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Retro Game Walkthroughs For
"Halo 3"
(Xbox 360)

Retro Game Walkthroughs for Halo 3 (Xbox 360)
Submitted By: AliBoy
A quick walkthrough guide for Halo 3 that should help you through the campaign mode and give you some tips and basic game information to help you enjoy the game as much as you can.

Askar (10 Gamer points) - Score over 15,000 points in the Campaign meta-game on the fourth mission.

Assault (30 Gamer points) - Finish the fourth mission of the Campaign on Normal, Heroic, or Legendary.

Black Eye (10 Gamer points) - Find and claim this skull when playing on Normal, Heroic or Legendary difficulty.

Campaign Complete: Heroic (125 Gamer points) - Finish the Campaign on Heroic

Campaign Complete: Legendary (125 Gamer points) - Finish the Campaign on Legendary

Campaign Complete: Normal (125 Gamer points) - Finish the Campaign on Normal.

Catch (10 Gamer points) - Find and claim this skull when playing on Normal, Heroic or Legendary difficulty.

Cavalier (10 Gamer points) - Score over 15,000 points in the Campaign meta-game on the third mission.

Cleansing (30 Gamer points) - Finish the fifth mission of the Campaign on Normal, Heroic, or Legendary.

Demon (10 Gamer points) - Score over 15,000 points in the Campaign meta-game on the second mission.

Exterminator (10 Gamer points) - Score over 15,000 points in the Campaign meta-game on the fifth mission.

Famine (10 Gamer points) - Find and claim this skull when playing on Normal, Heroic or Legendary difficulty.

Fear the Pink Mist (5 Gamer points) - Kill 5 enemies with the needler in a ranked free for all playlist or in campaign.

Fog (10 Gamer points) - Find and claim this skull when playing on Normal, Heroic or Legendary difficulty.

Graduate (10 Gamer points) - Earn 5 EXP or finish 10 games to complete the requirements for basic training (Online).

Guerilla (10 Gamer points) - Score over 15,000 points in the Campaign meta-game on the first mission.

Headshot Honcho (5 Gamer points) - Kill 10 enemies with headshots in a ranked free for all playlist or in campaign.
Holdout (20 Gamer points) - Finish the second mission of the Campaign on Normal, Heroic, or Legendary.

Iron (10 Gamer points) - Find and claim this skull when playing on Normal, Heroic or Legendary difficulty.

Killing Frenzy (5 Gamer points) - Kill 10 enemies without dying in any ranked free for all playlist (Online).

Landfall (20 Gamer points) - Finish the first mission of the Campaign on Normal, Heroic, or Legendary.

Last Stand (40 Gamer points) - Finish the seventh mission of the Campaign on Normal, Heroic, or Legendary.

Lee R Wilson Memorial (5 Gamer points) - Score 5 grenade sticks in any ranked free for all playlist (Online).

Marathon Man (40 Gamer points) - Locate and access all Terminals in the Campaign.

Maybe Next Time Buddy (5 Gamer points) - Board the same vehicle within 10 seconds after being boarded in any free for all playlist (Online).

Mongoose Mowdown (5 Gamer points) - Splatter an enemy with the mongoose in a ranked free for all playlist (Online).

MVP (5 Gamer points) - Earn the MVP in any ranked playlist (Online).

Mythic (10 Gamer points) - Find and claim this skull when playing on Normal, Heroic or Legendary difficulty.

Orpheus (10 Gamer points) - Score over 15,000 points in the Campaign meta-game on the eighth mission.

Overkill (5 Gamer points) - Kill 4 enemies within 4 seconds of one another in a ranked free for all playlist (Online).

Ranger (10 Gamer points) - Score over 50,000 points in the Campaign meta-game on the sixth mission.

Reclaimer (10 Gamer points) - Score over 15,000 points in the Campaign meta-game on the final mission.

Refuge (30 Gamer points) - Finish the sixth mission of the Campaign on Normal, Heroic, or Legendary.

Return (50 Gamer points) - Finish the final mission of the Campaign on Normal, Heroic, or Legendary.

Spartan Officer (25 Gamer points) - Advance to the Spartan Officer ranks (Online).

Steppin' Razor (5 Gamer points) - Score a Triple Kill with the sword in a ranked free for all playlist (Online).

The Key (40 Gamer points) - Finish the eighth mission of the Campaign on Normal, Heroic, or Legendary.

The Road (20 Gamer points) - Finish the third mission of the Campaign on Normal, Heroic, or Legendary.

Thunderstorm (10 Gamer points) - Find and claim this skull when playing on Normal, Heroic or Legendary difficulty.

Tilt (10 Gamer points) - Find and claim this skull when playing on Normal, Heroic or Legendary difficulty.

Too Close to the Sun (5 Gamer points) - Destroy an enemy banshee with the Spartan laser or missile pod in a ranked playlist or in campaign.

Tough Luck (10 Gamer points) - Find and claim this skull when playing on Normal, Heroic or Legendary difficulty.

Triple Kill (5 Gamer points) - Kill 3 enemies within 4 seconds of one another in a ranked free for all playlist (Online).

Two for One (5 Gamer points) - Score a Double Kill with a single Spartan laser shot in a ranked free for all playlist (Online).

UNSC Spartan (15 Gamer points) - Earn your Sergeant rating to be recognized as a true Spartan (Online).

Up Close and Personal (5 Gamer points) - Kill 5 enemies by melee or assassination in a ranked free for all playlist (Online).

Used Car Salesman (5 Gamer points) - Destroy a vehicle that has three enemies in it in a ranked playlist or in campaign.

Vanguard (10 Gamer points) - Score over 50,000 points in the Campaign meta-game on the seventh mission.

We’re in for Some Chop (5 Gamer points) - Destroy an enemy vehicle with equipment in a ranked playlist or in campaign.


Hayabusa Armour
Collect the hidden skulls throughout the game to unlock the pieces of Hayabusa armour
Unlock Hayabusa Chest - Collect 6 hidden skulls
Unlock Hayabusa Shoulders - Collect 9 hidden skulls
Unlock Hayabusa Helmet - Collect 13 hidden skulls

Armour Permutations Unlockables

Body Pieces: Spartan marked with (S) and Elite marked with (E).

(E) Ascetic Body - Unlock "Up Close and Personal" Achievement
(E) Ascetic Head - Unlock "Steppin' Razor" Achievement
(E) Ascetic Shoulders - Unlock "Overkill" Achievement
(E) Commando Body - Unlock "Triple Kill" Achievement
(E) Commando Head - Unlock "Overkill" Achievement
(E) Commando Shoulders - Unlock "Killing Frenzy" Achievement
(E) Flight Body - Complete Tsavo Highway On Heroic or Legendary
(E) Flight Head - Complete Campaign mode on Heroic difficulty.
(E) Flight Shoulders - Complete The Ark on Heroic difficulty or higher.
(S) EOD Body - Complete Tsavo Highway on Legendary
(S) EOD Head - Complete Campaign mode on Legendary Difficulty
(S) EOD Shoulders - Complete The Ark on Legendary difficulty
(S) EVA Body - Complete Tsavo Highway on Normal or higher
(S) EVA Head - Complete Campaign mode on Normal
(S) EVA Shoulders - Complete The Ark on Normal difficulty or higher.
(S) Mark V Head - Unlock "UNSC Spartan" Achievement
(S) ODST Head - Unlock "Spartan Graduate" Achievement
(S) Rogue Head - Unlock "Spartan Officer" Achievement
(S) Scout Body - Unlock "Too Close to the Sun" Achievement
(S) Scout Head - Unlock "Used Car Salesman" Achievement
(S) Scout Shoulders - Unlock "We're in for Some Chop" Achievement
(S) Security Head - Earn 1000 Gamerscore points.
(S) Security Shoulders - Earn 750 Gamerscore points.

LT -Throw Grenade / Use secondary weapon
LB - Dual Wield / Reload or swap secondary weapon / select grenade type
Left Stick - Move / Strafe / Press to crouch
Right Stick - Aim /Turn/ Look / Press to zoom
RT - Use Primary Weapon
RB - Action / Reload primary weapon
A - Jump
B - Melee attack
X - Use Equipment
Y - Swap Weapon
Back - View Multiplayer score / Carnage Report
Start - Pause /Settings
Dpad up – Flash light / Push to talk(multiplayer)

* The motion tracker will highlight all the enemies and also direct you towards your current objective - Use it
* Stick to cover - especially on the harder game modes you'll need to use cover and shields to avoid enemy fire
* Check your ammo - plenty of times where the ammo on your guns will run out so be sure to collect weapons when you are running low - also you'll quickly learn which weapons are the best for taking out the larger enemies
* Headshots - Shots to the head will take down enemies much quicker.
* Mounted Guns - The mounted weapons can be detached from their bases and carried around for some real fire power.
* Skulls – Throughout the campaign mode there are hidden skulls to find, these unlock certain features for the single player game and items for your character for the mulitplayer game – They are rather hard to find though.
* Shield – At times in the game you'll find your shield being reduced to a dangerous level – best thing to do is get behind cover or if you have a bubble shield then use it as a few more hits are likely to kill you.

From the manual: "Arrange objects, equipments and hazards within the predefined geometry of any halo 3 multiplayer level. Although this may sound simple, the subtlest change can have a dramatic effect on gameplay. Map variants can be created either alone or in tandem with friends over XBOX LIVE or system link."
This basically lets you set up an online game and then while in the game you can place weapons and vehicles anywhere you like and move objects all over the map.

From the manual: "View, edit and take screenshots from films of campaign and multiplayer games using any possible combination of camera angles. Halo 3 players with an XBOX live gold membership can store films and screenshots online and share them with friends."
The theatre mode lets you view videos from your single player and multiplayer games and view them in there entirety from any angle or viewpoint you wish. You can then edit and send these videos to friends.


After the short opening sequence you'll be asked to view up and down before you can get started.

