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Retro Game Walkthroughs For
"Super Mario Galaxy"
(Nintendo Wii)

Retro Game Walkthroughs for Super Mario Galaxy (Nintendo Wii)
Submitted By: Emmie87
_____ _ _ _____ _____ _____
| ___|| | | || _ || ___|| _ |
| |___ | | | || |_| || |___ | |_| |
|___ || | | || ___|| ___|| _|
___| || |_| || | | |___ | |\ \
|_____||_____||_| |_____||_| \_\
_________ _______ _______ _______ _______
| _ _ || ___ || ___ ||__ __|| ___ |
| | | | | || | | || | | | | | | | | |
| | | | | || |___| || |___| | | | | | | |
| | | | | || ___ || _ __| | | | | | |
| | | | | || | | || | \ \ | | | | | |
| | | | | || | | || | \ \ __| |__ | |___| |
|_| |_| |_||_| |_||_| \_\|_______||_______|
__________ __________ __ __________ __ __ __ __
| _______| | ____ | | | | ____ | | | | | | | |
| | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | |
| | | | | | | | | | | | \ \ / / \ \ / /
| | _____ | |____| | | | | |____| | \ \/ / \ \/ /
| | |__ | | ____ | | | | ____ | \ / \ /
| | | | | | | | | | | | | | / \ | |
| | | | | | | | | | | | | | / /\ \ | |
| | | | | | | | | | | | | | / / \ \ | |
| |____| | | | | | | |_______ | | | | | | | | | |
|__________| |__| |__| |__________| |__| |__| |__| |__| |__|

Introduction [SM.02.01]
Mario is the world’s favourite plumber, he saves the princess time after time and has the ability to turn into a Bee, a ghost, a fireball shooting Hero and an ice skating legend.
The most awaited sequel to the Mario game, if you ask me. And a Mario game
that also didn't become a launch title. Did this extra time give Nintendo the
opportunity to perfect a new Mario platformer? The answer is yes. Bigger,
better and what-are-you-waiting-for-go-play-the-game!

Walkthrough [SM.03.01]

Prologue [SM.03.02]

"Every hundred years, a comet appears in the skies above the Mushroom Kingdom.
The comet was so large one year, it filled the skies and sent countless
shooting stars raining down. The Toads brought the shooting stars to the
castle, where they became a great Power Star. It should have been a very
happy time for the citizens of the Mushroom Kingdom. That was the night of the
Star Festival, held once every hundred years to celebrate the comet,

"Dear Mario,

I'll be waiting for you at the castle on the night of the Star Festival.
There's something I'd like to give you.

From Peach.""

You see Mario running happily towards the castle. It's time for you to control
the plumber. Some Toads will talk to you when you get near them, others will
require you to press A when you're standing (or running) near them. Talk to
any one you like and make your way down the path to trigger the next part of
the intro to start. On your way collect the star bits that fall from the sky.
You can't have to run over in order to pick them up, just wave your Wiimote
over the screen to catch them.

When you walk over to the square, you'll see how Bowser invades Mushroom
Kingdom -- once again. Mario starts to run around to avoid getting hit by the
things fly around. Bowser gets near Peach with his ship and gives a little
speech. He invites Peach to the new galaxy he's creating. How nice!

Total chaos. Got to love it. Run down the path to the castle and you'll see
how a UFO and four ships take the whole castle away. Peach screams for Mario,
but Mario is occupied by a Magi-Koopa and will be blasted away.

Mario awakes by the sound of the star that Peach held in her arms. It turns
into a rabbit-like animal. Follow it until you reach more of then. Instead of
focusing on the problem here, they want to play hide-and-seek. Fine.

The easiest way to catch them, is by shooting star bits at them, and then walk
over to them. Shoot using the B-button. Find all three of them (it reminds me
of that annoying bunny in the dungeons of Super Mario 64) to end this game.

Talk to the star-things to find out you're at the gateway of the starry sky,
which is a connection somewhere deep in space. At the top you'll find 'Mama'
who looks a lot like Peach. Her name is Rosalina and she'll give you the power
to travel through space by handing out Luma.

You also get the power to shake. That's right, shake it baby! Ok, that was
lame, but use the power to break the ice in front of you. Then shake again at
the Launch Star, which will shoot you through space.

At the next planet you need to fix the Launch Star by finding all the Star
Chips. Sounds easy enough. The chips aren't hard to find. Some are covered in
ice, but most just lay around. Watch out for the black hole, the comets and
the Goombas and you'll be fine. There is also a 1-up to be found on a block.
When ready, visit the next planet.

The star here is trapped, and a Goomba has the key. Get rid of all of them
(and get the coins in the ice as well) to get the key. The star will transform
which allows you to go to the other planet. There is a large Goomba here. Hit
the pins to flip it over, then kick it. Head to the now freed star and enter
the pipe.

In here, you need to step on all the yellow switches and turn them blue. When
you did that, the machine will be disabled and you'll get your first Star.

By doing this, you opened a new dome - the Terrace. After a little chat,
enter it. Point the cursor at the Pull Star and press A to see an overview of
worlds (or galaxies, as they are called) which you can visit. You need more
stars to visit some, you know the drill. Reveal the one with one star - Good
Egg Galaxy. It's time to visit this galaxy, don't you think?

The Terrace [SM.03.03]

Good Egg Galaxy [SM.03.3A]

Stars required: 1

***** Dino Piranha *****

At the first planet, head to the top of the stone tower to find your next
buddy. He'll shoot you to the next planet. At this planet, you need to create
your own star, like before. Watch out for the brown parts, since this slows
Mario down, making him an easy target for the boulders rolling around.

A smaller planet is coming up. Hit the Piranha with a starbit, then shake to
get rid of it. A vine will come up. Shake the Wiimote in order to swing
yourself to the next planet.

It's the same deal here, but there's a larger Piranha. Hit it, wait till it
falls down and then jump on it. This will create a new vine, which allows you
once again to get to the next planet.

Here move to the other side to find a new Luma. Move up the castle and launch
yourself forward to your first boss. Grab all the star bits you can get here
and then get ready.

You'll land on top of the egg, which'll crack it. Hit the tail by shaking
against it to reveal the real boss. You need to repeat this three times in
order to kill it. Let the dino run at you, then quickly changes directions and
get behind it. You may need a few tries, but it's easy enough.

Back at the Terrace you'll learn how to use the star bits. Get the few that
are here, then shoot 5 at the Luma.

***** A Snack of Cosmic Proportions *****

We'll need to take another path here. Go to the fortress again, but find the
alternative path to find a blue Luma. He asks you too look after his hungry
friend. The next planet isn't too hard. Just find the star that's locked
inside a piece of ice and move on.

Shake so you can continue, and whenever you find another star, shake again so
you fly further. You'll land on a planet with the hungry friend the other Luma
was talking about. Give him something to eat (why doesn't he eat the two bits
he's holding?). Once you gave him 100 bits, he'll transform into a new planet.
If you don't have enough bits simply backtrack a bit until you do.

Head towards the new planet. You need to climb up here. At a certain moment
you'll find a green blob and three spiky plants. Hit the blob so it'll hit a
plant, and get the 1-up. And it doesn't end here. You can wall jump to take a
short shortcut.

The next planet is a big glass planet, and it's obvious you need to go inside
in order to continue. To get inside you need to find the glass that's covering
the hole. Break it and go inside. Once in, you'll be greeted by a new law of
gravity. Blue means down, red means up. Navigate through and try not to make
Mario very sick. Once you walked a full circle and you're in a red zone, wait
until you see moving platforms. Wait until they are up so you can walk to the
other side without falling down. Then it's just following the path to the next
launch star.

At the final part, you need to find the five shards. When you got them, pull
yourself around until you hit the star. This will unlock a new galaxy. You can
either go there, or finish this galaxy first. It's up to you.

***** King Kaliente's Battle Fleet *****

The launch star you need can been seen right from the start. But instead of
simply jumping there, it's much more interesting in taking the other route.
Go to the fortress and find an orange pipe. Enter it, and you'll be inside the
house. Hit the question coin here to start a little familiar tune and a trail
of notes. Follow it for a nice collection of them. Then enter the other pipe
and leave the planet.

Free the Toad from the ice and he'll tell you the 'spiky things' (that sounds
exactly as I'd describe the foul things) hate coconuts. Not even that, but one
of the 'spiky things' also has a launch star underneath it, so kick a coconut
near the plant and then shake. When you find the launch star, leave.

There is a Pokey on this planet, and as you may have guessed, it doesn't like
coconuts either. When you hit it with one, jump on its head to reveal the way

You'll be greeted by two Chomp Chomps, who are rolling around being happy.
Ignore them for now, since they do you no harm. Enter the pipe and make a
decision for yourself - are you a man, or a sissy? If the answer is the
latter, grab the question coin and get rid of the Goombas. Head outside, and
take out both Chomp Chomps for a fair collection of starbits. If you're a man
like me (or just took out the Goombas before getting the coin) use the coin
only for taking out the Chomp Chomps. Either way, leave when done.

You'll notice quite a large amount of lasers. Get to the edge of the level and
walk around until you find a hole, with two entities. Time it right and get to
the other side of the planet. Grab some coins while you're at it, but avoid
the Bullet Bills. Make your way to the top of the structure, get rid of the
ice and move on.

At the ships, you'll soon notice the two enemies popping up from the other
ship. Don't worry though, just bounce their projectiles back to take them out.
This will also lower the 'bridge' (on a ship?). Free the Toad, get the
supplies from the crate and head to the other bridge.

The box that's at the edge of the ship contains a Mushroom. Get it for more
health. The launch star is near the enemies, so release it from the ice and
get ready for your second boss fight.

The boss is quite easy though. It'll shoot either a coconut (I guess) or three
brown projectiles. When it shoots a coconuts, shake it back. It'll bounce
towards you again, so if you're good enough you can keep smashing it back and
avoid getting hit. After three strikes, the boss will get angry. Instead of
shooting the brown things, it'll shoot blue enemies. Wait until it shoots a
coconut, then reflect it back another three times. It's not hard.

***** Luigi on the Roof *****

This star won't appear until Mailtoad told you Luigi is missing and hands over
a picture of Luigi on a roof of a house.

Luigi is trapped on the roof of the house at the very beginning. I didn't
bother with the pipe. Just stand near the house, run away from it and then
turn around and jump in order for Mario to do a backflip. Mario will grab the
house, so jump away from it and then spin towards the house to land on the
roof. Luigi will hand over the star.

***** Purple Coin Omelet *****

15 - On the first planet you'll find 15 coins.
20 - On your way to the second planet you'll get another 20. (total: 35)
10 - On the second planet are 10 coins. (total: 45)
20 - On your way to the third planet you'll get another 20. (total: 65)
15 - On the third planet are 15 coins. (total: 80)
20 - And on your way back to the first planet you'll get the last 20. (total:

***** Dino Piranha Speed Run *****

You have four minutes to head to the Dino Piranha and defeat it.

Honeyhive Galaxy [SM.03.3B]

Stars required: 3

***** Bee Mario Takes Flight *****

A new galaxy, and luckily not as space-like as the previous one. There are two
paths to take - one goes down, the other goes up. For now, take the upper path
until you find a question coin. If you grab it, a weird mushroom will appear
at the lower path. Go there and take it to transform into Bee Mario. You can
buzz around, as long as you don't hit water or an enemy. Fly up until you
reach a hole, jump in.

You'll slide a bit down, but nothing like the ice levels in Super Mario 64.
Jump and fly your way through, until you reach a launch star.

It's probably most easy to hit the water and start killing the enemies here.
There is a power-up waiting as well, when it's time to transform back. When
all the enemies are gone, transform back and grab one of the two flowers. When
in mid-air start to fly and make your way to the huge flower. Fly up and
launch yourself away.

The bee here tells you one of the perks of being a bee (that sounded weird) is
that you can stick to walls covered in honey. Nice to know. Before we go
there, find the sprout. Shake it, and follow it. Here you'll find starbits and
the bee-mushroom if you need it. When done, go back (the path to the right
contains five coins) and start climbing.

Don't go straight up though. First take the left path for some coins, then
fly to the right for a question coin, which leads to more coins. When you got
them all, go up and defeat the plant. Climb up once again.

