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Retro Game Walkthroughs For
"Lost Odyssey"
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Retro Game Walkthroughs for Lost Odyssey (Xbox 360)
Submitted By: Emmie87
Welcome to the World of Lost Odyseey, be prepared for 4 discs of awesomeness ( yes i did just use that word!) i have to say that you are in for a treat with this game, but i assume you are all ready aware of that as i don't think you will be calling on the help of my guide until a little later in the game. Good luck on your quest with kaim and co - i hope you have fun and if you need it then this guide helps. To save most of you some time, just press ctrl + f to bring the search box up and search the place you are. It is a rather large guide as it is a rather large game lol. Thanks for reading and enjoy!


You start as Kaim leaping into the fray, a one-man killing machine attacking each Khent Soldier as they come up. Eventually, they will bring in the forces of the Heavy Tank.

MINIBOSS: Heavy Tank

You won't get anywhere if you don't attack the Right and Left Units (arms) of the Tank alternately. Right, left, right, left... continue hitting them in that pattern to keep the tank's defense system down and eventually blow each of the Units off.

The tank won't stay neutralized unless you keep hitting the cannons alternately.

Once that's done, you can target the Tank's Magic Engine. This will end the battle and continue the scene. You can use the Healing Medicines available to you if Kaim's HP is low, but you won't lose if he dies -- he can't die, he's an immortal! However, it will take a few turns for him to wake back up, so it's best to keep him alive to get this over with.

Highlands of Wohl
Hypocenter / Edge of Wasteland / Gorge

Run forward until you're assaulted by Insane Khent Soldiers. Defeat them, then continue until you come across a large Heavy Tank head. Get close and ram it when the "Ram" cue appears onscreen, and you'll earn your first Ring accessory, the Bruiser Ring! (Using timed hits with the Ring will help in future battles.) Learn the basics of the Ring system, then Ram into the other large pieces of wreckage around here to find extra healing items.

Give the wreckage a good whack to find hidden goodies.

There’s a glowing spot off to the left before the exit -- it's another hidden item, the Name Plate valuable. Continue up the narrow path. More items are hidden in the crates along the path -- just run into them to reveal the items. Continue to the Gorge.

Uhran soldiers will discover Kaim and take him to their small camp. Open the chests at the beginning to obtain some Ring Assembly components. Talk to the soldiers to learn some insights about what's going on -- otherwise, continue forward up to the armored carts and enter.

Uhra Troops
Armored Vehicle

Walk to the other end of the car to meet Seth, and then the car will arrive at the Great Gate of Uhra.

Once there, enter the door to the Tower. Follow the soldiers onto the central lift, and then onto the Monorail. Again, you can talk to the people inside the car, otherwise run to the other end to watch Kaim arrive at the city of Uhra.

The Central Station

Check a glowing spot next to the center benches to find an Engraved Ring. Then go north to take another lift down.

The soldiers want you to go to the Council Hall. They'll walk there slowly, but you can beat them there by taking the east exit out to the Central Station Square, then continuing all the way east.

(As you explore Uhra, be sure to check any posters flapping on walls or columns, as well as pots all around -- you can almost always find an item such as a Seed or Ring component.

City of Uhra

You'll be automatically taken to the Council, where Kaim will meet with Gongora and the other higher-ups. After the cut-scene, Kaim will be "off-duty" and be invited to stay at the local inn.

Follow Main Street up around and up, until you notice a blue dot on the minimap. This is Tolsan's Inn, so go ahead and enter. Talk to Tolsan to get a room and go to sleep. When Kaim wakes up, you'll get a passage of "A Thousand Years of Dreams," along with a tutorial.

The inn is right here. After sleeping, you can explore the other guest rooms to talk to patrons and search for hidden items (you can find a Holy Knight Charm accessory inside the northeast room, for instance).

Once back on Main Street, go back south, towards the Council Hall, until a cut-scene plays introducing Jansen, the mage.

After that, turn around and exit to the north, to the Residential Area. Gossip will catch Kaim's ear, hinting that you should go to Gongora's Mansion. Once you enter the Residential Area, continue north to reach the Mansion area.

Dreams: In the Residential Area, find a three-member family on one of the park benches to get another ATYOD entry, "White Flowers." Also there are three more dreams at the tavern. "A Hero's Return" is triggered by approaching to a drunk soldier at the bar."In a Mind of a Captive" can be found by exiting the tavern, entering again, going up the stairs and approaching to the people at the first table. For "A Mother Comes Home", exit/re-enter the tavern and there will be a a man with his child. Additionally, you can go back through the Central Station Square, take the lift up to the main Central Station and meet a young girl and her father to remember "Little Liar."

City of Uhra
Gongora's Mansion

Go up to the front door and attempt to open it. You'll be blocked, but a cut-scene shows what's happening between Gongora and Tolten inside the mansion. Once that ends, Kaim will enter the mansion.

An aide in the hallway will tell you to take the lift to the second floor. Round one of the corners in the hallway and take the first door you see to enter the Research Lab, then take the door to the rear to enter the lift and speak to Gongora.

Enter this lift to meet with Gongora.

Following that, you'll return the Research Lab. Enter the door to the north wall to enter an upper hallway with three chests that contain a Flare Bomb along with the Hawk Eye and Berserker Necklace accessories. Collect them and pull out the wooden box behind the singular chest to the west. Then go behind the multi-colored boxes and there will be an ornate looking chest, open it to find some magma fragments, then return to the main hallway and exit the mansion.

City of Uhra
The Great Gate of Uhra

Back in town, Kaim will finally have a chat with Seth, the other immortal. Following that scene, run back to the Central Station Square. Rather than exiting through the west end, go around the corner, down to where the Taxi driver stands. Talk to him, and accept a ride to the Great Gate.

It can be easy to forget where the taxi is. Just remember: Central Station Square...

At the Gate, Kaim and Seth wait for an inebriated Jansen. After the scene, he'll finally join up with the party, and you can learn about Skill Links. If desired, link Jansen's skills to Kaim and Seth (one can learn White Magic while the other learns Black, for example), and equip everybody with the accessory bands you collected earlier. Don't forget to kick the canisters outside to find some extra items, like gold and Assembly components.

Stuff is all around you. If it looks like a container, it probably contains something.

If you attempt to exit the Gate area to the south, Shopkeeper Barkus will ride up in a taxi. From him you can buy extra items and accessories, but you may not have that much Gold at this point. Concentrate on stocking up on the basic healing items (Healing Medicine, Mana Herb and Antidote) -- at least 5 of each; at most 10.

Exit to the south after you've done the necessary shopping. You'll arrive at the World Map screen. Select the Ipsilon Mountains to start the mission.

Run along the mountain path to fight enemies and learn more about battles and leveling up. It shouldn't take long for Jansen to learn his magic spells, followed by Kaim and/or Seth learning their linked skills.

(One thing to remember when fighting elemental enemies is that fire spells cause the most damage on wind enemies, wind on earth enemies, earth on water enemies, and water on fire enemies)

Guess what, there are pots around! With things in them!

In the second section of the area, the party comes across an abandoned house, and Jansen begs to take a rest inside. Once inside, go upstairs to talk to Jansen and sleep on the bed, replenishing everyone's HP/MP, and giving you another cut-scene to watch. When daybreak returns, exit by taking the north door downstairs.

It's like Jansen tries to be unliked.

Ipsilon Mountains
Northern Ridge / Peak

As you run forward, you get another behind-the-scenes look at Uhra, and then the weather on the mountain changes for the worse. Continue forward and defeat any enemies along the way. Kaim will also recall another Dream, "The Upstreamers." Eventually the winds will die down and you can continue to run to the end of the section.

Nothing to do but push through.

You'll arrive at the Ipsilon Peak, but it will soon be time to face a boss!

BOSS: Grilgan
Given that Grilgan is a Wind-type enemy, you should use Jansen to cast Flare often. But Grilgan can also do heavy damage to the front row with its Down Burst attack, so you should also be ready to heal (if anyone has linked Jansen's White Magic, it should be easy to do backup healing). Grilgan's Poison Claw also deals big damage on top of poisoning, potentially doubling your healing duty. But as long as you keep up a fiery offensive, the boss should be down easily.

If you're finding yourself too quickly defeated (which is not that uncommon in the world of Lost Odyssey), consider going back down the Northern Ridge and gaining some more levels, and then back to the house to heal when needed. By level 14, your experience (EXP) gains should start slowing down, indicating a good time to go re-engage Grilgan (this is also a good rule of thumb for future boss battles). You probably won't have enough components to assemble a Flame Ring, (which would help), so instead, make a couple extra Bruiser Rings for the party to increase their normal attack damage.

You can also experiment with battle formations: in this battle most of the damage is taken by the front line. Try using a 1 front-2 back setup, using Kaim as your shield. Casting Shield is also beneficial -- just don’t forget to keep on healing.

After defeating Grilgan, run down the other side of the peak to the Southern Slope.

Ipsilon Mountains
Southern Slope

A wooden bridge has collapsed just down the way. Take a detour to the right by hopping across the small rock ledges, then circle back up to the bridge. Ram the green pile of rocks to uncover a chest with Novice Earrings inside.

Find the Earrings off the beaten path.

Continue south past the bridge and onto the mine cart indicating the entrance to the next section.

Ipsilon Mountains
Cart Track / Mining Site

A mine cart will be in your way at the start, so you must grab onto it and push it across the track to get to the other side. Other carts will be close to ledges, and you can ram them off and reveal hidden items.

The Mining Site looks big and confusing, but it's not -- just follow the minimap and climb down the ladders when you see them. Check behind green rock walls and on small platforms for treasure chests – one on the lower south end containing the Aqua spell, which completes the elemental quartet.

Keep your eyes peeled for platforms that look unreachable, but actually are.

The way out is towards the north. Push the mine cart blocking the way, then jump the gap in the track and continue to the end of the area. Back to the World Map! Select the next blue-dotted area: Grand Staff Construction Base.

Grand Staff Construction Base

Enter the door to the building just ahead of the save point to reach the Engineer's Resting Room, where you can, of course, rest (and grab the Poison spell from a nearby jar).

Below the beds, you'll notice a little maze of crates with no clear way to enter that area. You can get down in there another way, though: exit the Resting Room and go up the big ramp outside. To the left are to guards positioned around the upper entrance. Two crates are next to the ladder, but you'll have to get in there and move them first. Sneak by the guards by talking to each one, then getting out of their sight so that they start walking off. Run behind the upper guard and pull the first crate out, then attempt to sneak past the lower card and push the second crate out by the first. Don't worry about getting caught, as nothing bad will happen, and the repositioned crates will stay where you left them.

Pull out the upper crate, then weave around and push the lower one.

Down below is the Building Material Warehouse. From a nearby pot you can get the Turn-Tail Shoes accessory (very useful for escaping battles) and a technician acting as a merchant, from whom you can buy new weapons, spells (including the Black Magic ones you might have missed earlier) and other cool stuff. Spend wisely! Go for weapons first, then restorative items, then accessories/spells. Buying a few Magma Fragments to make a Flame Ring or two is a good idea for the next area, too.

You can then exit the room and return to the Resting Room, creating a nice shortcut back to the Warehouse should you want to buy anything else later.

Pipot spot: On the upper level you can find a small pot with a Pipot creature inside. Give it Seeds, or enough HP/MP recovery items to get a stronger one in return. Others can be found throughout the game world

Exit the base by taking the far south path out, and you'll return to the World Map. This time, we're headed to the Sea of Baus.