Start off and follow the others towards the river, you'll spot and enemy phantom in the sky, when you do you want to jump over the large log on your right hand side.
There is an enemy just ahead, he'll attack you so kill him and the others that attack then continue on ahead. There are two more phantoms with enemies getting off. Kill these enemies and continue down the stream and towards the left where the second lot of enemies got off the phantom.
Head through the caves with the red flares on the ground and then out into the opening. There are quite a lot of enemies here so stick to cover and stick with some of your allies.
Follow the others around the path to the right and then kill the enemy up high who is attacking one of your allies, continue on and up over this path taking out the enemies on the way.
As you progress onwards you'll have a flash back, continue on and you'll see the river base and the ships. Enemies will attack the ships and they will fly off - kill all the enemies you can see and head into the river base.

Head through the base and out into the jungle, there are enemies up high on either side so keep an eye out and try take them out before they spot you. You'll reach the area where the pelican went down.

Kill all the enemies and head towards the crashed pelican - take any ammo and weapons you need then head across the bridge towards the cave with the red flares inside. Continue through and you'll see an enemy phantom up ahead - move up and and a short cut scene will start.

Head down onto the base and kill all the enemies - your aim is to get over to the other side and release Johnson from the building you saw him being trapped inside - there are quite a lot of enemies so stick to cover and use your team mates to help you out.
When you go across the bridge area stick to the right hand side and when the enemies are all dead jump up onto the ledge and go all the way around the ledge to collect the Iron skull, jump down and head towards the building.

When you reach the building head inside and release Johnson.

An enemy phantom attacks so stick inside the building and watch out for attacking enemies - the pelican should arrive and kill the phantoms - exit the building and head up towards the pelican and climb aboard to end this level.



First off lets get the Black Eye skull. Go up all the stairs and if you look up you'll see a red pipe and a grey pipe - you need to jump onto the red pipe then onto the grey pipe and head along to the end to get the skull.
Then go down to the middle set of stairs and two guards will instruct you to follow them down the stairs in the middle of the room. Follow them through the open door and in the next area head up the stairs and into the room ahead and two new guards will join you. Open the door and head down the corridor on the right.
Continue along the hallway.

As you enter the hangar the jeep in front of you will explode - the enemy are attacking from the left so stick to cover and start shooting - there are a few mobile shields around which are great to shoot from behind.
When you kill them all exit this room through the door on the left and then start killing all of the enemies in this area - a phantom will drop off more enemies so stick to cover and kill all of the enemies - there is a few mounted guns that should make things a bit easier for you.

Once the room hangar is clear you'll receive instructions to return to the ops-center so get back there are quick as you can.
On route you'll be ambushed by these flying enemies. Stick to cover and kill them all then get back to the ops-center.
Watch the guy beside the bomb then head up to the top of the stairs.

Head through the door then down the stairs. In the next area there are quite a few larger enemies. Stick behind the shield until you kill most of them - beware of the guy with the hammer as a few hits with that and your dead. It's worth taking the hammer when he is dead as it is a pretty useful weapon. Head through the door at the back right and then go right again and jump down the shaft.
Go along the air vent and jump down at the end then go out through the hole.
GO through the door on your left and kill the enemies in the barracks.
Make your way through the barracks killing all of the enemies and then go through the doors at the end and activate the elevator.

when you exit the elevator kill the enemies nearby. and then make your way down the stairs and through to the next area.

Continue along this route killing the enemies as you go - watch out for those on the mounted plasma cannons then make your way up the stairs towards the ops-center. Kill the enemies inside and then get to the bomb and arm it.

Head the same way as before towards the hangar - kill the enemies on route and when you get to the hangar the elevator is just off a path on the right hand side. Climb inside and activate the elevator.


Head forward then go to the right and through the doorway. There are two vehicles - decide if you want to drive or shoot the mounted gun (the latter being the easier option) and then jump in.
This part is straight forward enough - kill as many enemies as you can and try keep your vehicles safe as it is easier with them. You'll reach a tunnel that has a barrier at the entrance - jump through this and destroy the base of the shield then climb back on your jeep and get going.
You'll soon reach a road that is blocked, you'll need to proceed on foot along the rest of this road.

Continue forward and head towards the left pathway killing the enemies as you go. Once the first lot are destroyed head towards the allies on the left hill and get on the mounted gun. An enemy phantom will attack so get shooting and kill the remaining enemies.
Once the remaining enemies are gone get in one of the vehicles and get going. There are quite a few enemy vehicles up ahead so get ready to shoot all over the place. Drive up the hill onto the road - head along and kill all of the larger enemies ahead and then destroy the shield at the entrance to the tunnel. Just watch out for the turret on the left. Once you destroy the shield it's job done.


Follow the troops towards the building and use the switch on the right hand side to open the door. Go inside and up the stairs and follow the path round to the right and through into the next area. Kill the enemies then press the switch to open the door below you.
Go through to the next section via the path to the right of the door and run over and activate the switch to open the door. Climb aboard the mounted gun on the jeep and kill all the attacking enemies then open the door at the end and take one of the enemy vehicles and head through this door.
Head to the left and start killing the enemies, the enemy anti-air wraith is the one on the middle of the lower ground firing the green rockets.
Destroy this and all the other enemy vehicles in the area. If you are having trouble there is a heat seeking rocket launcher on the roof of the first building that will make short work of them.

Head into the next building and destroy all of the enemies. The door will be opened for you so go through and open the next door. Some flying enemies will attack so run forward and get yourself onto one of the quads and head out to destroy the other wraiths.

A rather large enemy vehicle this one - get yourself up onto the ledge on the left and grab one of the launchers and start shooting. Aim for the joints and eventually it will fall. When it does run down to it and jump on board. Shoot the enemies then shoot the panel on the back then run and get off as quick as you can as it's gonna explode.

Follow the other troops through the small base and kill the enemies on route. In the open warehouse area there are quite a few larger enemies ahead so grab one of the mounted guns of it's base and take that with you.
Make your way outside and kill all of the enemies here, eventually you;ll see the rather large cannon. Make your way up to the base and you'll see that it opens and closes - you need to shoot the white sphere that is exposed when it opens. A few well aimed shots is all it takes.

Head back the way you came towards the cannon and enter the warehouse building through the entrance on the right of the big door which is now closes.
You'll need to kill some strange enemies before this though.
Make your way through the warehouse killing the enemies then make your way down onto the lower level and outside onto the walkway.

Head down to the checkpoint area and join up with the friendly aliens and head along and up the ramp attacking the enemies as they come. Enter the building and take out the attacking enemies before heading up the stairs at the far end and through to the next area.
Head outside and grab the nearby mounted gun and get shooting the attacking enemies as you make your way towards the ship.

On the outside of the ship there is a large piece of the ship you can run up - run up then fall down into the inside of the ship.
Continue along and then after the short scene drop down again to the lower level. Continue along again and there will be another short scene after this there is a pulsing blue light on the object to your left. Go to it and Press RB to revive Cortana.

Another longer Cut scene will follow this to end this level.

You've now got yourself a sniper rifle. Press the right stick to zoom and then follow the other troops along the path and up the hillside beside the enemy units. Take out the enemies then proceed through their base and out towards the next base where the AA gun is being built.
Attack the enemies and then wait for the phantom to drop off two large enemies and kill them as well.
Head up the path towards the top of the cliff and into the caves. Head into the base and make your way through the door at the opposite end. Attack the enemies near the damaged jeep and then mount the gun on the jeep and take out all of the other enemies that come and attack you. Then make your way over towards the quads and get on one.
Ride through the sand covered hill killing the enemies as you go. You might want to take one of the enemy vehicles that also has a weapon to make things easier. You'll eventually reach a base - clear it of enemy units and you'll then be told you need to head to the LZ. Follow the other troops and those flying things and kill the enemies on route then go through the cave.
At the other end of the cave there are some large enemy vehicles, destroy them all then continue along and destroy the two anti-air vehicles to clear the LZ.


After the cut scene get into one of the tanks and head back towards the first base. Destroy any enemies and vehicles that get in your way then go inside the building with the round flying robot and use the control panel to extend the bridge. Continue through the building to the other side of the wall. Get into the jeep and you'll meet up with the other tanks and vehicles.
Destroy all the enemies in the area. Another large scarab will attack - same as before aim for the joints with the tank then when it falls destroy the control at the back then get out before it explodes.
Head into the building at the bottom on the right and re-group with your squad at the top then go through the opened door.

Follow your squad through the building down to the lower levels. Destroy all the large enemies on the lower level and then go through the door at the end. When you get outside just ahead of you is a control panel which you use to activate the cartographer.

Head back into the building - the room has more large enemies inside so be careful and be sure to kill them all. When they are all dead go out the door and down to the next level - be careful as there are some enemies here who have the cloaking device so they appear invisible. There is a slight see through blur to show where they are.
Kill them all then go through the door on the right and down to the next level. When you get outside there are quite a few enemies and one with a large hammer. Take out the guy with the hammer first then kill the remaining enemies. You will then be picked up by a Pelican - head over to it to end the level.

Head up the hillside killing the enemies as you go - watch out for the two turrets ahead. Use the laser on the anti-air gun and kill the remaining enemies at the top of the hill. A Pelican will drop of some vehicles so get on board and kill the enemy vehicles and turrets as you proceed up the mountain area.
There are some more enemy vehicles up near the tower so destroy them and then head down the path into the tower. Kill the enemies in the main area of the tower then head up into the second level of the tower - kill the enemies then head towards the large beam of light going up to the top - this in an elevator. Use the controls and ride the elevator to the top then kill the enemies here and use the control at the far end of the room to shut down the barrier.

Head back to the bottom of the tower and grab a vehicle and make your way back down the mountain area towards the beach. At the beach get off your vehicle and jump into one of the hornets.

