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Retro Game Walkthroughs For
"S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl"
(PC Games)

Retro Game Walkthroughs for S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl (PC Games)
Submitted By: Nickonono

The missions
The first thing I accidentally did when first playing STALKER was rushing into the whole jungle of effects and the vast environment, which I am still regretting now. Donít get too carried away with taking up missions as they gradually build up. I am still trying to complete early missions which I idiotically agreed to for fill when I first started playing this game. Make sure you stick to one mission at a time-I look at it like decorating a house. Never start one room and move onto another without finishing the first. Itís the same scenario here. Always carry out missions one after the other.

The Equipment
I often found myself picking up every pretty looking object which was put in front of me. Soldiers which I killed or found were continuously stripped of all possessions. This was the trap I fell into. Nearly always I overstocked my inventory so full, that sometimes I couldnít even move. I had to drop the odd thing or eat some food (which is annoying when your health is already full) in order to make my guy move a single muscle. However there is one good thing for all this useless junk. Take it all to the dealer. Here you get huge sums of money in return for the crap you pick up on your adventures. Always take their food but try not to take guns which you already have-just the ammo for them. This is because these are extremely common and weigh you down so much that it takes hours for you to get around. The more items you decide to pick up, the slower your guy will move and so you are an extremely easy targets for dogs or bores.

When approaching the enemy two small bars appear next to the energy your soldier has. One is for the amount of noise you make when running or crouching and the other is for how visible you are. To make sure that being spotted happens less frequently, press Ctrl to crawl but also hold down the left shift key. This makes your soldier crawl lower and slower, preventing any noise from being made. If you ever need to knife an enemy, be sure to use this technique as everyone in the game has excellent hearing!

It is very easy to get caught out unawares in this game. Characters are very clever and with the huge amount of foliage in the game, it sometimes takes great skill to spot the enemy. It is also like no other FPS game I have ever played. It is much easier to die! My tips for combat are fairly obvious but can easily be forgotten. Never run lower on ammunition. When going in for the kill make sure you have enough bullets to finish them off, as when reloading enemyís can wipe you clean in a few blasts of a shotgun. Secondly, when using the pistol try not to fire so quickly. If you have to, then indeed do it, but if not then donít. Itís more realistic. Guns get jammed if fired repetitively and have to be reloaded. Dreadful in combat and add a bit more spice to the game.

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