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Retro Game Walkthroughs For
"Mario Strikers Charged Football"
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Retro Game Walkthroughs for Mario Strikers Charged Football (Nintendo Wii)
Submitted By: Ghost Killer
Having trouble beating your friends, constantly losing to randoms online who seem to always send the ball flying past your keeper countless times? Then have a look at my guide that should hopefully give you information and tips that can lead to victory!


The ball is interesting in this game, as it changes colour as you play. It starts at red before moving onto white. The idea here is that the more you move the ball about the more powerful a shot will become thereafter. Lose momentum and the ball will return to red, gain it and white it becomes.

A good idea is to keep passing quickly. Mix it up and try some lofted passes to throw the opponent off.

A quick way to get the ball from red to white is to use a fake shot to pass. Simply hold B to charge a shot and then before it is about to release, press A to pass it. Doing this about twice should have the ball white ready for a powerful shot.

If shooting isn’t working out for you, then try a deke to take it round the keeper. Only use someone who can jump over or teleport though. The idea here is the closer to white the ball is, the more likely you are to score via this method. You can teleport further the whiter the ball is and flipping is moiré successful this way too.

Keep playing lofted passes. These are hard to intercept and it is a great way of moving the ball around the pitch.

First touch shots often result in goals and also look extremely cool in slow motion. Charge the ball up and then play a pass or lofted pass to someone. As soon as you do this press B in order to strike it first time.

Dekes are moves that every player can perform in order to evade or attack an opposing player who is nearby. There are quite a few and each have their own advantages and disadvantages.

Don’t forget your dekes. It’s wise to pick players who have offensive deke moves as well as evasive ones. If someone is charging you give ‘em what for with a giant hammer or the spikes on your shell.


Weapons will either be your best friend or worst enemy in this game. Either way you need to know what they do and when is best to use them. Here are some helpful tips.

Always use your weapons. There is no point in holding onto them forever as this is a fast paced game so use them and gain the advantage.
Do not needlessly tackle unless you absolutely have to. Doing so will give your opponent a free weapon.
Charge up your shots since every one you take gives you a weapon.
You can store only two weapons so if you have two why not use them?!
Explained in the manual but often overlooked by players, shaking the nunchuck will change the weapon currently selected, so you can choose which one to use first. Useful if you want to use one than the other in a particular order.

Below are the weapons available in the game. Like Mario Kart they appear depending on your situation (Winning, losing or drawing) so I have also noted when they are most likely to appear. I have also given a short explanation on what they do and how useful they are.

Green Shells

When are you likely to get them? Any time really

These come in two forms. A single giant one that will not break on impact with players and bounce around and three smaller ones that get fired next to one another which do break on impact. Like Mario Kart these can only be aimed in a straight line, so you need to makes sure the person you want to hit is in line with you. Sometimes it’s best to use at close range as chances of a successful hit are higher.

Banana Peels

When are you likely to get them? If you’re in the lead

These are what you’re likely to see most of in the game. These come in single, triple and packs of five which will all be used in a line. These slip up opponents (including yourself) and are thrown right next to you when used. A useful way to use them is when right next to someone, evading or in a corner waiting to charge up a shot.


When are you likely to get them? When you are in the lead or if it is at a tie

These basically give you a speed boost for the highlighted player. This is useful if you’re trying to catch up with someone or trying to get away. Slower characters tend to benefit most from this as they can find space and take a powerful shot.

Red Shells

When are you likely to get them? The giant one is more frequent than the triple shells. Usually tied or losing.

Now these are very useful if you’re trying to use a megastrike. There is the one giant shell which will home in on one player and then simply move straight after, but the three red shells are the best. These travel in all directions hitting up to three separate people and knocking them down. While charging up a shot shoot the shells and it should give you enough time to maybe use a megastrike.


When are you likely to get them? Never when you’re well in the lead. Unlikely if it’s a draw and often if you’re losing by a few goals.

