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This game is also available on Xbox 360.

Retro Game Walkthroughs for Crysis (PC Games)
Submitted By: delta

Here is a guide for helping you to complete Crysis, an outstanding game, which is well worth completing properly.


Watch your ammo: Crysis makes you manage your ammo more than most FPS in recent memory. Unless you really have to, or know that there is plenty of ammo around, fire in short controlled bursts -- we set our guns to single shot mode in order to pace ourselves.

Pick up ammo: You can't just walk over guns to pick up the ammo in this game -- you gotta work for it. Make sure that you pick up any weapons or ammo boxes you see.

Always carry a rocket launcher: Helicopters will become the bane of any Crysis player's existence. Luckily, they can be dispatched by two rockets. If you are ever carrying a rocket launcher with only one shot, and see the chance to pick up a fresh one, just use up the old one on a random building. Carry a full rocket launcher whenever possible and do not use them on infantry.

Watch your radar: The radar shows the enemies who have seen you, or you have seen them. All potential targets are indicated by a V on your radar. The different color Vs mean:

Blue: Friendly

Yellow: Enemy who has not figured out where you are, or does not know you exists.

Red: Enemy is aware of the threat and is moving out aggressively.

Using your radar, you can keep track of enemy movement around you.

Use your binoculars: If you use your binoculars to look ahead, you can spot enemies and make them appear on your map.

Watch your threat meter: Players will notice that there is a bar on bottom left of the screen; that bar is your threat meter. The bar rises whenever the enemy is aware of your position.

Flares are bad: If you see the enemy shoot a flare into the air, you can be certain that more enemies are inbound. Every time we saw a flare get popped, vehicles and personnel showed up.

Buildings are not invincible: Experienced FPS player may believe that retreating to a building will make you safe. Such is not the case with Crysis. In Crysis, shanty buildings -- the ones that take up most of the structures on the island -- can be blown up. If the building comes down around you, you better use your strength to push the debris out of the way.

Cars are the new tanks: Crysis may only have one mission where you use a tank, but that doesn't mean that vehicles aren't the way to slaughter the enemy. Cars, and more importantly, cars with machineguns, are almost always readily available. Use the extra protection and firepower that a car provides to clear villages and to escape from bad situations.


The suit, if used correctly, can get you through the toughest situations of the game. Here are a few tips on where, why, and how you can use the suit's powers.

Maximum Strength

Maximum Strength should not be thought of only in terms of lifting power. Using the suit's strength ability makes any gun's recoil less intense, allows you to jump higher, and lets you punch items open.

Maximum Strength should always be used when sniping; using this power, in conjunction with going prone, will undoubtedly make you extremely accurate in your shooting. The setting also helps with the recoil of weapons like the chain gun.

Another strategy involves exploding barrels. If you find an exploding barrel, grab it and use Maximum Strength to lob it towards the enemy, and when it's close to them, shoot the barrel!

Maximum Armor

Maximum Armor is used to help mitigate bullet damage, but it can also absorb the damage from other mundane things like falling or debris. At any time you're about to take damage -- or even suspect that you could take damage -- switch to Maximum Armor.

Maximum Armor should be the setting that you fall back to the most. Your nanosuit's power recharges the fastest when using the Max Armor setting. Therefore, at anytime you are low on power, alternate back to the Maximum Armor from your current suit power.

Maximum Speed

Maximum Speed is used to cover ground fast. Perhaps the only way you can get a good flank on the enemy is to run out in the open for a second -- use Maximum Speed to minimize the amount of shots your enemy can pop off at you. However, be careful of running into objects; at high speeds, the impact causes significant damage, especially on harder skill levels.

Use Maximum Speed in conjunction with Stealth. For instance, if you want to get a good position on the enemy, use Stealth to get close before switching to Maximum Speed, popping you right behind enemy lines. Sure, you'll have no power by the time you reach your destination, but it is a great way to get to a key weapon or position.


Stealth makes you invisible for a short time, but quickly eats the power of your suit. Stealth, like Maximum Speed, is best used to either get position or escape from enemies.

If you find yourself ambushed by a patrol that you didn't detect, switching to Stealth allows you to put enough distance between you and the patrol, giving you a second chance to kill them undetected. Just remember, shooting a weapon or attacking with a melee attack pulls you out of stealth.

Stealth/Maximum Speed is a great way to sneak up on enemy armor. If you find yourself without a rocket launcher, you can kill a tank with these steps:

1. Get as close as possible to target while using a passive power like Maximum Armor.

2. Switch to Stealth and close the gap to the tank.

3. Plant C4 on the target.

4. Switch to Maximum Speed and hold the Shift key to sprint away from target.

5. Detonate C4 while running.

Don't worry about switching too fast to Maximum Armor to recharge your suit -- you will do it automatically if you run out of power while in Stealth.


You start off inside an airplane over Korea. You are a Special Forces agent, codename Nomad.

Chapter: Divided We Fall

Objective: Land at the LZ

You're sky diving into enemy territory and everything is going just as planned�until your parachute fails.
Once you hit the water, swim southeast to the beach and make your way to the rendezvous point as indicated by the green maker on your minimap.

Objective: Rendezvous with Jester

Nanosuit: Maximum Strength

Equip your silencer and switch your suit to maximum strength, then proceed southeast into the jungle. You will travel a short distance before you come across your first enemy. One enemy will be on a ledge above you, two others will be down on the beach by the signal flares. Take them out silently.

Pick up all the enemy rifles and ammo and then continue southeast towards the objective. Remember, objectives are marked by green arrows or dots -- the type of maker is dependent on the distance between you and the marker.

When you reach the green objective marker, you will meet up with your teammate Jester. You will hear frantic radio chatter from your third teammate, and then be ordered to get to him ASAP. Follow Jester northeast towards the new objective marker: the location of your teammate.

Objective: Locate Aztec

Nanosuit: Maximum Speed

Alas, you regretfully find that your teammate has been killed. However, the killer's identity remains a mystery. There's nothing you can do for him, and so you must proceed to the landing zone.

There's nothing you can do for him now.

Objective: Get to the Landing Zone

Nanosuit: Maximum Armor

Proceed southeast towards the landing zone. You will be in a canyon and therefore it is recommended that you stick close to the walls. Stay low and watch for enemy patrols.

After neutralizing any enemy patrols, you will go just a short distance further and come to a ridge. As you hit the ridge it will start a new chapter.