The Queen Bee tells you some this and that. Once again turn back into normal
Mario, get rid of the enemies and become a bee again. Just like you climbed
the wall covered in honey, you can also climb the Queen. Just find all five
shards and use the very same launch star. This will lead to the 'real' Toad
(the red one is, right?). When you talk to him (yes, I think he's a male) he
will give you a star. Hooray!

Toad and his Toad-friends (sure) will now be at the Garage, which can be
visited from the 'World Screen'. Perhaps I'm a bit too stuck to the old
platformers, eh? Perhaps I am. Sue me. The Toads are building a rocket to
go back to Peach. Wonderful, since they're completely worthless without your

***** Trouble on the Tower *****

You'll soon enough notice the weird blocks that are around the place. When you
stomp on them (A + Z), they'll collapse and leave something behind. Most of
the time starbits, sometimes something better. The second stone has a vine
underneath it. Shake across it, then shake the next one and you'll reach
higher grounds (left of where you started).

You'll find trampolines here. It's not like the old Super Mario Bros. games on
the NES where you have to time your jump right, you only need to stomp on
them. It's a bit of a shame, but it works, right?

There are two ways to continue this wonderful quest, but both take you to the
same place. You either find the small wooden 'stairway' up, or you stomp
yourself into a launch star and reach the Wiggler. There is no point trying to
kill it. Shooting at it will make it go 'oh!' and hitting it will make it go
mad. Just stomp the button for a bridge to show up, and go on.

There is another button straight after the bridge. When you stomp it, the
platform you're on will fall down. Don't worry. Read the sign if you don't
know how to wall jump (grab onto a wall, then hit A). Move your way up until
you find a small lake. Bumping into the plants will give you starbits, if you
care about that. Stand in between the two 'bridges' (vertical boards of wood)
and wall jump your way up, and shake at the launch star to reach a new planet.

There's not much to do here. Just move your way down and jump to reach the
other planet. Make your way down to the end here and launch yourself away.

The question coin will launch an invincibility star. Grab it, get rid of the
enemies and then jump into the hole. You'll fall a long way down, catching a
lot of starbits and land. The bee here tells you that Mandibugs have taken
over the observation deck. Time to do something about that, right?

Swing to the other side using the swing (I rock at English, didn't you get
that yet?) and ignore the Mandibug. Instead find the way to wall jump
yourself up. Stomp on the button to activate the windmill, and use the very
same windmill to get up.

At the top (get the starbits on your way) you'll find a new Mandibug. And
guess what? We're going to kick its ass. When it comes near you, jump and then
stomp the small Mandibug. The big Mandibug will get angry, but time your jump
(and stomp), and you'll get your new star. Good job.

***** Big Bad Bugaboom *****

You'll notice that the level is infested with Mandibugs. Squash them, if you
please. When you reach the area where you got the first question coin for this
area, you'll notice FLUDD (Super Mario Sunshine) is shooting bubbles. Stand in
front of it (ooo, shiny coin!) and you'll go for a small flight.

With your jump kick (I liked ass kick better, since in Super Mario 64, Mario
would grab his ass like it was on fire - that's A + Z, in case you don't know)
get to the part you'd fly toward while getting the first star. When you reach
the end, Queen Bee will talk to you. Use the launch star to move on.

Grab the bee-mushroom and go up. A boss fight will start, but it's just a
pathetic one. The big Mandibug will come at you, but just use a flower to go
upwards and then stomp it. The Mandibug will move faster, but will do nothing
else but sometimes fly vertical. Time it right, and you'll be victorious! Grab
the star (and 1-up) and you are the man! Perhaps.

***** The Honeyhive's Purple Coins *****

1 - Turn around and grab the first one.
10 - To the left of where you start you'll find more (not the ones on the
slope yet) (total: 11)
1 - On your way forward there's one more, in the air. (total: 12)
5 - Around the fountain. (total: 17)
1 - By the swing. (total: 18)
2 - Behind the waterfall. (total: 20)
1 - To the right of the waterfall, behind the pillar. (total: 21)
11 - Enter the pipe and grab the coins. (total: 32)
10 - Entering the other pipe and walking back. (total: 42)
3 - Hit the stone black near the log to reveal a vine. Swing it and grab the
coins in the water at the next part. (total: 45)
3 - Head down the slope, back to the beginning. (total: 48)
5 - Head back and walk around the tree. (total: 53)
1 - Above the block that you can reach using the trampoline. (total: 54)
5 - On your way up. (total: 59)
1 - In the water to the right of the caterpillar. (total: 60)
2 - And some more to the right of the water. (total: 62)
4 - Climbing up gives you more coins. (total: 66)
3 - Walk around the water. (total: 69)
3 - Heading up the structure. (total: 72)
5 - At both higher parts here. (total: 77)
2 - Fall down on the left side. (total: 79)
3 - At the gate. (82)
5 - Slide down. (87)
3 - To the right of the caterpillar. (total: 90)
10 - Fall down the waterfall to get the remaining coins. (total: 100)

***** Honeyhive Cosmic Mario Race *****

Nothing to say here, it's an easy race.

***** Luigi in the Honeyhive Kingdom *****

You can get this after Mailtoad told you about Luigi being missing and gave
you a picture of Luigi hanging into a pillar.

Take any path you want and head over to Luigi. Shoot him with a starbit to get
him down and get the star.

Loopdeeloop Galaxy [SM.03.3C]

***** Surfing 101 *****

You'll be greeted by a bunch of penguins when you enter this galaxy. Note the
big one. Remember Super Mario 64? It's not a race though. Tell the penguin
you're a surfer as well (this game teaches you that lying isn't bad) and it'll
tell you the basics about ray surfing. You just need to point your Wiimote at
the screen, then tilt left or right while holding down the A-button. Not too
hard, right? Enter the course and complete it. Get a new record and you'll be
awarded a star.

Flipswitch Galaxy [SM.03.3D]

***** Painting the Planet Yellow *****

We saw this puzzle before. You need turn all the blue switches yellow, but
this time it'll be a bit more tricky. Nevertheless, there's not much I can say
to help you here.

Bowser Jr.'s Robot Reactor [SM.03.3E]

Stars requires: 8

***** Megaleg's Moon *****

At this planet Bullet Bill will make your live miserable. Guide it towards the
launch star that's trapped in a cage. When the bullet is about to hit you, do
a somersault (hold Z for a second and press A) so it'll hit the cage. Launch
yourself to the other planet.

A fun boss fight. Bowser Jr. will activate a giant robot to smash you. But
don't worry, we won't let that happen. Climb one of the robot's legs until you
reached the top. There let a Bullet Bill hit the structure in the middle. This
will cause more canons to show up, and a fence will circle around the star.
What you need to do is guide a Bullet Bill so it'll hit a fence and then
quickly get another one to hit the cage (thus giving you the star). The fence
will pop up quickly after it is hit, so hurry up.

The Fountain [SM.03.04]

Space Junk Galaxy [SM.03.4A]

Stars required: 9

***** Pull Star Path *****

Pull yourself towards the blue star, and then give the Wiimote a little hit
like the game demonstrates in the lower right corner of the screen. You will
land on a new planet. Move to the other side and pull yourself towards the
other planet. Here you have to collect 5 shards in order to continue.

You'll notice big blue orbs. These react just like the blue stars, so pull
your way to the next planet. Here defeat the enemies and make it to the top.
Free the Toads and they'll land their spaceship. Jump towards it and talk with
Toad. Move up to the top of the 'starshroom' and launch yourself away.

At first there's not much to do, but if you walk towards the black hole,
you'll notice a path will form for you. Collect all the five silver stars to
form a gold one - which you can grab to end this level.

***** Kamella's Airship Attack *****

Jump to Toad, talk to him if you wish and launch yourself towards the ships.
On the ship take care of the enemies and hit the switch by shaking the
Wiimote. This will lower the bridge.

The two creatures ahead will teach you a way to reach higher grounds - jumping
and shaking. Get the 1-up if you wish, then destroy the crate to find a launch

You'll notice a shell on the ground at the next ship. You can use it to open
chests (and defeat the Magi-Koopa easily). The chest near the Magi-Koopa holds
a launch star to the next ship.

Hit the Koopa Troopa to get the shell. Use a shell to hit the two monsters, so
they'll lower the bridge. Open the chests if you want to (red shell, mushroom)
and launch yourself up. It's time for a boss.

This time you're battling a big Magi-Koopa. Hard? Not even close. The Koopa
will shoot either a red beam that leads to a hot comet burning (avoid it) or
a green one. When she shoots the green one, avoid it, then spin around to grab
the shell that comes from it. You guessed it - shoot it back. When she took
two hits, she'll summon two smaller Magi-Koopas. Kill them or ignore them,
it's up to you. One more hit will take her down, giving you a brand new star.

***** Tarantox's Tangled Web *****

Talk with Toad, then follow the blue stars until you reach a new planet. It
has a Luma on it, which needs 50 starbits. At the moment I don't know what
happens if you feed it.

Either way, head into the planet itself (find the hole) and find the launch
star. Launch yourself away to a spooky place. Here, find the Toad that's stuck
in some sticky thing. Aim at it, then press A, pull the thing back and let go.
You'll send the Toad flying something, but don't bother with it. Instead let
Mario jump into the sticky thing, then shoot yourself towards the other
planet. Keep doing that until you reached the web.

Another boss fight. The spider has 5 holes that shoot acid at you, but for
now it'll only use one. The first one is the mouth, the others are the blobs
on it's body. The goal is to hit the back of the spider, then hit the three
red spots. How? By jumping into the sticky things in the web and launching
yourself into the spider. When you got rid of the red spots twice, the star
will appear. Launch yourself towards it.

***** Yoshi's Unexpected Appearance *****

Take the path of the third star. At the glass planet you reach is a hungry
Luma. Feed it 50 starbits for it to transform into a planet. Go there, it's
the head of Yoshi. Defeat all the Goombas here to get your star.

***** Purple Coin Spacewalk *****

You have 2 minutes to get all the coins. Not all ways lead to a proper path,
but that's not a jump(kick) can't do.

***** Pull Star Path Speed Run *****

You have 4 minutes to get the coins. Go!

Battlerock Galaxy [SM.03.4B]

Stars required: 12

***** Battlerock Barrage *****

We start right away by colliding blue shards. Once you got all five of them,
launch yourself away. Here use the trampoline to reach orbit of the platform,
then spin when on top of the drill to set it in motion.

Avoid getting hit by the bullets (worth one coin each, by the way). Grab the
question coin on your way for some extra starbits. When you reached the other
side, jump to the other platform and find the Bullet Bills. You guessed it -
use one to get the star (and coins and starbits if you want).

***** Breaking into the Battlerock *****

Ah Bob-Ombs. These time, they don't walk though. Just grab one by spinning
into it, then throw them the same way. You can probably guess it - you need to
break open the cage with the launch star and shoot yourself away.

At the new planet we need to do the same thing, but it takes more speed. You
can get a Bob-Omb at the green part of the planet. Bring it back to the blue
part and free the Luma. It'll transform into a launch star as a token of its

The next part is a dangerous one. You need to navigate through a minefield
using the blue stars. Just be careful and it'll be ok. The next launch star
will launch you to the Battlerock we need to break in.

We can't do much here though, so enter the pipe. Here you'll find walking
Bob-ombs. Use one to break open the cage, then jump in. You'll notice a Luma
in ice floating around. You need to hit it twice. When you shoot yourself
away, you'll find a new canon, but it's also in a cage. Open it up, hit the
Luma again and it'll transform into a launch star.

At the last planet you need to bring a Bob-omb to the cage that's covering the
canon (and 1-up, if you care). When you're inside the canon you need to time
your shot right so you'll hit the star. Don't worry if you make a mistake -
you'll fall down into the canon again.

***** Topmaniac and the Topman Tribe *****

Rocky Wrench Guards will pop out of the platforms here, but just ignore them.
If you want some starbits, grab the question coin. Otherwise follow the blue
stars and jump on top of the creature here to reach the launch star.

The platform will move when you're on it, so avoid the spiky things and wait
until you can hop to the second platform. Launch yourself to the next planet.

A Luma is trapped inside a cage, and you'll see a spinning enemy. What you
need to do is shoot starbits at it so it'll hit the lasers. This will remove
the cage and transform the Luma into a new launch star.

