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Retro Game Walkthroughs For
"Grand Theft Auto IV"
(Xbox 360)

This game is also available on PS3 and PC.

Retro Game Walkthroughs for Grand Theft Auto IV (Xbox 360)
Submitted By: Black8704
Crouch while shooting: Crouching stabilizes your aim, allowing for more accurate shots while shooting. You will lose accuracy if you just hold down the gun trigger, though.
Use a mix of braking types: Don't rely on just the regular brake or hand brake. Use them in conjunction with one another for smoother cornering.

Daytime missions: Don't complete missions at night, but complete them during the daytime. Like in real life, it's much easier to shoot and drive in the light, as your sight is greatly improved.

Adjust the video settings: GTA has several video settings that make it easier to see in Liberty City. Increasing the contrast makes it much easier to see enemies, which is especially useful if you don't use auto-aim.

Armor, armor, armor: Redoing a mission is a pain. Taking the time to purchase armor is often the difference between repeating a mission once and repeating the mission countless times.

Friends: You can befriend many characters.

• Little Jacob: He'll drive a car filled with weapons that you can buy to your location.

• Roman: He'll provide you a cab for free to your location at any time.
• Dwayne: Dwayne provides a pair of gangsters on any mission.

Be killed instead of being captured: If you're captured by the cops, you'll lose all your ammo. If you're killed, you'll pay a hospital fee. It's much cheaper, and less of a pain, to die rather than being arrested.

Pack your heat: Don't walk into any clubs, internet cafes, or bars with your weapon out, because you'll not only scare people and start fights, but you'll receive a wanted level that you'll have to lose.

Listen to your date: Your dates often talk about their interests, so don't drown them out. Listen carefully to what they say to figure out the best date locations.
Dating is important because it can unlock in-game benefits depending on who you are dating. Here are the girls who can provide you benefits -- unlocked after the first time you sleep with them -- if they like you enough (over 60%)
• Carmen: Heals you if you are injured.
• Alex: Grants a 50% discount on all clothes for a 24 hour period.
• Kiki: Can remove up to a three star wanted level.

Use waypoints: Don't bother to drive in the general direction towards your destination. Instead, pause the game, go to your map, and drop a waypoint. You'll have a green path leading you straight to your destination.

Use taxis to save time: Taxis are abundant in Liberty City, and can take you anywhere on the map. If it is a spot that isn't a specific place (such as a pool hall), drop a waypoint on your map, then get into the cab, and the cabbie will plan a route to the desired location. And, if you don't care about saving cash, press the A button inside the cab and you'll fast travel.

Alternatively, if you don't want to pay for your taxi ride, don't skip the actual ride. When you reach your destination, break the window and shoot your gun. The cab driver will freak out and run away, saving you the cab fare.

When driving, weight matters: Big, heavy cars will handle poorly. Keep this in mind when selecting a vehicle for a mission. If you need to get away fast, you should avoid large cars and choose small cars, which zips in and out of traffic, and corners better than a large town car or a SUV.

Stay healthy: Liberty City is filled with ways to replenish your health. If you are hurt before the start of a mission, stop by a food stand or pick up a prostitute. Of course, eating a hotdog is cheaper than someone eating yours.

Keep your ammo well supplied: If you are running low on ammo, pop in to the local gun store and fill up on ammo, or enter a cop car in order to get five shotgun shells. Running out of ammo causes you to lose the gun itself, which makes it more expensive to obtain the weapon again.

Turn on sleep mode: If you want to drive around causing chaos without worrying about random people calling you to hang out, turn on sleep mode on your phone. You can't start missions when sleep mode is on, but at least you won't have to worry about damaging friendships.

Should you use auto-aim?: It all comes down to your playing style. The benefit of auto-aim is simplicity. Just hold down the trigger and you can quickly shift between targets. The downside is that you don't have the ability to aim exactly where you want. Moreover, auto-aim sometimes screws up and targets a civilian, rather than the enemy. If you feel comfortable enough to turn it off, do so. Otherwise, just make sure you check your aim before firing.

Be Punctual: Time limits to pick up friends for activities begin on the hour and in the middle of the hour and last 1:30 from the most recently passed hour or half hour. So try to call for activity arrangements a few seconds after the start of the hour or half hour to keep those precious 0:01's. This helps a lot when you are in need of a friends special ability. (Jacobs guns will probably be the most important, then Romans car service and Dwaynes bodyguards.)

1. Roman Missions


The Cousins Bellic
It's Your Call
Three's a Crowd
Bleed Out
Easy Fare
Jamaican Heat
Uncle Vlad
Logging On
Roman's Sorrow
Hostile Negotiation
Weekend at Florian's

The Cousins Bellic
Reward: $25

The Cousins Bellic: Roman and Niko.
Drive towards your safe house marked as an objective on your map. During the drive, the game will give you a tutorial on the game's interface, such as the GPS system in the lower left of the screen. The GPS will always display the ideal route to the objective.

Once you arrive at the safe house, proceed inside and save your game by lying down on your bed. Sleeping in bed moves time forward by six hours. Leave your safe house, enter a car, and proceed towards the R on your GPS in the lower left of the screen. You'll find your cousin Roman.

Stolen: You can take -- or steal -- any vehicle. But keep in mind that every vehicle controls differently. In general, the larger cars are easier to control since they're slower, and the smaller, sportier cars are faster but harder to control.

Once you arrive at Roman's cab depot, a cut-scene will introduce you to Roman, Vlad Gibbo, and Malarie

It's Your Call
Reward: $30

CRT Monitors...who uses those anymore?

Your first mission will appear after the cut-scene. You'll spawn in front of Roman's taxi. Enter it and drive Roman to the hardware store on Dillon street (it will be marked on your GPS as a yellow line). Once you arrive at your destination, Roman will step out of the car, give you his old phone, and tell you to keep an eye out for any loan sharks. Use your right analog stick to look around.

Roman's Taxi is hard at work, driving Roman to play some poker.

After a few minutes, Roman will call your cell phone. Answer it. After the conversation, the loan sharks will appear in a white car across the street from you. Call Roman and warn him about the loan sharks. Roman will run outside and into the car. Now, drive away from the loan sharks. Drive fast and clean (don't run into any cars), and constantly turn down the streets to break the enemies' line of sight away from you.

Once you've lost them, proceed back to Roman's cab depot, and drop him off. You'll get a text message from Roman that the Albanians are at the cab depot. Return to the cab depot to end the chapter.

Three's a Crowd

The loan sharks caught up with Roman.

After the cut-scene Roman will give you a mission to pick up Malarie and her friend Michelle. Enter Roman's taxi in front of you, and follow the yellow line on your GPS to their location. When you've arrived at their place, activate the car horn by pressing the left analog stick down.

Picking up the ladies in your pimp ride.