The best and most useful item in the game. Like Mario Kart this makes the selected player invincible for a short period. Anyone who hits you will be knocked back themselves. A useful tip is when you have one in stock, save it. When you find space with your captain charge up a shot and thenuse the star a second after. This should protect you so no one can attack you, and you’re free to then take your time and perform your strike. Of course you can use this technique with another character (I suggest Birdo, Hammer Bros or Dry Bones) and you will more than likely get at least one goal. If someone uses a star against you, stay your distance and wait till you can attack them once the star power is over.

Blue Shells

When are you likely to get them? Rare if you’re ahead and more likely if you’re tied or losing.

These come in giant form and a smaller triple form and can freeze anyone who touches them. Like before the big one bounces off walls eventually breaking whereas the smaller ones break upon impact. Perhaps the best of the four shell types as if someone is frozen they cannot react until they thaw out. However be extremely careful as one false bounce and you too can get frozen too!

Chain Chomp

When are you likely to get them? Never if you’re in the lead and nearly never if you are drawing. Only for those who are far behind.

Random, unpredictable and a lot of fun, this massive beast will land on the player who has the ball then go running riot through the pitch attacking the other players (often yours as well!) It’s best to use this if your opponent is close to scoring as once the C button is pressed the black ball will land on him or her. Be careful as he is very dangerous and will knock anyone like a ragdoll who gets in his way. Like I said fun but definitely random. If a chain chomp is after you, try and lure him toward the player who used him. If you get taken out, at least they will as well!


When are you likely to get them? If it’s a tie or you’re losing.

These do exactly what you’d expect. They come in three forms; one giant bomb, three smallish ones and five even smaller ones. The bigger one has a great explosion radius and is useful for stopping someone who is close to scoring. They are also good for separating groups. When you hear one being dropped on you, PASS THE BALL as soon as you can.

Spiky Shells

When are you likely to get them? If you are losing or sometimes if it’s a draw.

Pretty much identical to the green ones accept they are slightly more durable. These will bounce off walls more times and again come in one giant form and a trio of smaller shells. They also only travel in straight lines so aiming is key.

Captain’s Special Move

When are you likely to get them? If you are losing and sometimes if it is a draw.

These vary and I will go into detail each captain’s ability later in the guide, but they are extremely useful and in the right hands guarantee you some easy goals.


There are ten new stadiums to go with the original set from the Gamecube version and most have gimmicks to try and catch you out. Here they are:

The Vice
No Gimmick

Thunder Island
A fair few things to worry about here. First is the fact that there is no electrified fence surrounding this stadium so if you end up falling or getting hit out then you will fall off a cliff and that player will be out of the game for around five to seven seconds. The second thing is the wind which can affect the ball and where it rolls. It can be often unpredictable. Also due to the gusts tractors and cows get flown across the pitch knocking you off so keep an eye open. My advice? Don’t dribble near the side as you may get tackled off. Try and shove your opponents’ players off as the less people on pitch the more likely you are of scoring.

Sand Tomb
Walking around the outside will make you ridiculously slow and walking through the middle isn’t ideal either as Thwomps come crashing down crushing you. They can often deflect shots to making this stadium frustrating.

The Classroom
No Gimmick

The Lava Pit
A basic stadium... until balls of lava come flying at you. Giant balls of lava will land at random places on the pitch and stay there for a while. DO NOT TOUCH THEM! You will be sent flying in the air in pain. If the ball lands on it too then it will fly in the air also. A good tip is to try and stand near the fire with the ball as other players who try to tackle you may accidently walk into the fire.

The Wastelands
One of my favourite stages and one of the toughest. Not only is the pitch covered in ice making it hard to run around, but there is lighting every so often too. When you see it you have a few seconds to get rid of the ball before the lightning strikes it. Try getting the ball near the opponent’s keeper as the electricity will stun him.

Crystal Canyon
Every time a goal is scored one or two players from your team will be taken off leaving you with the remaining three or two. Sometimes it’s your captain, others it’s the sidekicks. This stadium provides loads of opportunities to use megastrikes.

The Dump
Playing in a field of mud isn’t exactly the most glamorous of matches. Try lofted passes as the ball gets logged down in the thick mud if you pass it along the ground. Best advice to give.

