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Retro Game Walkthroughs For
"Army of Two"
(Xbox 360)

This game is also available on PS3.

Retro Game Walkthroughs for Army of Two (Xbox 360)
Submitted By: The Gamer UK

by The Gamer UK © 2008 written for ukwalkthroughs

This guide will give you the locations of all the exploration items, how much they are worth, all the objectives in order they appear, handy hints and tips about the game, advice on which weapons you should buy and upgrade first and in what order, and a full walkthrough strategy guide for every situation in the entire game, I hope this proves helpful to countless Armies of Two out there.


There are 3 difficulty levels, Recruit (Easy), Contractor (Medium) and Professional (Hard). Once you have completed all of the game on easy or medium, all primary weapons are given to you for free, you get all the others if you complete the game on hard, but if you never complete it on hard it doesnít matter too much because you can still afford to buy all the other weapons with cash, you should have enough cash to buy and upgrade ever weapon after youíve played the campaign through about twice.
If you like a challenge and would like to play the campaign again without the mighty arsenal you have built up, look at ĎExploration Itemsí below to see how you can do this.

I wouldnít normally comment on something like this, but in the options menu, Iíd recommend changing the aim sensitivity from medium to Very High, because I found that when an enemy gets close to you and runs around, your character simply wonít turn fast enough to even be able to shoot him, which is a ridiculous situation, in turning this to Ďvery highí, this was no longer a problem, try it for yourself and see what you think.

Objectives are listed alphabetically in order of which you will encounter them in the mission, there are active objectives that have to be done successfully to complete the mission and sub-objectives that can be ignored or even failed and it wonít cause you to fail the mission, it will only mean you donít get paid the money you would have got for succeeding at them.

The various add-ons you can upgrade your weapons with, will have an effect.
Barrel increases damage, stock will decrease spread thus giving greater accuracy, front mounts also decrease spread and improve accuracy, cartridge increases the ammo capacity, and also add weapons onto them, suppressors decrease aggro usually at the expense of damage, shields increase aggro but offer some protection, and pimping a weapon does nothing more than increase aggro, so only pimp a weapon if you are flash and want enemies to shoot at you.

Buy the Aug primary weapon first, and then upgrade the frontmount with a grip.
The Felin-2C is the best weapon for dishing out damage while still retaining good accuracy and other attributes, it has double the damage of the Aug, but it is slightly less accurate, however Iíd buy it once you can afford it, the other weapons lower down the list have massive firepower but they have appalling accuracy and the vast amount of ammo they get through is a joke. For the last mission in Miami you may want to buy and fully upgrade the PKM as its damage is incredible, but it wonít be as accurate as the Aug or Felin-2C.

This is a toss up between the P90 and MP7. The P90 has much more damage once it is upgraded, but would cost $5,500 more to upgrade the barrels.

The SVD Sniper rifle fully upgraded is actually better than the M107 Light 50 which has better stats at first. An RPG or Stinger will be needed for the China mission that requires you to down a Chinook helicopter, thatís the only time you actually need one, at all other times the sniper rifle is more useful, because the stinger and RPG just donít have enough ammo to be of any use.

Body armour is upgraded for you at no cost; you will get Medium armour awarded to you after the Afghanistan mission, the game puts the ammo on for you, and the Heavy armour is awarded to you after the Aircraft Carrier mission. Head armour varies only in appearance and doesnít differ in the amount of protection offered.

It is easy to run out of ammo in this game, although you canít pick up enemies weapons you can pick up ammo bags some of them leave on the ground when they are killed. To avoid running out of ammo after clearing an area of enemies; have a good look around for any ammo on the floor, also use your secondary weapon from time to time to make your primary ammo last longer.

Use your GPS for directions and to glance at current objectives, your GPS basically leads you by the hand through the whole game, donít know where to go? Just switch your GPS on for a moment, if there are no orange arrows along an orange line, then you are off course and need to walk around until they appear. If you see arrows but they donít make sense, it is likely because you are seeing them on another level, for example, on a floor above or below you. Objects of importance, such as buttons that need to be pushed on a device, or on a wall, will glow green in their outline, so look out for them. When driving the hovercraft, again follow the orange arrowed line, and when it comes to docking, an outline of the hovercraft will show you exactly where the hovercraft needs to be docked.

The game gives a little tip off when all the enemies in an area are dead, a bell chime will ring, the type youíd get in western movies when two gunslingers would face up to each other in a duel, listen out for this, itís handy to know, for each area you clearing.

Playing dead can be a handy trick to use sometimes if you are about to die or just need to cool off to let your health recharge and there is no way to escape the gunfire in time. Note that you can only play dead once in front of a group of enemies, they wonít fall for it a second time.

Grabbing a shield and giving your partner cover can be more fun when you realise you can actually whack an enemy with it and kill him, this is handy when they get too close to you.

On most missions there will be exploration items, these are light silver coloured briefcases with intel in them. They pay good money too, but unlike the missionís objectives, when you replay a single mission or the full game, they donít appear again and so you canít claim another financial reward. The only way to ever see these again in the game would be for PS3 owners to delete their game save and start again, on the Xbox 360 version deleting your game save will not remove your progress (only your chapter point), as the gamer profile seems to retain all your option settings and everything you have unlocked and bought in the game. The only way around this if you wanted to start off from scratch again; to find exploration items and start afresh at buying weapons; is to create an additional gamer profile and play the game again with that new one.


Ranger training will teach you every trick you need to know in the game, no need to guide you here as the game guides you all the way through. After the training is over you will dive straight into the action in Somalia.


MISSION 1: SOMALIA (Total rewards available: $15,000)
Active objectives:
a. Meet up with PMC contact; Clyde. Reward: $4,000
b. Eliminate Somali warlord Moíalim. Reward: $4,500
c. Reach the extraction point. Reward: $3,000
d. Use the gun turrets to secure the extraction point. Reward: $3,500

Sub Objectives: None in this mission

Exploration items: None in this mission


Step jump
After completing Ranger training you are dropped right into the action in Somalia, switch your GPS on and approach the ladder ahead, press the use button to climb it, drop down the hole in the floor and then look up to see 3 enemies approaching the hole in the ceiling above you, cap them, then go to the wall and press the use button to do a step jump, you will be doing a lot of these in the game, if you went up first, press the use button again to help your partner up.

First fire fight of the game
Step outside and you will experience the first fire fight of the game, approach the concrete slabs for cover and then press the hold button twice so your partner will stay behind the slabs and lay down suppressing fire at the enemies, now watch the aggro meter rise and become red, when it is high, go around the right hand side of the area and flank the enemies and take them out. Once you have dealt with the first few, press the attack command twice to get your buddy to go forward and fire, the arrow will be on red, and continue to pick off enemies yourself. When you reach the end of the area and the enemies are all dead, notice the bell chime which signals that the enemies are all dead, then a cut-scene will play and you will meet a real piece of work named Clyde. After the cut-scene turn the corner and notice the wrecked car in the right hand corner, the door is glowing green, Clyde gives you a little tip, he did say you could learn from him, go up to it and press the use button and you can rip it off and use it as a shield, your buddy will get behind you and shoot at the enemies, walk forward towards them covering the both of you from direct fire with the door and then when they are all done in, press the cancel button to drop the car door and then approach the gates and go through them to the next area, remember, if you donít know where to go; to always put your GPS on for a moment and follow the orange arrows along the orange line.

