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Retro Game Walkthroughs For
"Ace Combat 5: The Unsung War"
(PlayStation 2)

Retro Game Walkthroughs for Ace Combat 5: The Unsung War (PlayStation 2)
Submitted By: vhayste


|GUIDE BY: Paul Michael (vhaysteŽ)
|EMAIL: [email protected]
|Type: Faq / Walkthrough
|Version: NA_

V1.0 09092006

--main faq started...
--completed character list and game info
--started campaign walkthrough

v1.2 09112006

--completed campaign walkthrough
--added unlocked planes for each mission
--started unlockables section

v1.3 09122006

--updated Falken locations
--completed unlockables
--added Aircraft list.

v1.4 09132006
--completed aircarft list
--added/completed special weapons

v1.5 09142006
--made final checks
--completed faq.


This document is copyrighted to me, Vhayste. It is

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Welcome to my faq for the game Ace Combat 5. I just got

the game so I was only able to create a faq for it just

now. Im a fan of the Ace Combat series but I was only

able to get hold of AC4,5 and 0. To get to the point,

please drop me a message if you think there should be

added, missing or some corrections on any details found

in this faq.

This document is comprised of mission guides, aircraft

and weapon details as well as some useful tips and

miscellaneous info. Spoilers will be avoided as
much as possible.

If the mission seems to hard for you, I suggest taking

the tutorial or restarting the game in easy or very easy

mode. I will try to lay down the details as much as

possible but completing the game is entirely up to you.

Let's start the briefing.


You will play as a trainee pilot named Blaze for the OSEA

AIR DEFENSE FORCE (OADF). During a routine training

flight, several unknown bogeys engaged the training

squadron which resulted to the death of two instructors

and several trainees. It was peacetime and the incident

was kept secret.

Blaze soon finds himself as an active member of the

Wardog squadron and in the middle of an escalating war.

After investigating several recon activities conducted by

the enemy, Yuktobania declares war to OSEA.

Yuktobania and Osea are allied nations that suppressed

Belka during the war 15 years ago. The real reasons why

and who incited the war has some deep roots of revenge,

hatred and conspiracy...


AGE: ??

This is the player's character. Any other info is not

provided or available.

AGE: 32
HEIGHT: 5'8"
WEIGHT: 132 lbs

A journalist/cameraman covering the 108th squadron based

on the frontline base of Sand Island, and also the

Osea-Yuktobania conflict. He is the one
narrating the most of the story.

AGE: 28
HEIGHT: 5' 10"
WEIGHT: 143 lbs

Captain of the 596th Squadron, OADF and second in command

of the Sands Island Base. He is good natured but is

rarely seen associating with the pilots.

AGE: 29
HEIGHT: 6' 1"
WEIGHT: 196 lbs

Member of the 108th Tactical Fighter Squadron known for

his non-stop chatter during missions and the most

talkative pilot in the squadron. He loves Rock
and Roll and has a collection of such records.

AGE: 19
HEIGHT: 5' 4"
WEIGHT: 115 lbs

A trainee pilot that took the fourth place in the Wardog

squadron after an incident where Bartlett went missing.

He enjoys tinkering with machines in his spare time.

AGE: 42
HEIGHT: 5' 10"
WEIGHT: 154 lbs

Squadron leader of the 108th Tactical Fighter Squadron

stationed on Sand Island. He fought the war with Pops 15

years ago and ironically never got promoted beyond the

rank of Captain. He would protect his wingmen with his

AGE: 23
HEIGHT: 5' 6"
WEIGHT: 104 lbs

The only pilot in the 108th Squadron, she is an

exceptional dogfighter and dedicated to her squadron. She

respects Bartlett so much and she seems to be cool even

under pressure.

AGE: 34
HEIGHT: 6' 2"
WEIGHT: 187 lbs

A squadron captain based on the Kestrel, this ace is the

only what's left of his squadron sent to a mission

sortie. A very talented and agile pilot.

AGE: 61
HEIGHT: 5' 8"
WEIGHT: 158 lbs

Captain of the Osean flagship/ Carrier Kestrel. He fought

many battles and lead the Osean Fleet to many victories.

AGE: 48
HEIGHT: 5' 11"
WEIGHT: 233 lbs

Lt. Col of the 596th Squadron OADF and Commander of the

Sand Island Base. His egotism and arrogance caused much

dislike to his men.

AGE: 56
HEIGHT: 5' 7"
WEIGHT: 161 lbs

A expert mechanic of the 703rd Maintenance Company,

"Pops" is knows everything when it comes to planes and

the pilots in the base. He is fond of Kirk, his black



-- The game doesn't have 2 player support
-- You can arm and issue wingmen commands. You have a

max of 3 wingmen.
-- the game doesn't allow you to refuel or rearm during

-- medals are awarded upon achieving special

requirements or goals.
-- you can't choose / purchase special weapons for the

planes. Everything is preset.
-- planes are not automatically unlocked. You need to

use the basic plane repeatedly to unlock its other

variants. This will require you to level up the plane by

accumulating required points. Destroy as many targets as

possible to increase plane's "Kill Rate"
-- credits are awarded to targets destroyed by your

wingmen (points are not counted)
-- mission objectives or targets can be destroyed by

your wingmen.
-- choices are displayed during missions which can

affect the response ofyour wingmen and the succeeding

mission, depending on your answer.
-- you can select your wingmen's planes individually to

maximize combat effectiveness as the mission requires.
-- your wingmen never gets shot down. So dont need to

worry about them during missions.


X Button: Guns
Circle Button: Fire Missile/Special Weapon
Triangle Button: Change targets
Square Button: View Battlezone Map (Pressure sensitive)

D-Pad Up: Order wingman to attack targets in front of

you/selected target
D-Pad Down: Order wingman to cover you
D-Pad Left: Order wingman to disperse
D-Pad Right: Allow/prohibit wingman to use special


L1: Throttle down (hold for brakes)
L2: Rudder Left (turn left)
R1: Throttle Up (hold for acceleration)
R2: Rudder Right (turn right)
L2 + R2: Autopilot
L3: Boresight(Change craft view to 3rd person,

hud/cockpit and 1st person)

Select Button: Toggle missiles/special weapon
Start Button: Pause Menu

Left Analog Stick: Fly the aircraft
Right Analog Stick: Move camera angle/view


You will be able to issue commands to your wingmen during

Mission 3, Campaign. This will greatly affect your

effectiveness and survival so use it wisely.

D-Pad Up: Order wingmen to attack targets

in front of you/selected target

D-Pad Down: Order wingmen to cover you

D-Pad Left: Order wingmen to disperse and

choose thier own targets

D-Pad Right: Allow/prohibit wingmen to use

special weapons

Amidst of the eternal waves of time.
From a change of ripple shall the storm rise
Out of abyss peer the eyes of a demon

Behold the Razgriz, its wings of black sheath
The demon soars through dark skies
Fear and death trail the shadow beneath
Until men united wield hallowed saber
In final reckoning, the beast is slain
As the demon sleeps, man turns on man
His own blood and madness soon cover the earth
From depth of despair awaken the Razgriz
Its raven wings ablaze in majestic light


This walkthrough is completed using NORMAL mode. If you

seemed to be stuck on a mission, read the guide carefully

or check out other guides as well.
Your dogfighting and bomb running skills are needed to

accomplish almost all missions.

You can also try switching to easy mode and complete the

game there. Note that when you selected SP New game after

game completion, previously aquired medals, planes and

credits are carried over.

Mission objectives that are marked * is the updated

mission objective.


Operation : LAGOON
Date : 09242010
Time : 0854 Hrs
Area : Cape Landers
Difficulty: *

Objectives: Follow the lead aircraft (HTBRK ONE).
Hold your fire until further orders.
**Destroy all indicated targets (TGT).

This is your first mission. You need to follow the

flight lead closely. You will be introduced to the

members of your squadron. Just follow the captain's

instructions. Upon reaching the SR-71, four fighters will

appear on the radar. You won't be able to fire on them

yet. Be careful since they will open fire on you. Once

the order is given, mission updates and you need to take

them out. A second wave will appear after destroying the

first four so engage them. Mission completes after second

wave is defeated.

If you managed to down the first four targets yourself, a

Gigantor will appear with four escorts. IF you defeated

the second wave, a third wave will appear.


