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This game is also available on DS, PC, Xbox and PSP.

Retro Game Walkthroughs for FIFA 07 (Xbox 360)
Submitted By: swfcowls
Hi swfcowls here, here is another one of my walkthroughs, this time it is fifa 07 . (

Practice Scoring
If you are playing a lot games on Xbox Live it is essential that you take your scoring opportunities. Sometimes you may only get only a few chances to score in the 8 minutes. You really need to take these chances. Its the difference between a good player and a great player.

2.)Shoot on sight
If you know you are away to get tackled, take a shot on goal. There is a good chance that the keeper will concede a corner or the ball will fall for a tap in, to one of your players

3.) Drive in corners
When taking a corner you will be more successful if drive them by using the ' left trigger and cross' button. This whips in the cross at great pace making it a lot harder for your opponent to defend it.

4.) Double Tap when shooting
When shooting on goal, double tap the shoot button but to make the shot low and hard. This is by far the best way of scoring.

5.) Stick to two or three formations
By sticking to two or three formations you will then know where your players will be when passing off screen. This is very important as giving away possession gives your opponent a lot more chances to score. Please see Fifa 2007 tactics for more information on the various set ups.

6.) Know the controls
By knowing the controls inside out it gives you more options when playing game. Moves such as one - twos and low drive crosses can be very effective when used in the right circumstances. Knowing these moves and button presses can only improve you as a player.

7.) Don't give up and never quit out
Even if you are 3-0 down at half time never give up. I have been in this situation and came back to win the game 4-3 within the 90 minutes. In every game, no matter who against you will get chances to score. Never quit the game after 30 minutes as you will lose 3 times the number of ranking points that you would by losing in the full 90 minutes.

8.) Make the Keeper Drop the ball
Making sure there are no players near the keeper when you have possession , press Y to drop the ball then the B button to launch a huge kick down field. This is much preferred to just kicking the ball from when the keeper has it in his hands as it doesn't go far and normally goes to the opposition.

9.) Practice, Practice, Practice
This is quite an obvious tip but you will only get better by playing more and practicing on such things as listed above.

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