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Retro Game Walkthroughs For
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This game is also available on PC.

Retro Game Walkthroughs for Football Manager 2007 (Sony PSP)
Submitted By: swfcowls
Football manager 2007 walkthrough.

Right firstly before you even play any matches you will need to selct the tactic that can win you matches, and i have found throough expereince of the game that if you use this tactic nothing can stop you in you quest to become the best manager around:

The formation is 3-5-2
Emphasis - Normal
Passing - Short
Tackling - Normal
Pressing - Yes
Offside trap - No
Counter Attack - No
Men Behind the Ball - No

I also don't play with a playmaker.

Player instructions

Passing - All set to team

Tackling all set to team except 3 centre midfielders who are set to HARD.

Pressing all set to yes except the back 3 defenders and the goalkeeper.

Pass to - Everyone set to R/L/C

Set pieces - haven't changed

Free role - Both wide player (ML and MR) set to yes and everyone else No.

Forward runs all no except wide men and the middle man of the 3 central midfielders and one of the strikers

Run with ball - All no except wide men, middle of the 3 central midfielders and one of the strikers

Hold up ball - All set to NO

Long Shots - All set to No except all 3 central midfielders and the striker who is set to run with ball.

Through Balls - All set to NO

Cross Ball - All set to NO

Marking - All set to man marking except goalkeeper, the middle of the 3 defenders and the middle of the 3 midfielders

To make this tactic as successful as you can make sure you buy the write players who are suited to this tactic. You need 3 good mid-fielders, i recomend lampard ,gerrard and totti, but obviously we cannot all afford these players, so i have made a list of players who are good at this tactic in the different divisions.

Lampard , gerrard, nolan, barton,

Burton o'brien, busaky, kamara

league1 :
david fox, paul mclaren, jimmy smith ( get him on loan from chelsea.)

league 2:
Dinning, proudlock ( you can play him up front but he is a very good mid-field player)

Right now we have the actic in place that should sort you out. But now you will want to know how to unlock the cheats for the game here is how :

Sugar Daddy: This means that you get millions of pounds to spend, you can get up to 55 million a season if you unlock this cheat!

And to unlock it all you have to do is the following: Get around 10,000 manager points and to do this i reccomend managing in the ausrtalian league .

International Management: This mean you are allowed to manage international teams.
To unlock this cheat you have to be offered an international job and then win an international cup, you will find that to unlock this cheat it takes a great deal of patience.

Place on the board: This cheat allows you to never get the sack. This is very handy if you are a below average team, to unlock this cheat you have complete 10 seasons with ONE club, withour leaving or getting the sack.

No transfer windows: This cheat allows you to bid for any players at any time, to unlock this cheat you have to make a HUGE amount of profit on players.

I hope this walkthrough helps you become the best manager around, if you have any questions about football manager email at : [email protected]

Submitted By: swfcowls
Hi swfcowls here, i you probaly allready know i have allready submitted a walkthrough for football manager , but i have since then discovered some new players to buy and scout which will really help you in your bid to become the greatest manager ever!

Golden oldies

To be successful you will need some old heads and experienced players in your squad.

I reccomend:

David beckham, if you need goals in your side he is avery good buy, he is garanteed at least 20 asiists a season. And he also may chip in with 5 or 6 goals. Great buy.

Van Nistelrooy: He may cost a bit but this guy knows where the back of the net is, he could be your 20 goal a season striker.

Puyol: Great leader, and can also head a few goals in, enough said.

Young guns:

The key to success is to have some bright young players who can turn into world beaters, here are a few i recomned.

gareth bale: great player and turns into the best left back in the world, great buy.

Kerlon: Quite a unkown player but he becomes one of the best in the world, if you act fast you can buy him for a bargain 400,000.

Tommy spurr: May not be the best of players at first, but if you treat him right and play him regulary he can become an england international, great buy for around 250,000.

There you have the key players to suceed, in the next few eeks i will try and update you with some more findings of mine.


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