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Retro Game Walkthroughs For
"Final Fantasy XII"
(PlayStation 2)

Retro Game Walkthroughs for Final Fantasy XII (PlayStation 2)
Submitted By: the devil him self
property of

Adrammelech, The Wroth

Adrammelech is one of the easiest optional Espers to get. Its home, Athroza Quicksands, is located within the Zerithan Caverns which is in the Ozmone Plain.

Level HP EXP LP Steal
39 39630 0 42 Pebble, Capricorn Gem, High Arcana

Adrammelech is a flying creature, so the best thing to do before going into the battle is equip ranged weapons and magick. It’s best to use Blizzard on him. In this battle, it is not just the Esper. Shambling Corpses appear now and then. So when they appear just use Blizzard or Blizzaga. Adrammelech often cases Thundaja that also inflicts Stop. Make sure you have a good stock of Chronos Tears or Remedies, which ever is more useful to you. It’s also best to keep Shell on to reduce magick damage and just keep casting Ice. Remember to always keep at least one person attacking the Esper at all time. Just keep to your normal battle routine and don’t be shy to use a Quickening.

Cuchulainn, The Impure

This Esper can be found in the Garamsythe Waterway’s No.1 Cloaca under Rabanastre. Now the challendge begins. First you must complete the “Waterway Haunting” and the “Lost of the Pudding” hunts to be able to find the Esper with the Sluice Gate Key.
Now that you have the key, head down to the Central Waterway Contorl. Use the Sluice Gate Key to activate the waterway controls in a certain order, which will lead you to the Esper.

Start by Closing the No.3 and No.10 controls in the Central Waterway Control
Go in the No.3 Cloaca Spur and use the No.1 South Waterway Control at the end
Go back to the Central Waterway Control and open the No.3 and No.10
Close No.4 and No.11 then go trhough the No.4 Cloaca Spur and use the No.1 North Waterway Control
Got back to the Central Waterway Control again and open No.11 and No.3
Go through the No.1 Cloaca and find the boss at the low point on the south end. Save your game before going into the battle.
Level HP EXP LP Steal
45 126165 0 50 Scorpio Gem, Elixir, High Arcana

This is probably one of the hardest Esper battle since Sap is always on your characters and there is no way of avoiding it. It’s best to wait until you obtain Curaja before entering the battle.
Immediately Dispel the boss. It’s best to have two people casting Curaja and have the rest attacking. Make sure your attackers have a Black Belt equipped so it will block the boss’s Disable attacks. Esuna would be good to have as a gambit so it can cure whoever has the effect on them.

At one point, Foobars will join the battle. Simple use Firaga to defeat them. The Esper likes to use Invert which will instantly knock out characters. So have a Revive gambit handy. If needed, use a Quickening or two on him.

Zalera, The Death Seraph

This quest to get Zalera requires that you have completed the Patient in the Desert event to get the Barheim Passage. Enter the Barheim Passage from the secret entrance in the Dalmasca Estersand and go through the tunnels to Terminus No. 7. The path beyond isn't easy. The path has very many strong undead monsters. This is actually a great time to level up your party but be careful. The path through the Zeviah Span is blocked neat the south end. Check the west side. There is an object there you can move to make a new path down to West Annex. This is the most dangerous part since the undead monsters appear in groups. Save in Terminus N0. 7 before heading into the boss battle.

Level HP EXP LP Steal
40 72248 0 42 Pebble, Gemini Gem, High Arcana

This battle is quite different from the rest since you have a five minute timer. That means you must defeat the Esper within that time or oyu must restart from the beginning. It may be stressful but just relax.

During the battle, Dead Bones will join the battle. When these monsters are on range, Zalera becomes immun eot physical attacks. So keep an eye for them and when you see one, quickly kill them.

Be careful of what your party member's levels because he can cast Lv.2 Sleep, Lv.3 Disable, Lv.4 Break, Lv.5 Preverse, and Prime Lv. Death. These attack affect your characters with a level divisble by 2, 3, 4 or 5, and those of a prime number. Once you enter the battle, quickly Dispel the boss of his status effects. Defeat the Dead Bones as quickly as possible and then focus on the Esper. When his HP is low, he will start to cast Sleepga, Stop and Death. Right before the timer runs out, use a Quickening. If you need to, during the battle, replace soem of your characters with fresh ones.