After they enter the car, drive to Michelle's apartment by following the yellow line on your GPS. You'll get Michelle's phone number for dropping the girls off. After you drop them off, Roman will tell you to buy new threads at the clothing store, located near your safe house and the 69th street diner. Get there by following the waypoint marker from your GPS. Get out of the car and enter the clothes shop. Your first clothes purchase will be free. Go ahead and purchase whatever you want.

Unlocks Michelle Mission

Russian Wholesale Clothing Co., keeping you stylish like you stepped right out of '85.

Flight Jacket
Down Jacket $26
Leather Jacket $36
Hinterland Coat $36
Jeans $24
Track Pants $24
Fatigues $24
Sneakers $12
Boots $14
Winter Hat $8
Army Cap $8
Glasses $12

After you leave the clothing store, Michelle calls and asks you out on a date. Accept her date. On your map, mark a waypoint on the heart icon, and follow the green driving line to Michelle's apartment using the GPS. This starts the Michelle Mission.

Waypoint: Use the waypoint system on your map to help you get around Liberty City.

Bleed Out
Reward: $50

Roman is getting mugged. It's time to step in and show these thugs whats up.

Roman is in trouble. He'll call you asking for help against the Albanians. Proceed to the L train by following the blue line on your GPS to the station. Saving Roman will start the tutorial on the game's fighting mechanics.

Time to learn the game's fighting mechanic.

Roman's car is marked as a blue dot on the map. Get in your car, a red dot on the GPS, and chase Dardan through the city. Ideally, you'll want to drive fast enough to ram Dardan, but don't worry if you don't get close to him, because Dardan will arrive at a warehouse by the docks. Get out of your car, and follow the dot on the GPS. You'll walk up several sets of stairs in the warehouse before confronting Dardan in an abandoned room.

Car chase! Stay on his tail.

Dardan wields a knife, and if you want to take the knife away from him, press the appropriate disarm button. Punch and kick Dardan repeatedly without giving him the chance to fight back. If Dardan manages to push you away from his body, stay in guard and watch closely for a counterattack.

Punch this punk out the window.

After you defeat Dardan, return to Roman's car and take Roman back to the cab depot. Follow the yellow line on the GPS. If your car is wrecked, and if you and Roman die on the way back to the depot - and this applies to all future missions - you'll be forced to restart the mission.

Free Time: Over the phone, Roman will invite you into a game of darts. Pick him up and take him to a nearby bar to start the dart minigame. Aim at the trebles and score 180 points to complete The One Hundred and Eighty achievement.

Easy Fare
Reward: Unlocks Paint 'n Spray
Unlocks Vlad Missions

"...get me some coffee!"

After the cut-scene, Roman will give you a job: pick up Jermaine.

Drive to Rotterdam Hill. Meet Jermaine by following the yellow line on the GPS to his location. Take Jermaine to Masterson St, and when you arrive there, cops will appear. Lose the cops to reduce your Wanted Level.

Wanted: The flashing red and blue circle in the GPS indicates your Wanted Level. The Wanted Level dissipates when you move beyond the flashing circle. The higher the Wanted Level, the larger the flashing circle will be.

With the cops off your back, you must escort Jermaine to his objective in order to unlock the Pay ‘n Spray station, where you can repair and repaint cars.

Jamaican Heat
Reward: $150
Unlocks Little Jacob Missions

Little Jacob needs your help to stay alive.

Roman's job requires you to pick up Little Jacob. Use the GPS to arrive at the location, then honk the horn, and Little Jacob will enter the car. Take Jacob to the next objective on your GPS. You'll obtain a pistol on the way there.

Once the guns come out, keep Jacob alive.

Walk up the stairs, crouch, and stay out of sight on the higher ledge. Thugs will arrive to kill Jacob. Crouched and behind cover, you must kill the three men around Jacob, and when they're dead, a man carrying a pistol will appear on a roof to your left. Pay attention to the game's instructions on how the shooting mechanic works. Escort Jacob back to the next waypoint, and your mission will be over.

Uncle Vlad
Unlocks the Achievement, Fed The Fish

"...go away, I don't want to talk to you right now."

From his cell phone phone, Roman wants to meet in person, concerned that Vlad is sleeping with his girlfriend. Go to the bar Comrades (follow the marked area on your GPS) and confront Vlad. After a short cut-scene, kill the two goons who attack you in the bar, and chase Vlad out the back door of the bar.

Niko is putting a gun to Vlad's head.

Enter any nearby vehicle to chase Vlad to the pier. He'll crash his car. Follow him on foot to the end of the pier. When Vlad stops talking, take out a gun, walk up close to him, and perform an execution (when the targeting reticule begins to flash, press the fire button to perform the execution). Completing this missions unlocks the Achievement, Fed The Fish.

Logging On
Reward: Unlocks Internet Cafe's
Unlocks Brucie Missions

During this mission, you'll be introduced to our favorite character: Brucie.

After the cut-scene you'll take Bruce to Tw@, an internet café. The @ on your map indicates the internet café, so follow the yellow highlighted line to get there. Get out of the car and speak to the assistant in the café.

Log on to the information superhighway.

Walk over to a computer terminal and use a computer. Reply to the email account in your inbox to set up your account.

Internet: Use the computer to find information about cars, restaurants, money, news, ring tones, shopping, travel, and email.

You'll automatically call Roman when you leave the café. Let him know that you have set up an email account. Mission complete.

Roman's Sorrow
Unlocks Manny Missions
Unlocks the Lowest Point Achievement

It's time to get the hell out of Broker.

Roman will ask you to pick him up. Go to location using the GPS, then drive to each updated GPS coordinates. Watch the buildings including your safe house and Roman's cab depot go up in flames.

Damn. That sucks.

Leave this part of the town (this won't be the last time!). After you've arrived at the new safe house that Malarie set up, you will unlock the Lowest Point Achievement.

Hostile Negotiation
Unlocks Algonquin Safehouse

Roman won't rat you out, don't worry.

The Hostile Negotiation mission won’t happen until you’ve completed every Playboy X and Elizabeta missions. At that point, your old friend Dimitri will send you a picture message showing that Roman has been kidnapped. Stock up on ammo, purchase armor, and head towards the waypoint marked on your GPS. If Dwayne is your friend, call him for the two gangsters to support you on the misson. When u get there, pick up the AK47 but DO NOT move into the yellow marker. instead head to your left and go up the blue stairs and climb the ladder where u find more AK ammo, go back down to ground level, but instead of going into the building, go to the back, where u will see windows boarded up. the middle window has veritcal boards w/ a small gap. stand there and pull our your sniper rifle, and from there you can basically pick off all the guys on the ground floor and a few of the guys upstairs without taking any damage. if u do this, u can skip the next few steps........