Stormship Stadium
On board a ship during a lightning storm isn’t wise, but it’s definitely fun. You’ll notice lines all along the floor. This is where the electricity travels down when lightning hits the middle every so often. Best advice to give is to rarely walk through the middle of the pitch as if you do so you’ll likely get struck. Also the pitch does tend to tilt depending on the action so keep your wits about you.

Galactic Stadium
No gimmick


Choosing the right captain can be crucial to winning and knowing which is best for you is just as important. Dekes and special moves are what you should be practicing with and below I have explained their moves and stats and also an overall rating too.

Speed – 6 Shooting – 6 Passing – 6 Defence – 6

Mario as always is a good all-rounder that doesn’t really excel in anything nor does he completely fail. His deke manoeuvre is a simple forward roll or dodge backward which very rarely throws off your opponent. His special however is very useful and sees you growing to enormous size where you can run down everyone in your path (be careful items can still affect you and so can slide tackles)

When is best to use his special? Run down as many of the other teams’ players as possible and find space. You should have enough time to set yourself up for a deadly megastrike.

Rating: Reliable

Speed – 6 Shooting – 6 Passing – 6 Defence - 6

Pretty much identical to his brother in every way, even down to the special move. His dekes again are basic little dodges and can be tackled easily. Whether you pick Luigi or Mario is down to personal preference.

When is best to use his special? Run down as many of the other teams’ players as possible and find space. You should have enough time to set yourself up for a deadly megastrike.

Rating: Reliable

Speed – 10 Shooting – 3 Passing – 10 Defence – 3

Peach is super quick and has a great passing ability so if you want speed she is definitely the way to go. Unfortunately her shot is really bad and I wouldn’t suggest using her for that. Use her passing to your advantage and lay the ball off to more powerful players. Here deke is useful for avoiding opponents as she performs a back flip over them. This can also be used over the keeper so if your in a one on one situation give it a try! Her special move causes her to take a photo which freezes any players close to her for a few seconds. Be careful as yours can get caught in it too!

When is best to use her special? If you find a group of the other team’s players head over to them and use it. Then try for a megastrike or pass it to a powerful player who may score.

Rating: Tough To Master

Donkey Kong
Speed – 3 Shooting – 10 Passing – 3 Defence – 10

One of the more powerful players, Donkey Kong relies on sheer strength to beat his opponents. His shots are fierce and his tackles tough so he’s great to keep at the back. His deke move is also useful as he beats his chest hitting away anyone who tries to tackle him. However he is slow so try to add a few speedier players in your team to balance it out. His special sees him launch in the air and come back to slam the ground causing a tremor which will knock back anyone nearby. The closer they are the farther they’ll fly. Sometimes they may get knocked into the electrified fence.

When is the best time to use his special? If you notice the other team’s players grouping around you then use it. This will make a lot of space for you where you can charge up a powerful shot or if you have time go for a megastrike.

Rating: Good Attacking Player

Speed – 10 Shooting – 3 Passing – 3 Defence – 10

Waluigi is great for defensive play and his speed is hard to beat. However his shooting is one of the weakest so don’t rely on him for that. His tackling can reach very far and his deke is one of the best in the game. He teleports which can be used to pass by players on the pitch or even go through the goalkeeper as well. His special is also one of the best in the game but also one of the hardest to master. Holding the C button will send a wall of vines behind Waluigi which you can then manoeuvre to block off other players. It’s is impossible for anyone to pass through it until it disappears.

When is the best time to use his special? Head toward a corner with the ball and initiate the move. Then aim it so you fence yourself off in that corner and no one will be able to tackle you. You should have more than enough time to start up a megastrike.

Rating: Standout Special Move And Great Tackler

Speed – 3 Shooting – 10 Passing – 10 Defence – 3

Powerful and slow, Wario relies heavily on his offensive style. He is better to use in an attacking position than for defensive purposes. His deke is powerful and funny. He jumps into the air only to come down and butt smash anyone who dare try to tackle him. His special move too is also just as hilarious. Holding the C button will cause Wario to fart. Yes you heard me right. Fart. Anyone who walks into his gas will have their controls mess up making it tough to move them. If this happens to you just remember, the controls are reversed. Try practicing using controls in reverse.