Operation : GYRE
Date : 9/27/2010
Time : 1030 Hrs
Area : Sand Island
Difficulty: *

Objectives: Follow the lead aircraft (HTBRK ONE)
Destroy all Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV)
**Destroy all indicated targets (TGT).

A recon vessel has been deployed in the waters near the

area. You will need to destroy the drones before they

return to the ship. DO NOT fire upon the ship itself.

Once you have the go, bag as many UAVs as possible. It

will only take 1 missile or a few vulcan rounds to

destroy them. After destroying the last UAV, enemy

squadron appears. Wait till the captain issues the

command then blast away.

After downing the enemies, a cutscene occurs. You will be

notified to return to base immediately.


Operation: No Operational Data- In-flight briefing
Date: --
Time: --
Area: No Operational Data- In-flight briefing
Difficulty: **

Objectives: Protect the aircraft carrier KESTREL from

enemy attack as it escapes from port.
**Protect the aircraft carrier KESTREL from enemy attack

as it escapes to open water.

You will need to follow in-flight instructions for this

mission. And still, stuck with the default plane. You

will take control of the squadron and will be able to

issue commands.

You will be introduced to Capt. Snow, AKA "Swordsman". He

will act independently though. To start off the mission,

you can have your wingmen to attack or disperse to make

kill the targets quickly. OR you can just kill the

targets off yourself. Remember to make all shots count as

much as possible. This is just the first part of the

mission. Destroy the targets.

After the Kestrel makes it to the open waters, mission


You still need to protect the Kestrel and make sure to

eliminate the enemy blockade. The Nimrod bombers are

somewhat slow but they do turn really sharp so make sure

you get a clean shot before firing. 3 missiles are needed

to down them. Or you can just gun them. The ships are

easier targets. If you know how to "dive sweep" or

attacking with guns and/or missiles on low altitudes it

will be effective here. Just do this in case you run out

of missiles.

Once the area is cleared, mission completes.

MiG-21bis Fishbed


Operation: No Operational Data- In-flight briefing
Date: --
Time: --
Area: No Operational Data- In-flight briefing
Difficulty: **

Objectives: Destroy all indicated targets (TGT).
**Protect Grimm (ARCHER) from enemy attack

as he takes off.

The enemies are bombing the runway. You may skip the

takeoffs if you want to. Take out the enemy fighters as

many as you can to get points and soon, enemy bombers

will appear. They're slow but will take 3 missiles each.

If you're pretty confident about you're flying skills,

just get to the bombers'six and fire a few vulcan rounds.

A few hits is enough to kill them. Be careful to avoid

crashing directly to them.

Grimm will try to take off so keep busy clearing the

skies for him.

Take out the other enemies that appear, including a new

set of bombers. After eliminating all of them, mission



Mission 5: Rendezvous

Operation: WHALEBIRD
Date: 09302010
Time: 0930 HOURS
Area: Eaglin Straights, Federation of Osea
Difficulty: **

Objectives: Protect the 3 aircraft carriers including the

KESTREL from enemy attack.

You need to protect the 3 main carriers in this mission.

Main enemies will be Harriers so take time to kill them

all. More enemies will appear so engage them and soon,

AWACS will inform you about incoming anti-ship planes.

Boost towards them immediately and get rid of them as

soon as possible.

After taking the F35s, a scene occurs. When you gain

controls, make sure that you climb to 5000ft and watch

the fireworks. After surviving the attack, mission


Mission 6: White Bird (Part I)

Date: 10032010
Time: 0930 HOURS
Area: Basset Space Center, Federation of Osea
Difficulty: **

Objectives: Destroy all indicated targets
Prevent the enemy (TGT) from reaching the

mass driver
**Protect the mass driver from enemy fire

until SSTO

You'll be using the same planes you used in the last

mission. You need to destroy all ACVs in mid-air or in

the ground. You can just gun the chutes to make an easy

kill or two missiles when they reach the ground. Take

care of the bombers as well.

After a while, a group of cruise missiles will appear on

every direction. Scramble your wingmen and try to destroy

as many as you can. Don't worry, about some missiles you

missed. The mass driver can take some punishment. The

countdown ends and you will get a cutscene. Mission


F-16C Fighting Falcon

Mission 7: FRONTLINE

Operation: VANGUARD
Date: 10042010
Time: 0830 HOURS
Area: Sand Island, Federation of Osea
Difficulty: **

Objectives: Prevent the enemy from advancing East.
Prevent the enemy fleet from firing on Sand


The enemy is launching a massive amphibous assault to

capture Sand Island. You need to destroy all incoming

enemy units and prevent any of them from passing through.

If you have bombs, save them for later since you will be

dealing a larger, tougher target.

AWACS will give burst missile warnings. You should know

what to do. When the Scinfaxi surfaces, pummel it with

all you got! You may need to ascend time by time to avoid

the burst missile. Just destroy the target and mission


MiG-29A Fulcrum
Mirage 2000


Operation: --
Date: 10222010
Time: 1200 HOURS
Area: Akerson Hill, Federation of Osea
Difficulty: **

Objectives: **Escort the transport plane (C-5) to the

north of the map.
**Avoid the AA systems indicated as circles

on your radar.
**Protect the trasnport plane (C-5) from

enemy attack.

You will need to guide the crippled bird accross the AA

systems indicated as circles in your radar. This is

friendly airspace but you should already know why MOther

Goose one is not transmitting a valid signal.

Make sure to fly slow, maintain your default speed and

just use your L2, R2 buttons to yaw the plane left and

right. Take note of the straight line in your radar. Make

sure you don't touch the edges of the circles.

The best route to take is the western part of the map. It

is shorter and less perilous. After navigating safely

from the AA defenses, mission updates and a group of

enemy fighters will appear.

Stay close to the transport plane and engage the enemy.

After destroying the airborne targets, lower down and get

rid of the ground targets. Fly around the C-5 as it

descends for emergency landing. Note that some targets

will appear suddenly. Just make sure that Mother Goose

One lands safely and mission completes.

Mission 9: LIT FUSE

Operation: FOOTPRINT
Date: 10312010
Time: 1100 HOURS
Area: Bastok Peninsula, Yuktobania
Difficulty: **

Objectives: Protect the ground forces and neutralize

enemy defense positions.

Alright, this would be primarily a ground mission, you

need to take out ground targets and maintain minimum

ground forces casualties. Take out the pillboxes as they

appear, not to mention the choppers and enemy planes.

Save your bombs till later. You will be notified about

the remaining bunkers to be destroyed. This is just a

straighforward mission. Destroy the targets and the

mission completes.

MiG-31 Foxhound
Tornado Gr.Mk.1

Mission 10: BlIND SPOT

Date: 2010/11/02
Time: 0600 HOURS
Area: Dresdene, Yuktobania
Difficulty: ***

Objectives: Destroy the target (TGT) before it escapes

the map.

!!NOTE: Answering Chopper's question determines the next

two stages you will

"YES" -- Opens mission 11A and 12A
"NO" -- Opens mission 11B and 12B

You will be pursuing air targets here so planes with SAAM

would be recommended. Don't get confused about the number

of the targets since thier jamming is creating duplicate

signals for each plane. Try closing in at
15,000 ft away and your lock-on should have a black dot

in the middle. Try to go for the E-767s first to make the

job easier. Make sure to check your radar often to make

sure none of the targets gets accross the map.

Pretty much that's it. Mission completes.


Operation: EMERALD
Date: 11042010
Time: 1124 HOURS
Area: Apito International Airport, Federation of

Difficulty: **

Objectives: Destroy all indicated targets(TGT)
**Protect the Airport from attack

 There would be a lot of dogfighting here with some

ground units to be taken care of. After a while,

"reinforcements" arrives, only to unload more ground

units. Bomb them and try to take as many as possible per


Destroy the indicated targets and mission completes.

Mission 11B: REPRISAL

Operation: WISDOM
Date: 11042010
Time: 1124 HOURS
Area: Bana City, Federation of Osea
Difficulty: ***

Objectives: Neutralize the poison gas with SP

**Pursue terrorists.

You will be using game specific special weapons, planes

(MIRAGE2000) no missiles and just guns. You just need to

rely visually here since the targets does not appear in

the radar. To get a clean shot, slow down towards to the

target and make sure that the dot inside the circle is

targetted at the base of the smoke trail. You will see

DESTROYED msg in your hud if successful.