Back to Back
As you enter the next area you get a cut-scene with the boss of this level, and then itís your first chance to try the back to back mode, move the controller to the side and pick off enemies, keep moving around in circles and pick them all off, you donít have to reload in a back to back scenario, just put your cross hair on the enemies and fire, once the back to back ends there will still be some enemies left, take cover and send your buddy in with the aggressive command and then flank them when they arenít concentrating on you. Once they are done, put your GPS on and note that in the top right corner there is a pillar with a chain around it, press the use key while stood next to it and then a cut-scene will play.

Beat the Boss
It doesnít take long to meet the first Boss of the game, take cover and shoot at the enemies, you can even try out your grenades here, try to aim so a blue circle is on the floor in the immediate area where they are hiding, then you can command your buddy to accompany you or send him in first, anything goes here as itís not hard to take the enemies out, as the enemies are beaten back and picked off the boss will run further back along the veranda until he is pinned back all on his lonesome, you can rush him with your buddy, throw grenades or even pick him off with the sniper rifle, the choice is yours, donít be fooled into thinking that because heís a boss he will be difficult to beat, at this stage in the game, he holds no challenge, once heís dead a cut-scene will play.

Co-op Snipe
When you enter the next area you get a suggestion from Clyde to co-op snipe the gas tank at the side of the turret gunners to take them out, choose your sniper rifle, then press the co-op snipe command and aim for the gas tank, when you fire your buddy will fire too at the same moment, if it doesnít go up in one shot, shoot it a second time, then switch back to your primary weapon and take cover, enemies will come at you now, you can either send your partner in to press forward and attack them or you can hold and pick them off from where you are if you donít feel confident enough to charge in yet. When most of them are down, press forward and flank any others you see, then command your buddy to either come to you or press forward, once you clear them all out, head toward the top right of the area where you will perform a step jump to man the turrets which you sniped at earlier. If your buddy lifts you up youíll get a face full of gunfire as you get onto the ledge, if youíd rather not, then cancel his offer of a step jump and then go to the wall and press the use command, then you will lift him up, he seems to be far more adept at climbing up and gunning enemies down in one go.

Using the gun turrets to secure the extraction point
Go up to a turret and press the use command, then start firing at the enemies below, this is like shooting fish in a barrel and you just shoot for fun, use your zoom button if you want to zoom in on enemies, once they are eliminated the mission ends and a cut-scene will play, well done youíve completed the first mission of the game, and got a feel for the way the game plays, but itís going to get a lot tougher and more tactical from here on.

MISSION 2: AFGHANISTAN (Total rewards available: $29,500)
Active objectives:
b. Destroy the M-11 missile in the cave complex. Reward: $3,000
c. Destroy the M-11 missile in the bunker. Reward: $4,000
d. Find SSC hostage Brian Hicks. Reward: $3,000
e. Escort Hicks to a safe area. Reward: $2,500
g. Eliminate Al Habiib. Reward: $5,000
h. Destroy Al Habiibís chemical warheads. Reward: $5,000

Sub Objectives:
a. Take down the helicopter. Reward: $3,500
f. Discover the Talibanís source of funding. Reward: $3,500

Exploration items: 3 Reward: $3,500 each
1. On the broken wooden walkway on the right to the back of the first M-11 missile
2. On the uppermost catwalk of the M-11 Missile bunker after killing the heavily armoured guard.
3. On the right, in a dark corner in a large room just before you find Hicks.


Shooting from the Chute
The first thing you must do here is snipe the rotor tail on the helicopter, zoom in on it and press the down directional button to steady the parachute, then two shots should destroy the copter, then you have 5 enemies on the ground to take out. Realise you only have limited bullets for your sniper rifle, so donít shoot until you have a true aim. The copter should be tackled first because it doesnít hang around and will fly off before you know it, although letting this escape doesnít fail the mission, itís easy money and only takes a moment to achieve, once this has been done there are two enemies you should tackle who will have RPGís, these will be devastating should they hit you, but they arenít very accurate, however I choose to take these out first, the two men firing them will be outside wooden huts on the higher levels, one on the left, the other on the right, once you have taken them both out, there is an enemy on the ground directly below you, then two on the level below where the RPG guys were, again one on the left, one on the right, always steady your chute so you can get a steady aim, and if you are quick you will have taken them all out before they can kill you.

Back to Back
When you land you will go back to back, if you are playing on easy, back to back will always be a cinch, but if you are playing on medium or hard, it can be testing, and you will have to be sharp, you have to watch out for the suicide bombers running towards you in this particular scenario, because if they get too close they will explode, try and shoot them before they get near, and better still shoot them next to their own men which will then take them out at the same time. Once the back to back has finished you need to get behind cover, there is a large light brown metal crate in the right corner which is ideal for hiding behind, you can even get a leg up onto the top of the crates which can be helpful as there is good cover up there, then do your co op thing until the enemies are all gone.

M-11 Missile cut scene
Go up into the cave like entrance on the left and a cut scene will play, here is your next objective, to disable this missile. The first thing you should do is watch out for a mine stuck on a rock directly ahead slightly to your right, you should be able to hear it beeping, shoot it and then take cover behind the sandbags.
It is best to work your way around via the left route and have your partner attack while you pick off the rest, note that there is another mine near the missile, listen out for it its beep, sometimes if your AI partner gets there first he will shoot the mine for you. Once you are this far it is usually easy to take care of the guy behind the turret, once all the enemies are dealt with walk up to the missile and press the use key where there is a flashing orange symbol on the missile, then run for cover while it explodes.
Now itís time to find the first intel briefcase, you will find it by going up the ridge that begins just behind the right side of the turret:

Exploration item #1 Reward: $3,500
1. On the broken wooden walkway on the right to the back of the first M-11 missile

Now follow your GPS and then press use to get past the metal mesh gate. Shoot the enemies that rush to the area ahead where you are due to do a step jump. I always find its better to hang on and shoot them first, than step jump up into their fire.

Firefight and the Tape Recorder
You will come to a storage area, approach this carefully and lookout for the suicide bombers, there is a turret ahead also. Once the enemies are cleared look for a reel to reel tape recorder on a box between to tents on the right as you follow your GPS. After listening; follow your GPS which will take you to a parachute on a ledge.

This time it is you steering the chute and your buddy doing the shooting. Stick to the left canyon wall all the way, and press back on your chute control to steady the chute all the time, only ever steering when it needs it, steadying the chute gives your partner the ability to get accurate shots, and you can turn the chute ever so slightly to help him face the direction of the enemies ahead, he will take damage but donít worry, if heís hitting the targets he should be ok. When getting near to landing, there is a sniper on a ledge on the right, you should face towards him to let your partner shoot him, if he canít get him, and by this time you will be getting a lot of flak from enemies on the ground, it can be better to speed up your descent, because the sooner you land the sooner you can commence the back to back feature.

Back to Back
This one is somewhat easier than the one at the start of the mission, there are no suicide bombers and a lot less enemies, once they are all dead, follow the orange lines on your GPS into the garage area and open the gate there.

