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Retro Game Walkthroughs For
"The Legend Of Zelda: Minish Cap"
(Game Boy Advance)

Retro Game Walkthroughs for The Legend Of Zelda: Minish Cap (Game Boy Advance)
Submitted By: Krykosô
Please note that this guide will only tell you how to defeat the bosses in ĎThe Minish Capí.

Boss #1 - Giant ChuChu, Deepwood Shrine

Now that you're tidgy, those ChuChus you've taken for granted suddenly look like killing machines. Use your newly acquired Gust Jar to suck away the base of the ChuChu until it falls over. Keep on hitting it with your sword until it manages to get back up. Repeat this until you beat it. When the ChuChu is close to being beaten, it'll jump around the room just to make your job a little bit harder, but the Gust Jar should sort that out soon enough.

Boss #2 - Gleerok, Cave of Flames

One thing you'll notice as you start the battle is that Gleerok is surrounded by lava, so you can't just stroll up to it and cut it to pieces. Run all the way around the room, dodging any flames that Gleerok spits at you, until it has its back on you. Hit its back with the Cane of Pacci, and it'll be paralysed for a short while. In this time, run along the monster's neck to the centre, and hit the core. When the core disappears, get off Gleerok as itís about to dive into the lava, and you don't really want to take damage during a boss battle. Stay close to the walls now as the lava pit will expand and then retract. Gleerok will make rocks collapse from the ceiling, so be aware for their shadows, and will also spew out flames that cover a whole section of the arena. Use your Gust Jar to suck away the flames, and sometimes you may get hearts to regain your health. Repeat the process over until Gleerok is defeated.

Boss #3 - Mazaal, Fortress of Winds

Mazall is just a floating head with two hands (and I thought Rayman had it bad), but don't let that put you off. When it sends one of its hands out to grab you, avoid it. You should notice that both hands have eyes, and you have to blind them. Get your bow and arrow out and shoot the hands' eyes, then attack them with your sword. The head will become inactive. Go to the side of room, shrink, and enter Mazaal's mouth. Inside, there will be a glowing pillar. Slice away at it until it crumbles, and you'll be dragged back into the arena. Grow, blind the hands, shrink, and go back inside Mazaal. This time, you must use the Mole Mitts to dig around and find the glowing pillar. Hack it, and you'll be dragged outside once again. Be careful of Mazaal's new shrinking ray technique as you'll become vulnerable if you're hit. If you shrink just regrow again. Repeat the procedure, and Mazaal will be inactive for good.

Boss #4 - Giant Octorok, Temple of Droplets

Another enemy you may have taken for granted over the years is the Octorok, but now it's a massive threat, literally. It'll fire rocks at you, which you must deflect back at it using your shield. When this happens three times, the Octorok will turn into ice, and so will the ground. It'll try to suck you in, so roll around to stop this from happening. Your goal now is to get behind it and set its tail on fire, but because it spins around after you, this can take a few minutes. Once youíre behind it, use the Flame Lantern to set its tail on fire. It'll turn back to normal, and so will the room. The Octorok will now have a new ability, which is turning the lights in the room off and sending rocks crashing down on top of you. Use your latern to find your way around when this happens as you don't want to unnecessarily lose health. Repeat three times, and the Octorok will die.

Boss #5 - Gyorgs, Palace of Winds

I'm gonna be straight with you, this is the toughest battle so far as you have two enemies to defeat. You'll start on a small, blue Gyorg which flies past a larger, red Gyorg. Use Roc's Cape to jump on the red one. Three eyes will appear, and you have to clone Link so you can attack all three eyes at the same time. The blue Gyorg will appear again, and you have to jump onto it. Whilst you are riding it, one of of four eyes will open, and you must slice them when they do. When its tail swings round, use Roc's Cape to jump over it. Eventally, you'll come to the red Gyorg again. Jump onto it and repeat the pattern. This time, though, the blue Gyorg will charge at you and shoot in your direction. This makes it harder to keep your clones long enough to attack the red Gyorg's eyes, but once you do manage it, jump onto the blue Gyorg again and attack its eyes. This part has also increased in difficulty because smaller, green Gyorgs will fly in and attack, but a swift slash with the sword will deal with them. You'll come back to the red one, and you must hit its eyes again whilst the blue one shoots at you. Jump on the blue again, hit eyes, jump back on red, hit eyes, and the battle is over. See, I told you it was hard.

Boss #6 - Vaati, Dark Hyrule Castle

Vaati has three different forms, so I'll explain how to defeat all of them individually.

