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Retro Game Walkthroughs For
"Pokemon Gold"

Retro Game Walkthroughs for Pokemon Gold (Gameboy)
Submitted By: †Kerrang†
On this I have got all the locations of the Pokemon in GOLD and
SILVER!!! This is very useful for poke-fans who want all the
Pokemon. I suggest you read this! This will help you build your
perfect team so you better be grateful! As I had to look on my
game, and several friend’s games to get this.

No.1 Bulbasaur-
No.2 Ivysaur-
No.3 Venusaur
No.4 Charmander-
No.5 Charmeleon-
No.6 Charizard-
No.7 Squirtle-
No.8 Wartortle-
No.9 Blastoise-
No.10 Caterpie- Gold-Routes 2, 30, Ilex Forest
Silver- National Park

No.11 Matapod- Gold- Routes 2, 30, Ilex Forest
Silver-National Park

No.12 Butterfree- Gold- Routes 2, evolve from Metapod
Silver- National Park

No.13 Weedle- Gold- National Park
Silver- Routes 2, 30, Ilex Forest

No.14 Kakuna- Gold- National Park
Silver- Routes 2, 30, Ilex Forest

No. 15 Beedrill- Gold- National Park
Silver- Routes 2, evolve from Kakuna

No.16 Pidgey- Gold- Routes1, 29, 30
Silver- Same

No.17 Pidgeotto- Routes 8, 15, 43

No.18 Pidgeot- Only evolve from Pidgeotto

No.19 Rattata- Routes 1, 22, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, Union Cave and