Head towards the enemy phantom killing all of the enemy air vehicles along the way, they will head towards the last tower so kill them all and destroy the anti-air guns and enemies at the final tower (Left Trigger shoots rockets).
Once the tower looks clear land and head inside. This one is better protected and there are quite a few large enemies inside so stick behind the cover and shoot when you get the chance. Same as before head up in the elevator and kill all of the enemies and then deactivate the shield barrier.

Kill the attacking enemies then make your way back down through the tower and outside and join up with your squad and get into the tank.

Head up the mountain area then down the other side towards the Citadel - kill all the enemies and vehicles on route. When the hornets land get into one and attack the two scarabs - same as always aim for the limbs then when they fall destroy the controls at the rear. You can do all this using the hornet just shoot the back panel off the scarab when it falls then destroy the controls. Once they are both destroyed enter the citadel.

Head into the citadel and towards the door at the far end - a cut scene will begin.

The parasites are now on your side so along with them proceed ahead killing all of the attacking enemies. Make your way through each section and then extend the bridge at the far end to start another cut scene.

The parasites are the enemy once again. Head back the way you came killing them all as you go. At the very back behind the elevator there is a flashing blue light - jump down the shaft that is beside it. Another cut scene will then begin.

Head forward killing the parasites as you go - the shotgun is quite good for this but slow to reload. Follow the way point as it's quite easy to lose track of where you are going. Continue along killing the enemies as you go and be sure to keep an eye out for other weapons as you'll likely run out of ammo a few times here.
You'll progress through this area and view several short in game cut scenes as you go. Continue along killing enemies and moving from one area to the next - there really is only one way you can go so you shouldn't get lost. You'll continue to get in game cut sequences popping up as you move along - you'll eventually reach a room with a white sphere ahead of you when you go through the door. Press B a few times on this to free Cortana.

Head back the way you came to the large open room with a few doors around the outside.

In the middle is the control panel for the reactor, kill all of the enemies around it then activate the control panel. This will reveal the three reactors - shoot them till they explode then run out the newly opened door.

Run ahead and drop down the hole then run through the next area killing the enemies as you go.
You don't need to fight them all as you can outrun some of them. Up ahead a large enemy will jump through a panel on one of the walkways - kill him then go through the wall where the panel was and up the path on the right then drop down the hole up ahead.
Continue along fighting the enemies. You'll find yourself back towards the start of this level. The way point shows you where your squad and the Pelican to get you out of there is - head towards it and climb on-board to finish off this level.


Head around the snowy ridge and through the cave on the right. Continue along dropping down to the lower ledges as you go. Out in the open enemies will land. Kill them and proceed ahead towards the tower. It would take too long and too much ammo to shoot every enemy here so just concentrate on getting up the tower as quickly as possible.
You'll reach a large door that is closed - you need to kill all the nearby enemies before they will open it up for you. When they do head through and make your way down to the left then the right. A cut scene will begin when you reach the control room.

Destroy the monitor - watch out though as it packs a punch! Pick up the Spartan laser and hit it a few times to finish it off.
Then sit back and watch the cut scene.

Get out! Quickly. When you reach the large door head up the ice slope to your right and head for the entrance at the far end. Run through this building killing the enemies inside. At the far end jump in the driving seat of the warthog and get to the frigate - follow the way point marker and just watch out for the holes.
This bit is all about driving skill - use the way point marker to work out what direction you need to head and avoid all the obstacles and holes around you then make the last leap onto the frigate to begin the cut scene ending. Sit back, relax and enjoy the ending.


A list of the available weapon in the game:

Submachine Gun
Assault Rifle
Battle Rifle
Sniper Rifle
Rocket Launcher
Spartan Laser

Plasma Pistol
Plasma Rifle
Brute Spiker
Brute Shot
Beam Rifle
Energy Sword
Gravity Hammer

Frag Grenade
Plasma Grenade
Spike Grenade
Incendiary Grenade

Bubble Shield
Trip Mine
Grav Lift
Deployable Cover
Energy Drain

Machine Gun Turret
Plasma Cannon
Missile Pod


A list of the vehicles in the game, most can be controlled apart from the Pelican and Phantoms.



Game Types

VIP: Protect your VIP from the other team - and slaughter theirs
SLAYER - Kill all of your opponents!
ODDBALL - Hold onto the ball for as long as you can
CAPTURE THE FLAG - Score points by capturing the flag and returning it to your teams base
ASSAULT - Score points by detonating bombs in the other teams base
INFECTION - Score points for killing Flood or infecting humans
JUGGERNAUT - Be the Juggernaut - if you are, everyone is out to get you
KING OF THE HILL - Control the hill for the longest time
TERRIRORIES - Score points by controlling territories on the map

The multiplayer mode is quite impressive and there are a lot of options, maps and game types that will entertain most gamers for a long time - it would take ages to go through each map in detail and each game mode so just get out there and play them for yourself and have fun.

Hopefully this walkthrough has provided you with some helpful tips, got you past an area you were stuck with or has located some of the skulls you had trouble finding.
Submitted By: Black8704
Well done on the purchase of a great FPS, you'll love every moment of the story, an there's some online action incase you don't want to relive the story mode over and over. So let's get things going!

1: Arrival/Sierra 117

Walk It Off

Like a beacon, he knows the way.

Follow your team until you come to an opening with a waterfall. Once you reach the entrance into the clearing, a Covenant Phantom appears and drops the first enemies you encounter. Follow the path up to your right, and engage the troops in the cement bunkers to your right.

Eliminate all hostiles.

After you have finished off the first wave, a second wave appears, dropping from a Phantom that appears at the little waterfall in front of you. Kill this wave and cross to the other side of the river via the rocks along the waterfall, and kill the third wave of troops. Note: Try killing the Brute first as this sends the Grunts into panic mode.

Kill the second and third waves, Brutes first, then Grunts.

After dispatching all the troops in the immediate area, follow your team through the cave tunnel marked with a red flare.

Follow the red lights.

Emerging from the cave, you'll come across a horde of sleeping Grunts. As instructed by your squad, take out as many as you can with a melee attack. (You'll kill about five Grunts before they wake up, thirsty for revenge.)


Then, prepare yourself for heavy resistance -- Jackals, Grunts, and Brute Commanders. We recommend a pair of Brute Spikers, as they do considerable damage to even shielded enemies when used in tandem.

Dual Spiker = death to all before you.

You and your squad will keep moving towards the Sgt., entering a small ravine. As you enter the ravine you will see a Brute holding a marine by his throat above you. If you are quick enough, you can kill the Brute and rescue the marine, bolstering your own forces.

If you're fast enough you can save him.

With your new teammate in haul, make your way up and around onto the upper area where the brute was, then enter the large cave marked by a red flare. A vision of Cortana flashes on screen. Follow the chain of red flares until you make it to the end of tunnel.

Don't worry about how these flares got here -- just follow 'em.

Charlie Foxtrot

You'll find the bodies of marines as you emerge from the cave. Search them and you will find a Battle Rifle.

Take the Battle Rifle off this marine.

Now that you have the Battle Rifle, continue forward until the path drops off. Ahead of you by the river are several enemies fighting a pair of Pelicans. Up on high ground, use the Battle Rifle to take them out, then advance to their location on the river.

Keep your distance whenever possible.

Approaching the river, you'll see a pair of Banshees swoop in and down the Pelican that Sgt. Johnson is in. Although you've reached the river for evac, your evac has been taken out, resulting in a new objective.

She's going down!

Objective: Find Johnson's crashed Pelican

Kill the enemies fighting the Pelicans, then move into the ravine to meet your allies. With only a few steps into the ravine, you'll receive fire from Jackals with Carbines along the upper walls of the ravine, but they're easily spotted because they'll flash a purple light while aiming at you.

The purple light gives the snipers away.

Move along the ravine, dispatching the Jackals and other ground forces, until you come upon a point where you see marines fighting. Turns out they were aboard Johnson's Pelican! You've found the crash site

Monkey People

To see the family of monkey people on Sierra 117, go just past the point where Johnson's Pelican gets shot down; you will see a concrete column with the number 3 on it. Stay beside the left wall and go as high as you can. When you reach a point that you have to drop down to the ledge that the Jackal with a Carbine is/was standing, turn around.

The Monkey People are right there against the wall.

Save those marines.

Objective: Find Johnson before he's captured

Fight off the forces attacking the crashed marines, including the ones dropped in by the Phantom, then collect the Sniper Rifle and ammo by the downed Pelican.

Pick up both sniper rifles; you'll need the ammo.

With your newly found Sniper Rifle, head back the way you came, towards the cave with a red flare by its entrance surrounded by your troops.

This is the final cave with flares, promise.

Enter and move through the cave, down its path, until you come to a cliff overlooking an enemy installation. A cut-scene ensues about an imprisoned Johnson, prompting a new objective.

There's Johnson! Save him.

Objective: Rescue Johnson and his squad

Take out as many troops as you can from your high ground position, especially brutes and sniper jackals. Also, several troops sit right below you on the other side of the dock to your left.

Snipe as many people as you can from up here.

Drop down and proceed forward to the bridge that allows you to cross to the other side of the dock. You will have to fight several Brutes on the bridge, including a commander complete with Gravity Hammer. Kill him and take his Hammer.

Shoot him from a distance, run when he puts his shields up, then finish him.

Use the Hammer to kill the remaining forces standing between you and Sgt. Johnson's cell. Free Johnson, drop the Hammer for a different weapon, and prepare for your new objective.

The Hammer crushes all.

Objective: Stay alive - Pelican inbound

Two Phatoms will come in and drop off several troops. Finish them off and then join Sgt. Johnson and the remaining marines back on the bridge between the docks. Jump on the Pelican and the mission is over.

Iron Skull

Extra special thanks to Trakan 1 and Zew0ne for taking the time to point these out for us.

At the end of the level. Face the Pelican that arrives. Turn 90 degrees left and jump onto the large ledge. Walk all the way down until you see a thinner ledge on the building in front of you. Jump onto it and follow it all the way to the end where the Skull sits in the shadows.
Effect:In co-op games, if one player dies, you all restart at the last checkpoint. In individual games, if you die, the entire mission restarts.

