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Retro Game Walkthroughs For
"Blue Dragon"
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Retro Game Walkthroughs for Blue Dragon (Xbox 360)
Submitted By: Emmie87
Blue Dragon - Walkthrough.

A brief description of the game for anyone new to it, basically it is a classic turn based RPG, you have a party of characters, you level up, buy items and accesories to get stronger and make friends who help you on your way. The music and part of the story has been developed by the Final Fantasy Team (the music sounds exactly the same, its great!) and the art work has been done by the same man who draws all of the Dragonball Z characters. So it looks, sounds and plays great. The plot is simple and not that in depth, if you find yourself far enough into it, you will be captivated by the charm it offers and should find yourself completing a rewarding but not all that challenging RPG.

Good luck and here we go!

Once you take Shu down to the center of the village, the chaos begins as the Land Shark arrives to terrorize the town once again. As Shu's grandpa Fushira, talk to every villager standing around on the platform. The focus will then shift to Shu. As Shu, chase down the Land Shark's fin until a short battle begins. Attack the fin until the red Weak Spot appears. On your next turn, target the spot and attack it.

After that, Kluke will join Shu and Jiro. Talk to her -- she won't budge. Jiro suggests Shu distract the Shark again. Once again, chase after the fin and another scene will play once you get close. When you've regained control of a character, walk up to the captured fin. One more scene will occur, taking the kids underground.

Ancient Ruins - Caverns

Walk forward until Shu finds out the Shark isn't all organic, and then rejoins Jiro and Kluke. Run straight ahead from where you are and fight the Poo Snake against the wall and collect the nearby treasure, a Thorn Grass. Continue to run around the ground floor area and fight the remaining Poo Snakes and get the rest of the treasures.

When you open the last chest (not counting the ones surrounded by a blue barrier), a chest next to the Land Shark fin will appear. Don't open it yet -- there's more stuff to collect on the rocky upper level. Small ramps will take you up to each end, where you can collect items and accessories from chests and the piles of junky machinery. When all is said and done, go ahead and open that chest in the middle.

The Land Shark will activate again and the kids will be in another unfamiliar place.

Flying Fortress

Run around the other end of the docked Land Shark and get the Creature Compendium from the chest. From there, head north to the door. The kids will meet the nefarious Nene and a short, though futile, battle occurs. After more cut-scenes, they'll end up at the bottom of the fortress. Walk up to the pad in the middle and a mysterious voice will greet the kids, followed by the appearance of Nene's Mecha Robo sentries. Begin your escape by heading through the northern door.

At the end of the hall, you'll have to close the metal door to stop the sentries from reaching you. Mash the A button repeatedly so that Shu can close the door in a series of three phases. If any robots reach the door before it's closed, you'll have to fight them. If you close the door before any get near, you'll get an Achievement.

Once the door is closed, you'll end up next to another one of Nene's ships, a Mechat. Choose to swallow the Light Spheres, which will summon the shadows, your new magical companions. A battle against a couple of robots will follow, letting you get a feel for how the shadows work. The robots will then begin to close in. Run back to the dock of the Mechat and press the A button to enter. The kids will finally escape ... only to crash land by a waterfall.

Mechat Crash Site / Near Mechat Crash Site

Heal up at the waterfall and save at the nearby point. Explore the rest of the site to find chests with healing items. Head to the front end of the Mechat to get past the wreckage and continue to another enemy field.

Here the game will teach you more about the nuances of walking the fields and customizing your shadows with skills. Learn, explore or level up as much as you can -- your next destination is through the gate to the northwest.

Lot Wilderness - East

One more straightforward field to run through before reaching the next area. From the start, you can push down the large stump just ahead of you to reach the chest on the ledge. Continue south and you'll spot a few chests at the far south end of the field.

Push down the small thumb-shaped rocks that are sticking out of the sand to possibly find more goodies -- such as Antidotes, which you should definitely stock up.
Continue to the northwest. You'll encounter a new enemy, the Smirking Scorpion as you run through here. They have the ability to poison to your characters, but try not to use all your Antidotes in one go here. If you're poisoned, you can run northwest to the next village and stay at the inn, then return. As long as you're not in a battle, your characters will survive -- albeit with 1 HP as the minimum.

Go up next to the scorpion guarding a treasure chest to learn about changing shadow classes, then fight the scorpion.

Sheep Tribe Camp

Walk to the fire in the center of the camp to overhear the sheep people talk about their missing comrade, Donpa. Talk to the sheep woman in pink to stay at her "inn" to heal up.

It's time to look for the lost Donpa. You'll have to face your first boss before getting to him, though, so let's strengthen up first. First off, you should buy some accessories from the vendor next to the inn.

Buy one of each accessory for the three characters -- if you're low on gold, simply go back or forward to the Lot Wilderness and build up your reserves. If you've checked every chest until now, you should already have a Stone Bracelet, so you may only have to buy two of those. You ought to have enough healing items by now, too, but buying a few Phoenix Talons wouldn't be a bad idea -- ideally, having five of each item offered by the camp vendor should suit you well, for now.

Now for spells. These are the most expensive things at the Camp, and you won't really need them for the boss ahead, but you should still raise the money for them, especially Water. You'll likely have a chance or two to unlock a new class for everyone's shadow once you reach level 5. If you want to get an early lead on things, unlock and assign Barrier Magic to Jiro and buy the Shield spell. For Kluke, Support Magic makes a good companion to her Black Magic, starting by buying Slow. Do with Shu what you wish. You'll be good as long as you level those classes to Lv. 1, then switch back to the main classes and equip the Barrier/Support skills.

Don't forget to check the chests, pots and boxes around the camp for even more money and items.
The man next to the cow is in desperate need of Antidotes. Give him one and he'll trade you a Phoenix Talon. Keep it up to earn more Talons, or just buy them from the item merchant (which is honestly smarter in the long run).
With the accessories bought and equipped, you're now much better off in dealing with the enemies in the Wilderness. Head past the inn to enter the west end.

Lot Wilderness - West

Here are a couple of tips as you run around this end of the Wilderness:

Again, if you're just leveling up before the boss, don't waste your Antidotes here, or for that matter, Magical Medicines. If anyone's poisoned or low on MP, just run back to the Sheep Tribe Camp and have a stay at the inn.
Green Grunts are instantly disabled by Shu's dragon's Wind Sword ability. It will blow away the Grunts' sword, reducing their attack power to peanuts!
Around the corner and to the west, you'll find a Green Grunt blocking a pathway that will lead you to the boss battle. You could just keep going past it and discover a way to go behind it, but what's a few more experience points just in case? Soon after you get past the Grunt, Donpa will yell at you from a pile of rocks nearby, and then the Flamboyant Dinoram will show up.

BOSS: Flamboyant Dinoram
Recommended Level(s): 8-10

Here's why buying those accessories was so important: the Dinoram's attacks can chip off up to 30 HP if you're under-leveled and under-equipped. If you haven't done so already, change Jiro's formation so that he's in the back row. Kluke will probably have the lowest max HP of the group, so cast Shield on her at your earliest convenience -- if you don't have it, then you may be a bit better off fighting at level 10 or higher.
Just use regular attacks for a while until Jiro suggests targeting the head with a spell. Sounds good; now you can let loose. Target the Horn on the Dinoram's head and hit it with the Flare spell. When the Dinoram puts up its Tail Defense move and Kluke still has a turn to go, cast Flare, but put her after the boss on the Charge meter, then have Jiro and Shu attack/heal/defend until the boss lets up and/or counterattacks. After the Flare hits and the Dinoram is staggered, you can follow up with a Flare Sword from Shu.


Keep up the pattern and the boss should be down before you know it, and Donpa will be saved! He'll give you a Light and Shadow Crystal as rewards.

When you're ready, save at the point after the battle. If you head back to the camp, Donpa will give you a Mega Medicine. Otherwise, continue forward.

Eastern Lot Wilderness

Take the little white path pointed north to find another huge Mechat. However, you can pass it up for now and explore this field, doing the usual leveling-up and treasure hunting. If you get lost, just head due north to return to the Mechat.

Drill Machine

Once inside and the machine starts burrowing, you can explore the halls. At the start is a pair of robots that help with the operations. One of them is a merchant that sells items, accessories and spells. As usual, buy each new accessory for every character and, if you have money to spare, the new spells as well (at least Cure Poison). The other robot acts as an inn and will heal you. After shopping, enter the purple-tinted door to go up to Floor 2A. Navigate the hallway there and enter the next door to Floor 3.

Enemies will start showing up on Floor 3 -- since they're robots, they can be easily dispatched with water-based spells and attacks. When you reach Floor 2B, a rogue robot will guard some treasure chests. Fight it with water just like the regular enemies and it should be down in no time. Along with what's in the chest, the robot will give you 23 Warp Keys that you can use on any Warp Devices you find (like the one next to you, for instance!).

The door to the cockpit will also be unlocked. Go back to Floor 3 and run up the ramp in the middle of the hall. The kids will fight a few of Nene's robots before entering the door (they're super-weak now), and then they'll meet a funny creature behind the door: Marumaro.

You will fight Marumaro. This is a rather brief battle meant to introduce him, so it shouldn't matter what level you're at, especially since Maro's attacks are so weak. Just let loose on him and eventually the battle will end and the Drill Machine will crash land far underneath the earth.

From the cockpit, take the smaller door for a shortcut to the 1st floor, where you can collect a couple more items, heal and buy anything you may have missed before. Across the door to the cockpit is a larger metal door that will take you outside. (A chest is hidden between the Machine's treads holding a Mega MP Up Elixir. Use it on one of the magic users to increase their map MP.)

Ancient Hospital Ruins

Make sure to push all of the light switches on the walls around here. They glow red, but will then glow blue once they're turned on. Look for beads of red light wherever you go to find them all.

