Rare
Articuno – One

A very confusing maze, make sure you have Escape ropes handy just incase you get completely lost. Make sure you nab the wide range of water Pokemon on offer, and remember to push the two boulders into the hole to stop the current. Once that’s done, you can then move on to the second bird, Articuno. Like Zapdos, Articuno is very difficult to capture so save before you attempt it.

Cinnabar Island

Electrode – One
Tangela – One
Seal – One
Kabuto – One
Omanyte – One
Aeodactyl – One
Horsea – Common
Shellder – Common
Goldeen – Common
Staryu – Common

After you’ve left the Seafoam Islands, head east to get to Cinnabar Island. Once there, hand all your fossils to the lab and after a while you’ll have two new prehistoric Pokemon in your possession. There are some good trades here too, and look for TM35, Metronome in the lab. The Gym is locked, and you need to get the key from Pokemon Mansion.

Gym Battle – Blaine

Growlithe (Level 42)
Ponyta (Level 40)
Rapidash (Level 42)
Arcanine (Level 47)

Fire is Blaine’s priority, but you should see off all his creatures easily with a strong water Pokemon at the ready. Beat Blaine for the Volcano Badge and the excellent Fire Blast technique.

Viridian City (Part 2)

Once Blaine is defeated, use Fly to go to Viridian City to fight the last Gym leader, Giovanni once again.

Gym Battle – Giovanni

Rhyhorn (Level 45)
Dugtrio (Level 42)
Nidoqueen (Level 43)
Nidoking (Level 45)
Rhydon (Level 50)

Giovanni can be a very tough opponent, and you’ll need a very strong water or grass Pokemon to see off his ground beasts. Defeat the last gym leader for the Earth Badge, letting you control all levels of Pokemon, and TM27, the powerful Fissure.

Route 22

Rattata – Common
Spearow – Rare
Nidoran M – Rare
Nidoran F – Common
Slowbro – Common
Kingler – Common
Seadra – Common
Seaking – Common

Now with all badges, head west from Viridian City toward the Indigo Plateau. On the way, you will face your rival once more. His Pokemon are now around the level 40-50 mark, so you’ll need to have raised a very strong team to take him down. Once he’s out of the way, head on toward the Elite Four.

Route 23

Ditto – Rare
Spearow – Rare
Fearow – Rare
Sandshrew – Rare
Sandslash – Rare

Through this route, you will be asked at every area for a certain badge. As long as you have all eight, you can keep going toward Victory Road.

Victory Road

Zubat – Rare
Golbat – Rare
Onix – Rare
Geodude – Rare
Machoke – Rare
Graveler – Rare
Mahcop – Rare
Venomoth – Rare
Marowak – Rare
Moltres – One

One last confusing cavern for you to beat. You need strength at the ready, and use the boulder on level 2 to solve the puzzle on level 3. You will also find the last of the three birds, Moltres. Save before you attempt to capture it, as Moltres is very difficult to catch. To get to the exit, go through the ladder at the bottom right-hand corner of level two, and then go through the other two ladders to exit.

Indigo Plateau

We’re almost there. You can almost smell victory, but you need to defeat the Elite Four to crown yourself Pokemon champion. Stock up on supplies and save your game, and then enter into battle…

Battle One – Loreli

Dewgong (Level 54)
Cloyster (Level 52)
Slowbro (Level 54)
Jynx (Level 56)
Lapras (Level 56)

Ice and water are her specialities. Make sure you have a good fire and electric Pokemon in your squad to see off the first Elite Four member.

Battle Two – Bruno

Onix (Level 53)
Hitmonchan (Level 55)
Hitmonlee (Level 55)
Onix (Level 56)
Machamp (Level 58)

Bruno uses Rock and Fighting Pokemon, so make sure you use Psychic to see off his fighters, and a water or grass beast to see his rock creatures bite the dust.

Battle Three – Agatha

Gengar (Level 56)
Golbat (Level 56)
Haunter (Level 55)
Arbok (Level 58)
Gengar (Level 60)

Ghost and Poison types are what Agatha loves to use, so make sure you have a very strong Psychic Pokemon in your squad to see all five of her Pokemon bite the dust.

Battle Four – Lance

Gyrados (Level 58)
Dragonair (Level 56)
Dragonair (Level 56)
Aerodactyl (Level 60)
Dragonite (Level 62)

Lance uses Dragon Pokemon only. The last Elite Four battle is your toughest yet, and you’ll need to use a very strong Ice Pokemon to see off his monsters.

Battle Five – Your Rival

Pidgeot (Level 61)
Alakazam (Level 59)
Rhydon (Level 61)
(Plus three more Pokemon depending on what Pokemon you chose at the start)

Yep, your annoying rival is back one more time to defend his crown of Pokemon Champion. This will be your hardest battle in the game, and you’ll need a variety of different types of Pokemon to see him off. Once you defeat your rival, you will be crowned Pokemon Champion. Congratulations!

But the adventure doesn’t stop there. Go back to Cerulean and use surf to reach the Unknown Dungeon, where you can use that Master Ball to catch the elusive Mewtwo. And once you have caught all 150 Pokemon, visit the guy in Celdon Mansion for a special gift…

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It appears you are using an old browser, as such, some parts of the Freeola and Getdotted site will not work as intended. Using the latest version of your browser, or another browser such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Opera will provide a better, safer browsing experience for you.