2: Crow's Nest

Know your role...

Objective: Secure perimeter defenses

Proceed down the staircase through the hallway, and a soldier will open the door for you. Head outside, up the stairwell towards the hangar, following your troops. Now open the steel door by pressing the RB button on the control panel left of the door. Continue through the next open door, towards the main hangar, and open another door towards your objective.

Follow the marines through the hangar.

Black Eye Skull

Extra special thanks to Trakan 1 and Zew0ne for taking the time to point these out for us.

At the start, there is a massive pipe above you with the skull on top. Walk up the two small stairs and on the left there's some shelves you can jump on to. Jump up to the metal bars and then onto the pipe. Continue to the end where you'll see a Skull. Plus, you don't have to use the RB button to pick this one up.

Objective: Neutralize hostiles in the hangar

To the left of the exit will be an encounter with Covenant Grunts and Jackals. Continue forward towards the oil tanker truck and defeat the Brutes in the doorway and continue forward.

Let the marines help you out in this spot while you work on the Jackals and their pesky shields. You can also blow up the fusion coils and throw grenades to do a good amount of damage on them.

Red vs. Blue: Wanna see a cameo from Halo's favorite comedy duo? Continue forward through the barricade before entering the doorway above. You'll encounter a solider pounding on a doorway, speaking to another solider on the other end of the door. Their voices belong to the fan-favorite color tandem Spartans.

Use the scope on the Battle Rifle, and shoot the Jackals at the end of the hall while your squad cleans up the rest of the Covenant forces. Proceed down the hallway, and take a left through the open door. There will be a small room with doors to the left and right.

We recommend that you go through the door on the left, since it not only provides more options for cover from the forces inside the hangar, but also gives you a nice advantage point on the stairwell the Grunts use to get to your position.

The left door from earlier will provide you with the best vantage point to take out any hostiles.

Once you've killed the initial Covenant forces, or when the dropship retreats (whichever comes first), make your way to the right side of the hangar and use the turret. Detach it and carry the turret to the hangar deck, using it on the remaining enemy forces.

Open fire on the dropships' turret to neutralize the enemy fire.
Another dropship will arrive to provide you with more resistance. With the turret in tow, aim at the dropship's plasma cannon at the very front of the ship and destroy it. It will retreat, allowing you to concentrate on cleaning up whatever Covenant forces remain in the hangar. Now proceed back to the ops-center at the start of the level.

Objective: Get back to ops-center

On your way back, you'll encounter a swarm of Drones. It's recommended you equip your Assault Rifle and take out these flying pests with short controlled bursts. Once they're killed, continue on your way to the ops-center, where you'll give the Covenant a small but awesome gift: a bomb.

Short controlled bursts -- the best way to deal with a swarm of Drones.

Gift with Purchase

Objective: Rescue marines in the barracks

Before you can setup the bomb, you'll need to rescue marines captured by Brutes in the barracks. So get your heavy weapons ready such as shotguns, plasma grenades, and take these guys out as you enter the doorway to the barracks. When you first enter, you'll find the brutes distracted and taking orders from the Cheiftan. Use this to your advantage. The brute "captain" with green armor is armed with a brute shot, which can be a real pain to deal with on legendary. While he's kneeling receiving his orders, try to take him out first with a well-timed plasma grenade stick. This will make this encounter much, much easier. Of the different enemy forces in the barracks, the strongest is Brute Chieftain, who carries a Gravity Hammer. Don't get too close to him, because the Hammer will knock you on your butt in just one or two hits. A combo of grenades and shotgun will take care of him, though.

Heavy weapons and quick feet are the best recipe for fighting a Brute Chieftain.
Swap out your assault rifle for the Gravity Hammer on the Brute Chieftain's body. Continue up the ramp and through the open door. Walk down the hallway and drop down the shaft in the ground. Switch to rifles and fight the drones in the air chamber. Proceed towards the large air vent shaft, drop down (don't worry, you won't get hurt) to the bottom of the shaft and go through the doorway to rendezvous with the Arbiter. Finally, you'll enter the barracks.

Drop through the hole in the floor. Yes, it's OK. We promise.

Your objective is simple: save the marines in the barracks, and then evac via the landing pad. Equip your Battle Rifle and dispatch the Brute choking one of your soldiers. If you manage to save this solider, he'll retreat and pick up a rifle for himself, providing covering fire. Kill the Brutes in the barracks with the Battle Rifle and the Gravity Hammer.

Get the Brutes in your sights early, and from a distance. You don't want to get too close to their melee attacks.

The Battle Rifle will take care of the Brutes from a distance, while the Gravity Hammer works great for the up close and personal attacks against the Brutes. The Hammer has a limited amount of hits to it, so once it's done you should find another weapon to swap out. Plus, the Arbiter will help you out a lot in this section, a bonus considering he can't die no matter how many hits he gets -- use him to your advantage. After you've squashed the Brute resistance, proceed through the exit door (follow the Arbiter to this location) and outside to the elevator lift towards the landing pad.

Objective: Evac via the landing-pad

On the landing pad, you'll be ambushed by a dozen Brutes in jet packs. Wait for them to land before opening fire, since it takes the jet pack a bit of time to fire their thrusters and propel the Brutes through the air. When all the Brutes are dead, a Pelican arrives to pick up the troops and to bring them to safety. Now, go back to the ops-center again, because the Brutes have managed to disable the bomb. It's up to you to make it back there and rearm the bomb.

Yes, Brutes can fly. It's best you wait for them to land before waisting ammo on them while they fly around.

Last One Out, Get the Lights

Objective: Return to ops-center, arm the bomb

On your way back to the ops-center, you'll come across a Grunt operating a plasma turret. Kill him and take the turret in order to dispatch the Covenant forces easily. Continue towards your waypoint marker to the ops-center. Activate the bomb and escape!

Grab the plasma turret and remove the Brutes from the ops-center.
Objective: Escape - Find the elevator in the hangar

Ditch the plasma turret before you begin your escape, since it will only slow you down. Equip a shotgun, a Battle Rifle, or an Assault rifle, and make your way to the hangar bay (yes, the same one from earlier). Follow the on-screen waypoint marker to the maintenance elevator and escape to the next level.

3: Tsavo Highway

Full Contact Safari

Objective: Lead marines away from the base

It's time for you to lead the survivors out of the base and to safety. Take the hallway to the left of the burning path and get into the Warthog with a turret, while the marines will get into other Warthog.

Load up the Warthogs.

Drive along the path marked by red flares until you come to a small outpost where marines are fighting Jackals. Kill the Jackals and let the two marines load into the troop transport before you move out.

The marines will only load up after the Jackals are dead.

Follow the path and kill any enemies you come across. The path will fork around the little hills, but it'll come back to the same point, so you won't get lost. Once you reach the downed Phantom, kill the enemies and take the path on the right.

Kill all enemies around the crashed Phantom, the follow the other car.

You'll pass through a short ravine into a small valley. Here, you'll fight troops dropped off by a Phantom, enemies in hovering towers, and a turret on a hill. Neutralize the turret first -- the biggest threat in the valley -- and then drive around the perimeter eliminating the remaining ground forces.

You'll have to deal with the troops and the Shade turret.

Next, drive up and over the dam, and follow the dried river bed. Eventually it will lead you to a human installation overrun with Covenant forces, where you'll fight enemies on foot and on Brute Choppers.

Take out the Choppers fast.

Kill all the forces around the installation, commandeer a Brute Chopper -- allowing your troops to take over the Warthog you were in -- and head to the large purple shield just past the installation. The shield is guarded by Brutes and Drones; kill them and then use a grenade on the shield's generator, allowing your vehicles to continue on their way.

Take a Chopper, kill the energy shield, then proceed.

Follow the path, preferably while operating a Brute Chopper, and you'll come to a highway. If you have enough speed, you'll not only make the first jump, but also the second jump. The marines in the Warthog will disembark and go on foot, which prompts the new chapter of the level and a new objective.

Get lots of speed for the second jump.

The Broken Path

Objective: Get to the town of Voi

Take the remaining marines and, in your Brute Chopper, head forward until you come to a group of marines fighting the Covenant. Kill the remaining forces in the buildings, prompting a message from your HQ about fighting the incoming enemy until Pelicans arrive with support. Head into the buildings on the opposite side of the Covenant floating tower, where you'll find a turret as well as three Trip Mines. Take the Trip Mines and lay them in the road or along the choke points to the turret, and prepare for the incoming enemy.

The Trip Mines will soften them up.

A Phantom dropship shows up, so man the turret and kill the enemy as they jump out. If you can manage to pick up a fuel rod cannon, you can take out the Phantoms with a few well-placed shots before they finish dropping off the enemies. On legendary, you will have to face two waves of Phantom drops, the second of which has twelve (12!!!) brutes. Next, disconnect the turret from its mount and move towards the Wraith, shooting the gunner. Then board the Wraith and melee it until the driver flops out. Get in and continue down the road. (If you destroy the Wraith, use the Warthog that the Pelican drops instead.)

Use the turret to take out the Wraith's pilot, then claim it for yourself.

Continue down the path, clearing out the enemy towers and Choppers, then enter the tunnel ahead of you. When you come out of the tunnel, you will see two Brutes standing next to their Choppers. If you are quick enough, you can blow them up before they can reach their vehicles. Eliminate them and then head to your left, continuing along the broken highway.

Kill them before they reach their Choppers.

As you come down the ramp from the broken section of highway, you will be attacked by three Brute Choppers, a turret, and two Wraiths. Take the path on the right of where you came down the ramp, and kill the turret on your upper left. Next, kill the three Brute Choppers or let your marines in the Warthog kill them, then move to the Wraith dead ahead. Now all that should be left is the final Wraith.

There are a lot of enemies, kill the lower ones before the Wraith on the hill.

Drive up the hill and kill the final enemy Wraith, and proceed up the highway.