In the east wing is a room with a treasure chest. Opening it will send down some easy-to-beat robots. Clear out the room, then head to the west wing and enter the door on the north side. After a short chat about the hospital, you can explore the room. One of the chests holds a Lv. 1 Shine spell, which can help a White Magic user's offensive line. Exit the room through the door at the other end and Jiro will point out a healing machine on the wall. Use it to heal, then exit the room and up the staircase.

Half the floor is blocked by debris, but you can make your way around the outer rim to reach the center, as well as the light switch in the northwest corner. Clear out the main room first and get the Silver Bracelet from the chest behind the Wandering Wrath. Turn on the lights (prepare for the ghosts that will attack you afterward -- use Shine to wipe them out), then start exploring the side rooms.

The first room -- next to the staircase that you came up from -- is totally dark. Push the light switch next to the door so you can see, then open the chest at the end of the room to get the Head Doctor's Office Key. The Office is beyond the east wing, so make your way there, beat the robot guarding the door, then head inside. If you examine a shelf to the right of the desk, you'll get a safe key, and with that you can open the desk drawer which contains a White Magic Heart and a Black Magic Heart. Behind the doctor's desk is a chest containing the Magical Crystal Ring, but a mob of ghosts will appear once you collect it. Make quick work of them with Shine, and then you'll be done; run back out to the main room.

Run around the outer edge to reach the south end, where you can access the door at the west wing (and the light switch in the outer corner if you haven't pushed it yet). The switch inside is toward the middle of the room. Turn it on and then finish up. Exit by taking the nearby stairs up to 3F.

Flip the switch in front of you then round the corner. You'll see some Flame and Snow Wolves fighting, but you'll get a chance to fight them yourself. Enter the door on the right and beat down the Wrath inside to get a Silver Necklace.

Enter the west room and save at the save point. Through the hole in the wall is a Snow Wolf. As you might guess, Flare works best against it. Just beyond that is a Flame Wolf! Yep, go with Water. After beating it, get the Phoenix Talon from the chest at the side of the stairs, then go down the stairs back to 2F.

2F - 1F
You'll start at the north end this time. At the end of the path are two chests with some extra items. Make your way to the center to enter another darkened room. Flip the switch near the door and the group will discover they're in the control room. Run to the end and flip the switch on the panel there to activate the elevator in the center of the floors. More ghosts will assault you right after, but what else is new? Take the lower door to reach the center of the room, then make your way back to the east wing and down the stairs to 1F. Once on 1F, weave your way to the elevator and take it back up to 3F.

The rest of the Snow and Flame Wolves will be around here, some guarding chests. Take the east wing and go down to the south end to find two more Wolves, one of which guarding a chest that has a ... Treasure Chest Key.

Well, you can use it by running straight up to the north end and entering the small room up there. The locked chests will hold another Magic accessory and a Kelolon Powder. Across from that door is another one on the wall that will take you where you need to be next. Equip those Magic accessories if you haven't already, then enter the door. Maro will be in a pinch! Offer to help and start another boss fight.

BOSS: Icefire Wolf Ghost

Since there weren't any respawning enemies in the hospital, your level shouldn't matter much (averaging 11 or 12). The Wolf will frequently change its dominant element after being hit, signified by a burst of water or flame around it. Pay close attention to that, then cast a spell the opposite of the element (Flare/Water). Use Shine as an alternate if you missed the prompt. The fight should be rather smooth -- keep up the elemental attacks and have Jiro heal when necessary.


After the fight, Maro will resist your help, but will eventually give in. He'll still run off, though. Explore the arena before moving on to find some chests with a few items and a Magic Crystal Bracelet.

Urn Room

Run up to Maro and he'll run off again. Follow him through the next door. In the Urn Room, Maro will try and hunt down the medicine he needs. Examine all the teardrop-shaped urns in the room to get a few medals to add to your collection -- the medicine will be on the east side of the room. Once it's found, Maro will take it, and soon afterward the Drill Machine will return to the surface and zoom off.

Lago Village

Maro reunites with his home village, but the Drill Machine is out of commission. Go up to the group of Devees, chat with the townsfolk, then enter the Town Hall. The villagers' sickness didn't seem to be cured, and now there are more violet clouds in the sky! Looks like Nene's doing. Before going outside, check the rooms on the ground floor for a chest with Medicine and a villager acting as an innkeeper if you need to heal. Once outside, the group will "reunite" with Nene and his henchmen.

It looks like another battle will start, but it's just a bunch of cut-scenes. The old man will soon run away, and so will Maro soon after. Follow Maro up the steps and above the town. Up here you'll find a Warp Device and new equipment shops. Upgrade any applicable accessories and stock up on any desired items, then continue up the path and into the cave at the end. Take the stairs up the left side to find Maro at the top. More talking and cut-scenes will follow. Kluke will figure out that they'll need to find a certain leaf to try and cure the village. And then, finally, Marumaro will officially join the party!

Maro's shadow starts out in the Monk class. Equip the skills he starts with -- though you can ignore "Attract Aura" until those times when you really need to level up.
Next to the town hall exit is a Devee woman selling spells. There's a lot of new ones, but you might not have the cash just yet. Start by buying "Regenerate" and one of the Black Magic spells -- regardless, you'll have plenty of time to level up and raise cash once you exit the town through the front gate in a minute.

Lago Village - South

Along with Maro's inclusion, the game will now let you use Field Skills as you run around the world. Though you won't have any now, you can start earning the skills as you level up.

As the guard at the village exit said, you should head to the right (southwest) if you want to reach the Forest of the Dead. The opposite direction will take you back to the Eastern Lot Wilderness. There's plenty of enemies in either location, so it's a great time to level up and get some money for those spells back at the village. With Marumaro's Monk power, walloping the enemies should be a pretty brief affair, and the money gained from defeating them in larger groups will also get you richer quicker.

When you're appropriately stocked up, head toward the glowing spot on the World Map pointing to the entrance to the Undersea Caverns.

Undersea Caverns

Save once you're inside. The path ahead wraps around a little bit, so take the eastern one to find a chest with a Water Earring. Continue to make your way north through the caverns and check out any nooks and crannies you see.

One of those crannies has a treasure chest that can't be opened because of its fish-shaped lock. You'll need a special key, obviously. Find it by going a little further ahead and defeating all the enemies you come across. When you defeat a group in front of an impassable gap, a treasure chest appears containing the Fish-Shaped Key. Go back to the locked chest and open it for the Hexagon Crystal. The game will then show you a barnacle back at the gap. Go there and insert the Crystal into the barnacle. The water in the gap will rise and take a bridge up with it. Now you can continue.

Checkpoint! Head through the passage to the east to get the Flara spell from a chest. If you'd like to save, run back down to the entrance to do so. At any rate, continue north to encounter the Hydrattler.

BOSS: Hydrattler
Recommended Level(s): 15-17

This should be another brief battle. The Hydrattler has four heads lettered A through D -- start attacking one, then just go in order to the head on the other end. Use Flara and Flara Sword, as they'll do the biggest damage (Mow Down will also work fairly well at hitting them all at once). The Hydrattler also uses spells causing poison and confusion, so either cast Cure Poison at a wide spread to take care of everyone or cast Regeneration to counteract the poison (assuming your White Magic user isn't under confusion, that is!).

Once a head is "defeated," it will freeze up. At that point, move on to the next head and keep attacking that one. When all the heads are paralyzed, the Hydrattler will fall.


Sheep Tribe Camp (Forest)

After the battle, get the remaining treasures and exit the Caverns. You'll wind up on the Island of the Dead and near another Sheep Tribe Camp. Go ahead and visit the camp to refresh the party. There aren't any side quests or anything of that sort in the camp, so just buy what you need, open all the hidden chests and, of course, activate the Warp Device. Head back out to the island and take the other path to the Forest.

Forest of the Dead

And away we go on a quest to find that curative plant! Clear out the enemies in the big open area at the start and collect the items from the chests. From there, take the lower east path. Make your way east and then north (past the area with the green barrier wall) until you encounter a group of moths. Defeat the moths and a chest will appear that contains the Spirit of the Elder Tree. Continue north and cross the bridge there.

Fight the Grinning Ghost next to the big tree. Check the tree afterward and the Elder Tree will recover its oul. In return, the level of water in the poison swamp will drop. There's still that poison mist to get past, though. The Elder Tree will tell you to go after a mist machine to the north. Cross the bridge on the north end to begin the next leg of the journey.

Open all the chests on the other side of the bridge -- one has a Shina spell for you, which will help you a ton with the ghost enemies here and in the future.
Continue north and you'll have to face another Grinning Ghost before reaching the mist machine. Turn the machine off and the poison mist will clear out, letting you continue.

Return to the Elder Tree, who tells you where to find the Gabo plant you're looking for -- back near where you got his spirit. Before going there, take the bridge to the east to get some extra items out of some chests, then return to the area with the green barrier. Go east past the barrier until you see another bridge with yet another Grinning Ghost guarding it. Defeat it, then continue north. The path will wind around to the south again, and will lead you to a Warp Device before you can exit the area. Warp back to the Forest Camp if you wish, save and heal, then head back to the Forest and exit to the south.

BOSS: King Ghost
Recommended Level(s): 16-18

This boss is barely a boss. If you collected the Shina spell from the chest earlier, you'll have a breeze of a time. Continually assault the King with Shina and Shina Sword, use Maro for powered-up attacks, use Kluke's Black Magic as you wish, and be a little patient. Don't bother targeting the crown on the King's head, as it basically just absorbs damage.


After the fight, go up and grab a Gabo plant, then warp back to Lago Village.

Lago Village - Lot Wilderness

Head back into the town hall. When night falls and you regain control of Shu, climb out of Maro's house and reenter the town hall. Following another cut-scene, the effects of the Gabo plant will be known (hint: it's good). After the celebration, exit the town hall and you'll find out Nene was the cause of the plague after all. Then, as you exit the village, you'll learn that the Gul Mountains are what's keeping you from going back home. Your next destination is to the east, so let's make tracks.

