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Retro Game Walkthroughs For
"Naruto: Rise of a Ninja"
(Xbox 360)

Retro Game Walkthroughs for Naruto: Rise of a Ninja (Xbox 360)
Submitted By: Emmie87
Naruto – Rise of a Ninja (Xbox 360)
A lot of you will know that I enjoy Naruto and may have seen my review on this game. It is the first game I bought for my Xbox after watching the series and watching a lot of videos about the game. For me it is a great adventure beat em up and I hope you have all enjoyed playing it aswell.


Naruto – A young Ninja who has been hated by everyone since his birth, he had the 9 tailed demon sealed in him at birth. While he has caused problems around the village, he know wants to graduate from Ninja academy and be the greatest Ninja ever!

Sakura - she is Naruto's crush, but sadly she has the eyes for Sasuke. She is
very smart, but inside her mind is a very different and badass personality. Her chakra control is brilliant but her strength is less than Sasuke and Naruto’s

Sasuke – The last member of the Uchia clan and a rising genius ninja, he holds the powerful Sharingan eye which gives him superhuman reflexes and the ability to adapt quickly with his enemy's attacks. Naruto dislikes him very much but he is actually his motivation for training hard.

The Third Hokage - he is the leader of the Leaf Village where Naruto resides.
He is both wise and extremely powerful, but has a kind heart, even for Naruto.

Iruka - he is Naruto's teacher. He can understand Naruto's situation because
he himself is alone because his parents died. He is one of the few people who
never gave up on Naruto.

Kakashi - a very powerful and feared ninja, he tries to bring out the best
from Naruto, Sakura, and Sasuke. His style of training is thought of being
extreme by other teachers. He also has a Sharingan eye, which adds to his
already powerful arsenal of Jutsu expertise.

Gaara - a boy from the Sand Village, he is very violent and never flinches
as he kills. His power comes from sand demon which protects him always.

Orochimaru - a very powerful ninja who, after much experimentation, has managed to acquire the art of being reborn. He takes special interest in Sasuke. He
plans to take over his body for his potential of becoming extremely powerful.

Neji - another ninja genius, Neji has the power of the Byakugan, which is said
to rival the power of the Sharingan eyes. With the Byakugan, he can see the
chakra flow inside people, and disable them with his attacks.

Kiba - he comes from a clan of ninjas that combine their powers with dogs. His
dog's name is Akamaru, who is also a formidable ninja dog that can transform
into Kiba to perform the devastating Fang Over Fang attack.

Zabuza - known as the Demon of the Hidden Mist, he is a famous assassin who
uses water techniques.

Haku - when his father found that his mother has the power to use ice, everyone
feared her so they decided to kill her. Haku also has the power of his mother,
and his father and the villagers tried to kill him, but Haku killed them out
of fear. Haku was later found by Zabuza to be used as his personal tool.

Rock Lee - a ninja who cannot use ninjutsu, he only has his physical power and extremely strong devotion to strengthening himself to make him one of the most powerful ninjas in the village.


Memoclips are quired during the main story and can be treated as "lives" in the game. When you die, you are given by the screen a choice of memoclips, with faces of characters on each one, and there's also a number under it. The number indicates how many seconds the memoclip will allow you to recover health and chakra by pressing the A button while your character gets up after being defeated. You can get these by
defeating important characters. If you use them all up, you can go to the
Third Hokage at the north of the village and have him recharge your memoclips
for a certain fee.

The Beginning:

After watching the opening movie, we learn that the 4th Hokage sealed the
nine-tailed demon fox inside the body of Naruto to save the village, yet
everyone fears Naruto because of that, so they have developed hatred towards

Iruka, Naruto's teacher will reprimand Naruto for failing the exam again, then you are left in control of Naruto. At this time, you can't do much anything yet
except try to talk (Press X in front of a person) and walk around. From your
starting position, rotate the camera to the right and you will see from afar
a floating blue scroll. This is a ninja mission. Walk towards it. You will
learn that orange scroll missions will increase your health, while blue ones
will increase your chakra.

Mizuki, another teacher will tell Naruto that Iruka's pushing him hard because
he wants Naruto to learn and graduate. Fortunately for Naruto, he tells him
of a way to make Iruka let him pass. Mizuki tells Naruto to steal a secret
scroll from the Hokage's building.

A New Jutsu:

The mission starts just outside the Hokage building. Press and hold X. You'll
see the current mission you are in, called "A New Jutsu", along with a
description. Move forward and you will get a view of your path ending with
your target destination. Follow the path up to the door. If you jump and you
hit the ledge, Naruto will grab onto it. While hanging, Naruto can pull himself
up by pressing UP on your Left Stick, or he can let go of the ledge by pressing

After you go inside the door, Naruto will grab the scroll, but now he has to
escape! Just follow the bright rings and make sure to pass through them. Reach
the golden light and cutscene showing the 3rd Hokage ordering ninjas to find
you is shown. The race will continue, just keep following the rings. Don't
forget to time your jumps when you see broken bridges or logs blocking your

Naruto will finally reach a house and read about the Shadow Clone Jutsu. A
training mode will pop up, showing you how to do the Shadow Clone Jutsu. Just
follow it and notice the arrow on the last step. You'll notice a white line
going up to the tip of the arrow. Release LT when the arrow is fully charged.

Iruka will appear to catch Naruto, but he is shocked to hear what Naruto said.
Mizuki pops up and attacks them! Iruka saves Naruto from the initial attack.
Naruto also learns the real reason why everybody hates him is because of the
nine-tailed demon fox inside his body. Mizuki tries to kill Naruto again but
Iruka saves Naruto by shielding him with his own body from a giant shuriken.
Naruto escapes after learning that Iruka still believes in him and prepares
to avenge his teacher.

Naruto confronts Mizuki when he tries to deliver the final blow to Iruka. A
small combat training window pops up on the screen. Play with it until you
get the hang of it.

After beating up Mizuki, you will have a chance to do the Shadow Clone Jutsu.
Perform it. After beating Mizuki with the Shadow Clone Jutsu, go talk to
Iruka. Iruka will let Naruto graduate and as an added bonus, treat him to
ramen as well! After the happy cutscene, information about memoclips will
appear. Run all the way back to the village.

Enter Naruto Uzumaki:

Upon entering the gate, the 3rd Hokage will greet you. He will tell you about
helping people, and then he wishes you luck. When you gain control over Naruto
again, you will notice on the upper right side of the screen is a mini-map. It
is a good idea to save now, so press START and choose SAVE GAME.

Go to where the orange scroll is on the orange map and you will see two people
with orange scrolls on their head, Iruka and the noodle shop owner, Teuchi.
Talk to Iruka and he'll tell you to talk to Teuchi. You will also gain some
points for talking to Iruka. Information about the inventory will also appear.

Talk to Teuchi the noodle shop owner next. He tells you that he can't open
his shop until he pays for the deliveries since he doesn't have the coins that
they need! When near a trash can, press X to kick the trash can to reveal a
coin. Collect 10 coins and bring them back to Teuchi.

Go try to do some Ramen Delivery missions. Talk to Teuchi the noodle shop owner
and select Deliver Ramen. This should be easy because it's the first part. Go
finish 2 delivery missions first before we head on to the next mission.

Open your map and check out where the Ramen Shop is. It's the white bowl near
the south of the map before the small river, middle of the screen. You should
also notice that there are 3 orange scrolls and one blue scroll. At the north
of the map is an icon of the 3rd Hokage.

We will next open the Scroll Shop. To get to the Scroll Shop, look at the
map and find the Ramen Shop icon. The nearest orange scroll to it is the
Scroll Shop, just a little north and to the east of the ramen shop.

Coins For The Scroll Shop:

The Scroll Shop is located to the north and to the east of the Ramen Shop. Run
to it and talk to the Scroll Shop owner. Get 30 coins for her to open the
Scroll Shop. After giving her the coins, you'll get information about the
scrolls. Go check out the scrolls for sale. As you progress into the game, the
more scrolls will become available. For now, we don't need any scrolls, save
your coins and let's head to the next mission. Don't forget to save your game
and get any coins and destroy trash cans along the way.

Shadow Clone Jutsu Training:

Open your map and find the blue scroll. It's on the north western part of the
map. Go to and and talk to Iruka. He'll review the Shadow Clone Jutsu with you.
Do it three times and he'll ask you to break down a wooden barricade at the
back area. Look at your mini-map and you'll notice a blue X mark. Go there.

stand in front of the wooden barricade and perform the Shadow Clone Jutsu.
After successfully breaking down the barricade, information about Training
Points will appear. Don't forget to grab the rare coin inside.