Check the chest near the save point for the Treasure Glasses accessory, then move forward when you're ready. As you move along the beach, note the big clamshells along the edges -- kick them open to get hidden items as usual. You can also get items from large bronze conductors, but make sure to stay back when they're not glowing with yellow sparks, or you'll be kicked back in to an ambush battle. Make sure to knock over all the ones you see, though -- one of them contains a Yellow Band accessory, which prevents Paralysis and is useful for the upcoming boss.

This is a high-voltage area that does more than give you a jolt -- you can be ambushed by monsters, too.

As for levels, you have until 16 before the EXP starts trickling. You can defeat the next boss with a tight strategy at that level, but if you think you have the patience, a couple more levels wouldn't hurt.

When you reach the Crater Island area (with the multiple staircases), just run to the top and reach the save point. Then get ready for another cut-scene leading into the boss battle. If you don't have one Aqua Ring and one Earth Ring, assembling and equipping them would be a good idea. Put the Yellow Band on Jansen.

BOSS: Bogimoray & Magic Insects

The Magic Insects will charge their magic on virtually every turn. As they glow, the Bogimoray can absorb their power. When the Bogimoray's MP is full (shown on the meter in the upper left), it unleashes a powerful Para-Flare attack that damages and paralyzes the entire party (hence the importance of the Yellow Band). The less Insects there are and the less that are charged, the less MP the Bogimoray gains.

Maintain a low number of Insects to make sure that they don't all charge up in one turn.

Keep in mind that the Magic Insects are Wind-types while the Bogimoray is a Fire-type, so use Fire attacks on the Insects and Water-based attacks on the Bogimoray. Also be ready to heal after an Insect's "Force" attack -- it causes several hundred HP worth of damage!

Set Kaim and Seth to attack one Insect at a time to keep their numbers low (since more will insects re-appear after you kill so many), while Jansen slings Aqua at the Bogimoray.

You likely won't completely be able to avoid the Bogimoray's Flare attack, but you can definitely delay it.

Just when you think you’ve defeated the Bogimoray, a second one pops up out of the ground. Worse, it appears with a full charge, so it's ready for another Para-Flare as soon as its turn comes up. Have Jansen cue up Zephyr for this turn, then follow with Anti-Paralysis spells/herbs as necessary.

Water, water everywhere, flying towards that thing's head!

For such an early battle, this is already pretty challenging. Given its length, there will probably be some streak of bad luck (like a double Force attack) that will cause you to lose. You can bear with it and try again, or go back and level up like we suggested.

After the battle, the party checks out the base of Grand Staff. Heal your HP and MP first, and then, before going over and talking to Seth, explore the area to find chests with a Sage's Protection accessory and a Healing Potion. Approach Seth at the base of the Staff, where the group finds themselves in yet another pickle against a wave of Numara Soldiers!

Can you see Kaim? Off to the right is where you can find a subtly-hidden chest.

MINIBOSS: Numara Soldiers

These guys aren't of any certain element, so you can gleefully whack away at them without much strategy. However, it's best to start with Jansen casting Prism, as that will deal non-elemental damage to the entire enemy group (especially the White Magician in the back row). In our playthroughs, the soldiers tended to attack Seth the most, so try to keep her healed in anticipation of multiple attacks.

Have Jansen prepare a powerful Prism attack that can thin out the herd.

After a couple of turns, the archers will be summoned, and every few turns they'll launch an attack that will take just under 100 HP from each party member.

When the enemy's GC is at zero or near-zero, that's your chance to go after the White Magician, and get rid of him quickly before he can heal anymore soldiers. Additionally, switch Jansen from Prism to Zephyr to keep the party alive after an archer attack. Generally, you shouldn't have nearly as much trouble as you did with the Bogimorays.

Try to keep the White Magician from assisting the soldiers.

Unfortunately, winning the battle won't keep our heroes out of trouble.

Crater Island
Numara Troop Camp

As Kaim, run around your cell a little bit until you remember a Dream, "They Live in Shells." You can then talk to Jansen, and then another cut-scene with General Kakanas will play out. You'll return to the cell in Kaim's control. Ram the cell, which does nothing.

When switching to Jansen you have the option to kick a mouse on the right side of the cage. Do it and then quickly switch back to Kaim and you can pick up a "Light Lens".

Just wait around for a few seconds until another cut-scene plays where the cells are transported.

The group wakes up in another cell, but at least they're all together this time.

Jansen uses a special tool to disrupt the prison guard, letting you freely escape the cell. Save at the save point, then exit north to the Engine Area.

As you approach the first corner, the party notices the Security Eyes. They dart back and forth along the halls, and you'll have to run past them when their backs are turned towards you.

Solid Kaim sneaks by the enemy forces.

After dodging the first one, you'll discover the Eyes also respond to sound, and you can then kick a can to distract the next one. At that point, dash past the Eye and over to the glowing control panel around the corner. Push the panel to open a door leading to a chest with the Paralyze spell.

Taking care of the next Eye is a simple matter of dashing over to the next nearest control panel and pushing it to trap the Eye in the other small room. Push the opposite panel to open the door to the next section. Take the west side of the hall, but be careful as you dash around the corner: a red panel on the floor is just up ahead, and running over it will trip the alarm. As the game will show you, simply walking over it (by holding the B button) will let you cross safely. A door to the next area is up ahead, but first, continue to the end of the path and climb the ladder there. Push the control panel on the upper platform to lower a second ladder leading down to the beginning -- this opens up a nice shortcut should you get caught.

Make things easier by taking the ladders up to secret switches.

The sleeping guard in the next hall will stay in dreamland as long as you walk along the red floor panels; nothing new here. The door with two red lights up ahead can't be opened yet, so veer to the right to take the detour. You can open up another small room with a chest hiding a Slot Seed; otherwise, continue onto the next security eye and sneak past it, towards the nearby ladder on the wall.

The ladder leads up to the catwalk. Travel slowly, as you don't want to be surprised by red panels. On the other end is a panel that releases another ladder. Climb down reach another side of the room, with yet another ladder in the foreground (northeast on the map). But first, run to the right of the ladder and activate the red-light panel near the door. Doing so releases the lock on the big door.

Unlock the door before moving on.

Now, sneak past the eye and climb the foreground ladder. Once Kaim grabs the ladder, don't worry about being spotted. Climb up and activate the next panel to lower the ladder back down to the red-light door; another shortcut, but also the way back to the door. Go up to the second panel to open the door and access the lift.

Once you get to the lower ladder, you're out of the Eye's line of sight.

The White Boa
Guest Area / Queen's Room

Kaim gets another memory back, but the group has also stumbled into the Guest Area, with more than a few soldiers around. All their gear is recovered, which is good news considering that the violence is ready to break out again. Guards come by and spot our heroes, and you'll have to take them down in a battle.

Standard attacks and spells will wipe out these grunts easily.

They're pushovers, but as you run around the Guest Area, you can still get into random battles with more soldiers and Security Eyes. First, run north to the save point, then double back and check the middle of the small bridge to open a chest with an Angel's Plume. Another chest is in the southeast corner with a Healing Potion.

Don't bother with any of the side doors, either -- they're all locked. Continue to the north center door. Jansen sneaks into the Queen's quarters. You'll end up in control of him, so run up to the Queen and watch the scene play out. Eventually Jansen ends up kidnapping the queen and must escape from the room. To find the emergency exit, just run behind the center platform.

The White Boa
Engine Room

With Jansen, you may enter a battle or two in the Engine Room, though the single soldiers shouldn't be a hassle as long as you hit them with regular spells. Just run north to continue the scenes. Needless to say, Jansen's freedom is fleeting, and he soon rejoins the others in Numara, who are only under arrest for a short while.

Numara Palace Façade / City of Numara

Check the outer ring of the Façade and find gold and assembly components in the pots. Also around is a little girl who's looking for her dog, which you can help her with in a bit.

From the Façade, you arrive in Numara's White Square. The Inn is close by, with Main Street to the east and the exit to the World Map to the south. Use Main Street to access Canal Street, where you can discover more side quests by visiting a sculptor in his house -- he requests a few crystal fragments from the Crimson Forest, but you'll be there in due time. A group of kids will let you into their secret club if you find their three items in town, too.

Canal Street has plenty of little tasks for you to do -- that is if you want some extra supplies.

The little girl's dog can be found in an alley along Main Street, so once you find it, run back to the girl and you can get three Kelo-Oils in return -- not the best reward, but you can use them to make a Kelo Ring for use later. However, the dog is also by a ladder, which you can climb in order to access a chest across the water with a Slot Seed inside.

In order to get the two chests across from the gondola you must first find the Chuchu girl (Rabbit Girl)in White Square. Play tag and catch her to recieve a Slot Seed. Talk to her again to to play hide and seek. Next talk to the girl in the gondola on Main Street. The Chuchu girl is hiding in the rear of item shop. Go through door in alley. She will give you Mana Earrings. Exit through the door towards the right to find boy in Gondola looking for girl. He will get the 1st chest for you. Go back out to main street to find the two of them and he will get the 2nd chest for you Mimint Earrings.

In the narrow spaces of Main Street, you'll find that little girl's dog, and some bonus items up above.

Dreams: A boy on Main Street evokes "The Talkative Mercenary," and a couple in the same area will help Kaim remember "Letters from a Weakling," then when you round the corner on canal street you will get a cutsceen of a young girl followed by her brother for "Don't Forget Me, Ya Hear?."

Canal Street will take you to the Port of Numara. There, run to the west exit to enter the Ghost Town.

Follow the minimap to find your way around the ruins. Before long you'll come across two children by a flower bed. The kids, Cooke and Mack, end up also being visited by Numaran soldiers who make a fuss, and wrap our heroes into another battle.

Find the kids tending the flowers.

You'll engage a trio of soldiers along with two Cavalry troops. Defeating the grunts in front won't be any different than any other time you fought them before, but once they're gone, the Cavalry starts getting more aggressive, and they can damage in the hundreds of hit points (especially their Rush move). But, as usual, you can relegate Kaim and Seth to attack and Jansen to spell casting (using Zephyr when HP levels are getting a little low). It shouldn't take more than one try to get rid of them.

Though the Cavalry hits harder, it's best to take care of them last.

Once you get rid of those bullies, the group is invited to Cooke and Mack's house. Follow Cooke's directions to get there -- don't forget to stop for any pots or chests you notice along the path. Cross into the next section, Funeral Beach, and enter the house.

Talk to the kids again inside the house to meet their mother. A pretty big revelation follows, but we're soon taken somewhere else, the Uhran Ampitheater, to check with Tolten.

Uhra - Ampitheater of the Sky

As Tolten, run straight forward and watch the story unfold until strange Mud Puppets start appearing. It's a tight space, so you'll have to fight them sooner or later. They're weak, so regular attacks will do just fine.

You'd think they'd send creatures stronger than mud to go after him.

It's not over for Tolten, however, as he's then accosted by Uhra's Chairman Roxian. For a few turns, Tolten's only command is "Inquire," turning this into an interactive cut-scene. Eventually, when his HP gets low, Tolten can then begin to attack. Start with a Healing Herb, then land a couple of Power Hit skills to defeat Roxian.

Bad stuff is going down in Uhra, but back in Numara, Kaim has other things on his mind.

