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Retro Game Walkthroughs for Shenmue (Dreamcast)
Submitted By: Unknown
by Raging Speedhorn

While playing the game, don’t worry if:
--- You automatically get sent home to bed. This happens almost every day at 11:30 pm if you are not already there.
--- You seem to be taking a long while to complete the game. As long as you don’t go past 15 April 1987, you’ll be fine.
--- A small notebook icon appears in the bottom right corner of the screen beside the clock. This is telling you that an important piece of information has been recorded.
--- If an icon representing a button on the controller or a direction appears in the middle of the screen. This is a quick timer event, known as a QTE. You have to press the corresponding button as quickly as you can! Don’t worry if you don’t make it in time, because in the majority of cases, you can attempt again. If you cannot, it often means that it won’t be very important.
--- A new scene loads. This means that something will happen, such as somebody challenging you to a fight or a QTE.
NB: It’s not a good idea to follow this walkthrough step-by-step, or it may cause you to finish the game more quickly than you would have done.
To start with, you will see the intro scenes, setting the story for you. You will then find yourself, Ryo Hazuki, in your bedroom. Look through all of your drawers and cupboards to pick up whatever items possible. When you leave this room, your guardian, namely Ine-San, will hand you 15,000 yen. Explore your whole house to find out where all of the rooms are. Pick up all of the items you can, including scrolls with martial arts moves and a Mysterious Key, an item you will require on the second disc. When you enter the kitchen, when you look at the table, Ryo will have a flashback involving his father.

Leave the house via the sliding front door; this will lead you into the garden. Take a look around. When you look at the tree, Ryo will have a second flashback. Walk in the dojo, where you will find Fukuhara-san, who Ryo refers to as Fuku-san. There will be a conversation and then you are free to leave the dojo. Now leave through the front gate. This will lead you into the town of Yamanose (pronounced ya-ma-no-say).

Walk down towards the Yamanose shrine where you will start a scene involving a little girl and a kitten. You will be given two choices – choose the left one to feed the kitten. If you feel like it, you can then explore the town, but Yamanose isn’t very big anyway. Continue down the road past the shrine to the town of Sakuragaoka (pronounced Sack-ur-a-guy-oh-ka).

You should see a telephone box. Turn right at that and you will see a movie featuring an old woman. Begin a conversation with Sumiya-san – she is sweeping up at one end of the town. When this is over, go to the Abe Store, face it and turn right (pronounced ah-bay store). A bit further down there is a house with an old man walking around in the garden. Talk to him he is Yamagishi-san. Then continue into the large town of Dobuita (pronounced do-bwee-ta).

At the end of the first street, there is a Happy Bear Hamburger stall. Speak to the man in an apron behind the counter and then talk to Nozomi in the white jumper at the Aida Flower Shop across the road. Along the shopping street, there is a hot dog stand owned by Tom, a Caribbean man with dreadlocks who you can always find grooving to the Hip de Hop music. Speak to him. Opposite Tom there is a man named Kurita-san. He will be outside the Military Surplus shop – talk to him.

Next, you will need to talk to the people inside the Ajiichi Restaurant, opposite Hattori Sporting Goods. Go to the Maeda Barbershop opposite the You Arcade, talk to the people inside and then go to Liu Barber and Hair Salon at the other end of Dobuita. You will then need to go to Suzume Park, down the side alley by the You Arcade. In there, there will be a man in a black and white checked shirt – talk to him.

Now you will have to go and talk to Tom at the hot dog stand again. Go to Bar Yokosuka now, but make sure it is open – see opening times listed after this walkthrough. Talk to the guy behind the bar. You should then speak to the bartender in the MJQ Jazz bar. At the back of the bar, there are two guys playing pool. They will challenge you to a bet – if you win, they give you information, if you lose, you have to buy them a 1000 yen drink. You have to pot the ball – to do so tap right on the d-pad 17 times. The ball should then go in. From now, whenever you go back, they will challenge you to different shots.

Go to Knocking Motorcycle shop. Opposite that, there is a flight of stairs. Go down there to find Heartbeats Bar. You will have to go through a QTE battle with the drunk yobs. When you enter the bar, there will be another QTE with more yobs. Afterwards speak to the man fixing the motorcycle outside his shop. Visit the jacket shop you were referred to and now go home – your work today is done. Ine-Sam will tell you to come home by 11 pm. When you face your bed and press A, 4 options will appear – Sleep, Save, Settings and Training. Don’t forget to train everyday and practise when you have some spare time.

The next day, as you walk through Sakuragaoka, there will be a QTE with a soccer ball. Press A when it appears on the screen. As you enter Dobuita, there will be a chef hanging around the drinks machine, who will ask you to buy him a drink. It costs 100 yen to do so, but its up to you whether you want to. Next, go to speak with the guy outside the Water Dragon 2 Thrift Store. Now go to Nagai Industries next door – there is far-eastern writing on the front and surveillance camera. Talk to everybody inside and then go to see Kurita-san at the Kurita Military Surplus store.

Each day, the street lights will come on at 7 pm. After this time today, go to the You Arcade and talk to the two big blokes in there, choosing the left answer when you can. Go to Okayama Heights – the block of apartments along the nightlife street. Enter the room with the poster on it – the tattoo parlour. The man in there will say that you should go back tomorrow. You can now go home.

Today, you won’t have anything to do until 2 pm, so take the time to practise, and then if you have more spare, you might as well just play in the arcade. At 2 pm, you should go to the tattoo parlour. When Ryo opens the doors inside, there will be a QTE with Charlie – press A at the appropriate time. As you leave, there will be a scene with Nozomi, when she tells you that you should really start studying for exams. There’s now nothing else to do for the day, so just go shopping or something – but be careful not to spend all your money – you’ll need it later in the game.

When you wake up the next day, go to the dojo to spar with Fuku-san. Afterwards, Ine-san will give you a letter written in reversed Kanji, written to your father to warn him – it arrived too late though. When you head towards Dobuita, there will be a scene involving a little boy whose soccer ball has been stolen by some yobs who say they’ll only give it back if he brings you to them. Free-battle them to get the ball back. Afterwards there will be a QTE, and you need to kick the ball into one of the yobs’ faces, so that he will let the boy go. Afterwards, Ryo and the boy will have a conversation.

Go into Dobuita and speak to Kurita-san once more, then walk over to the You Arcade. A scene with that little boy will begin. Go to Russiya China Shop and ask the woman inside to read the letter. She is the little boy’s grandmother. Notice that when she reads it she says ‘Heaven, Dragons, Earth, Comrades’ and ‘if you need help, contact Master Chen on 0468 61 5647’. Don’t worry about having to memorise this because Ryo will write it in his notebook.