After the mission has ended, it is time to make some money to buy some ramen.
Go talk to Iruka and Challenge him. When you win, you earn 60 ryou.

Naruto VS Iruka Strategy:
At the start of the fight, try to jump up and press Y to make Naruto do a
diving kick. This will serve as a practice for you to determine how to hit
an opponent with this. Also press UP+Y to make Naruto dart behind Iruka and
hit him from behind. The most useful combo is to press <- + X,X,X, which will
make Naruto hit him with three powerful punches, causing him to get thrown
away to the ground. When Iruka is on the ground after the combo, it's time
to use the Shadow Clone Jutsu because this is the only chance you have of
using it. Beat Iruka around 5 times just to have enough ramen money. Don't
forget to eat ramen to recharge your own health.

Find Konohamaru:

Just outside the training area after the Showdow Clone Jutsu Training mission,
you will find another orange scroll on top of the little girl Moegi. She's
looking for Konomaharu. Talk to people with smiley faces and an arrow will
point you which direction Konohamaru is. Just follow the arrow and keep talking
to people and you'll eventually find him. You might have to climb roofs to
find him. Talk to him and he'll be surprised that you found him. He'll be so
impressed that he'll quickly hire you as his trainer!

Sexy Jutsu Training:

Right after you find Konomaharu, he tells you that he wants to learn the
Sexy Jutsu Technique! Naruto agrees and tells him to meet up with him at the
women's bath house! Look at your map and you'll see a red moving scroll, go
there. You'll find Konomaharu, talk to him and you'll enter another training
mode. Just do the movements and you'll be done.

Konomaharu fails miserably at his "sexy" jutsu, so Naruto comes up with the
idea to have Konomaharu go inside with him into the women's bath house for
research purposes!

To the left side fo Konomaharu is the entrance to the bath house. There is a
man with a broom who has one heart symbol on his head. Go in front of him
and perform the Sexy Jutsu!

After being caught, Konomaharu finally makes a good Sexy Jutsu version, but
his teacher, Ebisu appears. Perform the Sexy Jutsu in front of Ebisu to beat

Save your game. You'll notice that if you open your map, there are still two
orange scrolls. The one on the left is a Book Store, it sells artwork and
video clips. Really useless so we won't be spending coins on that. The one
on the right is a Weapon Shop. We really won't be using weapons so we also
won't waste coins on that.

Head to the ramen shop south west from where you are and make sure to buy
5 ramens. After you have a complete supply of 5 ramens, go north east to the
blue scroll.

Kakashi's Test:

Talk to Iruka and he'll tell Naruto that he will be in a group with a new
leader named Kakashi. He asks Naruto to tell that to Sakura and Sasuke. Find
Sakura and Sasuke by talking to people with smiley faces.

Sakura can be found to the east of the Scroll Shop near the river. Sasuke can
be found on the south west part of the map near the water. After finding them,
head to the X spot to go to the training grounds. Don't forget to take all the
coins that you can reach, and be careful of jumping over water.

Talk to Sasuke and Sakura upon reaching the area, Kakashi will shortly arrive.
Kakashi's going to make you fight Sakura.

Naruto VS Sakura:
Just like with the fight with Iruka, use UP+Y to hit Sakura from behind, then
if you can, pummel her with <- + X,X,X. Follow it up with Shadow Clone Jutsu
until Sakura is defeated.

After beating Sakura, Kakashi wants Naruto to try and hit Sasuke. He also
gives Naruto an advice about using Substitution Jutsu against Sasuke since he
is a genius ninja.

Naruto VS Sasuke:
Be sure to jump to avoid Sasuke's quick attacks. Use the jumping dive kick
on him when you can, and then use UP+Y to hit him from behind. When you do
and there's an opportunity, use the <- + X,X,X combo. Follow this up with
the Shadow Clone Jutsu and it should be over soon.

After beating Sasuke, Kakashi decides it's time to test you himself. This is
going to be a more challenging fight than the previous ones. Kakashi gives
Naruto some time to think of a plan, but tells the others not to help him. Talk
to Sakura and she'll give you her kunais, which you can throw in battle by
pressing RB. This isn't really all that useful if your enemy is not trying to
perform a jutsu. Talk to Sasuke and he'll give you a tip on how to fight
Kakashi. Suddenly Kakashi arrives!

Naruto VS Kakashi:
Use the same strategy against Kakashi that you used with Sasuke and the fight
should be over soon.

After "beating" Kakashi, he'll end up blasting Naruto's butt with a butt-buster
move. He also knows that his friends helped him with the idea, so in the end,
he lets them pass his test because they never abandoned each other during
the training.

You also learn the Double Jump after the training. Just press A again while you
are still gaining height to perform another jump. Head back to the village and
try to get the coins you couldn't get earlier along the way. You can also do
two more ramen missions.

Also, try to do some Hide and Seek missions. By now, it should be open for you
to play. It's on the north west part of the map, signified by the icon of
Konohamaru. Just talk to the kid and you'll see an explanation for the game.
This is a quick way of earning money as you can do the mission over and over
again. You can spend some time earning enough money to buy some scrolls if
you feel like it. After you beat the first Konomaharu mission, another will
appear on the map and it will be moving a bit, just go there and do the
mission. Remember, sometimes the Hide and Seek mission will go back to the
place you went to before, but look for the kid with the angry face with a
clear Konomaharu head, talk to him and NOT the one with a smiley face.

If you manage to do around 13 Hide and Seek missions, your popularity should
be somewhere around 30% (go press Start to check or hold the Y button). The
Ninja Race missions will be unlocked.

Go to the first Ninja Race mission, you should be able to complete three races
if you've made it up to this point.

If you have done all of these, you should have enough money to go buy some
useful scrolls from the Scroll Shop. Make sure you get the Strength and Mastery
scrolls, and of course, 5 ramens from the Noodle Shop.

Trouble at The Scroll Shop:

After you have collected some coins and finished some missions, go to the blue
scroll on your map, it leads to the 3rd Hokage. Talk to him and he'll tell you
that there's something going on at the Scroll Shop. You'll find another blue
scroll on the screen that's moving a bit. Go there and it leads to the daughter
of the Scroll Shop Owner. Talk to her.

It seems that there's a bandit who stole stuff from the Scroll Shop because she
got lazy looking after the shop! The gates will open, just follow the X spot
to reach the bandit. Along the way, be sure to grab all the coins that you can.

Watch out for swinging trucks of trees! Just wait for them to reach one side
completely, be on their side too, the moment they start swinging to the other
side, start running.

You will also be ambushed by bandits along the way, but they're very easily
dealt with. Just use the <- + X,X,X combo if you can, then follow it up with
Shadow Clone Jutsu.

When you reach the destination, grab the scroll, the Bandit Boss will confront
you, while trying to justify his actions.

Naruto VS Bandit Boss:
Same tactics as always, easier than previous battles.

After beating him, the Bandit Boss escapes. Grab the key on the ground. You
will see a green glowing light with your village sign on it. If you step on it,
it can take you back to the village without manually travelling by yourself.
It is up to you to decide if you want to use this or not. If you didn't get
the coins on the way, now's the chance to backtrack and get them. If you got
all the possible coins so far, then use this to save time and avoid fights with

Back in the village, return to the Scroll Shop. It's the one near the Ramen
Shop, also near where Sakura hangs out. Talk to the daughter and she'll be
happy. She also tells you to go to the 3rd Hokage to report. Head north and
talk to the 3rd Hokage. He'll tell you to go back to where you found they key.
Follow the X spot again to your destination.

When you reach the spot, you'll find a wooden barricade. Perform your Shadow
Clone Jutsu in front of it and Naruto will break it down. As soon as you enter,
you'll see where you're supposed to go. Be careful of those ropes with tags on
them, if you touch them, they'll explode on you! Double jump over them.

Work your way up to where the treasure chest is. When you approach it, the
Bandit Boss appears once again! Just beat him up once more.

After the fight, Sakura notices that the treasure chest disappeared! Naruto
gets crapped on by Sakura and Sasuke once again. Sasuke decides that the best
move would be to find the chest once more. From where you are standing, head
back, then pass the bridge going back again while avoiding the logs. Keep
going back and look down. One of the caves that had stones blocking it is now
free. It only has wooden barricade on. Jump down and perform the Shadown Clone
Jutsu on it to destroy the barricade.

Go inside the cave, but be careful of booby traps! Jump on the platforms and
you will reach another barricaded area. Break it again with the Shadow Clone
Jutsu. Don't rush in! There are explosive tags on the ropes, jump over them
and then proceed.