Chapter: First Light

Hitting the ridge will also give you a new secondary objective.

Secondary Objective: Disable the GPS Jamming Device.

Nanosuit: Maximum Strength

In the village is the GPS Jamming Device. On the water are patrol boats. Pull out your binoculars and use them to find all the enemies in the village.

Go prone on top of the ridge and use the high ground to snipe as many of the enemies below as possible. Try to kill them without being seen; otherwise, just hold on the ridge and let them come to you.

If the alarm goes off -- indicated by the launching of a flare -- you will have to watch out for the incoming enemy vehicle. Take out the gunner before proceeding into the village.

Once you have secured the village, find the large green GPS Jamming Device and take it out.

With the GPS device destroyed, you still have to make it to the landing zone. Commandeer the nearest enemy patrol boat and head towards the LZ.

Take out the enemy patrol boats in the immediate area. As you take the boats out, you will be given a new secondary objective.

Secondary Objective: Investigate North Korean command post.

We chose to investigate the Command Post before heading to the LZ, prompting us to use our boat to head east by northeast along the island shore.

Eventually you will come to the Command Post. When you are about 100 yards away, disembark from the boat and swim to the shore.

Nanosuit: Maximum Armor

Once on shore, de-equip your silencer and move in for a hard strike at the enemy. There will be several targets, so be very cautious.

Make your way onto the deck towards the water. Kill any of the troops on the deck and then collect the ammo, grenades, and switch your SCAR for a shotgun.

Make your way back towards the secondary objective marked by the yellow marker on your map. Go into the green building and use the terminal. Grab whatever weapons and ammo in the building before moving out.

Nanosuit: Maximum Armor

Head southwest towards the landing zone. You will spot a village filled with soldiers. Equip a silencer and then find a good position where you can go prone and snipe.

Take out the enemy vehicles first. Cars can be shot on the external gas tanks, making them easy prey.

By shooting the enemy vehicles, you will undoubtedly attract lots of attention. Play "cat and mouse" with the soldiers: move to the border of the village and then run away --quickly switching to Maximum Speed and then back to Maximum Armor -- after you get some shots fired at you. Then, after finding a good place to hide, snipe the soldiers that chase you. Repeat until you feel you have softened up the enemy presence in the village.

With the village cleared, continue to head south to the landing zone. Just past the village you will encounter an enemy roadblock. Take out the roadblock and then your objective marker will change locations. Head east towards your new objective.

Chapter: The Lusca's Call

You will have to jump up a series of rocks. Use the strength setting of your armor and leap up the rocks until you hit a dried river bed. Follow the river bed until you get to a cut-scene, where you meet your team.

A monster will attack your team during the cut-scene. Before it flees, it will grab Jester and run off with him.

Objective: Find Jester

Nanosuit: Maximum Speed

Run after the monster, heading east towards the new objective marker. You will see the monster kill Koreans ahead of you. Keep on its tracks until you come to a ridge, which ends the level.


Chapter: Trespass

Objective: Capture the Communications Trailer.

The level stars off somber. Unfortunately, Jester has been killed. At least you know what killed your other teammate. However, despite the casualties, you still have a mission to do.

"Dead. Son of a bitch!"

After the cut-scene, follow Prophet, as shown by a blue arrow on your mini map, to a Korean communications trailer. After only a short distance you will find the trailer, as well as a village full of dead enemy soldiers.

Prophet will use the radio and then give you a new mission to save some hostages. You are on your own again.

Objective: Find the hostage in the village.

Nanosuit: Maximum Armor

Proceed east out of the area where the trailer was. At the end of the village, you will see a KPA humvee. Steal it and head east towards the hostage's location.

Just as you get down the road, you will encounter an enemy vehicle. Use your gun to destroy the crew.

After killing the enemy vehicle, continue to follow the road east towards the village with the hostage. You will encounter scattered enemy patrols. Do not leave your vehicle unless you have to; just shoot them with the mounted turret.

You will come to a fork in the road. The main road will continue east, towards the village; the dirt road will head off to the southeast. Taking the dirt road for a short distance will prompt a secondary objective.

Secondary Objective: Access the NK tactical network.

Get out of your car and head into the village that contains the secondary objective. Move from house to house and take out the guards (around 10 - 15 guards).

Head into the house that contains the terminal for your objective. Use the terminal, complete the objective, and then gather weapons and ammo.

Sniper scope: The house with the secondary objective also has a rifle with a sniper scope in it. Take the sniper score; you'll need it.

Head east from the terminal you just scanned towards the primary objective. You will come to a ridge overlooking the large enemy village.

Drop down the mountainside and approach the village to the east. As you go down to the same level as the village, you will have to take out guards patrolling the forest.

Nanosuit: Maximum Strength

With the guards dead, head east out onto the road and find a good sniping position -- we were along the cement wall that borders the road. Shoot all the guards you can from your position. When that position has shown you all the enemies it can, move around the perimeter of the village and continue to shoot all the troops you can find. Make sure that your weapon is silenced and in single-shot mode.

Shoot all the targets from the perimeter of the base, before moving in.

Head towards the village. Take heed of machinegun nests and wandering patrols. In the end, the important part is clearing enough troops to make it in, and then holing up in a position that you can defend.

Machinegun nests: Machinegun nests are great places to exploit the game's A.I. Whenever you kill an enemy manning a machinegun, it will only be seconds before another soldier runs to take his place. If you are patient enough, you can kill most of the base just by waiting for soldier after soldier to take up the machinegun.

Nanosuit: Maximum Armor

When you approach the building that contains the hostage, watch out for the mounted machineguns on the roof. Make sure that you take these out before proceeding inside.

Once inside the building that contains the hostage, move slowly. There will be several guards with shotguns inside.

If you determine the first floor is secured, take time and search the rooms. One of the rooms is full of ammo and rocket launchers. Take the ammo, a rocket launcher, and make a mental note of the room's location -- you'll need to come back.

Make your way up to the roof and use the mounted machineguns to take out any troops who even think about approaching the building you're at.

Find the closed door on the second floor. Opening the door will trigger a cinema where you and Psycho save the hostage. This will complete the objective to save the hostage. However, before you can celebrate a job well done, you will be informed of incoming tanks. Psycho will take care of the hostage; you have to take care of the tanks.

Psycho moves in to clear the room.

Objective: Destroy the KPA tanks.

