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Hitman: Blood Money Walkthroughs
(PlayStation 2)

This game is also available on PC, Xbox 360.
Submitted By: Sonic Chris
Seeing as there are a variety of ways to complete each level, in this walkthrough, i'll take you through my personal favourites. This walkthrough won't necessarily advise the best way to complete of level, so don't expect a 'Silent Assassin' rating after reading it. As i am writing this, I currently have the playstation 2 on and playing the game as i write, so i'll take you through as much detail as i can. I hope you find it useful.


"Death of a Showman"


You'll start the mission in a cutscene of a carnival. The carnival belongs to Joseph Clarence, you target. As you'll see by the clip, the ferris wheel of the theme park malfunctioned, and the electric blow and make the wheel fall apart, consequently killing people. The next part of the cinematic is of a lot of newspapers and news reports, eventually stating that Joseph Clarence is cleared of all charges. You'll then be show a room, with a man. The man is the father of a boy who died in that ferris wheel. The scene ends with the father making a call on the phone. He would like to 'place an order...'


Because this is a training level, you'll pretty much be taken through it by the computer. A number of boxes will appear on the screen to start, explaining the location of screen items, such as you health bar. You'll start the game on a dock. Run towards the pier rubble and climb up. Move forward and climb onto the small rock. Then walk up the bench to the main pier.

You'll be told what you need to do (assassinate "Swing King" ie. Joseph Clarence). You're also told that Clarence has become involved with a drugs circle, in other words, there will be guards.

"Enjoy the ride, 47"

Proceed to the main gate and wait. The Guard will approach you, at which point another cut scene occurs. There is an exchange between 47 and the guard. At the end of it, 47 slams the guards head into the gate, letting you enter. You will told to look at the photo of the boy, but there is no need to. Go left and open the gift shop door. Go into the shop and go right. There are two guards. Just to their right is an open window. Throw a coin of it and wait for the guards to check what the noise was (one of them will say "Let's check it' out", which is the signal to move). Run out of the door to the left (facing the open window). Continue straight onwards towards the theater. Go in and you'll see a gangster, who is next to a man in a suit. The man in the suit is tied to a rocking horse. You can wait for the gangster to set fire to the man, or you can fiberwire him straight away, either way works, it's just up to you whether you want to save the man. Pick up the gangsters gun, and then put it away (holster it). Climb up the red trellis, which you'll find is on your right. At the top, walk towards the balcony. 47 will automatically climb over and jump across to the other balcony.

Walk fowards and pick up the shotgun. Go back to the balcony and drop it near the edge. Make sure to equip your pistol. Once ready, throw a coin at the door and crouch behind the door (by the boxes). A guard will open the door, and go towards your dropped shotgun. Take the guard that follows him out as a human shield. Try and shoot the guard going to the shotgun before he picks it up. Walk towards the balcony and throw your human shield over. Pick up the other body and throw that over to. Go back to the other door and pick the lock. Walk towards the closet in the room, and take the knife out. Then hide in the closet. A chemist will come into the room. Wait for him to start gathering up the money on the table. Exit the closet and throw the knife at him. As he ran in, you'll notice he dropped a keycard. Pick this up. Next, put on the chemist's clothes. Hide the chemists body in the freezer to your right. Next go out of the room (through the door the chemist ran in). Use the keycard to get through the door. Proceed down the walkway and go into the first room on the left. Pick the gun up and hide it in the medicine crate. Pick up the medicine crate. Make sure the only guns you have are the ones in the crate. Proceed left out the room, and continue down the remainder of the walkway. Stop by the next door on the left. Stand still and let the guard scan you.

"Alright, you cool"

Proceed through the door. Put down the crate, and then take the gun out of the crate. Straight in front of the door is an elevator shaft. Jump down on top of the elevator. Below you is a guard. Stand by the open hatch, and strangle him.Jump down the hatch. Walk forward, and on your right is an electricity box. Open it and pull the electrics.Move forward through the drug room. At the end turn right, through 2 doors which will put you in the toilets. There is a guard 'doing his business. Pick up the machine gun on the sink, and take the guard as a shield. Walk around the corner and clear the room. Knock your human shield out. Proceed up the ladder in the 'gambling' room. Walk forward and pick up the case. In your inventory, select the case. You will pull out a sniper. Eliminate the 3 guards (there will be one slightly below you, walking fowards and backwards. One will be dead ahead. And there is one to your right, slightly up.