You will now need to go to Hirata Tobacco Shop, at the end of Dobuita by the main road. Dial Master Chen’s number. When the guy on the other end of the phone says ‘Father’s Heaven’, reply by choosing ‘Nine Dragons’, reply to ‘Mother’s Earth’ with ‘Comrades’. You will then hear ‘Warehouse No. 8’ Ryo will say ‘Isn’t this the Chen residence?’, and then the guy on the other end of the line will hang up. Talk to the old lady behind the counter, and then look in the phone directory by the telephone. Ryo will look up 61, to see what area that is the code for. Go back to talk to Tom at his hot dog stand and then go to the bus stop. To get there, take a right along the main road and the bus stop is just around the corner. Wait for a bus. They arrive every 30 minutes, so you won’t have long to wait. Ryo will then board the bus. END OF DISC ONE!
Firstly, there will be a scene when the bus arrives in New Yokosuka Harbour. As Ryo gets of, turn left into the docks. As you keep walking forwards, you will see a scene where Goro and his friend are beating up a man. You will have to beat them in a QTE battle. Now go where the yobs say to go and talk to a harbour worker who should be walking along to your left hand side. Try to enter warehouse no. 8. Notice that you are denied access, so now speak to the guard who stops you going in.

Go around the back of the building, and there will be a scene when Ryo notices an open window high up. Approach the metal crate and push it towards the others by pressing up. Climb up to the window and through it. Walk to the far office and watch the cut-scene, which will tell you the next step of the game. Go along the road that leads to warehouse no. 18. You should see three anglers – speak to them all.

After the lights come on, head to the area west of warehouse no. 8 and you will see an old, homeless man being chucked out of a building. When he asks, buy him a can of coffee from the vending machine (point at the soda and press down to find it). You will now need to head to the Old Warehouse District – it’s in the NW corner of the harbour. When you get there, you will see a large security gate that is ajar. If you run out of time don’t worry, just carry on from 7 pm the next day at the same point.

Walk through the small gap and there will be a scene in which a phone rings, causing Ryo to knock a torch off the desk. In a QTE quickly press right. Now there is an espionage sequence to get past. You must go past the guards to the old warehouse no. 8. From the entrance, your destination in the far right corner. There are three different routes that the guards take – one circling around the building in the middle (old warehouse no. 9) that you have to watch out for especially.

When you enter the old warehouse no. 8, go to the shelf unit in the middle, pick up, and look at the plate. This will begin a scene in which you will meet Master Chen and his son, namely Gui Zhang. You will then automatically go home.

The next day, speak to the person who owns Bunkado Antiques in Dobuita (by the Tomato Convenience store). Now go back home. In Sakuragaoka, you will have to Free Battle Gui Zhang. Afterwards, you will briefly see a skinhead named Chai – he will be a prominent character later on in the game. When you arrive back at the Hazuki Residence, go to the dojo and a scene involving Ryo, Fuku-san and Ine-san will occur.

When that finishes, enter the dojo and approach the long box laying on the floor. Use the Mysterious Key that you acquired from Iwao Hazuki’s (your father’s) room in disc 1 to open it and Ryo will take the Japanese Long Sword – the Katana. Go to the wall opposite the entrance, take down the right banner and place the katana into the slot that was previously concealed.

Now go back into Dobuita and to Bunkado Antiques again. There will be a scene where you are given a sword hand guard. Bring it back home, show both Fuku-san followed by Ine-san and then enter the dojo. Next, take down the left banner, and place your recently obtain hand guard into the slot bearing the Hazuki family crest. The wall will move to reveal a secret area of the residence – the basement.

Go down the ladder. You will need to turn on your flashlight or it’ll be too dark. If you don’t have one, see the price listings below for info. If you have a light bulb, place it into the socket and then turn on the switch. There will be various things to pick up around the room – including a new martial arts move.

You will notice that by one of the cabinets there skid marks. Push it along them to reveal an off-coloured part of the wall. Pick up the axe beside the door, go back to that discoloured part of the wall and hit with the axe until it smashes open. Here you will find the Phoenix Mirror.

Go to Bunkado Antiques and in a scene, Ryo will show Oishi-san the mirror. Afterwards, call Master Chen and after 7 pm, go to meet him in the Old Warehouse No. 8 in New Yokosuka Harbour. Don’t worry about having to sneak past guards this time – you’ll have an appointment so you’ll be allowed in freely. During your conversation, Chai appears once more. He steals the Phoenix Mirror, so when Gui Zhang says, press left in a QTE. Now you will be sent home automatically.
When you wake up in the morning, you will get a Bank statement, telling that your saving having been withdrawn, giving you around 32000 yen. Talk to Fuku-san and then watch the scene where they announce to Ine-san that Ryo wants to go to Hong Kong.

Go to Dobuita and visit Asia Travel Co. to get a flier on Hong Kong tickets. Now go to Global Travel Agency to get a similar but more expensive flier. Walk back home and speak to Fuku-san again. During the scene, he will give you his life savings – amounting to just under 40000 yen.

Now you need to go back to the Asia Travel Co.. In there Ryo will buy a boat ticket to Hong Kong for 69000 yen. The woman inside will tell you to return in 3 to 4 hours. Talk to Nozomi at the nearby Aida Florist and then go home, save and sleep. The next morning, talk to the bloke behind the counter at the Happy Bear Hamburger stall. Go inside the Asia Travel Co, and Ryo will beat up the ‘hard’ blokes in there. You have nothing else to do for today, so spend your time practising, playing in the arcades, shopping and other stuff.

On the following day, you will receive a telephone call from that troublesome character Chai, telling you to meet him at the You Arcade by 12 pm (midday). Do that, but in a scene, Chai will literally eat your Hong Kong ticket. Next, you will have to free battle him. If you win there will be a QTE, and if you lose, Fuku-san will come and take you home to bed for the rest of the day.

After 10 am the next day, go to Asia Travel Co. once more. Jimmy (that weedy bloke you see) will run away, beginning a long chase QTE, in which you run along the streets of Dobuita to catch him. When you do... END OF DISC TWO!
The third disc will begin with the end of the scene you have just played, when Ryo beats up Jimmy. If you walk towards Nozomi now, she will speak to you. Get the bus to New Yokosuka Harbour and at roughly 12 pm, Goro will jump out in front of you and tell you to meet him outside warehouse no. 1 tomorrow at noon. You now have nothing else to do until then, so take a walk to find your way around, practise, whatever you want.