Use blind fire on the nearby enemies.

At the start of the mission, you're crouched behind a wall. Stay in cover, and pick off each Russian one by one on ground level. Now, from the same cover position, begin to pick off the Russians on the second level. Once they’ve been killed, climb the stairs, and take cover behind the pillars.

Use the pillars for cover from enemy fire when going up the stairs.

Move from pillar to pillar in this area, towards the next set of stairs, and kill the Russians by shooting them from cover. Continue the pattern all the way up to the fourth level.

Use the air conditioner ducts for cover.

On the fourth level, more Russians will fire at your location from the windows inside, and the rooftops above the office. There’s little cover in this area, save for an air conditioner duct, so you must kill them as fast as you can before taking too much damage. Once you enter the main office, the kidnapper will place a gun to Roman’s head.

As soon as there is an opening shot, take it.

Using free-aim (holding down the left trigger), aim for the kidnapper's head, and fire (use the sniper rifle here) you don't have a lot of time to waste here, because the kidnapper will kill Roman. So take the first clean shot you get to save Roman’s life.

Escape via the truck parked outside.

Follow Roman outside to the parked car and drive towards the area marked on your GPS. Roman will let you know that he bought you a safehouse in Algonquin. All three the main islands are now open for you to explore.

Weekend at Florian's
Pre-requisite to That Special Someone.

Speak to the informant to learn of Bernie's location.

After completing the No Way on the Subway and Hostile Negotiation missions, you'll get a call from Ray Boccino, who says he can find the guy you're looking for. You'll call Roman and he'll volunteer. Pick him up by following the GPS.

Meet Bernie. He's your new friend after you complete this short mission.
Now that you have Roman, meet Boccino's informant (you must find a car with four doors). Drive Roman and the informant to the waypoint marked on the GPS. There, a long cut-scene will play before the mission ends.

2. Vlad Missions

Bull in a China Shop
Hung out to Dry
Clean Getaway
Ivan the not so Terrible

Bull in a China Shop

Vlad gives you a business proposition.

The Bull in a China Shop mission takes place at the China Shop on Compton Ave. and Dukes St. (follow the marked area on your GPS to get there). Get out of the car and walk up to the waypoint in front of the China Shop. After a brief conversation with the store owner, proceed to the green waypoint on your GPS to pick up a brick among a pile of rubble.

You can find the pile of bricks by following the blue dot on your GPS.

Carry the brick over to the China Shop and toss the brick through the window. The store owner will come outside and pay up. Proceed back to Vlad's location on your GPS to give him the money.

Hung out to Dry
Reward: $100

Collect money from the laundromat owner.

Go to the laundromat after accepting the Hung Out to Dry mission. Park your car just outside of the laundromat, because a car chase occurs after you walk inside the laundromat. Look for a heavy car, so you can knock the shop owner off the road and to complete the mission.

It's best to find a heavy vehicle to use against the store owner's van.

You'll automatically call Vlad after you have spoken to the store owner. Drive back to Vlad's bar to complete the mission.

Clean Getaway
Reward: $150

Vlad wants you to run some errands for him.

After the cut-scene, you'll steal a car for Vlad at Dukes St, marked on your GPS.

If you're ever tired of driving around the city, you can always use the Liberty City rail system.

But first, in order to get there, you must take the subway to the marked designation on your GPS. You can walk there from your starting spot, it's just around the corner. The subway will give you the option to automatically warp to the area without waiting for the ride to end.

Walk up to the Blista Compact car and steal it for Vlad.
Exit the subway and steal the silver Blista Compact marked on your GPS. Now, take the car to the marked area on the GPS, a carwash. Proceed to Vlad's lockup (marked on your GPS) after the car is cleaned up. Mission complete.

Ivan the not so Terrible
Reward: $200

You'll be faced with a tough choice at the end of this mission.

After meeting Vlad, you'll find out that Ivan wants to kill your brother. Proceed towards the cab depot and Ivan will chase you when you get into the car. Follow him to the construction site. Exit your car and climb the ladders to the rooftops. Chase him along the rooftops by jumping across rooftop to rooftop.

Climb the ladder and chase Ivan up to the top of the construction area.

Ivan will eventually slip and hang onto the edge of a crane. Here, you'll have an option to either kill or save him. We saved him. After Ivan runs away, you'll call Vlad to tell him Ivan is dead.

3. Little Jacob Missions

Concrete Jungle

Concrete Jungle
Reward: $200

You'll get into several gun fights during this mission, so be sure to stock up on ammo.

After the cut-scene spoken in Jamaican English, take Jacob to the apartment block marked on your GPS. Drop off Jacob and then drive to the alleyway marked on your GPS.

Take out all of the dealers by running them over.

Jacob says he will guard the front entrance. A few seconds later, three drug dealers escape out the back. Kill them by running over them, or by shooting them. Now that they're dead, collect ammo from their bodies, and pick up Jacob at the indicated blue area on your GPS.

Fire in controlled short bursts. This keeps the bullets accurate.

Now, take Jacob to the townhouse in Meadows Park marked as a yellow marker in your GPS. Get out of the car and go with Jacob to the front door. Take cover behind the side of the door. After Jacob opens the door, kill all the drug dealers inside the house, but be careful not to shoot Jacob if he crosses your line of fire. If he dies, you will fail the mission. You can replenish your health by picking up the first aid kits on the kitchen table.

Drop off Jacob at the Homebrew Cafe.

When the dealers are dead, take Jacob back to his Homebrew Café to end the mission.

Reward: $250

You'll be introduced to Bad Man at the beginning of this mission.

You must find a dealer in South Bohan, marked as a yellow line in the GPS. In South Bohan, follow the dealer on foot, and stay 30 feet behind him so you're not seen. The objective is to follow the dealer to his dealer. Roman will call you while you're following the dealer. Make sure you're far away from the dealer so that he doesn't hear the cell phone.

Stay behind the dealer, and don't get too close.

Follow the dealer to the apartment block, but do not attack him. You'll find a pistol on your way up the stairs inside the apartment block. Pick it up.

Have your gun ready before opening the door to the apartment.

Kill the dealer and his suppliers after he enters the designated apartment on the top floor. A total of three thugs must be killed, and after you've killed them, you'll earn $250.

4. Faustin Missions

Crime and Punishment
Do you have Protection?
Final Destination
No Love Lost
Rigged to Blow

Crime and Punishment
Reward: $200

There's a good reason why Roman is hiding in a trash bin.

You work for Faustin. Your mission is to find a cop car down the street, north of Faustin's house. The cop car will pull into a driveway. If you miss the car, dial 911 on your phone to have a cop show up. Now, steal that car.

After pulling the van over, step out of the police car, and walk over to the van driver's window.