Mid-mission Shopping #1
Before you approach the gate you will have a chance to do some mid mission shopping, you should have about $25,000 saved now.
Buy the Aug primary weapon, and then upgrade the frontmount with a grip and buy a shield for it.

Destroying the M-11 missile in the bunker
After youíve exited shopping, approach the metal gate and it will open, you will be charged by enemies and a countdown will begin to launch the missile, you have 60 seconds to stop the bomb, a timer will appear under your aggro meter. It is very important that you use cautious tactics here because you do not have enough time to heal or be healed with the missile timer counting down. What you must do is stay where you are behind one of the crate things there for cover and send your partner out in aggressive mode, let his aggro meter rise then follow him out and take out any remaining enemies, once they are dead he will likely be running down to the left side to attack more enemies, you wonít want him to do this now as they will stay where they are for now, and besides, you donít have time to waste running to heal him, so bring him back to you, and go down the steps to where the missile is, and then at the bottom of the missile where there is a metal barrier, look for the use sign to appear and then press the use button, then back away and the missile will be disarmed.

Now you can continue down the path and tackle more enemies, thereís no pressure now and so you can take your time. Once they are dead proceed round to the right where a heavily armoured guard and some more men will appear, you can go up and face them, or you can go back to where you started, I have found you can pick a few off if you go back from where you started which makes it quite easy.
When entering the upper area where you have to fight a heavy armoured guard, watch out for two mines stuck on the side panels on the top level of walkways, one will be stuck on the right side directly where you would walk after you had got to the top of the steps if you continued straight on, and the other would be on the right side if you took the right at the stairs and walked then towards where you started this level. Do not get caught out by these mines or it turns out to be a disaster because trying to get healed or heal when the heavy armoured gunner is there is perilous. With the mines out of the way get your buddy to go after him aggressively and you can flank him.
Before you proceed to the next area, you can find the 2nd intel briefcase on the uppermost walkway on the far right if you face the direction of where you entered this level.
Exploration item #2
2. On the uppermost catwalk of the M-11 Missile bunker after killing the heavily armoured guard.

Exiting the lift and working your way through the smoky gassy corridors
After getting the briefcase follow your GPS and press the buttons on the side of the metal shutters near where the steps to the top level are, then press the use button inside on the opposite side, and then press another on the left side of the elevator.
The GPS will tell you to go right in this next area smack into a turret, I think this is harder than going left, so I tend to choose the left option, it still leads round to the turret eventually anyhow, if you do choose to go right, pick up the riot shield by the lift and proceed, note that there is a mine on the right side wall you need to look out for, one way of getting rid of any man at a turret is to throw a grenade to land exactly where he is standing at the turret, try and get a blue circle around his standing area and it can blow him away without even needing to flank him.
If you should choose to go left instead of right, you can do, pick up the riot shield and and work your way down the corridor on the left, after turning to the right, there is a mine on a wall, it will be on the left just outside of a doorway.
When the enemies are finished, follow the GPS and press the button at the side of the metal shutters.
Follow your GPS and pick up a riot shield, you can go all the way to Hicks here behind the riot shield and your partner will take care of all the enemies. When you find hicks, press the use button to open the mesh gate, then just turn back and look in the large room you just came from for the final intel briefcase in this mission, it will be in the corner on the far left, or if you look for it before you get to hicks, the corner far right.

Exploration item: #3
3. On the right, in a dark corner in a large room just before you find Hicks.

Your partner will pick Hicks up, so you need to keep him behind you and then when you come to the corner, get him to hold behind you, then peek out round the corner and shoot all the enemies, there will be lots of them rushing one after the other as you take them down, once they stop coming you can then proceed, and pick up all the ammo they will have left, I recommend shooting them with your pistol, its easy in this scenario and you will not run out of primary ammo, then you can follow the GPS to take you to the lift.

Mid-mission Shopping #2
Upgrade your Aug primary weapon with Barrels 1 & 2 and upgrade the cartridge to 60 rounds. (If you didnít find all the brief cases or failed to take the chopper down, then leave the cartridge upgrade for another time). You should now have one mean primary weapon.

Fire fight and finding the laptop
Do not rush out into the middle outside area, work your way carefully along the corridor, there is a turret, and its quicker and easier to throw a grenade at him, look for a blue circle on the floor around him and then throw it, with that out of the way it should now be fairly easy to proceed, have your partner stick close to you and finish off the enemies here, then have your partner hold and fire in a position that will cover you while you run out to get the laptop in the outside inner area, it will be on the top of a pallet.

Eliminate Al Habiib
With all the downstairs enemies dead, itís time to go upstairs, so go up the stairs and get behind cover, have your partner stay next to you and you can pick off enemies at a distance and work your way towards them, soon a heavy armoured gunner will appear and also the boss Al Habiib. It isnít difficult to handle these two, go after the gunner first, in fact he will come to you, it is better to let him come to you where there are less enemies, then you can flank him when your buddy gives him plenty of fire.
Then go after Habiib, it doesnít take much to kill Habiib, heís not much more than a regular enemy.

Destroy Al Habiibís chemical warheads
With Habiib out of the way follow the GPS and press use on the digital lock on the left of the panel, once inside press use on the glowing orange icon and then run out of there.

MISSION 3: IRAQ (Total rewards available: $45,000)
Active objectives:
a. Locate LT COL. Samuel Eisenhower in the U.S. base. Reward: $5,000
b. Defend LT COL. Samuel Eisenhower. Reward: $6,000
c. Locate and eliminate Ali Youseffís lieutenant. Reward: $11,000
e. Eliminate Ali Youseff. Reward: $13,000

Sub Objectives:
d. Destroy bunker in Iraqi base. Reward $10,000

Exploration items:3 Reward: $5,000 each
1. At the side of metal crates by the ladder inside the first bunker.
2. Behind the tent at the top right corner after blowing the outside bunker
3. Climb the ladder at the top of the catwalk in the final area


Mid-mission Shopping #1
Medium strength armour will now be equipped for you
Buy the P90 secondary weapon and if you can afford it the Barrel upgrade #1
If you donít have enough for these at the moment then buy what was recommended for the last shopping session.

Storming the U.S. base
Walk into the base and immediately you will come under fire, take cover behind the first sandbags and get your buddy to stick with you but offensively, then when you get to the next sandbags, get him to hold offensively while you run round the cover on the right where you can flank the enemies and most importantly the turret gunner, then move onto the next area staying close together while one takes the flak the other can shoot the enemies, it is important to stick close in this area because you donít want your buddy to go running off far ahead and getting shot down so far away from you with enemies everywhere, and besides thereís no need to do that.

Locating and defending LT COL. Samuel Eisenhower
After the enemies are dead, follow your GPS which will lead you into a building and up the stairs where you will find the Colonel. Once youíve found him you will be stormed by enemies that will come up the stairs and up the ladders, have your buddy stick close by as it can get hairy and you donít want him far from you, as you need to stay near to Eisenhower so no enemies can shoot him, donít bother with the turret, stand near it and shoot oncoming threats from there.

Mid-mission Shopping #2
Buy the Barrel upgrade #2 for the P90 secondary weapon.
If you donít have enough for this at the moment then buy what was recommended in previous shopping sessions.