Next is an area with a broken bridge, but there's a rope connecting them. Move
Naruto on top of the rope and he will slide to the other side! Grab the
treasure chest, but don't forget the coins! Drop down and go out of the cave.
A new bandit boss will confront you! Beat him up just like what you did with
the former boss!

After beating him, Naruto gets excited about what's inside the chest. Sakura
and Sasuke begins on correcting Naruto's ideas once again. Go to the green
light that teleports you back to the village. Once back in the village, follow
the X spot and talk to the daughter. The daughter opens it and finds out that
it was the scrolls her ancestors made. It's now time to report back to the 3rd
Hokage. Follow the blue scroll and talk to him. He tells you that he's happy
that the scrolls have been found, now you're free go hunt for coins and maybe
do side missions if you haven't so.

Escort Tazuma:

Follow the blue scroll on the map. It leads to Kakashi. You might want to
choose Training. Go scroll down and buy Strength Level 2 and Strength Level 3.
You should still have around 282 training points left, but we'll save them
for when we really need them.

Talk to Kakashi and choose Get Mission. He'll tell you to prepare first, so
you better do that. Make sure you have 5 ramen with you and you have the
Strength and Mastery scrolls. You should also have Strength Level 2 and 3 that
you can get from Kakashi.

Once you are ready, go back and talk to Kakashi and tell him you're ready. The
3rd Hokage will appear, along with Sasuke and Sakura. Naruto gets all excited
and asks the Hokage for a real ninja mission. He gives them a mission to guard
Tazuma, a master bridge builder. He tells them that they should be ready to
give up their lives for him, much to Naruto's disappointment upon seeing the
ragged man. Kakashi instructs Naruto to scout ahead for enemies. Follow the
path to the X spot, where they will begin their journey to the Land of Waves.

Naruto and gang gets ambushed by ninjas, fortunately Kakashi saves them all.
Naruto makes a promise to not be scared anymore especially when he has to save
people. Kakashi interrogates Tazuma about what the situation really is about,
and he finally gives in. He tells about Gato, a businessman who uses their
island as a base of operations. Gato wants Tazuma dead because the bridge he
is building will get in the way of his operations.

While on their way to Tazuma's place, they get attacked by Zabuza, the hired
assassin to kill the bridge master! Kakashi gets trapped in a Water Poison
Jutsu, and Naruto starts to fight with Zabuza!

Naruto VS Zabuza:
With your Strength Level 3, Zabuza is very easy to beat. Just do the jump dive
kick attack on him and then use the <- + X,X,X combo when you get the chance.
Finish him off quickly with your Shadow Clone Jutsu.

After dealing enough damage, Zabuza will get up again for Round 2! Beat him
using the same methods. Naruto and Sasuke will then work together using an
ingenious way to free Kakashi and beat Zabuza.

After beating Zabuza, Kakashi compliments Naruto for his efforts. Naruto starts
to celebrate but he notices that the body of Zabuza disappeared, meaning he's
still alive!

Kakashi decides to teach everyone Chakra Concentration.

Helping Out:

Before teaching Naruto how to control his chakra, Kakashi tells Naruto to help
out someone first. Explore the vicinity and grab the coins that you can get.
Follow the map to where the red scroll is.

Talk to the stranger and you'll find out the he's looking for herbs. Find 10
herbs and return it to him. Return to Kakashi afterwards to learn about
Chakra Concentration.

Talk to Kakashi and choose Learn New Jutsu, the training segment will start.
Just do the commands on the screen just like any other jutsus. You will then
proceed to an example of climbing a tree. Do the Chakra Concentration jutsu,
and you'll see on the lower right screen that there's a letter A. Keep pressing
the A button quickly to make Naruto go up the tree. It might take a while to
get the timing right.

After the training, Naruto blacks out because of too much stress. He wakes up
to find that he's been left behind.

Battle at The Bridge:

Before going to the blue scroll, go look at the walls with footprints. Some
of them lead to coins! Make sure you clean up the area of coins before you
proceed to the blue scroll. Just stand in front of the footprints on the wall
and perform your Chakra Control Jutsu just like in the training.

Find the tree with the blue scroll and climb it. You will enter the Tree
Action Sequence where you travel quickly by trees.

After making your way out of the trees, carefully jump from boat to boat while
collecting the coins. You will enter another timed race. Quickly run and jump
through the rings, don't worry grabbing coins and exploring yet, you can do
that later. Only grab coins that are really in the way. It might get a little
tricky, watch out for those sliding ropes, make sure you line up Naruto well
behind them so he can properly slide to the next area. You will also have to
use Chakra Concentration a number of times to climb walls, so don't forget how
you do Chakra Concentration.

After Naruto climbs up to the bridge, he sees Sasuke trapped in a glass area,
Naruto helps Sasuke by fighting Haku, the one who controls ice.

Naruto VS Haku:
Haku is actually pretty fast and can deal damage. This is where the Strength
Level 3 comes handy. Jump away from Haku and use the dive kick on him. When
you get the chance, use the <- + X,X,X combo on him followed by the Shadow
Clone Jutsu.

After dealing damage, Haku will continue fighting while Sasuke is down from
the attacks.

Naruto VS Haku 2:
Rage mode is being taught here. When your character's icon is flashing red,
press LT+RT. Use the time you have to beat Haku with combos. Once the Rage
Mode is over, you can finish off Haku with a Shadow Clone Jutsu.

After the battle, Haku uses himself as a shield to prevent Zabuza from getting
killed by Kakashi. Gato's goons appear, but Zabuza attacks them even with both
arms broken, just by having a kunai on his mouth. He slays Gato before dying.
The bridge is finally safe, and Tazuma names it the Great Naruto Bridge.

You will be brought back to your own village and learn how to sprint. Hold RT
and then move Naruto to sprint real fast! Since you have the sprint, you can
go continue to try the Ramen Delivery missions. You can finish up to the 7th
Ramen Delivery mission as of now.

There are also new Hide and Seek missions, just check the map and finish them.
There will also be new Ninja Race missions, try to finish as much as you can,
at this point in the game, you can finish up to Race 14.

Right now, you should have:

1. Shadow Clone Jutsu Level 2
2. Chakra Concentration Level 2
3. Sexy Jutsu Level 1
4. Around 373 Training Points
5. Strength Scroll Upgraded (Costs 5 Gold Coins from shop)
6. Mastery Scroll Upgraded (Costs 5 Gold Coins from shop)

Shadow Clone Jutsu Level 2 will allow you to break ROCK barricades, while
Chakra Concentration Level 2 will allow you to run up higher buildings, useful
on some of the Ninja Races and grabbing coins. We still don't need to upgrade
Sexy Jutsu because we won't be using it in battle. If you have been collecting
all the coins that you see on the way while doing side missions, you should
have enough Gold Coins to buy the upgrades to Strength and Mastery scrolls.
They really help a lot in battles.

Land of The Waves Speed Challenge:

Open the map and you'll notice that there are a total of 4 orange scrolls. One
is moving a bit, and the other one is near Sakura's icon. Go to the orange
scroll that is near Sakura. Talk to the ninja who is fishing and he'll put you
in a Race in the Land of the Waves. Follow the orange X spot. Along the way,
don't forget to use your Chakra Concentration Level 2 on the abandoned house
with white footprints going up. You can finally get the coins up there. Go
explore a little bit more before arriving at the X spot to get the other coins
in the immediate vicinity that you can now reach using Chakra Concentration
Level 2. There are two Gold Coins that you can get by using Chakra Level 2
here. Use a Sprint Jump to reach the one near the coin on the abandoned house,
and the other one is when you enter gate, to the left is another white set of
footprints that lead up to another Gold Coin. After cleaning the area of coins,
head to where the X spot is to revisit the Land of the Waves.

Upon arrival, you will be on the bridge. Move forward and the race will start.
Just keep sprinting, don't try to get the coins yet because they will slow you
down. The race is very easy and you should be done fast. After you win the
race, the green leaf teleporter will appear. Before going back to the village,
you might want to collect the coins that you saw earlier. Go forward again and
when you reach the end of the bridge, to the left is a pathway down. Go down
and you'll be able to reach the lower area. Go jump from boat to boat and
find any coins that you haven't been able to get before. Jump to the land
area and you'll find a tree that you can climb. Climb the tree and finish
the tree sequence. You'll be in the training area that Kakashi brought you
during the first Land of the Waves mission.