Form #1

Use your sword to destroy the eyes that circle Vaati, and then attack the giant eye on him. He'll shoot fireballs at you, but if you roll around, they'll miss. He'll also fire a black hole at you, but the Gust Jar will make it disappear. When he surrounds himself with black holes, use the Gust Jar to suck them away and annihilate the eyes under them. The eyes fire lasers at you as well, so roll to avoid being hit. Repeat until Vaati transforms.

Form #2

You should've noticed that a circle of cloning tiles has appeared. Fire arrows at the eyes that circle the giant one until you uncover four red ones. Clone yourself according to where the red eyes are and hit them simultaneously. Now you can attack the giant eye. The surrounding eyes will appear again, and also spikes will appear. Destroy any spikes that are near the cloning tiles otherwise the clones won't last long. They also give you arrows. Repeat until Vaati transforms again.

Form #3

Run around until one of Vaati's arms digs into the ground and reappears elsewhere. Use the Cane of Pacci to freeze the arm in place, then shrink and go inside the arm. Look for the odd-eyeball-out (the eye that is the lightest in colour) then attack it. Exit, and the arm will be destroyed. Grow, and repeat for the other arm. The inside of the second arm is pitch black so use the Flame Latern to find your way around. Both arms will be destroyed. Clone yourself and attack the four small eyes on Vaati when they turn blue. They'll shoot lasers, so use your shield to reflect them back into the eyes. Vaati will shoot at you, so roll around to avoid being hit. Clone yourself then attack the large eye so you can do four times the damage. Then repeat over to defeat Vaati for good.

Congratulations, Hyrule is back to normal! Celebrate by eating cake, or a carrot stick if you're on a diet.

Special thanks to: Nintendo, Capcom and Gameaday.
Submitted By: the first christoff
Zelda Minsish cap walk through

Hope you find it useful

When you start, you should receive the SMITHĎS SWORD; follow Zelda out of your home and to the festival. Follow Zelda around and speak to her when ever she stops. Zelda will then give you a SHIELD. She asks you to take the SMITHíS SWORD to the castle, which is above the market. As you are going to the castle you will find business scrub. You have to use your SHIELD to repel the deku nut back to the business scrub. Continue your journey up to the castle and speak to an old man outside the castle. You will then have a long cut-scene where Zelda will be turned to stone and you will be knocked unconscious.

You then wake up in the castle. Go out of the room where you will have to speak to the king. After speaking with him, you then obtain the BROKEN PICORI BLADE, the SMITHíS SWORD and the MAP. You then have to start your journey to the MINISH WOODS. If you are unsure on where this is, you walk down from the castle to NORTH HYRULE FIELD (see map), go the bottom where you will see workers. You then take a right and follow the path. Chop the trees and move on to LON LON RANCH. Follow the path down LON LON RANCH into EASTERN HILLS. Follow the path right down until you see some trees. Take a right into the MINISH WOODS. Keep going right till you see a little bridge. Then go across and go down and through the narrow passage of grass.

You should see a TREE STUMP, take a left and go up through a shallow passage of water. Then go up until you see a puddle of water. When you step in it you should see a cut-scene of the MINISH CAP getting hit by enemies. Go back through the passage ways and head to the little bridge where there is another cut-scene. After the cut-scene, you will then have to kill the enemies. Once you have done this the MINISH CAP will speak to you. Then go back down. The MINISH CAP will follow you and after a while it will then jump on your head. Then he speaks to you again. Go back down to the stump. He will ask you to jump on it. To do this, just walk up to it. Then press the R button to shrink. Then go left, once you have shrunk.

If you keep going left you will see a tree log. Walk through the tree log and get on to one of the leaves on the water. If you miss the leaves and go into the water you will be reset back onto land. Once you have got across, go up and follow the path up into the MINISH VILLAGE. You will see a lot of PICORI (little men) then they will all run off. Turn left and follow the path until there is a left and a right turning. Go left for a short distance and go up and follow the path. Turn right for a while then go down and follow the path until you find a bridge. Go across and down the steps. Go up and push the middle box to the left or right. Go left and get the JABBLER NUT, which allows you to speak to the little men (PICORI).

Then go back the way you came until you see a wooden log with some steps on it. Go up the steps and into the house. Talk to the man. He tells you to go the SHRINE. To get there, go back down the steps and take a right until you see some PICORI. Go up and into the SHRINE. Talk to the man and he will let you go through the door. Walk up an into a hole. Keep going straight through the next hole and enter the building in front (DEEPWOOD SHRINE). Walk straight up until you see three statues. Push the middle one to the left and proceed through the door. You will enter a dark room, step on the buttons near the stones which light up once you have pressed all four of them. A CHEST will appear with a KEY in it.