That is the last of the Wraiths.

You will encounter an enemy road blockade that, unless you have a Wraith, will force you to dismount and fight in a close firefight with several Brutes. Fight your way through the barricade, by using the sheer forces of a Wraith or by brutal ground fighting.

This barricade is much easier with a Wraith, just push your way through.

Unless you've captured a Wraith, this next part is going to be tough. You'll spot a downed Pelican and a large energy shield blocking your way to Voi. You will have to fight several Brute Elites and a turret, so use the Wraith on them, thus ending the level.

It looks like a lot, but it all goes down before the Wraith.

4: The Storm

Ghost Town

Objective: Destroy first antiair Wraith

The mission starts with you in a convoy of Warthogs. Enjoy the ride, for now.

A brief pause before the carnage.

At the outpost, you must proceed through the door by holding the RB button.

Hit the green switch on the right.

Enter the building and walk up the staircase, then make a right at the top, and another right at the next corner. Follow this path until you find the open doorway into the next room. Once you are at the top of the staircase, to the left is a door closed. Go up to it and it will open. Inside is a battle rifle and a magnum.

Take the stairs, round the bend, and hit this guy in the back of the head.

When you're in the room blocked off from the rest of your marines and the Warthog, find the controls of the door and let them in. The controls are along the catwalk to the right of where you've entered the room.

Hitting this switch allows the Warthog to come in.

Once your Warthog enters the room, mop up the remaining forces, and open the door with the green switch.

Make sure to hit the green switches so your Warthog can follow.

Move down the hallway until you come to a Brute on a Ghost. You and your Warthog ally will make short work of him. Open the door that he was guarding and then hop on the unmanned Ghost behind you. Proceed out the door.

Kill the Brute, open the door, take the Ghost.

As you exit the door you will see a vast open area. Don't race off onto the walkway. Instead, take a left when you're out the door and stick to the upper perimeter of the area, in order to reach the center platform, where a Phantom drops off a number of ground troops. Hop off your Ghost and eliminate the enemy troops.

Keep to the perimeter as you approach the Phantom drop site.

With all the Covenant ground forces destroyed, proceed to the roof of the building, where the Phantom dropped off enemy troops, and pick up the sniper rifle up there. Use it to kill the gunner of the first antiair Wraith.

Grab the sniper rifle and shoot the gunner.

Get back down to the Ghost, and drive off the upper area and down to the ground.

Move fast so the Wraiths don't have time to turn.

On the ground you'll fight four enemy Ghosts. Eliminate them and then drive up to the antiair Wraith. Since the gunner is dead, hop off your Ghost, jump onto the Wraith, and plant a grenade. This will destroy the first antiair Wraith, completing your objective and prompting a new one.

Mount the Wraith and plant a grenade.

Objective: Destroy all other Wraiths

Proceed to the far side of where you came in and destroy the Wraith. You can sneak up on the Wraith by coming up the ramp near it. Climb onto it and plant another grenade.

Up the ramp, mount the tank, plant grenade, and enjoy the show.

Enter through the door just past the destroyed Wraith, and then take an immediate left. Enter the door ahead of you and go up the stairs. At the top of the stairs is a large grouping of Brutes and Grunts. Lob grenades until nothing moves, and then proceed back down the stairs and through the opening doors.

This is what the room should look like after you've unleashed your grenades.

Enter the next room and proceed to the large set of doors straight ahead. Wait until the rest of your forces are fully in the room, including the Warthog, and then hit the switch that will open the doors to the next room. You will be ambushed by a large group of Drones. After taking them out proceed down the hallway, where the rest of your allies are.

Hide, if you can, and let your Warthog kill the Drones.

After regrouping with the rest of your forces, you'll be prompted to drive with a squad of Mongooses, each with a soldier equipped with a rocket launcher. Take control of a Mongoose and proceed through the opening doors.

Mount up and roll out in force.

Through the doors you'll enter a large dried lakebed. Your target: the remaining two antiair Wraiths. Don't worry about staying too close to them or the various Ghosts/Banshees guarding them; just drive without stopping. The gunner on the back of your Mongoose is a crack shot, so as long as you're both alive, he'll make short work of all the enemy vehicles.

It's like he can't miss.

After destroying the enemy in the area, a Pelican drops in another Mongoose with a copilot equipped with a rocket launcher. Then, as a Scarab moves into the area, you will enter a new chapter and be given a new objective.


Objective: Kill the Scarab tank

Drive around the Scarab, staying out of its front arc. The Scarab also has a secondary gun on its back, so you must keep moving. If you get flipped, just get back on your Mongoose, and keep moving again. And don't worry about damaging the Scarab; you're computer assistants will know exactly where you need to hit it. Or you can go back up to the walkway where you cam in and to the left is an attatched missile pod. The only one in the game! Use it to take down the Scarab's legs.

Keep moving.
Once the Scarab falls to the ground, you must board it and deal a death blow. Jump into the back portion of the Scarab, proceed up a level, and then shoot the Scarab in its core appearing like an energy shield. Shoot the core twice, then jump off the Scarab and run a good amount away before it blows. With the Scarab destroyed, you are given a final objective

Objective: Neutralize the antiair cannon

Pelicans come in dropping an Arbiter to the ground. Head to his blue arrow and then follow your squad through a series of hallways that lead to a truck-loading area. Now, fight through the two large rooms against a series of Brutes. Destroy them and prepare for the third room.

Do what Master Chief does best.

Fight the pair of Hunters when you enter the third loading dock. Close the gap between you and them, disabling their ability to use their cannons. The most efficient way to kill them is to hit or shoot them in the orange part of their back.

Hunter enter.

Use a Bubble Shield if you have one, which will allow you to pop out and hit the Hunters with grenades.

The Bubble Shield works great against Hunters.

Once you've killed the Hunters, don't go out the doors that they came through. Instead, head up the stairs to the left of the door they came through, where you'll find a sniper rifle.

Take these stairs to the sniper rifle.

Use the sniper rifle to take out several enemies, including a Brute Commander with a Gravity Hammer. When you've exhausted the sniper rounds, jump down, take the Gravity Hammer, and follow your troops.

Snipe the guy with the Gravity Hammer.

Using the Gravity Hammer, smash through the remaining troops between you and the antiair cannon.

Hammer time.

Kill the Covenant forces around the gun and then shoot the blue orb that appears beneath the gun whenever it fires off a shot; a few Plasma Grenades ought to do the trick.

Hit the gun in the orb that is exposed when it fires.

The mission is over when the gun is destroyed.

5: Floodgate

It Followed Me Home

Objective: Find the crashed Flood ship

After seeing the Flood ship crash at the end of the last level, you have been tasked with destroying the ship and stopping the infestation. Head right at the start of the level, and work your way around the chasm towards the crash site.

Head through the fog and towards the installation.

You will come to a tight road. Follow it, and after it bends to the left, find the dead Brute on the left side of the path. Take his Gravity Hammer; you'll need it.

Take the Gravity Hammer off this body.

Continue down the path until you come to a group of marines behind sandbags. To the left will be the first group of Flood you have to fight. Use the Gravity Hammer, and collect the Bubble Shield near the sandbags.

Once you hit the sandbags, take a left and hit the Flood with all you got.

Head into the building on the right of where you just fought the Flood. Inside, bash the enemy with your Gravity Hammer, then follow the Arbiter into the next room.

As you enter the next room you'll see a dead Brute with two Spikers laying next to him. Pick up the Spikers, switch weapons, and pick up the shotgun on the left of Brute, next to a dead marine. Now that you're properly equipped, move on out.

Get the Spikers and the Shotgun before moving out.

Move through the crates until you come to an area where marines are fighting the Flood. You'll see a yellow catwalk above the fray, so head up there to find a flame thrower.

The Flamethrower will be your best bet against the Flood.

Now, take out any remaining Flood and cross the catwalk, going through the door on the other side, and dropping down the hole in the floor.

What a convenient place for a hole.

Follow the blue arrow: If you're lost, just look for the blue arrow that indicates the distance from the objective

Falling through the hole, you'll have to fight the Flood in very tight quarters. Use your flame thrower to take them out, but make sure you put as much distance between the Flood and yourself, otherwise you'll set yourself on fire as they run towards you.

Roast them in the choke points.

Proceed towards the blue arrow and you will come out onto a catwalk. A cut-scene starts showing several Elites dropping out of the sky. The start of a new chapter!

Shadow of Intent

Continue following the blue arrow, passing the Elites fighting in the background. Follow the Elites into the building and through the hallway, destroying the Flood before you. As you follow the Elites into the second room of the structure, see that Cortana is on the crashed Flood ship, prompting a new objective.

Let the Elites go in first.

Objective: Search the ship for Cortana.

Continue to follow the Elites and Arbiter towards the blue arrow marking the crash site. You'll come out onto a catwalk, where there is a mounted machine gun. Dismount the machine gun and use it to press the attack forward, destroying the Flood you come across.

Fall to the machinegun.

Eventually, as you fight your way along the path, you will come to a point where you can no longer proceed forward. To your right you will see the crashed Flood ship. Jump down and pick up weapons right where you've dropped down.

Need a Weapon?: Chances are that if you need a weapon, there are plenty laying around. The Flood are constantly dropping their weapons, so take a moment and look around!

Proceed up the ramp made by the ship's wreckage, and then jump into the bright yellow hole, taking you into the bowels of the ship, prompting a new chapter.

Down into the bowels of the wreckage.

Infinite Devil Machine

Follow the tunnel of the ship. You will drop down another hole and then continue to follow the single pathway. The Gravemind will speak to you twice, and after the second time, you'll see the purple box where Cortana is supposed to be, which you then have to interact with Cortana's supposed location.

After interacting with Cortana's location, you will enter into a lengthy cut-scene that prompts the end of the level.