Next, inspect the vans with a blue dot driving around the neighborhood (see your in-game map). By marking a van, you'll see them on your GPS. Now you can follow them! When you get close to a van, get the van to pull over by pressing down on the right analog stick to sound the siren.

The passenger will pull a gun on you when you've found the right van. Kill them, and steal the van.

Step out, go over to the van's window, and speak to the driver. You'll know that it's the correct van when the driver and passenger get out of the car, and walk to the back of the van with you. They'll pull out their guns, so quickly kill both the driver and passenger, then steal the van, and drive it to the lockup marked on your GPS. You'll get $200 for your hard work.

Do You Have Protection?
Reward: $400

Faustin is beginning to question Dimitri's loyalty.

Take Dimitri to the sex shop on Delaware avenue (marked on your GPS), and enter the shop. After the cut-scene, take out your gun and target Joseph, then Brent. Shoot Brent in the leg to intimidate him. Follow Dimitri out of the shop, and take him to the gun store by following the yellow line on your GPS.

Shoot him in the knee to show that you guys mean business.

Throughout the course of the game, the store will update its weapons, offering an extensive collection of weapons after completing more missions. Currently, you can buy only the micro-SMG. You'll charge it to Faustin. Buy ammo as well, which goes for 50 rounds for $100. Drive back to Faustin's house to end the mission and to earn $400.

Final Destination
Reward: $500

Faustin is a ladies man and a coke head.

Proceed to the train station after the cut-scene. At the station, walk up the stairs of the station, where you'll see your target across from you on the other platform.

You'll have to chase Lenny if you miss this shot. If that's the case, make sure you cross the tracks when no trains are approaching.

First, kill Lenny's bodyguard. Now that the bodyguard is dead, wait for the trains to stop before running across the tracks towards Lenny. He'll flee on foot, and then into a car. Obtain a vehicle and chase him.

If Lenny escapes in his car, chase him, and kill him the hard way.

Fire at his car (LB/L1) or run him off the road. Either way, you must kill Lenny for this mission to end. Your reward is $500.

No Love Lost

That looks like Michelle...

Go to Firefly Island to kill Faustin's daughter's boyfriend. Get to the waypoint to see the brief cut-scene with Faustin's daughter. Afterwards, get on the bike in front of your location and chase after the boyfriend.

Don't fire and ride; the motorcycle is hard enough to control as it is. Instead, follow the boyfriend to the ambush.

Although you might think it's a good idea to fire at the boyfriend while riding the bike, don't bother. Just stay close to him until he meets up with his biker buddies, and follow them to the freeway overpass.

He'll lead you to an ambush full of bikers under the freeway overpass. Use the trees and cement pillars as cover. It would help to have auto-aim turned on to dispatch the bikers. Also, utilize your GPS in the lower left to see the enemies in relation to your position (they're marked as red dots).

Rigged to Blow
Reward: $700
Unlocks Dimitri Missions

Faustin is losing his cool.

Now that you have dealt with the daughter's boyfriend, go to Faustin's residence to get the next mission. Exit the house, get in a nearby car, and drive to the designated waypoint. Enter the truck and you'll automatically call Faustin. You'll find out that the truck is rigged to blow.

After you enter this truck, drive it very carefully. You don't want to set off the explosives prematurely.

Drive very carefully to the waypoint on the other side of the bridge. Drop off the truck, press LB to arm the bomb, and watch the cut-scene. Now, run away from the area and the mission will be completed. You'll have $700 in your pocket.

And boom goes the dynamite.

You will call Faustin when you're done blowing up the warehouse. Dimitri will send you a text message saying that you need to talk to him. Meet him.

5. Dimitri Missions

The Master and the Molotov
Russian Revolution

The Master and the Molotov

You'll be given an offer you can't refuse.

After you meet Dimitri at the park bench, you’ll be tasked to kill Faustin. Before going to Faustin’s bar Perestroika by following the waypoint on your GPS, you should buy a shotgun at the gun shop.

Kill the bodyguards before chasing after Faustin.

When you arrive at the bar, Dimitri will send you a text message saying that he has left you some protection: an armored vest. You can pick up the vest by going to the green dot on your GPS. Pick up the vest next to the trash bin, and it will allow you to take more damage.

Kill Faustin to clear your name.

Equip your shotgun and enter the club. Fight the enemy off and chase Faustin into the alleyway, where you'll fight more thugs. Chase Faustin up the staircase to the rooftop and kill him, then wait for Dimitri to ask you about the price on your head.

Russian Revolution

Stock up on ammo before this mission, and be grateful that Little Jacob wants to be your friend.

Dimitri wants to talk to you, so drive towards his waypoint. In route to his area, you’ll automatically contact Little Jacob, who says he has your back if anything bad happens during your “talk” with Dimitri. If you need to refill your ammo from the gun shop, now would be a good time.

Fire short controlled bursts for accurate shots from your weapons.

Watch out for the gun fight after the cut-scene. Pick up the armored vest near the starting location in the warehouse, before the large cement pipe pictured below. Take cover behind the orange metal beams during the fight against the goons in the warehouse.

Pick up the armored vest in front of the cement pillar.

Cops will appear after you have killed the goons, blocking your escape route. Collect ammo from the bodies in the warehouse before confronting the police outside the warehouse. Commandeer the police car outside the door from your location, and escape the scene by eluding the police.

Steal the police car closet to your location, and then lose your wanted level before dropping off Little Jacob at the Homebrew Cafe.

When you're outside the red and blue circle on your GPS, ditch the police car, steal another car (pick one), and continue to drive out of the red and blue circle until it dissipates. Take Little Jacob back to his Homebrew Café to end the Mission.

6. Brucie Missions

Search and Delete
Easy as Can Be
Out of the Closet
No. 1

Search and Delete

Our favorite character in the game, Brucie.

After the cut-scene, call the police by dialing 911 on your cell phone. Press 1 and steal the cop car from the police when it arrives. After you lose your wanted level, hack the police computer by pressing the LB/L1 button on the controller, select search by name, and search for the name Lyle Rivas.

Call 911 to have the police car show up, and then steal it.

His house will appear on your GPS, so proceed there by following the waypoint. Once you arrive he'll run away into his car, and you'll have to chase him through the streets.

Chase Rivas onto the freeway and kill him.

Wreck his car by ramming it at full speed, or by shooting it. When Lyle is dead, Brucie will call to congratulate you, and give you another mission.

Easy as Can Be
Reward: $3,500
Unlocks Brucie's Lockup Side Missions

Brucie likes your style.

Go to Yorktown avenue by following your GPS, and pick up the car in the alley. Thugs in a car will drive by when you enter your car, and chase after you.

Drive the car back to the lockup, as indicated on your GPS.

Lose them by either destroying their car or driving away. When it's safe, proceed to the lockup on your GPS, drop off the car, and collect the reward of $3,500.