Get up to the roof and pull out your rocket launcher. The tanks will be shown on your map as green dots. It will take three rockets to kill each tank, meaning that you have to go back to the room on the first floor of the building where there are more rockets. After getting a second rocket launcher, kill the second tank.

Objective: Get to the rendezvous point.

With the hostage secured and the enemy armor threat eliminated, get the hell out of the area. Head southeast towards your new objective marker -- it is only a short distance from the village, so go on foot. When you reach a waterfall, it will start a new chapter.

Chapter: Crossings

Nanosuit: Maximum Strength

Use the strength setting of your suit to make it up the rocks that are by the waterfall.

Once you reach the plateau, proceed southwest towards the rendezvous point. There will be scattered enemy patrols. Shoot them using a silenced weapon, or sneak past them using the stealth suit option.

You can either take the upper plateau or follow the river. Taking the river is better if you want to be stealthy.

As you approach the rendezvous point, Prophet will radio in and tell you that he is going on ahead. Now you have to keep moving to a new objective point.

Objective: Head upriver to the cave system.

Head southeast towards the new objective marker. Again, you can either stick to the high ground, or take the river, as long as you make sure that you are staying near the river.

There will be a few more patrolling guards on the way to the caves. Kill them silently, from a distance, and they should never even find you.

Watch out for enemy snipers. They will be on the opposite side of the river from you.

Cross the river where the enemy sniper was (the objective is also on the eastern side of the river). There will be about ten more enemy guards patrolling. Use the rocks of the river for cover and take them out.

Continue southeast until you see Prophet. Follow Prophet into the cave, ending the level.


his mission starts with the monster that killed your previous squad mates taking the Prophet. As soon as the cut-scene ends, you are given a primary and a secondary objective.

Objective: Locate and extract civilian hostages.

Secondary Objective: Disable North Korean GPS jamming station.

Head southwest until you come to a path overlooking a KPA guard installation. Use your binoculars to find the possible threats in the village.

Nanosuit: Maximum Strength

Attach your silencer and take out all the troops you can from your position.

Work your way around the northwestern perimeter of the base, killing all the troops you can with your sniper scope. Remember, to take the village, you'll need to soften up the troop presence.

Nanosuit: Maximum Armor

When you decide to move into the village, secure a vehicle and use it to finish off the remaining troops.

Watch out for any remaining vehicle troops. Take them out silently.

Find the green GPS device and disable it. This will complete your secondary objective.

Completing this objective will prompt your commander, Major Strickland, to inform you of a KPA compound's location. He needs you to go to the base and gather intel on the enemy.

Objective: Infiltrate the KPA Military Base and gather intelligence.

There is a KPA semi-trailer truck next to the disabled GPS jamming device. Take this vehicle and proceed south towards your new objective, sticking to the road.

The road splits: the left will have a "look out for cows" sign. Take this road.

Kill the patrolling enemies and then stop the car. You will be very close to the military compound. You need to approach the village as silently as possible.

Nanosuit: Maximum Strength

Pull out your rifle with the sniper scope and silencer attached, and approach the village with care. Try to take out the snipers in the towers first.

Nanosuit: Maximum Armor

After taking out the snipers, we recommend using the river to get around the bases frontline defenses; head south and jump down to river below.

Follow the river west. A helicopter will attack you. Stick to the south side of the river --amongst the cover of the trees -- and shoot back at the chopper. If you manage to light the fuel tanks of the chopper on fire, it should fly off and leave you alone.

You will have to fight numerous troops along the river shore as well. Pull out your shotgun and use the cover of the trees to ambush them.

Eventually the path along the river will head up in elevation. The path will end on a main road, placing you at the back of the compound.

Nanosuit: Maximum Strength

Cross the road and then turn and head east. When you start to get close to the base, go prone and pull out a silenced, scoped rifle. You will basically be in plain sight, but just shoot the enemies as they approach and you should be ok.

Nanosuit: Maximum Armor

When you do approach the base, make sure to remove your silencer. Make sure you stick behind cover while you eliminate the remaining troops.

Secure the green KPA mobile base trailers; you will find the computer that contains the intelligence inside. Your current primary objective is now fulfilled.

Objective: Proceed to the excavation site.

With the intel secured, you now have to make it to the excavation site. Major Strickland will recommend that you take a vehicle. Take one of the KPA semi-trailer trucks and then head northeast.

You will be attacked by scattered patrols as you leave the base. Shoot them with the vehicle's mounted machinegun.

When the road curves towards an enemy base, turn the vehicle off the road and head east. Drive off into the river and then use the river to get away from the enemies.

Swim across the river and come out on its northeastern shores; there will be a path that heads towards the objective marker.

Nanosuit: Maximum Strength

Follow the path until it opens up into a forest that precedes the excavation site. Small enemy patrols walk the grounds. Take them out.

Work your way towards the excavation site and stay low. Go prone and find a position where you can snipe one of the many machinegun nests. Keep shooting troops at the machinegun nests until they stop coming. This could take quite some time, but it's an easy way to clear most of the excavation site.

Once you kill enough troops at the machinegun nests -- or they stop coming -- head around the perimeter of the base and take out any guards in sight (particularly those in the sniper towers).

Objective: Infiltrate the excavation site.

Watch your back! As you circle the perimeter of the base, troops will probably move around to flank you. Keep checking your six and you should be able to turn the tables.

Nanosuit: Maximum Armor

If you feel that you have taken out all the troops, head back to the machinegun nest where you'd killed a bunch of guys. Gather all the ammo you can and then move through the empty nest. Kill any remaining ground troops.

As you move closer to the excavation site, you will be ambushed by machinegun nests; take cover and snipe them.

Move in and get to the excavation site. You will pass through a door that will trigger a cut-scene. The monster in the room will come alive, freezing the hostage you were going to try to save.

Chapter: Departure

Once the cut-scene is over, you will be given a new objective.

Objective: Proceed to the extraction point.

Since the scientist you came to save is dead, you no longer have reason to be in the area. You need to backtrack out of the excavation site.

As you come out of the excavation site, you will be attacked by several troops. Grab the vehicle in front of the entrance of the excavation site, and take them out.

Chances are your vehicle will have gotten pretty screwed up. If that's the case, grab the KPA Humvee right at the exit.

Head southwest and find the river. Exit the vehicle and look for the boat at the point where the river starts. Take the boat and head down the river towards the extraction point.

Use the boat for as long as you can. If, like it did for us, the boat flips as you go over a waterfall, simply get out and proceed down the river on foot.