The next day, make sure you go to warehouse no. 1 at noon – you can’t go in though. Goro and Mai will come and they tell you about the job they have found you. They will tell you to go to the Alpha Trading Office by 2 pm, so you might as well just go there after the scene. You will speak to the boss – Yada-san, who will take you to Mark Williams. Mark will show you how operate a forklift truck and then do what he says until the end of the working day when the horn sounds.

You will automatically be take to the office where you will receive the day’s pay. When you come out, Mark will speak to you. Take a walk and then after the lights come on, head towards the Alpha Trading Office. There you will see some of the Mad Angels attacking the old man who you bought a coffee. You will now have to do a QTE race on a motorbike to get them to leave him alone. Next, you need to go home to bed before it gets too late.

At 7:30 am the next day, you will be automatically transported to work. The first thing you will do is participate in a forklift race. This will happen every day you work at the harbour. It doesn’t matter if you lose, it doesn’t mean anything. Afterwards, Mark will give you a route map for the day – transport the crates along this route until midday.

At the beginning of this lunch break, some Mad Angels will kick Mark’s lunch into the sea and start beating him up. They seem to think that he’s helping Master Chen in some way. Free-battle them and then speak to Mark. You now have some spare time until the end of your lunch break at 2 pm.

As you are working, at one point in the afternoon, you will meet some Mad Angels in warehouse no. 18. Free-battle them and then continue moving the crates until 5 pm, the end of your working day. You will automatically collect your pay now. As you leave the office, Goro will appear and converse with you. If you then go left, Gui Zhang will teach you a new move if you accept – Swallow Dive.

After dark, head towards the area outside warehouse no. 18 where the lounge is and the old homeless man will teach you a new move (providing you accept) – Shadow Step. You can now go home to sleep.

Do the forklift race in the morning and when you get it, check your route map to see where to go. Keep working until 12, and then speak to the old man where you saw him yesterday. In the remainder of your lunch break, ask around about Mad Angels. In the afternoon’s work, a scene with some Mad Angels loads. They will lead you into a big fight, with 5 against 1. When you beat them, another 4 will jump straight down. Continue working until 5 pm, when you will get your day’s wage.

Walk over to warehouse no. 17 where you will see some Mad Angels beating up Mark again. Free-battle them and then go to talk to the homeless man. He will offer to teach you an advance on the Shadow Step move – Shadow Blade. Speak to him afterwards and then get the bus home. If you haven’t practised for a while, do so in the dojo for just a little while before you go to sleep.

Complete the morning’s race and work on your route. During the lunch break, Nozomi will have her picture taken with you. You can choose which picture you would like afterwards. Work until 5 pm, and then after dark, head to the Harbour Lounge area. There will be another motorbike bike QTE race (this one longer) with more Mad Angels. When it finishes, free-battle them, and then you will free-battle Charlie – the guy you meet in Dobuita in disc one. Afterwards, go home to bed.

Complete the forklift race in the morning, and work along the route you are told to. Nothing will happen until you’re working in the afternoon. You will have to do a big QTE with yet more Mad Angels. After you are paid at 5 pm, watch the scene with Mark.

Go into Dobuita straight after work. Head towards the You Arcade where a woman there will tell you to go to the park in Sakuragaoka. Do that, and you will Nozomi sitting there crying, because Ryo’s going to Hong Kong, and she is going to Canada. She will ask you to stay there with her for a while before you go home.

You will have the usual forklift race in the morning – but it’s your last – you are fired because Ryo’s been bring too much trouble to the company. Today your route will be a little more complicated, so take some time to look at your route map. At lunch time, there will be a scene involving Ryo and Mai. Afterwards talk to Mark and the other forklift drivers in the line.

In the afternoon, carry on working until a scene loads, with Mad Angels outside warehouse no. 18 on the courtyard. Now there will be a long chase QTE. Whoever you manage to catch will tell you who the Mad Angels leader is. Speak to Master Chen and watch the scene. Go home now.

At 11:45 pm, you will receive a phone call from Chai. He has Nozomi. Run to the bus stop in Dobuita, but Ryo will realise that they’ve stopped running. Speak to the owner of Knocking Motorcycles, but he is unable to lend you a bike. Go into Sakuragaoka and visit Ito-san’s house. Watch the scene and he will let you borrow his motorbike.

You now have 2 minutes (in real time) to get to New Yokosuka Harbour on the bike. Don’t worry if you fail, because you get another go, but it kind of ruins the effect a second time round. When you arrive, there will be 11 yobs to fight, 6 followed by another 5. When you beat them, they will let you have Nozomi. Ryo then takes her home on the motorcycle in a scene which would fit perfectly into a movie at the cinema. When you get home, it will be well into the early hours of the morning, so just get a couple of hours sleep.

You will wake up at 8:30 am today because you haven’t work to go to. Go to the dojo and watch the scene. Now take the bus to the harbour. Go to Tom’s hot dog stand and he will teach you a move that a friend taught him – Tornado Kick. Once you have learned it, he will tell you he’s leaving for America. The scene following shows his aeroplane flying overhead.

After this, you will have to free-battle Gui Zhang. At one point, you will both be down. A Mad Angels member will try to hit you with a lead pipe – press right in a QTE to stop Gui Zhang being hit. Following this, there will be a massive 70-person free-battle. Gui Zhang will work on your side. Some of the opponents are a lot more difficult than others – watch out for them. A useful move to use is Swallow Dive. If you look at your VM, you can see how many you have defeated so far.

Next, there will be QTE with Terry, after this, Gui Zhang will beat him up. Once more, it will now be in the early hours of the morning, so go home and get some sleep.

The next day, there is a scene when Ryo walks through Dobuita with a back pack on, looking around at all of the sights before getting on the bus to the harbour. When you arrive, Master Chen will teach how to do the Swallow Flip counter attack. Practice the move on Gui Zhang when he aims a weak punch at you.

Suddenly Chai will appear and lob an iron girder at you, narrowly missing Gui Zhang. There will now be an extremely tough free-battle against Chai. He is very fast, so use rapid attacks. When you beat him, you will now see a scene showing Lan Di on a boat getting ready to leave for Hong Kong. That will be followed by a QTE when Chai jumps back at you. There are four buttons to press.

There will now be the ending scene. Master Chen will hand you an envelope and then Ryo will get on the same boat as Lan Di – not that he knows it.


