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Retro Game Walkthroughs For
"Assassin's Creed"
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This game is also available on Xbox 360.

Retro Game Walkthroughs for Assassin's Creed (PlayStation 3)
Submitted By: niko dragneel

It's best to read ahead if you want a better sense of what is to happen. I try not to spoil anything, well except for the very first part, but it shouldn't be a problem.

Just remember to use your map as an even more powerful ally than I.

Assassin's Creed Walkthrough

Okay, I knew there was a twist, so wait until you are finally to the tutorial stage to read on, because I will spoil it in the next paragraph.


Okay, after learning of the sci-fi twist in this game, just watch the events that unfold and do as you're told until you are put in a hazy looking place. Just run forward and then the tutorial will start. Listen closely and then you will enter a sequence where you learn the controls. Press the head button and look at each group of people around you. Then walk forward while pressing the "gently push" button to walk through the jar-people. Then press the button that changes your profile (which changes what the buttons on the HUD do). You will notice the low profile actions are acceptable, while the high profile actions will get you into trouble.

Next will be a simple push, so go into high profile and grab the dude, then toss him. Then you will sprint, which you must run off as soon as you can to beat the other guy. Next you will go kill a guy, so do it. Run into the guy that come along, go up the ladder, and then hide in the little garden.

After learning of the things you can hide in, just hold the blend button
down and walk past the bad guys. Then you learn of a new ability called Eagle Vision. Then you learn of three rules: 1. Leave innocent people alone, 2. Be discreet, 3. Don't jeopordize the clan. Then just wait for the first level to get rolling.

When you see a glitch, press a button to change perspective (you know, because it's suppose to be you, you wouldn't normally have memories from others, that is why it's a glitch). Move forward and when you hit the gap press and hold the two buttons and simple press forward to jump along the beams. Do this again and then up the ladder.

*NOTE: Glitches are when the screen kinda messes up, like static. You only get a few moments after to press any button. I won't point out every glitch, so you will either recognize the static yourself, or you will watch all the cutscenes from boring angles.*

Do a low profile kill and then move to the ledge for a bit of a scene. After, just use the ladders to hit the floor and walk over to the other guys. Then lock on and press the assassinate button to get the next scene. On the other side, just hold the two buttons and move up the area by either the left or right pathways. These same buttons are used to run up walls, so do that when near the exit. Then make a slow climb up a wall to fast forward in memory.

*NOTE: Whenever the screen goes to this empty haze area, just wait for the loading to be done. It's essentially a load screen.*

*NOTE: Also, now is good time as any to mention that for those of you with the instruction manual, thumb through it for the comments made by Dr. Vidic. It will possibly confuse, but you can see something is seriously up with this game.*


Status: Return to Al Mualim

After you talk with the man in the village, make your way to the hill toward the castle. So long as you don't mess with the guards or kill anyone along the way, you should just run up the path. You will run into another friend near the gate. Then enter the fort, where weapons are no-no's, and then go inside the builing and up the stairs to meet the dude.

Status: Defend Village

After the chat, run back down the trail to the village. When you finally run into guys with blades, press the lock-on button, then press the high profile button so that the counter move is available. This move is the best way to kill bad guys. Just wait for them to attack, then press the counter to watch a very cool little deathscene. Just repeat this as you make your way back to the start point. Everyone will retreat when you get down to the bottom.

Status: Remove the Templars from Masyaf

Move forward and toward the target on your map. Go up the ladder nearby to reach your friend. Follow him to the top, and then stand on the platform to the right. Then watch.

*NOTE: During this cutscene will be many glitches, so if you see a little static go across the screen, press any button to view the event. Just in case you haven't realized there won't be a sign pointing out a glitch.*

Once you are the center of attention, do the leap of faith and you land safely in some hay. Jump out and go meet the other two. Then come back to find the beam across the gap. Follow these beams, which you can somewhat run across, and then you will hit a wall. You can't just go straight up, so move around and find little points that you can use to climb you would be surprised what you can climb up and how you can climb. At the tower, go to the right and slash at the wall to shatter the enemy army. Then just watch.


When you have control back, go to the right and into the bathroom to interact and listen to the conversation. Come back out after and wait for the doctor to go away, then you can talk with the girl to learn some backstory, and you can ask a question before going to bed too. Enter the bed room on the right and then go to bed.

When awake, go to the front of the slab and go back to the past.


Status: Investigate and find Masyaf's traitor

*NOTE: You can press any button during this kind of cutscene to change the camera angle, to be more cinematic.*

Well, after the scene you will get a series of messages outlining which
abilities you have lost - pretty much all of them, including the counter kill(cry now).

Walk down and out of the fort to run into a guy along the way. Return to the bottom of the hill, then look north and go left to the market. When you get close to the target, go set on the bench and lock on, or the other way around,and then listen to the conversation.