Storming the ruins
Have your buddy stick with you as you move up, there is a mine stuck on a box on the right, you can use your GPS to see it, it will glow red with the GPS on.
Pick off enemies and then when you get round the corner there will be a turret, you donít want your buddy to run off as a diversion just yet as there are quite a few enemies lurking, see if you can pick a few off first then have him storm forward and then you can pick off the turret gunner, then quickly support him, it might be best to get him to come back to you right away as he has a habit of charging ahead and getting into trouble.

Jumping over the wall and fighting in the bunker
You will need a step up over the wall that the GPS has led you to, shoot the enemies and the turret guy, again a grenade will take care of him easily, then follow the GPS up a ladder at the back of a building and jump down a hole in the floor and move through the area.
Open the bunker with the switch at the side and then move through the area, its pretty straightforward shooting here. When you clear the area look for the first intel briefcase of the mission near the green metal crates in the corner just before you go up the metal ladder.

Exploration item #1
1. At the side of metal crates by the ladder inside the bunker. Reward: $5,000

Locate and eliminate Ali Youseffís lieutenant
Go up the ladder then step jump up over the broken stairs, then climb a ladder to the roof to earn some easy money. You need to co op snipe a gas tanker that is right next to the helicopter this will kill the lieutenant and bag you 11 grand. Then take care of a few enemies and then follow your GPS to a gate, press use and then its time to go shopping again.

Mid-mission Shopping #3
It is time to get a superior special weapon now, buy the SVD sniper rifle.
If you donít have enough for this at the moment then buy what was recommended in previous shopping sessions.

Destroy bunker in Iraqi base
Start by co-sniping the two guards ahead, then move forward with your buddy close by, then have him take the turret when he gets to it and you can pick off men at the side, watch out for an RPG shooter in the bunker ahead on the left, take him out, and also watch out for suicide bombers. Once this part is clear, walk up the left of the bunker and go towards its wall, press use to plant a homing beacon which will call an air strike down on it to earn you 10 grand. Proceed carefully around here as it is easy to get shot, and pick off enemies behind good cover, you need to work your way round to taking out the turret on the far left. Once the whole area is clear, look at the top right hand corner tent for the 2nd intel briefcase of the mission, it will be on the outside behind it.
Exploration item #2
2. behind the tent at the top right corner of the area after blowing the bunker

Back to Back
Go around the corner to the next area and sit tight behind sand bags and let the enemies come to you, once they are dead follow your GPS and press use on the door, a back to back scenario will occur, then after that follow the GPS and press use to open some large gates. Make your way steadily along this road and keep your partner close by as there is a lot of heavy firepower ahead and so if one of you is downed youíll need your partner near to you. Watch for enemies at the side of you, and the heavy turret at the end of the road, once you get close to this you can throw a grenade at it to kill the guy, once the place is clear press use to proceed through the gate.

Eliminate Ali Youseff
The next area has some heavy firepower, you need to make your way to the upper catwalk area on the left, and take cover there, at the top you will find the 3rd intel briefcase for this mission.
Exploration item #3
3. Climb the ladder at the top of the catwalk in the final area

Have your partner stay by you and pick off enemies at a distance, when a few of them are downed, come down the catwalk and proceed closer to the enemies, then have him hold and fire at them while you flank them on the left side behind cover, when they are done get close to the warehouse, there is a mine on the wall at the right passage outside of the warehouse, shoot it and you can flank down this side while your buddy tackles the heavy armoured gunner who is usually in the warehouse or at the back of it. With him out of the way press forward and stick by each other behind cover, edging closer all the time, have your buddy dish out aggro while you pick off the next heavy gunner and press forward carefully. Eventually you will come to Ali Youseff at the end of the area, flank him while your partner gives him aggro.

MISSSION 4: AIRCRAFT CARRIER (Total rewards available: $54,000)
Active objectives:
a. Disable the fighter jets on the carrier runways. Reward: $6,000
b. Find Phillip Clydeís USB drive. Reward: $10,000
c. Speak to the aircraft carriers captain. Reward: $10,000
f. Sink the aircraft carrier. Reward: $15,000
g. Reach the deck stern emergency boat. No reward

Sub Objectives:
d. Find Phillip Clydeís second laptop. Reward: $5,000
e. Kill well armoured terrorist. Reward: $8,000

Exploration items:3 Reward $7,000 each
1. On the first side walkway on the right side of the ship
2. Behind some bombs on the side near the door you blast with the jet
3. Behind the basketball hoop in the hangar to the right of the warhead


Mid-mission Shopping #1
Buy the Felin-2C Primary weapon and upgrade it with Barrels 1 & 2, on the frontmount buy the grip, and buy a shield. If you donít have enough for this at the moment then buy what was recommended in previous shopping sessions.

Sniping from the chute
You will now have the benefit of a much better sniper rifle in the SVD, there is an RPG shooter towards the back centre, and about 3 enemies central to you, press back on your direction pad to steady the chute while you aim, with the SVD when the sights turn a pink red it means your shot will be on target, thatís the moment to pull the trigger, look around for more enemies, then when you get near the rear of the carrier, steer it to land, it doesnít matter if you shoot all the men or not by this time, as once you land it will be ok.

Back to Back and clearing the deck
Back to back time again, do your thing as usual, then take cover behind the blue container on the left next to you, pick off enemies from behind here, when it seems safer, move up the carrier on the left hand side taking cover as you go, notice that just there on the left is the lifeboat, and also there is a door down some steps there, which is where you will go later on to get inside the carrier.
Keep moving forward until you get to the first fighter jets that glow green, these are the ones you need to disable.

Disabling the fighter jets on the runway
Get your man to cover you while you press use on the glowing orange flap under the cockpit of the plane, do the same for the next one, and then look around for more enemies, a chopper will be landing soon which will drop off more enemies, you now need to cross to the other side of the carrier to get cover and get to the next two jets that need to be disabled.

You will have to assess the situation here as it can be different each time, in how many enemies are left, where they are and when it is safe to make a dash for it.
Once you are across, get behind cover and more forward to the jets, look at your GPS to see where they are. Take out the remaining enemies and then do the jets.
Now you can pick up the first intel briefcase, it is on this left side at the highest side walkway area.

Exploration item #1
1. On the first side walkway on the right side of the ship, facing right when you look down to the other end of the ship from where you landed, or the last on the left if you are working your way back up again.

Now you need to work your way back to where the lifeboat is, more enemies will be dropped by chopper, but you donít need to take them all out as once you get to the door you will go to the next area. Getting back there is quite easy actually as you can cut across the deck behind the fighter jets and move up behind cover then make a dash for the sidesteps near the lifeboat, there is a door panel there, look on your GPS, press use on it and you will go to the next area.

In the next area is a riot shield by the door, you can either take shots at the enemies by the door or rush them with the riot shield, once they are done, press use on the next door, a cut-scene will play.

Fire fight and finding Phillip Clydeís USB drive
Here at the upper balcony take cover behind the barrels and shoot what enemies you can from there, the rest will be well behind cover and you will both need to drop down and make your way up the room to tackle the rest, it isnít hard. When the shooting is over youíll find Clydeís laptop in the middle of the room, press use on it to complete an objective. Proceed up the ladder and then to the next area a step jump will be required, cancel this as soon as you begin it because enemies will appear on top, then you can shoot them off from down below, then when they are dead continue the step jump, then follow your GPS and press use on the mesh that guards a welding torch.