6: The Ark

Installation 00

Objective: Eliminate hostile antiair units

Follow your troops through the cave towards the high vantage points, and use your sniper rifle to take care of the Brutes in the lower clearing. Your squad mates will take care of the Grunts, leaving you responsible for the sniper shots. After you've killed them, proceed down into the clearing and through the small cave. It's the same situation again at the entrance of the cave -- stay back and sniper at the Brutes, while your squad handles the resistance. Pick up supplies such as Plasma Grenades from the bodies, as you'll need them to fight the two Hunters.

Hunters are vulnerable to well placed Plasma Grenades.
Drop down to the clearing, position yourself to come up from behind the Hunters, and stick them with a Plasma Grenade from behind. Try to get the grenade close to their orange skin, since that will cause the most damage. Once you've killed off these baddies, drop your sniper rifle in favor of a Brute Shot, which you can find on a Brute. Follow your squad up the side of the cliff, proceed into the cave and into the metallic base structure.

Is this Marathon?: In the base, enter any door at your nine o'clock, and interact with the alien terminal to get a refresher course of a design narrative for an early Bungie game.

Equip your Brute Shot and proceed through the door at the end of the hall. Walk up to where your squad mates and help them fight off the Brutes and Grunts. Also, Brutes will show up driving two Prowlers, so be ready for some vehicular combat. After killing off the couple of Brutes, head to the pelicans reckage. Quickly pick up the rockte launcher, making sure you have two rockets ready to fire and at least one other round. Run to the top of the dune and click the zoom on. You should see two prowlers coming towards you.As soon as the first one is close enough, fire a rocket at it. Then do the same to the other one. Do not miss. You will need the rounds. The rocket will kill the Brutes onboard, but not destroy the prowler.

Drive one of the prowlers back to the marines, and give one of them the rocket launcher. Marines do not run out of ammunition, as long as there is at least one round. Get back into the prowler, and have a marine mount the turret, with two more on the sides. Make sure the marine with the rocket launcher is riding.

Any remaining marines will take the mongooses.

Whichever vehicle you choose, your squad mates will operate the vacant one.
Make the jump over the sand dunes, and engage the Brutes who fancy themselves as motorcycle jocks driving new Choppers. Your marines should take care of the easily, especially when you have one firing rockets at them.

Drive along the face of the cliff towards the large door to the Forerunner's installation, where you'll see Sentinels shooting at the Covenant forces. Now that this pathway is cleared, turn around and follow Sgt. Johnson's Pelican to the next location.

The Prowler is one of the best vehicles in the game, especially since you can stockpile it full of marines.
On the large clearing, your objective the antiair wraiths are on the far edge of the clearing, protected by Wraiths, Ghosts and Covenant. As long as you keep your team in one piece while driving around in your Prowler, you dispatch the enemy in no time at all. Just don't drive off the sides of the cliffs. Now, sit back and watch Commander Keyes show you how to land a Frigate.

Forward Unto Dawn

Objective: Lead friendly armor through the wall

Walk to the back of the Frigate and pick a Scorpion Tank. As you proceed back to the Forerunner's installation door, let the marines in the other Scorpion Tanks fight the enemy resistance. You'll encounter some heavy fighting up ahead, especially from Wraiths and dropships, of which you can destroy in four hits from the Scorpion's cannon.

Get your boys inside and through the forerunner installation.
Guilty Spark will open the door for you. It's all on foot from here, so hop out of your tank, and flip the switch to extend the bridge, allowing the rest of your battalion into the structure. Follow Guilty Spark through the structure until you come out the backside. A scarab will walk right by and a marine will bring a Warthog right up to your feet. Hop in the back and take control of the Warthog turret, while the marine drives you to the next destination.

Objective: Locate the cartographer

You'll be thrown into another battlezone. Ditch the Warthog and control a Scorpion Tank. Take out the Wraiths as soon as you can, and make your way towards the scarab conveniently waiting for you.

Shoot out the canon on top of the Scarab, to neutralize its effectiveness.

In your tank, aim for the legs. And as soon as it hits the ground, jump into the back and make your way to the shield barrier. Shoot it until it's destroyed, then shoot at the matrix core until it starts flashing red. Now, flee from the explosion.

And boom goes the dynamite!

Hop in any available Warthog you can find, drive up the ramp, and enter the door.

Real Men Don't Read Maps

Follow Guilty Spark and the Arbiter through the inner workings of the structure. There will be light resistance from Covenant forces, a cakewalk in comparison to the earlier parts of this level. You'll come into a large open area with a control switch. Guilty Spark will tell you to hit the switch to activate the cartographer. Cue cut-scene.

Objective: Head downstairs for evac

Follow Guilty Spark and back into the installation. Dispatch any resistance you come across from the Grunts or Brutes. Once you take out a Brute with a Brute Shot, pick it up, and use it against the only "hard" battle in the level -- an Elite Brute wielding a plasma turret. Use the Brute Shot from a safe distance to inflict a significant amount of damage on the Brute. Pick up the plasma turret off the Brute and proceed through the open door.

The plasma canon will make short work of the Brute Chieftain, and if he gets too close, toss a few Firebomb Grenades at him.
Navigate through the hallways until you spot a gathering of Brutes, complete with six Brutes in jet packs and one Brute Chieftain. Take out the Chieftain first, so you can pick up his Gravity Hammer from its body. Now use the Gravity Hammer to take out the remaining Brutes in jet packs.

Now with the Gravity Hammer in tow, thanks to taking out the Brute Chieftain, these flying Brutes stand no chance against you.

Wait for them to land and jump in close, landing a solid hit with the Gravity Hammer. Once they're killed, hop into the back of the Pelican and the mission is over.

7: The Covenant


Objective: Deactivate first barrier tower

Woo hoo! You have the Spartan Laser! Find cover behind the rocks and peep out just enough to fire a solid shot at each of the turrets firing on your squad's position. A well aimed laser can destroy the AA wraith as well. Depending on the difficulty level, another Spartan Laser lies among the reckage of the second pelican, just over the river. If so, you may want to use your original Laser up on killing the Brutes, especially the chieftain using the Fuel Rod gun.

The Spartan Laser is fantastic in taking out heavy artillery such as a turret.
Follow your squad to the place where the Pelican dropped off a Warthog and Mongoose. Mount up and roll out through the cavern, and face off with two Ghosts and a turret. Once that's done with, it's time to be more selective on your vehicle choices. For instance, a Warthog with a full crew would be ideal at the end of the cavern, since you'll face off with a Wraith. So, get your crew mounted on the back gun and get into the driver's seat.

Jump the little gap and follow the rocky wall around in a half circle, to ram into the turret.

This open lakebed area offers a fun stunt route against the enemies. Once you come down the hill, hug the right side of the pathway and follow it over a small jump. Stay on the pathway, keeping the rocky wall to your right. Follow this pathway around in a large loop, which should position you to ram into a plasma turret, sending you flying back down to the ground level to face off with the Wraith. Concentrate all of your firepower on it and the remaining enemies. Wasn't that fun?

A Pelican will drop ammo for you. We loaded up on shotgun and Battle Rifle rounds before proceeding into the structure. Hop back into the driver's seat on the Warthog, and plunge into the entryway at the base of the tower to take out the turret and Grunts. It's all on foot from here.

Infiltrate the base and take out the petty Grunts.
Go through the small doorway, navigate the tower's passageways, and kill any Covenant resistance you come across. Be sure to pick up a Brute Shot along the way; you'll need it later. Eventually, you'll spot a large elevator platform, made active by hitting the control switch.

Take the elevator platform up to the Brute's room.

At the top of the elevator lift is large room full of Brutes and a Brute Chieftain. If you picked up the second Spartan Laser earlier, use it on the chieftain. Equip your Brute Shot, pick up the Spike Grenades from the Covenant weapons cache on the side of the wall, and unload it on everyone in the room. Hit the control switch to power down the shield generator.

Objective: Deactivate final barrier tower

Sgt. Johnson failed to deactivate the tower. Guess who has to pick up the slack? That's right: you! Go back outside where you've parked the Warthog, and drive it back out the way you came in, to the beach landing, and hop into the seat of Hornet.

If You Want it Done Right…

Fly the Hornet towards the air battle taking place ahead of your location. Your primary targets should be the antiair Wraiths on the ground, the Banshees, and the Covenant dropship -- in the order. Once the targets are eliminated, take out the remaining resistance around the entrance to the final tower. Land the Hornet and proceed inside.

Take out all of the antiair Wraiths so your forces can penetrate the structure.

The structure layout is identical to the tower earlier, except now you have to deal with Brutes, drones and Hunters, rather than the weaker Covenant forces. So yeah, it's a pain in the butt. Kill everyone, then take the elevator up to the large control room.

The Brute Chieftain will be equipped with a plasma turret, and not the standard issue Gravity Hammer.
Yes, you have to battle grunts. Again. This time, however, they can turn invisible, which obviously makes them a little harder to shoot. To spot their locations, find the apparitions in the air and open fire. Next, tackle the Grunt Chieftain with a detached plasma turret. Be cautious in your approach, though. Consider grabbing one of the Needler's from the Covenant weapons cache on the wall, or a duel-wield Mauler's off the bodies of the Grunts. It's up to you; just kill this guy and hit that shield control switch. Cue cut-scene.

The Maulers only work well at close range, so wait until the Flood lunge at you before opening fire.

Reacquainted with your friends the Flood, it's time to high-tail out of here. Consider duel wielding a pair of Maulers right now, since they're as powerful as shotguns, dealing significant damage. Once you exit, rendezvous with your ship dropship and pick up a Scorpion Tank and a Warthog. Time to breach the citadel.

Journey's End

Objective: Breach the citadel

We decided to go with the Warthog in this section, placing the Scorpion Tank as our back up. Why the Warthog? Because of its plasma gun. Plus, it has great maneuverability through the narrow chasm up ahead, a great trait for avoiding fire from various Grunts. Also, once you exit the chasm and you spot the citadel, there are all sorts of stunt jumps along the mountainous pathway, which you can use to jump into turrets and enemies (incidentally, this makes awesome videos for you to upload).