The crate next to the Rocky Wrench Guard contains a pipe. Enter it to go into
a 2d platform part. See the arrow? Spin against it to change gravity. Move to
the right side and hit the arrow here. This will change gravity once again,
which allows you to go left again (grab the 1-up if needed). Follow the path
and enter the pipe.

Jump over the lasers the enemy produces and jump on top of it to reach a
launch star. You'll get launched to the other side, where you'll go down using
the elevator you landed on.

Defeat the two enemies here to get rid of the lasers and open the door. Launch
yourself away to the next planet, while leaving the rest behind (being
destroyed). Head to the other side. There's a Luma selling items here, if you
care. Head to the top for a boss fight.

The big boss won't move until the small enemies are defeated. Once you did
this, the boss will move towards you. You need to jump on its head to disable
it for a short period of time. Then spin against it (I'm not sure if it needs
to hit the lasers) and it'll come back with new enemies (and starbits). The
first time it'll be the same small enemies, the second time it'll be those
spinning jerks. Take care of them, take care of the boss and you'll get your
precious little star.

***** Battlerock's Garbage Dump *****

Take the same path as the second star. Before going to the second planet, make
sure you have 30 starbits. Feed it to the Luma on the next planet to create a
new planet.

At the new planet you have 30 seconds to destroy all the pieces of garbage.
Throw the bombs tactically and after a few tries the star should be yours.

***** Purple Coins on the Battlerock *****

You'll be on a moving platform and have to collect all the coins on your way.
It's too easy to be bothered with, really.

***** Topmaniac's Daredevil Run *****

This is really easy, just defeat the boss like you already did. I find it hard
to even take damage.

***** Luigi under the Saucer (Green) *****

You can get this star after Mailtoad notified you about Luigi being missing
and gave a picture of Luigi stuck in a cage.

Take the first path and get to the end. Instead of releasing (the now
transparent) star, guide a Bullet Bill to the other side of the saucer to find
Luigi being trapped. Release him for the star.

Rolling Green Galaxy [SM.03.4C]

***** Rolling in the Clouds *****

If you played and like Super Monkey Ball (or Kororinpa) you'll love this
galaxy. Basically you jump on a ball while holding your Wiimote up, then tilt
the Wiimote in the direction you want to go and use A to jump. And that's how
this level works.

Tilt forward and jump into the cannon. This will launch you up. Smash the
Goombas and head into the hole. Follow the trail and you'll arrive at a bit
harder part.

Here you can take the safe paths or take a risk and pick up the question
coins (which will give starbits). Take your time and follow the path. After a
while you get to pick two paths - the left one is a small path, but the right
one requires you to jump. Pick the path and launch yourself up.

Roll the ball into the goal and the star will appear. For old time sake you
have to climb the pole and grab it.

Hurry-Scurry Galaxy [SM.03.4D]

***** Shrinking Satellite *****

Whenever you step on a tile, it'll disappear within a few seconds. Got that?
Good. Run to the other side of the planet (use the jump kick after the second
corner if you want to take a shortcut and reach the 1-up) and step on the tile
underneath the block. Get the coins if you want, then launch yourself away.

This can be a tricky part. You need to get all the notes. Once you did that
the black hole will disappear leaving a star behind. If you keep running and
try to avoid jumping you'll make it.

Bowser's Star Reactor [SM.03.4E]

Stars required: 15

***** The Fiery Stronghold *****

This is not like fighting Bowser Jr., this feels much more like the Bowser
levels in Super Mario 64, including the soundtrack.

Anyway, simply follow the path and grab the 1-up on your way. When you reach
FLUDD and a Twomp, time it right. Twomp will give quite some time for you to
pass underneath it, so you can reach the green platform, which will turn
upside down, and continue.

At a certain point you won't be able to continue walking upside down, but the
path won't allow you to. Wait until the platform is underneath you, then jump
so Mario reaches the other gravity zone. From there on continue until you
reach a yellow platform.

Keep following the path and avoiding obstacles until Bowser greets you. He'll
start shooting fireballs down, which'll make the platforms collapse. Hurry up
and get a move on.

At the top it's time to fight Bowser. This is a fun fight, but not hard.
Bowser will stomp around, causing shock waves each time he hits the planet.
There are glass panels around the planet. Stand on one so Bowser will try to
hit you by jumping, then move away, and Bowser will set his tail on fire
because the insides of the planet is magma.

When his tail is on fire, it's time to strike. Run in the opposite direction
of him, otherwise you can never catch up. Watch the planet (you can see the
other side) to navigate properly. When you get a change, spin and hit Bowser.
This will make Bowser go rolling around. Once again move in the opposite
direction and hit him again.

When you did this once, Bowser will stomp more often, causing more shock
waves. Just use the same tactic though. The third time Bowser will stomp even
more, and when you made him roll around you need to hit him an extra time. All
in all a fun and pretty easy fight that should give you no trouble whatsoever.

The Kitchen [SM.03.05]

Beach Bowl Galaxy [SM.03.5A]

Stars required: 16

***** Sunken Treasure *****

I hate one thing a lot. Water levels. Bah. That being said, this level is just

You need to swim in this level, there's no way to ignore that. Use Z to sink
into the water and dive, and use A to move around more gently. You can also
spin for a short speed boost.

There are five shards hidden in the sea. Two are well hidden, since one is in
a box and another one is in an oyster. Once you got all five you can use them
to launch yourself to dry area. Grab the question coin and follow the trail
for the quickest route and an 1-up somewhere higher. Hit the button here (or
to put it easier - stomp it) and take the path that you created (and thus
getting the 1-up you deserved). Be quick, since it's timed.

Another button is waiting for you when you made it. Hit it and wall-jump your
way up. Hit the ice twice and claim your star.

***** Passing the Swim Test *****

O no, more swimming. This time it's really easy though. Insider the sea you'll
find penguins swimming around, and one of them has the gold shell. It's a
though job, but someone has to do it, and there's a galaxy to be saved. Spin
into the penguin and you'll grab the shell. Bring it to the big penguin and
you'll get a 'gold medal'.

***** The Secret Undersea Cavern *****

I like it when a swimming level comes with less swimming. Did I mention I hate
swimming levels?

When you talk with the big penguin, it'll tell you not to hit the cracked wall
in the sea with a shell. Listen to him, swim around for 15 minutes, turn the
game off because you're frustrated and then learn to listen to me instead.
Find the green shell (it's a bit in the water near the beach) and smash the
wall. Head inside the cave and get rid of the boxes. Stomp the button and
launch yourself up, up and away!

You know what I find really fun? Friendly fire. Find the Goomba, spin against
it and let it be smashed by the Twomp. Then pass it and go left for an 1-up
or the normal path to find our very first moving Twomp. I have no idea what's
it called, so I'll go with moving Twomp. There is a gray starbit here, this is
a safespot. Stand still and the Twomp can't hurt you. When it passed you
run and follow the path to find some moving pieces. Walk or run to the other
side of them.

Don't get hit by another moving Twomp though, since it'll kill you. Here's the
deal - you need to go down (assuming up is whatever the camera tells us is),
and you can either go down the path now, and go right first and then go down.
You'll come to more moving Twomps and one normal Twomp, and eventually you'll
find the star. Break the ice and hug it.

***** Wall Jumping up Waterfalls *****

Re-do the third star and get yourself a shell. Make your up to the waterfall
(the upper part) and walk around it. When you find a chest, hit it and use the
launch star that's inside.

You'll land at a new planet. There's a Cataquack here. Lure it towards the
question coin and let it launch you up. This will make an Ice Flower appear.
Note the waterfalls here. Stand between the second and third one from the
right and wall-jump your way up. Once at the top, launch yourself away and
wall-jump again. Use the launch star and once again wall-kick to reach the
next launch star. This needs to be done very fast in order to reach the top
of the planet.

Note how the water reflects what's in the air? We need to use the Ice Flower
to create a path for the Cataquack, so it can launch you up to the star. Watch
out for the spiky-ice-platforms, since they'll break your path.

***** Beachcombing for Purple Coins *****

25 - Go around the islands first (also get the one above the big penguin and
in the trees).
24 - Swing around the vine. (total: 49)
1 - Hidden when you walk up. (total: 50)
7 - Around the waterfall. (total: 57)
1 - Underneath the waterfall after becoming a Spring. (total: 58)
8 - In the palm trees, still using the power-up. (total: 64)
2 - In the water near the waterfall. (total: 66)
19 - Get the power-up again and head to the top of the level. (total: 85)
3 - By heading down on the other side. (total: 88)
7 - Use the swing and also get the coin on the pillar. (total: 95)
5 - In the water. (total: 100)

***** Fast Foes on the Cyclone Stone *****

It was hard enough when it wasn't this fast. Use as much shortcuts as

Ghostly Galaxy [SM.03.5B]

***** Luigi and the Haunted Mansion *****

At least the name is funny, right?

The way to the mansion isn't that hard. The main objective is to simply ignore
all the enemies, since they're too slow. When you reach the walkway to the
castle, make sure to enter a side-way in case the Chomps rolls your way.

Inside? Good! Meet Boo. Don't be the nostalgic idiot like I am, but just spin
the switch. After that, stand on the stairs and make sure your back is facing
Boo. Boo will come after you, hit the light, and 'die'. Since I don't have any
idea that a ghost does.

When you walk up the stairs, another Boo will come out of the painting. Lure
it into the light to get a key. Don't worry - you don't have need to use it.
The door will unlock itself upon receiving it.

If you have enough guts to enter the next room (since it's scary and all that
jazz) you need to find five shards. Watch out for the black holes though. When
you grabbed all five, head to the launch star and launch yourself.

You need to rescue Luigi, and you know what the easiest way is? Focus on the
middle of the three blue stars (to your right), jump down and then use the
force (insert some shitty Star Wars joke here) to get the key. This will open
the door and you'll be able to continue. Or you could just move around the
safe way and get the key, but let's be heroic!

Inside ignore or 'kill' the Boos, and try to read the sign. Apparently it's
written in 'booish'. Ok, sure. Find the question coin to burn into Boo Mario.
You can now read the sign, which tells you you're able to fly by pressing the
A-button repeatedly and go to bars by shaking the Wiimote. Thanks kind sign!

Avoid the light (get the question coin if you want the 1-up) and head through
the bars. Once here, avoid the light once again. You might think a Boo coming
at you while being Mario is hard, but apparently these Boo-figures want so
much action that another Boo which doesn't look like the next Boo, turns them
on. The point here is - Boo can still hurts you. I don't even want to go into
detail if this involves holes and that sort of things. Just avoid it and head
throw the bars from the first cell facing the door.

Hit the light so you'll turn into Mario again and use the trampoline to reach
our beloved Luigi. Talk with him, get the star and leave him with.

***** A Very Spooky Sprint *****

Ignore the enemies (including bats) and just head to the 'usual' path towards
the mansion. Pull your way through using the blue stars and use the launch
star to reach the next part.

Talk to the big Boo, and you'll soon find out that this is a sprint. It's not
hard, but you may need a few tries to memorize this. You need to move through
a field of blue stars as quick as you can while trying to avoid hitting
obstacles (bumpy meat, for some reason). You'll find a launch star halfway, so
use that as a shortcut. From there be quick and you should be able to finish
before Boo does (I jump-kicked my way at the very last second, but I made it).

Get some starbits, then the star. We are victorious, hooray!

***** Beware of Bouldergeist *****

Ignoring enemies is the best tactic here as well. Jump-kick your way through,
while avoiding the Chomp. Enter the mansion if you please.

Inside you'll find Bomb Boos. Guide one near the fireplace, then spin around
and boom! - a new path is found.

In here, just follow the path. Go up, like it's a pinball machine. Spin launch
spin launch. I don't care, but you do, so do it!

Avoid the Boos at this planet and just move forward. You need to collect five
blue shards in order to continue forward. Once you got them -- indeed -- move

The next part is a bit tricky. You'll land on a bouncy planet, but you need to
jump up and reach the launch star while avoiding getting hit. Get down to the
platform for the boss-fight to start.

The Bouldergeist part is fun. At first the Bouldergeist will either summon a
bunch of rocks from under the floor (just make sure you're not getting hit) or
it'll summon some rocks and throw them at you. All rocks will hurt you when
they hit you, but the gold rocks will turn into a coin after hitting the
ground and the black ones will turn into Bomb Boos. Spin into them and hit the
Bouldergeist a few times for it to show it's true form.

