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News Channel Walkthroughs
(Nintendo Wii)

Submitted By: Chippxero
The Wii News channel launched 26th of January 2007

To get the channel simply go in to the Wii message board and open the letter from nintendo, this letter is to inform you that the New channel has been launched.

Click the "Update" button in the bottom right and allow the Wii to download the update.

Now you should be back at your Wii menu and the News channel should have a new logo of a map of the world click on it.

Now the News channel will search for stories, the first time this takes about 15 seconds every other time seems to be 2-3 seconds.

Front page

The front page is a selection of where the news is from as well as the section it comes under giving you the options of

National News
Regional News
International News

Slide show

There is also a button in the right hand bottom corner called "Slide Show" This will bring up the globe that users will recognise from the weather channel, mine is centred over London and the bottom third of the screen has news headlines displaying on it, if one of these is clicked the full story will be displayed. To flick to the previous or next headline press left or right on your d-pad on the Wii-mote

Front page continued

Back at the first page if any of the sections are selected a list of all the recent news stories is displayed, with the most recent or recently updated at the top. Clicking anyone of these splits the screen vertically two thirds of the screen displays the full news story and the other third is the globe zoomed in on the location the story originated.

If you now choose to click the globe the story will be moved out of sight and the globe screen will fill the TV screen. This then will allow you to move the globe around and select the stories that are from that area.


On all screens with text there is an option to make the font larger or smaller, this is achieved by pressing the (-) or (+) depending on if you want the text smaller or larger.

General controls:

(A) = this is used as confirm much like a left mouse button
(B) = this when held down scrolls the page up or down depending on the movement of the Wiimote
(-) = This makes the font smaller
(+) = This makes fonts larger
(left on D-Pad) = used to move to the previous story
(right on D-Pad) = Used to move to the next news story


The news Channel itself will update automatically when ever there is something to be changed, but only while you are not in the channel itself.

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