From where you are standing (in front of the tree with the sign), head forward
and you will encounter a ROCK barricade. It's the round rock with an X carved
on it, tied by a rope. Perform your Shadow Clone Jutsu Level 2 on this and
you will be able to destroy it. Get the coin near the entrance, and then use
Sprint Jump to reach the coin on the other side. Unfortunately, you can't get
the others yet because you need to learn how to walk on water first, which
will come later. Jump on top of the stone pagoda (it's white) and then Sprint
Jump back to where you came from.

Continue to the path going west (where you met Haku while he was picking up
herbs). Go near the water with the broken bridges, there's another rock
barricade that you can destroy. It has a Golden Coin, grab it and it's time
to head back to the tree with the sign. Climb it and you'll be back to the
first area near the bridge.

Move forward and jump over the boats, make your way to the east where you
originally came from to reach the wooden platform (double jump to reach this!)
and slide on the rope going to the other platform that leads up the bridge. Go
all the way to the other end of the bridge to find the green teleporter and
return to the village.

Back in the village, head to the north east section where Iruka is. Go into the
back area where you first broke your wooden barricade. Now you can break the
one with the rock barricade! Break it to claim a Golden Coin.

Collect Medical Herbs:

Check your map and there's another normal orange scroll near Sakura. Go to
that scroll and you'll find a girl cleaning the ground. Talk to her. She'll
tell you that her patients got into a fight but she doesn't have the herbs
to heal them. She needs Naruto to get 20 herbs.

Follow the X spot to go back to the Land of the Waves. From where you begin
on the bridge, look to the right. There are boxes there. On top of them is
a rope you can slide on. Slide on the rope to get to the land area. Climb
up the tree with the sign and finish the tree sequence.

Upon arrival, you will be shown the herbs. Go follow the X spot and start
collecting the herbs. After collecting 20 herbs, you will have to go back to
the village. Fortunately, a green teleporter appearts, just use that to go
back to the village. Go back to the orange scroll near Sakura and talk to
the girl cleaning the ground. She'll be happy now that she can heal her the
beaten patients.

The Wayward Husband:

Check your map once more and you'll find another orange scroll near Sakura. Go
to that orange scroll (it's near where you finished the herb collection quest).
You will find another girl cleaning the ground, talk to her. She tells you that
her husband joined a group of bandits, and she wants you to make him come back
home! Before going to the Land of the Waves, you might want to break open a
few more rock barricades. Go to the north east part of the map where Kakashi is
and go out of the gate. From the gate, head east and you'll find a rock
barricade to destroy. Grab the coins. Go back and head west and you'll see the
Gold Coin that you can't reach before above a broken bridge. Go on the other
side and go up the ground so that the Gold Coin will be in front of you. Use
Sprint Jump to reach the Gold Coin.

Go back down and continue north to the training grounds. Sprint Jump to reach
the Gold Coin on top of the middle rock. Go back down and head near the water.
You'll find another rock barricade, destroy it. Go back out and on the other
side of the river are two coins. Sprint Jump to reach them. On the wall near
the two coins are white footprints, go climb that and you'll find another
Gold Coin. Slide down the rope to get back to the other side. Now it's time to
get back into the mission.

Follow the X spot back to the Land of the Waves.

On the bridge, go to the right, go up the boxes and slide down the rope. Climb
the tree to get to where the husband is. Be careful, there will be explosive
traps on some of the trees now!

When you arrive, you'll notice a bunch of bandits. You'll have to fight them
all and make the husband return! Talk approach the bandits and beat them up,
no real strategy for them since they're easy.

After beating them all, talk to the man with the orange scroll, he's the
husband. Since he saw you beat them up easily, he'll return to the village
because you he's now convinced that the bandits aren't really strong. Step
on the teleporter to go back to the village.

It's time to go shopping! Go to the Scroll Shop and buy the Health Leech
scroll. If you can't see that, you can use some coins to unlock new sets of
scrolls. With Health Leech scroll, you can recover some health if you damage
your enemy while fighting. Buy the Protection Scroll too since it reduces
the damage you take when you get hit by combos from enemies.

Next stop, we go to the Ramen Shop, we will upgrade our ramens to Level 2
because we will soon be fighting enemies that can really deal damage. Choose
Buy Ramen and then choose Upgrade to Double Ramen.

Let's do some Ramen Deliveries. With the deliveries here, you'll notice that
the customers are usually on top of buildings! The Chakra Concentration Level 2
really shines here. Also, when an arrow is pointing in the direction where a
sliding rope is, don't be afraid to use the rope! It usually leads you to a
place very near to your next delivery spot.

Try to finish as many Ninja Races, Hide and Seek, and Delivery missions for now
and go collect some coins. When you're done, it's time to go to the moving
orange scroll located on the north west part of the map.

Rescue Moegi:

Go to the moving orange scroll on the north west part of the map and you'll
find Konohamaru. Talk to him and some guy will knock Moegi down. It's Gaara!
Naruto gets angry but Gaara just threatens to kill him.

Meanwhile in the Hokage's building, they're discussing about the Chunin exams.
Iruka tells the Hokage that the kids are still not prepared to take such
exams, but Kakashi tells him that if they're not exposed to real challenges,
then they will not grow.

Outside, Moegi appreciates Naruto's effort for trying to defend her. Naruto
learns that there are new Genin around because there's going to be a Chunin
exam. Out of nowhere, a bandit kidnaps Moegi!

There are no X spots to follow! Go talk to some friendly people so that you'll
find Moegi. After talking to a friendly person, you'll find an X spot on the
map, follow that and rescue Moegi!

Naruto finds the bandit but he berrates the ninjas of Leaf Village as being
weak. Naruto gets mad, and another bandit appears to help his friend. Get rid
of the bandit, and then the kidnapper finally fights you! Beat him up too!

After being defeated, the kidnapper threatens to kill Moegi, but Naruto has
already outsmarted him by putting substitutions! He has already freed Moegi!
The kidnapper escapes after being shamed.

Somewhere, Kakashi asks the kidnapper how things went. The kidnapper transforms
back into Iruka, who was only really testing Naruto's skills! Iruka is highly
impressed and Kakashi feels that they are ready for the exams.

Find The Spy:

Return to the village and check the map. There's a blue scroll, go to the
blue scroll and talk to the Hokage. He tells you that there's a spy in the
village. He asks the group to just check out the spy's location, and Sakura
explains to Naruto that this isn't gonna be another fight fest.

Follow the X spot. Be careful! The path suddenly has some explosive tags tied
to ropes! Jump over them carefully. You will see an alternate path, go jump
down and take that. You will eventually reach a wooden barricade, destroy that.

Jump down and don't forget to grab the coin. Move forward and avoid the
explosive tags. When you jump over the little place with water, instead of
going up, move forward and look to the right. There's another rock barricade,
destroy that and get the Gold Coin inside.

Go back outside and then jump up. Get the coin but be careful of the spike
traps. If you'll notice, there's a small space on the left without a spike
trap, just slowly walk there to get to the other side if you don't want to
risk jumping over the spikes.

Before jumping over another river, you might fight a Genin. Just beat him
up the same way you do with the bandits. With our new Health Leech and
Protection scrolls, the genin isn't a threat anymore.

Proceed to the other side and make your way up the mountain. Don't forget
the coin! You'll find Sakura and Sasuke already there. They've found the
spy! Naruto and gang are supposed to wait for reinforcements, but the
spy will be leaving with his comrades soon. Sakura gets the idea to make
a sleeping powder to put them to sleep. She asks Naruto to collect herbs.

When you regain control of Naruto, go back up to where Sakura and Sasuke is
and you will find an herb nearby. Grab and and make your way down. Get the
herb near the water. Grab the herb along the way, then when you reach the
area with spikes, there's another herb just where you destroyed a rock
barricade. Make your way back some more to find more herbs until you get 10.

Make your way back to Sakura and Sasuke, and the sleeping powder will be used!
Some bad guys still managed to run away, chase them! Move forward and destroy
the wooden barricade.

Continue following the X spot while avoiding the explosive traps. You will run
into the bandit boss, just beat him up like before. Naruto complains that he
had to beat up the boss on his own, but Sakura and Sasuke tell him that they've
been fighting off the entire camp! A ninja appears and tells the team that
everything's gonna be handled from here so they should just go back and
report to the Hokage.

Before stepping into the teleporter, go explore the area first for coins. Jump
on the small broken house and then on to the platform, you'll see a tree with
a coin. Sprint Jump to reach it and then you'll see a wall with footprints.
Go climb that and grab the coins, then climb another wall with footprints.
There will be sliding ropes that you can use to reach the other coins. There's
also a METAL barricade there, but you can't break it yet because it needs
Shadow Clone Jutsu Level 3. Collect the coins and one Gold Coin on one of the
higher areas and then go back to the teleporter to go back into town.