If you're having trouble shooting at the turrets, consider ramming them with the Warthog.

Towards the end of the pathway, you'll hear, from the communication speakers, that Hornets are inbound. This would be a good time to stop, hop out of the Warthog and into the pilot seat of one of the Hornets.

Two Scarabs Battle

Approaching the scarabs from the ground, like in the previous encounters, is simply superfluous work. The Hornets work out great against these walking behemoths. Here's why.

The missiles on the Hornets are pretty damn powerful. With a couple of shots on the legs of the scarabs, they'll slow down and drop to the ground. Once the scarab is wounded and has dropped to the ground, position yourself behind it and shoot out the armor plating guarding its power core.

Take out the backside of the Scarab to reveal its core.

Knock out the core and you've just taken down a scarab in under a minute. Now, get the other one. Once they've both been taken out, land your Hornet and join the Arbiter at the base of the citadel and run inside.


Objective: Stop Truth from firing the rings

Revelation is an all out race to stop Truth. Allow the Flood to run ahead of you and the Arbiter, letting them to deal with the heaviest of the fighting against various Brutes. Meanwhile, you should trek forward along the platform towards Truth's location. Once you get there, sit back and watch the cut-scene.

Objective: Escape the Flood

Jump into the blue tinted vent to escape.

Well that was a short lived truce, wasn't it? Start kicking ass and backtrack to the entrance towards the lift. Drop through the blue colored vent shaft near the lift to end the mission.

8: Cortana


Objective: Find Cortana

After the cut-scene, proceed directly ahead into the bowels of Flood's lair. Fight your way through the first big room, and then pick up the pair of Spikers in front of the first door you pass through.

Spikers are excellent anti-Flood weapons.

Do Not Shoot These: These pods are full of little Floodlings. If you shoot them they will swarm you, so do your best to keep your shots from hitting these.

Through the first door, you'll pass a short corridor, where you'll have to jump down through another door. Time for a big fight.

Once you pass through this door the real fight begins.

Enemy soldiers descend down the hill landing right in front of you. Stay at the bottom and kill them as they come down. When you run out of ammo, simply run to the base of the hill -- where you have been slaying enemies in mass -- and collect a new one. Head up the top of the hill when you've finished the first wave.

Shoot them as they come down the hill.

Another wave of enemies will spawn when you reach the top of the hill. Fall back down the hill, and repeat the same strategy until they stop coming down. Then work your way back up the hill, killing the stragglers. Note: To the left of the hill (assuming you're facing upwards), there's a door outside, where you see a crashed Pelican.

Lying next to this Pelican is a flamethrower, which, if you hold onto it until you get the next one, can be incredibly useful to get through the first section.

The second wave includes infested Elites complete with swords.

As you proceed down the large tunnel at the top of the hill, make sure you have a long ranged weapon. There will be Floods that can shoot spikes from long distance. Use a gun to shoot them off the walls and roofs before proceeding.

The needles from the guys above you hurt as much as a Carbine.

Continue down the tunnel, following the blue arrow through the doorway. You will now get a brief reprieve; the next two rooms will have zero enemies.

After passing through another door you'll come into a room where several corpses stand up. Kill them and then scavenge the area for weapons, then head for the tunnel.

These "corpses" are about to stand.

The tunnel will end with another hole that you have to drop through, which will lead you into a room filled with Floods. Hang back at the place where you've dropped down, letting them come to you.

Always keep your distance from the Flood.

Proceed slowly into the room and kill the remaining enemies. Your goal will be to get through the door on the opposite side of the room from where you started (look for the blue arrow).

The blue arrow will show you where to go.

Pass through the doorway and through the short hallway, until you come to a large room filled with enemies. To your right will be a small hallway, where there is a flame thrower.

Grab the Flamethrower and then burn 'em up.

Grab the flame thrower and enter the large room, burning all who stand in your way.

Burn every last one of them.

When you get to the end of this room you'll be out of ammo for most of your weapons, but that's OK since in the next room, just through the door you've passed through, will be a Covenant Carbine sitting on a rack. First, use your remaining ammo to kill the wave of Flood that will hit you right at the door, and then pick up the Carbine. With the Carbine in hand, shoot the Flood on the upper pathway, and snipe the remaining Flood you can see from the doorway.

Take the Carbines off the rack and shoot the Flood from a distance.

After you have cleared out the Flood with the Carbine, ditch the gun, and pick up ranged weapons. Now, with guns in hand, proceed through the room, fighting your way up the various levels of the room. Eventually, when you reach the top, you'll jump across a small chasm and go through a doorway.

Jump across to this door.

Go through the doorway, through the short hallway, and into the reactor room.

The reactor room has a lot of enemies, so watch out.

Kill all the Flood around the perimeter of the room, and then head out along the fleshy pathway that leads to the room's center. From here, take the path to your right, which branches towards the rest of the room's perimeter. It will be marked by a blue arrow.

Head through the blue doors.

Proceed through the non-Flood converted doors and to the computer in the center of the room. Punch your way through the shield, and free Cortana.

Beat the crap out of this shield to free Cortana.

Nor Hell a Fury…

Now that you have Cortana back, head back into the reactor room, prompting the following objective.

Objective: Destroy the reactor

Get back out to the center of the room and hit the switch on the computer, exposing the reactor's pylons.

Hit this switch to expose the reactor's pylons.

Now shoot the three glowing pylons marked by blue arrows. And don't worry about getting close; even a pistol can set them off from a distance.

Shoot the pylons to get the reactor going.

You will be given a new objective when the reactions are destroyed.

Objective: Escape High Charity

After fighting to the other side of the reactor room, Cortana informs you that an explosion has made a new exit. She marks the path way on your HUD with a series of blue arrows. Follow them back through the rooms that you previously fought through, killing as much Flood as you need to. Remember, you're not trying to kill them all; you're trying to kill any who slows you down from getting to the exit.

Just shoot enough to let you pass through.

After you proceed through the areas you previously went through, Cortana will tell you that she has picked up a friendly contact. Run to the blue arrow on your HUD, which turns out to be the Arbiter, complete with a flame thrower.

Arbiter to the rescue!

Now, with the Arbiter leading the way, fight your way to the final blue arrow that Cortana puts up on your HUD. It will lead you to a Pelican that, when you board it, will signal the end of Mission 8.

Jump on and get the hell out of there!

9: Halo

Full Circle

Objective: Find the control room

You start the level along side the Pelican that you've just crashed into Halo. Pick up a Battle Rifle and a Shotgun from the wreckage and proceed towards the large cave.

Search the crash site for weapons.

Just after you get past the wreckage there will be two secrets that you can get before proceeding with the level.

Mythic Skull

As you enter the first cave you come across, watch the right wall. Just after you pass a boulder there will be an offshoot in the cave. Take this offshoot and use your flashlight and you will find the skull at the end of the tunnel.


After you pass through the cave look to your right. You will see a steep hill with some structure sticking out from the snow. Head up the hill, jump to the structure and head inside, you will find a terminal.

You'll drop down a few levels as soon as you come out of the cave. You will then exit onto a large snowy plain, where Flood infested troops will drop in from the sky.

How did the Flood learn to use drop pods? Don't ask, just shoot!

Fight your way through the Flood and then proceed along the path to the right of the tower in the center of the plain.

The Flood will do all they can to stop you from reaching the structure.

Once you get to the end of the pathway, you'll start the arduous process of looping around the tiers of structure. There's a flamethrower at top of the ramp on the first level of the structure. Take it and proceed.

The flamethrower: the bane of the Flood.


The Sentinels are not your enemy! Just let them be as they fight the Flood. If you see one die though, don't hesitate to pick up their Sentinel Beam weapon.

As you loop around the first level of the structure, you'll notice the rain of Spartan Lasers. Don't worry; it's not targeting you. Sgt. Johnson is up on the cliff off to your left, helping you out.

Sgt. Johnson + Spartan Laser for the win!

Fight your way up through the remaining floors, and then prepare for one heck of a fight at the top. You'll have to wait for the Monitor to open the large doors to the control room. Stick close to the doors and fight off the Flood. Once you see a loading screen, you'll know that you have succeeded.

Hold out against the flood of...Flood.

Sgt. Johnson will join you as you run to the control room. Follow him and the Arbiter down a series of hallways, none of which have enemies. (They're marked by blue arrows if you get lost.)

Sgt. Johnson joins the group.

Eventually you'll enter through another door where a cut-scene will start, showing the Monitor attacking you, the Arbiter, and Johnson.

You must destroy the red eye.

At the end of the cut-scene you will be given a new and obvious objective.

Objective: Kill the Monitor, activate Halo

Shoot the Monitor with whatever weapons you have, dodging its particle beams and timing your shots. It puts up a shield that appears to give temporary invulnerability.

The Monitor uses two attacks: one is a shield and the other is a Sentinel Beam.

After taking a bit of damage to him, the Monitor runs away and Sgt. Johnson will offer you his Spartan Laser. Take it and shoot the Monitor three times, killing it.

Three shots is all it takes from this hulking gun.

With the Monitor dead, a cut-scene will start, showing Johnson's death and you using Cortana to activate Halo. And when the cut-scene ends, it's time to run like hell!

Run and don't look back.

The Way the World Ends

Objective: Get to the Frigate

As you run the way you came in, you will be attacked by a horde of Flood. Only shoot as many as you need to clear a path. Run!

Don't stop, just run and gun.

As you exit the structure that housed the control room, take an immediate right up the icy cliff, to the pathway that Sgt. Johnson used to shoot the Spartan Laser. At the top of the walkway is a shotgun, so grab it and proceed to the blue arrow on your HUD.

Take the shotgun; it will help.

When you reach the blue arrow, you must run through another structure filled with Flood and Sentinels, who are now battling one another. Again, you're only priority should be to shoot enough that you can keep running, so never stay still for too long.

Keep running.