Out of the Closet
Reward: $6,750

Brucie gets so excited that he'll smash his head into a wall.

Go to the internet café TW@. Log on one of the computers and go to Search for Males, click on French Tom's picture, and select Date. Leave the café, and find something to kill time (i.e., call Michelle for another date).

You look adorable, and so does French Tom on the far right.

After a few in-game hours, you must return to the internet café, and check your inbox to see if French Tom wrote back to you. If Tom writes back, press reply to arrange a meeting at the 69th Street Diner at midnight.

Your date tried to run away from you. Teach him a lesson.

You don't have to wait until midnight to arrive at the Diner. Arrive early and wait for Tom. After he shows up, Tom will start talking, and you'll have the option to shoot him at any time. If Tom leaves the Diner, chase after him. Once Tom is killed, leave the scene of the crime as quickly as possible. When it's safe, the mission will be completed, and you'll be rewarded $6,750.

No. 1
Unlocks Street Racing Side Missions

Brucie's car doesn't work so well.

Brucie will introduce you to the world of street racing. But first, you need a car to race with. Drive with Brucie to pick up his friend's racecar. Now, drive to the waypoint on your GPS to arrive at the starting line for the street race.

The fast and furious.

The objective is simple: finish in first place. Your opponents are not as fast as your car, and are susceptible to all of the obstacles you are: pedestrians and cars. If any cars look like they might pass you, nudge them into an obstacle to hinder their ability to catch up to you.

Bump your competition off the side of the road.

Be careful not to wreck your car, or finish anything less than first place, or you'll have to replay this mission. Win the race and you'll get to keep the car as a reward.

7. Manny Missions

Escuela of the Streets
Street Sweeper
The Puerto Rican Connection

Escuela of the Streets
Reward: $1000

Manny will give you work since you're new to the Bohan area.

In the cut-scene, you meet Manny and his camera man. Enter a car and drive to the designated waypoint. If you need ammo, you should stock up ammo on the way to the waypoint.

When you arrive at the waypoint, Manny wants you to follow the marked car in front of you. Don't drive too close to your target or else you'll be spotted. To avoid being spotted, keep two car lengths between you and the targeted car.

Stay two car lengths behind your target to avoid suspicion.

At the warehouse, step out of car and shoot out the window next to the door that the driver entered. Jump into the window in order to enter the warehouse, where you'll fight about ten thugs.

Alternatively you can also climb the stairs on the building to the right and run over the roof where you find a shotgun and an open window in the ceiling from which you can drop down and attack the thugs from behind.

Shoot out the glass window, then enter this window to get inside the warehouse.

Use the cardboard boxes for cover (yes, these boxes are bullet proof). It would help to have autoaim turned on to dispatch the thugs. Also, utilize your GPS in the lower left to see the enemies in relation to your position (they're marked as red dots).

The cardboard boxes offer great cover from bullets.

Kill the thugs, then shoot out the lock on the locked door in order to exit the warehouse, and to end the mission. You'll be paid $1,000.

Street Sweeper
Reward: $1,000
Will unlock Elizabeta Missions

Manny is trying to bring peace back into the neighborhood by any means necessary, and the police don't seem to mind.

Street Sweeper is an easy mission as long as you have a lot of ammo. Manny will ask you to go to Windmill street, where you'll kill several gang members. Follow the marker on your GPS to reach Windmill Street.

Stay inside your car while firing at these thugs.

Several gang members stand on Windmill Street. You can run most of them over in your car, or shoot them. The remaining gang members will pile into a car, so chase them down, and kill them. When they're dead, you'll receive $1,100 and unlock the Elizabeta Missions.

The Puerto Rican Connection
Unlocks Francis McReary Missions

One last mission for Manny.

Before you proceed to the Algonquin bridge, find a motorcycle. The Puerto Rico Connection is based on the subway train, and the motorcycle will give you the flexibility of maneuvering around traffic.

Find a motorcycle for this mission. It will help you chase the train, and allow you to avoid slower cars easier.

Eventually, your three targets will exit the subway. At this point, walk up to the subway platform (instead of going up to the platform, stay on the first flight of the stairwell leading up to the platform and keep your shotgun out, they will walk right into you heading for their car parked next to the staircase), and attack the three thugs. You might have to take cover behind the poster boards to stay alive. And remember to fire short contontrolled bursts from your gun to take them out with accurate shots. Mission complete.

Alternate strategy: Another fairly easy way to do this mission is right at the start take out Nikos cell phone and put in the number 227-555-0100. This will spawn a FIB (FBI) unmarked car. When chasing the train click the left stick to turn on the siren and lights. People will either get out your way or they will stop. Either way you won't have to swerve out of the way to miss people driving/turning in front of you.

8. Elizabeta Missions

Luck of the Irish
Blow your Cover
The Snow Storm
Have a Heart

Luck of the Irish
Reward: $1,500

Meet Elizabeta and Packie. They'll give you work in the near future.

You meet Packie and Elizabeta in a cut-scene. Drive to the marked building in South Bohan. Walk inside the building, up the flights of stairs to the rooftop, and pick up the sniper rifle.

When you have an avantage point, crouch, and peer down your rifle's scope.

Look through the scope of the rifle to watch the conversation between Packie and the thugs. Open fire as soon as you see the thugs pull out their weapons.

As soon as you see guns, open fire, and keep Packie alive.

You can find multiple targets behind the barrels and boxes in the alley, but keep an eye on Packie, because your overall mission is to keep him alive. Shoot any enemies close to him.

Make sure Packie lives through this encounter, or else you'll fail the mission.

The mission is completed when you kill every thug.

Blow Your Cover
Reward: $2,000
Unlocks Playboy X Missions

Here's Playboy X.

Take Playboy X to the apartment marked on your GPS. At the apartment, you'll be in the middle of a drug bust. Keep Playboy X alive during the fight.

Kill the undercover cops in the kitchen area before they kill you and Playboy X.

First, quickly kill the feds in the kitchen area before they kill Playboy X. When Playbox X is safe, you must proceed into the stairwell, and fight the SWAT team officers in there.

Some of the SWAT team will try and surprise you in the stairwell. Be ready for them.

Walking up the stairwell, you should keep your gun ready, because several SWAT officers are waiting at the top of the stairs and down the hallways behind the furniture. Playboy X has a tendency to run in front of your line of sight, so be careful not to fire at him.

Stay crouched while running to avoid enemy fire.

You'll fight more SWAT officers on the rooftop. Use the air conditioner ducts for cover. Become harder to hit by staying crouched when moving to other cover locations.

Playboy X will take care of the cops. You just have to lose them.

Climb down the fire escape to street level. Get in a car, and clear your wanted levels by driving Playboy X beyond the wanted level circle. When it's safe, return Playboy X to his home. Mission complete.