Zeromus, the Condemner

Go to Mt. Bur-Omisace and talk to the Acolyte at the bottom of the stairs that lead to the Hall of Light. He tells the party to go find a ‘greater power’ in the Stilshrine of Miriam using the Stone of the Condemner that he gives to you.

Go into the Stilshrine of Miriam and activate the Way Stone at the south end of the Ward of Measure. Use the Stone of Condemner at that point to go to the Throne of Veiled Gods where Zeromus awaits.

Level HP EXP LP Steal
51 166888 0 55 Cancer Gem, Alixir, High Arcana

All magicks are disabled in this fight, so the party has to relay physical attack damage, healing items and augments. Before going into the battle make sure you change all the healing gambits to items such as Phoenix Downs. Try to equip Pheasant Netsukes and use Phoenix Downs to restore KO’d allies instead of using potions all the time. With this, you can quickly heal a fallen ally.

To make this harder the boss begins with Reflect, Protect and Shell. Sadly, you cannot Dispel this effects. Also, Dark Lords come into the battle so it makes the battle harder.

Make sure to bring in a strong fighting party since you will be using physical attacks all the time and equip good armor on them as well. During the battle, keep the Dark Lords under control because they could really make the battle complicated. Just makes sure you have them in view at all times. If you want, you could use Quickening on them and it should wipe them all out. The Dark Lords tend to drop bonuses that can restore the party’s HP or MP. Just keep every under control during the battle and it should be a breeze.

Exodus, the Judge-Sal

Visit the Mosphoran Highwaste and stop at the Babbling Vate. There are two important conversations here. The first one is with the Learned Man who explains what happened to the shrines. The second one is with the Caravaner south of the shop. After that conversation, it reveals a hidden path and a wild chococbo in the area.

Start with touching the Shrine of the South (Babbling Vale/South) to raise the first set Floatweed. Go on northeast to the Rays of Asehn Light and look for the Wayward Chocobo at the north end. Give it Gysahl Greens and take it south to Empyrean Way. Look for a floatweed path to the end and pass through the grassy (it’s marked on the path). Continue all the way to the end and lass through the grassy chocobo area to the Skyreach Ridge. Go on towards the west ridge of the Babbling Vale and touch the Shirne of the West Wind. Push over the Weathered Rock next to the shrine to go back to the camp. Revisit the Shrine of the Northwest Wind, next to the Learned Man, and touch it.

Level HP EXP LP Steal
46 119060 0 52 Libra Gem, Elixir, High Arcana

This boss uses Reflect quite often so warned of casting magick against it. Use Dispel right at the beginning of the battle and at anytime eh casts Reflect on himself or use Opal Rings to cats through the Reflect. Exodus can cast two very powerful spells, Flare and Scathe. Keep the party a good distance from each other. If you want, cast Decoy on the leader to make sure these spells cause a little damage as possible. Also you can use shell on everyone. Just to quick note, Exodus can cause Stop when he does physical attack damage.

Items can’t be used in this battle, but that is not really a problem. Just stay focused on physical attack damage and technicks like Soul Eater and 1000 Needles. Also, often use Expose to reduce the defenses of the boss. So your attack will have more affect on the Esper. Almost at the end of the battle, the boss creates at Paling that makes him immune to physical attacks. This is when your party begins to use Dispel and Darkra. Just keep a close eye on Exodus and make sure to use Dispel on his Reflect. Then use Darkra like crazy. Or you can wait until the Paling falls and attack him like crazy.

Chaos Walker of the Wheel

Choas is found at the end of the Nebdreus’s Medal event. The party must go looking for four pieces of medal and recover two more medals. Next, to make things harder, you must travel through the Necrohol of Nabudis and fight two very powerful bosses before going to see Choas. It’s takes a long time but it’s worth the prize.