Ghost Town - Funeral Beach

The funeral director arrives at the house, and requests help for the preparations. Starting with Cooke, you must collect ten white flowers around the Ghost Town. They're relatively easy to spot, so it shouldn't take too long. Start with the area around the house, where you can collect the first four flowers. Continue south to the City of Ruins where the remaining six can be found. Then, of course, return to the house and speak to the funeral director.

The white flowers stick out like sore thumbs (green ones?).

The goofy fetch quests continue with Kaim, who must collect ten bundles of sticks for the torches. You may have seen them before: small white patches of wood conveniently located next to fallen dead trees. Do the same as Cooke, clearing out each area before moving to the next. Interestingly, you don't have to find every last item, but it won't make for a very good funeral. Besides, the stuff isn't that hard to find.

The sticks are just as easy to spot.

Once Kaim and Cooke do their job, the funeral is practically ready. Mack will then have his own little job to do: lighting the torches of those in attendance of the funeral. With a combination of the analog stick and the face buttons, you must match the directions the visitors move their torches in. Use the buttons to jut the torch in the specified direction, then use the analog stick to fine-tune your aim so that the tips of both torches connect.

After going through the motions with four villagers, the ceremony will reach the end, and Lirum will be sent off to the ocean.

The group returns to the house, and Cooke becomes a part of the party as they search for the missing Mack. Make your way out of the Ghost Town -- as Kaim passes by the church, a new Dream is revealed: "Evening Bell."

The little one: Don't forget to link skills with Cooke if you want. Her "Casting Support" and "Angel Heart" skills can enable an offense-minded party member to support the magic users effectively.

Make your way back to the Port of Numara, and then into town to refresh yourselves and stock up on vittles. Keep a decent supply of Kelo-Vitamins, as you'll run into a few Kelolons in the next area and may need to heal the Kelolon status effect often.

Dream: After the funeral, the dream "The Portraitist of the Dead" can be found on the southern bridge in Numara's Canal Street.

Then, exit the town and head for the Crimson Forest via the world map.

Head towards the northwest corner to find an item left behind by Mack, which indicates the route he took. Ram the huge log in the way to continue to the next area. In the "Near Swamp" area, make your way to the northeast area to enter the Sorcerer's Shrine.

Bust the log to keep going.

Crystal Fragments: The items requested by the sculptor on Canal Street can be gathered by kicking open the purple mushroomy things you find around the Forest. Also, ram the pointy rock columns for extra items.

Chamber of Stone Tablets
Sorcerer's Shrine / Dungeon Shrine

Save at the save point, then step on the glowing lift to be taken to the lower level. Continue left to enter the Dungeon Shrine. Here, you must find a way to open the circular door down below. If you climb the steps, you'll trip a step switch that sends a boulder down after you. Avoid the first one by dashing up (by using the X button) the first staircase, then standing on the platform off to the side to avoid the boulder, then reach the top.

Don't get knocked off, or you'll have to run all the way back!

On the second staircase, do the same thing, but this time go down. Below is a green column that you can grab onto. Push it off to the side -- out of the path of the boulder -- until it turns red, and then go back up to the top and lure the boulder out. That takes care of the door!

Continue exploring the shrine for extra goodies. A Lucky Clover accessory can be obtained in a chest below the third staircase (which also leads to the rear of the Chamber where you can get more Crystal Fragments).

The boss is up ahead. Levels start slowing at 19, so try to get everyone there before continuing. On the bright side, the save point has a restoration orb next to it for easy healing.

BOSS: Obsidian Tentacles

At the start, this weird magic creature kidnaps Cooke, so you'll be without her extra help for now. Attack the Tentacle (C) that has Cooke, and keep doing it until she's freed. With any luck, you should save her before her HP is drained.

Go after Tentacle C before any others.

Continue focusing your offensive on one tentacle at a time. Get Cooke all healed, then use her to keep the rest of the party afloat. After all attackable tentacles are gone, the Obsidian will bring out Mack and use him as a shield. Whatever you do, don't attack Mack -- take a few turns to heal the party and boost your defense as you guard against the further attacks of the Obsidian. When you're ready, cast Sleep on Mack. Doing so will put him out of commission and open up the Obsidian to your attacks.

Put Mack to sleep so he's not in your attack path.

Unfortunately, attacking the Obsidian physically isn't going to work well -- you'll have to hit it with spells instead. But don't speed through the command selection, either, as Mack can still wake up! Put him to sleep quickly and continue the onslaught. Jansen should do fine casting Black Magic on his own, but any linked Black users can provide a leg up, too.

Mack is freed, and incidentally, Disc 1 ends here.

By now, Mack joins the party, though his max HP doesn't really make him cut out for the front battle row, despite the game putting him there first. Move him to the back and then take the nearby lift platform out of the Shrine and back to the Crimson Forest. At the exit of the Forest, Kaim remembers another dream, "Elegy Island."

The conveniently-placed lift willtake you outside.

Remember all those weird circular stones that looked like lifts you saw on your way into the Sorcerer's Shrine? Well after saving Mack they finally become active! make sure to grab the items at the end of both of these two, as one of them contains the Demon Warrior Blade and Ring. Which is by far the most powerful sword you will have found by now! (Haven't grabbed Adamantis' Sword and Ring yet? head over to the Pipot near Mack and Cooke's house and hand him twenty seeds to grab them!).

Heal by using the save point, then make your way back to the City of Numara.

City of Numara

A short cut-scene plays as you run through White Square. Unfortunately, our heroes are pegged as the enemy, and there's no way out! The troops come marching in, and you'll have to fight your way through a group of the Numara Heavy Corps.

Is this the end for our heroes?! Nahh.

To complicate things slightly, you're without Mack and Cooke for this battle. However, Seth and Kaim shouldn’t have too much problems with the troops, so put Jansen on healing duty. This should go by fairly quickly, and the trio should escape soon after.

As usual, Prism does a good job of weakening soldiers.

Numara Palace
Corridor Garden

They're still on the run, though! Soldiers and guard dogs will pursue you, but if you'd rather not fight them, just keep running down the garden paths. On the other hand, it's not too hard to slip by them if you want to grab the items from the nearby pots. At any rate, make your way towards the blue lifts as soon as you see them.

The enemies will be a cinch -- just head for the lifts!

Eventually, you should make it up to the top level of the garden where the save point is. Save, and then follow the path south to exit. The crew will make it out of the palace, kidnapping the Queen again, and will escape to the Façade. Run south, back to White Square, where General Kakanas catches up and engages the team with his tank.

But wait!: If possible, assemble a couple of Jamming Rings for Kaim and Seth, maybe Mack too -- they enable extra damage on mechanical enemies, which is what you're about to face.

BOSS: Magic Heavy Tank

There are four parts of the tank – the "Tank" part and the "Cannon" part. When the Cannon is properly charged, it fires a "Volcannon" shot hitting the entire party. When the Tank part is charged, Kakanas mows down a party member with the Tank Hit (and takes a chunk out of your GC as well).

The Tank Hit is nasty -- when the tank is powered up, be ready with Zephyr.

Therefore, you should start by focusing your offense on one of the main (non-Unit) parts of the tank. The Tank Hit move is generally more harmful than the cannon, so we'd suggest going after the Magic Heavy Tank. Or you could go after the Unit parts, since they're the ones that will drain your MP and HP to charge the tank, but our preferred goal is to disable the use of the treads and cannon.

Ignore the "Units" and go straight for the main parts.

Of special note is Mack: his physical attacks will barely damage the tank, so use him to support the others with Powera or Minda spells.

With the Heavy Tank treads neutralized, you won't have to worry about getting run over. Switch your focus to the Cannon next, then finish with the Unit parts.

Kakanas tries desperately to finish off the group, but he just rubs salt in his own wound.

After this, Queen Ming officially joins the party. Her Composite Magic lets her "upgrade" the normal elemental Black Magic spells, enabling her to hit entire enemy parties with them. At the very least, that can help her speed up battles when you're just looking to level up, but for the short-term, you might fare better using her instead of Mack.

Seth has an idea, so exit the main city and head for the Port.

Port of Numara / Shipyard

Enter the loading bay through the rear.

Head to the building in the northeast. You'll have to take the back entrance over by the foliage. Once inside, Seth enacts a plan to recapture the ship. Once you regain control, run down to the edge of the loading dock to watch another cut-scene.

Seth's ship is within reach!

Then, the Slantnose sets off! View the tutorial, then head for the lighted landing point towards the east. If you need a quick place to rest, stop at the Port again and head to Cooke and Mack's house.

Pull RT to bring up the full map where you track the landing points.

Ghotza / Mountain Village Tosca

After the "landing" cut-scene and the gaining of another dream, you can access the world map. Head to Tosca Village.

First thing to do in Tosca is visit the inn. Go to the left of the entrance to meet with Jansen, agree to rest, and activate another cut-scene. Eventually, you regain control of Kaim after he stays in the upper room. Tosca will be your hub for the next few hours, as the inn and merchant inside (who appears in the next room soon) can prove very useful during your battles.

Advance the story? Sure, I'd love to.

Head downstairs to talk to the innkeeper Tolty, who tells of the old sorceress in the house that Kaim used to live in. After that, the merchant Pippo will be in the neighboring room upstairs. Buy the new weapons he offers, and then use the rest of your money to stock up on healing items (Brave Fruits and Stone Beast's Thorns, especially).

I sense a dungeon!

As you move to the edge of the village, a kid gives you a Magic-Powered Locator, which allows you to track down treasures via missions in the Treasures menu. The first treasures, the Dark Crystal Staff and Ring, are near the start of town, on top of the first wooden tower. You can get the info on other treasures in Tosca by talking to the kids around town. An old man in blue will also evoke a dream, "The Hero," which also has treasure info.

Also here, you will find a girl in the Inn looking at a Kelolon statue, talk to her to play a mini-game, if you manage to pay respect to all 16 statues, you will be awarded with Gamble, a level 3 Spirit Magic spell, it is very useful as it can hit over 1,000 damage, you will find it useful at Numara Atoll, a place you can sail to that has level 50 monsters.

Treasures are all around you, but you have to know about them first.

Exit the village to the north and a few more spots pop up on the world map. Naturally, we're headed to the Old Sorceress' Mansion first.

After running up to the front steps, the group is spooked by a ghost. Follow it inside to the Entrance Hall. There you can save at save point and find a Cure-All in a chest and Poem Fragment A glittering in the corner. After that, follow the ghost into the west Hallway.

You can find Poem Fragment B in the Hallway room. Then, follow the ghost into the mirror -- oh, you can't; the mirror needs a jewel. Run down the hall and open the second door on the left. You'll be ambushed by enemies, but when you win the battle, you'll pick up the Large Mirror Jewel.

Grab the jewel in the big hallway.

Enemy tip: Since all the enemies in the mansion are ghosts, use the Force spell to deal big damage to them, as well as equipping Spirit Rings.

Approach the mirror again to activate it. When the group steps inside it, the world has changed. You're now in the "past" version of the mansion. First things first: go up to the white statue nearby and grab it from the left, then push it forward against the wall.

Then, go down the hallway, following the ghost into the mirror on the other side. It will take you to… the east side hallway! Exit to the entrance hall -- Kaim unlocks the door, thereby unlocking it in the present-day world as well. From there, go up the stairs to encounter the odd grandfather clock. When prompted, set the hands on the clock to point to the Pot. Doing so unlocks the adjacent doors, and you get the Red-Copper Band as well.