The Snow Storm
Reward: $2,500

Help out your old friend Little Jacob.

Get Elizabeta's coke by going the old hospital marked on your GPS. Stock up on ammo and find a heavy duty car that can handle a lot of damage.

This room is where you can find the missing coke.

When you arrive at the hospital, take out a gun, and kill all the thugs inside the ruins of the hospital. Be sure to look above your head, because several thugs will fire down on you from the second story.

Stay behind cover when firing at the enemies down the hall.

The cocaine is in the room with two thugs (the room is displayed during the short cut-scene through the layout of the old hospital).

Sprint to your car, avoid exchanging fire with the cops, and get out of here.

Cops will enter the area when you pick up the coke. Don't fight them in the hospital. Instead, sprint past them towards the street, and drive away in a car. But before you attempt to clear the wanted levels by driving across Leaper's bridge into Algonquin, you should get off on Colony Island, where you must drive through alleys and side streets in order to lose the cops.

If you have to ditch your car, use the construction yard in Algonquin to break the sight line of the cops.

Here's a tip if you're having trouble ditching the cops. Once you're outside of the wanted level circle, you should stop driving, ditch your car, and find somewhere to hide until the circle dissipates. The mission will be over when you ditch the cops, and you'll be reward $2,500.

Another option to escape from the hospital is to turn right once outside the hospital, run to the water's edge where you will see a ladder going down to a boat ramp. There is a speedboat parked there which will enable a fast and exciting escape. Try to get to land as soon as possible, as your wanted level will reappear every time a police boat sees you. Note the speedboat doesn't appear until after you have the coke

Have a Heart
Reward: $3,000
Unlocks Packie McReary missions

We would show you who she shot, but that would be a spoiler.

Have a Heart is an easy mission. Just drive slow to avoid suspicion. But if you bump into another car, you'll have to get out of your car, and close the trunk so the bodies are no longer visible.

Keep the bodies hidden in the trunk to avoid suspicion.

When you reach the designated area, leave the bodies and the car with the doctor. Easy money. Mission complete.

9. Playboy X Missions

Deconstruction for Beginners
Photo Shoot
...The Holland Play

Deconstruction for Beginners
Unlocks Dwayne Missions

Hang out at Playboy X's crib to meet Dwayne.

Playboy X will call you after you complete the Elizabeta missions. Go to Playboy X's place, where you'll meet his old friend, Dwayne Forge, who just got out of prison. (You'll find more information about Dwayne in the mission The Holland Play). For now, take Playboy X to the marked area on your GPS. It's recommended you stop by an ammo dealer to purchase some armor before starting this mission. He has a parked SUV full of grenades and a sniper rifle. Enter the SUV.

The sharpshooters won't know what hit them.

After the short cut-scene, you must exit the SUV, and ride the nearby lift with Playboy X to the roof of the skyscraper. Equip the sniper rifle, peer down the scope, and kill the sharpshooters at the edge of the three construction cranes.

It's a bad idea to stand next to an explosive barrel.

When the sharpshooters are dead, use the lift to return to the parked SUV. Enter the SUV and drive across the street to the construction site to eliminate the union leaders.

Grenades work well to kill large groups.

The hardest part of this mission is the Mafia goons, who protect the union leaders, and are invisible in your GPS. It's difficult to determine who is firing at you and from where. Slowly move through the level, and always stay under cover, so you have a chance to look around your surroundings. Also, turn off auto aim. Auto aim works well early in the game when you only have a few targets to attack at once. Now that you're later in the game, you have multiple targets to consider, and most of the time, the game won't auto target the one character you want to kill.

Take cover behind every object to stay alive.

Your first target is the union leader inside the lower level of the construction yard, marked as a red dot on your GPS, next to a flammable barrel (pictured). Shoot this barrel to blow him up, and then move upstairs to the next target.

The Mafia goons' numbers are finite.

Walk up the wooden ramp to the upstairs area and equip your grenades. Toss a few grenades towards the Mafia goons firing on your position. Pick off the remaining members with your rifle, and then kill the union leader behind the barrels. If you're damaged, pick up the first aid kit at the top of the wooden ramp that you used to get up to this section.

The last union leader tries to make a run for it.

Proceed into the next area, stay under cover, and eliminate all the Mafia goons who are firing at you. If you have any grenades left, toss them at the workers before going to the edge of the roof to kill the last union leader. After he's dead, Playboy X will call to congratulate you. Mission complete.

Photo Shoot
Unlocks United Liberty Paper missions

It's not an iPhone, but it'll do.

At the start of this mission, Playboy X will give you a new phone with a camera. He wants you to drive to a waypoint and take a picture of a group of people, so he can identify the correct target for you to kill.

Stay across the street when taking the photo of the target to avoid suspicion.

Drive to the waypoint, take out the camera phone, and take a picture of the men at the basketball court. Send the picture message to Playboy X and wait for him to identify the hit.

With your target in sight, run across the street, and open fire.

Take the picture standing right outside of your car (the hummer parked outside of playboy's house) and wait for the response; stay next to the hummer and pull your sniper out, one head shot and mission is over, he won't even try to run away ;)

...The Holland Play
Unlocks GTA III clothes (if you kill Playboy X)
Unlocks Playboy X safe house (if you kill Playboy X)

You'll be faced with a not-so-hard decision at the end of this conversation.

Playboy X wants to talk to you. Go to Playboy X's place, where he'll ask you to kill his friend Dwayne. You'll tell him that you need to think about it. Playboy X will contact you in a few in-game days for an answer. Meanwhile, Dwayne calls you, asking you to kill Playboy X.

Playboy X doesn't like how the tables have turned.
When Dwayne calls your cell phone, two waypoints appear on your map, marked as a D and an X. Depending on who you want to kill, drive to the D marker for Dwayne, or the X marker for Playboy X. Although the game builds this up as a life altering choice, the decision isn't that hard: kill Playboy X.

Take out Playboy X's bodyguards.

Playboy X will never offer you friendship, whereas Dwayne will offer you friendship if you keep him alive. By using Dwayne's special ability, you can call Dwayne for two men who will provide cover fire on any mission. In addition to the two men, you'll inherit Playboy X's old apartment as a safe house, enabling you to change into the clothes from Grand Theft Auto III from his closet.

Take cover behind any cars to survive the Humvee attack.

Before driving to Playboy X, marked as an X on your map, load up on ammo and armor. After a short cut-scene, you'll square off against three of his crew: two behind the couch on your left; and one behind the wall on your right. Kill them all, and then chase Playboy X out the window, across the rooftop, down the stairwell, and outside into the street.

Stuck in the alleyway, Playboy X accepts his fate.