Go to the blue scroll and talk to the Hokage. The Hokage questions Naruto and
Naruto starts making excuses for his actions. Sasuke agrees with Naruto that
the mission would've failed if they didn't do something, so the Hokage just
accepts it and tells them they still did a great job.

Now's the time for upgrades! Head west after talking to the Hokage and talk to
Iruka. Choose Training. You should have around 727 Training Points if you've
been doing side missions. Buy Shadow Clone Jutsu Level 3 and Chakra
Concentration Level 3. Let's save some Training Points for later. Go to the
back area and break the METAL barricade with Shadow Clone Jutsu Level 3 and
claim your prize.

Check the map and you'll see a new Ninja Race that has been activated if you
have done all the other races before. Finish it, you will be using your
Chakra Concentration Level 3 here a lot. Do as many new Ninja Race missions
as you can.

After doing some other races, we'll open another metal barricade. Go to the
second gate, the one that leads to the east. Follow the path to the bandit's
area. Don't take the door going to the Land of the Waves. Move on forward
where you broke the wooden barricade during the Spy mission. Jump down, move
forward and avoid all explosive traps. Make your way up the mountain, then
move down the bridge into the next area.

You will reach the area where you beat the bandit boss during the Spy mission.
Go look for the wall where you can run up. Run up the second wall too and
you'll find a wooden platform nearby with a sliding rope. Use the sliding rope
and follow the wooden platform. You'll see another wooden platform that will
fall down if you step on it, so quickly jump to the ledge with the cave. There
is a METAL barricade here, destroy it with Shadow Clone Jutsu Level 3! Get
the coin and run up the wood. Use the sliding rope to reach the other area.

After sliding down the rope, be careful of the spike and the huge shurikens
that suddenly fly towards you! Once you make it past them, you'll find a Gold
Coin. Continue on the path and you'll find another coin on a ledge. After
you grab it, drop down. You will find yourself in front of another cave with
a leaf sign. Go in the cave, it's a shortcut back to the village. There's
a broken bridge in the cave, below is a coin, grab it. When you get out of
the cave, there is another coin to the left on the ledge. After taking it,
drop down, and go out of the gate and head back into the village.

Chunin Exam:

When you arrive on the blue scroll on the map, talk to Kakashi and choose
Get Mission. He'll tell you that you seem ready because you have passed the
test. Naruto gets confused and Kakashi tells Naruto that it was Iruka who
disguised himself as a kidnapper. Kakashi tells you to meet Anko at the
entrace of the Forest of Death.

Here's a list of the ideal items that you should have before going to the
Forest of Death:

1. Shadow Clone Jutsu Level 3 (Buy from a master)
2. Sexy Jutsu Level 1
3. Chakra Concentration Level 3 (Buy from a master)
4. Strength Level 4 (Buy from a master)
5. Deluxe Ramen Upgrade (Buy from Ramen Shop)
6. Strength Scroll Upgraded (Buy from Scroll Shop)
7. Master Scroll Upgraded (Buy from Scroll Shop)
8. Protection Scroll Upgraded (Buy from Scroll Shop)
9. Health Leech Scroll Upgraded (Buy from Scroll Shop)
10. 15 Ramen Carrying Capacity (Buy from Ramen Shop)
11. 4 Memoclips
12. 692 Max Health
13. 635 Max Chakra

You don't have to have all of them exactly since you only get them if you've
done all side missions so far (except the Book Store and Weapon Shop quests),
and you should have at least collected 20 Golden Coins while roaming around
the game.

Once you've prepared, follow the X spot into the training grounds. Find the
tree with the footprints and climb it. Finish the tree sequence and you'll
arrive at the entrance of Forest of Death.

Go to the crowd up ahead. Sakura gets scared of the place and Anko tells
everyone that it's really dangerous inside. Anko tells them that for a team
to pass, they will need to get one Earth and one Heaven scroll and bring them
to the tower in the forest. She also advises everyone not to die!

Inside the Forest of Death, the team suddenly gets attacked by a genin. He
shouldn't be much trouble, although he's a little better than the bandits.

After the battle, Naruto seems to have been left behind by Sasuke and Sakura!
When you regain control of Naruto, don't go to the area shown in the cutscene
yet. Go around and collect coins first.

From where you begin, don't jump on the mushroom yet. Cross the bridge and
you'll find a rock barricade. Destroy it and get the Gold Coin inside. Move
forward and avoid the spike trap and grab the coin. Move forward and collect
some more coins. You'll find another rock barricade, destroy it and get the
Gold Coin inside. Cross the bridge and move to the left and grab another coin
near the wall with footprints. Climb the wall with footprints and climb the
second wall with a Chakra Concentration Level 3 to get another Gold Coin.

Use the sliding rope to get on the other side and collect more coins on the
ledges. After getting them, there are still some more coins in the middle
tree area. Go back down to where you began near the entrance, and go to the
first spike trap that you encountered. Beside it is a green tree stump that you
can hop on to by doing a Jump Sprint. Go up the platforms to collect more

Be careful of jonin! They are a lot tougher than any bandits or genins you have
faced before.

Naruto VS Jonin:
Jump away to avoid his very fast combos. Use jumping dive kicks to hit him and
when you find an opening, use the <- + X,X,X combo, follow it up with a Shadow
Clone Jutsu Level 3 if possible.

When you have collected all possible coins, not counting the ones in the
water, you can jump down from the platform and head for the tree with the
footprints to move on to the next area. Don't forget to replenish your health
by eating ramen. Finish the tree sequence.

Move forward but be careful of the spike trap. Head to the left and go up
the bridge. When you see a spiked log, look behind you and you'll notice
a coin on some mushroom. Sprint Jump to the nearest mushroom, then hop
towards the coin.

Go back to the bridge and get close to the spiked log. You'll see that there
is a Gold Coin to the left. Sprint Jump to the nearest mushroom to and jump
for the Gold Coin. Jump on the other mushroom that leads to the other side
of the bridge instead of risking getting hit by the spiked log.

You'll notice another mushroom ledge, Sprint Jump to it and you'll find a coin
on a wooden ledge. Get it. In front of it is a Gold Coin on another ledge,
defended by a swinging spiked log. Grab the Gold Coin by Sprint Jumping to it.

Look down and you'll find another coin, so jump down. Go down the bridge and
follow the path down, avoid the explosive trap and jump to the stone for
another coin. Sprint Jump towards the big fallen tree and jump to another stone
to get a coin. From here, there is a nearby wall with footprints. Sprint Jump
to that place and climb the wall and get the Gold Coin. To the right is a
rope tied to a branch. Use the rope to slide to the other side while pushing
forward, you might fall down the water if you don't push forward.

You'll find yourself back to the beginning of the area. This time, choose the
path to the right. Jump over the explosive traps. You'll see a heavily trapped
area, but to the left, you can Sprint Jump on to a mushroom. Above that is
another mushroom with a Gold Coin, get it. Move forward and to the right you'll
find anoter Gold Coin and a rock barricade. Get the Gold Coin first then break
the rock barricade.

Go back on the main path and move forward. Avoid the explosive trap and you'll
find another heavily trapped area with a coin on a ledge. Grab the coin. Sprint
Jump on the mushroom and look back. There's another Gold Coin nearby on a
wooden ledge. Sprint Jump to it.

Jump back down and avoid the explosive trap and spike combo and you'll find
a genin. Beat him to get the Earth Scroll. Go to the tree with footprints
and climb it to get to the next area.

After the tree sequence, move forward and hop on to the platforms on the left
side. You still can't get the coins in the water. Jump on the platform until
there is a wide gap to the next ledge with a coin. Look below, there is a
Gold Coin there. Jump down and get it. Check the corner of the area near the
water to find a coin guarded by an explosive trap.

Move to the right path, not the one guarded by explosive traps and avoid the
spikes. There's another coin there and a Gold coin. Take them. Jump on the
mushroom and follow the platforms going up. Grab the coin and continue on.
Look above and you'll find a higher platform to jump to with a coin. Grab the

Head forward on the bridge and you'll find two spiked logs. Instead of jumping
straight, fall down to collect more coins. Sprint Jump past three explosive
tags into the corner and get the coin. Move back to the path and head right,
you'll find a rock barricade, destroy it. Grab the Gold Coin and go back to
the middle path. In front of the middle path is a coin near a wall that
you can climb. Grab the coin and climb the wall.

You'll see a tree that you can go up to once you climb the wall, but you still
need the Heaven Scroll! Look behind you and you'll see that on the bridge is
a genin. Beat him to get the Heaven Scroll.