Be careful with the buildings since some targets require

you to fly low to get a clean shot.

Mission will update after clearing the gases and you just

need to pursue the terrorists truck. DO NOT FIRE AT THEM.

After a wild chase with the local police, the terrorists

will call in airlift.

Enemy helicopters will come in to pickup the terrorists.

Shoot them down using your guns. THEY DO FIRE MISSILES so

try not to approach them head on. After destroying the

targets, its mission complete.

Mission 12A: POWDER KEG

Operation: SNAKE PIT
Date: 11072010
Time: 0630 HOURS
Area: Duga, Yuktobania
Difficulty: ***

Objectives: Destroy all indicated targets (TGT)
Adjust your angle of attack when firing into

a tunnel.

The main targets are located inside the tunnels. And to

add annoyance, the forest is littered with

shoulder-launched SAMS and you cant track them via radar.

Clear the area while taking both air and ground targets.


Fly NE from the starting point along the river. When you

are near, the hangar will appear on radar. It is

somewhere near the bottom right corner of the map.
Look for the part of the river that splits into three.

Its located south of the eastern split. It also has a

MIR-2000 guarding it.



Operation: FORK DANCE
Date: 11072010
Time: 0630 HOURS
Area: Sonza, Yuktobania
Difficulty: ****

Objectives: Synchronize your attack with your wingmen to

destroy all 4
radar sites.
**Destroy all indicated targets.

This is one of the frustrating missions you will get

yourself into. You need to time the target's destruction

not the firing. Nagase will take care of the countdown.

Timing is very crucial since one second off mark will

fail the mission.

Start off by boosting towards the indicated targets on

the map. Your teamates will have thier own targets so

just leave them be. Approach the target with the same

pace as your teamates. By the time you reach 20000 ft

away from the target, nagase should be on the 20 second

count. So make sure you reach 10000 on the 10 second mark

and when nagase says "NOW!" you should be at least 1000
or less in front of the target. The same applies to the

next targets but the distance and interval gets shorter

and shorter.

For the next part, you need to bomb the ground targets as



The hangar the parts are located is not obviously

displayed. To make sure you won't miss it, destroy all

ground targets indicated on your map.



Date: 11142010
Time: 0615 HOURS
Area: Razgriz Straights
Difficulty: ***

Objectives: Maintain altitude below 1000 feet and

approach the HRIMFAXI in order to avoid radar

Destroy the HRIMFAXI

You can skip the refueling if you want to. To start, I

suggest taking a flight path in between the picket subs

to avoid early detection. Sometimes your wingmen will do

some crazy stunt formation that will launch them over
1000 feet. This is will trigger the 1 minute timer


Upon passing the middle picket subs, the timer will start

which should be enough to reach and deal damage to the

Hrimfaxi. Once the "DESTROYED" msg pops out in your hud,

pull up and destroy other targets near the area and wait

for the Hrimfaxi to surface.

You will need to deal with the UAVs since they can pose a

real hassle. You may need to also need to take care of

the AA and SAMs then the Hrimfaxi's launchers.

Occasionally picket subs appear to cover the main target.

Eliminate them for more points.

And oh, the burst missiles. Bad thing is you don't get

support from the Arkbird. Good thing is that AWACS can

notify you when the burst missile is gonna be launched

and its explosion time. Just try to pull up to 5000 ft

when AWACS mentions that you have 10 seconds till

explosion. That is more than enough to get above 5000ft.

Just take out all of Hrimfaxi's AA's, SAMS, and Launchers

and what's left would be a sitting duck. Enjoy the final

moments of the great sub.

Mission Completes.

Mission 14: ICE CAGE

Operation: BACKHAUL
Date: 11172010
Time: 1800 HOURS
Area: Glubina, Yuktobania
Difficulty: ***

Objectives: Find and destroy all targets(TGT) located

throughout the map
**Protect the SEA GOBLIN helicopter team.

The targets will not show up until you come near them.

(If you reviewed the mission area during the briefing,

you should be familiar with the targets' locations.)When

starting out, hit afterburners and fly straight ahead.

Take out the two target planes. Then fly to the center of

the map and get rid of 3 more targets. You will be

informed that you still need to take down 5 more planes.

Head south of the map to find the last 3 and 2 planes.

Mission updates and new ground targets will appear. Get

rid of them and a scene takes place. Mission completes.

Mission 15: WHITE NOISE

Operation: STRAY SHEEP
Date: 11182010
Time: 0530 HOURS
Area: Glubina, Yuktobania
Difficulty: ****

Objectives: Search for Nagase(EDGE) by following the

distress becon signal.
**Protect the SEA GOBLIN helicopter teams.

!!NOTE: Answering Chopper's question determines the next

two stages you will

"YES" -- Opens mission 16A
"NO" -- Opens mission 16B

Take note of the indicator. You will need to use it to

locate Nagase. A good signal shows full lines on the

indicator and faster beeps. Most of the time Nagase is

located on the lower part of the map. Try turning left or

right to check the signal strength then hit the

afterburners to get to her immediately. She is not

stationary, so you need to turn frequently to get the
best signal. Remember that this part of the mission is

timed. So, take out enemies you encounter as fast as you

can then locate her. When you get near Edge's location,

your sensors will be jammed temporarily because of the
nearby E-767. Take if out quickly then resume your


When the beeping goes off like crazy, that means she's

nearby. Once you get to her location, she will shout

"BLAZE!" and mission updates.

The Sea Goblin choppers will arrive the area and the

fools found themselves sorrounded by enemy planes,

gunships and AA installation. There are 2 choppers here

you need to protect so rush to the first one and take out

both air and land targets as fast as you can. If any of

the choppers gets shot down, mission fails. You can order

your wingmen to attack to make your job a little easier.

Just keep the enemy fighters busy and they will leave the

helicopters alone. Keep the area clear of enemies until

Nagase is rescued. Mission Completes.

JAS-39C Gripen


Date: 11252010
Time: 0530 HOURS
Area: Jilachi Desert
Difficulty: ****

Objectives: Score at least 10000 points within the time

Continue to destroy enemy forces until time

runs out.
**Destroy all indicated targets(TGT).

Your main concern here is your ammo loadout. You will

definitely need to make your shots count and strafe easy

targets with the vulcan rounds. You need to move back and

forth, providing assistance to both forces that are

attacking simultaneonsly. Its not hard to score 10000

points as long as you continously destroy targets.

Squadrons of TND-Grs will appear and some B-52 and VULCAN
bombers. These take 4 missiles to down.

Upon reaching the time limit, mission updates, a new wave

of enemies needs to be dealt with. 2 E-767s, refueling

plane and some TYPHOON and TORNADO escorts.
Hopefully you should still have a few missiles to deal

with them. The larger planes are tougher and slower so if

you want to, you can just get to thier six and gun them

down. Mission completes.

The hangar is located on the middle NW part of the map,

near the command center and the airport. It is in the

middle of the two bombing target locations. It is easy to

spot so just take care of escorting the bombers. The

hangar appears as a lone dot in the map once you get near


F-35C Joint Srike Fighter


Date: 11252010
Time: 0530 HOURS
Area: Jilachi Desert
Difficulty: ***

Objectives: Score at least 10000 points within the time

Continue to destroy enemy forces until time

runs out.
**Destroy all indicated targets.

This is one of the easiest missions and a great way to

score a lot of points to level up a plane. Just destroy

the targets indicated, switching forces. After getting

rid of the enemies in front of your tank forces, go back

and get rid of the new ACV wave. You can proceed to the

oil refineries and airport to clear the area as well.

Bombs will be great in this mission

When time runs out, mission updates and you'll have new


Head to the river and get rid of the Battleships and

Howitzers while avoiding SAM rounds. Its easy since you

can just gun the battleships while taking out the other

four ground targets.

Hangar is located in the NW, near the top branch of the

river. Just approach the curving path of the river and

the hangar should appear as a lone dot in the map.

YF-23A Black Widow II

Mission 17: JOURNEY HOME

Date: 11292010
Time: 1030 HOURS
Area: November City, Federation of Osea
Difficulty: *****

Objectives: Follow your wingmen closely
**Intercept enemy fighters.
**Protect the airspace until reinforcments

**Destroy all enemy stealth

**Protect the stadium from enemy attack.
**Intercept last wave of enemy fighters.
The five stars is just an exaggeration. The difficulty of

this mission depends entirely on your dogfighting skills.