A Humvee will attack you when you're on the street. Take cover behind a car, and kill the driver and passenger gunner. Chase after Playboy X until you've cornered him in an alley. He won't put up a fight, so kill him to complete the mission.

11. Francis McReary Missions

Call and Collect
Final Interview
Holland Nights
Blood Brothers

Call and Collect
Reward: $1,000

After the short cut-scene, drive to the viewpoint at Union Drive East marked on the GPS, where Francis will call your cell phone and give you the blackmailer's cell phone number.

Call the phone number and look towards the park benches. He'll be on the leftmost park bench. You'll spot him easily by calling the phone number and watching him answer it. With the target in sight, kill him, and pick up the memory stick from his corpse. Take the memory stick back to Francis to complete the mission.

Final Interview
Reward: $1,000

Time to dress nice.

After speaking to Francis, you must go to an interview at a law firm. Purchase a nice suit and shoes from Peruses Clothing in south Algonquin. After that, go to an internet café, log onto the internet, and click on the Goldberg, Ligner & Shyster ad.

Submit your resume using the internet.

Now that you're at their webpage, click on submit resume, and leave the internet café. You'll automatically call Francis and tell him about your progress. Now you have to wait until the law firm contacts you for an interview, which may take up to three in-game days to happen. This gives you a chance to prepare for the interview, so purchase armor and shotgun ammo.

To aid your escape, park the car by the building's exit.

After the office calls you to set up an interview, find an armored car, and park it by the exit to the building (pictured). Walk over to the entrance of the building, use the intercom to be let into the building, and walk over to the receptionist who will show you into Goldberg's office.

Eliminate Goldberg after picking up the files on the desk.

Sit down into the chair in front of his desk. After a few seconds, stand up, and point your gun at him. Pick up the files from the desk and shoot Goldberg. Equip your shotgun and walk out the door you came in.

Kill the guards on your way out of the building.

A few security guards will run towards you. With your shotgun drawn, shoot them, and continue towards the exit of the building. The front doors will be locked, so your exit will be on the lower level. You can get there by walking down the stairs, towards the exit, where your getaway car is still parked.

Walk down these stairs to get to the exit.

Enter the car and drive away from the building. Lose any wanted level you may have incurred, then take the files to Francis' location on your GPS to complete this mission.

Alternately, if you kill Goldberg quietly (such as with a knife) you can exit the building unmolested.

Holland Nights
Reward: $5,000

Francis keeps dragging you deeper, and deeper into the abyss of crime.

There are two ways to do this mission. Scroll to the bottom of this mission for the easier walkthrough. Keep in mind, the alternative way will not get you any ammo from dead goons, nor will you have to kill them.

Load up on ammo and armor, and park your car outside of the entrance after the cut-scene that plays when you arrive at the GPS location. If you park your car beforehand, it will spawn across the street.

If you see anyone poke their head out when you're walking down the hallway, shoot them.

Walk up the staircase slowly. When you arrive on the second floor, take out your shotgun, shoot the first thug, crouch, and keep your gun drawn. Various thugs will run towards your location. A few of them will take cover behind the pillars on the left, and right side of the hallway. As soon as you see their heads pop out, shoot them. Continue towards the area marked on your GPS.

A first aid kit will be by the emergency exit.
Continue up the next flight of stairs and kill the two thugs inside the stairwell. You'll see a first aid kit next to the emergency exit door. Pick it up if you need it.

If you walk up slowly up the stairs, you'll be able to kill your target before he gets outside.

Continue up the stairwell, slowly. If you walk slowly up the stairs, you can spot your target standing in the stairwell, and shoot him through the railing. If he gets away from you, follow him to the rooftop. When you get to the roof you will be given the option to spare the target's life. Once you make your choice the police will arrive and you will have a two star wanted level. Now you have to escape.

Run down the stairs towards your parked car; don't spend any time exchanging fire with the police. Get into your car as fast as you can, drive away from this area, and lose your wanted level to complete this mission.

Alternate strategy: Once you have arrived at the apartment block and activated the mission, walk backwards to the intersection. Look towards the red mark on your compass. Pull out your sniper, and if you are far enough away, you should be able to see your target. Shoot him once in the head, and he will drop on the ground dead. You will get no wanted level, and complete the mission in full.

Reward: $5,000

Francis is starting to lose touch with reality.

After the cut-scene, go to the waypoint, enter the marked car to pick up the sniper rifle, and drive to new location on your GPS. Enter the building's stairwell across the street, walk up to the rooftop, and stand on the marked area on your GPS.

Get to the designated waypoint...

...and shoot the television to lure your target to the window.

After the short cut-scene that shows your target, shoot the target's bedroom television, luring the target to the window. If you prefer, you can save costly sniper rifle ammo by calling the number on the phone. Shoot the target in the head. Run down the building's stairwell to street level to complete the mission.

Blood Brothers
Reward: $8,000
Unlocks Bernie Crane Missions

Francis wants to bring you down a dark path.

Francis will send you a text message in a few in-games days after the Lure mission. If you haven't completed all the Derrick missions yet, now would be a good time to do that. Meet up with Francis at the designated point on your GPS, who wants you to kill his brother Derrick.

Use the window cleaning platform to get to the rooftop.

When you get to the building's rooftop, you have a choice between killing Derrick or Francis. If you kill Derrick, and keep Francis alive, you'll gain his special ability that reduces your wanted level during any mission.

Poor Derrick...

Drive to the waypoint on your GPS, get out of the car, climb the scaffolding, and use the window cleaning platform to ascend towards the rooftop. Walk over to the waypoint on the rooftop, peer down the scope of your rifle, and shoot Derrick in the head. Descend the rooftop via the window cleaning platform, and leave the area. Mission complete.


A funeral for a friend.

We're assuming that you took our advice and have killed Derrick. You attend Derek's funeral after you've completed the Blood Brothers mission. Put on your best suit and shoes (the same clothes you wore in The Final Interview mission are fine), load up on rocket ammo and armor, and proceed to the church by following your GPS. Watch the cut-scene.

Destroy the car before the thugs get out of it.

After that, you'll be behind the cover of Derrick's hearse. Albanian thugs have decided to crash the funeral. Fire your rocket launcher at the approaching cars full of thugs. Two cars will come towards your left, and another car from the right. If any thugs are alive after that attack, take out your assault rifle, and kill the rest.

If there are any thugs left over from the cars, take out your assault rifle, and kill them.
On Packie's cue, get into the driver's seat of the hearse. Drive away from the church by following the directions in the GPS. Thugs will chase you. They must not destroy the hearse, or cause Derrick's coffin to fall out the back, otherwise the mission will fail. If you have to, open fire on the thugs, but this may attract the police, and you'll gain a wanted level (you can't call Francis because he's at the funeral). However, if you can make it to the graveyard, your wanted level will disappear.