Ain't no puzzle like a clock puzzle.

Through the left door is a room where Kaim can recapture more memories of his wife, and in a chest you can get the Wheat Plate. The other room is more of the same, though you get a Soul Medicine instead of a Plate. Then, return to the east Hallway. The second mirror there is now lit up, and stepping through will take you back to the present day.

And in the eastern hallway, no less! Some Black Powders are in a nearby chest, and down at the end of the hall is Poem Fragment C. Go back to the entrance and enter the center door to the Courtyard. Run around the hedges and into the second "layer" and collect the Bow Plate from the chest on the west side. You can place it into the crest in the middle of the room, but you won't have to for a little while yet.

Return to the west Hallway. That statue you pushed in the past crumbled a different way this time, letting you get access to the chest in the corner, which contains the Celestial Plate. Return to the Courtyard once again -- now that you have all the plates, you can place them in the crest on the ground. Remember the clock in the past? To solve this little puzzle, you'll have to place the plates in the same order they were found on the clock, relative to where the hand was pointing. With the Pot already in place, all you need to do is put the Bow Plate on the left, the Wheat on the right and the Celestial on the bottom. Ding! The center of the Courtyard opens up, revealing a passageway. Don't forget Poem Fragment D shining away in the corner.

You'll now be in the Old Sorceress' Hermitage. Another, similar puzzle follows. After reading the pedestal in the center, the Celestial Plate begins glowing. To deal with it, enter the second mirror on the left. Inside is a crest with the same plate glowing. Step on the plate to cease the glowing, and return to the center room.

Now the Wheat Plate glows. Take the second mirror on the right to find the matching crest. Continue with the other two plates: Bow is in the first mirror on the right and the Pot is the first on the left. Once all plates are touched, the main crest opens the door in the center room. But you've probably noticed some chests in the background -- by entering certain mirrors, pulling levers and then taking other mirrors from those rooms, you can find yourself within the vicinity of the chests. Treasures include Goddess Medicine and the Lost spell.

You're now ready for the next boss, provided that you're all healed and levels are around 25 - 26.

BOSS: Old Sorceress & Bodies of Thought

The goal here is to save the Sorceress from being drained by the Bodies of Thought, which each pertain to a certain element. Therefore, you should associate your attacks to those elements' weaknesses. The wrinkle is that the Sorceress' "Scream" move will change the elements of the Bodies, usually by the first turn -- in that case, Boost your magic damage for everyone on your first turn and wait for the change/scream, then attack the weaknesses. Also there is no need to defend your party, you are not being attacked here, only the old sorceress. you only get hurt if you attack the elements with physical attacks (remember that fire spells beat wind, wind beats earth, earth beats water enemies, and water beats fire)

Playing "musical elements" with these things should be a breeze.

They're not too hard to get rid of, but you must hit them with their exact opposites, or else they'll go slightly stronger. And of course, the less Bodies there are, the less energy they can sap from the Sorceress. Also it seems a bit easier if you concentrate on each element one by one, she will not die if you kill one every turn.

Some boss, huh? The Sorceress turns out to be the trapped soul of Sarah, Kaim's wife. Needless to say, Sarah now joins the party. She's not too special compared to the other magic users, so you can basically replace Ming with her if you so choose. Your time in the mansion is over, and next on the list is the black cave... but first you should return to Tosca to rest and get a few things that will help you later on. Go to the Inn, and talk to Tolty, the innkeeper. This will result in a new treasure quest. Then, go upstairs and walk past the men at the table. This will trigger a dream, and if you watch it you will get another treasure quest. It would be smart to complete both before continuing into the black cave.

Dreams & Treasures: If you go back and rest in Tosca, two men outside your room at the end will evoke "So Long, Friend." If you watch that, then you will reveal a treasure quest; go to the Northern Cape to get "Ailment Void". Talk to the Innkeeper, who will tell you that "some kids saw something shiny outside the old mansion." This will give you another treasure quest; simply return to the mansion and go to the left before the entrance to find the treasure, which is the spell "Virus".

Save at the point up ahead, then inspect the sealed gate. Sarah takes care of it, letting you enter the cave. Inside, take the first left at the fork for a short cut-scene and a battle with Nightfliers. Lay 'em out with Fire-based attacks, then finish up the Dark Sorcerer behind them with physical attacks (If you attack him with any magical attacks, he will counterattack and send the same spell right back at you).

The first part of the cave is kind of confusing. If you like you can collect a Beast's Horn in the NE corner chest. Weave your way towards the northwest corner to find another pile of bones similar to the one at the entrance. Kaim gets a new dream, "The Tragedy of the Butcher General." (Go a little south from there to find a Goddess Medicine). From there, continue up to the top of the northwest corner and jump across the ledge. Go south to find a chest with three Giant Feeler components, then go back to where you first jumped across but jump east this time, move along east, at the split head south for a chest with a Seed, then head towards the northeast exit.

You'll cross into the Foul Swamp. Here, the gang comes across fireflies to help light the way. Make your way to the northeast exit,(NW is a dead end) with due caution -- the Ide enemies can put multiple status effects onto the entire party, so don't feel afraid to run away and go back to Tosca for a rest if you want.

A warm glow to light your way.

Next is the Great Hall of Foul Creatures. A clan of green-backed beasties are all around here, but you can't reach the dangerous part yet, anyway. Run up the ledge and look for the exit to the east. This will take you into the Helltrap section. The path through Helltrap is straightforward, but holes in the ground will send you back down to Foul Swamp if you're not careful -- keep a firefly around so you can see the holes ahead of time (You may find it saver to walk through pressing B). You lose fireflies if you step in the path of wind gusts, so avoid those, too. Also, you can find the Refresha spell in a little corner early on the path.

Watch it! You'll need a firefly to get past these hidden holes.

Continue south until you spot the save point. 28 is when levels start slowing down, but there's a good chance the whole party will be there at this point, thanks to the fairly strong enemies you've encountered. Past the save point, you'll re-enter the Great Hall of Foul Creatures. Gulp.

Run through the cave in the Great Hall and then ram the container at the end. As you might guess, that wakes up the "foul creatures," the Rough Eaters. You will have to make it through the Hall by fighting all of the creatures that get in your way. They're Earth-based, so hit them with lots of wind. Alternatively, a character with the Turn-Tail skill can easily run away from the creatures, letting you sprint away easily.

They look scary, but they're pushovers, really.

But you'll have to fight about three groups, and then the party starts to wonder where the leader is. Back on the map, head for the red-colored Eater, the Rough Queen, and engage it and its party (In this battle you can earn 2 Slot Seeds. The trick is to steal it the first time you fight from the Queen, and then reduce her to the brink of death without killing her). She'll run away, and if you chase her down again, you can continue the fight. Same strategy applies: hit them with wind. The Queen may then run away, sending you back to the map to chase her. You'll have to hunt down the Queen again, enter battle and defeat her for real (but luckily she will be at the same health as when she ran).

You'll have to pursue the Queen twice, and actually finish her off the second time.

When that's over with, the rest of the Rough Eaters run away, letting you open the big gate at the end. New locations appear on the World Map, with the next main destination being the City of Saman.

Movin' on out!

City of Saman

Things take a turn for the weird, as the people of Saman are under some odd curse, and our heroes won't be able to find an easy way to Gohtza. Explore the town, buying new weapons from the shop and talking to folks.

Also there is a merchant crow in the center of this area -- it sells healing items for 50 Gold each, but it also has in its possession a special accessory called a Awakening Bracelet. Getting this item is random, it may take you between 2-200 tries to get it, but it allows you to increase your skill slots by 3 spaces.

Make sure to check out all the houses for some special items and memories. When done exploring, head for the northwest exit. You'll get word that the captain of the ship at the port is missing. And then you can't even leave for the port! Time to look for the captain, then. Head into the inn and check the guy standing in the rear corner. Turns out the captain was on the can.

Even captains get the call of nature.

With that little mystery solved, you can now take the exit out to the Port.

Port of Saman

Run straight ahead and meet the group of sailors. The party is then invited onboard. Don't board the ship unless you've done some proper exploring/shopping of Saman first. Otherwise, hop on!

But expectedly, enemy creatures attack the ship, and you'll have to take them out. The Mantas themselves aren't hard to take out, but the Mantalas in charge of them loves to jump off and back on the ship, leaving you to deal with the grunts. After several turns, it may well flee to the rest of the ocean, so don't waste your MP with powerful spells (Grounda, etc.) -- regular spells and normal attacks will slowly damage the creature.

Fighting these things takes forever. Just put in your time and eventually it'll all be over.

At the end, the group rides into the strange light, and you get "Seth's Dream Part 2" as well.

The boat lands… somewhere out in the ocean. Enter the boat for the save point, to shop, or to rest. The dock of the Staff is made up of interconnected hexagonal platforms. Explore the "dead-end" platforms to find items such as Slot Seeds, then enter the big metal door to the northwest.

The bigger the door, the worse.

The path is pretty straightforward in here. You'll be up against many mechanical enemies, so it's best to use Jamming Rings for your physical attackers. As you go forward, the party stops and notices Gongora inside the facility! And right about then, the path splits -- for now, take the high road to the next section.

Head up the steps first.

In the Operation Division, there's a few exit points. Go forward and wait for the guards to leave, then go up towards the green-topped lever on the platform. Press the A button to operate the device it's attached to, and a platform will rise up -- and that's all it will do for now. Continue to the west down the walkway. In the center is a platform with another little button to push, which sends the platform down to the southern bridge, where you can hit another lever to get access to the Aqua Mine spell in a chest. To the south of there is another green lever -- pull that one too.

Levers, levers, levers! Pull 'em all!

Continue south until the gang notices a chest gated off by an electric beam. You'll need to get a key, and Jansen volunteers. In other words, whenever you face guardsmen in battle, use Jansen's Steal skill early and often and you may well grab a Gate Pass. The bad thing is that a Gate Pass can only be used once, so you'll have to use them wisely or, if you want, start fighting guardsmen and steal as many as you can (one per guard, too). Use the Pass on that first gate blocking the chest and grab the Knight Earrings inside. A second gate is right behind that one -- disable that one then take the elevator up.

Use Steal often to pick up Gate Passes.

You'll arrive at the Upper Division. There's another gate nearby, but you can ignore it if you'd rather not get the treasure on the other side (note: when it's time to leave later on, the gates will have been shut down anyway). Continue east and use the green level to lift up another box/platform that will allow you to keep going. More of the plot is revealed by the guards strolling around, and then cut-scene follows. The Upper Division is another puzzle of lifts and elevators, and figuring it out nets you four Beast Hide Rasps in a chest, which can help you to make a Crusher Ring. Otherwise, just take the first exit out to the south…

These back-and-forth brainteasers are just what you don't need. Use Turn-Tail to escape random battles and focus on the puzzle.

...Which takes you to the Outer Division. Halfway down the steps is a blue lever, so push that to lift up a platform. Down at the bottom, a door will take you back to the Operation Division. Now let's get to work: your goal is to find a way to the second exit in the southeast corner. To do so, you'll have to play around with elevators and platforms again, winding your way around the rear of the area, to another gate in front of the exit. This leads back out to the Outer Division, where you can take a second staircase up to a save point and the door to the next area.