Before going to the tree, look to the right and you'll notice another platform
with explosive traps. There's a Gold Coin at the end, so get it then return
to the tree that you can climb.

After the tree sequence, you'll find that Orochimaru is attacking Sasuke and
Sakura! You'll have to beat Orochimaru to save your friends!

Naruto VS Orochimaru:
Orichimaru is actually fast and powerful. Jump away from him and do dive kicks
to whittle down his health. It's very hard to knock him away to do a jutsu so
don't just blindly do combos at him. When you get the chance, then do it.

After beating Orochimaru for the first time, you will actually have to fight
him a second time! This is where your memoclips come into use. If you die,
just choose a memoclip and press A rapidly to recharge your health and chakra.

Once you are done with this tough battle, Orochimaru seals away Naruto's power
and bites Sasuke to give him a curse. A battle ensues and Sasuke fights them
away. Sakura later tells everyone that they need to hurry to the tower before
they run out of time.

Never Give In:

You'll notice that once you regain of Naruto, his health and chakra have been
limited to 500!!! This is because of Orochimaru's seal! You can't do anything
about it now so just move forward.

Take the lower path first but don't go to the X spot yet. Collect the coins
around the area. There is a rock barricade just behind the tower, break it
and get the Gold Coin. Continue around and inspect every corner for a coin.
There is another rock barricade after some spikes, break it to get a Gold Coin.
Head back and continue going around, you'll find a wall that you can climb.
Climb up and get the Gold Coin. Go back down and head back to the beginning
of the area near the tree. Sprint Jump your way up, and this time, take the
higher path. Jump from platform to platform to get a coin, then slide down the
rope and get the Gold Coin. After this, you can now go to the X spot, which is
the entrance of the tower.

Iruka pops up and tells them that they've passed the exam. Inside, the 3rd
Hokage will congratulate everyone for passing the exams. Now they'll have a
preliminary match! He also tells everyone that when they do well, it gives
their respective villages better reputation.

Battles rage on and finally, it's Naruto VS Kiba!

Naruto VS Kiba:
Keep doing dive kicks and you will hit him a lot. When the chance appears, do
a combo on him then end it with a jutsu. After beating him you will have to
fight him again!

Naruto VS Kiba 2:
If he manages to do his jutsu called Fang Over Fang, keep moving the Left Stick
while pressing A to move quickly away from his targeted area. If you somehow
die, don't forget that you CANNOT do your RAGE MODE because you have been
cursed by Orochimaru.

After winning the battle, Naruto will continue watching the battles that
remain. When all battles have ended, the Hokage then announces that the final
tournament will take place after a little break, so it would be time for them
to rest or train.

When you regain control of Naruto after he learns about Gaara's past, head to
the Ramen Shop and make sure you replenish all of your ramens. If you used some
memoclips during the hard Chunin Exam mission, then it's time to go to the
Hokage, located north of Ramen Shop, and have him give you more for a price.

Training Time:

In your map is a blue scroll. Follow that and it points to Kakashi. Talk to
him and choose Get Mission. He tells you that he will have to go for a while
since he has something to work on so he found him another teacher for the
the moment. Surprisingly, it's Ebisu, much to the dismay of Naruto! Ebisu
challenges Naruto to a race. If Naruto evades him, then he will quit as his
new teacher. Naruto accepts the challenge.

Head to the X spot and meet Ebisu for the race.

The race itself isn't hard, you just have to use chakra climbing on some walls.
After Naruto reaches the bridge, Ebisu still catches him. Naruto complains
about this. Ebisu catches a man peeping in the women's bath house and tries to
stop him, but the man summons a frog to smash him to the ground!

The man introduces himself as Jiraiya, but Naruto refers to him as the Pervy
Sage because of his actions. Naruto asks Jaraiya to train him, but he gives
Naruto a task. He needs him to retrieve an item from the thief.

Follow the X spot which leads you to a new area. Collect the coins along the
way. You'll find a rock barricade, destroy it for a Gold Coin. Continue on
and you will encounter a bandit. Beat him and you'll get the item, but before
that, break the rock barricade in front of you to get a Gold Coin. Go back
out and you'll see a coin on one of the platforms. Jump to it. Get the coin
and drop down, there's another rock barricade nearby to destroy. There is a
coin at the corner outside of the barricade. Take the Gold Coin and go back
out, head back and find the wall that you can climb.

Jump back to the platforms, and this time head to the left path with a coin.
Get the coin and continue on the path. Destroy the wooden barricade and you'll
find a tree that you can climb. Don't climb this yet. There is a Gold Coin in
the corner, take it and head back to the body of water near the gate that you
came from. You'll find Jaraiya peeping on a girl taking a bath! Approach him.

Jaraiya is very happy and continues thinking about girls so Naruto complains
about it and he wants to be trained right away. Jaraiya finally gives in and
he teaches you how to walk on water. Follow the instructions and you will fail
3 times. Jaraiya checks Naruto and finds out about the seal that Orochimaru
put on Naruto's body. He removes this and Naruto finally regains his powers.

Try to walk on water again using the Chakra Concentration. It should work now.
Get the Gold Coin on the other side and return to Jiraiya.

After this, go back into the village and find Jiraiya, he's on the south west
part of the map. Talk to him and choose Training. If you've been doing side
missions, you should have around 912 Training Points to spend. Buy the Forward
Killer Combo, Aerial Stomp Killer Kick, and Strength Level 5. If you still
have around 262 Training Points left, go buy Sexy Jutsu Level 2.

The Lost Bag:

Check your map and there's another orange scroll near Sakura (it might be
covered by a race flag). Go there and you'll find a girl cleaning the ground.
She lost her bag and she needs you to retrieve it. Follow the X spot.

On the way, since you can walk on water now, when you first encounter the
broken bridge, there's a Gold Coin nearby. Activate your Chakra Concentration
and then walk to the Gold Coin to take it. Head back and continue on your
journey. You'll encounter the place where you had detour on a broken bridge.
Jump down, then look back, there's a Gold Coin in the far back area of the
water. Use Chakra Concentration Level 3 to reach that and go back. Continue on
your way back to the X spot.

When you get to the part where you have to jump down and there's water around,
use Chakra Level 3 again and go to the right, there's a cave with a Gold Coin
in it. Go back and continue on your way.

There is another area where you can walk on water, do that and walk grab the
coin, then continue further to get a Gold Coin. Go back and then head to the
other area with water, you should find a land where you can rest a bit before
continuing on with the water path to a coin. Behind the coin is a wall that
you can run up, do that and you'll get a Gold Coin.

Go back to the little land that you rested on and then climb up the platforms
to the X spot. You'll find the bag with a bandit boss.

Naruto VS Bandit Boss:
Since we have two new combos, we can be extra cheap. Jump and press Y to dive
kick, then when it hits, press X for another extra hit that will make the boss
go crashing back. This is a good opportunity to use Shadow clone Jutsu Level 2.
You can also catch him with a -> + X,X,X,Y,X combo which will hit him from the
back really strong, causing him to fly away. You can use this time to perform
a Shadow Clone Jutsu Level 3, completely annihilating him.

After beating the boss, go to the teleporter and go back to the village. Go
to the orange scroll near Sakura where the girl was and talk to her.

Check your map afterwards and you'll see two new orange scrolls on the
north east part of the map, one is near the river and the second one is
close to the north eastern gate. Go to the one close to the river first.

The Lost Notebook:

Talk to the girl on the bridge and she will tell you that she lost her
notebook in the Forest of Death! Follow the X spot to get it for her.

Before climbing the tree in the training area, go walk on the water to reach
the coins that you couldn't get before, just across the river from the
training ground. Go back to the land area of the training ground, the walk
on the water heading to the right to find more coins.

Go back to the training area after collecting the coins and then climb up
the tree to get to the Forest of Death. Continue following the X spot inside
the forest to get the notebook.

Follow the path up the tree and you will see that the notebook is being
guarded by a jonin.

Naruto VS Jonin:
Use the -> + X,X,X,Y,X combo on him and then follow it up
with a Shadow Clone Jutsu Level 3 to finish him quickly.

After the fight, step on the teleporter to go back to the village. Go to the
orange scroll on the north east part of the map that is on the river and talk
to the girl.

Look at your map and you'll notice a new orange scroll has appeared just above
from where you are. Go to that orange scroll.

Forest of Death Speed Challenge:

Talk to the girl and she will challenge you to a speed test going to the
Tower of Death. Just follow the X spot and climb the tree. Finish the tree
sequence and enter the Forest of Death.