On the first part of the mission just stay in formation

since you are conducting an airshow/ patrol in the area.

Follow Edge during the last manuevers.

After a few manuevers, enemy fighters/bombers will appear

and you need to deal with them continously for 5 minutes.

Watch the scene and you will need to fight off the

remaining enemies for a few minutes until Allied

reinforcements arrive and mission completes.

Save your game since you wont be able to save for the

next 3 missions.

SU-47 Berkut

Mission 18: FORTRESS

Operation: DOODLEBUG
Date: 12062010
Time: 0600 HOURS
Area: Cruik Fortress, Yuktobania
Difficulty: ****

Objectives: Protect the allied ground forces (FRND) as

they storm the enemy fortress.

I personally recommend bringing bombs here. Although

there are a lot of enemy fighters, you need to soften up

enemy ground defenses. You can just have your wingmen get

a good A2A capabilities while you take care of the

bombing runs.

Make sure to take out most targets as possible during

each run to maximise air support. Tanks, SAMS and AAs

will roll out occasionally, not to mention that destroyed

bunkers will respawn and you need to target them again.

Your allied ground forces will move in snail's pace so

make sure to clear as many ground defenses as you can.

Take out any aerial threats if you want but concentrate

on the ground units.

The guntowers will respawn occasionally so clear them

out. Mission completes after the fortress has been

occupied successfully.

Mission 18+: 8492

Operation: No Operational Data- In-flight briefing
Date: --
Time: --
Area: No Operational Data- In-flight briefing
Difficulty: ***

Objectives: Follow the 8492 squadron (8492)
**Escape to the east.

 You should know by now that this is a non-existent

squadron in the OSEAN Airforce. So... approach the

squadron and once you get missile warnings swerve like

crazy to avoid the missiles.

Mission updates, an escape line appears on the radar. Hit

your afterburners hard and try to outrun them. If you

want a better chance of survival, wit for the missile

warnings, brake hard while turning then accelerating

hard. The missiles should fly past you. Just remember

that they will keep on tracking you and firing missiles

at you.

One good strategy I proved effective is to fly low, near

the mountains. Although risky since you're manuevering is

very restricted, the mountains provide you excellent

cover. NOt to mention that the enemy planes tend to
stay on a higher altitude. Just make sure you'll be ready

to make hard lefts or rights while keeping pace to reach

the escape line.

There is a known glitch that even "Mission Accomplished"

is displayed already, enemy AI remains active and will

still fire missiles at you. Be careful with this.

Mission 19: FINAL OPTION

Operation: --
Date: --
Time: --
Area: --
Difficulty: ***

Objectives: Follow POPS closely.

After the scene, mission starts with you and your

comrades piloting training HAWK fighters. You don't have

any weapons. Dont fret since you will not engage any

enemies. You will just need to extend your piloting

skills to the limit here.

Follow Pops but not too close since he will brake and

make hard turns. You will be encircling the area a few

times and your radar is jammed because of the magnetic

wave produced by the volcanic island.

You need to transverse two tunnels. Make sure you're

running around 200-250 mph to be safe. After a few runs,

the enemy squadron will stop pursuing you.

A scene will take place and mission completes.


| Loading.... OK


Operation: KEYNOTE
Date: 12092010
Time: 0500 HOURS
Area: Stier Castle, Nord Belka
Difficulty: **

Objectives: Protect the SEA GOBLIN helicopter team and

the rescue squad
(FRND) while they retrieve the President.

You will provide close air support to the helicopter team

as they storm the castle and rescue the president. Stay

close to the castle and take out any targets that appear.

Tanks still take two shots, sams, AAs, gunboats
all can be taken down by one missile. Some high end

planes also appear so make sure to get rid of them as


After a while, you will be requested to blow a portion of

the castle wall. Fly in, get a lockon, fire two missiles

and shoot it with your guns. Clear out any targets that

may interfere.

Mission completes.


Operation: SILVER EYE
Date: 12102010
Time: 1830 HOURS
Area: Mt. Schirm, Nord Belka
Difficulty: **

Objectives: Avoid the enemy radar sites indicated by the

circles on your radar and photograph the

**Get the 3 targets (TGT) in frame at once

and photograph them.
**Get the 2 targets (TGT) in frame at once

and photograph them.
**Outrun the enemy and exit the combat area.

You will conducting a recon to an enemy installation and

will only be armed with 10 recon camera shots. Better not

waste them.

You will be flying alone in this mission. Similar to

Mission 8, you need to weave through the circles.

Remember that their coverage gets smaller when you
fly in low altitudes. It is recommended to follow the

river course, fly slowly and just "yaw" (that's L2, R2

buttons) through the obstacles.

Check your map and the only way should be obvious. Follow

the trail until you reach the target area. Here you will

have some breathing space so, take your aim and make sure

that all 3 targets are inside the square or frame. If

done correctly, Pops will give some comments.

This time you need to take pictures of the two planes

together. Since they are bound to take off. Make sure you

capture both of them in one frame and you will notified

that the enemies had detected you (obviously)

You don't need to worry about the radar right now. Just

hit the afterburners hard and exit the area.

Mission Completes

Mission 22: CLOSURE

Operation: DEEP SIX
Date: 12122010
Time: 0000 HOURS
Area: Mt. Schirm, Nord Belka
Difficulty: **

Objectives: Watch for enemy forces and head to the mine.
**Destroy the rockbed to seal the mine's


This mission is straight forward. Although you may need

to take out a few targets to make your job easier and

score some points. The main target is tough and may take

several bombs, missiles, etc to bring it down.

You can take time to eliminate all targets since more

targets respawn after you destroy them. I was able to

score 30000+ points with more than 1 minute remaining.

Just make sure that the rockbed is already red since it

takes several missile hits to destroy it.


Operation: RIVERBED
Date: 12162010
Time: 0847 HOURS
Area: Payauline Ravine, Yuktobania
Difficulty: *****

Objectives: Destroy all indicated targets(TGT)

This is one mission I hated the most. You need to fly

through the whole place while taking out targets. And you

should not go over above the rim of the canyon.

You just need one missile to bring down the enemy copters

and gunboats. Ignore the TYPHOONs for the meantime since

they have the skies. After destroying all the targets,

and enemy squadron appears.

This is the part where I hated it the most. These guys

fly like crazy, in pairs. One good idea is to fly inside

the center of the canyon and wait for them there. Watch

out for the rock cliffs when you make your turns.

These guys are good evaders. An effective way I

discovered is let a pair pass and follow them with thier

manuevers. Maintain a good lock and when they are about

to end thier swerve, fire the missiles. This requires

timing, distance and good plane control. The missiles

should connect if done correctly.

Hopefully, after having a hellish time, you should

complete the mission.

Mission 24: WHITE BIRD (PART 2)

Operation: GAME BIRD
Date: 12192010
Time: 1006 HOURS
Area: Ceres Ocean
Difficulty: ***

Objectives: Destroy the ARKBIRD before it escapes

outside the map.

This is an average mission. All you need to do is to

attack the large bird before it escapes. Sounds simple

but it is not.

You need to use XMAAs or XLAAs here. Concentrate on

destroying the engines and lasers of the Arkbird. Don't

try to follow too close or you'll end up smashing

yourself. Just leave the UAVs to your wingmen.

After destroying the engines and laser, auxiliary engines

will fire up and you need to destroy it. Just struggle on

keeping your position and destroying the targets. Watch

the scene that follows and you'll live to see another



Operation: CROSSROAD
Date: 12222010
Time: 2100 HOURS
Area: Pobeda Peninsula, Yuktobania
Difficulty: ***

Objectives: Protect Bartlett's vehicle (HRTBRK ONE)

until it reaches the airfield.
**Destroy all GRABACR squadron fighters
**Protect Bartlett's aircraft (HRTBRK ONE)

There would be ground targets here but you will confront

the 8492nd Squadron later so hop on planes with good A2A

stats. Bartlett along with some very important Yuke

officials are storming the airport to escape. Help them

by clearing the checkpoints and other threats in both

ground and air.