--- When you begin the game or enter a new area, it’s a good idea to take a walk and get to know your way around before you do anything else. This way, you should save time later on in the game when you don’t have to spend half your time looking for a place.
--- If you get a winning can from a vending machine, you can trade for a chance in the store raffle, or get one of the Shenmue Goodies online.
--- If you go to Lapis Fortune Teller and select gamble, you will be told a number. Go to the Slot House and play one go on that number machine. Most of the time, you will win.
--- If you beat any of these scores at the You Arcade, you’ll get a prize:
Hang On – 10,000,000, Space Harrier – 10,000,000, Darts 7 – 300, QTE Title – 300,000 and Excite QTE 2 – 300,000
--- To get to places more quickly from the Hazuki residence, enable the Area Jump feature and you can go to certain places just by pressing a single button when leaving through the front door.
--- Don’t waste money – remember you have to pay for the bus fare each day and other important things.
--- Practice each day, so that Ryo will improve at his martial arts moves. Sometimes you can spar with Fuku-san in the dojo.
--- Some good places to practice are – the Hazuki dojo, the park in Sakuragaoka when empty, the car park next to Hirata Tobacco Shop in Dobuita and warehouse no. 4 in New Yokosuka Harbour.
--- Once you have finished the game, choose Options from the main menu and then 70-person free-battle. This lets you do the 70-person brawl again. Do it in the fastest time possible and upload your times via the Shenmue Passport. Remember – this time there’s no Gui Zhang to help you!


Abe Store Sakuragaoka 9:00 19:00
Aida Flower Shop Dobuita 7:00 22:00
Ajiichi Chinese Restaurant Dobuita 10:00 21:00
Alpha Trading Office New Yokosuka Harbour
Asia Travel Co. Dobuita 10:00 20:00
Bar Linda Dobuita 18:30 5:00
Bar Yokosuka Dobuita 17:00 3:00
Bob’s Pizzeria Dobuita 17:00 4:00
Bunkado Antiques Dobuita 10:00 22:00
Daisangen Mah-jong Parlour Dobuita 12:00 5:00
Funny Bear Burgers Dobuita 10:00 20:00
Global Travel Agency Dobuita 9:00 20:00
Harbour Cafeteria Harbour 8:00 20:00
Harbour Lounge Harbour 8:00 22:00
Hattori Sporting Goods Dobuita 7:00 18:30
Heartbeats Bar Dobuita 19:00 4:00
Hirata Tobacco Shop Dobuita 7:00 18:30
Hokuhoku Lunchbox Shop Dobuita 10:00 20:00
Honda Drugstore Dobuita 10:00 20:00
Jupitor’s Jacket Shop Dobuita 10:00 20:00
Komine Bakery Dobuita 7:00 18:30
Kurita Military Surplus Dobuita 10:00 21:00
Lapis Fortune Teller Dobuita 10:00 24:00
Liu Barber and Hair Salon Dobuita 10:00 19:00
Maeda Barber Shop Dobuita 10:00 18:00
Manpukuken Ramen Dobuita 17:00 4:00
Mary’s Embroidery Dobuita 10:00 20:00
MJQ Jazz Bar Dobuita 19:00 4:00
Nagai Industries Dobuita 24 hours
Nana’s Karaoke Bar Dobuita 19:00 4:00
Russiya China Shop Dobuita 10:00 21:00
Slot House Dobuita 10:00 24:00
Smiley Flower Shop Dobuita 7:00 18:30
Takara Sushi Dobuita 11:00 21:00
Tamura Butcher Shop Dobuita 7:00 18:20
Tattoo Parlour Dobuita 14:00 24:00
Tomato Convenience Store Dobuita 24 hours
Uokichi Seafood Dobuita 7:00 18:20
Water Dragon 2 Thrift Store Dobuita 10:00 20:00
Water Dragon Thrift Store Dobuita 10:00 20:00
Yamaji Soba Noodles Dobuita 11:00 21:00
Yaokatsu Produce Dobuita 7:00 18:20
You Arcade Dobuita 10:00 24:00



Tiger Knuckle X
Elbow Slam FORWARD + X
Pit Blow FORWARD + X
Twist Knuckle BACK + X
Elbow Assault FORWARD, FORWARD + X
Upper Knuckle BACK, BACK + X
Sleeve Strike FORWARD, BACK + X
Rain Thrust BACK, FORWARD + X
Rising Flash FORWARD, BACK, BACK + X
Big Wheel X + A
Twin Hand Waves FORWARD + X + A
Double Blow FORWARD + X + A
Backfist Willow BACK + X + A
Avalanche Lance FORWARD, FORWARD + X + A
Katana Mist Slash BACK, BACK + X + A
Stab Armor FORWARD, BACK, BACK + X + A


Crescent Kick A
Trample Kick FORWARD + A
Side Reaper Kick BACK + A
Against Cascade FORWARD, FORWARD + A
Surplice Slash BACK, BACK + A
Thunder Kick FORWARD, BACK + A
Hold Against Leg BACK, FORWARD + A
Crawl Cyclone FORWARD, BACK, BACK + A
Swallow Dive BACK + A
Tornado Kick FORWARD, FORWARD + A, A
Brutal Tiger FORWARD, BACK + X + A
Dark Moon BACK, FORWARD + X + A
Twin Swallow Leap BACK, FORWARD, FORWARD + X + A


Overthrow B
Sweep Throw FORWARD + B
Vortex Throw BACK + B
Vortex Knee Drop BACK +B, FORWARD, BACK + A
Demon Drop BACK, BACK + B
Shoulder Buster FORWARD, BACK + B
Tengu Drop BACK, FORWARD + B
Back Twist Drop B (from behind)
Darkside Hazuki B (from the side)
Arm Break Fire FORWARD, BACK, BACK + B


Police 110
Fire 119
Weather Forecast 177
Number Assistance 104
Hazuki Dojo (home) 0468-37-7424
Master Chen 0468-61-5647
Naoyuki Ito 0468-37-7492
Nozomi Harasaki 0468-22-5508

Submitted By: tlionhart
This is mostly a step-by-step guide to the game, so I wouldn't
recommend following it straight through, so take some time to
explore the huge environments, otherwise you'll finish the game
in under 10 hours and you would have wasted a fair bit of
money..i mean come on, just side things to do you’ll be
gob-smacked on how much detail and things you can do!!

*NOTE: Whenever something important happens, it will be written
down in
your notebook, causing a small icon to appear next to the clock.
To get rid of it, press X followed by B. Be sure to read any
notes as they are valuable clues about the next step you should
take…I mean you don’t really need a walkthrough for this game,
its sooo easy!!!*

*NOTE: If the day ends, your watch alarm will go off and you will
automatically be home. Should this happen, just go to bed and
pick up where you left off the next day.
*Use the street maps that are mounted on walls to find places.
They are very helpful.*

Now turn on your Dreamcast, sit back, and watch the intro

—Look through every drawer and cupboard in your room and take
anything you can, especially the tape player and "Shenmue" and
"Shenhua" tapes.