Don't forget that last lever! It provides a nice shortcut.

You'll then enter the Glass Chamber to confront Gongora. A cut-scene prefaces a boss battle.

BOSS: Gongora

Predictably, Gongora uses medium-to-strong magic such as Forceus and Prisma -- you'll just have to match those. Hit him with "-ara" spells, regular attacks and have Cooke or your best White Magic user ready with Zephyra. Gongora usually just stands there and spouts off a bunch of stupid trash talk in between turns, so just keep up the assault and ignore his insults.

Yawn. Just let Gongora have it.

The twist is that eventually he'll let loose with a Pain Burst, destroying the entire party. It's part of the game, so don't worry and just watch the cut-scene.

When you regain control, the Staff is ready to collapse! You have 12 minutes to escape. Getting out should be a cinch, as you've probably had the layout of the Staff burned in your brain after all the platform puzzles. If you get in a battle, just use Turn-Tail to get out quickly and continue your escape. If you a see a chest, go for it, as you can pick up some rare items along the way like the Red Snake weapon set. The only change in plan comes at the Power Division -- remember the high and the low road? You'll have to take the low road this time by jumping over to a ladder, then down to the other part of the area.

So much for that. Back up the steps you go.

When you take the ladders down to the ground floor, just turn around and take the rear corner out to return to the ship and view the end of Disc 2.

Notice the timer? You definitely have more than enough time to reach safety.

The boat sinks, but the crew escapes, and the way to Gohtza is now clear. Furthermore, Saman isn't gloomy anymore! You can now speak with some normalized people. If you’ve previously talked to the nutty gold-hoarding old man Riordan in his house and grabbed his ledger, you can go back inside and help put him away. Your reward will be a Solid Spartan and the Spartan Ring. Also, stock up on Bind Healer items for the next boss.

Send Riordan to the slammer and get a fat (phat?) reward.

If you attempt to leave town, it will be suggested that you stay at the inn first. A cut-scene follows, and then you can exit the room and get some sleep.

Ring-a-ling: Visit Oreego's Emporium at the dock and speak to Ringmaker Trace to have him produce some specially-made rare rings for you. Also behind the shop is the auction room.

From there, exit the town and select the Ice Canyon on the world map.

Ice Canyon

Use the save point, then continue forward to the Ice Gorge section. Here, whenever the path is blocked, you can usually take a nearby ramp up, or slide back down to the ground (dangerous when you're on the upper level anyway).

Head up to the "rafters" to make your way north.

Basically, make your way north to the Blizzard Peak section. You must make your way west, but your path is impeded by vents of cold air and more slippery slopes. Fortunately for you, it's a more obvious path than in the last section -- just keep in mind that it zigzags upwards. Towards the bottom you'll find a pile of snow you can ram, blocking the vent that kept you from reaching the save point.

Fwoosh! Find the pile of snow to push down so you can clear a path out of here.

Then to the Snowy Plateau section, where the big ol' boss will jump out at you! You don't have to worry about levels much this time -- 31 or 32 will suffice.

BOSS: Dinozaoro

As usual, an all-out assault will do best, especially since Dinozaoro isn't of any particular element: regular attacks and second-level spells (Flara can cause 900+ HP of damage) should be used liberally. Physical attackers risk being stomped by the Counter attack, and the whole party should be healed after a big tail swing.

You'll have to watch out for the Headbutt, which sends everybody up to the front row. It’s a pain to get out of that if you've also been affected Bind Voice, so to prevent that from happening, use a Bind Healer immediately after a Bind Voice (thank goodness they work on the whole party at once, eh?). Then, after a Headbutt, use your first turn to reset the formation and continue attacking. The big guy should be down pretty quickly.

Keep the party out of Bind ("Formation Paralysis") so you're not screwed after a Headbutt.

Before leaving the area, if you want an item that will increase your MP. check the walls to find a path leading up to a chest with an Elmon Crown. After getting that, head out of the area to access the field map. But before going to Gohtza, go back to the south entrance of the Ice Canyon and head to the next section, the ice gorge again. Head up the ice ramps and go across both bridges and follow the path (dont fall off!!) until you find a group of those little furry things that have been stealing all your stuff, the Elmons. Before you meet them, however, make sure that in a random battle they steal the Elmon Crown from you. If thats all set, talk to the group. They'll go on some rant about how you stole it blahblah, and you'll fight them. Beat the group, and you will recieve all of the items they stole from you back (except the Elmon Crown) and you'll get the Mind Bangle, which will give you MP up lv2. When all thats done, go out the same way you came in and access the Field Map and, finally head to Gohtza.

Almost on cue, something happens as you approach the inn in Middle Town. Just a little cut-scene, though. Take a rest, then head for the exit to the middle-left of the section. This leads to the transportation depot, but if you try to pass through the gate, you won't be let through without an ID card.

So how to get an ID, then? Well, that will solve itself later. For now, head to the northern end of Middle Town. Another cut-scene with Kaim and Sarah follow. They'll briefly leave the party, along with Mack and Cooke, so you'll be left with the last three heroes for the time being. Enter the elevator on the north end to be taken up to High Town, where the trio tries to get Ming through the gates to the palace. Once through, talk to the guard on the right and he'll open the big door for you.

Get Ming and the others up to the palace and charm their way in.

The group then meets with the king, but he's blocked off the steps to the throne. As Ming, Go up and push the A button to destroy the barriers -- and be quick about it so they'll regenerate. Eventually you'll get up to the king, and the scene will then fade.

Zap the barricades quickly and go see why the king's acting so weird.

You'll then be in control of Kaim and Sarah in Low Town. Go up to the save point, then enter the nearby door into the Abandoned Apartment. Take the elevator to the 7th floor, and then enter the funky-looking door with the blue jewel in the center. Kaim and Sarah then meet the real king (gasp!). You then get to watch a fairly lengthy cut-scene. NOTE* If you head to the 10th floor and entre the first door to your left into the Gambler's Hideout Casino, you will find the Innocence Staff and Ring in a pot in the back room

Enter this door in the Abandoned Apartment for more plot.

After that, you'll play as Cooke and Mack in the train station. They're stuck as the trains go under inspection. Pass the time by going up the escalator on the far north, then speaking to the little old lady towards the middle of the platform, who talks about "violet auras." Return back down to the waiting room and then take the escalator to the far south. The kids will see what the old lady was talking about. The small spot in the middle of the platform has a chest with the Circular Dance Discus and Ring, perfect for Mack if you're actively using him. Then, go up to the nearest station attendant and enter the train through the door next to him.

Find and talk to the old lady first so the kids get their inspiration for mischief.

The kids enter the Aurora-Bound Train. Examine the center control panel to send the train on its way. And then it's back to Seth and her group. They leave the fake king alone, but now they’ll head for the train station. Run back to Middle Town and enter the station Waiting Room. When you enter the gate, you still can't get through, but then Kaim and Sarah return and get through.

You don't need no stinking ID!

Cooke and Mack couldn't take the middle escalator, but you can now. Run forward until the next cut-scene starts. Kaim and Sarah go after the kids, and the others head for the meeting with Tolten. Then, back to controlling Kaim and Sarah. Run back up the northern escalator and enter the first train car.

BOSS: Gohtzan Mechanical Forces & Armored Train

You can go after any enemy in the first group of bots -- both Kaim and Sarah can destroy them with one hit or one -ara spell.

The second group will roll up on another train. Given the distance, you can't attack them physically. Furthermore, you can only take care of one row at a time. So keep up the assault with Aquara or something just as good, and pare down the first row until you can attack the next, same way as before.

And then you go up against the huge Armored Train. If you haven't yet, equip Kaim with a ring that deals extra damage to mechanical enemies. But then after your first strike, the train activates a physical damage-nullifying barrier. It will go away as long as Sarah keeps hitting it with magic, and then Kaim can sneak in another attack. In the interim, Kaim can cast spells on his own if possible, or simply heal MP. It shouldn't take more than a few turns to finally get rid of the train.

Big and mean, but not impossible to take down.

Then, of course, it's cut-scene time.

Ampitheater of the Sky

The plot's game of "musical chairs" continues when you take control of Gongora. Walk to the foreground, and then down the stairs towards the podium. After Gongora delivers his speech, hustle back up the stairs to the top platform and enter the magic portal.

Gongora decides to "test" his new sorcerer recruits. A story battle starts. Hit the sorcerors with all of Gongora's Black, Composite and White spells -- one will fall to each spell.

You can only get rid of one wizard at a time with one spell.

After more cut-scenes, we come back to Kaim and Sarah on the train. Save at the save point, then press the panel to enter the door to the next section. An ice monster engages our heroes. The ensuing battle is easy as long as you hit with an Earth Ring equipped and let loose with Flara.

Nothin' doin'.

But after that, you'll have to outrun the encroaching ice, or face a slow death -- being in the ice saps your HP much like poison does. That isn't helped by the fact that a bunch of crates are in the next room that you'll have to push out of the way. Thankfully they're not as puzzling as they could be -- just push the right ones out of the way and keep going. After two sets of crates, another ice monster will be waiting at the end of the next hall. This group can cast Aquaus, so be careful and try to keep at least one character alive (preferably Kaim, since a fire-powered attack can damage better).

More crates follow this -- pull them. In the next room, don't immediately run to the end of the hall; instead, look around for notes flapping on the walls. These are notes from the old train crew, giving you the numbers for the keypad at the end of the hall. For the impatient, the number should be 9240. After cracking that open, you finally find Cooke and Mack, threatened by a bigger ice scorpion. Before approaching them, make sure you're all healed up.

More Glacier Beasts will attack! Aquarus spells and Ice Needle attacks are going to kick your butt very quickly if you're not careful. The way to go is to cast Grounda -- if Kaim has Casting Support, open with that to make sure Sarah unleashes Grounda immediately. One Grounda hit should kill a Glacier Beast, and the less there are, the less chance you have of losing most of your HP.

Seth and Tolten end up in the middle of town, assaulted by soldiers. The ensuing battle is barely difficult, so plow through them and continue. Head east towards the small alley where a couple of guys are standing -- they'll mention Sed, Seth's son. After talking to them, continue into the Back Alley area.

Don't waste any MP on these losers.

Make your way northeast towards the save point until you're ambushed yet again and placed into another easy battle. The path forks at the save point -- bust down the crates on the right-hand path to run down and grab a Mana Capsure at the end, otherwise take the left-hand/north path. You can find other small non-endemic items if you go off the path a little, but at any rate you should curl around up to the northeast corner. Another path there leads down, and you can find a ladder that will take you up above the alley.

Check every alley so you don't miss any extra items.

Run along the path until you end up above Main Street. Interestingly, you have second-floor access to the inn and item shop from here. Enter the door to the inn, where an old man will greet you, and give you a Talisman accessory.

Head down to the lobby and the desk clerk will tell you can escape through the back. So do just that! Head to the back hall and exit back to another alley on Main Street. A manhole can be found in the rear corner, leading you to the Sewers.

The friendly innkeeper can show you the way out.

Back Alley

A fork in the path greets you at the start. Walk south to find a chest with a Healing Tank, then continue west. Push the big red glowing button to lower another little bridge leading south, back over to another button. That one lowers the water. Go back to the first button and take the adjacent steps leading down.

Follow the floor to the next steps leading back up to the rear of the golden gate blocking your way back to the entrance. Push another button to raise the gates, then keep going north. An exit is off to the right, leading to a chest with 3 Kelo-Helmets, so take care of that, then back out, and go up another level.