Mid-mission Shopping #2
Upgrade the Felin-2C primary weapon with the 60 round cartridge and upgrade the SVD special weapon with a Barrel #1, and then stock 1 & 2

Clear the Aircraft hangar
The hangar can be a bit tricky with so many containers in there, making it hard to see where enemies are, and not getting flanked yourself. Start by standing at the doorway and picking off a few from there, then go out and flank the rest, as you move along more enemies will appear from both sides of the room, it is best to gun them all down aggressively when they are all in a cluster before they get time to hide everywhere.

Find Phillip Clydeís second laptop
Before you proceed to the next area, where the exit door is on your GPS, turn around and go to the other side of the hangar, you will see the 2nd laptop there on top of a crate, then follow the wall along, back towards the door and you will find the 2nd intel briefcase on the floor behind some bombs.

Exploration item # 2
2. Behind some bombs on the side near the door you blast with the jet

Use the jet to open the locked door
When the area is clear, follow your GPS to a locked metal door, go right up to it which will then start a narrative with Murray, because your characters wonít know how to get it open, but a little chat with Murray over the intercom will give you a clue, look at your GPS and see that a fighter jet is now flashing green, you are going to go to the jet and press the use button and a cut scene will play, your character will fire a missile to blow open the door! Upon the door being blown open new enemies will appear in the hangar and a heavily armoured guard will appear, you have to quickly get your partner to take cover to buy you enough time to flank him, then get your buddy to attack him head on, then quickly take him out, if you can do this quickly its easy, but if it doesnít go smoothly it can be tricky, once the heavy guard is done in, you can ignore the rest of the enemies in the hangar, and then proceed to the next area, then press the use button to take the lift to where the captain is.

Speak to the aircraft carriers captain
Walk into the darkened room and you will meet the Captain, then go back to take the lift.

Mid-mission Shopping #3
Upgrade the SVD special weapon with an 8 round cartridge and barrel #2, youíve now got the most ruthless and accurate sniper rifle in the game!

Get the shield and work your way through to the other end of the hangar
Exit the lift and then pick up the nearby shield, walk forwards and stick to the wall and head over to the left hand side of the hangar and work your way to the top end of the hangar. When you are at the top there will very likely still be enemies in the area, but you can hide behind the cover here and pick them off from distance and with the occasional grenade. Then follow the GPS to perform a step jump and a cut-scene will play. Now more enemies will appear as you jump back down, finish them off and then open the hangar doors by pressing the use button. Stand at the side of the doors now, donít go in, because multiple enemies will rush in one after the other, shoot them all as they come in, they wonít see you if you are stood at the side, you mustnít let any get out of sight or they will be much trickier to deal with if they are allowed to go and hide in the vast hangar, you have an RPG guy in the next hangar which is a handful in itself so you donít want more hassle. The trick to getting past the RPG guy is to get him to fire a shot off, so you can then rush in while he is reloading, take cover around the right side of the hangar, shoot a few enemies then get your partner to rush the RPG guy, while you then flank him, killing him completes a sub-objective.

You can now find the final briefcase in the corner at the bottom of the basketball hoop.
Exploration item #3
3. Behind the basketball hoop in the hangar to the right of the warhead

Sink the aircraft carrier
With the place cleared out, proceed to the warhead, check your GPS if you canít see it, and then press the use button, then after the cut-scene, follow your GPS and use a step jump to get to the upper platform, then head out to the gate which you will get through with the use button, then a cut-scene will put you out onto the deck of the carrier.

Escaping the carrier via the lifeboat
You have less than two minutes to get to the lifeboat, but itís not tricky as long as you can avoid the flying crates that will be blowing down the carrier.
Run towards to the top right corner of the carrier, thatís where the lifeboat is, there will be some enemies in the distance but you donít need to worry about them, donít stand there shooting at them, if you must shoot them, then shoot as you run, but keep running, and pay more attention to the boxes from explosions, because if a box hits you it will floor you and waste precious time, even worse if you need medical help from your buddy which would take up more time than you can spare, so keep running and just dodge the boxes and crates, eventually youíll make it to the lifeboat.

MISSION 5: CHINA (Total rewards available: $70,000)
a. Destroy the convoy as it crosses the bridge. Reward: $30,000
e. Use the cargo train for extraction. No reward

Sub Objectives:
b. Kill the first heavily armoured solider. Reward: $15,000
c. Take down the first Chinook helicopter. Reward: $10,000
d. Retrieve the satellite data from the laptop. Reward: $15,000

Exploration items:3 Reward: $10,000 each
1. On the ground at the back of the first tower where you press the button at the loch.
2. On the 2nd floor of the building at the side of the mineral processing facility
3. Behind the metal dumpster, near the truck at the back of the grounds of the mineral processing facility


Mid-mission Shopping #1
You can now equip the Heavy body Armour

Destroy the convoy as it crosses the bridge and make your escape via hovercraft
Start by going up the steps and following the path, there will be a few enemies along the way to the pagoda but nothing that will trouble you. When you reach the pagoda, co-op snipe and aim for the tank like object under the bridge, itís in the middle area, a couple of shots and this will blow the bridge, then run back along the path you came, you will meet light resistance along the way but again nothing difficult, when you get to the hovercraft, press use to board it and then switch your GPS on and follow the route, the hovercraft tends to slide out to the sides when you take bends, so compensate for this as you steer it, and watch out for the mines that are on the top of the water there, when you see a barrier ahead of you in the water itís not a problem as the hovercraft can ride over it, eventually youíll come to a dead end which is in fact a lock, youíll need to dock on the right hand side, switch your GPS on and youíll see an orange outline of your hovercraft, slow down and carefully align your craft with the outline, and look for text on the screen saying Ďvehicle dockedí then press the cancel button so you can get out of the hovercraft.

Mid-mission Shopping #2
Buy either the FIM92 Stinger or RPG-7 V1 Special Weapon, you will need this to shoot down the Chinook Helicopter for a sub-objective coming up shortly, if you donít buy a stinger or an RPG you wonít be able to achieve this objective.

Run up the lock steps and Kill the first heavily armoured solider
Once out of the hovercraft, run up the steps and take cover at the top, a heavily armoured guy will be coming your way across a bridge, try and take out as many enemies as you can at the top, so you are not being fired at on two fronts when the heavily armoured guy comes at you, if you can get to the top and fire down on his back while heís still making his way across the bridge with your partner down there giving him aggro then take the opportunity, but beware that he might just get up again if you havenít given him enough damage. If he survives this he will come up to the very top after you, but you can get him to follow you right around the walkway at the top and sneak up behind him while your buddy stays behind cover firing at him.

Exploration item #1
1. On the ground at the back of the first tower where you press the button at the loch

Raising the water level in the lock
Now the enemies are out of the way, go back the way you came and check your GPS, youíll come to a tower area, there is a button you need to press on a panel, this will open the first lock door, then go down and get in the hovercraft and drive it into the loch, again check your GPS to help you dock it and once you see the Ďvehicle dockedí text, stop and press cancel button to get out of it, (Iíll take it as read that you know the procedure with the hovercraft from this point on, and wonít give detailed instructions regarding it in further instances) then climb the ladder directly next to the hovercraft on the wall.