—Leave the room and get your allowance with 15,000 yen in it from

—Now explore every room in the house and pick up everything you
can. If you want to, in the TV room, get the Saturn out of the
cupboard underneath the TV. In Fukuhara's room and the corridor
behind your father's room are little scrolls, that if you
inspect, will give you new moves. Also, in your father's room in
a box is a mysterious key which will be essential in disc 2.
Don't forget to read Iwao's letter which proves he knew Lan Di
was coming.

—Go into the kitchen and look at the table for a flashback about
your father.

—Leave the house and turn left to the big tree in the garden for
another flashback.

—Enter the dojo and talk to Fuk-san who is training.

—Look at the calligraphy banner on the left wall for a flashback
of Ryo as a child when he's been fighting a friend.

—After the flashback try and take down the banner so that Ryo
says "I can't reach it." Go to the stool to the right of the
banner and look behind it. Ryo will use it to reach an old
Chinese scroll hidden behind the calligraphy.

—Leave through the front gate into Yamanose and talk to the man
and woman outside the first house on the right. They will tell
you to talk to the women who are always gossiping outside the
phone box in Sakuragaoka.

—Walk down towards a big shrine where a cut-scene will happen
with Megumi and a kitten. When you are given two options choose
the left one to feed the kitten. From now on you can look after
the cat if you want. See the kitten section for more info.

—At the phone booth talk to the two women who will tell you to
talk to another woman who knows all about the goings-on in the
neighborhood. She is at the top of the hill on the left sweeping
the ground. She will tell you about an old man, Yamagishi-san who
was nearly run over by a speeding black car on the day of the

—As you approach the Abe Store you will see a cut-scene with an
old woman. She is trying to find the Yamamoto residence but can't
because of her bad eyesight. She will wait in the park whilst you
try and find it for her. It is opposite the road leading to
Dobuita and Sakura Park. Look at the nameplate on the doorpost to
see which one. Go to Sakura Park to find the old woman. You will
automatically take her to the door.

—When this finishes go straight past the Abe Store, and carry on
a little further down the road and on the right is a small garden
where Yamagishi-san is tending to his plants. Talk to him and
then continue on through the trees to Dobuita.

—Talk to Harasaki-san at the flower shop. She is the girl with a
white sweater and red skirt who is Ryo's sort-of girlfriend.

—About halfway along the street is a burger stand with a dancing
man with dreadlocks. This is Tomo-san, and you need to talk to
him next.

—Talk to the guy in the orange-camouflage top, right opposite
Tomo-san. His name is Kurita-san, and he runs the Kurita Army
Surplus Store.

—In the smaller back-street there is a Chinese restaurant called
the Ajiichi. Talk to Tao-san and his wife in here they will tell
you about the Three Blades of the Chinese: barber, tailor, and

—Near to Game You (the You Arcade) is a barbers shop where you
need to talk to the owner.

—Go to the barber's shop at the opposite end of the main street
and talk to Liu-san in there. His father was recently discharged
from hospital and sits in a children's play area nearby.

—Go to the children's play area in the side street next to Game
You and talk to Liu-san Senior in the black and white checked
shirt. He will tell you about the Chinese Mafia and how they are
based at the docks. Now Ryo has to find some sailors.

—Talk to Tomo-san at his cart again. He will tell you that
sailors hang out in bars.

—When it opens in the evening go to the Bar Yokosuka in the back
street, and talk to the bartender behind the bar.

—Go to the bar up the street called MJQ Jazz. Talk to the

—Talk to the men playing pool, and when they ask you a question,
select the left option to bet 1000 yen on a pool shot. I don't
know what happens if you pot it because I missed.

—In the street is a bar opposite the bike shop, but it is hidden
down a flight of steps. Go down the steps towards it.

—QTE with the drunk thugs. When it is over, go into the
Heartbeats bar.

—QTE with the thugs in there. Notice how they insult Ryo's age by
calling him "schoolboy" and giving him milk to drink as Ryo is
under the Japanese age at which teenagers "come-of-age." He will
tell you about Charlie.

NOTE: On the next clear day after this if you go near to Sakura
Park you will see a cut-scene of Harasaki-san protecting a little
boy from two thugs who you may have fought earlier. You will have
to free-battle them. The thin guy isn't too tough but the big guy
can spear you which is quite damaging.

—Talk with the guy fixing his bike opposite Heartbeats in the
blue top and white hair. This is Ono-san.

—Talk to Tomu-san and Kurita-san.

—You can't do anything else today so you can just go home.

—Ine-san says that she wants you home by 11 pm tonight.

—Go towards the town to start a quick QTE with a soccer ball.
Just press A.

—In the main part of town there is the guy from the Ajiicji at a
soda machine. Select the left option to buy him a drink, and buy
him an Orange Fanta or a coffee.

—In the same street, talk to the guy outside the thrift store
(black apron on).

—Go to the far end of Dobuita right next to the busy main road
and talk to the woman in the tobacco stand. She will tell you
about Nagai Industries.

—Go into the previously locked door with Oriental writing on it,
a symbol above it, and a CCTV camera on the wall. This is Nagai

—Talk to all the men inside. Only the guy hunched over his chair
with the material over his shoulders will be of any help.

—Go and talk to Kurita-san in the orange camouflage opposite
Tomo-san again.

—After 7 pm when the street lights come on, walk towards Game

—After you've followed the thugs into the car park, free-battle
with them and knock them all out to find out about a Tattoo

—Talk to the tough guys in Game You and select their left answer
to agree to join their gang. They will tell you where to get the
gang tattoo.

—Go to the apartment block opposite the Bar Yokosuka (Ayamura
Heights, I think) and go to the upstairs room with the poster on
it (the tattoo shop).

—The guy in there will tell you to come back the next day.

—Get home before your curfew.

—The next day, go to the tattoo shop when it opens at 2 pm.

—As Ryo puts his hand on the door, press A to start a quick QTE
with a guy called Charlie.

—Leave the tattoo shop to trigger a cut-scene with Nozomi. Isn't
it weird that you have just lost your father to the Chinese Mafia
and she's trying to get you to take exams to get into college?

—There is nothing else to do today so you can just play games in
Game You, get the collectibles from the little machines, or go
shopping. If you are after a challenge, play Darts 7 in Game You.
If you get a high score you get a second game. If you get up to a
free third game the owner gives you a toy darts arcade machine.

—The next day you will automatically spar with Fuk-san in the
dojo. Beat him.

—Ine-san will give you a letter, but you can't read it because it
is in Chinese.

—Go into town and a cut-scene will start in which a little boy
has had his soccer ball stolen by Charlie and some thugs.

—Free battle with the thugs to help the boy get his ball back.