Head through the Lot Wilderness to the east until you encounter the Lazy Bear blocking your path. Defeat it and keep going, checking out any chests you come across. You'll have to fight more Lazy Bears as the path stretches on. Eventually, as you come closer to your destination, you'll reach a large stone gate blocking your way. Walk up to it to have Maro initiate his ritual dance, opening the gate.

Gul Mountains

As you run in, you'll meet Toripo, a great explorer who will sell you items for the Medals you've collected. They're pretty useful items, too -- "Hearts" that raise the rank of your classes and elixirs that slightly raise your various other stats. Each one costs only 2 Medals, so don't act too afraid to buy what you want/need. But if you want to hang on to most of your Medals, just buy Hearts for the classes you're actively using. Choose wisely, as Toripo will leave once you finish up. After that, make your way down the west passage (the eastern one has a Poo Snake guarding a chest with a jewel inside).

Wind your way through the passage until you come to a larger circular room that splits off to the north and west. Take the west path first and defeat a Chain-Gang Ghost to get through. Explore the rest of the passages here to get more treasures, including a Wind Bracelet to the west and a Dizzy spell to the north. Then, head back to where you fought the Chain-Gang Ghost and this time round the corner to the north.

Travel east a little bit until you spot another Chain-Gang Ghost to the south. Defeat it and continue to another section dotted with treasures. Clear the area, then head back to where you defeated the Ghost and run to the east. A light will be seen from the far wall, and the kids will look at their home village from far away. The scene will shift back to the cave -- open the next few chests and continue north. Yep, there are more enemies and more treasures around. The exit is also to the north, but there isn't any boss fights or anything, so if you need to run out, go ahead -- you can always go right back in and continue exploring.

Outside, you'll be within steps of Talta Village again.

Talta Village

Things don't look too good. Head up the steps and look inside Fushira's Workshop. You'll find a letter Fushira wrote to the kids. The villagers have relocated, traveling down the "coast road." Jiro suggests taking a shortcut through the Valley of Murals. Explore the rest of the houses if you'd like, as some may contain hidden items and gold. A save point and Warp Device are just beyond the Workshop, as well. Above there, up the steps, you'll find a chest with a Winda spell inside, and more items higher up. Furthermore, you'll find an Ordeal Ring in a chest behind the windmill that Shu ran down from at the beginning of the game.

The drawbridge nearby will lead you over to the inn. Ironically, if you want to stay there, you'll have to fight a miniboss first -- the shady peddler who is actually an evil ghost in disguise.

BOSS: Mad Eye
Recommended Level(s): 20+

Mad Eye will summon three groups of skeletons, one after the other, when you defeat them. Concentrate on getting rid of them first with Mow Down, charged spells, and anything else that can hit all the enemies at once. When the skeletons are all gone, Mad Eye will move on to casting powerful spells. Anyone other than a Black Magic user should use physical attacks -- Shina Sword won't work too well. Cast regular Shina often to get some extra damage in. Physicality is what works, though, and before long Mad Eye will be gone.


After the fight, enter the inn and rescue the keeper, Poruto. He'll reward you with an Ordeal Earring, and then will reopen for business. Heal up and then buy the new spells: Zephyr, Extract, Deflect, Poison, Heal Up and Wall (5600 G total).

Once that's taken care of, explore the town some more and open any chests you may have missed, then exit the village and head south to enter the Valley of Murals.

Mural Valley

Of course, the moment you arrive, you're assaulted by an Evil Mural. It's easy to defeat with physical or Magic Sword attacks, so don't worry about it. Walk ahead a bit and cross the first bridge. Open the chest on the other end, then take the path south, down to the grassy area. Open the other chests (one has a Cure Paralysis spell) and two Hawk Eyes will ambush you once you're done. Defeat them, then continue to the east and up the next path.

Continue up the paths, crossing bridges, beating back Murals and collecting items until the group pauses halfway and Kluke suggests resting. Take the next bridge over and run up to the next area.

Mural Town

After being greeted by the Murals, run through the narrow hall and enter the room with the tall black structure in the center. Activate it to hear a legendary tale from the Storyteller, and after that the door in the other hall -- the Central Hall -- will open.

Inside the Central Hall are a few purple stones representing the Inn and item shops. There's only one new spell to buy, Heala, but the Accessory shop has all-new Mithril equipment. From the entrance to the hall, hang left into the room, where you'll find a Warp Device and some other chests inaccessible right now. Go back to the hall and take the other door outside, where the group will find a mysterious shining item: the Mystery Part Alpha. Continue forward out the door to the other side and a mural person will stop you and ask for a favor -- to look for the Shabby Book.
Mural Valley East

Once you cross the bridge in front of you, in swoops the nasty Flame Raptor.

BOSS: Flame Raptor
This is another pretty easy fight, even if you're at or slightly below level 20. Like the mural in the town said before you left, the Raptor is susceptible to wind. So obviously, just hit it with Winda and Winda Sword. The Raptor's "Deep Breathing" move will heal about 224 of its HP, but that shouldn't be a problem, as Winda inflicts as much damage as the healing spell, even more at times. Keep it up and the Raptor will be down for the count.


Continue along as usual until you reach a grassy area. Defeat the first Cockatrice and its cronies in front of you to gain access to the chest that has the Shabby Book. Defeat the other enemies around and grab the rest of the treasure, then run back to Mural Town. When you give the Book to the Man Mural, he'll read it, determine it's a Reflect spell, then give it back to you. Free magic; always appreciated.

Return to the Valley and cross the first rope bridge if you haven't already -- it will collapse and end up against the rock wall. Go around to the other end of it and press the A button to climb down the flattened bridge. Once on the lower level, swing left to the other grassy area to get more treasure.

A transformation box will be among the chests. Consider throwing a Jibral Earring to get a Jibral Ring in return. The Magical Attack boost will be valuable to a Black Magic user.
Continue along the side of the canyon until you reach the end. There, the rope bridge will fall down next. Make your way down to reach the Road to Jibral.
Road to Jibral
With no signs of the Talta villagers around, the kids decide to go back down the road. Go straight ahead from the save point to start on your way. Just then, you'll spot the villagers under attack from a group of monsters!

BOSS: Steel-Eating Tigers / Dullahan

The Tigers attack big, but are really pushovers -- use Water to get rid of them quickly, and quickly revive anyone who falls (Jiro/White Magic's "Double Item" skill is great to have for this or any other revival attempt). After that, the headless minotaur Dullahan shows up. Cast Ground to stagger Dullahan's feet, then follow up with physical attacks (Ground Sword counts!). Keep up that pattern and he should be defeated before he has a chance to really retaliate.


Talta Village Camp

After the fight, the scene shifts to night at the Talta camp. Talk to everyone around the fire, then enter the large tent next to the save point.

You'll find a hidden chest along the walls outside, next to Kappo the donkey.

Inside the tent, Jiro talks to his parents. After eavesdropping, return to the campfire where Shu will continue to talk to the others. Save your game after the prompt, and then the journey continues.

Road to Jibral / Guarding the Wagons
Escort mission time! You'll have to lead the slow-moving caravan through the Road to Jibral while defeating any enemies that will ambush the wagons, as well as pushing down any rocks in the way. The enemies you'll face are all Fat Rats and Steel-Eating Tigers. Definitely look at the tutorial if it's your first time doing things -- it's the best way to know what you're doing.

When off-screen enemies show up, an inset camera view will appear in the corner(s) of the screen. When this happens, you can use RT for more than field targeting; use it to pause the action and spin the camera around to see where the enemies have popped up from, then go after them.

The journey's kind of long, but you shouldn't be too overwhelmed. If you do end up with wagons that have lower-than-acceptable HP, get rid of any enemies first, then go up to the wagons and use a Repair Kit.

The trek ends in a wide-open space, followed by another save prompt. Save your game, then watch the intervening cut-scenes. It looks like doom for our heroes, until a lucky twist of fate...

Following the assistance from the Jibral forces, the kids will end up fighting one last group of Steel-Eating Tigers. Despite the "boss" music, they're just as easy to defeat as always. However, since there are more of them, you do have a greater chance of losing one or two party members at once. Use Phoenix Talons as much as possible, and cast Regenerate or Zephyr to keep everyone healed. Zola can't do much but attack singularly, so use her for items use.

Jibral Castle Town

After escaping from the Tigers, Shu and the others end up in the Castle Town. There are plenty of things to see and do here, so before heading straight to the castle, it's best that you check around town and enter any shops along the market district in front of the castle. Especially the Spell Shop, which of course has a few new spells for you to buy.

Other than the regular bits of gold and stones that you'll find in cabinets and jars, check the bulletin board in front of the market distict; the glowing jewels inside the Item Shop and other sort-of-standout objects and places around town to acquire small stat boosts like +2 SP or +10 EXP, etc.

Head to the castle and you'll enter the Bell Tower area, featuring another save point and an adjacent Warp Device. Activate both, then talk to Shifa and the old man nearby before heading into the castle.

Jibral Castle

You can't enter the throne room on 3F quite yet. To remedy this, enter the senior minister's office on 2F (on the right-hand wing after coming up from 1F). You'll automatically talk to him, and he'll grant you permission into the throne room. The soldiers at the door will take you there. After talking to the King, follow him and Zola up to the roof. After some more talking, head back into the castle.

Go down to 1F and then through the door to the basement (on your right when going down the stairs). At the end of the hall is a staircase leading down to the lab -- take the last door on the left to enter it. Walk forward to speak to the Mad Chief Researcher. You'll hand over the Mystery Part Alpha from the Mural Town -- with a suggestion to collect and hand over the Beta and Gamma Parts later. From there, go into the back corner and through the next door to enter the Eternal Engine Lab and speak with Zola. Exit the room and you'll end up in Zola's Quarters. Continue to talk to her to hear a bit of backstory. After that, you'll be let go.