A chopper will attack. Use the trees for cover and shoot the chopper until it leaves or crashes.

If you run into enemy patrols along the river, simply alternate your nanosuit between Maximum Speed and Maximum Armor, allowing you to get past them with relative ease.

The river will turn into marsh land by the objective. Once it does, move into the mainland and head south -- you will eventually reach a graveyard.

Objective: Secure the extraction point for VTOL.

The extraction point has enemies around it. Enemies with nanosuits. Switch to your shotgun and keep your eyes peeled.

Close the gap with the Koreans in nanosuits. They will try to shoot you from a distance, and die with three to four shots from your shotgun. Use the cover of the forest to negate the advantage inferred from their high powered sniper rifles.

Once all the ambushers are dead, you have one remaining objective.

Objective: Get to the VTOL.

Get on board the VTOL and the mission is over.


Chapter: Bradley

The mission starts you off in the middle of a war zone. The VTOL drops you off amongst artillery fire, so don't dawdle.

Objective: Meet Lt. Bradley

Nanosuit: Maximum Armor

Head southeast towards Bradley; you'll only have to travel a short distance to find him waiting on a cliff edge. Also, if you feel like you're lost, just follow Psycho.

You will meet up with Lt. Bradley and then enter a cut-scene. After watching your own guys get hammered, Bradley will charge you with taking out the AA guns in the area.

Objective: Destroy the AA guns.

Hop down the cliff that your troops are holding.

Chapter: Incursion

Once you hit the ground, you will come to a road. Take the road to the northeast and then kill the crew of the vehicle that drives up on you. Using the captured vehicle, continue northeast down the road.

Use the vehicle to kill the scattered enemy patrols that you come across.

Exit the vehicle when you first see the enemy base; this base is at a gas station.

Nanosuit: Maximum Strength

Move into a position where you can see the gas pumps. Snipe the pumps and enjoy the explosion.

Nanosuit: Maximum Armor

Proceed slowly to the gas station and use your shotgun to take out the remaining troops. Gather the ammo inside the gas station.

Nanosuit: Maximum Strength

The AA battery is just beyond the gas station you'd destroyed. Pull out your rifle and sniper scope and clear out the troops.

Once the troops are dead, find the C4 sitting on top of the black ammo crates. Throw it onto the AA emplacement and then blow the hell out of it.

A helicopter will attack after you kill the AA emplacement. Run over to the shack by the bridge and grab the rocket launcher and the other C4 pack. Use the launcher to destroy the chopper.

There will be troops on the bridge that heads east. Go into the sniper tower by your position and pick up the precision rifle. Use the rifle to take out the troops on the bridge and then pick back up your original weapon and go across the bridge.

Once across the bridge, turn to the southwest and snipe the boat crew on the water.

Nanosuit: Maximum Armor

Use the enemy boat to go southwest to the next AA emplacement. Exit the boat and then be ready for close combat. We recommend a shotgun or non-silenced rifle.

Troops will be both on the ground, next to the AA gun, as well as in sniper towers.

Once all the troops are dead, equip your C4 and blow the AA gun to hell.

Secure the area and search for weapons -- you should find C4, a rocket launcher, and rifle rounds.

Head east along the dirt road until it forks, taking the fork that heads southeast. As you take the southeast road, you will see an enemy base, prompting a new secondary objective.

Secondary Objective: Search the base for intel.

Shoot as many troops as you can with your vehicles mounted machinegun. Do this until you are attacked by a helicopter.

Get out of the car and equip your rocket launcher. Fire twice at the helicopter and then watch it explodes.

Get back into your car and slowly drive into the base, killing all the remaining troops with your mounted machinegun.

Once the troops are killed, head into the base and collect the intel. You should also search the base for ammo.

With the intel secured, it's time to move on to the final enemy AA emplacement. Get back into your vehicle and continue south on the road. After a short distance, a large enemy base will come into view.

Drive into the enemy base and slowly move in. Use your mounted machinegun to take out all the troops that dare oppose you.

You will come to a crashed helicopter. The chopper will block you from taking the direct route to the AA gun, forcing you to drive around to get to the emplacement. Again, just take it slow and mow down all the troops who come near you.

If you feel you have secured the area around the AA emplacement -- at least well enough to blow the thing up -- get out and plant C4 on it. Blow the gun up and then wait for a new objective.

Objective: Sabotage the Jammer inside the North Korean cruiser.

Fight your way south to the end of the dock. You will find a building with a few troops inside it. Kill the troops and collect the grenade launcher attachment for your main rifle.

Start fighting your way over to the cruiser. When the helicopter arrives, take cover inside one of the warehouses. Use your remaining rockets, and whatever else you can muster, to take out or drive away the chopper (we used the grenade launcher attachment for our rifle).

Nanosuit: Maximum Strength

With the helicopter out of the way, kill the remaining troops next to the cruiser. Then, using Maximum Strength, jump onto the cruiser's deck.

Nanosuit: Maximum Armor

Go through the hatch and proceed into the interior of the ship. When you exit onto the second tier deck, check around and find the rocket launcher -- you'll need it for later.

Find your way back into the ship and to the jammer. Disable the jammer by hitting the F key.

Objective: Pain target for air strikes.

Get off the boat and back out to the dock. Once you feel you have reached a safe distance, use your binoculars to paint the boat for an air strike.

Chapter: Cavalry

Objective: Secure the Harbor.

A helicopter will come and attack you after the ship is destroyed. Pull out your rocket launcher and take it out, securing the harbor.

Objective: Rendezvous with Major Strickland at the tunnel.

Head east to the rendezvous point. VTOLs will drop in heavy armor. Major Strickland will pop out of one of the tanks. Talk to him and the mission is officially over.


Chapter: Team Idaho

This is a tank mission. You, along with the rest of the heavy armor, have to take out several hard targets. It's time to get movin', Lieutenant.

Objective: Push ahead to the train station.

Fight southwest towards the objective. On your way to the objective, you will have to fight several tanks. Try to shoot them from a distance; otherwise you will take too much damage.

As you get closer to the objective, Major Strickland asks you to kill the resistance at the train station.

Objective: Secure the train station.

Drive to the train station and then use your main gun and machine gun to kill the foot troops. Watch out for the troops along the ridge above you; they'll have RPGs.

Once the troops are killed, switch to the unmanned enemy tank, since your tank will likely be heavily damaged.

Use your new tank to blow up the train and free a path for your tanks.

Objective: Push ahead to the KPA tank depot.