At the beginning of the race, immediately head right and then sprint for it!
Whenever you see traps, STOP and don't attept to Sprint Jump over them. They
will probably just knock you back and make you lose time. Stopping won't really
cause you to lose the race, it's when you keep on getting hit by traps that
really affects the time that you spend to finish it.

During tree sequences, always keep an eye out for what's up ahead. Also, beware
of traps signified by red flashes. Quickly push a different direction so as
not to land on the trap.

Just stop in front of every trap and then safely make your way ahead and you
will finish the mission successfully. The teleporter will appear when you're
done, so just step on it and go back to the village.

Check your map and there is one orange scroll near the north east gate. Go
to it.

Forest Speed Challenge:

Talk to the girl and she will challenge you to another speed test. Follow
the X spot. The race will begin immediately. This is a lot easier than the
speed challenge with the Forest of Death. The only tricky part is the area
where you have to jump from platform to platform. Don't rush it there. Just
take one platform at a time, then when you're back on the land, that's when
you should sprint.

After this very easy challenge, check your map and go to the blue scroll.

A Day Off:

Talk to the Hokage, but he'll tell you he has no mission for you and you should
just take a rest and go to the lake. Follow the X spot. Talk to Jiraiya and
choose Training. You can now buy Sexy Jutsu Level 3, go ahead.

Catch The Bandits:
Talk to Jiraiya again and choose get mission. According to him, bandits robbed
a farmer so he needs you to get his things back. Follow the blue scroll to
talk to the poor farmer.

The farmer is mad and tells you to go after the bandits, follow the X spot. You
will quickly find the bandits, but the others will run away. Beat up the guy
left behind. After beating him up, don't go back to the farmer yet. Continue
forward to the metal barricade and destroy it. Grab the coin and walk on the
water to get some more coins. After collecting the coins, return to the
village. Follow the blue scroll and talk to the farmer.

Working For The Farmer:

He'll be impressed that a young boy like you could actually get his stuff back!
Unfortunately for Naruto, he'll now have to work a bit for the farmer to pay
for Jiraiya's debts! He wants you to collect potatoes.

Follow the X spot and climb the tree for another sequence. When you reach the
new spot, move forward a bit and look to the right, you'll find a wooden
barricade, break it. Get to Gold Coin inside and then climb the left wall to
get another Gold Coin. Look down and you'll see a platform with a coin, jump
to get it. Go back out and follow the X spot again and you'll meet a bandit.
Beat him up and continue to the X spot.

Walk on the water and go into the little cave to get a Gold Coin, then walk
on water again to get another coin, and then go to the land where anoter
coin is. Jump on the wooden platform, but be careful because they will sink!
Just dash through and jump to get to the other side.

When you reach stable land, look to the right, there's an area going up. Go up
and you'll find a coin. Go back down and walk on the water to get the coin
near the waterfall, then walk THRU the waterfall to get a Gold Coin. Go back
to the land and cross the bridge, then jump on the pillars to get coins.

Be careful when entering the cave, it's FULL of traps! Break the metal
barricade and get the stuff inside. Carefully get the coins near the traps.
Sprint Jump to clear the traps and you'll be outside again finally. You will
see a temple up ahead with a Gold Coin above. One of its pillars can be scaled,
so run up and grab the Gold coin. Go back down and you'll see some pillars on
the water. Jump on them and you'll find a rock barricade near the wall. Break
it and get the things inside. Go back outside and sprint jump to the next
ledge while avoiding the spikes. You'll find a rock barricade on the next one,
break it.

You'll find a Gold Coin inside and a metal barricade. Grab the Gold Coin and
break the metal barricade. Be careful of the traps and grab the next Gold
Coin. There are three spikes up ahead that shoots up. This is a bit tricky.
Jump over the first spike but just enough so you won't hit the second one. Be
patient and you'll get to the next side. Be careful, if you get hit and then
get trapped on the spiked pole to the left or right, you might get trapped in
there and get hit over and over and die.

Break the metal barricade and grab the Gold Coin. Break the rock barricade to
get out. Follow the blue spot and beat the bandit boss. Step on the teleporter
to go back to the village. Follow the blue scroll and talk to the poor farmer.

The farmer explains that the shovel actually has a hidden compartment that
has a scroll. He now wants you to give the scroll to Jiraiya. Follow the blue
scroll and talk to Jiraiya. Naruto asks what the scroll is out of curiousity,
and Jiraiya happily announces that it's a map of the women's bath house!

Jiraiya has another task for Naruto. He asks him to get a scroll from a friend.
Since there are no markers for the friend, go talk to friendly people and they
will help you. Just follow the arrows to find the friend. Once you find him,
talk to him.

Another Precious Scroll:

The friend of Jiraiya will challenge you to a race. Just win the race, there
are really no trouble spots except that you will have to turn a lot of corners.
Just learn when to let go of the sprint button so that you can turn on corners
easily. Also, when you see that you have to go up a wall, quickly do a Chakra

After winning the race, talk to him again and he'll give you the scroll. The
girl beside him will have a blue scroll on top of her, so talk to her. She
turns out to be a fan of Jiraiya and she asks you to give him her fan mail. Run
back to Jiraiya by following the blue scroll.

Talk to him and he'll be very happy with the scroll and the fan mail. Jiraiya
asks you to give the scroll to the Hokage, so follow the blue scroll and talk
to him. He'll be so happy because you found an old scroll that he thought was
already missing.

Check your map and go to the blue scroll.

Talk to Jiraiya and choose Learn New Jutsu. He'll tell you that he'll teach you
a new jutsu but it will be very hard. Naruto will create clones of himself.
Try to hit some in the Shadow Clone Jutsu mini-game just for fun. Jiraiya then
proceeds to train Naruto to push him to his limit. He pushes him into an abyss!

Just follow the onscreen instructions for the jutsu to be done. Naruto will
then summon Gamabunta, the giant frog to break his fall!

Check your map and you'll see that there's an orange scroll at the south of
the map, go there.

The Lost Scarf:

Talk to the girl and she'll tell you that she lost her scarf near the temple.
Go follow the X spot. Climb the tree and finish the sequence, then continue
to the X spot. You will face an Elite Ninja who's guarding the scarf.

Naruto VS Elite Ninja:
Just keep doing 2-hit dive kicks at him and perform your Shadow Clone Jutsu
when possible. He is fast.

After you beat him, go back to the village and go to the orange scroll to the
south. Talk to the girl to give her scarf back.

Check the map and another orange scroll appears near the south. Go there.

Temple Speed Challenge:

Talk to the girl and she challenges Naruto's speed. Just finish the race by
being careful. After the race, you'll see a red pillar knocked down with a
rope tied to it. Slide down the rope and you'll land near a teleporter. Go
back to the village.

Look at the map and there is another orange scroll to the south. Go to the
orange scroll.

Replenish Herb Supplies:

Talk to the ninja reading a book and he'll ask you to collect 20 herbs because
the supply in the village is running low. Follow the X spot and climb the tree.

Continue going to the X spot and collect 20 herbs. Move on to where the red
pillar with the sliding rope is and slide down to get to the teleporter. Go
back to the village. Continue to the orange scroll at the south and talk to
the ninja to give him the supplies.

Look at your map, another orange scroll appeared near the south of the map. Go

Waterfall Speed Challenge:

Talk to the girl and she'll tell you to go to the waterfall for a speed test.
Follow the X spot. Climb the tree and finish the sequence. On the next area,
move forward and you'll find another tree to climb, finish this. Once you reach
this area, the race will begin upon moving forward a bit. As always, just
be patient and watch out for explosive traps.

Upon finishing the race, move forward to find a teleporter and go back to the
village. Follow the orange scroll near where you regain control and talk to the

The girl will give you another challenge. Go back to where the waterfall was,
just follow the X spot to where you began the race and continue with it. The
tricky part is because of the UGLY CAMERA ANGLE that you get when you actually
try to climb up the waterfall. Sadly there is no way around this. Make one
mistake don't even try to continue with the race. Just wait for the time to
expire and then restart.

When you get to the part when you're just one stone below the waterfall and you
seem to be stuck trying to jump up to reach it, just go to the upper right
corner of your rock and double jump and pray that you can reach it in time. If
you ever do get it right, then continue with the race but don't rush. Step on
the teleporter to go back to the village. This is one extremely frustrating

Check your map for another orange scroll to the south. Go to it.

Talk to the girl and she'll give you one last challenge. Follow the X spot back
to the waterfall racing area. This time, near the end, instead of hopping on
rocks to get to the waterfall, you will use an alternate path to the right,
and you'll have to use Chakra Concentration to get up a broken bridge. Continue
as always and this way easier than the second one because it doesn't have the
ugly forced camera angles!