—After the battle, there is a QTE where you must kick the ball in
Charlie's face to make him let the boy go. The boy is Chinese so
maybe he can help you read the letter?

—Go and talk to Kurita-san in the orange camouflage again.

—Walk towards Game You to trigger a cut-scene with the boy whose
soccer ball you got just now. He'll tell you about his
grandmother Xia-san who can read it.

—Go to the building near to the vending machine where you bought
that guy an Orange Fanta. It has a purple sign. Get the woman
inside to read your letter. It turns out that it's written in
reverse Kanji. It says: "Beware those who seek the mirror. If you
ever need help seek the aid of Master Chen." It also gives a

—There is a phone number on the letter (it's recorded in the
Notebook). You need to go to the tobacco kiosk at the end of the
street and dial the number on the phone (it costs 10 yen). When
the guy on the phone says the first part of the password, choose
the right option, and then after he says the third part choose
the left one. All he says is "Warehouse 8" before hanging up.
Sometimes he'll say the password the other way round so you'll
have to answer left, right instead of right, left.

—Talk to the old woman in the kiosk.

—Look at the phone book on the counter so that Ryo can look up
the location of the number.

—Go and talk to Tom-san again.

—Go just beyond the kiosk to the bus stop and get on the bus when
it arrives.

NOW SMACK DISC 2 IN!!!!!! :]


—As you get off the bus, turn left into the docks.

—Walk forward until you trigger a cut-scene with Goro-san and one
of the thugs attempting to mug a man.

—Beat up the thugs in a QTE.

—Walk in the direction that Goro show you and talk to the girl on
the lunch stand to the right. She will show you the way to
warehouse 8.

—Go right towards warehouse 8 and try to walk in. Talk to the
guard who stops you.

—Go behind the dock and watch the cut-scene where Ryo looks up at
an open window.

—Push the metal crate towards the crates under the window by
standing next to it and pressing UP.

—Climb up to the window and climb into it.

—Go around the gantry to the far office and watch the cut-scene.
It turns out that this is the new warehouse 8—you need to go to
the old warehouse 8 in the Old Warehouse District.

—Climb down and go back around the front. Carry straight ahead
along the front of the dock offices beside the water until you
reach Tomo-san. Talk to him and he will tell you to talk to the
girl on the lunch stand again. Go and do as he says.

—Talk to her again. Go in the direction she tells you.

—Talk to the three fishermen who are fishing in the harbor. One
of them is the guy you saved from being mugged.

—After 7 pm to the west of dock 8 you should see a homeless man
being thrown out of a warehouse. Talk to him and agree to buy him
a drink. Buy him a coffee from the machine.

—It will be getting late by now, so if it gets too late and you
are sent home, just come back the next day.

—After 7 pm carry on to the Old Warehouse District and look for a
security gate that is open a crack and go through.

—In the cut-scene the phone rings which causes Ryo to knock the
flashlight off the shelf. To prevent any noise that will alert
the guard, you must quickly press RIGHT in a QTE to catch the

—There is now a Metal Gear Solid style (kind of) espionage
sequence. You must press A to hide behind crates and barrels to
avoid the guards finding you. If they do, you must start again.
From your starting point you must go to the right, all the way to
the end, and then up to the last warehouse, which is also
numbered 8.

—In there go up the stairs and look at the whiteboard with the
phone number on it. Go to the open cabinet in the middle and pick
up and inspect the plate. Watch the cut-scene. There you will
meet Chen and his son, Gui Zang. Chen will tell you about the
second mirror: the Phoenix Mirror. You'll be sent home
automatically afterwards.

—Head towards the town, and you can watch a cut-scene where the
kitten has recovered and is walking around. If you don't see
this, I don't think it's particularly important.

—Go into town and talk to the woman in the antique shop next to
the Tomato mart. She will tell you that her grandfather who runs
the shop is on an errand.

—Return home, but on the way you will have to face Gui Zhang in a
Free-battle. Vary your attacks as he blocks very often, and very
effectively. After a while, he will refuse to fight you anymore
as Chen has assigned him to be your bodyguard to make sure Lan Di
can't get the Phoenix Mirror when you find it. When the fight is
over, you will see the creepy old man, Chai, who you will see
more often later.

—Back home, walk towards the dojo to start a cut-scene with
Fuk-san and Ine-san. Ine-san will tell you that just before Lan
Di's visit Iwao left something at an antiques shop in town.

—After the cut-scene, go into the dojo, and use the rusty key
that you got in your father's room in disc 1 on the long box in
the top-right corner from the entrance to get the katana
(Japanese Long Sword).

—Take the katana to the right-hand banner on the wall opposite
the entrance and take the banner off the wall. Then slide the
katana into the slit behind.

—Go down into the town, and go to the Tomato mart, and buy a
lightbulb for 90 yen. This isn't essential, but it helps in a few

—Go into the antiques store where you were earlier, and watch the
cut-scene where you are given the sword handguard that Iwao left
there for safekeeping. The mirror isn't there though.

—Take it home and show Fuk-san, and then when you're inside, show
Ine-san who is in the altar room. It features the Hazuki crest: a
snow ring, two stars, and a sword.

—Put it in the hole in the dojo wall next to the katana's hole.
This will open the secret door to the basement.

—Inside, go down the ladder and turn on your torch. Go into the
main room and put the lightbulb in its socket, then go to the
switch by the entrance and turn the light on. Don't forget to
turn off your torch; otherwise the batteries will run out.

—Get everything you can in the room. There should be a little
white leaf, a new move that you can't read because it's in
Chinese, and a faded picture.

—On the floor next to the shelf there are scratch marks. If you
look at them you can move the shelf to the left. Behind them,
look at the discolored part of the wall, but Ryo can't break

—Grab the axe near the door and break open the wall to get the
Phoenix Mirror.

—Go to Sakura Park and talk to Yamagishi-san who will tell you
about Ying and Yang and how the Phoenix Mirror seems to have both
good and evil properties.

—Take the Phoenix mirror to the antique shop where the old man
will tell you how the phoenix and dragon (the two mirror designs)
were created as guardians for the Chinese Emperor.

—Visit the old woman in the China Shop and she will tell you
about how the Big Dipper constellation represents a dragon in
China and another represents the phoenix. The cut-scene hints
again at Ryo and Ling Sha Hua's telepathic connection.

—Go to the harbor and at the payphone call Chen on 0468-61-5647
again and answer with the right option followed by the left

—Go to where you first met Chen in warehouse 8. In the middle of
the cut-scene, Chai steals the Phoenix Mirror, and when Gui Zhang
shouts at you, you must press LEFT in a quick QTE.

—You will then be sent home to bed.