You will be asked twice wether you will take the

shortcuts or not. So choose taking the shortcuts to make

it in time. Upon reaching the airport, clear the enemies

in both air and land. As they ascend, the enemy squadron

flies in...

8492nd. You just need to eliminate them to complete the

mission. They are not that hard, since you got your own



Mission 26: SEA OF CHAOS

Operation: GLORY HORN
Date: 12292010
Time: 1731 HOURS
Area: Ceres Ocean
Difficulty: ***

Objectives: Destroy the enemy aircraft and the enemy


Another naval battle. Protect the defectors and destroy

enemy ships near them. After that, proceed on destroying

the other ships. The larger ships take more hits to


After that more enemies will arrive. Get rid of them and

the mission should be over. No special notes about this


Mission 27: ACES

Operation: No Operational Data- In-flight briefing
Date: 12302010
Time: 2210 HOURS
Area: Sudentor, North Osea (South Belka)
Difficulty: ****

Objectives: Destroy all enemy position (TGT) and protect

the allied ground forces until they capture

the control facility entrance.
**Destroy the system core (TGT) and escape.

When you start your mission, dont shoot the incoming

aircraft. They will side with you along with other

squadrons both Osean and Yuktobanian. Head straight,

lower your altitude and destroy the enemy tanks. Lower

your speed, keep heading straight and you should find a

hangar. Destroy it for the final Falken parts. Turn right

and get rid of the enemy tanks in the bridge.

Make your turn and destroy gun towers. Be warned that

they do fire SAMs along with thier normal gatling rounds.

You may also want to hunt down some enemy fighters,

including Hamilton. He's a good pilot but he shouldn't

pose much of a threat.

After Allied positions move in, enemy pillboxes will

start to appear. Get rid of them. After the pillboxes are

neutralized, you will be notified that the tunnel

entrance is now open.

Alright, take a deep breath and fly to the tunnel. That

damn Hamilton will be following you, and will release

some missiles on you. Do not attempt to do some backturns

here...the place is too tight to do some missile evasion.

If you're lucky, none of his missiles will hit you. Just

navigate the tunnel until you reach the core. A couple of

missiles with gatling rounds should destroy it quickly.

After that you need to exit the tunnel by continuing

deeper. This path will be more perilous than before so

keep your eyes peeled. Enemy planes will be approaching

you so fire at them head on. There are also some cranes

and other obstacles here so watch out.

Hurry up fly under the shutting doors. Take note also of

the metal archways ahead. THEY CAN'T BE FLOWN OVER. You

need to fly under them or through them. You don't want to

repeat the whole mission again.

Make your way through the closing doors and when you

reach the hatch to freedom, you can breath normally now.

Head straight, lower your altitude and destroy the enemy

tanks. Lower your speed, keep heading straight and you

should find a hangar. Destroy it for the final Falken



Mission 27+: THE UNSUNG WAR

Operation: ARCADIA
Date: 2010/12/31
Time: 0500 HOURS
Area: Oured, Federation of Osea
Difficulty: ****

Objectives: Get to the SOLG's descent point as soon as

**Destroy the SOLG before it hits the


Alright, the day of reckoning. Hit the afterburners hard

and rush to the target area. On your way, a combined

GRABARC and OFNIR squadrons will intercept you. I

personally didn't have problems taking them all down. (If

you played AC0 before this one you should know why.)

If you have XLAAs or XMAAs, unload them and have the

bastards eat shrapnel. Upon destroying the initial wave,

(I got four in one XMAA launch), hit the brakes, turn

around and engage the rest of them. You should only spend

2 mins on them MAX. Killing all of them in less than 2

mins is better.

Upon reaching the descent point, the SOLG will be a huge

piece of junk metal ready to hit the city below. There

are targets and you need to time your firing so that the

missiles will hit the target parts and not the rotating
panels. Also avoid getting hit by the debris being

chunked off while you destroy the target. Have your

wingmen on ATK command.

This will take a while, depending on the direct hits you

and your wingmen inflicted. Mission completes amd a

scene will follow after destroying the

<<<< C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S!!!! >>>>


SP NEW GAME This allows your previously acquired

credits, aircraft, gametime etc when you

start your new game.

SCENE VIEWER This feature allows you to watch all the

scenes during the campaign.

FREE MISSION This feature gives you the chance to

play previous campaign missions.


BRONZE ACE Destroy 200 enemy targets.
BRONZE SHOOTER Shoot down 5 enemy planes using

machine gun
BRONZE WING Earn 'S' Ranks on all 32 missions in

"Normal" difficulty.

SILVER ACE Destroy 500 enemy targets.
SILVER SHOOTER Shoot down 15 enemy planes using

machine gun
SILVER WING Earn 'S' Ranks on all 32 missions in

"HARD" difficulty.
GOLD ACE Destroy 1000 enemy targets.
GOLD SHOOTER Shoot down 50 enemy planes using

machine gun
GOLD WING Earn 'S' Ranks on all 32 missions in
"EXPERT" difficulty.
GOLD ANCHOR Protect the Kestral and the allied

fleet in Mission 3: Narrow Margin.
DESERT EAGLE Aid allies in Missions 16A or 16B, not
more than 3 allied units lost
GRAND FALCON Destroy all 16 named planes in 2nd

playthrough on "Normal" or

GUARDIAN Shoot down 15 enemy planes who has a

missile lock on your wingmen.
LIGHTNING HAMMER Protect all 8 armored tanks on ground,

all of them should survive.
NEEDLE'S EYE Get "Perfect" phrases from base

controllers in all 6 landings and 2

refuelings stages.


These special planes appears alongside with enemy

squadrons. They can be downed with 2-3 missiles but they

fly better than the ordinary enemy planes.

HAWK ----- Shoot down GIGANTOR Mission 1
F-14D ----- Shoot down ZIPANG Mission 3
F-4G ----- Shoot down MINDRIPPER Mission 4
MIR-2000D ----- Shoot down ZAHARADA Mission 6
EA-6B ----- Shoot down DUNE Mission 10
X-29A ----- Shoot down DAREDEVIL Mission 15
MIG-31M ----- Shoot down COSM Mission 16A
EA-18G ----- Shoot down ABELCAIN Mission 16B
FB-22 ----- Shoot down PROTEUS Mission 17
F-2A ----- Shoot down CYPHER Mission 18
TND-ECR ----- Shoot down TWICE DEAD Mission 18+
MIG-21-93 ----- Shoot down SWORDKILL Mission 23
YA-10B ----- Shoot down DISTANT THUNDER Mission 25
Rafale B ----- Shoot down DECODER Mission 26
SU-37 ----- Shoot down YELLOW Mission 27
MIG-1.44 ----- Shoot down REPLICATOR Mission 27+

X-02 ----- Complete Hard mode
F-22A ----- Complete Arcade Mode
Falken ----- Complete Expert mode with rank S in all



SAAM (Semi-active Air-to-Air Missile)

The target must remain on the targetting circle as the

missile tracks its target. It has long range and its a

good way to snipe a target on its 5-7 oclock angles. Has

firepower equivalent to 2-3 missiles.

Equipped with: F-20A, Mirage-2000, F-14A, Mig-31, F-15C,

Su-27, Su-47

QAAM (Quick-manuever Air-to-Air Missile)

If you played AC4, you'll know how ungodly these SP

weapons are. They will keep on tracking a target and will

only give up when it runs out of fuel. Its also a good

way to distract a target while taking your oppurtunity to

take him down. Firepower equivalent to 2 missiles.

Equipped with: X-29A, Mig-21-93, Su-37, YF-223A, S-32,


XLAA (Advanced Long Range Air-to-Air Missile)

This has a multilock function that can lock in 4 targets

and best used when rushing the enemies in thier 12 or 6.

Firepower equivalent to 2 missiles. It has exceptional

range that can be used to bring down multiple targets


Equipped with: F-14D, Mig-31M, Su-35, Typhoon, X-02

XMAA (Advanced Medium-range Air-to-Air Missile)

This has a multilock function that can lock in 4 targets

and best used when rushing the enemies in thier 12 or 6.

Firepower equivalent to 2 missiles. It has medium range

but is longer than the conventional missiles.

Equipped with: F-4X, F-16C B60, F/A-18E, TND-F3,

F-15S/MTD, F/A-22A

NPB (Napalm Bomb)

This comes with a fair amount of ammo but that doesnt

make up this Sp weapon's lack of decent damage and blast

radius. One of the most useless SP weapons in the game.