Once you are done with the race, a teleporter will appear. You might want to
backtrack first to collect coins, starting from the finishing area. There are
also walls you can climb and barricades you can destroy to get coins. Just
take your time exploring because the race is finally done. When you have all
the coins that you can get from that area, go back to the teleporter to get to
the village.

Open your map and you'll find another scroll to the south west part, go there.

The Lost Puppy:

Talk to the kid and he'll tell you that he lost his puppy near the waterfall.
How that kid managed to get up that thing is amazing! Anyway, head to the X
spot and help find his dog. Climb the tree, finish the tree sequence, then go
up the other tree leading to where the waterfall area is.

When you reach the place, head forward and dash past the sinking bridge. If
you haven't taken the time to grab the coins, we'll do those now. On the ledge
of the second land area, a coin is on the stone. Grab it. Continue to jump on
the two little land areas to the other side and look to the bushes in the left
to grab a coin. Continue moving forward and jump over the ramp with explosive
traps under it. When you reach a bridge, look to the right, there is a corner
with a coin to take. On the other side from where the coin is, there's another
one with bridge that you can climb. Sprint Jump to get the coin and then climb
the bridge. Move forward and take the Gold Coin behind the little shrine, and
grab the coin near the ledge to the left. Go back to where you climbed from
and you'll see a sliding rope, use that. Be careful as you'll drop near an
explosive tag, but there's a coin in the middle, so get that too and then
continue on your way.

Run past the bridge and jump over the explosive trap. Continue forward you will
reach a ramp. Look to the right and get the coin then continue to hop on the
little land on the left, then hop forward to get a coin if you didn't get it
during the race. Hop on the second sinking bridge and jump on the little land
with a coin, if you still didn't get it during the race. Jump on the third
sinking bridge while avoiding the tag and continue on your way. Jump on the
ramp to avoid explosive tags and then jump on the sinking bridge to jump on
the other side. Move forward and you'll find a coin to the left near a tree
just before the explosive traps. There is also a rock barricade before the
explosive traps, so break it. Grab the two coins on each ledge to the left
and right, and grab the Gold Coin in the middle. Climb up the wall to get
another Gold Coin. Go out and continue forward. Jump from the ramp to hop on
the sinking bridge, and take the path to the right with the three little lands.
Grab the coin on the third little land and then continue forward to get to a
bridge that you can climb. Move forward and hop to the second ledge, then
Sprint Jump to reach the nearest ledge on the waterfall. Jump on the ledge
on the wall, but instead of going the obvious path, look behind you. There's
a ledge going down, and there's a Gold Coin on it. Grab the Gold Coin then
return to the ledge you were in to jump on the real path. Be careful, the
camera angle becomes ugly when you get on the ledge with the Gold Coin.

Once you are back on land, move forward, you'll see a coin between two trees
to the left, grab it. There's another coin on the right corner of the broken
temple to take, just behind the broken pillar. Go forward near the water and
look to the left corner, there's another coin. Walk on the water to get to the
other side and grab the coin on the water if you haven't done so before. When
you reach the other side, move forward to the temple and save the dog from
the bandit boss!

After beating the bandit boss, there will be a teleporter in the middle. You
might have also missed the coin behind the rock just near temple gate, take it
first before going back to the village. Go to the orange scroll to the south
and talk to the kid to return his puppy and he'll be very happy.

Look at the map, only two orange scrolls left, those are the Book Shop and
Weapon Shop missions. Since we already everything we need, we can now freely
finish those missions without fear of wasting precious coins.

Coins for The Bookstore:

Go to the orange scroll on the north west part of the map and talk to the
man. He tells you that his calligraphy brushes are sold out so he needs more
coins to buy supplies! Talk to him to give him 20 coins. He'll be very happy
and the shop will be open to you from now on. There's nothing really that
important in the book shop, just videos and artwork.

Coins for The Weapon Shop:

Look at your map and go to the last orange scroll on the north east. Talk to
the bald guy and he'll tell you that he lacks the materials to work. Talk to
him again to give him 25 coins.

Save the game if you want to buy and upgrade kunai because you'll be spending
Gold Coins to upgrade it. It's your choice to upgrade kunai or upgrade scrolls
that you can buy from the Scroll Shop.

In his shop, you can buy kunai. We really don't need them, but if you are just
curious, you can spend 50 coins to unlock the Explosive Kunai. Once you do,
you can upgrade it to Enhanced Explosive Kunai for just 5 Gold Coins, do that.
Then you can upgrade it to Imbued Explosive Kunai for 10 Gold Coins. Do that
too if you have some Gold Coins to spare.

We are finally done with all orange scroll missions! It's time to go to the
blue scroll.

Chunin Exam Finals:

Talk to Jiraiya and choose Get Mission, he'll tell you that when you're ready,
go to the Arena for the last part of the Chunin Exam. Before you do, let's make
a small review of what we have so far if you've been following this guide and
finishing side missions along the way.

1. 916 Max Health
2. 950 Max Chakra
3. Strength Level 5
4. Shadow Clone Jutsu Level 3
5. Sexy Jutsu Level 3
6. Chakra Concentration Level 3
7. 15 Ramen Carrying Capacity
8. Super Deluxe Ramen Upgrade
9. Strength Scroll Upgraded
10. Mastery Scroll Upgraded
11. Protection Scroll Upgraded
12. Health Leech Scrool Upgraded
13. 4 Memoclips

You don't need to have the exact same stuff, but it's just the recommended
things that will be helpful for the next battles. Go ahead and do some Ninja
Races, Hide and Seek, and Ramen Deliveries if you want to get some more
Training Points and extra stuff for combos that you might want to get.

When you are ready, go to the X spot to enter the arena and press X to "talk"
to the door...which is weird. Choose to enter and the battle begins!

Naruto VS Neji:
Keep doing the jumping dive kick to knock him down, and then follow up with
a Shadow Clone Jutsu Level 2! Neji is very easy!

After dealing enough damage, Neji will explain to Naruto why nobody can change
one's destiny. Naruto disagrees and wants to prove Neji wrong.

Naruto VS Neji 2:
Keep doing the same thing, but Neji will be noticably a bit tougher. Do the
-> + X,X,X,Y,X combo on him if you can, and then follow up with a Shadow Clone
Jutsu Level 3. If not, just stick to Level 2.

After beating Neji, Naruto tells Neji that people can really change, just like

Later on, Sasuke and Gaara battles it out, but they are disrupted when the plan
to take down the Leaf Village begins! Gaara is taken away by his friends while
Sasuke chases him. Kakashi and Guy helps to fend off the attack and instructs
Naruto to go after Gaara.

Naruto takes off and you'll find yourself in a timed tree sequence. Just do it
like before, don't mind the timer, it's just there to make you panic. Once you
finish it, you'll find Gaara attacking your friends! You have to help them!

Naruto VS Gaara:
Do the jumping dive kick combo and then follow it up with a Shadow Clone Jutsu
Level 2. After dealing enough damage, Gaara will go crazy and remember his

Naruto VS Gaara 2:
Do the same thing here and Gaara will start breaking down! Jump keep jumping
to avoid his sand combos!

Do the summoning jutsu as instructed on the screen once the battle is done!

You will play the final battle's mini-game as Gaara becomes a huge monster that
is called Shukaku! Fortunately, Gamabunta, Naruto's frog, will help out. They
both transform into the Nine-Tailed Fox.

Avoid the blasts from Shukaku by moving the left stick to move around, and then
pressing A to dash from one side to the next. More and more blasts will come,
but position yourself where there is a gap to avoid getting damaged.

After you get close to Shukaku, you will play a mini-game where you have to
press the button displayed on the screen quickly. At the last part, you will
have to press the button really quick to deliver the final headbutt! Once you
successfully do that, Gaara and Naruto will talk. Gaara finally has a change
of heart at the end.

Congratulations on saving the entire village and your friends! Now you can go
back to finishing whatever side missions you still have or play them again
right after the credits. I have compiled this for the help of gamers trying to get through the game, using my own experience and the help of a fan site, I really hope people have enjoyed this walkthrough and do not give up playing now, there are a lot of side missions for you to discover and a great Online beat em up that had me playing for hours

Good luck on getting all them achievements (you can see these in the cheats section on this website) and completing the side quests like the Ramen delivery and coin collecting. There are also some extra characters you can download from Xbox live, which are fun to use and bring some more fun to the game!

For anyone who has enjoyed this game, there is a sequeal due out very soon and continues the story of Naruto and his friends. There is a great story and new game to come in November 08! This should hopefully be similair in gameplay but with more characters and moves for you to learn!

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