Head southeast towards the dump; you will start a new chapter.

Chapter: Phase Line Alpha

As you push past the tank depot and start a new chapter, you will have to fight tanks and helicopters. Try to take the helicopters out as they are taking off -- they are much easier to kill.

Watch out for tanks that come from behind! We quickly found ourselves surrounded on this mission.

As you push through the tanks, you will be given a new secondary objective.

Secondary Objective: Destroy the anti aircraft artillery.

Keep pushing southeast towards the secondary and primary objectives. As you approach the antiaircraft tanks, take them out -- they only take one shot.

Nanosuit: Maximum Armor

If, like us, you end up taking too much damage and have to leave your tank, make sure to keep yourself filled with rocket launcher ammunition. This is best accomplished by taking out all the soldiers you see, as they are carrying rocket launchers.

Kill the remaining tanks and helicopters with the rocket launchers from soldiers. Once the area is secured, continue southeast towards phase line alpha and the antiaircraft artillery.

Nanosuit: Alternating between Maximum Armor and Maximum Speed (to clear ground faster on foot)

As you get closer to your primary objective, you will have to go in two opposite directions to get the remaining AA guns. We took out the one to the east first. To get to this gun, use Maximum Strength to jump up onto the rocks next to it, then immediately switch back to Maximum Armor.

Once you are on equal ground with the AA gun, use your shotgun to kill any remaining troops. After the troops are killed, plant C4 on the AA gun and blow it up.

Nanosuit: Maximum Strength

Head southwest towards the final AA gun. Watch out for enemy snipers by the final gun.

Nanosuit: Maximum Armor

Get up to the ridge with the final AA gun. There will be quite a few enemy troops guarding the gun, so be careful. To soften up the enemies, we killed the sniper in a tower northwest of the gun, took his rifle, and used it to kill the troops around the AA gun; we used the remaining rifle rounds to clean up any remaining snipers in the area.

Take back your rifle and then go to the final AA gun. Use either C4 or a rocket launcher and take it out.

With the AA guns all destroyed, you will be given a new secondary objective.

Secondary Objective: Paint the munitions dump for air strike.

To complete your new secondary objective, simply head back into the tower you were sniping at and pull out your binoculars. Use your binoculars to target the village to the east -- you'll know you are staring at the target because it will be tinted light blue. Call in an air strike and then watch as your jets rain fiery death.

You have now sabotaged the munitions dump, pushed through the KPA tanks, and disrupted the enemy in the area -- but it isn't over yet. With the destruction of the munitions dump, you are given your next objective.

Objective: Proceed to the mine.

As you start towards the mine, you will receive a radio transmission from Major Strickland. He wants you to be well equipped to take out the enemies at the mine. Proceed southeast to the location of the weapon he brought.

Secondary Objective: Retrieve the Gauss Rifle.

Nanosuit: Maximum Strength

As you head southeast towards the mine, you will come to an enemy blockade. There will be several soldiers manning machine gun nests. Use your gauss rifle complete with a scope to take them out from a distance.

Once the troops are dead, push past the road block and into the area where the earth has been split open -- this ends the mission.



Objective: Proceed to the landing zone next to the crusher building.

Secondary Objective: Infiltrate office and retrieve intelligence.

Nanosuit: Maximum Strength

Head south towards the objective. You will quickly come to a large enemy outpost. Pull out your gauss rifle and snipe the fuel tanks on a truck at the base's front entrance.

Nanosuit: Maximum Armor

You could just attack the base head-on, but why do that when there are easier choices? We infiltrated the base through a hole in the western wall.

As you start to fight the enemies in the base, you will be attacked by light enemy armor. Use your rocket launcher to take him out. If you don't have a rocket launcher, just use Stealth and Maximum Speed to sneak past the armor.

Get to the building in the eastern part of the base; the building also contains the intelligence and a ton of weapons. Kill the guards inside the building, gather up all the weapons and ammo that you can carry, and then use the terminal to search for enemy intel.

Follow the road southwest out of the base. When you reach the facility that has the crusher -- and more importantly, the objective -- find cover immediately.

Get close to the base and then take cover by the barrels or dirt piles.

Objective: Secure the landing zone.

The landing zone has regular and nanosuit soldiers. Hold back and use your remaining gauss rifle shots to take out the troops. Once the gauss rifle is expended, use your other rifle to shoot troops from a distance.

You should work your way over to the southern part of the base. Behind the crusher building you will find ammo and a rocket launcher. Take the rocket launcher and use it on the helicopter that will attack.

Find the ammo and rocket launcher and then blow the helicopter out of the sky.

After the helicopter is destroyed, clean up the remaining troops in the base. Your troops will move into the base when the last soldier is dead.

Chapter: Descent

Objective: Infiltrate the mining complex.

Go southeast to the mining complex. Because of high enemy presence in the mine, proceed slowly between the different levels of the mine.

As you approach your primary objective, you will be attacked by another light armor vehicle. Use either C4 or a rocket launcher to take it out -- if you have to use C4, use Maximum Speed to get close to it and plant the explosives.

If you're going to approach the armor on foot, watch out for the barbed wire, it will hurt you.

The entrance into the mining complex is heavily guarded. Before you can get inside, you will have to kill both regular and nanosuit troops. Move slowly, from cover to cover, and you should be able to take them out, slowly and safely.

Objective: Locate the hostages.

As soon as you enter into the complex you will have to fight troops. Stay at the entry way and let them come to you -- they will force themselves into a chokepoint.

Head deeper into the mine shaft towards the objective. You will be ambushed by a single nanosuit troop after you put on your night vision.

Once the nanosuit troop is dead, head deeper into the mine. You will reach a point where there is an elevator below you. Jump down to the level below.

Nanosuit: (Alternating) Maximum Speed, Armor, and Strength

You won't have to worry about any more enemies. Alternate between Maximum Speed, Armor, and Strength to make it past the few remaining obstacles in the mine shaft.

You will find the hostages at the end of the tunnel. However, before you can rescue them, you will be knocked out by KPA nanosuit troops.

Chapter: Guardian

You've been captured by the KPA. Since your nanosuit has been disabled, you can do nothing but watch as they open up the "temple" that they have found.

However, when the temple opens, a charge blasts the enemy soldiers into oblivion, leaving only you, the hostage, and the enemy general alive. Now it is up to you to stop the enemy general.

