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Retro Game Walkthroughs For
"The Legend of Zelda: A Link To The Past"
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Retro Game Walkthroughs for The Legend of Zelda: A Link To The Past (Game Boy Advance)
Submitted By: just sexy





Sprinkle some magic powder on a spinner and it'll turn into a fairy. Use it straight away or catch it with a net and put it in a magic bottle.


Upgrade to a red shield which blocks fire-balls as well as normal arrows. Also upgade to the magic boomerang which travels further and faster.
Go to the Zora area (in the river system in the north-east of Hyrule) in the light world from the witches house heading east. Get to the lake area where there are two crabs. Find a single green stone nearby and go a short way north-west till you get to a waterfall. The Mysterious Pond is inside. Throw things in from your inventory but only your blue shield and boomerang will be upgraded.


In Dark world take the south-east road out of the Village of Outcasts and go west until you find a frog, talk to it. But first you have to lift the rocks with your Titan's mitt. He says he's from Kakariko village. Use the magic mirror to warp to the light world. He'll turn into an old man. Take him to the Blacksmith's house just east of kakariko village were he'll be reunited with his partener. Next time you talk to them a new dialog option will appear. They temper your sword for 10 rupees, leaving you swordless for a while.


In Dark world enter the grove of trees in the middle of Hyrule ( left of where Link's house would be in light world). Help the fox-thing find his flute. He'll give you a shovel. Warp to light world and enter same grove of trees. His flute is buried in the north-west conner. Take it back and he'll say play it. Oblige him. Go back to light world and go in to the tavern in the south-east corner of Kakariko village. play it to the man near the entrance. He'll say "play it near the birds..." Go to the weater vane in the middle of Kakariko village and play it. A cuckoo will appear and next time you play it you will have access to Hyrule's New Rapid Transport System.

5 Magic Bottles

1. Go to the tavern in Kakariko village. Don't enter from the front way but the secret back entrance. Open the chest and inside your first magic bottle.
2. In the middle of Kakariko village is a man sitting next to four pots. Buy one from him for 100 rupees.
3. South-west of the east palace and north of lake Hylia is a stone bridge. Go underneth it and talk to the Chilli Peppers fan.
4. In Dark world go to the place the Blacksmith's house is s'posed to be in light world. In the wreck there is a chest that you can't open. Attach it to you and warp to the light world. take it to the u-shaped grass area at the entrance to the Desert of Mystery. There is a new guy there and he'll open it for you.


Head to the centre of lake Hylia in light world. Go to the centre and find an island there. Go into the cave and there is the pond of happiness. Throw in 100 rupees and a fairy will offer you a arrow or bomb capacity upgrade. It will cost over 1,500 rupees to max it out.


Go to the Blacksmith's house in Kakariko village in light world. Smash the raised stake into the ground with your magic hammer and fall into the hole. Take the north doorway and sprinkle some magic powder in the bowl of the green altar. It will evoke a purple bat that blesses you with more mana but halves your magic meter.


Upgade your arrows and sword to silver arrows and golden sword.
Complete Misery Mire and head to the bomb shop where Link's house would be in dark world. Buy the super bomb there for 100 rupees and take it to the crack on the wall on the first level of the pyramid of power. Go inside and be upgraded.

These sub-quests are not essental but are useful.
Heaps of this is from GBA WORLD mag. thanks, you guys rock
Submitted By: Forest Fan
|Zelda: A Link To The PastWalkthrough by FOREST FAN|

Part One – Information and Features
Part Two – What you need to know
Part Three – Cheats and Hints
Part Four – A Note From Me

*****PART ONE*****
|Information and Features|

The Legend of Zelda: A Link To The Past features:

- Return from the NES classic
- Graphically updated
- Beautifully suitable music
- Multiple missions
- Variety of weapons
- Intense fighting
- Numerous bosses
- Bonus extra multiplayer game in Four Swords.

To access information concerning The Legend of Zelda: A Link To The Past in any of the areas in this guide hit CTRL+F to search through this walkthrough.

*****PART TWO*****
|What You Need To Know|

Armour – Having armour works in as much as it will reduce the damage you suffer from enemy attacks. There are different amounts of protection the armour will offer depending upon which armour you equip yourself with. There are three types; Green, Blue and Red armour.

Boomerang – The boomerang can freeze enemies for a short time after you strike them, which can give you an easy kill for later. You can also use the boomerang to grab rupees or other items at quite long distance.

Bombs – To obtain bombs you have to buy them at the shop, though you may sometimes collect them if you kill an enemy or find them in a room. You can set off two at once to blow up cracked walls, kill enemies or explode a certain area.

Bottle – Bottles can be bought from the merchant in the town. They assist you in as much as you can store items in them and leave them on your display screen before using them later.

Book of Mudora – When you reach stages in the game when you cannot read certain writings, this item will enable you to understand them by decrypting the messages.

Bow and Arrow – You can purchase arrows for your bow at the shop or alternatively find them. The bow is a very good and powerful shot which rarely misses, as you can be a safe distance from your enemy. Arrows are expensive so use sparingly.