Equipped with: F-4e

RCL (Rocket Launcher)

Generally weak, this SP wpn can justify its existence

when targeting stationary targets. When activated, it

launches multiple volleys of small rockets. Effective

when attacking grouped enemies.
Equipped with: Mig-21 BIS, JAS-39C

UGB (Unguided Bomb, Small)

This is a free fall bomb that has a larger blast radius

and damage than the NPB but still a bit miss when

engaging a group of enemies. You can deploy two of these

bombs at the same time, so it is more effective when

engaging larger, tougher, stationary targets.

Equipped with: F-5E, F-16C, Mig-29A

UGBL (Unguided Bomb, Large)

One of the most effective bombs in the game, the UGBL has

great blast radius and damage. It can eliminate grouped

targets in one drop. Because of this destructive

potential, this SP wpn's ammo is limited so use with


Equipped with: A-6E, Mirage-2000D, MIG-1.44

GPB (Guided Penetrating Bomb)

This bomb is designed to penetrate heavily fortified

enemy positions such as bunkers and pillboxes. Also known

as "Bunker Busters", these bombs has a good blast radius

and damage. You won't be using the planes carrying these

SP wpns that often.

Equipped with: F-14b, F-117a

FAEB (Fuel Air Explosive Bomb)

Unfortunately, the effectiveness and power of this sp

weapon is drastically reduced after its AC4 days. The

area of damage is wide but the damage will depend on the

dropping and area of the blast radius. This makes the

bomb unpredictable. Just use a UGBL instead.

Equipped with: YA-10B

XAGM: (Advanced Air-to-Ground Missile)

This SP wpn has good trajectory, locks on to multiple

targets but has very limited ammo. You may want to save

this for the main targets. Targets are destroyed with

missile like prejectiles so there are no blast radius

with each impact.

Equipped with: F-16XL, A-10, Su-32

LASM (Long range Air-to-Surface Missile)

The main use of this Sp weapon is to take out enemy naval

ships from great distances. Although it doesnt have any

one shot kill potential on ships, its enough to soften

them up for a single missile shot or a few machine gun


Equipped with: F-2A, F/A-18C, Rafale M, F-35C

LAGM (Long range Air-to-Ground Missile)

Similar to LASM in a way, but has some small blast radius

that can take out nearby enemy installments around the

locked on target.

Equipped with: F-4G

BDSP (Bomblet Dispenser)

Very effective in targets lined up or just grouped

enemies, this dispenser launches small bombletts to the

targetted area. The bomblets are not that strong but with

thier number, its sure to hit the target.

Equipped with: TND-GR1

SFFS (Self-Forging Fragment Submunitions)

Widely known as "Cluster Bombs", SFFS works almost the

same way as the the bomblet dispensers but with less


Equipped with: F-15E

ECMP (Electronic Countermeasures Pod)

This SP wpn, jams the enemy radar for a few seconds,

negating thier lock-on and tracking abilities for a brief

moment. Pretty much useless since you can evade the

missiles, yourself. It may come handy in tight dogfights

where your missile warning system keeps on flaring like


Equipped with: EA-6B, EA-18G, TND-ECR

SOD (Stand-Off Dispenser)

Another dispenser but the bomblets are released when the

carrying projectile travels through the targets. Somehow

unpredictable because the bomblets' are scattered in a

wide area. Best used in groups of enemies.

Equipped with: TND-GR 4, Rafale B, FB-22

TLS (Tactical Laser System)

The TLS is also used as a self-defense mechanism of the

Arkbird. Equipped as a SP wpn on the Falken, this laser

can through anything, no matter how hard and thick the

armor is. The drawback when using this weapon is that you

need to control the direction of the laser by steering

the plane. One good way of maximizing its effectiveness

is to sweep it on a group of targets.

The laser can reach distances up to 10000 ft.

Equipped with: FALKEN



These planes can be unlocked by completing missions. Can

be done in Free Mission mode but can only be bought in

Campaign mode.


designed for>
top speed>
bullet damage>



F-5E "TIGER II" (default aircraft)

COST: 8100
SPD: 91
MOB: 32
DEF: 43
AIR: 22
GND: 47
OVR: 47

MSL: 52
SPL: UGB (12)

NOTES: This is the default plane you're going to use

for the next five missions. Nothing special

but still usable. Good luck!

F-4E "PHANTOM II" (Complete Mission 3)

COST: 10500
SPD: 75
MOB: 32
DEF: 56
AIR: 25
GND: 50
OVR: 47.6

MSL: 62
SPL: NPB (10)

NOTES: One of the earlier planes you'll need to cope

with. There's nothing special about this one.

You may want to use this on earlier, easier

missions if you want to unlock its other

MIG-21BIS "FISHBED" (Complete Mission 3)

COST: 7600
SPD: 83
MOB: 35
DEF: 42
AIR: 22
GND: 47
OVR: 45.8

MSL: 56
SPL: RCL (08)

NOTES: Another low performance craft. Very crappy

and challenging to use. You may want to use this

only to unlock its other variant.

A-6E "INTRUDER" (Complete Mission 4)

COST: 11000
SPD: 66
MOB: 25
DEF: 68
AIR: 15
GND: 61
OVR: 47

MSL: 60
SPL: UGBL (10)

NOTES: A good plane for attacking ground targets.

The UGBL has large radius and fairly powerful

damage. You will find difficulties when engaging


F-16C "FIGHTING FALCON" (Complete Mission 6)

COST: 12000
SPD: 83
MOB: 44
DEF: 46
AIR: 30
GND: 55
OVR: 51.6

MSL: 60
SPL: UGB (14)

NOTES: A fairly good plane for earlier missions.

Nothing great about this plane, its primarily

designed to engage ground targets.

F/A-18C "HORNET" (Complete Mission 6)

COST: 13100
SPD: 83
MOB: 44
DEF: 57
AIR: 27
GND: 62
OVR: 54.6

MSL: 64
SPL: LASM (10)

NOTES: Supposedly a multirole, carrier-based craft.

But its strength lies on engaging ground targets.

Has fair capabilities against air targets but not


A-10A "THUNDERBOLT II" (Complete Mission 7)

COST: 13800
SPD: 66
MOB: 34
DEF: 94
AIR: 17
GND: 74
OVR: 57

MSL: 64
SPL: XAGM (14)

NOTES: This is one of the best attackers in the game.

Designed for low altitude, heavy ground assaults,

its great defense and stability will allow you to

sweep enemy ground formations with ease while
having good survival rate. A must of heavily

fortified targets.

MiG-29A "FULCRUM" (Complete Mission 7)

COST: 11200
SPD: 83
MOB: 50
DEF: 49
AIR: 30
GND: 55
OVR: 53.4

MSL: 60
SPL: UGB (14)

NOTES: A fairly balanced plane effective on taking out

light ground formations. It has good speed and

mobility to engage into basic dogfighting and

aerial engagements.

MIRAGE 2000 (Complete Mission 7)

COST: 12300
SPD: 91
MOB: 50
DEF: 46
AIR: 59
GND: 23
OVR: 53.8

MSL: 60
SPL: SAAM (08)

NOTES: A decent plane with good mobility and speed.

It can manage in medium air to air combat

engagements and can take out light ground

formations as well.

F-14A "TOMCAT" Complete Mission 9

COST: 14800
SPD: 75
MOB: 46
DEF: 59
AIR: 72
GND: 26
OVR: 55.6

MSL: 68
SPL: SAAM (10)

NOTES: Another good air to air plane. It has good

speed and anti-air rating but fair mobility robs

its capability for heavy aerial engagements. Its a

decent all around fighter.

MiG-31 "FOXHOUND" (Complete Mission 9)

COST: 14300
SPD: 99
MOB: 53
DEF: 85
AIR: 83
GND: 30
OVR: 70

MSL: 70
SPL: SAAM (14)

NOTES: Now this is one great plane to grab as soon as

possible. Exceptional speed, great defense and

good mobility. Not to mention the great air to air

rating. This is one of the perfect planes you can

bring to engage multiple air squadrons.