Objective: Eliminate General Kyong

Nanosuit: Maximum Armor

The best way to kill the general is to first run around and gather up all the ammo and a precision rifle. Now, while staying on the level below the general, find a place where you can see only his head. Once you are in this position, the general will try -- unsuccessfully -- to shoot you, leaving you free to headshot him repeatedly. If he moves around, simply move with him and put yourself back into the above position.

Grab ammo and find a position where you can shoot him and he can't shoot back.

Once the general is dead, you will have to find and evacuate the surviving hostage.

Objective: Evacuate the hostage.

Go to the elevator that lowers into the room marked by your objective marker. The hostage, Helena, will be standing in it.

You will rise up into the elevator when the path before you is blocked. However, before you panic, a VTOL will arrive and extract Helena.

After Helena has been extracted, the elevator will collapse and knock you out, ending the level.


Chapter: Laws of Nature

Objective: Find a way out of the cave.

After waking up from the fall of the elevator, gather all the SMG and shotgun ammo you can find. Then move into the entrance into the strange lair.

Your compass will start going crazy as soon as you go into the strange cave. Thankfully, the strange cave is mostly linear, but don't get turned around.

Keep going straight through the tunnel until you come to an alien conveyor belt. Above you'll see a large alien machine..then lose gravity as soon as you reach the end of the room.

After losing gravity, scour the sides of the room. You will find a sparking hole in the wall. Punch or blast your way through it.

As you go into the hole you will see your first glimpse of an alien creature. Boo! Go through the same hole that the alien went through and proceed into the large chamber ahead.

Chapter: Abyss

Nomad will decide to "go against the flow" of the debris in the room. Notice the various floating chunks of material. Keep moving in the opposite path of them. While moving forward, you'll feel the current - a familiar sensation as if you were swimming under water.

Eventually, you will enter a room with a vent blasting steam. Look out! Inside the steam is an alien!

Shoot into the steam to make the alien come out.

Shoot the alien and, when he runs, follow it. You will find that you are unable to proceed, due to the high flow of air through the chamber. To stop this, just shoot out the glowing gold chamber ahead of you and on the right.

Shoot the power to the machine that is pushing you back.

Keep going through the alien cave system until you enter into a brief cut-scene where you are attacked by an alien.

Don't worry, the alien won't really hurt you.

Kill the alien and then keep going through the hole it attacked from. On the left part of the hallway will be a destroyable grate -- shoot it and keep moving.

You will proceed through a series of tunnels that will have no enemies. Eventually, after quite some time, you will enter into a large room, prompting your character to ask, "what is this place?"

Once you are inside the room, you will be attacked by several aliens. Instead of fighting them all, which is certainly an option, we recommend that you find the gold chambers controlling the flow of air in the room and destroy them (just like before, only now there are five of them).

Head through the tunnel that is now no longer pumping air and use it to get around the aliens.

Keep moving through the tunnels until you come to another grate. Break the gate and proceed through the tunnel, where it ends in a small hole to a chamber beneath you.

Drop into the chamber beneath you and kill the aliens in the room. Search the sides of the room and you will find two ammo deposits. Gather all that you can carry.

Once you have as much as ammo as you can carry, find the tunnel that leads out of the room on the opposite side of where you came in.

Go through the tunnel and stop when you are about to exit it into another room. Use this position as a choke point for the aliens that are in the room you are going to go into.

Once the aliens are dead, make a right out of the tunnel and then turn left towards a series of large blue energy shields. The shields cycle through activated and deactivated shields. Move through the shields as they deactivate until you reach the other side. Once on the other side, go through the left tunnel that is pulsing with energy.

Get past the energy shields and then go into the transport tube.

Chapter: Legion

You will be transported many miles through the mountain. When you finally stop, gather ammo from the dumps around the room.

Go to the large window in the room and check out the alien invasion force. Although this will trigger the aliens to come into the room and attack you, it is also the only way to proceed with the game.

Kill all the aliens, about ten total, that come into the room to attack. Once they are dead, head through the doorway that they came in through.

Kill all the aliens and then use the path the opened to escape.

Go straight through the large chamber. Find the large doors at the opposite end of the room and then put your back to them. You will be assaulted by another wave of aliens; kill them all and the next door will open, ending the level.


Chapter: Frozen

Nanosuit: Maximum Armor

You start the level off getting knocked out of the cave. Aliens have invaded the island, and your rescue has been destroyed, so it's time to find an alternate way out.

Objective: Find the missing marines.

Major Strickland wants you to meet up with any surviving marines and escort them out of the sphere by the alien exit point; head east down the mountains.

As you get down the mountain, a large alien craft will drop in alien soldiers. Using your shotgun, take out the alien soldiers -- avoid their bodies since they explode after death!

The explosions from the dead aliens is almost enough to kill you outright.

Nanosuit: Maximum Speed

Keep going down the mountain path and killing the aliens that attack. Eventually you will come to a chasm that has a house on the far side. Use Maximum Speed and jump across to the house and gather the weapons and ammo inside the building.

Go to the house to get ammo- you'll need it.

Nanosuit: Maximum Armor

Fall down into the chasm you just jumped over and head north. You will encounter more alien soldiers, just deal with them the same way you did the last ones.

After fighting several waves of alien soldiers, you will finally reach the missing marines. Regrettably, there is nothing you can do, as they are all dead. And, just when it seems like things couldn't get worse, aliens attack. Never fear, Prophet is back and here to rescue you!

Prophet is back, and he is packin'!

Chapter: Passage

Objective: Defend Prophet

Prophet may be wielding a big gun, but it also slows him down. Shoot all the aliens that come near him. Most importantly, don't allow the aliens to hit him, it takes down his health far faster than the cold does. If you can grab the aliens without getting yourself killed it is an effective way to get them off of Prophet.

Once the immediate threat is gone, you will have to get Prophet to a heat source. The counter that appears in the center of your screen will show you how long you have before he freezes to death.

Note: Use Suit 'Speed' to get to heat sources faster. Prophet seems to follow faster if you jack up the speed, especially handy if the timer is getting low.

Take Prophet's alien weapon and kill the alien soldiers who move in to assault. After doing so, you will be given a new objective.

Note: For faster kills, let the alien soldiers get close to Prophet, then grenade them. One grenade will kill them and Prophet takes no damage. There are more grenades in the container where prophet takes refuge.

Take the alien weapon and kill them.

Objective: Extract Prophet out of the sphere.

