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Conflict Global Storm Walkthroughs

Submitted By: K9Recoil
Over the internet i have found that it is very rare to find a walkthrough for Conflict Global Storm or otherwise known as Conflict Global Terror. The following walkthrough is from my individual experiance of playing the game through single player several times, co-op offline and playing the game over xbox live. It is realtively short but will include most of the main points however i am writing this guide from the top of my head so any missions i miss out or parts during a mission you will surely guess.

1. Betrayal

This first mission is one of the easiest missions for me within the whole game itself, not just the fact that it is the first but also because most of it can be done stealthy and there is also a shortage of enemies.

on singleplayer you will be Conners to begin with, simply crouch down and move up to the top of the stairs, you will see one enemy solider which you should be able to get behind and stealth kill with your knife. Next open the cage door and grab your pack with Conners on. There will be a radio transmition from the teams general back at base.

Come out of the cage door and wait on the left wall, a solider will say some stuff then come walking your way when you get the chance knife him as he turns the corner away from you for a stealth kill. Simply now come through the open door and take a right, open the doorand get another stealth kill. In this room there will be roughly two medipacks, pick them up and heal foley. Come out the room with Conners and go to the room opposite. Open the door and stealth kill the man on the computer, then grab the intel on the side desk and open the gate release.

Now get all your men into the room with there packs and arm them accordinly. Next grab any team member and arm them with a knife, wait in one of the cages where Bradley and Jones were being held and keep the rest out of site. When a solider walks past go behind him and stealth kill him. Now get another team member and go through the open door of which the previuos solider came through. Go through here and open the next door, while crouching move straight forward from the door and a patrolling gaurd will walk by, knife him for a stealth kill.

Now get the whole team into this outside area. Next there should be a ledge climb this then into the window in the toilets. Open the door with one man and while couching still move to the person on the seat. Knife him at the side for a stealth kill then go straight over where a guy in the kitchen will also be able to be killed through stealth with the knife. From the kitchen there is another corridor, go down here and the first left is another door. In this room there are four soliders which idealy can be taken out to improve your score. There are several ways to approach this for example open the door and throw a grenage in; put a claymore outside the closed door make some noise and watch them all get blown up leaving one for you to shoot; you can also avoid these if you want.

However my favourite for this part which i have supprised many online gamers by is by opening the door with Bradley, then a well placed rifle can be shot directly in the middle of the room killing all four of them. This is excellent because it kills all four with one shot and gives Bradley a mega boost to his accraucy score, his accraucay can increase up to 400%! Next grab the medi packs next to the alarm and find the next door. It will lead into another room with an open door. Place your men here and be Bradley. Use him and enter the open area.

There are many gaurds here and there is a possibl chance that the alarm can be sent off, this is a bad thing in most cases as more men will arrive and there will be two snipers around the perimeter. My approach is as follows. There is a gaurd near the bottom of the stairs patrolling back and forwards, when he is at the closet point to you crouching move to the bottom of the stairs take the silent pistol and cap him in the head for a stealth kill. Next go to the 50cal. area and get on the floor. If you have timed it right no one will no you are there. Look up and kill the gaurd in the tower with pistol for a stealth kill. Next there are two other gaurds that you can give stealth kills. One gaurd patrols up to some barrels near the small bridge, when he stops here get into the coruch postion and shoot his head for a stealth kill, look imedeatly right and over the way will be another gaurd, shoot him in the head to. So in total for the outside area you should have a total of four stealth kills.

Now get into the crouch postion and head towards the stairs, move into the near by trench and move along to the furthest point then climb up and get straight away back into the trench the otherside on the pipes. Keep moving along here should be where you shot one of the soliders. Look left wait for the right time and shoot both soliders in the head for two more stealth kills. This is the area taken out and now your should look around for more equipment and supplies. There is a small armoury where you will have to aquire an rpg for later on there is also more ammo and another sniper rifle. next go to the other end of the outside area where steps go up into the next section. The first door on the right open it and step back, wait then enter and knife the person behind for a stealth kill.

Go through here and open the next door. Go left from here and knife the next person for a stealth kill. There is now a door with some nearby medi packs. Enter here and stealth the person in the room. Now come out and go up the stairs. Enter here and stealth kill the two guys here it is quite tricky so dont worry if you cant do it. Grab the ammo in this room and intel on the desk. next dont go through the window but go through the door instead. look down left along the walkway and try to stealth kill as many with your pistol you may get lucky and kill them all but it is very hard in this area just insure that if you start shooting loud dont let the set of the alarm.

Go down to this area either by taking the stairs or zipline. There are two doors one which just leads to ammo and another the direction your ment to go. next you will eventually find another door and the radio guy will say sumthing about a apc tank. Equip the rpg from earlier and walk out the door look straight ahead and you should be able to get a clear shot when it moves by. Taking this out should also kill a guy with it. To the right now is a solideron foot and a sniper in a gaurd tower, blow them to pieces. Next the last piece is a spawnful of men that come out far left door of the outside area. get close and shoot them as they come out. When they are all dead go through this door and get final piece of intel. Search the area warehouse for further ammo such as rpg. Enter the motorpool to finsih the mission.

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