TORNADO GR.MK.1 (Complete Mission 9 )

COST: 15000
SPD: 83
MOB: 40
DEF: 90
AIR: 27
GND: 88
OVR: 65.6

MSL: 68
SPL: BDSP (10)

NOTES: Another great plane for engaging heavy surface

targets. Great speed, defense and anti-ground

rating. Perfect for those heavily fortified and

clumped together targets.

F-15C "EAGLE" (Complete Mission 12A)

COST: 16200
SPD: 91
MOB: 54
DEF: 60
AIR: 73
GND: 37
OVR: 63

MSL: 70
SPL: SAAM (10)

NOTES: Another great overall fighter. Pretty balanced


SU-27 "FLANKER" (Complete Mission 12B )

COST: 16000
SPD: 83
MOB: 57
DEF: 61
AIR: 74
GND: 38
OVR: 62.6

MSL: 72
SPL: SAAM (10)

NOTES: This is one of the starters for the generation of

"air superiority" aircrafts. It has really good

overall performance and good mobility. This is one

of the planes you should bring on major air


F-117A "NIGHTHAWK" (Complete Mission 15)

COST: 20100
SPD: 66
MOB: 61
DEF: 75
AIR: 31
GND: 91
OVR: 64.8

MSL: 54
SPL: GPB (16)

NOTES: An efficient but not exceptional bomber. It has

stealth and can glide slowly over targets for more

efficient bombing runs.

JAS-39C "GRIPEN" (Complete Mission 15)

COST: 17900
SPD: 91
MOB: 68
DEF: 60
AIR: 40
GND: 75
OVR: 66.8

MSL: 68
SPL: RCL (12)

NOTES: A pretty well balanced plane, with good mobility

and excellent speed. The RCL works wonders on

clumped targets. (Think of Hrimfaxi)

EF-2000 "TYPHOON" (Complete Mission 16A)

COST: 21500
SPD: 91
MOB: 85
DEF: 65
AIR: 91
GND: 60
OVR: 78.4

MSL: 78
SPL: XLAA (14)

NOTES: This is one of the excellent planes you'll ever

grab. Nothing more to say since the stats speaks

for itself. Excellent speed, mobility and air to

air rating.

F-35C "JOINT STRIKE FIGHTER" (Complete Mission 16A )

COST: 20500
SPD: 83
MOB: 70
DEF: 66
AIR: 57
GND: 92
OVR: 73.6

MSL: 76
SPL: LASM (14)

NOTES: This is another great ground assault plane. Its

anti-air capabilities is fairly good, too.

YF-23A "BLACK WIDOW II" (Complete Mission 16B)

COST: 22500
SPD: 91
MOB: 83
DEF: 66
AIR: 90
GND: 58
OVR: 77.6

MSL: 80
SPL: QAAM (12)

NOTES: Another must grab plane. The QAAM is just

sweet, not the mention excellent speed, mobility

and anti-air capability. You must get one of these

when you have the chance.

RAFALE M (Complete Mission 16B)

COST: 21200
SPD: 83
MOB: 79
DEF: 63
AIR: 50
GND: 84
OVR: 71.8

MSL: 74
SPL: LASM (14)

NOTES: The LASM is great for engaging enemy ships in

naval battles. The plane has great mobility and

good anti-air ratings to engage enemy aircraft as


F/A-22A "RAPTOR" (Complete Mission 17)

COST: 24000
SPD: 91
MOB: 90
DEF: 66
AIR: 94
GND: 59
OVR: 80

MSL: 82
SPL: XMAA (16)

NOTES: Alright, this is one of the best planes available

in the game. Excellent speed, mobility and air

to air rating. It can also deal with some ground

targets when needed but this fighter excels in

dogfighting. One of the best all around planes.

SU-47 "BERKUT" (Complete Mission 17)

COST: 23100
SPD: 91
MOB: 91
DEF: 66
AIR: 93
GND: 59
OVR: 80

MSL: 82
SPL: SAAM (14)

NOTES: Another great plane. Same abilities as the Raptor

but cheaper by 900 credits. This has the same

strengths and abilities as the raptor minus the

special weapons. A good alternative if you're

short on cash or just by preference.

HAWK T.1A (Complete Mission 19 )

COST: 5000
SPD: 83
MOB: 32
DEF: 42
AIR: 43
GND: 16
OVR: 43.2

MSL: 56
SPL: QAAM (06)

NOTES: I don't understand why they put this plane later

in game in which you should already have far

better planes. This is crappy and can only be used

during earlier, easier missions.

X-02 "WYVERN" (Purchase at least one of every aircraft in

the game.)

COST: 39700
SPD: 91
MOB: 99
DEF: 67
AIR: 94
GND: 67
OVR: 83.6

MSL: 84
SPL: XLAA (14)

NOTES: This is the best plane in AC4. And still, its an

exceptional plane until you get the Falken. Too

bad the requirements for getting this plane is too

difficult coz you need to acquire a total of....

FALKEN (collect 5 parts hidden in diffrent hangars. See


COST: 826000
SPD: 91
MOB: 99
DEF: 67
AIR: 99
GND: 100
OVR: 91.2

MSL: 84
SPL: TLS (14)

NOTES: Behold the ultimate fighter! This plane excels in

almost everything. The TLS is a godly weapon,

nothing can survive from it, no matter how hard or

thick it is. The Falken is your ultimate plane,

baby! But it will take you several missions to

earn enough money to buy one. Its worth all the



These are planes that can only be unlocked by "levelling

up" the pre-requisite plane (s). These can be done by

using the plane over and over again and filling up its

"KILL BAR". Points are accumulated by destroying mission

required and/or optional targets. This can be done in

both campaign and free missions.

"" (pre-requisite

plane/variant, points needed)

designed for>
top speed>



F-4G "WILD WEASEL" (12800 pts, F-4E)

COST: 10500
SPD: 75
MOB: 32
DEF: 56
AIR: 25
GND: 50
OVR: 47.6

MSL: 62
SPL: NPB (10)

NOTES: Just your ordinary crappy plane. The NPB bomb

does look cool but that doesn't make up with the damage

it can bring. You may just want to use this to unlock its

other variant.

F-4X (47450 pts, F-4G)

COST: 16900
SPD: 91
MOB: 54
DEF: 60
AIR: 73
GND: 37
OVR: 63

MSL: 70
SPL: XMAA (10)

NOTES: A better variant with excellent speed and

somehow good air to air rating. Using this plane depends

on player preference.

F-20A "TIGERSHARK" (19800 pts, F-5E )

COST: 11900
SPD: 91
MOB: 43
DEF: 46
AIR: 60
GND: 25
OVR: 53

MSL: 60
SPL: SAAM (10)

NOTES: Nothing special about this one. It may have

great speed but other fighters readily available or

unlocked outshines this one.

EA-18G "GROWLER" (90200 pts, F/A-18E)

COST: 21000
SPD: 91
MOB: 75
DEF: 52
AIR: 55
GND: 55
OVR: 65.6

MSL: 74
SPL: ECMP (06)

NOTES: A good variant of the F/A-18E but a bit

balanced out. The ECMP is good but I would prefer

offensive SP weapons than this one. Its still a good

plane, though.

EA-6B "PROWLER" (43200 pts, A-6E)

COST: 15200
SPD: 66
MOB: 54
DEF: 60
AIR: 40
GND: 55
OVR: 55

MSL: 66
SPL: ECMP (05)

NOTES: Obviously, the GROWLER is better than this

one. Nothing special, just same SP weapon with lower

capacity. Using this plane depends on player preference.

F-14B "BOBCAT" (47450 pts, F-14A)

COST: 16500
SPD: 83
MOB: 54
DEF: 60
AIR: 47
GND: 61
OVR: 61

MSL: 70
SPL: GPB (12)

NOTES: A decent ground assault attacker but not

exceptional. Its a good alternative if you want a faster


F-14D "SUPER TOMCAT" (56250 pts, F-14B)

COST: 17800
SPD: 91
MOB: 58
DEF: 61
AIR: 81
GND: 35
OVR: 65.2

MSL: 72
SPL: XLAA (14)

NOTES: Another decent fighter craft. Improved

version of the F-14 series when great speed and air to

air rating.

F-15E "STRIKE EAGLE" (95450 pts, F-15C)

COST: 19900
SPD: 91
MOB: 55
DEF: 75
AIR: 42
GND: 80
OVR: 68.6

MSL: 76
SPL: SFFS (14)

NOTES: Another good ground attacker. However, its

weakness would be its rather inefficient SP weapon.