Head east towards the first heat source. Prophet will make it there just before his suit runs out. After he is charged, as indicated by the counter in the lower-center part of your screen, head northeast to the next heat source.

When you reach the second heat source, you will be attacked by a four large alien machines. Use the alien weapon to shoot it out of the sky.

Note: Stealth till you have a clear shot, Shoot with Alien Weapon until it overheats. Restealth. Allow weapon to cool. Repeat. Repeat. Using this method you will be unlikely to be hit.

With the immediate threat destroyed, head north to the third heat source. You will be attacked by three alien soldiers.

To get to the next heat source, head northeast into a valley with a bridge. Kill the few attacking aliens and find the crashed helicopter, which is to the left of the frozen river.

Once Prophet is fully charged, head southwest to the final heat source. Once you reach that heat source -- and with the Prophet charged up -- head across the bridge.

Mission complete.


Chapter: Stronghold

Objective: Meet with Strickland's recon team.

Head north to the objective -- it is only fifty or so feet away.

Objective: Meet Sgt. Keegan.

Nanosuit: Maximum Armor

Go inside the house and meet the marine, who'll detail how all the marines need to reach the VTOL in the valley below. However, before you can get moving, aliens will attack.

Note: Make sure to take the Gauss Rifle on the table, as it will take a scope, and laser pointer and can kill a large flying alien in two shots. The rifle is considerably quicker than the 'alien weapon', but the gauss has limited ammo.

Meet the marine and then help him kill the attacking aliens.

Objective: Defend Strickland's recon team.

Kill the aliens, large flying type and the small soldier type, that are attacking. Use the house for cover.

Objective: Get in the CTV.

Get into the car that Prophet has commandeered; you will man the gunner's seat. Prophet will drive down the hill and leave the shootin' to you. Take out all the alien machines that approach.

Watch your radar closely; the enemies come from all sides.

As you continue down the mountain, you will be contacted by Helena's crashed VTOL. Keep shooting the monsters while Prophet does the driving towards your new objective.

Objective: Proceed to the VTOL crash site.

When Prophet stops the car, get out and jump down to the road below. Follow the road to the northwest and drop down into the valley. Keep heading northwest until you reach the crashed VTOL.

Chapter: Hunter

When you reach the VTOL crash site, jump into the AA tank.

Objective: Defend the crash site.

Use the AA gun to fend off all the attacking aliens. The AA gun has both its standard rapid fire cannons, as well as a heavy cannon that you can use with the right mouse button. If your AA gun gets too damaged, get out and use the alien weapon (or Gauss Rifle) to destroy the remaining aliens.

Our tank was destroyed, but the alien weapon finished the job just fine.

Once the aliens are destroyed, a VTOL will arrive. Prophet and Helena will get on the VTOL, you and the marines have to make your way to a different extraction point.

Objective: Rendezvous with Major Strickland.

After the VTOL leaves the area, you will be attacked by the biggest alien machine yet. Don't try to fight it; just run north towards the objective.

Kill the few alien soldiers that you come across, but don't bother to kill more than you need to get by. Just run to the objective point.

Chapter: Strickland's Order

Objective: Defend the evacuation point.

A series of aliens are about to attack. Jump into the unmanned AA gun and keep the flying aliens off the marines. If your AA gun gets too damaged, just use your alien weapon (or Gauss Rifle) to clean up the remaining enemies.

After you destroy all the flying aliens, a VTOL will land to extract you. Go to the VTOL and get inside. Major Strickland will sacrifice himself to hold off the aliens while you escape; once he is killed, the mission is over.

This is the last time you'll see the Major alive.


Chapter: Turbulence

Objective: Escape to the aircraft carrier.

While the mission starts you off in the safety of the VTOL, danger strikes when your pilot is hit. Now, it's up to you to fly your VTOL to safety.

The alien attack leaves you without a pilot. Time to step up, Nomad.

When you first get control of the VTOL, pull up out of the nosedive that you are in. Once you are back in control, just follow the other VTOLs.

Secondary Objective: Defend the Platoons.

Your main goal is simply to get back to the aircraft carrier. However, should you decide to have a heart, you can also save the stranded marines. If you want to save them, just defend the other VTOLs when they land to pick up troops; use your main gun (Left Mouse Button), and your missiles (Right Mouse Button), to take out the alien attackers.

Follow the VTOLs after they take off. They will head towards the next group of potential survivors.

Secondary Objective: Investigate the camp.

Your squad will warn you that there are tornadoes ahead. Keep as far away from them as possible, and hit your afterburners (Left Shift), to burn past them. The higher you are the further you can fly to the side, short high altitudes bursts dont blow your thrusters.

Unfortunately, when you finally reach the camp, you'll find that there are no survivors; keep following the friendly VTOLs.

Secondary Objective: Defend the VTOLs.

The friendly VTOLs will touch down in a camp to pick up survivors. However, as they do so, aliens will attack. Defend the VTOLs until they take off and head down the canyon.

Secondary Objective: Proceed to the convoy.

Follow your VTOLs out of the canyon and out to sea. Once you get far enough out to sea, the mission is over.


The mission starts you off in relative safety -- you have finally reached the aircraft carrier, escaping the island. Now get to the CDC to be debriefed; Psycho also informs you that you need to talk to Prophet�apparently he is a little off his rocker since the incident.

Chapter: Good Intentions

Objective: Proceed to CDC.

Follow the green placards on the wall that have arrows with the letters CDC; these will show you the way. Eventually, you will spot the blue sign that tells you have finally reached CDC.

Inside the CDC, you meet Admiral Morrison, who informs you that the U.S. is going to nuke the island. After some arguing between he and Helena, you are ordered out of the CDC and told to go find the Armory.

Objective: Proceed to the armory.

Follow the green signs until you find the armory. Like the CDC, the armory will have a blue sign that tells you that you have arrived.

At the armory, you'll find Prophet repairing his suit. Wait for him to finish, and then sit down in the chair to have your own suit worked on. Prophet will grab the alien weapon and push his way out of the room, much to the chagrin of Psycho.

After Prophet gets his suit checked, it's back to the island.

Helena and a Navy technician will work on your suit, manipulating your suit's power so that Helena can remotely use you as a weapon against the aliens.

Finally, when your suit is upgraded, find your way to the bridge so that you can meet up with the Admiral.

Objective: Proceed to the bridge.

You will reach the bridge just as the Admiral is prepping for a nuclear assault on the aliens. You can't do anything but watch in horror as the nuke fails to destroy the aliens; it only provokes them to attack.