Now go to the east side of the village and get close to the target. Climb on the building and then press the lock-on button to listen to the conversation. After the two depart, follow the guy up the ways. Get close and pick his pocket without alarm.

Go up this path to find the next target preacking by a rail. Let him finish and then follow. He will stop in a dark spot in the corner. That is when you go high profile and then punch him a few times to make him talk.

Status: Speak with the Bureau leader in Damascus

Synchronizing Rank 1 Memory - sword and hidden blade

With a few of your toys back, head back to the village. You will get a chance to practice some swordplay, so try it out (the combo kill is nice, attack and then press attack as the sword hits to kill). Return to the village bottom and go out the open gates to find a trusty steed, either black or white. Jump on and start running down hte road.

Make the jump when you hit one and keep going. You will cross under some arches and then load the next area.


*NOTE: The most important thing to remember is that you can set your own marker on the map. This helps highlight objectives not on the minimap. It's the easiest way to know where you're going without following directions. Learn to use this well and the game almost plays itself.*

You are now in the Kingdom. Your first task is to claim the view point on top of the tower nearby. Just ride up, get off, and start climbing. After you get it, to a leap of faith off the beam to land in hay below. Now you are free to keep going.

When you hit a fork nearby, watch out for enemies in the area go into eagle vision to see the red guys, or use the change in the light in the corner of your HUD. Get past them and take the path going east, simply because you can't go to the west side of this area.

*NOTE: Just stay away from enemies even though they clearly see you. They won't bother you unless you provoke them by getting too close or doint something you shouldn't be.*

*NOTE: Remember, if you do get spotted by anyone, just run around until they cannot see you, and then hide in some hay. No need to fight.*

When you hit a small village with another view point, you can just run up the tower and start climbing if you like, which does alert the guards. You could even go around the back and climb, so long as no one sees you. Either way, get to the top, synchronize, and then leap of faith off to vanish. You can now go view point hunting, or just head to Damascus, your call. I will go into the view points you can get here right now, so skip ahead if you just want to get on with the story.

*NOTE: Remember, blend to get by guards unnoticed, and once they can't see you you are free to climb.*

From this tower, go to the west to find a path leading up the mountain. Follow the long trail to the tower. Blend past the guards and then go up the side. You will also find a flag up here, then synchronize. Again, leap of faith off the beam. Then back down the trail.

*NOTE: Since that was the first mention of the flags, refer to my flag section if you want to tackle all 100 at this time. You can't get them all now, but you can get a bunch out of the way. Again, just as the view points, these flags are not mission-related, so skip if you don't care.*

Go back to the second view point in this village and then go around it to find the path leading down to another/other part of the village. Go around the path until you find a path leading up, not the winding path leading up to some buildings. Follow the path to Damascus. If you try to go anywhere else you will not be able to go.

When you reach the village with the fourth view point, just go around the back to avoid the many men in the road and get up there. Keep heading north to the next village with the next tower. This area is more like an enemy camp, so just stay away from the guards. Go through the camp and on your way to Damascus, see, the view points were easy.


Status: Climb a view point, 0/6 investigations

*NOTE: The best way to get around is by the rooftops. If you do get spotted and are being chased, get up to the roofs and find a garden to hide in.*

*NOTE: Now that combat is a factor, I will remind you how to do the quick kill just in case someone doesn't quite have it down. You will attack, press attack as the blade hits, and then do it one more time and that should do the kill animation. Just stay with it for two hits and then the animation should go, and it's well worth it every time.*

Make your way down the path to the city. Near the gate you will get a message about saving a citizen. Get off your horse, walk over there, and lock-on to a guard. Start fighting and then lock-onto the citizen you just saved. Then you will be showed some scholars walking. Blend with them to walk into the city. Just go over to them and press blend, no need to hold, and just wait for the "ride" to get you in, then exit the blend.

To the right will be another poor sap in trouble, so do some slashing (remember the quick kill move) and then talk with him. Should be some scholars to hide with after it's over, so blend with them until you're back to green.

Now go to the east by the wall until you run into some vigilantes and another poor citizen in trouble. Save her and then you can use the v-men to cover your escape, but probably no one will be chasing you.

Your goal is to get to the view point, but if you run into citizens in peril along the way, help them out. Right now, make your way to the view point to the south of the gate, the only one on your map. Once you do you can look to the map to see all there is in the poor district.

You should see a pickpocket marker on the map, so go to the narrow market and lock-onto the target from a distance. Follow him down the market path and pick his pocket to complete one investigation.

You can now find more citizens in danger if you want. Getting the first view point to the east of the gate will reveal another pickpocket mission. After you do it you can go to the bureau leader with what you've learned. You can do this but I will still list the remaining view points and missions.

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