F-15S/MTD "ACTIVE" (95450 with the F-15C)

COST: 22700
SPD: 91
MOB: 89
DEF: 66
AIR: 94
GND: 58
OVR: 79.6

MSL: 82
SPL: XMAA (14)

NOTES: This is one of the great variant of the F-15.

Great speed and mobility. This is a good choice when

going to intercept enemy aircrafts. Another great air

superiority fighter.

F-16 BLOCK60 (65450 pts, F-16C)

COST: 18100
SPD: 83
MOB: 65
DEF: 49
AIR: 76
GND: 40
OVR: 62.6

MSL: 68
SPL: XMAA (12)

NOTES: A decent AA variant of the F-16. Can be used

on medium AA enemy intercepts and engagements.

F-16XL (65450 pts, F-16C)

COST: 18300
SPD: 83
MOB: 52
DEF: 61
AIR: 34
GND: 80
OVR: 62

MSL: 68
SPL: XAGM (14)

NOTES: This attacker has good yaw and stalling

speed, good for synchronized attacks or close air support

for ground friendlies.

F-2A (65450 pts, F-16C)

COST: 19500
SPD: 83
MOB: 55
DEF: 62
AIR: 76
GND: 40
OVR: 63.2

MSL: 72
SPL: LASM (12)

NOTES: A great naval fighter. It can sweep at low

speeds while maintaining great stability. The Lasms are

really effective when engaging enemy naval ships and can

deal with fighter escorts as well.

F/A-18E "SUPER HORNET" (51800 pts, F/A-18C)

COST: 16900
SPD: 91
MOB: 58
DEF: 61
AIR: 68
GND: 43
OVR: 64.2

MSL: 68
SPL: XMAA (12)

NOTES: Good plane but not exceptional. A better

variant of the F/A-18C, that has good AA capabilities.

FB-22 "CONCEPT" (123200 pts, F/A-22A)

COST: 24800
SPD: 91
MOB: 80
DEF: 78
AIR: 54
GND: 98
OVR: 80.2

MSL: 82
SPL: SOD (18)

NOTES: The attacker version of the RAPTOR. Excellent

ammo capacity, speed, mobility defense and air-to-ground

rating. This baby can sweep heavy enemy formations with

ease. One of the best attackers in the game.

MiG-21-93 (80000 pts, MiG-21bis)

COST: 19200
SPD: 83
MOB: 74
DEF: 63
AIR: 82
GND: 46
OVR: 69.6

MSL: 72
SPL: QAAM (12)

NOTES: This is a decent plane that can be used on

early parts of the game and rather light dogfights and

intercepts. Just dont mind the rather obnoxious look of


MiG-31M (65450 pts, MiG-31)

COST: 18400
SPD: 99
MOB: 63
DEF: 87
AIR: 85
GND: 37
OVR: 74.2

MSL: 74
SPL: XLAA (14)

NOTES: This planes excellent speed, defense and

anti-air capabilities makes up for its fair turning

ability. It is still a decent plane, though.

Mirage 2000D (35000 pts, Mirage 2000)

COST: 12300
SPD: 91
MOB: 50
DEF: 46
AIR: 59
GND: 23
OVR: 53.8

MSL: 60
SPL: SAAM (08)

NOTES: Good speed but not that great as a fighter.

This plane is outshined by the F-16's and the Migs. Use

of this plane is player's preference.

SU-32 "STRIKE FLANKER" (111800 pts, SU-27)

COST: 21500
SPD: 83
MOB: 57
DEF: 78
AIR: 51
GND: 92
OVR: 72.2

MSL: 80
SPL: XAGM (14)

NOTES: Another great ground attacker. This is one of

the planes that you can rely on taking several enemy


SU-35 "SUPER FLANKER" (111800 pts, SU-27)

COST: 21200
SPD: 91
MOB: 85
DEF: 66
AIR: 93
GND: 56
OVR: 78.2

MSL: 80
SPL: XLAA (14)

NOTES: This plane rivals most of the air superiority

fighters in the game. Excellent speed and mobility.

Additional missile capacity and great anti-air rating

makes it as an ideal heavy intercept/dogfight fighter.

SU-37 "TERMINATOR" (123200 pts, SU-35)

COST: 23700
SPD: 91
MOB: 93
DEF: 66
AIR: 94
GND: 59
OVR: 80.6

MSL: 82
SPL: QAAM (14)

NOTES: This is one of the perfect fighters in terms

of dogfighting and and heavy air intercepts. Large

missile capacity and the QAAM Sp weapon owns almost

everything that shares the sky with the TERMINATOR.

TORNADO ECR (56250 pts, TORNADO Gr.Mk.1)

COST: 19000
SPD: 83
MOB: 67
DEF: 80
AIR: 59
GND: 63
OVR: 70.4

MSL: 70
SPL: ECMP (05)

NOTES: This one of the few jammer planes included in

the game. The plane has decent stats but the special

weapon doesnt help somehow.

TORNADO F3 (56250 pts, TORNADO Gr.Mk.1)
--------------- ---------------------

COST: 16500
SPD: 83
MOB: 59
DEF: 91
AIR: 74
GND: 37
OVR: 68.8

MSL: 68
SPL: XMAA (10)

NOTES: A good plane that can stand on its own. It

has a really great defense rating for a fighter plane.

TORNADO Gr.Mk.4 (56250 pts, TORNADO Gr.Mk.1)

COST: 18700
SPD: 83
MOB: 51
DEF: 92
AIR: 37
GND: 82
OVR: 69

MSL: 72
SPL: SOD (12)

NOTES: The attacker version of the TORNADO with more

reliable SP weapon for engaging ground enemy formations.

X-29A (60800 pts, F-20A)

COST: 17100
SPD: 83
MOB: 71
DEF: 49
AIR: 76
GND: 40
OVR: 63.8

MSL: 60
SPL: QAAM (10)

NOTES: The name of the plane sounds nice but it

doesn't mean that it is an exceptional plane as it is.

Just an advanced version of the F-20A.

YA-10B (85050 pts, A-10A)

COST: 20000
SPD: 66
MOB: 59
DEF: 99
AIR: 37
GND: 95
OVR: 71.2

MSL: 74
SPL: FAEB (14)

NOTES: Personally, I consider this as the best

attacker in the game. The FAEB is powerful, not to

mention that this plane can withstand real punishment and

still wipe out the oppostion without any problems.

Excerpts from the book:
(Aces, Demons and Ghosts: Mysterious Heroes of the Belkan


Speculations abound over the true identity of the "Aces

of Razgriz"
A small squadron of fighter pilots who played a pivotal

role in resolving
the Cirearn-Pacific war (Belkan Conflict), and has since

disappeared without
a trace.

Some still firmly believe that this mysterious squadron

was the Sand Island
detachment of the 108th Osean Tactical fighter squadron,

better known as the
Sand Island Squadron.

Feared amongst Yuktobanian Troops as "The Demons of

Razgriz" the ferocity of
this squadrons combat power is said to have weakened the

resolve to fight
amongst many in the front lines.

To this day very little information has been obtained

regarding the Sand
Island Squadron itself. The last recorded account is a

report dated the
December 7, 2010, stating that all planes from Sand

Island Squadron had
been shot down over the Ceres Ocean. No records about

them have since been

There are however, numerous similarities that connect

Sand Island Squadron
and "The Demons of Razgriz".

Whatever the truth maybe, the memory of this mysterious

squadron, hailed
both as aces and demons - and, at one point as ghosts -

still lives amongst

Vincent Harling, 48rd President of the Osean Federation

announced at the
2013 Osean Federation Council, that in the year 2020 the

Government will
release to the public, full details from every department

pertaining to the
Belkan Conflict.

In a speech following his announcement President Harling

declared the

"We must let time shed light on the truth behind this

conflict. In the
meantime, the world has already began to head down a new


"And this path shall go on, as long as the blaze of light

that shines
through the darkness is not extinguished."


....primarily to all the gaming sites that hosted my

authored faqs. I really appreciate it. Specially to the

people of

....also to all the Filipino gamers that are actively

participating and contributing, helping their fellow

gamers alike. my friends, family and office mates.

and to you for reading!

Please visit my site and checkout my

other faqs.

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