Zola will suggest you to stop at the inn after looking around town. Continue buying any items/equipment you need. You can't warp somewhere else and level/raise cash, though, so get what you can, then stay at the inn at the edge of the market. Inside, talk to Fushira to rest on the bed.

A noise in the middle of the night will wake up Shu and Fushira. Time to check things out. Fushira will give you 10 Phoenix Talons as a precaution, which obviously means something's about to happen. Head outside and check out the scene, then return to the Bell Tower and save one more time before reentering the castle. Inside, run up the stairs to the roof to watch the "fireworks."

A short button-mashing sequence will follow, with the castle forces trying to pull in the Flying Fortress. Much like the way you evaded the robots, rapidly press the buttons shown onscreen until the meter at the top fills up. You'll have to do it for three buttons, at which point the Fortress will be pulled in (and you'll get an Achievement for doing all of it successfully).

When you regain control, run to the right-hand side, over to Zola. The group will enter the balloon and make their way up to (and eventually inside) the Fortress.

Flying Fortress

Just like old times, eh? Only now, Zola's in the party and you have a mission: destroy the Eternal Engine! Head down the stairs to the lower level, clear out the robots and chests around, then head towards the elevator in the far corner. A save point is right there, so save before doing anything. The only problem: you don't have an Elevator Key at the moment.

Run down the long conveyor-belt corridor next to the elevator. Press the A button when you reach the end of it and you'll find a hidden Shadowa spell!

Instead, head through the door on the wall to the right of the elevator door. In this next room are more sentry Hover Patrollers and a chest containing a Trapfloora spell (in the corner to the left of where'd you enter). Wipe out the enemies and on the other side of the room is a chest with the Elevator Key. Return to the elevator and, obviously, use the key.

Head right (northwest) from the start and defeat the Security Robo guarding the door ahead. Behind the door is a chest with 1000 Gold. Exit and continue northwest around the corners to find a chest with a Phoenix Wing. Other than that, double back and head to the southeast corners. Another door will be on the side of the wall. Enter it and a laser tripwire will be in front of you.

There's no getting rid of it, so go ahead and run through. A Flying Mecha Robo will drop down and attack. Get rid of it, then go straight into the next room. Defeat the other Robo there to gain access to the door ahead. The west door leads to a hall with a chest containing a Flawless jewel. Otherwise, continue north to the once-guarded door and enter the Center Shaft.

Head to the end of the shaft platform and Zola will deactivate the first of six eternal engines. Head back out to the large hallway and continue to the east. Deactivating the engine also turned off the large blue laser barrier there, so you're able to go on. Find the next Security Robo guarding a door and defeat it. Collect the Jibral Bracelet in the next room, then return to the hall and enter the door at the end. Open the four chests in this large room while defeating all the enemies that drop down.

The exit is to the west, but you'll be close to a miniboss now, so you might want to go back and save, or just be prepared with items and full health. Enter the door to fight Silent Ku.

BOSS: Silent Ku

Another pushover. Since Ku's a robot, use Watera and Watera Sword to deal with him best. His Multi-Shot attack won't do a whole lot of damage, but it's best to cast Regenerate and follow it with Zephyr if anyone gets really hurt.


Continue to the next eternal engine shaft and shut it off. Exit and then head through the door previously blocked by the laser. Hey, guess what, another boss!

BOSS: Turbulent Mai

Mai is a bit nastier than Ku. His (her?) blade attacks can deal 100+ HP damage, so Regenerate and Zephyr will be much more important here than last time. Water won't work so well on Mai, so try Shadowa & Shadowa Sword to deal the best damage.


Deactivate the next engine and head into the next hall. Defeat the Robos in front of the door to access a Supermetal Earring and a Way of the Thief in the chests. Then head to the west through the next corridor and continue around the corners.

You'll end up in a large room with -- yes! -- a save point and a healing machine, along with a few chests with some restorative items. Exit through the west door after prepping and you'll fight a Double Axe enemy and some cronies. It's got a lot of HP, but just keep hitting it with Water or Ground magic. Continue forward and shut down engine number four. Return to the large room and the fighting begins again.

BOSS: Heat-Wave Sai

As his name suggests, Sai's "hotness" can be taken out by wind attacks (Winda Sword is best). But before long, Sai will take out a bomb, and the kids will get the idea to set it off with fire. From there, move on to casting Flara to deal the biggest elemental damage.


Return to the hall and make your way northeast. This corridor's pretty long, so make sure you go alllll the way down and explore the side rooms to get the loot (such as a Supermetal Necklace and Light Crystal). After that, enter the big door in the center of the hall for the Warp Device Hall. Activate the glowing pad in the middle of the room, warping to Engine Rom 5.

Run down the big ol' staircase and save your game at the bottom. Head up the pedestal next to you to fight the next boss.

BOSS: Raging Kesu

One word: Shadowa. The Sweet Spot on its charge meter is usually right at the start of the meter, so all you have to do is tap the A button to let loose its full power. That's the best offensive strategy, but Kesu will frequently use a "Special Knife" attack to inflict a variety of status effects, usually Paralysis.


Running up to the engine a cut-scene will play. One engine remains. Zola will split off and take one of the warp portals nearby. Take the next one to reach the Dock. After saving and running through another laser-filled hallway, you come out onto the dock to see Nene and Szabo. Nene escapes, leaving you to fight Szabo.

BOSS: Szabo

Szabo's weakness isn't very obvious -- like all robots, he's vulnerable to Shine/Shina, but no other spells really do much more damage than the others. Therefore, a strong combination of fully-charged physical and elemental attacks works best. In the video, you'll see we used Shadowa the most.

Start by wiping out Szabo's Security Robos with Watera or other all-enemy attacks, then concentrate on Szabo. After a while he'll perform a super Power Up move, then be staggered for a while after that. That's your best chance to let loose with physical attacks.


The kids find another Mechat after the battle. Save before hopping in. As for Zola, she takes care of the last engine on her own. The Mechat tracks down Nene's ship and a dogfight erupts.

Mechat Shooting

The game will start by asking if you want to play on "Easy Mode." The following strategy is based on the choice, "No." Either way, it's best to read and understand the tutorial for the Mechat shooting controls. In Easy Mode, the gun will not overheat.

But on Normal, the machine gun heats up too much if you just fire continuously. Therefore, the best advice is to shoot in controlled bursts -- fire for a second, let up for a second, fire for a second, etc. The "swishy" feeling of the crosshairs may be a little too much for you to handle if you're familiar with first-person shooter games, but try and keep up a nice "left-to-right" pattern to keep up with Nene's ship -- also try jamming the stick in the direction you want instead of keeping your thumb on it. At any rate, concentrate on firing missiles at Nene, and shooting down the ones he fires at you.

One thing the tutorial doesn't tell you is that you can press LT/LB and RT/RB to quickly turn 90 degrees to the left or right in order to keep up with Nene.

After you hit Nene with enough missiles, things will switch to a second "phase" and he'll move in front of you. He'll fire more powerful missiles this time, as well as swaying back and forth more often. Shooting his missiles won't give you as many back in return, so focus on shooting him with the machine gun this time.

Is Nene gone after the battle ends? Looks like it. A celebration is in order at the castle!

Jibral Castle

Talk to anyone you want, then find Zola by the basement entrance. Tell her when you're ready to leave, and then you can save the game before Disc 2.

Jibral Castle / Castle Town

Zola's been sent north, where there are some ancient ruins, and of course, the kids decide to join up. After the cut-scene, exit the throne room. You now have another chance to explore the castle for any other hidden chests -- in the halls/offices, in the rear corners of the courtyard where you can get some Medals -- wherever you want to look.

When you reach the Bell Tower area outside, you're greeted again by Toripo, so do some shopping with your Medals again. Head back to the Castle Town and talk to the Chief and Jiro's parents. Enter the inn and talk to Fushira again to sleep in a bed.

A cut-scene will follow involving Jiro and Shu trying to fashion a ring for Kluke. The scene will shift to a shop and you'll have a chance to save before making a ring.

You, as Shu, will trade turns with Jiro, selecting gemstones to use in the final ring that will adjust Kluke's stats when she wears one. Since you'll end up choosing which one she wears anyway, this is a great time to customize a ring however you see fit, as long as you carefully consider the effects each gem has. In the picture, we created a fairly balanced ring.

After Kluke receives the ring and the cut-scene ends, the group will return to the overworld.

Jibral Highlands

Continue north into the rocky area to make your way to the ruins. There's quite a few mobs of enemies popping up around here, giving you plenty of time and opportunity to level up. Don't spend all your time in the Highlands, though, as the next area has plenty of tough enemies to fight as well.

Laser Field

The Field is somewhat large, so don't forget to check around for any hidden items. The path to the next section is north, so head north when you're ready to leave.

Considering all the new, more powerful enemies around, you should easily get up to level 30 or higher.
True to this area's name, the next section has Moon lasers tracking you as you run around on the ground -- they take off bits of your HP if they connect, too, so stay on the move at all times. Other than that, the same rules apply: clear out the treasures, pummel some enemies and continue to the north. At the end of the section you'll have to fight a robotic centipede. Hammer it with Watera to get rid of it quickly.

The third area is a little bit shorter. You're closer to the next town, so if you need to heal, just run forward. As you continue north, a cut-scene plays with the kids taking a beeline through the lasers until they end up in an underground chamber.

Baroy Town

Do your usual talking/shopping around here and then head straight ahead into the large building which acts as the Temple.

The robots "Number 39" (near the center of town) and 49 (usually hovering around the entrance/save point) will restore your MP and HP for free, so you won't have to spend money on the inn.
The kids will meet the leader of the Baroy 'bots, and after a long cut-scene you'll be brought back out to the town. From the Temple door, make your way left over to the Warp Device and enter the door with the three red dots on it to reach the next area, the Gate Room.

There isn't much in the Gate Room, aside from a couple of side rooms. Head back into town, save, and reenter the Temple, then take the door to the left to get down to the Basement. You'll be shown the gate controller, out of which appears the first boss of Disc 2, Blazing Kirin!