Level HP EXP LP Steal
57 208966 0 50 Taurus Gem, Elixir, High Arcana

The Attack command is disabled in this battle. So you can only use magicks and technicks. The Choasjets that come with the Esper cast Silence during the battle so equip Rose Corsage so your party is immune to it or have a gambit for Echo Herbs.

At the start of the battle, make the four Choasjets (Air, Fire, Earth and Water) your first targets. Use Souleater to do a lot of damage. During this part, just make sure to have two members fighting a Choasjet with Souleater and have the other healing. Using this technick, all four Choasjets will be vanquished. Otherqise, use Firaga to damage to defeat the Water Choasjet and Aeroga to defeat the Earth Chaosjet. The Air Chaosjet is weak against earth elements and the Fire Choasjet is weak against water elements but they are both weak against technicks. Scourage, Bio and Scathe also work on them.

Utlima, the High Seraph

This adventure takes the party back down into the twisted path of the Great Crystal below Giruvegen. Start at the Way Stone VIII and walk up to the Scorpio Gate Stone. Hit the switch and go back to the Way Stone VIII, the turn right and head to the Way Stone IX.

Pass Way Stone XX, taking ether the left or right path on the other side of the Sagittarius Gate Stone. Return to the Sagittarius Gates I and II. You can go in both directions but you should go through Gate I, which leads you to Way Stone XI. Go ahead and use the stone.

Go up the rising path to the Gemini Gate Stone. Flip the switch and take the next rising path. Go pass the Gemini Gate I on the right and go to the Gemini Gate II. You can go to either gateless paths past the Gemini Gate II to Way Stone XV and use it.

Follow the middle path from Way Stone XVI up to the Libra Gate Stone. Use the switch, then go back to Way Stone XVI and take the path on the right to Gate Libra I. Deactivate it and continue up. Take the rising path on the left at the next platform to the Capricorn Gate Stone. Flip the switch and go back down. Then go right to go back to Way Stone XVI. Use the sinking path on the other side to find Gate Capricorn I and the Virgo Stone. Switch the stone and go back to Way Stone XVI again. Use the middle path to go to the next platform. You can take either the left or right path; they will lead to Gate Virgo I and II. Go through the gate and go to Way Stone XVII to get to the last area. Save your game at the Save Crystal. The middle path leads to Ultima.

Level HP EXP LP Steal
63 258001 0 65 Virgo Gem, High Arcana, Megalixir

Dispel Ultima right away at the beginning of the battle. Her attack pattern is quick easy to remember. When you are in close range, she will use physical attack that causes moderate damage. At times she might cast Holyja on your party, which causes heavy damage. So equip White Masks because they absorb holy damage. Just be careful, Holyja could sometimes leave Reverse on your party, so beware of group healing. It could just kill your party. So either keep healing manual or stop healings after Holyja.

This battle is quick challenging since there are a lot of battle conditions that repeat. The battle begins with HP Sap, then it will switch between MP Sap, No Attack, No Magick, No Technicks, No Items, Magnetic Field and then it repeats from HP Sap. You best keep these conditions in mind during the battle. Make sure everyone has a lot of HP before HP Sap kicks in. Use a Quickening before the MP Sap comes into effect and prepare to heal with items. When the No Attack field comes up, quickly recover your MP and heal the party. Rely on physical attacks and healing items when No Magick is up. When No Technicks and No Items come around, this is the time for your party to do massive damage to the Esper. Magnetic Field cuts down damage and slows down your party’s attack time. So take this time to heal everyone and prepare to start the cycle over again.

When Ultima is low on health, she starts to use beam attacks that causes massive damage to one character. So try to finish her as quickly as possible, since this is the hardest part of the battle.

Zodiark, Keeper of the Percepts

Go talk to Geomancer Yugelu in Jahara after the party has at least 10 Espers. Yugelu then unlock the path in the Henne Mines that leads right to Zodiark. The path is just north of the Staging Shaft in the Ore Separation room. The Save Crystal in the Staging Shaft is the closest one you will find to Zodiark, so you best use it. The path to the Esper is very difficult and tricky. It’s best to keep Float on at all times to avoid the many traps.