Take down the first Chinook helicopter
Now follow your GPS and press the switch which raises the water level in the lock, at this point you will hear a Chinook helicopter arriving, this is a sub-objective and you can earn money here if you down it, If you are using the stinger look for a red circle that appears in the middle of the Chinook when you look through your scope at it, then fire about three shots which will down it, if you are using the RPG just zoom in and pick a spot in the middle and fire off two shots on target to down it, incidentally you canít afford to miss because you have so little ammo, almost immediately after firing you will come under some heavy fire from enemies across on the other side, with the helicopter out of the way, pick up a shield which is lying on the floor just at the left side of the beginning of the bridge and use this to walk along it. You need to get to the steps on the right at the end of the bridge and get up to the top of them to press another switch, but there will be enemies shooting at you from the left once you are up there also, so stay behind cover, see if you can take a few out from here but it might be tricky with such heavy fire coming at you, once the switch is pressed, get the riot shield and make your way back along the bridge again the way you came, then at the end of the bridge just put your GPS on and let it lead you down the steps to your hovercraft.

Get in the hovercraft and exit the lock, a cut scene will play and then you will be out on the other side of it, drive it just a little way ahead and then dock where the GPS shows you. Walk along the wooden walkway and then drop down where it is broken and give your buddy a step jump, he will shoot a couple of oncoming enemies, then help you up, continue further and you come to a small village, two guards will be visible, it would be ideal to co-op snipe them but with taking the RPG or Stinger along to complete the Chinook sub mission you wonít be able to, so get closer and take them out with your primary weapons, try and get the RPG guy on the right. Once you have alerted the whole village to your presence run behind the building on the left, and notice that the GPS stops here, it more or less says, any route will do make your own way through the village, but the truth is, your destination wonít be open to you until you have taken out most of the resistance here, and whatís worse is a Chinook will show up dropping off more enemies. Make your way into the first building and take cover behind the balcony and shoot all the enemies you can, then work your way gradually left through the buildings killing all you can while not getting flanked, your destination wonít present itself until a cut scene plays, then you will notice what looks like a garage door on the far left of the area will blow open, get there quick and inside to the back of what is actually a mineral processing facility
Exploration item #2
1. On the 2nd floor of the building at the side of the mineral processing facility

Mid-mission Shopping #3
Switch your RPG or Stinger for your sniper rifle

Retrieve the satellite data from the laptop and proceed through the mineral facility
Once inside the garage-like entrance to the mineral processing facility there is a laptop sitting in plain view in the middle of the room, press use to complete a sub objective. Then head out and take cover and then work your way up, thereís a riot shield you can use if you so wish, note that there will be a turret gunner at the top, Donít try and flank him until youíve picked off all the enemies around him. Once past him get your buddy to cause aggro in the next building while you run down the right side of it and flank the men at the back washroom there, then keep going around that side of the building until there is an industrial lift on the right, you will ride up this to flank the turret gunner who is waiting at the top of the stairs on the left, get your buddy to rush the stairs while you then exit the lift and flank him from behind.

Next up you have to step jump up to a broken staircase, at the top will be some enemies, a heavily armoured guard and some explosive mines planted on the sides of metal objects, they are tricky to see and you need to put your GPS on to locate them easier, look for the red skull icons. Take cover and pick off enemies and let the heavily armoured guard come to your buddy while you shoot the mines in-between taking care of enemies, when the mines are out of the way you can flank the heavily armoured guard.

Once you go outside you can pick up a riot shield and proceed, but I prefer this tactic as it works much better; take cover behind those first stone pillars and have your buddy hold there too, you can pick off the enemies that will come round on the right while he shoots straight ahead, when most are dead, the heavy armoured guy will likely be ahead of you, go round the right side which should now be clear and flank him, then flank any other enemies still around, then a helicopter will drop off more men, run back to your cover where you started from and do the same again, pick off a few, use your sniper rifle to help you, and when there are hardly any left go round the right and flank them whilst having your buddy charge forward.

Once the area is cleared of enemies, look for the 3rd intel briefcase at the top corner where there is a truck, it is behind the metal dumpster there.
Exploration item #3
3. Behind the metal dumpster near the truck at the back of the grounds of the mineral processing facility

Back to Back
Follow your GPS to the door and open it, a cut scene plays and then itís back to back time again. Once this ends there will still be a few enemies present and one will have an RPG, take him out as soon as possible.

Fire fight in the Mineral processing plant and launching the crane winch
As soon as you enter the building get your buddy to hold aggressively, then you crouch and get across to the right and start to pick off enemies there, take your time and work your way along to the left, and then get your buddy to join you, and get up to the walkway on what was the left when you entered. From here you have the drop on all remaining enemies below and when a bunch more arrive from the far left, you can both blast them with heavy fire whilst behind cover of the metal sheets on the walkway. When itís all over follow the GPS and press the button to launch the cranes winch. Then follow the GPS to the outer side of the conveyor belt, there will be a few more enemies appear but nothing hard, then shoot the explosive mine stuck on the side of the conveyor belts wall, follow your GPS and pull the lever there to lower the rocks from the loader to make the chute open up, then a cut-scene plays where the characters drop down onto a train to make their getaway.

MISSION 6: MIAMI (Total rewards available: $75,000)
a. Find and eliminate Ernest Stockwell. Reward: None
b. Find and rescue Murray, get her to the extraction point alive. Reward: $35,000
c. Ride the monorail to the SSC Tower. Reward: None
d. Clear your name by uploading data incriminating Dalton. Reward: None
e. Reach the archive room on the executive floor. Reward: None
f. Find and eliminate Philip Clyde. Reward: $20,000
aa. Eliminate Richard Dalton before he kills Ernest Stockwell. Reward: None

Sub Objectives:
Kill Smileyís bodyguard #1 Reward: $5,000
Kill Smileyís bodyguard #2 Reward: $5,000
Kill Smileyís bodyguard #3 Reward: $5,000
Kill Smileyís bodyguard #4 Reward: $5,000

Exploration items: 2 Reward: $15,000 each
1. In the corner of the room at the doorway just next to where you press a button outside of the baggage areas office.
2. Pick up the briefcase at the far right end of the 3rd floor of the SSC Tower building


Mid-mission Shopping #1
You have all you need in all 3 areas of weaponry, but make no mistake, the enemies ahead are going to be tougher than before, if you fancy one of the monster primary weapons, itís your choice, but youíll be ok with the Felin-2C as it is quicker, more accurate and easier on the ammo than the DAO-X or the M134 mini-gun and M249 SAW. I would say that those weapons arenít practical in the single player game and are more for having fun in multiplayer with, the closest thing to the Felin-2C is actually the PKM with fully upgraded barrels, stock and shield, this will rack up to full damage on the stats but the accuracy isnít as good as the Felin-2C, but if you fancy a change of gun then this is the one to go for.