—When you get up you will get all your money from your bank
account, this should give you approximately 32,000 yen.

—Go and see Fuk-san in his room, and watch the cut-scene where
Ryo tells Ine-san that he plans to leave for Hong Kong on a
vacation, only for Fuk-san to blab everything and tell her that
you are going there to find Lan Di. She refuses to help you
financially in your quest to Hong Kong.

—Go into town and talk to Kurita-san. He will show you where to
get information about flights to Hong Kong. Go to the travel
agent where he shows you.

—Go home and see Fuk-san who will give you the money from his
piggy bank. This will give you about 72,000 yen.

—Talk to the waiter from Ajiichi who is at the vending machine
near Nagai Industries. He will tell you how he came to Japan on a
ship. It's slower but much cheaper.

—Go back to the travel agent. He'll tell you that they don't do
boat tickets, but he'll reluctantly tell you a budget travel
agency who do.

—Go and talk to the guy working at the Funny Bear Hamburger Bar.
He'll point you towards the Asia Travel Co.

—Inside, the girl will show you that you can go by boat for
69,000 yen. Pay for the ticket and she'll tell you to return in
about 3 to 4 hours.

—Now just kill time until 3 to 4 hours have passed.

—Go back to the Asia Travel Co. and a man will be behind the
counter now. He'll say that he doesn't know of a woman who works
there. Ryo will shout "What kind of a scam are you running
here!?" and the guy's friend will attack you. Ryo will
automatically beat them up, leaving the first guy on his own.
He'll apologize and says he'll call you tomorrow.

—Go home to bed.

—The next day Jimmy from Asia Travel Co. will call you and say
that you must meet him at Game You before noon.

—Go to Game You and Chai will jump you from behind. After
shouting at you and saying how it is his dream to work for Lan
Di, who will like it if he finds out what you know about the
mirrors. Then he will eat your ticket to Hong Kong which he has!
You will then Free-battle with him. Don't worry if you don't win
because he's very hard. When you lose, Fuk-san will come and save
you and take you home to bed. If you win, you'll get some info
and he'll run away. To beat him, keep blocking and going for
quick combos before blocking again.

—The next day talk to Harasaki who will tell you that Chai went
into the Asia Travel Co. after he beat you up.

—Go into the Travel Co. after 10 am (whether the sign says closed
or not) and you will have a long chase QTE with Jimmy (it's the
same QTE as the What's Shenmue demo chase). When you catch the
guy, disc 2 will finish.


—Watch the continuation of the cut-scene where Ryo beats up
Jimmy. The terrified kid will offer you a free ticket to the
Philippines but instead you will get him to tell you where Chai
came from. He tells you that if you want to meet the Mad Angels
and Lan Di's Chinese cartel (where Chai came from), the Chi You
Men, you'll have to get a job as the Mad Angels always harass the
new guy at the harbor. To the harbor!

—Walk towards Harasaki-san and she will start talking to you. She
says that she doesn't want you getting into trouble.

—Go to the docks and ask around about jobs. Walk somewhere
between warehouses 1 and 12 until somewhere between noon and 4 pm
when Goro (the guy with the Elvis hair) jumps out on you and
offers you his help. Ryo asks him to help him find a job so he
arranges for you to meet him at noon outside warehouse 1 the next
day. Now you have nothing to do for the rest of the day so you
can just kill time until you can go home to bed. You should go
and get used to the docks because you will have to be here for
almost all of the disc.

—When Ryo is asleep he will dream about Ling Sha Hua, who you
won't meet until Shenmue Chapter 2: Hong Kong.

—Be outside warehouse 1 at noon. You can't go inside because the
guard won't let you. Goro will show up with his girlfriend Mai
who got you a job. Be at the Alpha Trading Office before 4 pm.

—Go to the Alpha Trading Office to get a job as a forklift
operator. The boss will take you to see Mark Kimbely so that he
can train you. He speaks some English so you can partially
understand him.

—Here is what you have to do in Mark's training sessions:
1. Press the + Pad or analogue LEFT or RIGHT.
2. Drive forward (R Trigger).
3. Reverse (L Trigger).
4. Move the forks up and down with A.

—Move the box in front of you into Warehouse 3 as Mark shows you.
Put it down in the white squares.

—Carry on moving the nearby boxes into the same warehouse until
the horn at 5 pm. You'll be paid 300 yen per crate, but every day
you can get a 50 yen raise if you meet or exceed your quota. Go
outside and talk to Mark.

—You can't go home until you have finished everything here, so
wait until after 7 pm and head back to the office where some of
the Mad Angels gang are attacking the homeless man.

—You now get a QTE in a game of chicken where you have to press
the buttons to avoid the other biker's attacks. Afterwards, go
home to bed.

—The next day you should automatically be transported to the
docks where you must participate in a forklift race with 4 other
forklift operators. The course is fairly easy to follow, but
should you get lost, press X for a map. Don't worry about
losing—it's just a bit of fun. The annoying thing is that the
opposition will knock you into the wall where you will stop dead,
but you can't push them off course at all.

—Afterwards, Mark will give you a model forklift (numbered
depending on your final position) and your workmap for the day.
Take a few minutes to study the map, as this is your assignment
for the day.

—Today you must move the boxes in front of you into warehouse 18.
Keep doing this until noon when you get a 2 hour lunchbreak.

—At the beginning of lunch, you will have to Free-battle two
thugs from the Mad Angels who are about to beat up Mark.

—When you beat them, Mark will tell you about the Mad Angels
gang. If you listen carefully, you can hear him say "Chinese
Mafia" in the Japanese version as they have links to the Chi You

—Play darts or something until 2 pm when you go back to work.

—Sometime in the afternoon three Mad Angels will start a fight
with you in warehouse 18. When this happens try a roundhouse kick
and knock all 3 down at once. This should get rid of them.

—Continue loading boxes until 5 pm when you will collect your
pay, which which will now be 350 yen per crate if you met

—There will be a cut-scene outside with Goro. Notice how he tries
to run away to "take a leak" when Ryo asks him about the Mad

—Go left to see Gui Zhang and he will teach you a new kick
(BACK+A) if you select the left option.

—After 8 pm walk onto the forecourt in front of warehouse 18
where the homeless guy who you helped earlier will show you a new
dodge move (RIGHT+Y+B).

—Go home and Ryo will have a dream about the Phoenix Mirror.

—Finish the forklift race in the morning.

—Look at your workmap to get an idea of where to go. You will
have to take boxes from your starting point to warehouse 3.
—In your lunchbreak, talk to the homeless guy under the steps
alongside the Tomato Mart.