When should I use his special? When there is a group of players around you. This move is best used in crowds. If you can gas enough people find some space and charge up for that ever so special meagstrike.

Rating: Average With Funny Moves

Diddy Kong
Speed – 10 Shooting – 3 Passing – 10 Defence – 3

Nippy and great at setting up other players, Diddy Kong is one of my favourite characters in the game. While his shots are extremely weak, his deke manoeuvre and special move are some of the bets found in the game. Jumping over players with the ball, you can often dribble down the whole pitch, it is even possible to jump over the keeper and score. His special move (The Red Card) causes Diddy to send down a tractor beam directly in front of him,sucking up any players who step into it (including your own) They will then be off the pitch for around ten seconds.

When is the best time to use his special? Use it when someone or even two or three opposing players are in front of you. Then step into it and often you can charge up a megastrike. Anyone who tries to tackle you will get sucked into the beam.

Rating: Fast Playmaker And A Great Special Move

Speed – 6 Shooting – 6 Passing – 6 Defence - 6

Yoshi, oddly enough is an all-rounder rather than a speedy character. Regardless he isn’t the best captain by a long shot. While he doesn’t have bad shooting, passing or speed, his special move is one of the worst in the game. He forms into a giant egg where he can then run over people. To get out of this press B. Problem is, when you get out of the egg, you either pass or shoot the ball away. His deke is also nothing special with him simply skipping forward. One to avoid.

When is best to use his special? No real good time. Just when you have the ball. Run down as many of the other team’s players as possible and then try and score with the space you have.

Rating: Wouldn’t Advise

Speed – 3 Shooting – 10 Passing – 3 Defence - 10

Bowser is all about speed... Nah just kidding. He is one powerful beast. His shooting is among the best in the game and his tackling and defending is top too. However he is very slow so don’t expect him to get anywhere in a hurry. His deke is really useful as he retreats into his shell knocking back anyone who tries to tackle him. As for his special move that is pretty good too, just hard to aim and control. Bowser shoots fire out of his mouth at players sending them running in pain. Hold the C button to keep the fire going.

When is the best time to use his special? When you have the ball. Try using the fire breath in moderation as you only have a limited amount. Hit as many players as you can and try to find space where you can set yourself up for a megastrike.

Rating: As Powerful As They Come. Special Takes Some Getting Used To

Speed – 10 Shooting – 3 Passing – 3 Defence - 10

Similar to Waluigi in every way except her special move, speed is the key with this girl. Her shooting is really bad but her deke is teleportation which can be used against players or even the keeper for an easy goal. As for her special move? That is much like Donkey Kong’s but instead of pounding the ground, she causes crystals to shoot up from the ground. The effect isn’t as good since you can be tackled if players are in the middle as you summon the crystals but the outcome is oddly prettier.

When is the best time to use her special? Like DK when players are surrounding you. Clear some space so you can set yourself up for a megastrike.

Rating: Not A Standout And Special Not As Good As DKs

Bowser Jr.
Speed – 3 Shooting – 10 Passing – 10 Defence – 3

Powerful and a great playmaker, Bowser Jr. is sadly let down by his speed and special move. His deke can see off players eager to take you as he slams down on his shell. However his special move isn’t good enough. He lets out a high pitched squeal and anyone in front of him will be shrunk. This affects both the opponents players and yours! When small you can still play but you’ll be slower and weaker.

When is the best time to use his special? I suppose when you have the ball and players are in front of you. No other advice I can give with this move

Rating: Avoid

Petey Piranha
Speed – 3 Shooting – 10 Passing – 3 Defence - 10

The last character you unlock and another one I could do without. He is massive and it makes tackling easy, however his speed is very poor and passing none too good either. However his deke is good which sees him rattle his head knocking anyone nearby away. His special move causes him to spit up gunk famous from Mario Sunshine on the pitch. This will knock people back and also make walking on it slow for anyone.

When is the best time to use his special? Around a group of players . Sadly this will hit anyone and it can either help you team or hinder you. Try and block yourself off with gunk so you can charge a shot.