No.20 Raticate- Burned Tower, Routes 7, 27 and Union Cave

No.21 Spearow- Routes 22, 33, 42

No.22 Fearow, Routes, 16, 17, 18

No.23 Ekans- G- Golden rod city Games Corner
S- Routes3, 32, 33

No.24 Arbok- G- evolve from Ekans
S- routes 3, 4, 27

No.25 Pikachu- Route 2

No.26 Raichu- Evolve from Pikachu only

No.27 Sandshrew- G-Union Cave, Mt. Moon
S- Goldenrod city game corner

No.28 Sandslash- G-Routes 26, 27, Mt. Moon
S- Evolve from Sandshrew only

No.29 Nidoran(F)- Routes 35, 36

No.30 Nidorina- Routes 13, 14, 15

No.31 Nidoqueen- Evolve from Nidorina

No.32 Nidoran(M)-Routes 35, 36

No.33 Nidorino- Routes 13, 14, 15

No.34 Nidoking- Evolve from Nidorino only

No.35 Clefairy- Mt. Moon

No.36 Clefable- Evolve from Clefairy

No.37 Vulpix-S- Routes 7, 8, 36, 37

No.38 Ninetales- Evolve from Vulpix

No. 39 Jigglypuff- Routes 3, 4

No.40 Wigglytuff- Evolve from Jigglypuff

No.41 Zubat- Routes 32, 33, Union Cave, Slowpoke well, Ilex

No.42 Golbat- Slowpoke well, victory road

No.43 Oddish- Routes 5, 6, Ilex Forest

No.44 Gloom- Route 5

No.45 Vileplume- Evolve from Gloom

No.46 Paras- Ilex Forest, National Park

No.47 Parasect- Evolove from Paras

No.48 Venonat- Routes 24, 25, 32, National Park

No.49 Venomoth- Routes 24, 25 National Park

No.50 Diglett- Diglett’s cave

No.51 Dugtrio- Diglett’s cave

No.52 Meowth- S- Routes 5, 8, 39

No. 53 Persian- S- Route 7

No.54 Psyduck- Routes 6, 35 and Ilex Forest

No.55 Golduck- Routes 6, 35 and Ilex Forest

No.56 Mankey- G- Routes 9, 42

No.57 Primape- G- Route 9

No.58 Growlithe- G- Routes 7, 36, 37

No.59 Arcanine- Evolve from Growlithe only

No.60 Poliwag- Routes 22, 30 Ecruteak City

No.61 Poliwhirl- Routes 30, Violet City, Mt. Silver

No.62 Poliwrath- Evolve from Poliwhirl

No.63 Abra- Routes 5, 24, 34 and Goldenrod city

No. 64 Kadabra- Route 8

No. 65 Alakazam- Evolve from Kadabra

No.66 Machop- Mt. Mortar, Rock tunnel, Goldenrod city

No.67 Machoke- Mt. Mortar, Rock Tunnel

No.68 Machamp- Evolve from Machoke only

No.69 Bellsprout- Routes 5, 24, 31, 32

No.70 Weepinbell- Routes 24, 25, 44

No.71 Victreebell- Evolve from Weepinbell

No.72 Tentacool- Routes 12, 34 and New Bark Town

No.73 Tentacruel- Routes 12, 34 New Bark Town

No.74 Geodude- Route 46, Dark Cave, Mt.Mortar

No.75 Graveler- Route 45, Dark Cave

No.76 Golem- Evolve from Graveler

No.77 Ponyta- Routes 26, 28 and Mt. Silver

No.78 Rapidash- Route 28, Mt. Silver and Pewter City

No.79 Slowpoke- Slowpoke well

No.80 Slowbro- Slowpoke well

No.81 Magnemite- Routes-6, 11, 38

No.82 Magneton- Evolve from Magnemite

No.83 Farfetch’d- Routes 38, 39

No.84 Doduo- Routes 22, 26, 27

No.85 Dodrio- Routes 26, 28, Mt. Silver

No.86 Seel- Whirl Island Caves

No.87 Dewgong- Evolve from Seel

No.88 Grimer- Routes 16, 17, 18

No.89 Muk- Routes 16, 17, 18

No.90 Shellder- Routes 20, 26, Vermillion City (fishing)

No.91 Cloyster- Evolve from Shellder

No.92 Gastly- Tin Tower and Sprout Tower

No.93 Haunter- Route 8

No.94 Gengar- Evolve from Haunter

No.95 Onix- Violet City, Union Caver, Victory Road

No.96 Drowzee- Routes 11, 34, 35

No.97 Hypno- Route 11

No.98 Krabby- Routes 9, Whirl Island Cave and Cherrygrove City

No.99 Kingler- Routes 19, 40, Cherrygrove City

No.100 Voltorb- Route 10, Olivine City and Rocket’s hideout
(Mahogany Town)

No.101 Electrode- Rocket’s hideout

No.102 Exeggute- Forest Lacations: trees(use headbutt)

No.103 Exeggutor- Evolve from Exeggute

No.104 Cubone- Rock tunnel

No.105 Marowak- Rock tunnel

No.106 Hitmonlee- Evolve from Tyrougue

No.107 Hitmonchan- Evolve from Tyrogue

No.108 Likitung- Route 44

No.109 Koffin- Burned Tower

No.110 Weezing- Evolve from Koffin

No.111 Rhyhorn- Victory road

No.112 Rhydon- Blackthorn City

No.113 Chansey- Routes 13, 14, 15

No.114 Tangela- Routes 21, 44, Mt Silver

No.115 Kangaskhan- Rock tunnel

No.116 Horsea- Whirl Island Caves

No.117 Seadra- Whirl Island Caves

No.118 Goldeen- Routes 4, 25 Mt. Mortar

No.119 Seaking- Routes 4, 25 Mt. Mortar

No.120 Staryu- Routes 19, 34

No.121 Starmie- Evolve form Staryu

No.122 Mr. Mime- Route 21

No.123 Scyther- National Park

No.124 Jynx- Ice path

No.125 Electabuzz- Route 10

No.126 Magmar- Burned Tower

No.127 Pinsir- National Park

No.128 Tauros- Routes 38, 39

No.129 Magikarp- Route 43, Lake of Rage and Blackthorn City

No.130 Gyarados- Lake of Rage, Fuchsia City

No.131 Lapras- Union Cave(Fridays only!)

No.132 Ditto- Route 34, 35

No.133 Eevee-Goldenrod City, Celadon City

No.134 Vaporeon- Evolve from Eevee

No.135 Jolteon- Evolve from Eevee

No.136 Flareon- Evolve from Eevee

No.137 Porygon- Goldenrod City game corner

No.138 Omanyte-
No.139 Omastar-
No.140 Kabuto-
No.141 Kabutops-

No.142 Aerodactyl- Route 14(trade)

No.143 Snorlax- Vermillion City(wake with Radio’s flute)
No.144 Articuno-
No.145 Zapdos-
No.146 Moltres-

No.147 Dratini- Route 45, Goldenrod city, Dragon’s Den

No.148 Dragonair- Route 45, Dragon’s Den

No.149 Dragonite- Evolve from Dragonair

No.150 Mewtwo

No.151 Mew(Prize in Nintendo’s Events)