Drop the sniper rifle, and proceed out the room. Go right and out the door. Walk towards the pipe, and climb down. Run forward towards the open building. Pick up the poison at the bottom of the stairs. Walk up the stairs and wait at the top for the secretary and the guard to stop flirting. Make sure the secretary has gone, and then push the guard over the balcony. Quickly run into the office, and poison the secretary's drink. Go to the end of the room and hide in the closet. Wait for her to drink it and then exit the closet. She will die and fall to the floor. Walk towards Clarence's office. A cutscene will occur, Clarence asking who you are and asking for his secretary. 47 will give him the picture of the boy. This is the easiest assassination in the game. Clarence will not run or fight back, so take your time. He'll just kneel there begging. There are a variety of ways to kill him. A gun to the head for brutality, there is a bat to the right of him on the wall to hit him with. My personal favourite is the hammer on the desk to the far left. You can throw it or hit him with it. The hammer also lets you keep your bloodstained evidence. With the bat, you'll have to drop it.

Proceed to the window and climb out. Pick up the bomb and detonator and walk forward. Climb in the other window. There will be a room of guards below. The way you're supposed to clear them is to make the chandelier fall on them using the bomb. I personally prefer throwing the bomb in the middle of them and detonating. If you do go with the chandelier, be prepared to shoot any survivors. Walk down the stairs and go out the exit.

Mission Complete.


"A Vintage Year"

This level is set in a vineyard. Your targets are Manuel Delgado and Don Fernando Delgado.

Before the mission make sure you purchase a RU-AP mine.

First, proceed down the path to the left. Continue along the length of the whole wall. Turn right at the end of the wall and continue down that path. Let the guard walk past you, and then use syringe sedative on him. Take his clothes. Go back the way you came, but this time, look for the gap in the wall to the left. Climb over it. Proceed to the opposite end of the courtyard and turn right. Walk through the doors (which will lead into the 'wine party'. Go through the round top doors on the main building. Straight in front of you will be a guard. Wait until he walks off, make sure the tour group isn't near. You can place the mine slightly to the right of where the guard was standing. As soon as Manuel Delgado is below the mine, blow it up (obviously make sure you leave the building first - use your map to make sure he's below the mine). At this point, the guards will run towards the building. Go back the way that you came, through the door. Run past the building to your right, so you're in the corner of the courtyard. Climb up the pipe, and you'll be on the roof near an open window. Climb in the window. Don Fernando Delgado will sit in the chair to play the cello. Sedate him, and then throw him over the edge of the balcony. Go back out the window, and jump down off the roof (towards the path you used earlier-the one with the guard on). Put your suit back on. Walks back towards the waterfall, and just to the right, go through the gap in the fence. Run down the narrow path, which will probably have Don Fernando Delgado's body on it. You can also pick up his gun. At the bottom run right around the dock, and get into the plane.

Mission Complete.


"Curtains Down"

This mission takes place in a theater. Your targets are Alvaro D'alvade and Richard Delahunt.

Please follow these instructions carefully, as it involves running through lots rooms. Make one wrong turn, and you'll be stuck, as my way doesn't involve changing clothes at the start, and if you're caught by a guard, you'll be shouted at, or even worse, killed.

Make sure you buy a sniper rifle before the mission.

Walk into the building and go down the stairs to the left. Walk down the hallway. Throw a coin to the right of the man painting the door. As he is distracted, run into the open doorway and down the stairs. Walk through the door at the bottom. Look through the keyhole, and look right. Wait until you see a worker run. Go through the door and go straight right. Go to your right again straight away and through the double doors. Go through the first door that is on the right (next to the pipe with the wheel). Go left through the door. Go up the stairs and you'll go through a curtain. Go through the double doors straight ahead. Run through the first door on the right. You'll be in the showers. Go to the right side of the room and change clothes with the bag. Pick up your case and go back through the door you came in. Turn right at the hallway, and go through the double doors in the middle of the hallway (to the left). Go up the stairs which you'll find to the left. At the top of the stairs, go through the door, and plant a bomb on the winch (but make sure the worker doesn't see you do it). Go back down the stairs, and go back through the double doors you came in. Turn left and go down the hallway. There will be two doors at the corner. Take the door on the left. Go up the stairs and go through the door. Turn left and go down the hallway. Go through the double doors at the end. To the left is a desk with a card that gives you access to the control room. Go back through the double doors, back through the door you came in and back down the stairs. Turn right at the bottom of the stairs, and take the door at the corner. Go down the stairs. Turn left at the hallway, and take the door at the end of the hallway. Go up the stairs and pick the door lock. Go through the double doors on the left and back up the stairs. You should be back in the main lobby, wearing a workers suit, and you should still have you rifle case. Head up the main stairway and go right. Take the ascending stairs and turn left at the top. Take the second door on your right, which will take you to the control room. Set up your sniper, and get ready to snipe as the executioner 'shoots', to make it look realistic. Everybody will think the prisoner is acting, but you've just shot him, killing your first target. After Richard Delahunt realises that his actor is dead, he will run out of his box and into the theater. He trips on the carpet, below your chandelier. Blow the detonator and the chandelier will crush Delahunt. Get out the control room, and go left. Go back down the stairs, and turn left. You'll be in the main lobby. Simply walk out.