This part isn't hard. Just grab a Bomb Boos and hit the ghost. Once you hit
it, the hard(er) part will start. The Bouldergeist will show up, but with
hands this time. These will try to hit you either by smashing towards you or
by trying to smash you (think Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time). It'll still
summon stones from the ground, but sometimes two times in a row. Next to that
it's just the same thing - grab a Bomb Boo and hit the body. In order to do
this, you'll first need to get rid of a hand. Pick a side (left or right, in
case you needed help with that one) and start hitting the hand with a Bomb
Boo. Two hits will take it down (right is easiest). Now quickly get another
Bomb Boo, since the hand will respawn pretty fast. Two hits on this body, and
the Bouldergeist will turn back into a ghost. Hit it once more and the fight
is over.

***** Matter Splatter Mansion *****

Re-do the third star. Once you launched yourself away from the spaceship,
note the glittering rock. Spin against it to reveal a launch star. This will
bring you to the Matter Splatter Mansion.

The ugly thing about this part is that you'll have to stay in a 'spotlight',
or you'll simply fall off the planet. At the first part you need to key to
continue. The second part will start when you grab the question coin and
involves following the thing around a short path.

The last part isn't much easier. You need to make your way up the mansion. If
you move to fast, you'll down, if you move too slow, you'll fall down. At the
end, grab the key and the star.

***** Purple Coins in the Bone Pen *****

You have one minute to grab 100 coins AND the star in the pen. Hurry up.

***** Bouldergeist's Daredevil Run *****

The same boss, with one life. It's a hell.

Bubble Breeze Galaxy [SM.03.5C]

***** Through the Poison Swamp *****

Talk with the Toads if you wish. Otherwise hop from island to island until you
reach a bubble. You'll watch Mario from above when you enter the bubble. Hover
over the screen with your mouse and blow Mario away in his bubble by pressing

You need to find 5 shards here in the bubble, but it's not hard. Just keep
away from the spiky things, and you'll be fine. When you gathered the launch
star, hit the Z-button to leave your bubble and launch yourself away.

This is where the hard part begins. Mount your bubble and follow the path.
You'll find your first question coin after 'entering' the big log. This will
zoom out for a short bit and show a few starbits. Grab them when you can with
your Wiimote and continue. The second question coin will show a trail of
coins. No harm there. When you reached the island, burst your bubble.

You can either (as the sign states) take the easy, or hard path. The truth is,
the hard part isn't hard. Just hit the switch, jump into the bubble and take
the right path. You may grab some coins if you're lucky.

From here on you can take multiple paths, but all lead to the same purpose -
getting the star.

Buoy Base Galaxy [SM.03.5D]

***** The Floating Fortress *****

The first part of this level contains swimming. I know you hate that, but
that's not the point. Wait? I am the one hating swimming? That's right, and
I'll mention it whenever I can. That's the kind of girl I am. 'Wait, you're a
girl?' No, but at least I got your attention back.

Anyway, start diving in the water and find one of the two cannons that shoot
Bullet Bills here. When you got a bullet chasing you, let it hit the weight
that holds the surface up. This will raise the surface, allowing you to
continue playing the level.

Swim up again (oxygen is also needed in order to continue, although the game
likes to refer to it as air, although... nevermind) and find the yellow
plastic (I assume) floatable objects. To the left of them you'll find two
walls. Wall-jump your up up, ignore the FLUDD, wait for the weird Twomp to go
back into its hiding place and then wall-jump up. The Twomp will help you
to reach higher grounds if needed.

Continue your way to the left until you reach a robot. Wonder how it get
there? I can tell you if you donate $50 to me. Otherwise just step on the
valve on the left side and spin to shut the FLUDDs off. That's not the best
part. The best part is a spin-enemy. Move towards the robot and notice the
white circle on the floor. Jump on the enemy when it's near there and then hit
it again to shoot yourself to the higher platform.

Spin the screw here to set the upper part of the structure in motion (for some
reason this game makes me think of Metal Gear Solid 2). It's time to collect
five shards. One is to the right of where you start, the other on top of a
Twomp if you keep going right. The third piece is on a higher platform with a
Goomba, the fourth you'll find when climbing the tower and the fifth is
reachable when you hit the enemy and jumping upwards.

A blue star will appear near the fifth shard when you got them all. Pull
yourself to the planet at the top. You'll and on a screw. Spin around on it to
open up the planet, revealing a globe of water and the star. It's pretty neat,
even though I hate swimming. Grab the starbits and the star, and let's call it
a day.

***** The Secret of Buoy Base (Green) *****

Jump into the water. There is a cage with a pipe in it. Instead of guiding a
Bullet Bill towards the weights, guide it to the cage and enter the pipe.

Once inside you need to guide a Bullet Bill to the cage where the star is
trapped inside.

Bowser Jr.'s Airship Armada [SM.03.5E]

Star required: 23

***** Sinking the Airships *****

A lot of ships, but not very big ones. At the first ship either kill or ignore
the enemies and enter the cannon. Now don't make the mistake I did - gravity
is of no importance here. Just aim at the pole and shoot yourself away. If you
manage to miss the pole, you can pull yourself towards the blue star. Where
are the times of having to play the level over and over again just because you
missed a pole?

Ignore the laser-enemies and either kill or ignore the Magi-Koopa. It's your
call, as long as you enter the cannon afterwards.

The next ship brings more fun. Ignore the Wigglers and talk with Toad if you
wish. There is a platform with a switch here. Hit the switch and the platform
will leave for the destination pretty fast. Avoid getting hit by a bullet or
a spider, and grab the 1-up if you care. At the end either kill or ignore the
Magi-Koopa and launch yourself up.

It's time for another boss-fight. But this one is so easy, it's a joke.
Especially after fighting the Bouldergeist (which you did, right?). Bowser Jr.
(thinking of that, who's the mother) needs to be hit with a shell. It doesn't
matter where you hit him, as long as you hit the ship. He'll shoot Bullet
Bills and other bullets at you, and spawn the occasional Magi-Koopa, but it's
easy. After three hits he'll become more aggressive and turn his ship, but two
more hits will finish the guy.

The Bedroom [SM.03.06]

Gusty Garden Galaxy [SM.03.6A]

Stars required: 24

***** Bunnies in the Wind *****

Apparently these creatures really are called bunnies, eh? Spin near the bed of
flowers to release a few of them. Grab hold of one to flow in the direction of
the wind. Spin in order to gain some altitude (I nearly wrote attitude there)
and reach the other planet.

Enter the green pipe (and the question coin) for some extra starbits. This
goes around for every question coin, basically. Release more flowers and get to
the next planet.

If you care for an 1-up, make sure to get both vines to go up. One is released
by hitting a sprout, the other by defeating a Piranha Plant. Either way, it's
not really hard to guess that the next step is taking a flower to the next

From here on there are various paths. Finds sprouts or kill Piranha Plant, and
you'll eventually find a purple Piranha Plant. When you do, move close and
back away. The plant will fall down, allowing you to step on it. This will
allow you to go visit a bunny.

The goal is to catch the bunny once you talked to it (Super Mario 64 all over

***** The Dirty Tricks of Major Burrows *****

If you care for extra stuff visit the other half of this and the next planet.
Otherwise grab a flower and float to the third planet (when the wind is
strong, spin). There is a mole here. Stomp the ground in front of it, then
spin against it to gain a launch star.

At the next planet you need to get rid of three moles. Same way though. Once
you got all three of them, a new launch star will appear.

The next few planets (or apples, if you please) consist of stomping on random
logs. If you got the correct one, a caterpillar will eat the next apple. Keep
doing this until you reach the launch star.

At the next planet stomp the log to get a life-extension and the other one for
some starbits and then move on.

It's time for yet another boss-fight. Major Burrows is the name, if you care.
I don't. At first, it's chasing a harmless bunny, but when you use the tactic
to get moles out of the ground and hit it, it'll turn against you.

A problem? Not quite. Get it out of the ground again and spin against it, to
reach the final state. This time it'll take two stomps against the ground to
make the shy mole (Major Burrows, if you care, once again) come out. Spin
against it once more and the star is yours. If you care to grab it, that is.

***** Gusty Garden's Gravity Scramble *****

The first part is the same as before - fly or vine (it's nice how I turned a
noun into a verb) your way through this galaxy, until you reached a planet
with boulders and a golden Chomp. Ignore them all, and reach the other side of
the planet for a launch star.

It's time to collect shards again. Once you found them all, use the launch
star to reach a planet made out of blocks.

The sign tells you to watch your step, but that makes it sound hard. Jump
follow the linear path until you reached and arrow. Hit it to change gravity,
then find the next one. Walk towards the camera and then just keep hitting
arrows and following the path until you reached the star. Break the ice and
claim it.

***** The Golden Chomp *****

Take the same route as you did when getting star 3. Just before you reach the
planet with the golden Chomp, you'll be able to get an invincibility star (you
need to get all the question coins on your way). Launch yourself to the next
planet and then run into the golden Chomp for your star.

***** Purple Coins on the Purple Cube *****

You have 2 minutes to get 100 coins. There are more coins than you need, so
don't bother with difficult ones.

***** Major Burrow's Daredevil Run *****

Easy, really.

Freezeflame Galaxy [SM.03.6B]

Stars required: 26

***** The Frozen Peak of Baron Brr *****

The first thing you'll notice, is that you're able to skate. Now isn't that
fun? Indeed it is. Find the penguin and it'll challenge for a game. You need
to catch the penguin. Not that hard, right? When you're done, launch yourself

You'll slide for a few seconds, but then it's time to get serious. Jump over
the platforms until you reached the question coin. Watch out not to fall in
the water, because that'll hurt you. When you grabbed the question coin, an
ice flower will appear. Pick it up to turn into Ice Mario. You can now walk
on the water. Hooray! This state will not last forever though.

As Ice Mario get the question coin for some coins, then reach the platform to
the left of the Ice Flower and jump onto the valves with water. This will
create an ice-platform for you. Follow the path and get past the weird
Twomps, up to the next part.

You can't see it, but there are more platforms 'behind' the camera. Follow
them and get the Ice Flower, then hurry up to the platform near the wall.
Quickly make your way to the launch star and when you made it all the way up,
you'll be greeted by Baron Brr.

At first there's nothing you can do. Head left to find a hidden room below the
'mountain' the Baron is on. Grab the Ice Flower here and make your way to the
middle of the mountain. Wall-jump your way up and the Baron will idle for a
second and then stomp down. Avoid the shockwave this causes (it won't hurt you
if you get hit as Ice Mario) and spin into the Baron to make him shrink. Spin
into him once more and he'll become big again. Your Ice Flower will probably
end around now, so head down to get another one and repeat this two more times
to gain a star.

***** Freezeflame's Blistering Core *****

You start out on the small ice-donut again. Find the five shards that are
hidden in the ice and launch yourself away.

Ignore the rolling enemies and find the pole. Go up and follow the path until
you find a question coin. This will make the Fire Flower appear. Take it to
turn into Fire Mario. If you shake the Wiimote, you'll shoot fireballs. Go
down the path where you found the question coin and use a fireball to light
the torch. This will open the gate. Go down the same path towards the pole and
note two more torches here. Step them both on fire for a staircase to appear.
Go up. At the top jump to reach the platform above you.

You'll notice there are a lot of enemies here. Find the Fire Flower on the
left and get rid of a few to make it a bit easier. Then grab the Fire Flower
again and set the torch to the left (you need to jump) and right on fire and
a structure will move. Wall-jump your way up.

At the end of the path, on the right side you'll find a Fire Flower. Grab it
and then take the left path. Jump on the platform that's in the lava and try
to light the torch near the gate. If you succeed the platform will extend and
you're able to get the star.

***** Hot and Cold Collide *****

You once again start at a ice-donut, but this time there's also fire. Just go
around the donut until you can't go any further. Break the ice and continue
on the other side. The very last piece of ice you see holds the launch star.

The water rises and lowers itself here every few seconds, so plan your moves.
You can find an 1-up and mushroom here, but the goal is to turn the valve left
of the wooden barricade with the red arrows on it. Turn it and the barricade
will go down, thus allowing you to continue.