Go up to the top of the room and open the locked door. go to the top of the next room and pull the lever by walking up to it and pressing and holding R then walk backwards while holding R. a bridge will appear. Go across and pull the blue mushroom using the same method as you done with the switch. Then let go and you should go flying across the water. Go through the door at the top of the room. As you come into the next room, take a right then go up the steps. Press the switch to light the lantern then go back down the steps and into the barrel. Go through the nearest exit. As you come out, take a left and go down. You will see some stairs, go up them. You will find two switches. Push the statue onto one of the switches. Step on the next to light the lantern. Then go back into the barrel. Once in the barrel, keep going straight down and out of an exit.

As you come out, go through the next door to your left. Go left up and up until you see some water with a mushroom. Pull the mushroom as far back as you can, then let go. When you land go up the steps on your right and open the CHEST. You will find a MAP of the dungeon inside. Then go down and walk of the edge to your left. Pull the mushroom, but this time not so far, and let go. You should land on the middle platform with two doors either side. Take the one on your left. In the next room, go up and to the left where you will see a pot. Push the pot onto the switch to the right. A bridge will appear, go down and into the next room. In the next room, push the two statues on to the switches and a CHEST will appear. Keep pushing the statue into the square. Then push it back onto the switch so the CHEST appears again. Open the CHEST and you will find a KEY. Push the statue again so you can go out of the room the way you came in. Go back across the bridge and out of the room. Keep going right and through the other passage. Go down and push the block. Keep going down and go in the door to your right. Go back into the barrel. Go to the top right hand corner and keep walking till you find an exit.

Once out of the barrel, take a right and go through the locked door. Once in, go down and to your right and you should see a mushroom. Pull that and go onto the next platform. Walk across the bride and press the switch. A bridge should appear allowing you to get to this platform easier. Pull the mushroom and let go to go onto the next platform. Take a right and through the passage. Go down and follow the path round. Pull the statue to the right. Then walk round the other way and push the other statue onto the switch which opens the door. Once in the next room, there will be three enemies. Kill the enemies to make a key appear. Go through the next door and up the steps. Jump down to your right and go through the passage.

Then go down and up the stairs at the top of the room. Go down and you should see some blocks. Push the one nearest the wall up then the furthest to the left. Open the chest to receive the compass. Go left and push one of the pots on to the switch to make a chest appear. You canít open this chest yet. Go back up the stairs and go left into the next room. There will be a few mushroom-like enemies which you can only kill by throwing the pots at them until you get a certain item. Go down and press the switch to open the door. Donít go through the door yet; go left and up to the locked door. Once you have opened the door, there will be a sub-boss. Slash it in the face. It will turn white so go to the end of its tail and slash the red heart. After that, it will turn red and run around. You caní t hurt it while itís like this. It will turn back blue so repeat the process 4 or 5 times. Once the boss is dead, a chest will appear. Open it to receive the gust jar.

Suck away the cob-web at the bottom of the room. Go through the passage to receive a Piece of heart. Go back into the other room. Turn to your right and suck away the cob-web. Once in the next room, go right until you see the door near the switch. Go through the door. Go down and into the barrel. Walk round the barrel till you see a cob-web blocking an exit. Suck away the cob-web and walk out of that exit. You will fall down into a room with a Lilly pad. Suck the pad towards you. Walk onto it and use the gust jar to blow yourself along. Go down the waterfall. Follow the water until you reach a junction where you can go up and left or right. Go right until you see some stairs. Go up the stairs and push one of the pots onto the switch. Get back on the Lilly pad and follow the path up. Keep following the water until you canít go any further.

Go down off the Lilly pad and open the chest which you could not open earlier. Inside there is a key get back on the Lilly pad and go back the way you came when you get back to the junction go up and then left until you get to a locked door open it and go through when you get in there you will see a mushroom in front of you pull it far back and then let go once you get through to the other side there will be a mushroom on the other side use the gust jar and pull it across once you have pulled it across you will be pulled over the water and on to another platform. You will see another mushroom on your right use the gust jar again to get to the other side repeat until you get to the chest in the center of the room once youíre across open the chest to find the big key.

Follow the room round to a switch press it to activate a warp go onto it to be teleported to the start go up the stairs on your left once you are up you will see a chest walk down to the brick blocking it and push it right and the open it to reveal a rupee worth 20. Back down the stairs and up through the stairs on the right side of the room once you are up you will see a mushroom pull it back towards you and go across the water once you are over the water go down and do it again to get to the boss door. Once in the boss room and the boss appears suck the bottom of his body until he goes dizzy and falls over then slash him with your sword once you have done it twice he will begin to jump around so be careful avoid him and eventually he will go back to normal then keep repeating until he is dead. Once he is dead you will get the Earth element then get the piece of heart the go through the green portal to be warped outside.

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