Making an entrance
Drive the hovercraft forward, you donít actually go far, and drive it up the steps on the left, use your GPS if you arenít sure, then get out by pressing cancel and proceed forward, there will be lots of enemies ahead, surge forward with one being aggressive and the other picking them off, take cover when you can, then notice there will be a shield near the stairs dropped by a dead fallen enemy, pick it up and go upstairs and finish off the rest of them, then check your GPS and proceed through two doors until you come to a large terminal, there will be a heavily armoured solider there and lots of enemies, and because of the sheer size of this room and the amount of cover it would be far too dangerous to go down there. Instead stay at the top of the stairs, you have good cover here and a great vantage point, peek over and pick off enemies when they are in view, ignore the heavily armoured guard but donít stand in view where he can pepper you, sometimes go down the stairs a little to pick off enemies, have your buddy hold at the top of the stairs and fire at the enemies. When they are all gone, get your buddy to come with you and go towards the heavily armoured guard, but use the pillar as cover between you and him, for now the intention isnít to take him on because you wonít have the time, as you proceed the towards him out into the middle area of the terminal, this will cause more enemies to enter the terminal, going towards him was acting purely as a trigger to get them to appear, then run back with your buddy to the vantage point at the top of the stairs. Stay here and pick them all off as you were doing before. Once you think they are all gone, and you may want to zoom with your sniper scope to survey the area, get your buddy with you and go down and walk across to the window area a little, if no one shoots at you it looks like thereís only the heavily armoured guard left, go back to the stairs area and then go towards him using cover, and hopefully he will be around where the pillar is, you can get your buddy to attack him and you can flank him, or you can both stand behind the pillar and he wonít even be able to hit you, then flank him while heís attempting to shoot your buddy but canít even land a shot.

Storming the baggage area and rescuing Alice Murray
Once the terminal is finally clear, enemies will appear in the baggage area ahead,
a few will be crouching behind the first immediate cover, use aggressive tactics and storm them, then go in and hide behind the lockers, and enemies will rush you, be ready for them and have you buddy stay with you or hold around the lockers, you donít want him running off into fire, let them come to you and then when most are gone you can storm the remaining ones that have camped behind cover just like the initial ones did. Work your way through the baggage area via the left side and head up the stairs, there will be a few upstairs around the office, once they are dead proceed through the office, or you can walk round the right side of it to where you need to press a button to move the baggage ramp to where Alice is, once you have pressed this just walk into the office doorway behind you and there next to the door in the left corner will be a silver briefcase which will net you a massive 15 grand.

Exploration item #1
1. In the corner of the room at the doorway just next to where you press a button outside of the baggage areas office.

Now head out and follow your GPS into the corridor leading towards where you now need to free the baggage ramp, pick up a shield lying there and use it as your partner picks off the enemies ahead of you, once you get to the obstruction, drop your shield and press use to kick it out and pick up the shield again and drop down from there to the baggage area, the fall wonít harm you, then follow your GPS to see that you need to press use to push the trolley like apparatus underneath the end of the baggage ramp that is against the wall, pick up the shield and take it with you, and then run round to the start of the ramp and go up there, where you will meet a few enemies, once they are dead, press use on the gate to free Alice, then follow your GPS, as you go down the ramp there are about 3 enemies at the bottom but they are easy to take out as they pretty much stand there begging to be hit, have your partner come with you as he will still lay down suppressive fire even though he is carrying Alice. When you exit the baggage area there will be a couple of enemies who will jump through the windows and then take cover behind some chairs on the left, you can take care of these easy enough, aim for their legs under the chairs if they are crouching, then see that there will be a few more enemies in the next area behind a meshed gate on the left, shoot at them and then your hacker friend will raise the gate, if you are low on ammo there should be quite a few ammo bags on the terminal floor if you look around, then proceed through the meshed gate area that your hacker friend opened and enemies will charge you a few at a time, nothing you canít handle, then to complicate things a heavily armoured soldier will appear, get your buddy hold behind a soda machine and fire aggressively, he will put Alice down, now you can flank him. Follow your GPS to the gate ahead, get your buddy to join you and press use and then a cut-scene will play, you have rescued Alice and now itís just the two of you, an Army of Two.

Mid-mission Shopping #2
If you tried a new primary weapon and didnít think it was as good, now is an opportunity to change it.

Hovercraft and turning the Monorail power back on
Put your GPS on and drive the craft to its destination, you will encounter enemies along the way but they wonít be much trouble as your buddy will shoot them away. When it comes to docking the craft in this level it can be a little tricky as it seems to be extremely fussy that you get it exactly on the docking outline, and so you may have to keep moving back and forth ever so gently until it says Ďvehicle dockedí and also enables the cancel button display on the screen so that you can get off the hovercraft. You will now be outside the power control room so that you can ride the monorail later on, there will be enemies in here, so go in and deal with them, then notice that there is a sparking power cable in the way, you need to press the use button on the console at the left of the door and then your buddy can run across the live wire, then when heís past the wire, press the use button so the power goes back on again so that he can open the doors and turn the power to the monorail on, then you need to turn off the power again so he can run back over the sparking power cable.
Hop back into the hovercraft, reverse and then either switch your GPS on, or easier still, just follow the monorail as it will lead to the monorail station, as you reach the station drive it up gently onto the concrete steps and look at your GPS, there didnít seem to be a vehicle outline here, but if you look at how many metres you are away from docking on the GPS and edge it up slowly the Ďvehicle dockedí text should display, then press cancel to exit the craft.

The Monorail ride
Follow your GPS which will take you up the steps and board the monorail, get in and press the use button at any end of the monorail, your buddy will press the other, and off you go, along the way cut-scenes will play of RPG guys about to take a shot at you, thereís not much you can do about this, the first rocket will hit the monorail at the front left, and the second cut-scene RPG guy will hit it from the front r ight and leave large gaping holes in it, just crouch down and stay in the middle as thatís where the best cover is, later there will be a 3rd cut-scene RPG guy but this time you can spot him and shoot him before he gets his shot off, note the metal barriers next to him in the cut-scene, the look left after itís over and you should be able to see him and shoot him before he fires, also there will be a few enemies along the way but they wonít be able to get a particularly good shot at you if you crouch behind cover, you can shoot back but really this is all for storyline effect, you cannot control your partner while on the monorail trip so just sit tight and shoot at what you can, but donít waste too much ammo.

Mid-mission Shopping #3
Make sure you equip a sniper rifle, as you will definitely need it shortly and many times again for the rest of the mission. If you tried the PKM or other Primary weapon and didnít like it, you could switch back to your Felin-2C again now if you wanted to. I believe the next fire fight is possibly the toughest in the game, and would recommend using either the PKM or Felin-2C, but whatever you choose it needs to be up to the job ahead, and something you are comfortable with.

Co-op Snipe the guards
It is essential that you choose to co-op snipe the guards outside the building now, and make a clean successful shot, without being seen beforehand, because if you donít then more enemies will pour out of the SSC tower building ahead and occupy positions of good cover outside, the fire fight you will have inside the building will be one of the trickiest of the whole game, and so you definitely donít need two together; besides, you need your ammo for the main fire fight, so as soon as you get to the doorway, do not proceed outside, the two guards will magically see you and then youíll have made things a whole lot worse for yourself, get your sniper rifle and co-op snipe the guards, then rush into the building.