Just like the water raised and lowered itself, the lava will do too, and lava
hurts faster than water does. Take the left path until you reach a big
platform with enemies. Wait until the lava is down and find the valve near the
big crack in the wall. This will lower the gate.

Grab the Fire Flower and run back to the water-side. There are two torches to
be lit near where you landed. Do so to create a launch star.

You'll need the Ice Flower in order to continue here. Why? Because it allows
you to walk over the lava. So grab the flower and run to the other side. Jump
at the end to reach the platform above you. Let's turn this into a game -
reach the next Ice Flower before your current one runs out. Now that's nice of
me, eh? Creating challenges.

Keep on running until you can't continue. Jump up to reach the platform above
you. Grab the Ice Flower on the way and keep going until you reached the star.
Want another challenge? Don't pick up the third Ice Flower.

***** Conquering the Summit *****

This one's not going to be easy. Head towards the big lake-area where you
found your first Ice Flower. Grab it again, and use the same way to go up.
Instead of taking the normal path note the two more valves and the 1-up.
Triple jump to reach a new launch star. Use it.

Grab the Fire Flower here and melt the snowmen. Go up and melt the snowman
here to reach a new launch star.

At the next part grab the Fire Flower and wait for the boulder to roll down.
Move to the spot it fell down and get rid of the snowman. Jump to the other
side and make your way around the platform, to the top.

Avoid the Ice Bats and grab the next Fire Flower. Head to the part with the
boulder, avoid it and go up. You guessed it. Snowman, fire, bye, launch star.

At the final part you need to run to the top, until you reach three
weird-looking Twomps. When they are backtracking, wall-jump your way up to
reach the star.

***** Purple Coins on the Summit *****

One of the hardest stars. There are no enemies, but it's still hard.

2 - As soon as you land, turn around. There are two under the slide.
18 - From here head towards the Ice Flower and walk over the water, back to
the beginning. There are two coins near the pillars, watch the shadow to
find them. (total: 20)
10 - From the start jump on the small pillar and reveal the launch star. Go
up and head left and right. (total: 30)
5 - Grab the Ice Flower again and use the slide with the mushroom. (total: 35)
46 - Take the normal path towards the boss. Also get the coins under his
'hideout'. (total: 81)
1 - Now head towards the top of the summit. Don't use the launch star, but
first get the coin. (total: 82)
16 - On your way to the top you'll find more coins. (total: 98)
2 - You'll notice two coins on small pillars in the distance. Jumpkick your
way towards them. (total: 100)

***** Frosty Cosmic Mario Race *****

If you jumpkick, this will be too easy to be mentioned.

Dusty Dune Galaxy [SM.03.6C]

Stars required: 29

***** Soaring on the Desert Winds *****

Unlike previous Mario games (Super Mario 64, Super Mario Bros. 3) a tornado
isn't your enemy. Hit one and then spin in order to fly. You need to reach the
pipe on the right side of the field, but don't get cocky. Hitting the
quicksand means it's over.

Once you got to the pipe head down and navigate over the blocks. Note the
Twomp and pass it. Keep going until you reached the second Twomp. Walk over
both blocks here to get some more starbits to appear above you. When you're
done, head right. Once you go down the slope, a big boulder will fall down.
Ah, ancient trap. Jump-kick your way through and use the launch star to leave
this area. Use the next launch star right after.

Time to use the wind again. Ride the first tornado up, then step into the sand
and jump-kick your way to the next one. Make sure not to spin until you're at
the top for the most speed and altitude. Climb your way up here and ride the
tornados again. When you hit the question coin, two launch stars will appear.
Use one of these to reach the upper tornado, which will allow you to enter
the maze from the left. From here on keep jumping and falling down until you
reached the top. Watch out for the brown blocks all the way up - they will go
back in the wall once you stepped on them.

Nintendo probably intended you to use the brown blocks to reach the star, but
that's silly. Just jump-kick your way towards the star, release it and grab

***** Blasting Through the Sand *****

Note the flower in the sand. When you get near it, it turns into an enemy.
When you grab the coin on the next platform, five of those will show up. Get
rid of them, and a bigger one will come out. Hit it four times and then take
the launch star.

Head to the platform with the boulders and run clockwise until you can jump on
the platform with the launch star. This will take you to another launch star.

Avoid the enemies here and step onto the quicksand. You can't down here, so
go with the flow and launch yourself away. You'll land on a planet with
quicksand going into one direction, a shell and a Dry Bone. You need to
collect 5 shards in order to get some blue stars. One shard in on the bottom
of your current location, so walk around the planet. The rest can be gained
by going into the stream of quicksand. Grab a shell and bring it to the
chest. Inside is a blue shard. You'll find the other three shards at various
obvious locations. Use the blue stars to reach the next planet.

You can go either left or right here - it doesn't matter. You'll reach a
launch star that'll take you to the final part.

Now this is fun. You need to switch your location by walking (or most likely
running) into holes. It's pretty linear until you got to the 'up-side' again.
You may think you need to walk towards the star, but you're wrong. You need
to take the path to the right and go to the other side. Here, make your way
to the button on the platforms and stomp on it. This will temporarily cause
the platforms to head to the other side. Run back and grab the star.

***** Sunbaked Sand Castle *****

All you need to do here is stomp the button and ride the platform up. Once you
did that, launch yourself away.

You probably wish the next part was as much fun, but it's not. Hit the button
so the structure comes up, and then it's time to collect the shards. One can
be found by wall-jumping at the obvious spot, one by shooting a shell at the
chest and the others can be found by looking around. Take the launch star once
you collected the whole thing.

The next planets are easy. Spiky plant doesn't like the coconut. Get the
hint? At the next one just avoid the sand and walk around on the rocks to find
the next launch star. What you need to do here is kick a (or some) coconut
towards the previous planet and launch yourself back. Kick a coconut against
Pokey and hit it's head to find a new launch star.

You'll pass a tall tower and hit the sand. Walk around if you care for the
starbits, otherwise break the box. Once you go inside and break the box here,
the tower will start to sink into the sand. You need to make it to the star
without getting splatted. Nothing too hard. Grab the star at the end.

***** Bullet Bill on your Back *****

Take the path of the first star. At the small planet stomp the piece of wood
for a launch star to appear. Use it to reach a new planet. What you need to
do is raise the tower and guide a Bullet Bill to the cage with the star on
the right side. This will take a few tries, most likely.

***** Purple Coins in the Desert *****

5 - At the beginning there's a few.
1 - There's another one in the hole. (total: 6)
6 - In the air to the left and right. (total: 12)
18 - Under, around and on top of the Twomp. (total: 30)
11 - On your way and around the next hole. (total: 41)
1 - In the hole there's another one. (total: 42)
1 - And another one at the other side. (total: 43)
6 - Head towards where the tower will be. (total: 49)
3 - Use a tornado to get a few in the air. (total: 52)
22 - On your way to the next hole. (total: 74)
4 - In and around the hole. (total: 78)
16 - On your way towards the tower and in the air. (total: 94)
6 - At the tower, once you raised it on the other side. (total: 100)

***** Sandblast Speed Run *****

You have 4.5 minute to finish the level.

***** Treasure of the Pyramid (Green) *****

Take the same path as star 2. When you took the first launch star, move to the
bottom of the planet you landed on. Feet the hungry Luma here 20 starbits and
it'll transform into a new planet. Go there and you'll automatically enter it.

You need to get 5 silver stars here. When you touched the red bar, the sand
will move up. When it reached the top, it'll go down. This will repeat until
you got all the 5 silver stars, who'll turn into a green star. You need a
total of three stars for something special to happen.

Honeyclimb Galaxy [SM.03.6D]

***** Scaling the Sticky Wall *****

Quite an easy level, really. Get the Bee Mario upgrade and start climbing.
There's really not much I can say here. All you need to do is find the next
launch star and avoid enemies. After two launch stars you'll find the star.
And that's it. Really.

Bowser's Dark Matter Galaxy [SM.03.6E]

Stars required: 33

***** Darkness on the Horizon *****

Move over the moving platforms until you reach the gravity disaster. It's more
of the same, really. Once you got on an L-block going to the right, stay on it
(or get on it). From there you can jump to a moving platform onto another
L-block, which will go right as well. You can continue now.

Climb the pole and talk with the Luma. Apparently these holes you see will
kill you. My advice is to avoid them. Wait until the platform on the right
comes your way, then jump on it (the middle path is the easiest). Wait until
it goes right again, then jump on the next platform and continue.

Step onto the moving platform and when it's near the top slowly walk to the
next one. Jump around a bit and then continue the path until you reach some
more gravity stuff.

You need to land on the platform that's moving here, and when you do reach the
other side and land on the next platform. Gravity will change, this and that.
You know the drill. You'll reach a plus-shaped platform, and this is where you
need to start thinking. Watch how the gravity will flow and move Mario around
so he won't kill himself when the gravity changes. After a short while you can
mount a green platform which'll take you up.

The same stairs again. Free the Luma and follow the stairs. Free the next Luma
and you'll have to fight Bowser. Again.

The fight isn't much different, which kinda saddens me. You still need to get
Bowser to hit a glass panel and spin against him. The only things that changed
are the number of stomps, spins and fireballs he produces. We'll stomp up to
four times now, spin up to three and the fireballs are insane, but avoidable.
Get rid of him. Please.

The Engine Room [SM.03.07]

Gold Leaf Galaxy [SM.03.7A]

Stars required: 34

***** Star Bunnies on the Hunt *****

It's more like you're on the hunt, to be more precise. The bunnies can't find
the blue shards. so you have to. Pass the bunny and take the left path. Go up
and you'll find the first blue shard stuck between three Piranha Plants. The
next one is a level down. Stomp the three logs here to create a launch star,
which'll shoot you up to the second shard.

The third shard is near the waterfall. Jump-kick your way there and break the
box to find it. Head back to the part where you stomped logs and find the
swing. Swing a bit and you'll notice a launch star. Use it to get up and grab
the fourth.

To get the fifth, you need to head back to the place where you started and
hold the flower. Spin and you'll reach the other side. Walk to the right and
walk up to the wall until you reach another platform. Stomp on the trampoline
and you'll get the final part.

Head to the launch star and the 'hard' part will begin. You need to chase the
bunny. Once again. Since it never gets old. Run around the planet until you
find a button. Stomp on it to make some platforms come up. This will help you
catch the bunny. Catch the bunny. Get star. Nintendo, something new please.

***** Cataquack to the Skies *****

Do you remember star 1? You don't? That's...

Anyway, move to the part where you had to stomp three logs in order to get to
a launch star. There is a Cataquack here, who won't hurt you (like in Super
Mario Sunshine or Mario Kart: Double Dash), but will shoot you upwards. Make
it shoot you upwards, so you can launch yourself away.

You'll land at another familiar part. You need to walk up to the wall again,
launch yourself up and eventually reach a launch star. Take it.

It's a small planet, and there's a Cataquack at it. Not just that, there's
also a Cataquack symbol. Lure the Cataquack to the symbol to launch yourself
to the next planet.

It's the same deal here, but this planet is more complicated. Find the way to
the symbol first and destroy crates or enemies that can annoy you. Find the
Cataquack and make it follow you to the symbol. Launch yourself up once again.

There are a few Cataquacks here and the goal is ignore them all until you
reached the small part where the Cataquack will be able to launch you up to
the launch star. It'll take a few tries, most likely.

Now this is even more fun. You need to find the huge wooden building? There is
a Bee Mario power-up near it, high above a field of grass. Get the Cataquack
to throw you towards it, then move near the tower. Get the Cataquack to launch
you up and fly on top of the tower. Get to the higher platform and from here
fly from flower to flower until you get the star.

***** When it Rains, it Pours *****

This one is much easier than the others. Make your way to the part where you
found your first blue shard during star 1 (take the left path and go up). You
can turn into Bee Mario here. Note the set of flowers with one cloud above the
second. Fly there, and step on the wooden structure.

From here on it's just more of the same - keep avoiding the clouds and
enemies, and find the trampoline to get up. At the tower you need to avoid
getting wet from the rain while making your way up. At the end you'll find a
rock. Stomp it and use the vine to reach the boss.

