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Retro Game Walkthroughs for Star Fox: Assault (Gamecube)
Submitted By: icyfire05
Here is a guide to all of the bosses fought in Star Fox: Assault.

Boss 1: Andrew Oikonny
Andrew Oikonny is very simple to defeat. Oikonny will now transform his ship into a likeness of Andross. Defeat Andrew by damaging his hand palms with a barrage of lasers. Oikonny will use a variety of melee attacks, such as punches or slaps.

Boss 2: Aparoid Moth
This boss is slightly difficult than Andrew Oikonny, but is still very easy to defeat. For the first part of the fight, just damage and remove the Moth's wings while avoiding the Moth's sonar waves. The next part involves the Aparoid Moth throwing large fireballs while hovering in mid-air. Dodge the fireballs and damage the pink orb within the Moth's mouth. Also, the Moth will throw homing electric orbs as well as spraying flames.

Boss 3: Aparoid Walker
The Aparoid Walker can be slightly difficult for any beginners. It has a weak point on its upper side and attacking it may result in its destruction. There's another not-weak point under it (which resembles a purple dome) and attacking it will make the Walker faint for a while. This will allow you to use the Landmaster to reach the top of the boss, via hovering. The Walker also uses a variety of missile-based attacks.

Boss 4: Aparoid Generator
This is a very unique boss as the entire fight against it is timed. You have at least 4 to 5 minutes to defeat the boss or else you will lose and have to start over. The only way to defeat the Generator is to launch smart bombs into its mouth while flying in the Arwing; laser fire is weak and useless. However, the bombs will damage the boss if its mouth is open after either spitting out enemies or launching an energy beam.

Boss 5: Infected Pigma
This boss resembles the Gorgon boss from Star Fox 64. Defeat it by destroying the six claws attached to the boss's body. After the six claws are removed, Pigma will reveal his infected face and will throw missiles at you as well as a supercharged laser beam. Avoid these attacks and shoot Pigma's face to damage and defeat him.

Boss 6: Infected Flagship
This is simply a shoot-em up type boss. You will be fighting the boss while riding on one of the Wolfen's wings. The Infected Flagship has a variety of attacks that it will use to either damage you or the Wolfen. If the Flagship's attacks hit you, then you will fall off the Wolfen and have to start over. Just use the plasma cannon to attack and damage the Flagship. The Flagship also uses six missiles, as well as launching an energy ball.

Boss 7: Aparoid Guardian
This is the final boss of the game. The Aparoid Guardian has three forms. The first form is strong against most attacks. You will need to remove the Guardian's armor before attacking its weak spot (the pink boil). After the first phase, the Aparoid Guardian will escape underground and you will eventually chase it, thus starting the final climatic battle. The Guardian's second form is slightly strong against any attack. However, you can still damage the Guardian by destroying each of its four eyes. After its health bar is depleted, the Aparoid Guardian will reveal its true form, which is weak to any attack. While in its third form, the Guardian will shoot out a cylindrical energy barrier that you must travel inside, not outside, to avoid getting hit. In addition, the Guardian will emit a powerful energy beam. Just simply attack the Aparoid Guardian until its last health bar is depleted. After that, the Guardian will be defeated.

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