—After lunch, load until the cutscene with the Mad Angels occurs
outside warehouse

—It's a trap! Free-battle the first 5 thugs, then 4 more jump
down and attack you. Free-battle all of them.

—Keep working until 5 pm when you are paid.

—Go towards warehouse 17 and Free-battle the 5 Mad Angels who are
beating up Mark. Mark will finally tell you what he knows about
the Mad Angels. He is searching for his brother who he thinks was
killed by the Mad Angels for leaking important information

—Go and see the homeless man again to learn a new move

—After you have learned the move, talk to him again. He'll warn
you about the Mad Angels but will reluctantly tell you that they
ride around on motorcycles at night and meet near that point
outside the harbor cafeteria.

—You can now go home to bed.

—You will have to do another forklift race in the morning.

—Read the workmap. You have to go from the starting point with
the boxes to warehouse 18 again.

—During lunchbreak you will have a picture taken with Harasaki.
Afterwards, choose either the left (standing apart) or right
(close together) picture. Has anyone else noticed that if you
pick the close picture Nozomi looks disappointed that she gets
the unhappy picture? It turns out Nozomi is going to return home
to Canada.

—Work until the end of the day when you get paid.

—After 7 pm go to the forecourt in front of warehouse 18, where
you get a QTE with more Mad Angels (these guys really don't like
you!) on motorbikes.

—Afterwards, Free-battle 5 Mad Angels, then afterwards
Free-battle the big guy on his own.

—Go home afterwards and go to bed where Ryo will have a dream
about Lan Di.

—The next day, finish the forklift race.

—Your assignment is to take boxes to warehouse 18 yet again.

—Nothing will happen until after lunch when you find a Mad Angel
beating up Goro. He'll lead you into warehouse 1 where you'll
have a huge QTE with Mad Angels in the warehouse. Careful at the
end when you have to press several buttons in quick succession.
The last guy will threaten your friends and family so Ryo knocks
him out.

—Work until 5 pm where you get paid then watch the cut-scene with

—Outside Game You in town the woman will tell you to go to the
children's play area near that taxi. This may or may not

—Go there and a cut-scene will start where Harasaki is crying
because you're leaving.

—The next day you are fired as there has been a lot of trouble
since you started working there, and then there is the last
forklift race.

—You now have to carry the boxes to warehouse 8 and put them in
the IN area, and take one with red stripes from the OUT area to
warehouse 18.

—At lunchbreak watch the cut-scene with Goro and Mai who have
decided to settle down and get married (Goro wants 10 kids!).

—Talk to Mark. He knows about a major deal between the Mad Angels
and Chi You Men code-named Long Xia.

—Talk to the third forklift operator along the line.

—After lunch continue working until a cut-scene with some Mad
Angels on the big forecourt.

—You will now chase them both in a QTE. When you get the choice,
chase the black guy. He'll tell you about the highly secretive
Mad Angels leader, Terry.

—Watch the cut-scene with Chen.

—Go home after this.

—You will wake up at 11:45 pm to answer a phone call. It's Chai,
and he's got Harasaki-san!

—Go to the bus stop, but you can't take the bus, so go to the
motorbike shop in the back street and knock on the door.

—Go to Sakuragaoka. Near the shop there should be a motorbike. Go
up to the doorpost and ring the bell/intercom. The owner will let
you borrow it.

—You now have 2 minutes (real-time) to get to the dock on the
bike. To control it, press R TRIGGER to accelerate, L TRIGGER to
brake, and either the analogue or + Pad to steer. It's like a 3D

—At the dock, Free-battle 6 bad guys, then another 5.

—Terry will then free Harasaki-san on the condition that you
incapacitate Gui Zhang so that the Mad Angels can take over
control of the Hong Kong route from Chen. Ryo adds another
condition that they must introduce him to Lan Di. Terry agrees so
Ryo takes Nozomi home on the bike in a very cinematic, movie-like
scene with her riding side-saddle.

—The next day watch the cut-scene in the dojo.

—Go to the docks.

—Go and talk to Tomo-san to learn the Tornado Kick (RIGHT, RIGHT,
A, A).

—Watch the cut-scene with Tomo-san where he tells you that he's
going home to America, and watch the cut-scene as Tomo jets off
in a plane.

—At 10 pm you will meet with a Mad Angel and will Free-battle
against Gui Zhang. At fixed points in the fight, automatic moves
will happen, such as the end move (a classic, possibly the best
move in the game).

—When you are both down, the Terry will swing a lead pipe at you,
and in a QTE, you will have to press RIGHT to stop Gui Zhang
meeting a nasty death. When Terry runs off (with the classic line
"Follow me into Hell!") you and Gui Zhang will follow him.

—Now is a brilliant Free-battle with 70 men (look at your VMU
screen to see how many you've KO'd). You and Gui Zhang have to
make your way around the corners, fighting the tough sub-bosses
along the way. You and use your Cyclone Kick to take out multiple
enemies at once by running by holding L TRIGGER and pressing A,
or pressing BACK+A to do a roundhouse kick.

—When all the enemies and sub-bosses are defeated, Pedro, Terry's
right-hand man will come down with two little henchmen. Take out
the henchmen, then take on Pedro. He uses heavy throw attacks and
a lethal dropkick that you must avoid. His kicks are slow so you
can avoid them and throw him when he recovers. Use Tomo's kick
that he taught you to cause maximum damage as quickly as
possible. If your energy gets low, retreat and recover, but
careful if he charges as he'll spear you.

—Do the QTE (simply press A) with Terry, then Gui Zhang will beat
him up for you.

—There is now a scene of you leaving home for Hong Kong. Fuk-san
will give you some money from him and Ine-san (who says a silent
prayer for you).

—When you get to the harbor, Chen will tell you that Gui Zhang is
coming to Hong Kong with you. He will teach you a new reversal.
To do it you have to press LEFT+X, A.

—When he slow-punches you, practice the move on Gui Zhang.

—Suddenly, Chai will try and drop a girder on you, and it will
just catch Gui Zhang's leg.

—You will now have to Free-battle Chai. He's very tough and very
fast, but use your Cyclone Kick (L TRIGGER+A) or your elbow
thrust (LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT+X) to knock him away and keep him at

—Watch the cut-scene of Lan Di getting on a boat waiting

—Quick QTE where Chai jumps back up and attacks you. The sequence
is DOWN, A, A, B.

—Now watch the ending as Ryo receives an envelope from Chen with
the address of a major Hong Kong martial arts master and leaves
on the Hong Kong/Japan boat, the Genpu Maru. Gui Zhang will meet
you in Hong Kong as soon as his leg heals.


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so much!
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I made this walkthrough because..well i love SHENMUE..i havn't
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