The Mother of all fire fights
Once inside this large lobby of the SSC tower, take cover behind either of the LCD TVís there, here is where you will stay and thin out the resistance. Get your buddy to come to you on the left side TV and then get him to hold there, while you run to the right, the reason being, there will sometimes be an RPG shooter on the right side of the lobby, and from here you can take him out with a clean sniper shot. With him out of the way, choose either the left or the right LCD display as a place to hold and pick off enemies when the opportunity arises, it might be tempting to rush forward, but the enemies tend to try and flank you if you do and hurl a barrage of grenades, it wonít be long until you need medical attention if you try to proceed in this way and then itís likely the two of you will be shot in the crossfire as they flank you. So be patient, this is where the sniper rifle comes in, fire from here at the back, behind the TVís their grenades wonít reach you, and if they get close you can gun them down with your machine gun, with the enemies further away, make your sniper rifle bullets count. Sometimes you can run out of the doors behind you and snipe from there, you can still take flak, but because you are further away it affords you a little less damage disruption while you snipe a target. When the enemy resistance gets thinned, you may have to move forward along the sides to take the occasional enemy out, eventually it will depend on whether the enemies have all come forward or some are hanging back, if they hang back you will have to go to them, in which case bring your buddy along, get him to hold and fire aggressively from behind cover while you go forward hunting enemies, there will be a heavily armoured guard at some point and you will need to flank him.

Get to the elevator control room on the 2nd floor
Once youíve eventually killed all the enemies follow your GPS to the lift, and press the button at the right hand side of it, youíll find it doesnít work and so you need to go up to the control room on the 2nd floor, get up the stairs and use the balcony for cover, then work your way round, note that there is a riot shield near the top of the stairs, but watch out for the heavily armoured gunner, youíll have to ditch it to deal with him, note that these guys are your sub-objectives and with each one dealt with you are earning money. Once this area is clear, go into the control room, just follow your GPS and be ready because when you enter a guy will be right there ready to fire on you, when you have dealt with him press the control panel button on the left.

When you exit the room go back to the 2nd floor but expect enemies there, donít go out of the doorway, there is an RPG guy across the way hiding behind the balcony on the other side, when he crouches for cover you may be able to see where he is because the end of his RPG will stick up over the top of the balcony, get your sniper rifle and aim it waiting for him to peek up, then take him out, with him out of the way you can now proceed, work your way around the edge of the balcony, then go back down the stairs where youíll find the place has more enemies again, although this wonít be anywhere near as tough as before, you need your buddy to distract them while you go and press a button on the terminal at the lobbyís front desk, follow your GPS to it if you need to, this then sends the lift up, but you need to run to the 3rd floor and get on its roof as it canít be accessed from the 2nd floor, you donít need to kill all the enemies here now and once youíve pressed the button forget about the rest if there are any left, and make your way up the stairs to the 3rd floor, which surprise; surprise, is full of enemies just waiting to greet you.

If the riot shield is still around or you didnít use it the first time, it will still be there near the stairs on the 2nd floor, you can use it now to go up to the 3rd floor and take the enemies out there, once they are deal with, run around to the far right end of the balcony and find the final intel briefcase of the game.

Exploration item #2
2. Pick up the briefcase at the far right end of the 3rd floor of the SSC Tower building

Ride the elevator to the roof, and commence a back to back scenario
Follow the GPS and press the jump button to get on top of the elevator, then follow the GPS and perform a step jump, a cut-scene will now play and then a back to back scenario will commence. When the enemies are dealt with, follow the GPS along the roof and into the building and down the stairs, a cut-scene will play and when it stops you will have to contend with an heavily armoured guard with a difference, heís at the other end of the area firing an RPG, just what you need! If youíve got some sniper rifle bullets left these will come in really handy now. Go to take cover behind the left railing area over looking the room and try and pick off enemies, but crouch often so as not to take too much damage, when you can, snipe the far away enemies at the back, and use the machine gun on the nearer ones, donít send your partner down yet, sit tight until there is less resistance. Once itís a little easier, run down the stairs with your buddy and get him to take cover on the left, get him to hold and fire aggressively with aggro and then work your way up the room and pick off any remaining enemies on this left side, once they are done get him to join you, you should try and get him to be near the stairs on the left side and hold behind cover, in a position where he can fire on the heavily armoured guard but have some cover, while you go around the steps at the back and then get a clean shot at the guard who should be facing your buddy and exposing his back to you, you might just get a clean shot from here, if not youíll have to move your buddy around and take the opportunity when it arises.

Clearing your names at the servers
Once he is dead, itís time to clear your names, go up to the blue computer screen on the wall behind the stairs, and press the use button, or put your GPS on and see the flashing green light, then go to the other 3 on the left side if you face back up the room. Once they are done, go up the stairs where the guard was and meet more enemies, this time Clyde will be there and heís a tough cookie. Look for a riot shield next to the far right bookshelf, take it and proceed, have your partner hold back and walk up to the heavily armoured guard, the shield will protect you as you walk past him, then get your buddy to advance aggressively then when the guard turns round, drop the shield and machine gun him in the back. Now as you have advanced notice that there is a machine gun turret on the other side of the room, you need to pick the shield up again and get your buddy behind you and get round the room, bash enemies with it if they get close, once you are around the other side the turret guy will probably run, if not a grenade at his feet will sort him, or you could rush him while your buddy advances with aggro.

Final Fire fight and Killing Clyde the easy way
Go up the stairs and take cover, if thereís still anything left of the shield you can bring it up with you, you can only advance left around this upper balcony, Clyde will be around the far right, but before you get to him thereíll be a heavily armoured guard on the end of his side stopping you from getting round there so easily, and a few enemies too, take cover and pick off the enemies first, then when they are all gone, you have two choices, the hard way or the easy way? The easy way is to stay on this side using the balcony and pillar for cover get your buddy to lay down suppressive fire and have your sniper rifle already zoomed in on the location where Clyde is hiding, then snipe Clyde each time he pops his head up, a few good hits will kill him and this way you never have to even go past the heavily armoured guard and fight him close up, or you can try the more challenging way explained below.

Killing Clyde the hard way
After killing the regular enemies on this upper level bring your buddy round to corner and get him to rush the guard or you rush him while heís holding, and applying suppressive fire, shoot the guard in the back. Another tactic is to throw a grenade where it will land at his feet, this wonít kill him but it will floor him, which gives you both time to run over to him, then one can shoot him in the back. Now itís just you two and Clyde, but Clyde has a sniper rifle and fires it at an incredibly fast rate; apart from when he stops to reload, thatís when heís vulnerable, if you have any sniper rifle ammo left, one clean headshot should kill him depending on how much damage heís already taken, or you can both advance and take him out with machine guns, but first youíll need to be behind good cover, donít give him the opportunity to shoot you, (if he does shoot you so you are downed and need medical help, Iíve found you can still kill him even while you are injured providing he is in your sights, just sit there and shoot at him) so stay down and then when he reloads, pop up and shoot him in the head, or if you have no sniper ammo, both of you advance and finish him off, after heís dead, a cut scene will play which will finish off the games story and hint at a sequel. Congratulations, youíve just completed Army of Two!

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