Up above you can find a series of raised and lowered platforms that you can hop across to access a couple of chests (just a restorative item and some components), but above those are three more minibridges -- two lowered, one raised. Push the buttons next to play with the patterns, lower the water there and grab a couple more nice items (like a Goddess Capsule!). Otherwise, climb the ladder in the back to get out of the Sewers.

The Sewers aren't as puzzling as they look.

Back Alley
Near Castle

Same deal as the last alleys -- a mostly straight path with plenty of forks to do some exploring and grab a little item here and there. However, if you take a certain ladder towards the end of the section, you'll come upon one of the stone Seals. You may have seen these odd slabs elsewhere, but now that you have Tolten, you can erase the Seals. For breaking this first Seal, you get the Royal Knight's Sword and Ring -- good stuff for Tolten, to say the least.

Keep your eyes peeled for Seals from now on.

Castle of Uhra

Run up to the save point in Station Square and then exit east towards the Outside of the Front Gate. Some baaad stuff goes down in Uhra (again), and you end up in the middle of a huge battle between Gohtza and Uhra. Random battles consist of both Gohtzan and Uhran troops, but you should avoid them if you just make your way to the center platform to rescue Sed.

Again, don't waste precious resources -- just find Sed on the circular platform!

The bad stuff gets worse, and we again rejoin Cooke and Mack.

Snow-Covered Trail

Walk down to wake up Mack, then continue north. You may enter some battles, and if you kept Mack lagging behind, these fights may go slowly On the upside, Cooke can do a good job of keeping the two of them alive. Continue up the track until you see a path off to the right. Climb the small tower to find a save point, a Seed and 5 Shark Skins. Heal up, then keep going north!

It shouldn't be long until the scene fades and we come back to Ming and Jansen.


Starting in the ruins of Old Gohtza, it's another straightforward path, but pay attention to the map for subtle places that hide treasure -- one chest tucked away in the far east corner has a Slot Seed.

The ruins are messy, but go by the map and explore to find new treasure.

Exiting there takes you to Low Town. Save at the save point up ahead if you wish, but you should take the exit immediately to the right of where you entered. You'll be on the Eastern District of Old Gohtza, which is another uncomplicated path -- just take every ladder and open every chest you see.

Eventually you'll make it out onto the big track that the kids were on. Turn west once you get there to find another Slot Seed in a chest, then start running east!

East-Bound Track

You can find a heal sphere on the first platform off to the left, so that's a nice help as you continue to run down and fight ice beasts.

After exiting the section, you'll play Cooke and Mack again, and then soon enough, back to Jansen and Ming. Another save/heal point is right up ahead on another platform. Ahead of save point is where you can finally (finally) reunite with Cooke and Mack.

"Time to wake up, we're at Grandma's!"

BOSS: Living Ice

Living Ice is pretty smart, as it always cast Shield on itself ASAP. Cooke can undo that with Dispel, but it's best to keep her on Zephyra duty, too -- Jansen should be fixed on using Grounda, in the case of an emergency, of course.

Try to maintain everyone's HP above the halfway mark, as Living Ice can and will unleash All-Aquara, which can instantly KO anyone in the party who's weak enough.

Freeze Bite is also an attack to watch for -- use a Blazing Ruby to nullify that. And, when Living Ice casts Reflect, that's time to lay off on the spells and use physical attacks for a couple of turns until the effect is gone, then resume hitting the boss with Grounda and Mack's regular attacks. If all goes well (and honestly, it may not if everyone's levels are uneven), you should be able to finish off the Living Ice with one last Grounda assault.

Now to look for Kaim and Sarah. Oh wait, what about Seth…?

As you run along the path, you'll come upon a golden pendulum on the wall. Pressing the A button to repair it suggests the weakening of enemies, which more or less works, but you should still keep on your toes.

Who can say what the true purpose of these things is, but why not repair them anyway?

The Giant Drain area you start in leads through the Conduit, and then to the Treatment Plant. In the Plant, you can see a save/heal point up ahead, but it won't be so easy to get there. First, take the ladder to your right, down to the ground floor, then go all the around the west, over to the button that raises the gate that blocked the other side of the ladder.

Don't just rush through -- make sure to open up the gates in case you need to go back quickly.

Go past that gate and over to the east side, where you can see another pendulum slightly up above. Make your way up to the ladder leading up there, then repair the pendulum and raise the gate nearby -- you can then access the ladder to the save point, as well as buy from a lone merchant! Now that you've made it that far, you may go back down the ladders to the lower west side in order to grab a Holy Guard accessory, if you hadn't already. Otherwise, continue past the save point. From there, you can go back down to the other part of the west side in order to raise gates and thus, create more shortcuts.

Step back down a little ways to push some crates and grab the Holy Guard.

More importantly, you'll be playing with bridges again on the upper level. Three buttons -- positioned to the north, west and south -- are located beyond the save point and correspond to three different bridges. Push the north button so that all bridges are down, then push the west button to lower the water, and then push it again to lower its bridge so you can get back to the north button, and then the ladder taking you down so you can reach the exit door.

Uhra Sewers
Magic Tank

Make your way to the middle platform where another pendulum lies, as well as a glowing button. Repair the pendulum, then push the button to swing the ramp you just walked on over to the southeast platform. Run down there, then up the platform and through the door at the end.

Swing your platform 'round and 'round...

You'll be back at the Conduit. Head down the steps and then curl up north to the door there. That will take you to the northeast corner of the Magic Tank. You can push two more buttons (one is at the southeast platform) to make more shortcuts. Otherwise, climb the northeast platform. and run across to the northwest one, where you can raise a gate and get a Godly Dragon Tears (a super restorative item) from a chest. Then make your way to the door at the north point.

Back to the Conduit. Run down the ramp to the big exit door to the Underground Dock. A big open space with no one around? Yeah, that sounds like the makings of a boss fight. Given all the fighting you've no doubt done in the Sewers, everybody should be at around level 35 or 36, which is just fine.

BOSS: Magic Beast

Sed can target the Dock Crane near the Beast, so have him start firing on that while the others go after the Beast. After several turns, you'll be notified that the Beast is "storing up magic for a big one." Just continue doing what you're doing.

Keep Sed focused on the Crane.

After a few turns of hitting the crane, it will start moving the charges it's carrying, hovering them over the Beast, and after a few more shots, the charges will be let go, exploding in the Beast's face. And that will be it! For now, anyway.

The gang escapes in Sed's ship, but there's more fighting to be had.

Escaping the Sewers

As said in the tutorial right before you start this section, the point is to press the indicated button before the meter around its icon depletes. Some buttons will have to be mashed repeatedly, so be prepared to do so when you see the blue arrow on a button. One last button for the climax will have to be pressed more than any other, so get ready to put your fingers into it (just don't damage a nerve!).

Mash your way to freedom in the Nautilus escape.

Back to Ming and the others on the train track. Head down the stairway Jansen points out and continue to the world map. The next destination will be the Refugee Camp.

Gohtzan Refugee Camp

If you head into the merchant tent, you'll be roped into accepting a side quest on the Frozen Trail, but you don't need to tackle it yet. However, it can be a good idea to go back there, considering you haven't had much time to level-up, and the monsters in the Burning Cave up ahead can really do a number on you. And it doesn't take much more than one battle with a bunch of Gyaplos on the Trail before the Don comes in, and defeating him is as easy as the others. If you do manage to defeat him, you can get a Sacred Torch and Ring as rewards when you revisit the merchant. Also you can find the Spire Commander and Ring after you defeated Don, go to the Medical tent.

You can't deny this little side quest, but there's little harm in taking it on.

If you attempt to leave down through the north exit, though, you find a drunk who points you towards the crashed train. Stock up on new items and weapons and such, then when you're back on the world map, head to the Train Site.

Crashed Magic Train Site / Burning Cave

Run forward for a small cut-scene, and don't forget to pick up the items twinkling in the snow! Head for the Burning Cave to the north.

As mentioned earlier, the Burning Cave can be a big challenge if the party's levels are uneven. If you've done enough grinding on the Frozen Trail, 35 is around when the experience gains start slowing, so keep that in mind before heading inside the cave. Be especially wary of Killer Birds and their Hell Dive attack, which can hit for 1000+ HP.

You start in the Path of Steam area. The path is twisty, but not confusing -- some small restorative items can be found inside of the geysers, so look for twinkling when you step over them. Continue to the exit at the north, which takes you to the Path of Dankness. As you run through there, you encounter a pit of "green smoke" -- poison gas, in other words!

Obviously, avoid the gas and just keep running through the section. Towards the exit in the northeast, the path splits where you can hop across some more platforms. Take the northwest path to find a chest with a Diamond Spirit Band accessory.

Veer left to find a new Spirit Band.

Continue to the Path of Poison Mist. The poison is pretty unavoidable now, but you can rectify that by taking the high road and ramming a big boulder on an upper cliff, blocking the flow of the mist. Then it should be another relatively straight run through. Midway through you can pick up Cubic Music Score 6 from a chest.

Push the boulder down to stop the flow of gas.

It won't end! The Path of Strange Rocks is up next. Take the first left to get some components from a chest, and then continue forward to another patch of gas. Take the high road and be careful not to slip down the slope into the gas. More tiny platforms follow, so hop across them to the exit.

Now to the Underground Lake, which signifies the end of this little journey. Go up and use the save point, then continue forward. Hey, another big open space! Perfect for fightin'! And even though you've made it this far and keeping your levels even, a good level range is 38-40 for the boss fight.

BOSS: Ice Magic Beast

The Beast has Reflect cast on it from the start, so no spell cast on it is going to connect. If you have a Grounda Bomb or two, toss them at the boss to start with. Have Cooke cast All-Shieldus and All-Barricade, while Mack does nothing but attack with the Combo skill. Give a Power Drink to Mack too, if you can, or use a Powera/Powerus spell. And then simply make sure everyone is alive.

Yep, that's about all there is to it. As long as Mack isn't doing anything else, you can end up killing the Beast in just a few minutes.

And then, at long last, Kaim and Sarah are rescued. And Seth and her group shows up! Everybody's back together! So ends Disc 3.

After some time, you'll return to the Nautilius as it carves the high seas. If you check the big map, you'll see three possible points to disembark: two to the south and one to the far west. Head to the lower south point first -- it's enclosed, so you'll have to use the ship's submerge ability to slip through the hole in the island and reach the disembarkation point. Then, on the world map menu, head for the Great Ancient Ruins.

Slip through the underwater hole to get to the next destination.

Great Ancient Ruins

You begin in the "Legacy of the Eastern Tribe" section, which is a short series of floating platforms -- when you step on them, they extend out and stay there, until you step off and they retract. Two chests are here, one with some components and another with a Tablet Fragment. Grab it all and then make your way to the entrance at the north.

Consider this a warm-up for the crazy stuff inside.

Into the Astral Square. This section has more floating platforms. The first one moves vertically, but won't work until you step on it and push the glowing orb that appears. Rise to the next level and find another platform towards the background. This time, activating it will require using two groups of people. Keep Kaim's group on the platform and have Seth's group push the orb to raise the thing. On the next level is a broken platform nearby. Walk up and ram it to send it down for Seth to use. But don't switch to her quite yet -- keep going past where you shoved the platform to find a Magical Lock Key in a chest.