Mission Complete



You must rescue 'Smith'

Follow the path. As you come round the first corner, rear off to the right (by the pink tree). Head forward, and go to the left of the large tree. Go up the stairs. Go left and pick the lock on the door (it's a thin pane, that can easily be mistaken as a window, so make sure you don't miss it. Dead ahead, pick the lock and go through the other door. Go right and up the small steps. Go to the right and open the power box and pull the wires. Go to the left and stand by the bin. Get your syringe sedative ready. As the guard checks the box, sedate him. Take his suit. Drag his body and put it in the bin and close the lid. Go through the door he came through. Go right to his desk. Take the security video tape and take the keycard to the rehab clinic. Go to the door to the left of the desk (the see through one). Go straight down the hallway through the door. Stand to the right of the open window. There will be a man sitting at a desk. Wait for the other man man to go out the room before you climb through the window. If another man is not there, wait for him to come in the room and go out again (to maximise your time). Make sure he doesn't see you though. Sedate the guy at the desk and take his clothes. Hide his body in the cooler. Go back to the desk and take the cell key. Go down the stairs and you'll find 'Smith' in the 2nd to last door on the left (3rd on the left). Talk to him and then sedate him. Go back up the stairs, into the office. Change back into the security gear, and go out the office window. Go back down the hallway and through the security gate. Carry on forward and take the door ahead in the next room. Take the door to the right, and then go left. Go through the double doors and up the stairs to the left. Turn right at the top, and take the first door on the right. Go through the door in the room that leads outside. Go left and take the next door on the left. Sabotage the gas tap. Go back through the door you came through and turn left in the hallway, and take the stairs to the right. Turn right, go through the door and set up a bomb up on the winch. Go through the door, turn left and take the stairs on the right. At the bottom take the double doors to the right. Go out to the right to the gym equipment. When the man if finished use the weights to strangle him. Facing the wall opposite the weight machine, take the left door. Go back through the double doors. Head through a second set of double doors, and take the second door on the right. Go out the door in the room, and retrieve your suit. Go to your map and go to the Main Building, 1st Floor map. Wait until you see a person go into the room with the globe bar (it's the second room from the right closest to the top of the map- where we planted the bomb above). As soon as he's there, detonate your bomb. Head down the little steps to the left. During the rest of the mission, eventually a man will use the cooker, and will be blown up (due to the gas sabotage earlier). That's the 3 extra people taken care of. Head through the narrow door we went through at the start (the one that looks like a window) and continue through the other 'window' door. Head down the steps. Go down the main path. At the end of the path, enter the building to the left. It doesn't matter if a guard sees you. All you have to do it revive 'Smith', and then in that building is the exit.

Mission Complete


"A New Life"

Your target is Vinnie 'Slugger' Sinistra.

Head left round the road. Wait until the guard at the left side of the house turns around, and go to the donuts in the van and poison them with a sedative. Pick them up and leave them outside the 'hidden' FBI van across the street. The FBI Agents will take them in and eat them. Go into the van once they have been knocked out. Put on one of their suits. Exit the van and go into the house. Go out the back of the house, and turn right towards the shed. Pick the lock and pick up the lighter fluid. Go to the BBQ and when the pool boy and security guard aren't looking, put lighter fluid on it. Head back into the house and go up the stairs. Go into the first room on the right, and wait around the corner. Eventually, Vinnie will come in. Fiberwire or poison him. Exit the back of the house. By this time, the daughter will probably have used the BBQ, blowing her up. Go to her body and pick up the diamonds. Go back through the house and back to the FBI van. Put your suit back on. Go back the way you came at the start and exit through the gates.

Mission Complete


"Murder of Crows"

Your targets are Angelina Mason, Mark Purayah II and Raymond Kulinsky.

