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Retro Game Walkthroughs For
"Forza Motorsport 2"
(Xbox 360)

Retro Game Walkthroughs for Forza Motorsport 2 (Xbox 360)
Submitted By: Nickonono
Forza motorsport 2 walkthrough/hints/tips

Just wrote a quick guide to help anyone who owns Forza Motorsport 2.

Types of cars
Production Cars
Class D: Standard production cars
Class C: Sport production
Class B: Performance production cars
Class A: High-performance production cars
Class S: Ultrahigh-performance production cars
Class U: Unlimited-class cars
Race Cars
Class R4: Heavily modified production cars and purpose-built race cars
Class R3: High-end purpose-built race cars
Class R2: Ultrahigh-end purpose-built race car
Class R1: Prototype race cars

How to earn CR in the game
There are many ways to earn money in Forza, other whilst known as CR to the 360 gaming community. The ways I use:
In the settings menu, make the bot cars better than they should be. At first it is a bit tedious as you are still learning the full techniques of driving in Forza, but after a while this pays off as your reward after each race in single player is much greater than it used to be. Another way is by either spending a s***t load of money on a car, upgrading to a U standard and then flogging it on the online auction house. This is a good way of making a large sum of money, however there is a slight risk included Ė it may not sell, or for less than you expected. The other way which I actually find quite affective (but is rather scabby) is by using other players online Ė you need a mic. to use this method too. Join a lobby with as little people in as possible. Tell them a little story about how your xbox hard drive became corrupted and that you have had to start the whole campaign again. Explain to them that you now have no decent cars (and so you must obviously join the game with the worst D car possible) and that you canít be bothered to do all that hard gaming work again. Almost beg them to gift you a car via xbox live. It works Ė honest! So far I have received one U car, two R1 cars and three B cars!

Racing the computer
Like stated earlier, racing in Forza takes a little getting used to if itís your first time on a realistic racing game (unlike Need For Speed). When I first bought the game, honestly I thought it was going to be extremely difficult and after a short while I would hate it. The exact opposite happened in fact. I was rubbish at first, but after a bit of practice I gradually became pretty good. The tip for racing the computers on tracks is to always go on the inside of a corner. A red/yellow line appears on a corner when you should or shouldnít brake. If you need to get first place on the first or first few laps, instead of following the prime corner example, donít lay off the accelerator until a bit later. You would usually find this very hard and probably almost fly off the track and into a wall, but seeing as you have racers surrounding you, they act as a rather nice cushion or barrier if you like. Also, on gradual curving corners when the indicator on the road slowly appears, instead of braking I tend to just lay off the accelerator button and roll round the corner instead. This is a much faster option and usually makes them vital moves.

Winning impossible races
Eventually in the game (usually at or near the very start), you will come to a stage where you can literally never win a race, unless you totally wipe out the leading racer whom has the top car in the race. Doing this is often quite tricky as it damages your car and its handling and usually sends you off the road. At first I was really confused Ė I spent ages on one race and always came second or third. The way around this problem is to simply upgrade the car you want to use in the race. Upgrade it by adding performance parts which eventually brings your car stats equal to the other racer with the best car in that particular event.

Donít be a jerk
One thing which I have seen advertised a few times of Forza sites is the auction house. People are continuously winning the exact same cars all over the world as we did maybe half a year ago. Most of which we never use and will never use seeing as they are cruddy and rubbish. Please donít flood the auction house with those insanely bad cars which all Forza Motorsport 2 buyers have already unlocked. It just makes searching for specific cars all that much harder.

Customized paint jobs
These are harder than they look. I havenít actually ever successfully made one of these yet as to be honest, I literally donít have the time. Itís extremely time consuming but if your desperate for some insane cash then this is the way about it. The more complex the design the more money you are bound to get. When designing a picture, always do it on a flat roofed car such as the mini cooper so that air vents donít get in the way of your design. Once you have finished it, just save it as a template and then transfer it onto those beefier cars which will sell for a lot more.

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