Chapter: To Hell and Back

Nanosuit: Maximum Strength

The attack knocks you out. When you wake up, the Admiral orders you to go to the flight deck and protect the ship. Use Maximum Strength to punch through the broken bridge door.

Objective: Defend the flight deck.

Before going downstairs towards the flight deck, go into the burning room north of the bridge, where you will find a gauss rifle and pistol.

Proceed downstairs towards the flight deck. On your way, pick up the chaingun at the base of the stairs.

You will have to punch through one more destroyed door; make sure your suit is still set to Maximum Strength.

Nanosuit: Maximum Armor

Once you are on the flight deck, search the area for ammo. Use whatever ammo you can find to kill all the assaulting aliens.

Once you have defeated the alien threat, you will be informed that men, trying to stop a breach in the core, are trapped down in engineering.. Head southwest on the flight deck and take the aircraft elevator down into the belly of the ship.

After you get into the bowels of the ship, drop into the small elevator. The elevator will break, dropping you farther into the ship.

Exit the elevator and make your way through the waterlogged portions of the ship. Pick up the shotgun and ammo that you find.

With the shotgun equipped, proceed deeper into the ship. Watch out as you step into the next hallway, though, since it will have an explosion that you have to dodge.

Nanosuit: Maximum Strength

Once the explosion clears, continue north through the ship. You will encounter a pair of damaged doors -- punch through them.

The doors block the room that has the Chief Engineer Inside, head to the back of the room and talk to him. Also, gather up the shotgun ammo right next to him.

The Engineer informs you that the reactor core is in trouble. He can stop the meltdown, but he is going to need your help. Go through the door that he opens so that you can start the process.

Objective: Disable the circuit breakers.

Go through the door and follow the corridor to the circuit breaker. Shut down the circuit breaker (hit the F key), and then go through the door beneath the switch.

Objective: Shut down the reactor.

Nanosuit: Maximum Strength

Deeper into the ship, you will encounter a ledge that you can't reach. Use your strength setting to jump up to the ledge. Once you are up on the ledge, find the ladder in the room and go up it. Follow the ladder to a vent, go through the vent, and then press the large red button in the reactor room.

Use strength to jump up, then find this ladder.

Objective: Lower control rods.

Aliens will stop the reactor from fully shutting down. After the aliens die and break open the door, use your Maximum Strength to push down the rods that did not secure (you don't have to hold down the use button, just tap it once).

After the aliens attack and die, push down the rods.

After the reactor is shut down, the commander will open the locked doors for you. Go through the doors and then jump over the electrocuted water; use the large yellow cylinder in the room as a bridge.

Nanosuit: Maximum Strength

Use your strength to punch through another pair of damaged doors.

Back track through the area where you first found the Chief Engineer. As you enter into the area, aliens will attack. Kill them!

Use the elevator in the western side of the room and get up to the next hangar. Kill the aliens and then go through the door on the far north western side.

You will enter into another hangar filled with aliens. Kill the aliens and go through the doorway that is on the eastern side of the room. Use your strength to bust open the broken door.

Find the stairway and work your way up the decks. As you do so, you will be informed that you need to grab the TAC cannon from the armory.

Objective: Go to the armory.

Make your way to the armory, kill all the aliens, and grab the TAC cannon from the weapons rack. Once you have the TAC cannon, as well as any other ammo you can find, head to the flight deck.

Get to the armory and get the TAC cannon--you'll need it soon enough.

Objective: Return to the flight deck.

Follow the ship's directional signs to find the flight deck. You will have to smash through several more damaged doors. Eventually you will break through a door and see the Admiral get mortally wounded.

The Admiral will point you in the direction of the flight deck. Get out there and put the hurt on the alien attackers.

Chapter: Last Stand

A gigantic alien will attack the ship as you step onto the flight deck. You must defeat it.

Objective: Destroy the alien exosuit.

Nanosuit: Maximum Armor

There are several gauss rifles and chainguns on the deck. Find and equip both of them and then pull back as far from the alien exosuit as you can. Shoot it until it dies. Keep in mind that on the left close to the exosuit there is a box of rocket launchers, if you run out of ammo, you can resort to those for both the exosuit and the warship.

Exosuit Icebeam: Avoid the exosuit's icebeam. If you are hit by the icebeam you will be frozen; to get out of the frozen state, move the mouse around rapidly.

The exosuit won't be that hard, as four to five clips of the chaingun should kill him in on Normal. When he dies, don't waste time sitting there being proud of yourself but search the deck for ammo!

Objective: Get to the VTOL.

The area is safe, right? After all, your only objective is to get to the VTOL and escape the ship. That is, until the alien warship emerges from the sea�

Alien Warship (Final Boss)

Nanosuit: Maximum Armor

To destroy the alien warship, take out the four turrets located on the front of the machine (in Normal difficulty, this is accomplished with three gauss rifle shots). After the turrets are destroyed, kill the smaller aliens that attack. Helena will disable the shields around one of the warship's main cannons. When she gives you the order, switch to your TAC cannon and shoot a nuke at the large cannon.

Take out the turrets, then take out the cannon with the TAC gun.

Warship Icebeam: The warship also has an icebeam. Make sure to use the various debris of the flight deck to keep yourself out of the ice. If you get shot when you're frozen solid, you will shatter and die.

After disabling the first cannon, you will have to fight off waves of flying alien machines. Fight off the machines until Helena disables the shields on the other main cannon. When the second warship shield is down, lock onto it with the TAC cannon and let 'em have it.

The warship will now fly right overhead, dropping waves of alien soldiers. There is a large glowing center spot that you must shoot. However, before doing this, take out a couple of the smaller aliens--just not all of them, as this will only result in the release of four more. Shoot the glowing core of the warship until the shield blows up. When the shield blows, lock onto the exposed core with the TAC cannon and fire.

If you follow these instructions, but are still unable to get a 'lock' on the hatch you blew open, try reloading to before the warship comes out of the water: this sometimes resolves the issue.

Once his core is exposed, pop a nuke into his guts.

Objective: Get to the VTOL.

The warship collapses onto the flight deck. Run to the far end of the deck and jump onto the VTOL that Psycho is piloting.

You may have defeated the warship, but there is still a ton of aliens left to fight. Moreover, you learn that Prophet is still alive and fighting: it's time to join the fight.

Its time to take the fight to the aliens.


Mycheats was used to help compile this guide.

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