BOSS: Blazing Kirin
Recommended Level(s): 27 – 30

Be careful when you hit Kirin with a physical attack, as it will instantly counter with a Blazing Pillar, taking a decent chunk out of the attacker's HP. However, if you hit it with Watera and douse its flames beforehand, it will lose the ability to counter. Therefore, place your physical attackers after the magic users on the turn order..

Kirin will also use Hind-Leg Kick, which will damage and stun a target. If it stuns a magic user, heal them immediately with Mental Surge or another Stun-reliever..


After winning the battle, you get the Blue Device as a reward, which will erase all the blue-colored barriers in the world -- the ones around treasure chests, sure, but most importantly in Baroy Town, including the giant barrier back in the Gate Room.

The Generalist Heart and Magic Shoes, both found in the Basement after erasing the barriers, go hand-in-hand: if you haven't yet leveled up a Generalist, do it; you can open up another accessory slot to use the Shoes and other extra accessories.
With the barrier in the Gate Room gone, you can talk to the robots that were previously trapped, and buy the goods they peddle. There are a couple of new spells, but are pretty expensive and not exactly essential if you don't have the classes that support them. At any rate, exit through the door to the north to enter the Underground River.

Underground River

The entire first area is pretty straightforward -- there's just a constant stream of enemies that come in, and moon lasers later on. Stay on your toes, and don't be afraid to run back to Baroy to reheal if you need to. If anything, this is a great place to level up! (And get that 100 Back Attacks Achievement, what with all the Kelolons and their tendency to flee.)

As the path winds south, you'll reach a save point and a split in the road. Continue south to find Toripo again. Buy items from him if you can, and then he'll run off to the north. Don't go through the door in front of you, but follow Toripo up the northern path. Get rid of the blue barrier and run through the mob of Kelolons to reach a chest with a Grand Shadow Crystal, and another with an Ancient Warrior's Necklace. After that, go back to the south and through the door at the end.

Ancient Factory

Once you save and enter the main room, a cut-scene will play with a bunch of clamp-happy Defense Robos. You'll end up in a fight with them, but they put up barriers that are impassable now, so you'll have to Flee. After that, you can start to run around the Factory.

The Defense Robos are still around, so avoid running into them at all costs. Cross over the blue step bridge close to the entrance to find another Ancient Warrior's Necklace; otherwise, continue to the upper west corner and get past the Flying Mecha Robos to reach the rest of the room.

Ride the conveyor belt over to the other half -- notice that you can only step on the little steps with arrows pointing toward the belts, and instantly get off at the steps pointing out. Take the lower east door to a maze-like hallway. Take the first left and then left again to swing around, ending up on the other side of the fence in the main room. Don't bother getting on the conveyor belt; it'll just take you back to the front. Check the small corridor next to the door to find an Ancient Warrior's Earring in a chest.

Go back through the door and straight across to the next door to the west. Enter it and you'll be ambushed by a Double Mace. Get rid of it quickly with Watera, then continue to use the save point and healing machine in the room. Grab what's in the nearby chests (including a Lv. 5 Shieldus spelll), then continue through the north door and round the corner towards the large circular room in the west.

Clear out the enemies on the ground floor, then head up the ramp to the west. The journey up the ramp is dotted with all sorts of middling enemies, so it might not be the speediest trip.
When you reach the top level, a circle of inactive Double Maces will be around the area. Get close to each one and they may well activate -- if not, go to the next and so on. Defeat all of them and a chest will appear with a Mystery Part Beta. After that, go up the next ramp to fight a Jumbo Ghost as soon as you step up. As you might guess, Shina and Shina Sword will get rid of it the fastest.

On top of the next ramp is a busted Defense Robo. With no barrier on it, it's super easy to defeat. When it's gone, you'll get the Broken Barrier Device as a reward. Then enter the door ahead to make it outside.

Once outside, a mob of Robos comes out of the woodwork -- er, groundwork? Jiro will then activate the Barrier Device. Be patient as a wave of Robos are destroyed by the barrier, and then the cut-scene will continue. After a few minutes, you'll have to choose whether to leave the barrier up. If you leave it up, things will just loop indefinitely -- instead, agree to turn it off, and then the story will continue.

Ancient Prison (Moat)

Shu will wind up in a prison. Inspect all the obvious points in the cell -- the toilet, the hole in the wall, the blanket, the mop & bucket -- until another cut-scene plays that will get Shu out of the cell. Afterward, go back in the cell and save the game, then check out the other cells. The room next door has the Warp Device, and across from that is Jiro's cell, though it won't open so easily.

To get the key, you'll have to head north into the hall and fight the Security Robo just outside. You'll get the key by defeating it, so go back and free Jiro. Once he joins, go back into the north hall and fight more Robos. As you run through, Shu and Jiro will take notice of the panel next to the big door. If you left all of the cells open, the panel will light up with two red rows and one blue.

Go back to the cells and close all of them except the middle ones -- Jiro's and the Warp Device's. This will leave only the blue lights on the panel. Round the corner to the southeast cells.

Before exploring the extraneous cells, free Zola and Maro first. Opening their cells will activate the other two lights on the door panel, enabling you to get through it. Check out the northeast cell to get an Ancient Warrior's Ring, and then defeat the Melancholy Ghost that ambushes you afterward. Don't forget to close it after you leave!

Go back to the main hall and open the big door, but watch out for an ambush by two Robos that will merge themselves in battle. Beat them down, then go up to the next hall. The far east door just leads to a white-barrier chest you can't get to yet -- instead, take the west door.

Another cut-scene will play out, and Nene will bring out another big wave of robots. You'll have no choice but to fight them head-on this time!

Groups of eight robots will come after you. After beating the second group, the robots will all merge into a giant one and another cut-scene will follow. You'll then control Shu as he runs across the snowfield dodging the Robos. When you get close enough to the giant robot's feet, Shu's dragon will attack. You'll have to get past two waves of Robos before the cut-scene continues.

It won't work exactly as planned, though, and Nene manages to run off with Kluke, leaving the others alone in the snow.

Canyon (East)

There's no clear way to go, but northeast is where you want to point yourself. Do a bit of leveling up if you wish before reaching the green-barrier-protected Pachess Town.

Pachess Town

You can get in, but you can't get out! So says Daveela, the woman at the entrance. There's not much to do now, so stay at the inn, then go back over to Daveela the next day. She'll suggest using magic to get rid of the barrier. Try it out, and nothing will happen.

Except for the fact that the townspeople will now be angry and scared of you. Even Daveela! Jeez, lady! Walk to the right of the fountain over by the other houses and a small cut-scene will play. With the town still spooked, run up the hill behind the houses and over to the large blue-topped house.

Talk to the Elder inside. After the group convinces him they can be trusted, head back outside and the town will now trust you again. Take a look in the Accessory and Item Shops if you haven't yet, then return to the save point to talk to Daveela again.

Check the box of books in the Accessory Shop for a 50 EXP bonus, as well as other such bonuses around the showcase in the back. The Item Shop has a similar setup as well.
Shu will try magic on the barrier again, but it's no use. The scene will then shift to evening, and Jiro and Shu will have a chat before rejoining the group. Something's fishy behind the Elder's House, so head inside.
Go upstairs and enter the red door to the bedroom. Examine the white vase next to the bed to flip the stone panel on the wall, which reveals a huge machine. Press the switch on it, then go back downstairs. Another stone panel near the steps has opened up. Enter the room and go through the back door to reach the Backyard.

Once in the chapel, the Elder will tell a story. When you're ready, take the ladder down in the white glowing spot in the floor to enter the Underground.

Pachess Town Underground

The Underground is set up very much like the Ancient Factory, so it's like you never left! How nice! Before playing around on the conveyor belts, make sure most of the enemies are defeated and out of your way. Then hop onto the belt in the middle to bring yourself to the inner area. Defeat any enemies around there, then hop on the belt on the other end, to reach a corner where a Red Skeleton will ambush you. Defeat it and push the switch to switch (the Red Skeleton was guarding the switch) the directions of a conveyor belt elsewhere. After that, return to the center and enter the door on the east wall.

Don't forget a chest in the northwest corner that has the Flarus spell!
Through the door is a conveyor belt right in front of you. Don't step on it yet; instead, run to the end of the hall and open the chest to get a Grand Shadow Crystal. Then get on the belt and ride it to the other side, then through the door in the corner.

At the end of the next hall are two Red Skeletons guarding a door. Once they're defeated and you're through the door, you'll face a boss in the Warehouse.

BOSS: Scything Skull-Spider
Recommended Level(s): 33-35

The Skull-Spider's skull is guarded by a glass helmet. For the first few rounds, focus on targeting and physically attacking the helmet. When it breaks, you can follow up with more physical attacks to the skull that will now deal much more damage.

That's the basic way to win, but of course, the Skull-Spider has its own tricks that will delay your attempts to hit the helmet. When it sends out an Image of Defeat, the targeted party member has 4 rounds of turns before they're instantly killed. If your characters aren't equipped with an accessory that resists Instant KO, don't worry about it too much -- Phoenix Wings or the Revive spell can do a good job getting a fallen character back on their feet with enough HP. Just be prepared for it when their number ticks down to 1.

The boss will also send out an Image of Chaos, which summons a small group of skeletons while the Skull-Spider jumps into the background where he can't be targeted. Get rid of the skeletons with Shina or any other multi-targeting attack or skill. However, your attacks will be canceled when the Spider uses Image of Weakness. That's infuriating, but you can quickly follow up with another charged attack.

Always use a fully powered, broad-hitting Monk's attack. If the skeletons are gone before the attack executes, it will end up hitting the skull for big damage, or vice-versa. Either way is good for you.


When the boss is gone, you'll receive the Green Device. You know what that means: the town is ready to be free! But don't agree to go back to the surface just yet. Instead, run forward to the big door and explore the next halls, where you can find a chest with a Mirror Ring. The Ring increases the chance of killing any enemy who physically attacks the wearer, so it's pretty good for the weaker hero in your line -- magic users, for instance.