If you're Bee Mario here you will have an easier time, but don't worry if you
turn normal again. What you need to do is reach the other side (jump-kicking
is the best way when normal) and stomp on the button. This will make some
platforms come up. Go there and then jump on the device of the mole and stomp
on the glass. If you're really fast you can do this twice before the platforms
go down again. If you're even faster you can probably do it all in one time.
Hit him three times to claim the star.

***** The Bell on the Big Tree *****

Head over to the big tree and attach yourself to a bubble. Ring the bell here
and follow the notes. Once you got them all, the star will appear.

***** Cosmic Mario Forest Race *****

Nothing much to say here, just win the race.

***** Purple Coins in the Woods *****

You have 3.5 minute to get all the coins. Simply follow the path to get them
all. None are hidden or out of sight.

Sea Slide Galaxy [SM.03.7B]

Stars required: 36

***** Going after Guppy *****

This one is just too easy. There's a shark in the sea that doesn't want to
share it with the penguins. Head over for a friendly talk. You need to follow
the shark and go through 8 rings. After the first ring you'll find a red
shell which makes it even easier. Just pass through the 8 rings and get your

***** Faster than a Speedy Penguin *****

Way to be original. Talk with the purple penguin to enter the race. Grab the
red shell and just make sure you finish first. It's as easy as that.

***** The Silver Stars of Sea Slide *****

At least this one doesn't involve a race. You need to collect 5 silver stars,
as we have done before.

Go to the first isle and turn into Bee Mario. Fly up to the palm tree, then
fly to the cloud and then fly to the stone gate to find your first one.

The second is near where you landed when you started the quest for the second
star. Enter the cannon and shoot yourself towards the spaceship. Use the blue
stars to get the second silver star. Use the launch star to get back.

The third one is near the firehouse. Turn into Bee Mario if you weren't
already and find the palm tree with the blocks in front of it. Floating above
this palm tree is the third silver star. You can use the launch star to get
back to the beginning of the level.

Head back and then fly to the tree as Bee Mario. Get all the way to the top to
get the fourth silver star.

The last one isn't much harder. Head to the spot where Guppy is. Spin the
valve for a stream of water to show up. Enter it and head to the top (use the
question coin if you want) for the final star. Launch yourself back to the
beginning and get the star.

***** Hurry, he's Hungry *****

You'll find a hungry Luma near the cannon. Give it 40 starbits and launch
yourself towards the planet. Get all 40 notes here to gain yet another star.

***** Underwater Cosmic Mario Race *****

Make sure you grab a shell as soon as you can and stay ahead of Shadow Mario.
Not hard, really.

***** Purple Coins by the Seaslide *****

Become a bee and follow the clouds to get most of the coins. Sometimes you
need to take a small detour to get some coins (i.e. at the lighthouse), but it
should be easy.

Toy Time Galaxy [SM.03.7C]

Stars required: 40

***** Heavy Metal Mecha-Bowser *****

Board the train and get to the other side to reach the launch star. From where
you land jump to the purple-ground. This is ground that will we walkable, no
matter what position it has. Great to know, right? Head down and from there
keep walking straight towards an enemy that shoots a laser at you. Head right
and walk around the purple zone until you reach a yellow drill. Drill it out
and head back to the beginning of the planet (after you used the purple zone).

Walk towards the small Mecha-Bowser and spin the drill here. Fall down and
find the blue drill. Now continue the path to reach a launch star.

There will be a new power-up here - Spring Mario. Press A when you land to
jump extra high. Jump up to a platform with a few belts. Take the right one
to find a pipe. Inside jump all the way up and the blocks will turn into
starbits. That's not where we need to go though. Stay on the belt and jump to
the platform in the middle. From here, jump to the upper belt. Now reach the
top and shoot yourself away.

Gain the power-up again here and jump to the top of the bottle. Stomp the rock
to reach the launch star.

It's time for a 'boss'. Walk to the left leg and jump-kick up. Spin the drill
and use the pipe to get to the other leg. Spin the drill here as well to get a
launch star.

More drills here. Once you took all four off, enter the pipe that showed up.
You need to walk on the arm now and spin the drill for a new launch star to
appear. From here on turn into Spring Mario and get to the top of the head.
Break the rocks here to destroy the Mecha-Bowser and get a star.

***** Mario meets Mario *****

Jump on the train and reach the launch star. So far so good, right? It's time
to collect shards (yet) again. One is on top of the laser-enemy, the others
can be found at the structure at the other one. Find the drill and spin it to
reach a new piece of shard. This is where the launch star will appear.

You'll land on a huge Mario that's made out of lava, green tiles and yellow
tiles. The yellow tiles will turn if you step on them, you know about the
other two. Make sure you leave some tiles left where you start, because you
need to go back in order to grab the star later on. The best way to navigate
through the field is by jump-kicking. Grab the five silver stars (and the 1-up
if you want) and then return to the beginning for the star.

***** Bouncing Down Cake Lane *****

Once again jump on the train and reach the launch star. Get the Spring Mario
upgrade and wall-jump your way up. Reach the belt and keep jumping in order to
avoid the chocolate walls. At the end jump down to reach the next planet.

You need to hop around the cake to the other side of the white chocolate wall
and reach the launch star.

Head to the other side and jump into a pole. Go as low as you can go and jump
to the next one. At the end wait for the platform to come near you and jump on
it. The enemy in the middle will start to produce shockwaves, so avoid them
while you wait for the platform to reach the right side. Jump onto the ice.

The next part is kinda hard. You need to jump from icy platform to the next
while avoiding enemies. At the end jump onto a lollypop again and avoid the
shockwaves. When you reached the right side don't go up the pole, but go
around it to find a mushroom. Wall-kick up and enter the cannon.

Shoot yourself towards the launch star or the blue stars if you want the
starbits, and launch yourself away. Here take the left path for a pipe with a
question coin (and thus an 1-up) and otherwise take the right path. You need
to spin near all the candles and they'll go out. When all five are out, a
launch star will appear.

A very easy boss-fight. Find the Spring Mario upgrade and make your way to the
machine. Now jump up and hit the mole. Do this three times, it's just too
easy, really. Grab the star when done.

***** The Flipswitch Chain *****

Take the path of the second star. At the second planet you'll find a hungry
Luma that requires 50 starbits to transform.

At this planet you need to hit all the 12 switches in order for the star to

***** Fast Foes on Toy Time *****

You'll end up at the planet of 'the Flipswitch Chain', but everything is much
faster. Lucky for you, the switches are safe zones when it comes to the
Twomps. Hit all 12 again for the star.

***** Luigi's Purple Coins *****

You'll land on the other side of the big Mario, which is Luigi and reversed.
There are 150 coins here, and you have three minutes to get at least 100 of
them. The best tactic is to get the coins counter-clockwise. Use jump-kicks,
since a lot of coins are to be get that way.

Bonefin Galaxy [SM.03.7D]

***** Kingfin's Fearsome Waters *****

Yet another water-level. Great. This one is kinda fun though, I have to admit

There's a big skull-fish swimming around. It won't go after you, it just
swims around. Let's kill it for ignoring you. Find a shell and get near it.
Hit the fish with a shell, and it'll summon smaller fish, which act like
homing missiles. Ignore those, find another shell and repeat it until the fish
explodes, leaving a star behind.

Bowser Jr.'s Lava Reactor [SM.03.7E]

***** King Kaliente's Spicy Return *****

You'll land near a caged launch star. By now you know what that means. Go find
the Bullet Bill and guide it back in order to release the launch star.

The green platforms will sink if you step on them, so get yourself to the
solid platform (get the mushroom) and wait until the enemy at the end shoots a
coconut at you. Return the favor for the launch star to appear.

It's time for another simple boss. The platforms will once again sink, but the
boss isn't much different than before. You return the coconut while you keep
moving around so you won't hit the lava, the the star soon is yours.

The Garden [SM.03.08]

Once you got the Golden Star in the Engine Room, this secret dome will show
up. It's all the way at the top.

Deep Dark Galaxy [SM.03.8A]

Stars required: 46

***** The Underground Ghost Ship *****

From where you start, enter the cannon and aim for the planet with lots of
enemies on it. Grab the star on your way and take them out. The important part
is that you get the Fire Flower. Return to the beach and open the gate by
lighting both torches.

Enter the passage and jump into the water. You need to swim down and find a
locked gate. Hit the lever to open it. Swim inside and then up. There is
another lever here, so hit it. Now you can go up to breath and note a spooky
looking ship.

Enter the ship for a boss. It's pretty much the same as before, you have to
battle a huge Magi-Koopa. Hit her with two shells, and she'll move up. Climb
the pole to follow her and hit her two more times to get the star.

***** Bubble Blastoff *****

You need to get a Fire Flower again, and you know how. Once you got it you
need to light the three torches near the (open) gate. This will make an Ice
Flower appear. Grab it and use it to cross the lake and jump to the pole. Go
up and then left and find the question coin. This will turn the platform into
five launch stars.

Launch yourself away. Go right for a pipe (two question coins, one for notes,
the other for turning the bricks into starbits) and left for the proper path.
Once you reached the very top you'll note a FLUDD and some fire. Jump in front
of the FLUDD, so you'll enter the bubble and shoot yourself towards a new

Here just hit the three logs and stand in front of the FLUDD in order to

At the last planet you will notice there's no way to go. See those tennis
balls inside the planet? You need to stomp the ground when they pass. When you
got all three, the melon will break the planet and the star will show up.

***** Guppy and the Underground Lake *****

An easy one again. Head to the lake and find Guppy. Follow him and pass
through the eight rings to get a star.

***** Boo in a Box *****

Take the path of the first star. Get to the bottom of the lake and grab a
shell. Launch it towards the mines near the ship and use the launch star.

Inside of the new planet, use the arrow to keep changing the gravity until you
find light shining down into the cube. Lure Boo in the light for the star to

***** Plunder the Purple Coins *****

14 - First turn around and get all the coins in and around the water
16 - Don't go on the ship yet. At the 'beach' you'll be able to find more
coins. (total: 30)
31 - Jump into the water and grab all the coins here. Some are on the outside
of the ship. (total: 61)
39 - On the ship you'll find the rest. (total: 100)

***** Ghost Ship Daredevil Run *****

You have to defeat the boss with just one life. Trial and error.

Dreadnought Galaxy [SM.03.8B]

Stars required: 48

***** Infiltrating the Dreadnought *****

It's quite obvious the lasers hurt, so make your way to the top without
touching them. At the top stomp on the enemy to reach the launch star. When
you land at the next planet, get rid of the enemies (spin, then jump on them)
to enter the pipe.

Head to the right side and wait for the walls to come together. Wall-jump up
and head right. Flip the arrow to change gravity and go up, then right. Change
the gravity again, and time your stomp right so you have enough time to grab
the left wall and head right. Jump up twice and enter the pipe.

A Spinner will come out of a black hole. Hit it near the wall, then jump up.
Repeat this until you are at the top. Jump-kick at the walls and use the
launch star to get away.

Avoid the lasers again and find the launch star. Here you need to find the
cage. Get a Bullet Bill to follow you and smash it. This will cause the level
to flood. Find the floating turtle and get on it to reach a platform. From
here take the right path and you'll find the star.

***** Dreadnought's Collasal Cannons *****

From the start jump on the bolts and run to the left to make it go closer to
the platform. Once it's there or you think you can make the jump, do so. Avoid
the Chomps and hit all the tiles to get rid of the lasers. Do the same thing
again to get rid of the Chomps, their houses and the upcoming lasers. Move
towards the bolts again and make your way towards the bridge. Defeat the two
monsters by shooting their coconuts back and then head to the launch star.

Step on the next platform and it'll start moving. Now you need to avoid
enemies, lasers and bullets while you move from platform to platform. At the
end jump on the enemy and stomp on it to get the star.

***** Revenge of the Topman Tribe *****

Jump on the spinner and then once again to get to the launch star. At the next
planet you need to do things we've done before as well. Spin the enemies into
the lasers (twice) to free the Luma. It'll turn into a launch star.

At the next planet you need to hit the button in order for five blue shards to
pop up. You'll need to spinner to reach one of them. Once you got them, use
the blue stars to reach the launch star.

Here you need to pull yourself through a field of mines and bullets (visit the
other end of where you start for a mushroom). At the end you'll find a launch
star, it's as easy as that.