Level HP EXP LP Steal
66 335847 0 70 Serpentarius, High Arcana, Megalixir

This battle is going to be long and hard. So prepare for this battle by equipping Dark Mask. Go into the battle with only one character because right at the beginning Zodiark casts Darkja and there is no reason for all your party to be exposed to it. Once that is done, bring out the other two characters.

This Esper starts the battle with Reflect, Protect, Shell and Haste. Dispel them right away but be ready to Dispel again during the battle.

The boss often uses Darkja quick can cause a lot of damage and may wipe out your party at times. There is no way of avoiding this attack but Dark Masks will help out a lot.

You need some sort of technick in this battle and how you react and recover from Darkja. When you main party falls, bring in your reserved party and quickly heal them with Phoenix Downs or Arise. Your reserved party can fight for a bit but they probably won’t be as strong as your main party. At times you will have to switch in your main party to heal your reserved party. This is going to happen often, but it has to be done. This technick is very important when it comes closer to the end of the battle when Darkja isn’t your only worry. But remember to keep your party away from each other to ranged attacks like Scathe won’t affect everyone.

The first part of the battle is pretty simple. You should cast Berserk and Bravery on your strongest physical attacker and just then him go. If you have weapons with Holy affects on them, you best equip them to your attacker. A powerful attacker can hit 9999 HP of damage with Haste and Berserk on.

The fight becomes more difficult when Zodiark has about half his HP left. When this happens, he puts up a Magick Shield. When this happens just keep attacking him. Just try to keep him dispelled but when the shield it up, it is very hard.

When Zodiark’s HP is close to one quarter, he uses a skilled called Swift which will change his elemental weakness. So you best change all your weapons no non-elemental ones. This is when you start to use Quickenings against him. You can actually end the battle right there will a large Quickening chain and save yourself from what is to come. If the Quickening doesn’t finish him off, it will begin to use a Paling and Magick Shield. This makes the battle more difficult. So you will begin to use non-elemental magicks such as Scathe. Just be careful when you are using magicks, just watch out for Zodiark casting Reflect and the Magick Shield. When he has both on, just heal your party and wait for it to go down.

When Zodiark’s HP is low, his attacks grow stronger and faster. So Darkja is used more often then before. The most dangerous part is when his HP is almost done. Just take your time and don’t make any silly mistakes.

property of
Submitted By: the devil him self
This walk through is forgeting all the hidden espers

Adrammelech-the wroth
Element: thunder
Location: Zertinan cavern in ozmos plains
This esper is very weak aginst cold elemant wepaons and blizzard spells
fairly easy to come across but must not be under estimated he has close to 40000 life and alot of respawning minions all weak aginst ice

Chaos-walker of the wheel
Element: Wind
Location: Necrol of nabudis
This esper is a tricky one to reach
You must complete the medalion side quest whitch is very long and involves alot of hunts
they will be posted later
this is the fight for chaos he has four elements that suround him take those out first then summon hashmal or this fight is pointless be cause there are no ground spells and let hashmal do all the work and chaos is yours

Zeromus the condemer
Element: Gravity
Location: The Stillshrine of Miriam

To acess this esper you have to talke to the short person at the bottom of the steps after the battle at Mt. bur omisace he will give you the stone of the condemer then u go back to the stillshrine of miriam and us the stone on the tellaport bulb where u used the dawn shard then go through the doors to face zeromus
during the fight u ca not use any spells whitch makes this a very hard fight cast all enhance spells in the room be fore you fight him start by using your mist charges he will weaken when his mp is low

zodiarch keeper of precepts
Element: Dark
Location Henne Mines
You must first have at least ten espers for the gaphari to open the gate in the mines this is the site 2 phase if u cannt kil any of the monsters in this area you have no busness there the closest save crystal is in the area you fought titmat your best bet would be to walkin with your losest level character so noone gets damaged from his darkja then bring out your heavy hitters and have armor that absorves dark damage he has a little over 300000 hp but is the strongest esper in the game

Those are all the ones I have for now, will report any new ones as I find them.

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