Head out the door on the right. Turn right, and go around the corner. Go the alley across the street. Head right into another alley. Go across the street into the alley opposite. Go through the door by the 2 'birds'. Go through the door to the left. Head right up the spiral staircase. Go through the door at the top and head right onto the balcony. Push the 'black bird' over the balcony. Head back down the spiral staircase, and take the door to the left at the end of the room. Turn right at the next door, and right again down the alley. At the end of the alley turn right. The 'blackbird's' body should be there. Pick up his desert eagle and walkie talkie. You've just killed Purayah. Carry on south east down the roads. Turn right at the road rails, and take the alley to the left. Sedate or knock out the 'red bird', put the body in the bin and take the case.
Head down the southern alley. Turn right, and then left down the alley near the blue lit building. Go round the back and through the door. Carry on through the back, up the stairs, and you'll be in a bar. Head to the end of the bar, and take the left door. Carry on through the next door, making sure the chef doesn't see you. Throw a coin up the stairs ahead. Hide in the closet and wait for the couple to come down the stairs. Then proceed up the stairs. Leave the case outside the door. Look through the keyhole. When you see a bird come in and walk to the other side of the room, pick the lock and hide behind the wall next to him. He'll go to a window, so he'll be facing away from you. Kill him. Head right, up the steps and through the door. Go down the stairs and jump off. Head north down the alley. Turn left then right, and take the alley on the left. Jump onto the shelves, and continue ascending up the boxes. Wall crawl across the gap, and go up the first set of stairs. Then jump across the the balcony. Place a bomb on the winch holding the piano. Move clear of the bomb. When the last target is standing beneath it, blow the winch, dropping the piano on her. Proceed to the exit.

Mission Complete


"You Better Watch Out"

Your targets are Chad Bingham and Lorne De Havilland.

Head into the elevator on the left. Go left all the way around the building. When you come to a rocky pool, go through the left door. Turn right, and then right again. Go through the double doors. The woman will ask you to follow her into the room. Kill her as soon as she's in the room (she's killed the real 'entertainer' who can be found behind the couch). Look out the keyhole, and wait for the security guard to walk past. Follow him quietly to the stairs. Push him down and take his suit. Head down the stairs and out to the balcony. When an exclamation mark comes up, shoot the glass roof. Head back up the stairs and continue along the hallway through the double doors. Proceed through the water falls, and then turn right to the guarded door. Head into the elevator. Go to the Studio level. Go straight through the door with hearts above it. Go through the door to the right and head to the balcony at the back of the room. Push Lorne over the edge. Go back to the elevator, go to the helipad and escape.

Mission Complete


"Death on the Mississippi"

Your target is Skip Muldoon.

Head up the main stairs, and go to the right. Kill the man with baseball cap on (recommend taking him as a shield and throwing him over the edge). Continue along that right side. Hop over the rail. Don't go up the steps, go along the side and jump across to the other side. Head round the corner, and climb the trellis, making sure nobody sees you. Go right along the ship. If you meet another guy with a baseball cap, kill him as well. Make sure you shoot him, and then straight away wait under the stairs, until a purser comes down. Knock him out and take his suit. Head up the stairs. Wait for one of the men to go into the building, and kill the other. Head into the door, and take the left door. Take the guy out while he's 'doing his business'. Go out the door. A man will come around the corner kill him. Go down the left side, and knock the sailor out. Go into the door right at the end, and get the pictures out of the safe in the room. Go through the door next to the safe. Kill Skip. Head back down the stairs and get your suit back. Climb back down the trellis, and go through the door underneath. Head left all the way down the hallway. There will be a man kissing a woman. They will stop. Follow the man into the room and quickly go around the right side of him and kill him. Head to the exit.

Mission Complete


"Till Death Do Us Part"

Your targets are "Pappy" Leblanc and Buddy Muldoon.

Head along the walkway and turn left. Go down the alley. Continue forward towards the dancers. Head to the left of the main building.Use a silenced pistol to blow the door open. Throw a coin into the door, and move away from the door quickly so the guard doesn't see you. Quickly run into the door to the right as soon as the guard turns around.Open the next door, and hide behind it from the guard (he won't see you. Go up the stairs. Place a bomb at a point near the middle of the loft where it says 'Place bomb' (this is above the piano in the dining hall). Let "Pappy see you and get him to follow you upstairs. Push him down the stairs and drag the body up to the top. Wait at the stairs until all guards are clear. Run to the door on the very left. Head around the hallway to the next door. Head through the bedroom and open the door by the clock. Pick the lock to the door to the right. Turn left, and then open the double doors. Blow the fuse when Buddy is in there. Proceed to the exit.