Here you need to avoid a lot of shockwaves. The easiest way is to jump-kick
your way through. This way you'll easily get rid of the slow enemies.
Otherwise make your way through the slow way and reach the launch star.

You will meet a boss you met before. And its not much different. Just hit the
Spinners into the lasers and when the boss moves in hit it once by jumping,
then spin it into the lasers. Doing this three times will solve the problem.
Shine get!

***** Dreadnought's Garbage Dump *****

Head to the other side of the planet you landed on when you started star 3.
Enter the pipe and talk to the robot. You need to throw the bombs at the trash
and get rid of all of them, within 30 seconds. When the game stars head to the
fourth bomb (all the way to the right) and throw it near the three most-right
pieces of trash. The third bomb goes somewhere in between the next few. Now
imagine there's a mirror in the middle of the field and drop the second and
first bomb just like the other two, but reversed. Run back to the fourth bomb
and quickly throw it near any remaining pieces, and do the same with the other
bombs. It may take a few tries to get this, but you can try as much as you
want. When you got it all in 30 seconds, a star is yours.

***** Battlestation's Purple Coins *****

The key is speed. If you jump and run around fast enough, you'll be able to
get 99 coins before you use the launch star. The last one can be found after
you launched yourself away.

***** Topman Tribe Speed Run *****

You have six minutes to finish the level.

Melty Molten Galaxy [SM.03.8C]

Stars required: 52

***** The Sinking Lava Spire *****

Make your way to the other side of the level while jumping on platforms and
the like. When you reached the end you need to time you wall-jump so you don't
get hit by the steam and then stomp on the rock to make the whole platform go
down. Time your jump again and wall-kick your way up to some colorful blocks.

Head to the right and use the launch star. You'll immediately fall into some
others, so keep doing that until you landed safely. Jump to the upper planet
and pull yourself to the next launch star using the blue stars.

You need to do the whole 'find next launch star unless you already dive into
them'-thing for a bit more. Keep hanging. You'll reach a planet where you need
to find five shards. Once you found them, you need to launch yourself. This
guide isn't really needed, is it?

Pretty much right after you land, the pillar will start to sink. There is some
time to play around, but not much. Go around avoiding enemies until you reach
a stone button. Hit it to make the platform fall down. This means you need to
wait somewhere else until it's down. When it is you can wall-jump your way up
and eventually reach the star.

***** Through the Meteor Storm *****

You'll notice a lot of meteors. Hence the name of the level.

Make your way past the huge pillars of lava that erupt every now and then and
wait by the two torches. Soon enough a fire-enemy will come up, which will
light the torches for you, trying to come near you. This will cause the launch
star to appear.

At the next planet you go 2D for a bit. Get past the first two Twomps, then
hide in the hole with the 1-up while waiting for the third to come up again.
Make it to the other side for another launch star.

At this planet you need to get five shards. One is hidden in the box, but the
others are in the open. No need for me to elaborate there. Get to the launch
star once you've got them.

This is kinda hard. You need to make your way to the other side of the planet
and guide a Bullet Bill all the way back to the other side to hit the cage,
without making it hit any enemy or wall. It's hard, but possible. Use the
launch star when you succeeded.

Okay, now comes the tough part. Remember the little ball-rolling-game we
played before? We're going to do it again, but more serious this time. My
advice is to just go full-speed ahead. From the start rush to the 1-up you
see, pause (you can't jump another time, you lost some speed), go back a bit
and rush forward again. Now combine the rushing and slowing down in the next
area until you reached the platform before the goal. Here use the 1-up method
again - rush forward, jump, pause, go back a bit and rush again. This will
most likely get you your star. Eventually.

***** Fiery Dino Piranha *****

When you start you'll notice there are more platforms around. Follow them to
reach a 2Dpart. You may think you need to take the right route, but you need
to take the left on instead. Time your wall-jump and enter the pipe.

Take the launch star and get on the planet. No shards here, just enemies. Get
the point? Take them out (spin then hit them) and the launch star will appear.

Don't stay on the platform, but start running towards the launch star, or
you'll never reach it. Take your time though, there is no rush launching
yourself up.

At the next planet you need to both use some common sense and get five shards.
It's not hard, as long as you don't panic. Get the five shards and launch
yourself again.

Make yourself to the last platform (a Luma wants to sell things) and get the
mushroom (I guess). Launch yourself away when ready,

It's just like before, but a bit harder. You can only hit the boss when it's
tail (or body in general) is not on fire. Learn to time it, and the star is

***** Burning Tide *****

At the second planet you'll find a hungry Luma that wants 80 starbits. At the
new planet you have to get five silver stars in order for the star to appear.
Take your time and avoid hitting the lava.

***** Red-Hot Purple Coins *****

This is a hard one. You need to get all the coins here, and there isn't much
for me to help you with. All the coins are in sight, just watch the shadows on
the floor if you can't find the last one.

***** Lava Spire Daredevil Run *****

This was the last star I had to get, and it was a hell of a job. You need to
finish the complete level with just one life, and that's just incredibly hard.
Take your time (for as much as that's allowed) and be VERY glad when you got
the star.

Matter Splatter Galaxy [SM.03.8D]

***** Watch your Step *****

The main thing you need to do here is stay into the 'spotlight'. The hardest
part is when you gain the Spring Mario powerup. My advice here is to stay 'low
to the ground'. Don't go berserk here, since it's not very hard to fall down.
When you reach the launch star, think of me, since I helped you.

You'll enter a pipe, even if you don't want to. And if you think you got past
the worst part... well... Fine.

You're not though. You need to navigate through the dark path till your reach
the star. My advice is to move slow and have some patience. It's not hard,
unless you overreact or want to go too fast. The star is waiting at the end.

Overworld [SM.03.09]

This is a list of galaxies you can find on the overworld, outside of the
domes. Think of it as the castle secrets in Super Mario 64, where you could
get stars outside of the paintings.

Sweet Sweet Galaxy [SM.03.9A]

When you collected 7 stars, a Luma will appear outside the Terrace. Feed it
400 starbits and it'll transform into a new galaxy.

***** Rocky Road *****

A tricky course, but not hard to explain. You need to make your way to the
star, but the road ahead isn't without any obstacles. You basically need to
avoid falling down and getting hit by the lasers. The easiest way to pass the
lasers is by jump kicking your way across. Make sure not to fall down when you
land though. Reach the other side of the galaxy to gain yet another star.

Sling Pod Galaxy [SM.03.9B]

When you collected 15 stars, a Luma will appear outside the Fountain. Feed it
400 starbits and it'll transform into a new galaxy.

***** A Very Sticky Situation *****

Another hard level. You need to shoot yourself forward using the sticky things
we met before. It's about aiming properly and timing. Take your time, and make
sure to grab any 1-up and starbit you can find, since you might need the extra

The first part isn't too hard after a few tries, but after that you need to
navigate through a minefield. Once you did this, it's time for some more
shooting around. When you find the 1-up feel free to grab it, but don't be an
idiot like me and shoot yourself back to the previous sticky-thing for an
easier shot onwards. After a while you'll find the star.

Drip Drop Galaxy [SM.03.9C]

When you collected 22 stars, a Luma will appear outside the Kitchen. Feed it
600 starbits and it'll transform into a new galaxy.

***** Giant Eel Outbreak *****

This isn't hard, but mostly annoying. Perhaps because I hate swimming.

Anyway, the giant elder penguin will tell you about the eels that are
causing trouble. Grab the green shell and dive under. Find one of the eels and
hit it with your shell. There are also red shells to be found, plus chests,
so there's no real reason to fail here. Avoid the Bullet Bills here - they are
too slow to be bothered with. Once you got rid of all the eels, the star will
appear at the ship. Go grab it and let's hope that's all the swimming we have
to do.

Bigmouth Galaxy [SM.03.9D]

When you collected 39 stars, a Luma will appear outside the Bedroom. Feed it
800 starbits and it'll transform into a new galaxy.

***** Bigmouth's Gold Bait *****

Quite an interesting level. See the gold chest? We need a gold shell to open
it (wow!). Grab a green shell from the Koopa wandering around the chest and
dive into the water. Launch the Koopa into the brick wall and spin to make a
bigger hole.

In here you need to get five shards which are on the bottom. Once you got
these, launch yourself using the launch star and grab the gold shell. Now make
your way back to the chest and open it. Toad will appear and hand over the

Sand Spiral Galaxy [SM.03.9E]

When you collected 50 stars, a Luma will appear outside the Engine Room. Feed
it 1000 starbits and it'll transform into a new galaxy.

***** Choosing a Favorite Snack *****

This is by far the easiest extra galaxy you'll encounter. From the beginning
use the launch star and make your way across the moving platforms. It's
easiest to play as Boo Mario, so get that powerup and make your way to the
other side of the room, avoiding the light and other Boos. At the end, use
the launch star.

Grab the invincibility star and find a spot where you can take a shortcut by
jump-kicking to the next 'layer'. From here on start running clockwise and get
the second invincibility star when you encounter it. Keep running until you
reach the moon. Jump on it and get the star.

Boo's Boneyard Galaxy [SM.03.9F]

When you collected 58 stars, a Luma will appear outside the Gateway. Feed it
1200 starbits and it'll transform into a new galaxy.

***** Racing the Spooky Speedster *****

Enter the pipe and get near the big Boo. He wants to race, why not? Just take
the upper path (shake your Wiimote) when you can and grab all the question
coins. This will pretty much make it too easy to win the race and get the

Gateway Galaxy [SM.03.9H]

Once you got the Grand Star in the Engine Room, you can visit the first planet
you ever did by entering the Gate.

***** Purple Coins *****

When you revisit this place, you can walk towards the building where you met
Rosalina. After talking to her, a red Luma will turn up. It tells you it'll
give you a new power - the Flying Mario power that is. Jump and then spin in
order to fly. You need to grab 100 coins in order to use this power in other
worlds. Once you got all 100 coins, grab the star.

Snowcap Galaxy [SM.03.9I]

When you collected 65 stars, a Luma will appear outside the Garden. Feed it
1600 starbits and it'll transform into a new galaxy.

***** Star Bunnies in the Snow *****

Grab the shell at the bottom of the planet and use it to open the chest for a
launch star.

You need to catch all the bunnies, but before you do that, walk around the
planet and find all the switches. You can shove away snow with the cursor.
Note that there are also switches at the poles of the planet. Once you got
them all, at both sides of the planet a Fire Flower will appear. Grab it and
start to shoot the snowmen. One holds a bunny and one a shell. Once you got
the shell, use it to open the chest for another bunny. The last bunny is
hiding in a hole in the ground, and will appear once you shoved the snow away.

Don't go after one bunny, get them out three at the time and lure them
towards the poles of the planet. They'll be trapped here and easy to catch.

Rolling Gizmo Galaxy [SM.03.9J]

You can get to this galaxy after you collected all the green stars.

***** Gizmos, Gears, and Gadgets *****

It's one of those horrible ball-levels again. You start off by navigating over
small paths. Once you reached the bombs at the very end, do it as quick as
possible, because the bombs are able to knock you away pretty far. The star is
yours once you reached the end.

Bubble Blast Galaxy [SM.03.9K]

You can get to this galaxy after you collected all the green stars.

***** The Electric Labyrinth *****

I like this one. First you need to enter all the pipes and grab the shards.
It's easiest to take the upper left one first, because the 1-up is easy to get
and gives you a free try in case you fail.

Once you got all shards, you can launch yourself at the second and tricky part
of the level. You need to reach the star by blowing yourself away, avoiding
hitting lasers and Bullet Bills. I find it easiest to rush past the cannons
that shoot the Bullet Bills, because there is a chance the Bullet Bill won't
come over you, making this a much easier level.

Loopdeeswoop Galaxy [SM.03.9L]

You can get to this galaxy after you collected all the green stars.

***** The Galaxy's Greatest Wave *****

Care for some more raysurfing? I didn't, but I had to finish this guide. You
have 1.5 minute to do one lap, and you can easily grab 4 1-ups in the first
30 seconds. You can take your time, there isn't much of a rush. If you rush,
you will most likely fall off.

Bowser's Galaxy Reactor [SM.03.9M]

Once you gained 60 stars, you'll be given the option to visit Bowser. Do this
when you have 120 stars to unlock Luigi.