Teamwork is important in figuring out the platform puzzles.

Switch back to Seth. Take that new platform over to the other side, then run to the center platforms. Some components are in a chest just to the west, but otherwise head to the southwest towards another platform that goes up. A chest right nearby has the Reset spell.

You can barely see the Reset chest in the upper-left corner here.

Head all the way north until you find another busted platform. Shove that one down, then switch back to Kaim, run down to the center, then up to the west a little to find a platform that will take you down to the newer platform, which will raise up and reunite you with Seth!

Stop at every platform you see to activate them and get back to Seth.

Talk to Seth to regroup, then head back south down the path to the red light pattern on the floor. Head forward to the small platform ahead to reach the next area.

You'll reach the outside area of the Hanging Corridor. Run across the skybridge and down around the corner to find the save point! In the nearby chest is an upgrade for the Magic-Powered Locator. Then, head down the steps ahead to another platform that takes you up to another door.

In the Lunar Palace, everyone gets to split up again! Yippee! From the entrance, turn right and send someone (we'll use Kaim first like last time) along on the first platform. As Kaim, run up the ledge towards the upper-middle and look for another busted platform that you can shove down. Then go back down and run to the north to the pink platform that will take you down a level.

The main thrust of this puzzle is to get everybody down to the lowest level of the room.

On that low level, go west to find another platform that will take you down. One last platform is on that level, but it can't be activated. Switch to Seth.

As Seth, head to the northwest corner where there's a platform that wasn't there before (thanks, Kaim!). That one will take you across the way and towards the upper-center ledge. Head there and down the little steps to find a glowing green column and another vertical platform. Grab the column and pull it onto the platform with you to lower the platform.

Just when you think it was going to be smooth, you have to deal with those columns!

Run east across the lower section to find another green column (and a chest with a Trooky Talisman). Pull that one onto the platform behind it. That one will lower, and then you'll have to keep pulling it onto yet another successive platform. Ride that one down. Then, run north to find a platform with two columns on it. Pull the nearest one off, which will raise the platform up to where Kaim should be!

Switch to Kaim, then have him pull the second column off and onto the opposite platform to lower that one. From there, take Kaim down south to the next ledge. You'll spot another column, but run past it and open the chest nearby to grab another Tablet Fragment.

Switch back to Seth, head south as far as you can, then run around to the west end where another red seal on the floor can be found, and another green column on a platform. Pull off the column so Kaim can get to it, then have Kaim pull his column onto the platform. Another reunion! Head through the big doors to exit.

Kaim can grab a Fragment, but Seth can take a detour and get the Twin Cross, too.

The gang arrives at the Throne of Sun, where they’ll fight a particularly large boss. Levels should be at 40-41 for this one.

BOSS: Ancient Fiend

Two Keystones flank the Fiend, so it's best to destroy those first. They're also hardened, so use Piercing Rings if you have them. Go after Keystone B first; when it's gone, the Fiend's Return Magic ability will be gone, letting you open up with spells. Don't hit the Fiend with spells until that time. Conversely, don't hit the Fiend with physical attacks until Keystone A is gone.

You'll have to take out the Keystones first if you want a nice clear shot at the Fiend.

More points of this battle you should be aware of:

The two halves of the enemy GC meter correspond to the two Keystones, so go after Keystone A after destroying B. If possible, use two Black Magic users: one hitting the Keystone while the other hits the Fiend.
Beware of the Successive Waves attack, which the Fiend regularly performs on every turn, and can likely kill whoever's being targeted by it.
The Fiend also casts Shuffle, which shuffles the party formation. That's not entirely worth worrying about, though, since it's the enemy's GC you should be concerned with.
When both Keystones are gone, The Fiend resorts to casting double spells, one of which will usually be Shadowus -- that hits the entire party with several hundred HP worth of damage at once, so you should definitely be casting Zephyra regularly by that point.

Keep your guard up in preparation for a Shadowus wave.

When the scenes end and you return to the Nautilius, simply submerge and go back the way you came. The ship will then automatically return to the surface. Another cut-scene follows and the ship will finally cross through the intense storm pattern. When that happens, head due south -- remember that other docking point on the map to the southwest?

Warnings and Leveling: If you haven't saved after the Ancient Fiend battle, head to a nearby town and do so! If you don't, and you lose the next fight, you'll end up back at the Throne of Sun!

Also, it's a good idea (a great idea, in fact) to raise a few more levels before taking on the next fights. Travel to the Numara Atoll for easy experience from fighting the Hell Shakers there. 45 is a good minimum level, but feel free to go higher.

Additionally, to make your upcoming fight with the Arthrosaurus(es) even easier, return to the Old Sorceress' Mansion and go back to the basement where you first rescued Sarah. Here you can fight a mean hidden boss, Persona. Defeating it nets you Sarah's Notebook, which fosters the Absorb Fire skill. Use an immortal to build it up, set the skill to them, then repeat the process with the other immortals on your team, leaving a mortal of your choosing equipped with the Notebook.

In short, defeating the Persona boss shouldn't be too hard: use physical attacks when it shows its purple eyes, and magic when it shows green. The hard part comes when it unexpectedly switches on you, and you end up healing it with an opposite attack.

When you get close enough to the point on the map, the party spots the Arthrosaurus being freed from its stone prison. Take the Nautilius and push forward towards the 'Saurus.

BOSS: Arthrosaurus

The Arthrosaurus is Earth-based, so you should be hitting it with all the Wind attacks you have. The beast's Heat Breath attack targets an entire row, and more than likely will kill everyone in the row if they're not set up with Absorb Fire. If you're finding yourself being defeated, try switching up the formation -- in our particular setup, we had Kaim in front with Jansen, and Sarah, Cooke and Sed in the rear. As always, keep Zephyra going regularly.

Heat Breath can really hurt. Without Sarah's Notebook, you'll know why.

Arthrosaurus Attack

The insanity ramps up: now you'll have to stop multiple Arthrosaurses. Pay attention to the tutorial that appears -- it suggests stopping the beasts with Sleep magic, which is really the main way you're going to survive this. When engaging an Arthrosaurus, have your first Black Magic user cast Sleep immediately. It should connect fine. At that point, someone with the Turn-Tail ability should use it next to ensure a clean getaway. Or not! -- even if Sleep connects, the 'Saurus may not stay asleep, so make sure to take a look at the beast before going with a Turn-Tail.

Delay the Arthrosaurus with a nice magic lullaby.

The strategy is to take the monsters in a back-and-forth setup. First, go after one of the monsters to the south, put it to sleep, then run off. Head to one of the northern monsters (whatever's furthest ahead), fight it and attempt to kill it. Then go to the next furthest monster and sleep it, then kill the next, etc. If this pattern isn't working out for you, try eradicating both southern monsters first (sleeping one then killing the other), then doing the same with the others. If this still isn't working out for you, you should probably level up some more and/or rearrange your formation.

If you can see that one monster is getting too close, flee immediately and put the approaching one to sleep, then go back to fighting the one you just were at.

Go back and forth between the monsters to keep an easy "sleep/kill" pattern going, which will lower the stress of this battle slightly.

Once that crisis has been dealt with, head for the City of Numara.

City of Numara

Save and rest in town, because you'll be needing it. Keep heading north towards the palace for the next event: a boss battle! No rest for the wicked (nor the non-wicked), apparently.

BOSS: Kakanas's Forces

Yep, time to face him and his metal cronies again. Eliminate the Support Tanks first, as they're the ones that will steal your MP to charge Kakanas's tank.

If you're properly leveled-up, this fight will go easily -- slowly, but easily. What else is new?

Then, like last time, go after Kakanas's tank. The Cannon does the most damage, so it'd be good to neutralize that first (again, just like last time!). Make sure to keep HP healed regularly -- Absorb Fire will work just as well here as it did with the Arthrosaurs, by the way. And don't forget to use a ring with Machine Killer!

Back in the palace, the crew looks to hop into the White Boa as their next ride. You can chill around the city and look for more tasks/side quests to take up; otherwise, head out to the Port.

Port of Numara

Once you cross over into the Port, head to the far west side to find two guards standing by a big metal gate. Talk tpo the guard on the right to have the gate opened, then head to the right to find the door into the Terminal Building.

Find this not-so-obvious door up in the corner of the Port.

Once in the Terminal, head up the steps to the center and have the guard let you onto the Boa.

And then, once onboard the Boa, you'll play as Jansen. Take the rear lift out to the Deck, and meet with Ming. Following the scene (including running back to talk to the kids), the Boa finally sets off!

More spots on the world map begin glowing, signifying places for major side quests. You can explore these areas and hunt down the bonuses on the quests if you like, but they're not important to the main story. Consider making a separate save file onboard the Boa just in case. Otherwise, dock at the nearest point and use the world map to travel to the port on the east of Numara. From there, head northwest towards the atoll near the Sea of Baus to get towards Grand Staff.

The big white circle is where you're headed next.

Note that you won't be able to return to the world map until you're done with Grand Staff. Your characters' levels don't have to be super high to start with, but should certainly be approaching level 50.

Grand Staff

Gongora knows you've arrived and sends out his several sorcerer cronies to try and defeat you later. You begin in the Engine Section. Run up to the save point and save (a new file!), then go north a little bit until you see a ladder. Climb it, then take the catwalk over to the center, where a mechanical console lies. Operate it to retract one of the steam vents from the tanks so you can continue on later. (To the south is another little ladder you can climb to access a chest with a Goddess Medicine.)

Head to any green console you see to turn the screen red and make something good happen!

Ladders: In general, ladders in the Grand Staff will lead you to all sorts of good items, like the one in the northeast part of the Engine Section, which hides a chest with the Aquaus spell!

Further up is a giant orange pipe at foot-level. Run across it (being careful not to slip) and then take the lift on the other side. The lift will take you up to a higher catwalk -- just run all the way down to another lift.

Don't slip, or you'll fall down and have to climb back up.

That lift will take you up to the Armory. Here, a bunch of chambers house "Experiment" monsters. It's a good idea not to open those up, since the Experiments have HP in the 10,000 range, and you just don't need that right now (unless you want to die quickly). Just round the corner and enter the passage leading down.

That takes you to the Second Boiler. Nearby is another console -- push it to retract another vent, then go past the doorway for some more ladder-play: up, across and down, and across another pipe. Yes, it's like the first section, just mirrored. The lift at the end will take you back up to the Armory. Take the first right to enter another passage (or before that, get the Shinus spell early by going a little further south via a sliding platform to find it in a chest by a big door).

This passage takes you to another part of the Second Boiler. The nearby chest has a Sorceror's Discus for Mack. Then you can take a sliding platform over to the main platform of the Boiler. Take the lift back to the Armory, and then take the lift next to that one.

That lift takes you back to the Engine Section. Go into the southwest corner to find a longer ladder leading down to another long arc-shaped catwalk. Run all the way around it to take another ladder up. Look familiar? This section is just like the one you started in. Anyway, climb up, and turn south. Like before, climb up to a small platform to find a console that shuts off another vent.

Now you can get across the first pipe, but the second one is still blocked by steam. A ladder leading down is just before it, so climb down that one. A small block can be found on the ground level, with a console nearby. Grab the block and push-'n-pull it until you can drop it into the gap right in front of the console. Naturally, now you can use the console. Doing so shuts off that second steam vent.