Go back to the conveyor belt hall and push the panel next to the belt to change directions, then ride it back to the end and make your way back through the underground and back up to the chapel.

Attach the Green Device to the machine in the center of the chapel and the town's barrier will be blasted away.

Pachess Town

With the barrier gone, you can now explore the outer edges of the town and open the chests that you could only see, not touch. Check out the ones by the pond and the others by the tree at the farmer's stables and behind the Item Shop, and that should wrap things up.


If you talk to any villager, they'll usually mention the moving castle to the west. Back out in the field, run directly west from the town to find a large stone column in the snow. Run up to it and a moon laser comes down. Blast it, creating a bridge for you -- all thanks to the Elder, who makes one last appearance and gives you the Green Device to keep. Too cool -- now you can keep on going.

The "castle" is in the far northwest corner. As the snow turns to sand, a cut-scene plays where the kids find the giant Robo in the middle of the sandy crater. And from the top of it, Nene appears. You'll then have to rescue Kluke as she falls from the Robo. In a short minigame sequence, you'll have to push the button as the prompt comes up (should be just the A button). After a couple of times, Shu grabs Kluke.

After another scene, the moving castle is revealed. It's more of a Death Star than a castle, though. A staircase shoots down, inviting our heroes in. Time to find the detonator and save Kluke!

Nene's Fortress

With only 59 minutes to go, you'll have to work fast. Luckily, the timer only ticks down when you're running around and not during battles.

Once past the save point & healing machine and into the first big room, start heading north. Most of the treasure chests you'll see around the perimeter only carry restorative items, so if you haven't had to use a Mega Medicine in a while, don't bother with the chests. Just head north to the big door, where a Stone Giant guards the path. Hammer it with water to get it down easily, then head through the door.

Outside, step on the center platform to be taken over to a larger one, and prepare for another boss fight.

BOSS: Land Shark A / Land Shark B
Recommended Level(s): 37-40

After saving Kluke, you don't have much time to build her back up to everyone else's present level. Therefore, keep an eye on her and make sure she doesn't die too early.

Like all machines, the Land Shark is most susceptible to water, so hammer it with Watera and don't stop for anything. Hitting it with water keeps it cooled down, and lowers the chance of it shooting its Heat Laser. Though it will likely still have a chance -- the Laser hits the whole party at once, and that's why we say to keep an eye on Kluke, as it hits pretty hard. If Kluke falls and you have a Phoenix Wing, use that to revive her with full MP. Have White Magic cast Zephyra immediately after the Laser, too.


After that, you'll warp to 2F.

Same setup here, only now you're headed south. The chests at the east end have more valuable treasure, too: the Resistus and Regenera spells. And this time, a Wandering Prophet guards the door, along with a few Ninja Ghosts.

Outside in the Storm Chamber is a familiar foe: Szabo! And he brought those elemental robots back with him. Time for a long fight.

BOSS: Grand Robos / Grand Szabo

Ku, Mai, Sai and Kesu will all gang up on you. But we bet you can't guess how to beat them quickly! That's right, water! And lots of physical attacks.

But like last time, Kluke will be your biggest worry, especially if she's Black Magic. If anyone falls in battle, have someone other than your White Magic user revive them with a Phoenix Talon. Concentrate White Magic on casting Zephyra, as you'll likely need it on almost every turn.

Raging Kesu is probably the most dangerous of the bunch, as his Special Knife can do anything from paralyzing to turning you into a Kelolon. So try and focus your physical attacks/Magic Swords on him first. Then simply use Watera on the others as much as possible. Don't expect the planning to go exactly as you want it to -- unless you're super over-leveled, but that's not too likely.

After they're down, Szabo will appear immediately after to continue the fight. He has a few cannons circling him as well, which you'll have to get rid of first. By now you should have a good chance to cast Regenera before Szabo attacks, so go ahead and do that.


Once those nasty jerks are scrapped, it's time to warp to 3F!

3F starts off by forcing you to fight a couple of pairs of Red Mask Robots before you’re able to move around freely. Stick to the east side and you’ll come upon a chest with the Cure-All spell.

Luckily there’s no guard at the end of the hall -- you go straight into the Moon Chamber to fight not a boss, per se, but a group of moon lasers.

Moon Laser Defense

You’ll have to shoot down a group of moon lasers before they shoot you down. Whenever you see one turn and start to charge a laser (signified by a circle of sparks traveling toward the middle), immediately move over and fire at it. If you get blasted, it’s instant death for one of the characters, as the lasers strike for 1,000 HP, and you’re given a total of 5,000.

Early on, you can charge your shots to deal bigger damage, since the moons will move slowly, and pretty much one at a time.

By the second round (four moons), things get a little harder: the moons will fake you out much more often, causing you to waste shots. Don’t feel a need to use a charged shot all the time -- dealing bits of damage at a time is safer and more effective in the long run.


4F isn't much different. An obvious chest nearby has the Erase spell. Other than that it's basically a gauntlet of pairs of Security Robos. Towards the end is the Extractus spell, and then the kids head outside once again for another boss.

BOSS: Jumbo Mecha Robo

Start out by hitting the Robo with Watera and/or Sapphire items to get some big damage in at the start. Cast Regenera as soon as you can, as the periodic boost in HP will help in a couple of minutes. After you put enough hurt on the Jumbo Robo, its head will be knocked off, spilling a bunch of smaller Robos.

Defeating all the tiny Robos is the true key to victory. Unfortunately, after you hit one, it will immediately counterattack. This means if you hit four at the same time, you'll get hit four times back! So keep a close eye on the HP counts if you're about to cast Watera or go for a multi-hit attack.

Your White Magic user makes a good designated healer, obviously, but because of the constant counterattacking, don't put all your healing trust into them for this battle. If a character is near death and White Magic isn't up for a few turns, you should sacrifice the offense for a moment and heal the injured with a Medicine or Crystal, then follow up with Heala or Zephyra if needed.

You may have to go through a pattern of fighting the Jumbo then the smaller Robos for a while, but don't lose hope! Just heal as much as you attack and you should pull through once all of the tiny Robos are gone.


The chests on 5F are the most important yet. The first one just off the north corner contains the Healus spell! The one after that is Reflecta, Paralyze and HP Max Up. Healus is probably the most useful overall, so decide what you want now versus how much time you have left.

Concentrate on fighting only what you have to -- the trios of Security Robos -- and try to dodge singular enemies that are about to attack you by performing a Dash Attack to get out of the way.

When you reach the end, the Servant Chamber, you won't have to worry about the time limit anymore. However, you will have to worry about a newly-evil Yasato and a gang of Robos.

A small fight will occur. It's not quite a boss fight since it's not very difficult, and the dialogue will clue you in on what to do -- which is, to attack Yasato's vacuum/Controller when he's trying to resist it.

Following the fight, another cut-scene involving Nene will play, and another short minigame part. Pull down the left analog stick and hammer the button displayed. Depending on which character the camera switches to, you'll have to switch to their corresponding button. Not too hard; just keep it up until the cut-scene continues.

Following that will be one more bit of button-mashing: Hammer down the X button for a couple of rounds until a fight menu comes up. Don't bother with attacking; just flee. That will push things along and put you at the end of Disc 2.

Old Lady's House - Devour Village

Head downstairs and talk to the old lady, then head outside into the village. Jiro, Kluke and the others are around, but you have to find them first. Look for the Item and Accessory Shop (the large two-ended building), then run around the corner behind it to find the others … except for Zola, anyway.

After everyone joins up, head toward the save point. Jiro will point you forward. Run down the path to see another cut-scene where the villagers tell you about the evil trees around here.

The mastermind (mastertree?) behind all this is in the center of town. Press the A button when you get up close to it and a fight will soon start, where Shu will try his best to attack the thing. But you're out of luck and will have to watch Shu collapse. He'll then wake up in the Old Lady's House again.

Exit the house and run around nearby until a man stops you, telling Shu to go to the Inn to find out what's happened to Kluke. Enter the Inn and the keeper directs you to the back where Kluke and the others are. She doesn't seem outright sick, but tormented by dreams.

Leave the Inn and talk to the keeper, who will mention the alignment of the eight moons, which can be seen on the hill. Behind the inn is the path up the hill (behind the well), so go over there and run up the thing. Another cut-scene will play where Shu saves a young girl. Soon after, Shu will resolve to regain his power. You'll have to mash on the A button again for a couple of rounds until, finally, the dragon returns. But it's not that easy -- you'll have to fight its double!

A new twist in the battle will be the Tension meter. Continue to hit the evil dragon until the Tension meter fills, then select "Corporeal" from the menu to "unleash your true power," as the game says. Shu will then defeat the dragon and regain his power. The cut-scenes shift back to the Inn, where the dragon will heal Kluke and Maro.

Now let's see what the dragon can do to that evil tree. Head back out to the center of town and get ready for the fight.

BOSS: Eat-Yeet

Only one character has a shadow, but you don't actually have to worry too much about the others, though keep one of them (whoever has the highest HP) alive for backup healing, should Shu be paralyzed by Eat-Yeet's Sticky Sap.

Whenever you attack Eat-Yeet, it brings its hands up to its face for defence. Hit it again and the hands will go away, leaving Eat-Yeet open. At that point, if the dragon is a Sword Master, use Flarus Sword to deal the best damage. If you're not a Sword Master and/or you work up the Tension meter to capacity, using Corporeal is a great way to finish off the boss. (But you might end up defeating it faster with Flarus anyway.)

There won't be any big breaks in this pattern, and as long as you keep Shu free from paralysis by tossing him Mobility Balm, then things should go pretty smoothly.


Hallelujah, Devour Village is free! The forest still looks awful, but at least there's a blue sky now! Take care of any loose ends -- such as buying any spells you couldn't afford before -- and head out of town via the path by the save point. The girl from before will say goodbye and give you a cookie. On the world map, simply head straight ahead from the village to enter the Devour Forest.