No.152 Chikorita- Starting Pokemon

No.153 Bayleef- Evolve from Chikorita

No.154 Maganium- Evolve from Bayleef

No.155 Cyndaquil- Starting Pokemon

No.156 Quilava- Evolve from Cyndaquil

No.157 Typhlosion- Evolve from Quilava

No.158 Tododile- Starting Pokemon

No.159 Croconaw- Evolve from Tododile

No.160 Faraligtr- Evolve from Croconaw

No.161 Sentret- Routes 1, 29

No.162 Furret- Route 1

No.163 Hoothoot- Routes 1, 29, 30, 31, 35, 36, 37 National Park

No. 164 Noctowl- Routes 2, 14, 43

No.165 Ledyba-S- Routes 2, 30, 37

No.166 Ledian-S-Route 2

No.167 Spinarak-G- Routes 2, 30, 37

No.168 Ariados-G- Route 2

No.169 Crobat- Evolve from Golbat

No.170 Chinchou- fish-Routes 20, 41 and New Bark Town

No.171 Lanturn- fish-Routes 20, 41 and New Bark Town

No.172 Pichu- Breed at Daycare

No.173 Cleffa- Breed at Daycare

No.174 Igglybuff- Breed at Daycare

No.175 Togepi- Violet City(from Prof’s aide)

No.176 Togetic- Evolve from Togepi

No.177 Natu- Ruins of Alpha

No.178 Xatu- Evolve form Natu

No.179 Mareep- Routes 32, 42, 43

No.180 Flaafy- Routes 42, 43

No.181 Ampharos- Evolve from Flaafy

No.182 Bellossom- Evolve from Evolve from Gloom

No.183 Marill- Mt. Mortar

No.184 Azumarill- Evolve from Marill

No.185 Sudowoodo- Route 36, spray bottle

No.186 Politoed- Evolve from Poliwhirl

No.187 Hoppip- Route 13, 32, 33

No.188 Skiploom- Route 14

No.189 Jumpluff- Evolve from Skiploom

No.190 Aiporn- Mountain Loactaion:in trees(use headbutt)

No.191 Sunkern-Route 24 and National Park

No.192 Sunflora- Eolve form Sunkern

No.193 Yanma- Route 35

No.194 Wooper- Route 32, Ruins of Alpha, Union Cave

No.195 Quagsire- Route 10, 27, 32

No.196 Espeon- Evolve from Eevee

No.197 Umbreon- Evolve from Eevee

No.198 Murkrow- Routes 7, 16

No.199 Slowking- Evolve from slowpoke

No.200 Misdreavus- Mt. Silver Caves

No.201 Unown- Ruins of Alpha

No.202 Wobbuffet- Dark Cave

No.203 Girafarig- Route 43

No.204 Pineco- Forest Location: trees(use headbutt)

No.205 Forretrees- Evolve from Pineco

No.206 Dunsparce- Dark cave

No.207 Gligar-G-Route 45

No.208 Steelix- Evolve from Onix

No.209 Snubbull-Route 38

No.210 Granbull- Evolve from Snubbull

No.211 Qwillfish- fish- Route12, 13, 32

No.212 Scizor- Evolve from Scyther

No.213 Shuckle- Cianwood City

No.214 Heracross- Mountain location:tress(use headbutt)

No.215 Sneasel- Route 28 and Mt. Silver

No.216 Teddiursa-S-Route 45

No.217 Ursaring-S- Route 28, Victory Road and Mt. Silver Caves

No.218 Slugma- Routes 16, 17, 18

No.219 Magcargo- Evolve from Slugma

No.220 Swinub- Ice Path

No.221 Piloswine- Evolve from Swinub

No.222 Corsola-fish- Routes 18, 34 and Olivine City

No.223 Remoraid-fish- Route 44

No.224 Octillery- Evolve from Remoraid

No.225 Delibird-S-Ice Path

No.226 Mantine-S-Route 41

No.227 Skarmoey-S-Route 45

No.228 Houndour- Route 7

No.229 Houndoom- Evolve from Houndour

No.230 Kingdra- Evolve from Seadra

No.231 Phanpy-G-Route 45

No.232 Donphan-G-Route 28, Victory Road and Mt. Silver Caves

No.233 Porygon 2- Evolve from Porygon

No.234 Stantler- Routes 36, 37

No.235 Smeragle- Ruins of Alpha

No.236 Tyrogue- Mt. Mortar

No.237 Hitmontop- Evolve from Tyrogue

No.238 Smoochum- Breed at Daycare

No.239 Elekis- Breed at Daycare

No.240 Magby- Breed at Daycare

No.241 Milatnk- Routes 38 and 39

No.242 Blisey- Evolve from Chansey

No.243 Raikou- Anywhere in Johoto after visit to Burned Tower

No.244 Entei- Anywhere in Johoto after visit to Burned Tower

No.245 Suicune- Anywhere in Johoto after visit to Burned Tower

No.246 Larvitar- Mt. Silver Caves

No.247 Pupitar- Evolve form Larvitar

No.248 Tyranitar- Evolve from Pupitar

No.249 Lugia Whirl Island Caves

No.250 Ho-oh- Tin Tower

No.251 Celebi- Prize in Nintendo events

So there you go, all 251 Pokemon for you, I hope you can now
build you Dream Team!

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