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This game is also available on PS1, PC and N64.

Retro Game Walkthroughs for Spiderman (Atari ST)
Submitted By: Sprog
"Spiderman, On the ATARI?" I hear you cry. Yes, old spidey did appear on the faithful Atari way back in the 80's.


Well, any of you got an ATARI out there? Yes? Good, aren't they... well they are for their time. Spiderman. Well, yes he did star on the Atari in his very own game. The graphics, are well, not very good, but they were way back then when the game came out. The main idea is, websling your way up the building, past the green goblin, and diffuse the bomb he's set up for you. Easy? NO IT IS NOT!


Well, as you know if you've played the game, you use the joystick to aim your webbing and the buttons to fire it. The main idea is to scale the building whilst grabbing any bad guys in the windows up the building (By firing your webbing above a window with a bad guy in, then crawling up it and nabbing him). Be warned. The bad guys will move around, dodging out of your way, so you don't get as many points as you want to get. Plus, there’s the addition that your webbing can’t grip windows. DAMN!


You now have to webswing up strange girder things up to the bomb balanced precariously on the pinnacle of the building. The only problem is old gobby (The green goblin) is in the way. You have manoeuvre around him as he moves back and forth across the roof on his old goblin glider. Now, be warned, if he hits you, you’re falling 80 stories (I counted them) to the hard concrete floor of New York below. Now, once you get to the top and touch the bomb, you progress to the next level.


The next levels are the same as the first, except the buildings a lot taller, so there are more windows for you to fall from, and it’s an awful long way down… So, be careful, and in the words of Alistair Moody, “Constant vigilance!”

]]]THE END[[[

I’ve never actually completed this game as you only get 3 lives, so you can only fall off 3 times. I’ve reached the 24th level after 2 hours of gaming, so who knows how many levels there are. By the way, never play this game whilst having something to drink. Loosing all your lives by falling to your death may cause you to shout a few very rude words and throw the joystick down into the table, causing your cup of what ever to topple over and spill over the Atari, totally frying it. Sadly, this happened to a friend of mine. So, don’t drink whilst playing an Atari.

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