Line up the box with the console so you can walk right up to it.

You'll return to the lift you entered at. But this time, take the neighboring lift to the right. Now you're in the First Boiler! You can run all the way to the end and get some components and restorative items, but otherwise just take the tall ladder near the entrance. From there, head north to find more Experiment chambers, and another little ladder leading down. Run across the lower level to the end, where a ladder and a passage are positioned. The passage is an inconvenient slide back down to the Engine, so take the ladder.

The passage to the right is basically a trap. Take the ladder.

You'll be on the other side of the pipe above. Run to the northwest corner into another lift. The lift leads up to the Central Connector, where you'll face the sorcerers.

BOSS: Nefarious Saints

The Saints are named with colors, and can only be hurt with specific attacks. Ironically, what magic they cast is also what they're weak against. In order of the target list, here are their specific weaknesses:

Nefarious Red: Hit with fire
Nefarious Blue: Hit with water
Nefarious Green: Hit with wind
Nefarious Yellow: Hit with ground
Nefarious White: Hit with spirit magic

Nefarious Black: Hit with status effects (Poison, etc.)
Nefarious Gold: Hit with physical attacks (make sure rings with magical effects are unequipped)

Nefarious Gold can only be hurt by the solid swing of a sword.
Given their low HP, beating them shouldn't take too long. Just keep everybody alive as usual, and you should make it out OK.

The gang retreats to the White Boa after that. And what's this? You have one last chance to check out the rest of the world before pushing on. Leveling up is a good idea (for the record, the next area's level cap is around 49), as well as stocking up on restorative items.

But in the end, we're headed to Grand Staff again. Travel to the Numara Port dock, then take the Nautilus north towards the big purple dot in the middle of the map. Just to the west of the dot is a little groove in the rock wall. Enter the groove and you'll be asked if you want to pursue Grand Staff. We'll bet you do.

The fun starts on the Upper Level. The bad news is that those nasty Experiments are loose, and can now pop up in random battles. On the bright side, that means you can run away from them.

A lift is nearby, but first head south to find a console below a ladder. Switch on the console, then take the lift. You'll be on the Upper Connector. A contraption is in the middle of the platform that, when activated, shifts the catwalks around like puzzle pieces, taking you up to the next level. Once there, turn right and grab a Goddess Medicine, then run to the other end and climb the ladders up…

…To the Transportation Lift. In the center is the lift control. Turning it to the various directions listed lets you grab various treasures. The end goal is to rise up to the top level, positioning the lift so that it can slide past the upper catwalks.

Adjust the lift so it can get up through the shaft.

Rise to the second level and turn the lift around until you can reach a chest that has a Godly Dragon Tears. On the third level, access the red console, and activate it to extend another platform with an Inferno Horn (staff for Jansen) in a chest.

Then on the top level (giant semicircle), run around to other end where the chest is to grab Lord's Earrings. Take the southwest ladder up to the next level (the northwest leads to a chest with a Mana Prime).

On the Magic Control Section, activate the console to turn it green, then walk over and push the big red-button switch. Then, go up the nearby ladder and up to the next catwalk. Three consoles are up there, but they won't work. Push another red button to turn on the turbines and activate the other consoles. Then, take the ladder back down, and then down again to find a third big-red-button. The fourth is up on the highest level.

Push all these big buttons to help you get a treasure.

With all the buttons pushed, go back to the three consoles. You'll have to time your pressing of them so that the big wheels stop when their "spokes" are horizontal, letting you run across the platform. Do that three times and you can grab the Wyvern's Tail sword.

Forge a clear path behind the consoles to get the Wyvern's Tail.

Go back up to the highest level and go over to the lift in the corner. You'll be brought to the Glass Chamber. Watch the little cut-scene, then go over to the save point and save (again, a new file would be good). Then climb down the nearby ladder.

You'll be at the staff's energy generator. Activate the console in front to activate the "emergency mode," and there's no other choice but to take out the thing by splitting up. You'll have to assemble two teams of two characters.

Time to double-team 'em.

The best way we composed the teams was to have one physical attacker (Kaim or Seth, natch) joined by someone who can cast Spirit Magic (Mack; possibly Ming or Sarah). Spirit Magic includes Powerus, and if you can get at least one casting of that on the attacker, their damage will be kicked up a notch and can help end the battle quickly. But let's move on to the actual fight…

MINIBOSS: Generals Alpha and Beta

Sed adjusting the output of the magic energy nulls the enemy's HP recharge. It only works once per turn, so you'll have to choose which side should benefit from the delay.

Sed will delay the enemy's recharge -- one side, one turn only!

If you kill one of the Generals, the next one has to be killed in the next group's turn. In other words, the Alpha group has to kill theirs before the Beta group can. If the Beta group needs time to whittle down energy, then group Alpha will have to wait a little bit. In that regard, it's best to have the group that deals the least damage be the one that receives the delayed energy output, and have the stronger group deal with the increases in the Generals' health.

Keep using Powerus on the physical attackers to wipe out the Generals more quickly. Just don't go overboard or you might mess up the kill pattern.

After that, heal up and make your way back up to the Glass Chamber, where you'll immediately face another boss! A familiar one, at that…

BOSS: Magic Beast

Yes, the big thing you fought when trying to reclaim the Nautilus returns..Hit the Beast with everything you got, and protect the party with everything you got. Using Powerus and Mindus like last time is definitely a good idea. As long as your attacks are hitting with 1000+ HP, things should go pretty smoothly.

He's not such a toughie this time around.

Save your game again, and then you have a choice: either run up the steps of the Glass Chamber to keep going, or go back down the Magic-Powered Unit and play around with the big mechanical lift some more to get more extra items, such as (in the order of floors from 1-4) Sage Earrings (enables Lv7 Black-White Magic), a Slot Seed, the Heaven's Branch staff (though Cooke may not need it if you already have the Angel Feather) and a Crystal Fragment accessory (enables MP recovery after each turn).

Start by using this little lift to make your way back to the transportation lift.

Regardless, head up the steps in the Glass Chamber and take the lift up to the Control Room. Gongora is waiting, and once again tries to kill you. But like the first time you faced him, this is a battle "for show" -- don't bother attacking the puppet he puts in front of you, since it just slings weak spells and, after every turn, Gongora shoots his mouth off some more.

Another non-dangerous battle.

After another cut-scene, the entire place ends up destroyed. You now have 8 minutes to escape from Grand Staff. Basically, just keep going back the way you came to reach the exits properly, and use Turn-Tail to get out of battles quickly. The part that can mess you up is when you get down far enough to get back on the big transportation lift.

To get back down quickly and smoothly, here's the pattern:

You start on the 4th floor, so just choose Descend.
On the 3rd floor, choose "Rotate right," then Descend.
On the 2nd, rotate right again and descend.
Escape on the 1st floor!

After climbing the next ladder down, go north to the lift that goes down, then climb up another ladder and run around the big tank to finally get the heck out.

Once you get back on the Nautilus, the group decides to pursue Gongora at the Tower of Mirrors. You'll return to the world map in the ship, and then you'll have a swear-to-god final chance to save your game.

OK you guys, no singing "The Final Countdown."

More leveling: By level 49, the Numara Atoll won't be such a good place to power up. Instead, try the Temple of Enlightenment to the far southeast of the world map (break through the ice barrier with the Boa, then dive with the Nautilus to find the passage to the point on the map). It's a side quest area, but you can just fool around in the entrance section and get into random battles to level up easily.

You should easily get up to level 60 (!) and beyond there, and at least by 52, a couple of magic-casting mortals can earn the Double-Cast skill, which can certainly help in battles. It's also a good idea to get all four immortals up to the same high levels (or near them), since the final battle includes an immortal-only phase.

At this point you may also wish to go in search of the royal seals (if you haven't already) as they offer some good accessories which can be used once the immortals have learnt Tolten's royal equipment skill. Having all 4 of your immortals learn the skill royal equipment skill and subsequently the skill from the Quad-Element Amulet can help tremendously as the amulet nullifies ALL elemental damage (even from composite magic).

Then, push the Nautilus forward to the Tower and submerge to enter. The group re-engages Gongora, as well as his latest monster guardian.

BOSS: Luminous Magic Beast

For being an upgrade of the last Magic Beast, the Luminous Magic Beast's HP is the same, but will predictably act nastier more quickly. When its tendrils are bright white, do not hit it with magic -- you'll get the reverse effect and heal its HP. Wait for them to turn red before nailing it with magic.

White is not right; red will make it dead.

That Fire Absorb ability will come in handy for the All-Flarus attack, but the Beast's other "All" spells (All-Groundus) can hurt badly if you're unprotected (hence why, at the very least, you should be at very high levels).

Keep physical attackers strong by using Powerus.

The Beast's most powerful attack is the Ultimate Ray, which comes a few turns after a "Ray Charge." Not much else to say about it, other than to keep up a steady healing pattern going until the Ray fires.

BOSS: Gongora

Gongora is finally ready to back up his words with some real action, and in a new form, too. As we hinted earlier, you'll be fighting with only the four immortals. However, you'll have support from the mortals when something really bad happens, like the entire party being turned to stone.

Did Gongora just nuke you? Don't worry, the others got your back.

Gongora will also change his elemental property frequently. Someone with an Ultimate Analysis skill can reveal the element, and then that can be followed up with the appropriate magic or physical attack (prepare for lots of ring-switching!).

The battle will only end when all of the mortals have provided support, since Gongora has an indeterminable amount of HP. So in a weird way, this is another "story battle." Of course, that doesn't mean you should let your guard down. Just keep wailing on Gongora until he lets loose with his next near-death attack and wait for the mortals to get you back on your feet. After Jansen supports you, Gongora will let loose with a Light Absorb and another cut-scene plays. Then it's time for round 2!

FINAL BOSS: Gongora Phase II

No mortal help this time -- they're busy pushing Gongora's energy back. Gongora can now use Manipulate, which will take over the mind of a party member for a couple of turns. There's no way to cure it, so you'll have to bear with one of your own characters working against you. With any luck, the controlled character will be too stupid to cast strong spells on anyone.

Other than that, your tactics should remain just the same as the last phase Note that if any characters fall, they will not automatically revive as the immortals have done before. If you end up losing all but one character, reviving any others will probably be useless, as Gongora will follow up with Breaks or some other attack that just kills the character again. If Kaim is the last one standing, consider just using him to attack Gongora, healing when HP drops to the one-thousands.

Just keep up the offensive as usual. If you're around level 60, you shouldn't be feeling the hurt too much.

After what's sure to be a long time fighting, Gongora will finally be knocked back and the ending scenes will play. Congrats! You can now save a "clear file" that will let you select an enhanced New Game where immortal characters start at level 50. Don't forget to load a previous file to explore any unseen places on the map and go for some side quest bonuses, if you haven't already, that is

Well that is it really - sadly the end to a great game. I recently wrote a review on the game and you will be able to tell how much i enjoyed going through this game and relished every moment. It is rare to find a game like this where i played to the end and enjoyed all of it. I have compiled this detailed walkthrough with my own knowledge of the game and the help of - hopefully you have had as much fun playing this game as i did and at the price it costs now it really is money well spent! I have heard a sequel is going to be made, but nothing is set in stone. My fingers are crossed and im hoping they will do it. I waited so long for an RPG that for me was as good as the Final Fantasy Series (i know thats a bold statement, but i have to say it!) well thanks again!

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