Devour Forest

Again, with only one shadow to fight with, things seem precarious here. But if you're at or beyond level 40, Shu can get rid of most of the enemies here with just a couple of plain attacks.

Go straight until you spot an odd black contraption in the first intersection. There's no way to activate it now, so continue down the east path. As you round the corner, a bulb will pop out of the ground, scream and summon a group of enemies. Defeat them, then continue forward until the game points you toward a chest under a lantern. A huge ghost guards it, so defeat it and you'll get a Flower Shard from the chest. Take care of the extra chests around there, then run back to the contraption at the beginning, and insert the shard to get rid of the roots blocking your way to the north.

Just past the roots is Toripo! Buy what you want from him, then hang a left and find a chest with a Curse spell inside. Continue north and you'll spot another artifact. Like last time, just head east to find the next shard. Explore south to find some extra restorative items and accessories in chests, but otherwise just continue east. The next chest and Ghost will be waiting for you. Pummel the ghost with Shina and get the Sacred Tree Shard.

Head back to the next artifact with the shard and insert it, opening a way out to the world map.

Giant Snow Fields

Back in the snow we go. Follow the path laid down to track your way back. You're free to explore and collect any items from chests, but just keep an eye on where you're supposed to be going. As you continue down the path you'll reach a fork. Point yourself west and continue down that way until you spot a large gate off to the side. This is the entrance to Noluta Village.

Noluta Village

Mo' villages, mo' problems -- this time the citizens are trapped in icicles. Oddly enough, you can still talk to them.

Start with the little boy near the save point, Frado -- his parents are worried about him. Find the parents in the house to the far right of the central courtyard. Talk to both of them, then go back to see Frado. A "light will shine in Jiro's heart," which can only mean good things.

Go into the house next door to Frado's parents to meet the Noluta Elder and his granddaughter. Talk to them, and soon Kluke's heart will shine, too.

As for Marumaro, cross the bridge past the courtyard and veer right to find four little kids. Talk to everyone to light up Maro's heart.

After everyone has had their hearts touched, the time to release the rest of the shadows will come. After the cut-scene, you'll then have to fight everyone's double separately. The fights will be the same as Shu's: just hammer the shadow with physical attacks until the Tension meter fills, then strike with Corporeal. Alternatively, you can always take damage and heal afterward, because getting hit fills up the Tension faster than hitting the enemy.

You're back in business after that! Examine the device in the corner of the courtyard. Jiro doesn't want you to destroy it, though. The scene shifts to the Inn, where a Jibral scout fills you in. Go back to Jibral Castle and report what's happened to the king. Don't forget to activate the Warp Device outside the inn, then use the Warp option to go back to Jibral.

Jibral Castle

Head straight into the castle, make your way up to the third floor, and enter the king's quarters. After telling him about the village, he'll ask you to go down to the lab and talk to the Chief Researcher. The Researcher will give you a password to deactivate the machine (you won't have to memorize it, thankfully). At that point, you can warp back to Noluta.

Don't forget to open the red and blue-barrier chests around the castle. Especially the red one in the basement hall containing the Waterus spell. Others are in the lab and rear courtyard.

Noluta Village

Before checking out the machine in the center of town, run back to the entrance and save your game, because once you check out the machine, you'll be thrust into a boss fight.

BOSS: Azure Sentinel
Recommended Level: 40+

A big metal enemy, huh? Certainly water magic will get rid of it! Nope; this is an icy town, so fire is most effective. Flarus will absolutely hammer the sentinel -- 1000+ HP damage! -- so keep it up.

Its Rocket Punch counterattack doesn't hit every time, but when it does, it's devastating, so it might be best to have each character's max HP above 450. Cast Zephyra and/or Regenera often to keep everybody in the game. And of course, if anyone's Tension meter fills, a Corporeal summon is always welcome.


Your reward is the White Device, which of course can open the white-barrier chests (there was one back in Jibral you may have seen). And with the village back to normal, you can do what's most important: shopping! All the spells are old after your trip to Devour, so direct your cash towards accessories.

If you talk to the Jibral soldiers outside the Inn, they'll mention the Glass Spires to the south. South it is, then! Take the rear door out of the village and follow the long, narrow path through the Northern Lal Mountains.

A shiny object near that big rear door is the Aurora Droplet. Get near it and Toripo will drop by, giving you another chance to buy Toripo's stuff -- as much as you want, in fact.
Sheep Tribe Camp (Lal Mountains)

When the path gets a little grassier, you'll find another sheep camp. Again, not much new in the way of spells/accessories, so don't worry about shopping right now.

Talk to everyone you'd like, stock up on items, and then exit the camp. Continue south down the Lal Highlands, leveling up at your own accord until you spot a giant two-headed monster guarding a bridge. A checkpoint will trigger, which can only mean one thing: boss fight!

BOSS: Rockwind Wolf Ghost

Like the fire & ice wolf in Disc 1's Ancient Hospital, the Rockwind Wolf Ghost deals in opposite elements. At the start of the battle, keep your eyes on the screen to see which element becomes dominant, then hammer it with the most effective element (if it's stone, then water).

After approximately 2000 HP of damage, the wolf will split its two heads and become two wolves! Using the opposite magic works great, but after a while the wolf will put up a shell that reflects magic. At that point, just keep hitting it/them with physical attacks. Cast your own Shella spell to weaken the wolves' offense, and the whole thing should be over before you know it.

Great Desert

After that, the scenery opens on the beach, and eventually on the Great Desert. Head straight south towards the large Glass Spires to push the story forward, but consider taking some time to explore around the center of the area first, leveling up and/or grabbing treasures. You'll get another chance to do that in a bit, though.

On the eastern tip of the desert is a chest with an Autographed Manuscript. Give this to the human traveler back at the sheep camp and he'll reward you with an Eyepatch, a fifth-slot accessory that boosts Agility and MP.

Once you check out one of the huge spires, a mechat will come crashing in. It's not a bad guy, though, it's Zola! After the cut-scene, enter the mechat and fly out towards the sea for another scene. The spires will start burrowing into the ground and spots on the map will appear showing your next destinations.

The purple star in the northwest part of the world map is where you can head to next to further the story. The yellow stars signify areas relevant to the game's side quests.

NOTE: This walkthrough will continue along the main story path, assuming that you haven't done most of the side quests. But keep in mind that your levels should be fairly high (53-55+) before entering the final areas, as the boss strategies from here on will also assume you are in the 50-60 range. You'll gain many more as you traverse these areas, anyway.

Now, before you go to the purple star, warp/fly to Paches Town. Go up the stairs and deactivate the white barrier behind the farmhouse to have Zephyrus! Fly the mechat to the purple star in the far northwest corner of the map, where you fought at that large sand trap. A small cut-scene will play, and then you'll have the option of saving your game. It might be best to save a backup file in case you'd rather go back and power up. So save and agree to enter the Deep World. Another dramatic cut-scene will follow, and then another mechat shooting sequence.

Deep World Mechat Shooting

This is actually a pretty easy battle. Just fire missiles anywhere on the Land Shark, while shooting down the mines and missiles that pop up to regain ammo. In the second phase, the missiles will come in faster, so keep up the gunfire. Direct missiles at the front center of the shark when you have a clear view of it and you should destroy it before it has a chance to fire its ring laser.

Cube Worlds & Mecha Robo Cube

Hang a left in the Cube World to enter the giant yellow Mecha Robo Cube. Like Baroy Town, the robos here will heal you up, and if they don't, they'll likely give you a free item. Check out the shop terminals in the center to buy more items and a few new spells, too: Windus (finally!), Slowus and Shellus.

Also around is a dimensional break taking you back to the time before you entered the Deep World -- another helpful thing that you can use to go back and level-up or do side quests. Toripo stands behind the mechat to sell you boosting items again.
When you're done exploring, head back out to the Cube World and head to the other cube across the way: the green Primitive Cube.

Primitive Cube

Walk ahead until a cut-scene with the boss ambushes you!

BOSS: Mechosaur / Jumbo Poo
These two don't need a whole lot a strategy to beat. Hammer both of them with Waterus, and then spam the Mechosaur with Flarus after the Poo is defeated. Heal when necessary. Hint: If you are only lvl 45-50, there's a very good and easy strategy. Put whoever has the highest HP and defense in the front and put everyone else in the back. Have whoever's at the front defend every turn. The bosses whould only do about 50-100 damage to him. Don't stop defending, not even for Sopereal attacks!


Nene will taunt you in a cut-scene again, and then you'll be free to enter the underground of the Cube.

Walking around outside beforehand and attracting the easy-to-kill Blazing Moths is an insanely great way to combo battles and earn a bunch of experience.
Run forward and make your way to the circular platform in the middle of the room. Touch the pedestal there to move the blue platform below. Get rid of all the enemies (and subsequently grab the Black Magic Heart in the chest) and use the pedestal in the middle-north end. This will move another few blue platforms, letting you access the far left edge of the room.

Touch the pedestal at the end of the path to move the platforms in the south end. To get there, simply backtrack to the entrance and weave your way around to the east side. Defeat the Laser Defender on the side platform to get the Ancient Moon Emblem. Then, return to that northern pedestal and push it again to return the blue platforms that will take you to the large blue door. Insert the Emblem to open it and continue.

Run up the hall and hang a left into the next room. Go along the ramps until you reach the door at the west end. Through the door in the next hall is a room with a bunch of narrow angled paths. Take the first door on the left to beat back a Robber Ghost and get an Eternal Engine part. Otherwise, go straight ahead to the west-end door into another, larger room.

Move ahead to the only platform you can use, and use the pedestal, which moves the platforms back at the entrance. Go down over there to another pedestal, which moves the blue platforms up ahead to the narrower platform containing another pedestal.

