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Retro Game Walkthroughs for GoldenEye 007 (Nintendo 64)
Submitted By: Smile Dude
All the need to know about all the weapons and how good they are
in different situations, hope this is helpful?

Weapon comments:

Throwing Knife
Power: Good
A very good weapon for covert missions. Its power and speed make
it a deadly weapon.

Hunting Knife
Power: Good
Used at close range, it is good for stealth missions and is a
good weapon.

Power: Medium
A weapon that can be fitted with a silencer and is very good
weapon at close and far ranges.

Power: Good
A very strong weapon at close and far ranges, but is not good for
covert missions, as it is very loud.

Cougar Magnum
Power: Excellent
A very strong weapon that can fire through some objects. However,
it has slow recoil and is very loud.

Power: Bad
This weapon has a very small clip, which is disposed quickly, and
is very loud.

ZMG 9mm
Power: Excellent
Very good weapon for room clearing, but has poor aim.

Power: Good
Can be fitted with a silencer and is very powerful.

Power: Excellent
Very good room clearing weapon, but not accurate.

Power: Good
Good weapon with a long range, but is loud.

Power: Excellent
Much like the KF7, it can fire through some objects.

RC P90
Power: Excellent
Good weapon that has a very long clip and can fire through some

Grenade Launcher
Power: Excellent
Clumsy weapon unless in the hands of a professional. Good for
room clearing.

Rocket Launcher
Power: Excellent
Good room clearing weapon with long firing rockets.

Sniper Rifle
Power: Medium
Good long range gun. Good for distant targets.

Power: Good
Good room clearing weapon. Has a 5 second fuse.

Remote Mine
Power: Good
Sticky mines that go off by using watch detonator.

Timed Mines
Power: Good
Sticky mine with a 5 second fuse.

Proximity Mines
Power: Good
Mine that is motion sensing.

Golden Gun
Power: Excellent
Fires one shot per clip, but kills an enemy in one shot.

Gold PP7
Power: Excellent
Kills an enemy in one shot and contains 7 bullets per clip.

Silver PP7
Power: Excellent
Can shoot through some objects, and can kill enemies in one shot.

Power: Bad
Slow weapon that is weak, but has a long range.

Weapon damage percentages:

Weapon Head Body Limb
Throwing Knife 299% 149.5% 74.75%
PP7 99% 49.5% 24.75%
Silenced PP7 99% 49.5% 24.75%
DD44 Dostovei 99% 49.5% 24.75%
Klobb 59% 29.5% 14.75%
KF7 Soviet 99% 49.5% 24.75%
ZMG(9mm) 99% 49.5% 24.75%
D5K Deutsche 99% 49.5% 24.75%
Silenced D5K Deutsche 99% 49.5% 24.75%
Phantom 139% 69.5% 34.75%
US AR33 assault rifle 139% 69.5% 34.75%
RC-P90 139% 69.5% 34.75%
Shotgun 199% 99.5% 49.75%
Automatic Shotgun 199% 99.5% 49.75%
Sniper Rifle 99% 49.5% 24.75%
Cougar Magnum 199% 99.5% 49.75%
Golden Gun 9999% 4999.5% 2499.75%
Silver PP7 199% 99.5% 49.75%
Gold PP7 9999% 4999.5% 2499.75%
Laser 199% 99.5% 49.75%
Watch Laser 199% 99.5% 49.75%
Taser 99% 49.5% 24.75%

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