Rating: Huge But Doesn’t Mean That Good

Often just as called upon as the captains, each sidekick offers their own unique moves and abilities. It’s wise to pick a good mix of the three in order to ensure victory. Dry Bones comes highly recommended as do either Birdo or Hammer Bros, but it will all come down to who you prefer and their differing play styles. One point is not to rely on one type in your team, it’s best not to have all four speed types as there will be no power in your shots. It’s also not wise to have four powerhouses as then your team will be too slow. Mix it up so you can surprise your player with your varying types of players. Below I’ve included the sidekicks, their special shots and skills.

Speed – 10 Shooting – 3 Passing – 10 Defence - 3

Toad is quick and a decent passer however his shots lack any power. His deke involves him leaping over players and can be used against players on pitch and the keeper too. His special shot sends the ball flying at the keeper on fire causing his gloves to then catch ablaze. This will result in him not being able to catch the ball for a while but only make rebounds. His special move is easily saved, but his speed is often an annoyance to other teams.

Koopa Troopa
Speed – 6 Shooting – 6 Passing – 6 Defence - 6

A good all-round character that isn’t too unlike his enemy Mario in terms of skill. His deke move sends him spinning to the side when he has the ball which can easily be defending against. His special shot causes a giant shell to be sent with the ball heading for the keeper. It stuns him and randomly sends the ball back onto the pitch. You need to run and shoot quickly before the keeper regains his composure.

Dry Bones
Speed – 10 Shooting – 3 Passing – 3 Defence – 10

Perhaps the speediest in the entire game, Dry Bones is a great player to have on your team and I would recommend him in every four player line up. While his shots are weak, his huge slide tackles make him great for defending and his deke is a teleportation which can lead to some goals if you time it right. His special move sends the ball toward the keeper in a ball of electricity which then stuns him. The great thing about this shot is that the ball returns back to you, so simply hit a lofted shot and it should go in. When trying to stop this try and tackle Dry Bones before the ball returns back to him.

Speed – 10 Shooting – 3 Passing – 10 Defence – 3

Quick is about the only good thing I can say about Boo. His tackling is poor and shooting very weak too. His deke is sort of like the teleportation where he turns invisible to go through opponents. However it’s harder to judge than Waluigi, Dry Bones or Daisy’s. His special shot is none to impressive either that sees him disappear then reappear right before the keeper to take a shot. Not the best.

Speed – 3 Shooting – 10 Passing – 3 Defence - 10

Ahh now we move onto the powerful sidekicks. Birdo is a good tackler, powerful shooter and has perhaps the best special shot of all the sidekicks in the game. He is slow but it’s a small price to pay for what he has to offer. His deke has him spin round flicking any tacklers away often into the electrified walls. His special shot has him shoot the ball in a giant egg that goes through the keeper and into the goal every time! The only way to stop this is get a player in front of that shot. Otherwise it’s unstoppable for the keeper.

Hammer Bros

Speed – 3 Shooting – 10 Passing – 10 Defence - 3

Similar to Birdo. He’s powerful, slow and has an awesome special shot. His deke is one of the best and has the Hammer thrower jump in the air and slam one of his trademark items down into the ground. His special is also an automatic goal too if you are close enough. Get a little outside the box and he will throw three hammers in front of him hopefully slamming the goalie into the ground leaving the goal open.

Monty Mole

Speed – 3 Shooting – 10 Passing – 3 Defence - 10

Another powerful character and one that is awesome in defence. His tackling move goes far so keep your distance. He is also slow though so don’t rely on him to be chancing any quicker guys around. His deke has him burrow underground and pop up knocking anyone above him flying high. His special shot is similar except he heads towards the goal underground before popping up shortly after. This is an automatic goal again if you are close enough like Hammer Bros.

Shy Guy
Speed – 6 Shooting – 6 Passing – 6 Defence - 6

Another all-rounder and similar to Koopa Troopa. It’s tough to pick them apart. The stats are the same, the dekes and the special shot. Instead of a shell though a Shy Guy rides a Bullet Bill toward the goal before exploding taking any nearby players out as well as the keeper. Get to the ball quick as the goal will be open.

So there you have it. Hopefully this guide has helped you see the weaknesses and strengths with the players in the game as well as provided you with some helpful tips when playing. Thanks for reading :)

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