Still with it? Push that pedestal to move the platforms up ahead, allowing you to go further north. Move the previous platforms back to get there. Go north to the next closest pedestal, which shifts the next set of platforms to the right. Take the path over to the glowing warp-platform in the corner, but beat back the enemy guarding the chest first to get the Sun Emblem.

The warp will take you back to the circular ramp room. Head back to the south and through the previous hall to find the sun door. Insert the emblem to continue. Another narrow-path room is ahead. Defeat the enemy in the center and take the doors on the west and south ends to get more items, including another Heart. Then, push the pedestal in the center to send things spinning.

When flipped, there will be doors on the north and south sides. We'll take the north first, where there's a hallway leading to another platform-sliding room. Argh! Here's a quick checklist this time:

Touch the pedestal just ahead to move the platforms behind you to the center.
Head to the center and hit the next pedestal to move the platforms over.
Go back to the first pedestal and cross the newly-formed platform bridge.
The next Emblem, Void, is in the chest just in front of the warp.
Once back in the circular room, use the Void emblem on the big nasty Oblivion door. Prepare for a boss battle on the other side

BOSS: Hot Hot Hydra

Another pushover, modeled after the Hydrattler earlier in the game. Just continue hammering it with Waterus until all of its heads are disabled. Its Snake Curse attack can instantly kill whoever it targets, though, so be ready with a revival.


Continue forward and take the warp pad to watch a cut-scene and end up on Level 2.

Heal up and save your game at the point, because you're about to fight a few bosses in succession.

The door beyond the save point leads to a two-way hall. The door in front of you won't open yet, so we have to make it. Head down the west corridor and at the very end is your first boss fight.

BOSS: Spike-Arm Sentry
Fire won't work, so use Windus and Waterus instead. Stay healed and it should be down before you know it.


After that, run to the end of the room and push the switch there. The room will rumble to signify part of the big door being unlocked. As you might guess, head back into the main hall and go down the east path this time. In the east room will be another nasty boss.
BOSS: Scowling Dynamo
Would you believe that, despite its different look, all you have to do is use the exact same strategy as the Sentry to defeat it?


Push the next switch to release the big door. Head back to the middle of the hall and enter. You'll face another boss -- one that won't go down quite as easily this time.

BOSS: Pyro Dragon

It has a lot of HP, but you can knock it down a few notches with Waterus and Windus again. Its fire-based attacks can confuse a party member, so make sure to heal them with a Cure-All or Mental Surge before they start hurting the rest of the party.


At the end of the hall through the next door is a Warp Device! Very nice; now you can go to the Mecha Cube to rest whenever you want. Why not now, in fact?

When you warp back to the Primitive Cube, head down the path west of the warp device. Now it's time for more of the same from level 1.

Don't hit the pedestal on the first left. Instead, hit the one farther down to the east (after beating the big Flame Gunner).
Then go push the previous one to properly link up the platforms.
Beat another Flame Gunner and Riot Puppet, then grab Himiko's Ring from the chest around the corner.
Touch both pedestals again to revert the platforms.
Return to the warp device room and take the east door.

Don't touch any pedestals yet -- take the platforms in the center to reach a chest with Nene's Necklace.
Defeat the enemies and touch the pedestal on the west end.
With those platforms moved, go to the next pedestal on the east.
Your work in this room is done. Back to the warp device room. This time, go south. Another big two-way hall! Just take the west path like last time. At the end is a door leading to another bunch of robos to beat, and a chest with Himiko's Bracelet. On the east end is the same thing, except the chest has Nene's Bracelet.

Now head back to the halls and enter the door in the center. You're now faced with the biggest platform-sliding puzzle in the dungeon. Shall we?

Start by touching the pedestal just to the right of where you entered.
Veer a little west, then south and press the next one (surrounded by Red Infantry).
From pedestal #1, go to the northwest corner and touch the pedestal there.
Now head to the east wall and push the first pedestal you see there.
Enter the door that you can now access after touching pedestal #4. Through it is another big enemy, and then a boss fight!

BOSS: Mechataclysm
Fire works best, so hit it with Flarus as much as possible. Keep Regenera/Zephyra going, as its Groundus spell can take quite a bit out of the party. Not too short, but simple!


Take the next door to the west.

Touch the pedestal slightly south of the door you came out of.
Then touch the one just above, in the southeast corner.
Make your way back around to the first door you entered (after touching pedestal #4 above) and go around back out the door after you beat the boss.
Now you can access the pedestal directly ahead of the door… after beating two big nasty enemies.
After that one, return to the southeast pedestal and touch that one to make it back over.
Make your way to the lower west door.

Start by touching the pedestal south from the one near the entrance.
Then touch the one by the entrance, followed by…
The one in the northwest corner.
This creates a path leading to the lower west door. Enter it, fight the enemy and then another boss.

BOSS: Sneezing Cyclops
Just like the last one, but this time hit it with Waterus. It also likes to cast Sleep, so use Cure-All or Mental Surge ASAP.


Exit through the upper west door and touch the pedestal outside. Then double back out through the lower door.

Go back and touch the pedestal near the entrance.
Continue to the one in the northwest corner.
You should now be able to continue and touch the pedestal on the south wall.

Holy heck! If all went right, you should now have created a bridge that leads to the door directly south (and gained a bunch of experience points, no doubt). A warp pad will be through the door. Take it to enter the Sanctuary Chamber, trigger a checkpoint, a cut-scene and the resulting boss battle.

BOSS: Ultimate Szabo

Use nothing but Flarus here, and use Zephyra at every turn. Szabo has a variety of lasers, blades and beams that all deal serious damage to the party (at most over 450 HP per person). Use your weakest attacker for backup healing via Light Crystals or others, and if anyone goes Corporeal, abuse it.


Zola will land one more strike in a cut-scene, and then Szabo will start hovering away. At this point, start running after him. It won't matter if he gets away, because you'll soon come upon four chests and a Warp Device. Activate the device, warp to the Mecha Cube and heal 'n save one last time, because you're about to face the final battles.

With that oh-so-handy last Warp Device, you can warp back to the middle of the Primitive Cube if you so desire and do some more leveling up. Also, if you haven't used any of the Heart items or other enhancements from Toripo, do so now. Use the Hearts on a character's dominant class to boost them as much as possible. Also stock up on every healing item, as you may not have the luxury of white magic all the time.

Cauldron Chamber

Head into the warp portal that Szabo disappeared into. Watch a cut-scene, then get ready for the first fight.

BOSS: Nene

Begin attacking Nene with all you've got. It won't be much at the start, so in the middle of things Szabo will make it so that you can hit Nene much harder. A second phase starts and Nene will have slightly more HP this time, but don't stop with the hard-hitters.

After that, Nene will fuse with an eternal engine to become Ultimate Nene.

BOSS: Ultimate Nene

Nene will offer his "mercy" by healing everyone, so it would be a good time to cast Regenera to supplement it when you have the chance.

Keep hitting Nene until Jiro realizes the engines are the ones that should be hit. You can then target the engines, so use an all-encompassing spell like Waterus until the engines are down and Nene can't heal himself. Then concentrate on Nene himself with the regular high-power spells (Flarus) and attacks. Note that Nene will also cast Shadow Bind to send away a character's shadow, but the shadow will return in a couple of turns, so don't worry -- just keep the victim healed.

Nene will soon send out orbs periodically sucking energy from you. Like with the engines, have your non-magic attackers target the orbs (though you can't hit everything all at once this time). And when you have a chance for a Corporeal attack, use it!


Another cut-scene. You can save for one last time, so save to another slot. Afterwards, you'll engage Zola in a minibattle. It's just for story, as she'll continue to be healed if you attack her. Rather than attack, if you have anybody with woefully low MP/HP, definitely use this time to heal them as much as possible.

After a few turns of the battle against Zola, and another (long) cut-scene, you'll have to go up against the true mastermind!


For the entirety of the battle, you'll risk being poisoned, confused, petrified -- the whole nine yards. Prepare to have everybody using healing items when needed.

As usual, hit Destroy with the toughest spells and attacks, but don't bother charging anything up, as you'll leave the boss wide open to attack you. After a few turns of attacks, Destroy will slam his hands on the ground. You can now target his eyes; they're weak, so hit them once for each to send Destroy back up. He'll do it periodically, but just whack the eyes again.

Destroy will also send out a dark purple mist. When it appears, you'll have to get rid of it immediately or else your attacks are useless. Use wind spells or Emerald items to blow it away easily.

Destroy's worst attack is Fire and Brimstone (an all-encompassing fire attack), followed the Tongue -- that one doesn't happen all the time, but it hits everybody in the front row, and for quite a bit of damage. By now you should be keeping your white magic user in the back to avoid the damage and follow with healing.

Your Corporeal summons are probably what's going to end up finishing Destroy, but don't use them as soon as you see the option -- Destroy will almost always have the next turn, and if anyone's near death, it's probably over for them. Heal someone first before letting loose.


The fight finishes, but not the game. Once you regain control, take the warp pad back to the Controller Chamber. Run up to the device in the room and push the button there for another cut-scene.

Shu will end up alone in a nondescript meadow on the cube. As he mentions in the scene, find a new flower -- a white one, to be exact. A big bulbous one should be up ahead to the right.

After more scenes, you'll control Marumaro. Simply go up and talk to Zola to continue. Then the scene shifts back to Shu. Enter the house, talk to everyone (yes, everyone that's crammed into the house), ending with giving Kluke the Rare Flower.

You're officially done! Enjoy the final scenes.

There are plenty of side quests for you to get on with and with the Xbox comes achievements, which many of you know i really enjoy. There is a list on the cheats section. I have played this game and enjoyed it, with the help of i have compiled this walkthrough to help anyone who has found themselves stuck in this game. I really like this simple and "cute" RPG, but for the more hardcore fan it may not have enough substance in it. Still a nice game which should not be missed, especially as it can be picked up for under a tenner these days. Looks good and plays well. Which is what i enjoyed about the game! Thanks for reading

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