***** The Fate of the Universe *****

The final fight? Are you ready?

Note the spotlights on the wall. When you stick to them, they'll pull you
towards them. Use the spotlights to reach the top of the tower. From here
enter the beam of light to get to the next planet.

In case you die right now, you'll end up next to the beam. If you get the
starbits from the two beams you can see, you can get an 1-up back. Anyway, at
the planet you can't really stand still. Most platforms will fall down once
you stepped on them. Keep moving and hit the next beam.

You'll land on some ice blocks, and if you move more will come. The problem is
that they'll disappear after a short while, so ignore the 1-ups and get to the
next beam.

As if navigating over moving objects isn't hard enough, you also need to avoid
fire while you do so. At the end you'll find your next beam.

More ice, and this time it's even harder. You have to wall-jump, avoid the
fire and watch the gravity as you make your way to the next beam.

The final obstacle course. You need to avoid Bullet Bills (also big ones) and
Twomps here while jumping from platform to platform. I can't really help you
with that one kid. Use the launch star at the end to reach Bowser.

On your way up the stairs grab the Mushroom and the 1-up and get ready to

It's more of the same really. You start off at a planet with no glass
panels, but Bowser has the ability to turn into a rock. Spin into him from the
side to make him go rolling. Hit him again and you'll hurt him. Do this two
times to get to the next planet.

Here he'll shoot fireballs and roll around in his shell, making him
invincible. When he starts to shoot fireballs, you need to shoot a green
plant against him to make him go rolling. Hit him again to hurt him. Do this
twice, and you'll once again go to the next planet.

Now it's more off the same. Hurt him twice more for the game to end.
Congratulations! Come back when you have 120 stars to unlock Luigi.

The Library [SM.04.01]

Throughout the game you'll unlock more stories in the Library. Here's a
collection of them.

Chapter 1: The Celestial Duo [SM.04.02]

"Our story begins a very, very long time ago with a young girl. One day, this
girl spotted a rusted spaceship holding a small star child.

'What's your name? Are you lost?' the girl asked the star child.

'I'm Luma, and I'm waiting for Mama. She's coming for me on a comet!' said the
star child, who had been waiting day and night.

'Don't worry. I'll wait with you.' the little girl promised Luma.

At nightfall, the little girl borrowed her father's telescope and peered into
the sky. She looked and looked, but she saw nothing. Hours turned into days
and then years, but still the sky revealed nothing.

Finally, the little girl sighed and said to Luma, 'If we say here looking much
longer, I'll be an old lady soon.'

But then she had an idea.

'Why don't we go out there and find your mother ourselves?'

The girl and Luma fixed up the rusty spaceship, and then the two set sail into
the starry sky.

And this is how the search for the celestial mother began."

Chapter 2: Star Bits [SM.04.03]

"Days passed with no sight of the comet, or even a single planet. Instead,
asteroids extended for as far as the eye could see.

'If I had known it was going to take this long, I would have packed more jam,'
said the little girl, above the rumble of her belly.

Before they left, she had packed all the essentials: telescope, butterfly net,
stuffed bunny, bread, milk, jam, and apricot-flavored tea, but...

'I forgot to bring water!'

At this, Luma burst into gales of laughter, and the girl began to pout.

'As long as I have Star Bits, I'll be fine," said Luma. "Want some?" The
little girl couldn't stay mad after hearing this.

Luma continued to laugh, and the girl couldn't help but join in.

'All right, maybe just a nibble.'

Leaning far out of the ship, the pair began to collect Star Bits with the
girl's net. They almost fell out a few times, but they kept on collecting.

The Star Bits tasted like honey."

Chapter 3: The Comet [SM.04.04]

"A beam of light pierced through the ship's window. Thinking it was the
morning sun, the girl peered through the window, only to find a turquoise blue
comet shimmering at them,

The little girl shook the sleeping Luma awake and shouted excitedly, 'We HAVE
to get to that comet!'

The pair descended on the comet and found that is was made of ice. They looked
high and low, but Luma's mother was nowhere to be found.

Exhausted, the little girl set down with a flop, utterly unable to take
another step.


Peering down at the icy ground where Luma was pointing, the girl suddenly
noticed clusters of Star Bits encased in the ice.

'Pretty good, huh? Finding Star Bits is my speciality!' said Luma, beaming.

'There's ice here, but it's so warm, I'll bet there's water here too.'

The two decided to stay on the comet for a while.

Riding the turquoise comet, the pair continued their search for Luma's

Chapter 4: The Dream [SM.04.05]

"One night, the girl dreamed about her own mother.

'Where are you going?' she asker her mother's retreating back.

Without turning, her mother replied, 'Don't fret dearest, I'm not going
anywhere. I'm always watching over you, like the sun in the day and the moon
in the night.'

A wave of sadness washed over the girl.

'What about when it rains, and I can't see the sun or the moon?'

Her mother thought for a moment before responding.

'I will turn into a star in the clouds and wait for your tears to dry.'

When she awoke, the girl's face was damp with tears.

'You have Star Bits in your eyes!' said Luma to the girl.

Wiping her face, the girl replied, 'These are tears, not Star Bits. I'm
crying because I'll never see my mother again!'

At this, Luma began to cry too. 'Mama, oh, Mama... Waaaah!'

The pair traveled through the starry skies, and though they encountered many
other comets, not one of them held Luma's mother.

Luma was despondent.

'Now, now, Luma. The rain clouds won't go away if you keep crying.' the girl
said, giving Luma a squeeze. 'I'll give you a present if you stop.'

The girl closed her eyes and said gently, 'I'll take care of you.'

With these words, she felt a small spark in her heart."

Chapter 5: Home [SM.04.06]

"'The kitchen will go here, and the library will go over there.', the girl
said busily to herself. 'We'll put the gate here.'

Ever since the little girl took Luma under her care, she's been bustling about
at a feverish pace.

'It's a lot of work, but it's worth it to make a happy home.'

It turned out Star Bits weren't the only things buried in the ice. There were
tools and furniture unlike as they had ever seen, and the girl used them to
build a home.

Looking at the complete house, Luma remarked, 'Don't you think it's awfully
big for the two of us?'

With a library, bedroom, kitchen, fountain, and gate, it was certainly
spacious, but still, something seemed to be missing.

'If only my father, brother, and mother were here,' the girl said wistfully.
Indeed, the house was too large for its two small residents.

That night, clutching her favorite stuffed bunny close to her heart, the girl
fell asleep in the starship."

Chapter 6: Friends [SM.04.07]

"Then one day, while the girl say sipping tea, a tiny apricot-colored planet
appeared on the horizon.

From the planet, another Luma of the same color emerged.

'Do you two know each other?!' the girl asked the two Lumas gleefully. Despite
the girl's excitement, they seemed uneasy.

The two Lumas neither drew closer nor backed away from each other. Instead,
they just stared.

Then one Luma broke the silence.

'My Mama!'

At once, the apricator Luma parroted back, 'My mama! My mama!'

'My mama!' 'My mama!'

The two Lumas began to dance around the girl frantically, and neither showed
any sign of stopping.

The girl was so charmed by this adorable scene that she couldn't help but

And that's when something very strange happened.

Suddenly, more Lumas began to pop out from the apricot planet. They were
different colors, but they all shouted the same thing.

'My mama!' 'My mama!'

The sight of all the shouting Lumas only made the girl laugh harder. 'What am
I going to do with all these children?!'

The Lumas just stared blankly as she doubled over laughing,

'I guess we'll have to name each and every one of you.'

Tomorrow, once she had finished naming them all, she would begin moving all
the Lumas into the new house."

Chapter 7: The Telescope [SM.04.08]

"After seeing their 100th comet, a sudden though popped into the girl's head:
'I wonder if my home planet is still as blue as it was.'

That's when she remembered her father's telescope.

Peeking into the telescope, a tiny blue dot floated into sight. It was smaller
than a Star Bit.

'How strange... it's so far away, but it seems so close.'

She twisted the knob of the telescope, and the blue dot grew until she could
make out a grassy hill dotted with flowers. It seemed very familiar to her.

Zooming even closer, a terrace on the hill came into view.

'I used to go stargazing there when I lived on my home planet.'

She remembered rubbing the sleep out of her eyes as the followed her father up
that hill to look at the stars...

She remembered how she and her brother would sled down that hill...

She remembered having picnics with her mother on that hill on bright and windy


'I want to go home! I want to go home right now!'

The girl burst into tears, and the Lumas didn't know what to do.

'I want to go home! I want to go back to my house by the hill! I want to see
my mother!'

The girl was shouting now, her face wet with tears.

'But I know she's not there! I knew all along that she wasn't out there in the
sky! Because... because...'

'She's sleeping under the tree on the hill!'

The girl's cries echoed through the stars, and a hush fell over the area."

Chapter 8: The Wish [SM.04.09]

"Though usually quite cheery, one day the girl became sad again. Luma drew
closer and tried to comfort her.

'Mama, you still have me!'

'And don't be sad about your mama, because she's part of you! That means she's
always close by!'

'It's like me. I love Star Bits because they remind me of my mama.'

'No... no...' the girl said, unable to stop the tears.

A lonely look flickered across Luma's face, but it was soon replaced by a wide

'I have an idea!'

'I will transform into a comet, a soaring comet that can carry you all on this

With that, Luma, trailing bands of white, soared high into the sky and just as
quickly started to plummet back down.


The ground shook, and a bright light poured out of the crater that the Luma
had created.

The bands of light twisted together to form a comet tail.

And then Luma emerged, reborn as a comet.

The girl could scarcely believe her eyes.

'But... how?' she kept asking.

'Our destiny as Lumas is to transform into different things,' said a red Luma
who had suddenly appeared. 'Stars, comets, planets... We can become all of
these things!'

'When I grow up, I want to become a star that makes someone special smile',
said a green Luma.

A blue Luma chimed in, 'That Luma turned into a real cutie of a comet, didn't

All of the Lumas together said, 'No more crying, Mama!'

'Thank you...' said the girl in a whisper, and she pulled the Lumas close and
hugged them.

From that day on, Star Bits no longer fell from the girl's eyes.

The comet set forth for the girl's home planet, its long tail blazing proudly
behind it."

Final Chapter: Family [SM.04.10]

"With its many Lumas and telescopes, the comet was quite a sight to behold.
The girl and the Lumas were proud to call it home.

At a welcoming party for a new Luma, the girl gathered everyone in the kitchen
and said in a louder voice than usual...

'All right, everyone! Let's make a cake! A cake sprinkled with Star Bits!
Then it will be a star cake!'

The Lumas excitedly began to gather the ingredients.

As she watched the Lumas scurry about, the girl smiled and thought to herself,
'This is my family now, and I will stay with them until they're ready to
leave the nest. And when they do leave, I'll see them off with a smile.'

'Because that's what makes a mother happiest.'

That night, when the girl lay down to sleep, a soft light enveloped her and
reminded her of the blue planet she once called home.

'But it would be nice to return home once every one hundred years to nap in my
favorite sleeping nook.'

The comet carrying the Lumas and the girl continues on its journey to this
very day.

With more 'family members' in tow than can be counted, it's said that the
comet visits the girl's home planet once every hundred years, its proud white
tail glittering in the sky.

- The End -"

Cheats & Secrets [SM.05.01]

Bonus Stages in the Demo [SM.05.02]

Instead of pressing just A+B for the demo to start, also hold down 1+2 to
unlock two additional stages.

Source: (not confirmed)

Unlock Luigi [SM.05.03]

Get all 120 stars and fight Bowser again. Once the credits rolled, you'll get
a message about Luigi being unlocked.

Grand Finale Galaxy [SM.05.04]

Get all 120 stars as Luigi and fight Bowser again. This will unlock Grand
Finale Galaxy, where you can get the 121st star.

Watermelons [SM.05.05]

Collect a total of 9999 starbits to turn all the coconuts in the game into

Death Count [SM.05.06]

After you got the 121st star in the last galaxy, you'll be able to view your
death count on your savefile.

Cosmic Race Boost [SM.05.07]

During the countdown of a cosmic race, hold down Z when the timer hits 2 and
hit A as soon as the race starts for a speed boost.

Thanks a lot and I hope this has helped you complete a great game which I enjoyed all the way. Let’s hope they make more Mario games like this!!

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