Proceed to the next blue arrow that Cortana has put onto your HUD. At the end of this arrow will be Sgt. Johnson's Warthog. Mount up and put the pedal to the floor.

The Warthog is your only chance to escape the blast of Halo.

It's time to test your driving skills. It's up to you to guide the car on a path that won't get you killed. Drive across the exploding tiles until you come to a large structure. Here you will have to follow the red pathway on the ground.

Follow the red road.

When you reach the end of the structure, you will drive through another series of exploding tiles. Stick to the center and you should be OK.

Stick to the center here and the tiles won't fall before you.

You will enter a large corridor at the end of the tiled path. Stick to the middle of the corridor as long as possible, returning there for the corridor's final length. If done correctly, you'll perform an awesome jump through a ball of fire.

The center path is definitely the most rewarding.

Exiting the corridor, you'll enter another large structure, not unlike the one you drove through previously. Follow the red lines of the structure until you come to another pathway of exploding tiles.

Lots of red roads; lots of repetition.

Drive towards the blue arrow and then, when it moves, head to your right and take the ramp over the gap and to the next set of tiles. After landing the jump, take a sharp left, jumping to a structure with a red path. Follow the red path around the structure.

This is the last of these structures, promise.

Next, head into the second large corridor. Stick to the right for the first jump, then cut to the center and get to the far left. Ride this out until the end of the corridor.

First, take the right ramp, then head to the left side of the structure.

After exiting the corridor and taking the large jump at the end, take a right and follow the tiles around to the next blue arrow. As you approach the arrow, a large piece of the structure will smash the path ahead of you. Take a left!

Watch out! It cuts the road off.

Now that you have turned left, you're on the home stretch. Drive through the last of the exploding tiles and head towards the Frigate, which should now be in view. Make sure you have plenty of speed for the final jump into the hangar of the frigate.

Hit this jump with as much speed as possible.

You've finished the fight, but just barely. Enjoy the show; it's all cut-scenes from here!

SPOILERS: Halo 3's Normal Ending

Halo 3's ending completed under Normal Mode.

Campaign Strategies

Follow the Arbiter: On any level where the Arbiter is around, he will show you the way if you get lost. You can always find him thanks to the big blue arrow above his head. Don't be afraid to let him to some of the work if you need a hand.

Reload: You'll often forget to reload -- especially for that off-hand weapon -- so reload anytime you have a free moment, even if you're down only a few rounds in the magazine; you never know when you need a full magazine.

Different grenades for different situations: You have four types of grenades at your disposal: flame, spike, plasma and frag. Spike and plasma grenades stick -- good against some enemies, but terrible when fighting the Flood. The point? You have options, so don’t just mash the right trigger, but choose the grenade based on the current situation.

Teammates: Before Halo 3, you teammates weren't known as the smartest of the bunch. The allied A.I. in Halo 3, however, is quite good. Keep them alive and give them the most powerful weaponry you can, preferably a weapon that has a few shots left. Why? Because your teammates never run out of ammo.

Don't always dual-wield: Dual-wielding has its ups and downs. Yes, you put out twice as much fire, but you can't throw grenades or melee unless you drop one of the weapons.

Sneaky melee: Hitting enemies from behind is an instant kill. Moreover, it won't alert the others to your presence.

Fire in bursts: Sure, you can unload a fully automatic gun in matter of seconds, but that doesn't mean that you should. Unless the enemy is right in front of you, fire your weapon in bursts. This will make your shots more accurate, as well as conserve ammo.

Choose your equipment: Some equipment is better than others. A bubble shield, for instance, will often be of far more use than a flare. Think about what you might encounter next, and if an opportunity comes up, make the decision wisely.


Equipment changes the way that you will play Halo 3. Depending on which piece you have, it will provide a chance to explore new strategies, making you an adaptable opponent.


The flare sends out a radiant light, temporarily blinding all the enemies around it. Generally, unless it's the only item available, you shouldn't choose the flare over another item.
Bubble Shield

The Bubble Shield places a barrier around the area where it is deployed. This barrier is impervious to all forms of damage, keeping those inside the bubble safe. However, attacks can't go outside the bubble.

Energy Drainer

The Energy Drainer is effective only against shielded enemies or enemies driving vehicles. The Drainer takes down enemy shields with its initial burst, and then charges up and explodes, finishing them off. It can also stop any wehicle in its tracks (Like a charged up Plasma Pistol shot), including banshees and tanks.

Grav Lift

The Grav Lift is a deployable jump pad, shooting you up into the air, giving you quick access to higher ground. It also works for enemies, which can be an advantage or disadvantage, depending on how you use it...


The name describes it all: makes you invincible for a short time. A valuable item, indeed, use it for the direst of situations.


Gives you a temporary cloak. Use the invisibility to pass large groups of enemies, or to sneak up behind them


Available only in multiplayer (And sometimes used by Brutes in Campaign), the Jammer jams the radars of your opponents, making fake targets appear on enemy radar. It's particularly useful to opponents who are trying to get close to their enemies in order to steal the flag or to execute them. Unfortunatly it also affects you.

Portable Cover

The Portable Cover is a shield device. When deployed, it absorbs all shots (Including Melee) taken. However, if hit enough times it will vanish, but reappear later, unless the spawner is destroyed. Watch out for rockets!

Trip Mine

When deployed, this mine will explode whenever anyone or anything touches it.


The Regenerator does the opposite of the Power Drainer; it charges shields. Like the Bubble Shield, it radiates out a small field, recharging the shields of anyone who is within it -- friendly or otherwise. Use these whenever you or your team is trying to take or hold a spot where you are outnumbered.

Auto Turret

Similar to an immobile Sentinel, the auto turret is a deployable antipersonnel turret. Drop the auto turret in an area where you want to defend, and it will shoot at the enemy. Note, it can be pushed around meaning you can move it to a new area.


The weapons of Halo 3 are diverse. With two race's arsenals to choose from, you really have a chance to pick up a weapon that suits your play style.

UNSC Weapons

Assault Rifle

The Assault Rifle is back! And it's sweet. The rifle packs a punch, even at a distance. This is one weapon we frequently kept.

Battle Rifle

Best used from a distance. The zoom feature makes it a nice weapon for headshots.


The Magnum is a decent pistol. It packs a decent punch, and is great as an off-hand weapon. Also surprisingly accurate, making it far better for long range than the assault rifle in a pinch.


The SMG shoots ridiculously fast, and can be dual-wielded. But it's not very powerful and is extremely inaccurate. Use this weapon as a last resort.

Rocket Launcher

The Rocket Launcher fires high explosive projectiles. It is fantastic against all types of enemies, but don't shoot it when you're close to the blast!


In campaign mode, the Shotgun is great against the Flood. In multiplayer, it's great against opponents in close quarters.

Sniper Rifle

With two levels of zoom, the sniper rifle is a sharpshooter's dream weapon. It is very powerful and can kill any enemy in just a few shots; one shot if you get a headshot.

Spartan Laser

The Spartan Laser is the only battery operated weapon of the UNSC. It takes a few seconds to fire, and has a downtime between shots, but kills in one shot if you land it on any personnel. Highly effective at destroying enemy vehicles.


This weapon spits a line of fire, burning anything it touches. It does have a decent range if you arc the flames, though it can overheat or burn you if you touch something on fire. Use this in close quarters only, or against the Flood.

Missile Pod

A portable rocket firing turret, the missile pod can be used on top of the two weapons you normally carry and can also track vehicles


This turret fires powerful bullets at a high-rate. When detached, it provides the player with a high-powered machine gun that doesn't take up a weapon slot.

Covenant Weapons


The Carbine is the middle ground between an assault rifle and a sniper rifle. It can zoom, shoot semiautomatically, and is fairly high-powered. If you don’t have the option of a sniper rifle, the Carbine is a decent backup.

Beam Rifle

The Covenant Beam rifle is the enemy version of a sniper rifle. It has two levels of zoom, is extremely powerful, but prone to overheating.

Brute Shot

The Brute Shot is a rapid fire grenade launcher with a bladed bottom for a big melee attack. Able to kill most foes quickly, but the downside is its tiny clip, so make sure you don't miss.


The Mauler is the Brute pistol. Essentially a portable sawed-off shotgun, the Mauler is highly effective in pairs, especially against the Flood. Use only in close quarters when playing multiplayer.

Brute Spiker

This Brute Spiker is arguably the most powerful gun the Brutes can wield. It fires rapidly, does heavy amounts of damage in short to medium range. When dual-wielded, the Spikers tears through armor and shields like tenuous paper.


The Needler can't be dual-wielded anymore, but that doesn't mean it won't blow the hell out of anyone who gets in its way. It fires rapidly, tracks enemies, and blows them up if they get enough needles in them. What's not to like?

Energy Sword

Probably the most popular weapon in the Halo franchise, the Energy Sword returns with all the power the fans expected. Capable of killing targets with a single blow, the Energy Sword should be a priority whenever possible, ideally in conjunction with a long ranged weapon.

Fuel Rod Cannon

The Fuel Rod Cannon is the Covenant answer to the rocket launcher. It fires high explosives over a long range.

Gravity Hammer

One of the new additions to the Halo arsenal, the Gravity Hammer does not disappoint. Highly effective against the enemy, the Gravity Hammer does splash damage and heavy damage to the target who gets hit. Did we mention it's fun as hell to use?

Plasma Pistol

The Plasma Pistol is back, still capable of shooting charged shots that obliterate enemy shields. However, unlike previous games, the Plasma Pistol constantly drains the battery while charged, discouraging players from holding charged shots for prolonged periods of time.

Plasma Rifle

This is the all purpose Covenant weapon. It has good range, damage, and can be dual-wielded. You can't reload them, so just use them until the batteries are dead.

Plasma Cannon

The Plasma Turret fires high-powered bolts of plasma. Like all detachable turrets, it cannot be reloaded. Highly effective against all enemies..

Hope that's helped you through a great game, use of myscheats a user contributed walkthrough to compile.

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