Cane of Byrna: This magical power can be used to thrash an enemy with, using the stick. It does require a certain amount of magical power and once you use it all up, until you recover some more power; it will become void of use.

Dungeon Compass: The compass will show you where the boss’s lair appears, thus helping you find the boss quicker and completing the mission more effectively.

Dungeon Key: A normal sized key will be able to open a normal sized lock on a treasure chest, as opposed to a big key which will only open certain specialized locks which are larger.

Dungeon Map: When you enter a new level, one of the first things you should look out for is a map contained in any treasure chest. This will help guide you around the rooms of the stage and will mark out rooms which you have not even visited.

Flute: Much like a whirlpool, the flute will transport to a certain area on the island. Select the place where you want to go (from a number) and travel their instantly. This has advantages like if you are in the middle of a level and want to nip to the shop for some ammo or similar situations.

Healthy Heart: By visiting fairies, using potions, collecting hearts and pieces of heart you can increase your health during the game.

Hookshot – When you need to transport yourself from one area to another, but in between the place your standing and the target area is a pit; extend the hookshot to the other end where it can grab onto something and provide you with an instant passage through the gap.

Magic Cape: Similar to the old Roc’s Feather, the Magic Cape will have you jumping over holes and gaps in dungeons. Like the Cane of Byrna it requires a degree of magic and in the same way you won’t be able to use it without magic power.

Magic Potion: To buy magic potion you must visit the shop, but bare in mind you can only buy as many as you can carry, i.e. you must have a spare bottle to carry the potion in. There are three different varieties of the potion; green, red and blue. Green restores magical power, red refills your hearts and blue restores both magical power and hearts.

Magic Power: To gain more magic power you must collect decanters worth of magic power which can vary in the amount of magic power available. If you do have the power you can perform more magical manoeuvres.

Map: There are two different ways to view the map and the various areas in the island. The first way you can view the map is an area view which will zoom in on the close area where Link is, illuminating where Link stands. The second map mode will show you the full island and where Link is in relation to the whole of the map. Again, you will be able to identify Link. However, these maps can only be viewed above ground and not in houses, shops or caves.

Moon Pearl: To be protected from enemy attacks that metamorphose you, equip yourself with the Moon Pearl when you claim it. It’s used for defence purposes, but can also help you in a fight with an enemy when trying to get the upper hand.

Pegasus Shoes: If you need to pick up the pace as it were; the Pegasus Shoes (not boots) will vastly increase your speed when travelling from place to place. Not only can they get you from A to B quicker, they can also help you in tackling in objects.

Power Glove: From the start you can life light objects like patches of grass and bottles, but with the Power Glove you can lift heavier objects like rocks and boulders etc. Again, as with other items (but unlike with the R function) you will have to turn the Power Glove on at the sub screen.

Shield – As soon as you are given the shield, it will (like the sword) automatically assemble itself within the control suite. However, unlike with the sword the shield actually has no buttons you activate it with. Strictly speaking you do not control the shield; it only becomes active and blocks attacks when you are not attacking yourself.

Sword – Once you have the master sword, it will automatically place itself within your ‘B’ button. The sword is likely to be your most effective weapon and you should be able to tackle most enemies with it. There are four levels of power within the sword for you to earn, each time increasing in power, starting off at the first level. If you hold onto the button and let it spin you will be able to maximise damage to the opposition.

Zora’s Flippers: Simple – you can swim with these. By selecting the flippers you can swim in both small paddling pool like areas, say in levels and the sea on the outskirts of the island. You can also dive for short moments too.

*****PART THREE*****
|Cheats and Hints|

-Chicken Wars-

If you continually attack any chicken in the village, a storm of chickens will enter the scene and will begin blindly attacking you. Watch out though, as they can destroy your health rapidly.

-Sword Upgrades-

Level One: Get all three pendants.
Master Sword: Beat the fourth dungeon, rescue the creature from the dark world and bring it to the light world.
Tempered Sword: Having beaten the misery mire and buying a super bomb; blow up the Pyramid of Power. You have to sacrifice two items to the fairy, but in return you will get a much improved upgraded sword.


Go to the cave in the village, where you should find 20 rupees. If you leave the cave and re-enter, the twenty rupees should be replenished.


Buy the bomb after completing the four missions and blow up the pyramid. Throw in your sword, bow and arrow and boomerang in exchange for the gold sword, silver arrows and magic boomerang.

*****PART FOUR*****
| A Note From Me |

Another walkthrough from me and again I enjoyed writing it very much. I hope you enjoy The Legend of Zelda: A Link To The Past and the Four Swords as much as I did. I hope my walkthrough benefits you too and that you can successfully complete the game.

My new e-mail address is [email protected], so don’t hesitate to e-mail me if you would like to copy this walkthrough (so long as you credit me) in either part of fully. You could even write to my new Gmail ad (ooh) [email protected]. Either way you can make contact. When using the walkthrough - please credit my name and e-mail address in doing so and please mail me to tell me if you see someone not crediting me. If you have any problems or questions regarding the game; I would love to hear from you.

Thank you for reading this guide and good luck!

Forest Fan

Copywright Jonathan Weissman (For Special Reserve only)

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