Missions Complete


A House of Cards

Your targets are Hendrik Schmutz, Mohammad Bin Faisal Al-Khalifa and Tariq Abdul Lateef.

Head into the casino. Go to the right (to the desk). Take your room key and go and call the left elevator. Quickly go down to the casino floor. Go through the right door, and left down the alley. Wait for Schmutz to go in the toilet, and assassinate him. Pick up his room key. Head back through to the casino entrance. Go up the stairs and get in the left elevator. Climb into the hatch. Use fiberwire to strangle the target. Pick up the room key and case. Head back down to the lobby.Walk down the stairs and back down to the casino floor.Go to the left and out the doors. Drop the case by the exit. Go in the elevator and choose the 7th floor. Head left, and then right down the hall way. Take a left at the end, and follow the hall way down to the double doors. Put a silverballer in the DNA case and pick up the case. Head back to the elevator and choose the lobby. Head down to the casino floor and go left. Continue down the alley and into the bar. Go right and then left to the corner of the room. Head towards the security guards and let them scan you. Go through and go left at the end. Go towards Al-Khalifa and give him the case. Wait for the dancer to leave. And then shoot Al-Khalifa with a silenced pistol. Proceed to the exit. Pick up your case and leave.

Mission Complete

"A Dance with the Devil"

Your targets are Anthony Martinez and Vaana Ketlyn.

Place a mine on the road outside and blow it up. The guards will come running out. Steal the video tapes in their office. Proceed into the parking lot. To the left head through the door and go down the stairs. Go through the bottom door, and then the double doors. Take the staff member out and take his clothes. Hide him in a cubicle.Knock the other one out who comes down. Proceed right, and sabotage the pyrotechnics. Head back to the cubicle and get your suit back. Head back up the stairs and wait for the 'Red Devil' to come. Kill him. Head up the stairs and take the first door the the left. Drop a mine by the door and head left. Hide in the corner and blow the mine. Wait until the guards have ran to see the noise and then run to the elevator on the right. Head up. Take out the guard at the top (making sure no one else is there), take his clothes and then drop him over the balcony. Get up in the lift hatch and wait. Strangle the 'Golden Demon' who came in. Head back up to the top floor. Go straight on into the main room, and then left. Go left again, and go down the hallway. Go into the double door room. Hide in the closet. An 'Angel' will come in, wait for her to turn around and walk away. Kill her. Retrieve the data from the computer. Head out the double doors and go left.Get in the lift and head down. Proceed to the exit.

Mission Complete


"Amendment XXV"

Your targets are Mark Parchezzi III and Daniel Morris.

Bring a sniper.

Head straight onwards to the end of the building. Throw your case over the fence. Head through the main doors, and go left into the toilet. Drop a weapon in there, and open the door. A guard will come in. Sedate or kill him and take his suit. Hide his body behind the door so when you open it, it doesn't attract attention. Run straight onwards through the double doors and go left. When the guard isn't looking take the tapes and the keycard. Pick up the case the guard brings in, go out, and head left through the double doors. Go down the hallway and go through the double doors. Go up the stairs, and take the door to the left. Then go left towards the last door. Pick the lock and go through. Shoot the guard who comes through and take his gun and hide his body in the box. Pick your case up and head out the double doors, and go left. Go up the stairs. Head left at the top of the stairs. Go out the window and climb down the ladder. Run down the roof and drop your case behind a box. Head through the door to the left and carry on through the hallway. Go to the first door on the left and go left again. Pick up the FBI suit, and head back outside. Pick up your case and go through the door again. Run down the hallway and turn right. Proceed through the desks until the end of the room and turn right. Head down the stairs.Turn right, then left, and then right to the targets room. After the cut scene, pursue the target. You'll end up back on the roof again. Take your sniper out, and carefully sniper him. Make sure he doesn't hit you. Put your sniper away. Run towards the targets body. Jump over the wall and head through the door underneath. Head up the stairs and carry straight onwards. Proceed to the left door by the piano. Then turn left, and go down the stairs. Follow the hallfway all the way down.Go through all the double doors. Head to the toilet and put your suit on. Proceed to the Exit.

Mission Complete


This isn't really a main mission. All you have to do is wiggle your left stick, and agent 47 will get up. Make sure you kill everyone.

Mission Complete


That's the game completed. I hope you found this walkthrough helpful. As i said, there are a variety of ways to do each mission, but these are just the ways i do them. They're not guaranteed 'Silent Assassin' Rating ways, but they will get the game completed.

This is my first ever walkthrough, so any feedback will be very welcome. Hopefully i'll be helping you with another game in the near future.



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