Be careful when running away from the thugs and firing at them. You may attract some unwanted attention from the police.

If you can, make it to Leaper's bridge, where the thugs will stop their pursuit. Make it to the graveyard to complete the mission.

12. Packie McReary Missions

Harboring a Grudge
Waste Not Want Knots
Three Leaf Clover

Harboring a Grudge
Reward: $7,500
Unlocks Ray Boccino Missions

Packie has a wonderful house and family.

Start the mission Harboring a Grudge by purchasing sniper and SMG ammo from the ammo shop. Drive Packie to the harbor warehouse, and follow him up to the rooftop. After the short cut-scene, stay on the rooftop, and pick off as many thugs as you can with your sniper rifle. Use the nearby billboard for cover from enemy fire.

Use the billboard for cover from enemy fire.

Once you have killed most of the thugs outside the warehouse, equip a SMG, and drop down to ground level. Run to the left side of the warehouse door and go into cover. Pick off any remaining goons inside the warehouse by coming out of cover before shooting them.

Fire on the remaining goons while staying in cover.

Enter the storage truck when all the goons are dead, then wait for Packie to get in the truck with you. Drive out of the facility and towards the area marked on your GPS.

Along the way to facility, enemy vehicles will attack you. Use the box of grenades inside the truck by throwing the grenades out the window (press LB/L1 to arm; once again to throw) to deter the enemy from following you.

On your way to the drop off point, you'll be attacked. Use the grenades to fight off the attackers.

Using the grenades will attract the police, but if you make it to the designated waypoint, a cut-scene starts, and your wanted level vanishes. The strategy doesn’t work on every mission, but it works here.

Waste Not Want Knots
Reward: $8,000
Unlocks Kate McReary Date

Again, at the McReary house.

Find a four-door vehicle for you and Packie’s friends. Drive to an ammo shop and purchase armor, sniper rifle, and shotgun ammo. Once you arrive at the waypoint, get out of the car, and run north, but don’t hop the fence with the rest of the crew.

Cover Packie and his crew by staying outside the fence.

By staying outside the fence, you'll have a better angle and position at which to fire the sniper rifle. You won’t have any cover, though, so remain crouched.

You have to retrieve the money from the office.

When you kill all the goons outside the warehouse, hop over the fence, enter the doorway to the warehouse (there is a first aid kit, outside, to the left of the doorway), and immediately go into cover behind the cement wall in front of you. Help Packie and his crew kill everyone in sight. Don’t let any of them die or you'll fail the mission. Don’t shoot your men in the back!

The shotgun works well in the narrow halls of the warehouse.

Go up the metal staircase and into the office, where you'll pick up the money. Equip your shotgun and return down the stairs. Goons will try to ambush you, some of them covering the exit. One or two shots from your shotgun will clear them out of the way.

Escape out the back door, jump off the pier, and swim to the boat.

Don’t spend any time fighting the goons, because they’ll constantly respawn. Instead, run out the back door that you cleared with your shotgun, and run towards the end of the pier with Packie. Jump off, swim towards the nearby boat, and drive the boat to safety. Mission complete.

Three Leaf Clover
Reward: $250,000
Unlocks Gerry McReary Missions
Unlocks Derrick McReary Missions

It's a little long, but hopefully you can pick up a few tricks from the MyCheats' replay video.

Three Leaf Clover can be very difficult if you’re not prepared for it. Before you start the mission, make sure you achieve a friendship level with Dwayne. It is also very helpful to date LawGirl (Kiki), because her special ability after sleeping with her (+75% friendship) is to erase a 3 star wanted level. This is helpful during the escape. Purchase a lot of ammo for the machine gun and shotgun, as well as body armor and half dozen grenades. Also, make sure your health is maxed out. Next, purchase a suit from Pegasus in south Alberney. Find a four-door car and drive to Packie’s house. After the cut-scene, drive Packie, Derrick, and Michael to the bank.

The Bank
After the cut-scene, you’ll be down one man. You, Packie, and Derrick must make it to safety. Get in cover immediately by going behind the doorway. Behind cover, you should fire at the cop cars in the back row in order to blow them up, the explosion killing the officers. With Packie and Derrick, run into the alley to your right.

By destroying the cars in the back row, you'll kill a bunch of officers, too.

Dwayne: Did you keep Dwayne alive? Are you friends with him? Good. Call him for backup, and Dwayne will send two gangsters who will kill the surrounding officers. Even if the two gangsters can't kill them, they'll distract the enemy long enough for you to kill the surrounding officers.

The Alley
Take cover behind the trash bin on your left, or on the wall on your left, and toss a grenade at the police car in the alley to blow it up. The explosion will kill most of the officers. Every officer is marked as a red dot on the GPS. You must kill all the police officers to continue on the escape route. Packie and Derrick know the escape route, so you must keep them alive.

Alternate strategy: To save a $1000 grenade, simply use your assault rifle to shoot at the gas tank between the rear wheel and door, a few rounds should do it. This car was the only one I could get to explode quickly and every time with this method)

Red dots: You have to kill every red dot before Packie and Derrick move to the next zone.

After you’ve killed the cops at the end of the alley, follow Packie and Derrick to the next zone to attack the cops converging on your location. There is another patrol car at the end of the alley, which you can blow up with a grenade. Near this area is a first aid kit in the stairwell in the alley (picture in the image below). Pick up the first aid kid after you've killed the cops in the zone.

Pick up the first aid kit after you take out every officer in the area.

Grenades: You should have at least six grenades. The grenades can easily take out the police cars and large groups of officers quickly. Remember, you must eliminate every red dot on your GPS before Packie and Derrick can move to the next waypoint.

The Subway
Sprint with Packie and Derrick to the next area: a dark alley. This triggers a short cut-scene involving a helicopter. After the cut-scene, avoid firing on the officers, and sprint towards the entrance of the subway tunnel and down the stairs. Equip your shotgun for combat against two officers in the narrow hallway. They’ll pop out on your right.

Watch out for the officers firing at you from cover.

Go towards the gate inside the station, take cover behind a pillar, reequip your machine gun, and shoot the officers in this area. If your health is low, pick up another first aid on a nearby pillar (pictured below).

Pick up the first aid kit if you need it.

Go down the stairs and take cover at the furthest pillar. Aim across the tracks and fire at the officers descending the stairs from the adjacent platform. You can also blindfire the officers while staying in cover behind the pillar.

Fire from cover to take out the officers coming down the stairs.

After the subway train goes by, Packie and Derrick will run onto the tracks. Stay behind them, following them down the tracks and into the train tunnel. A few cops might chase you into the tunnel. If that happens, provide cover fire for your crew, but don’t fall too far behind or the mission will fail.

Kill any officers chasing after you in the tunnels.

The Escape
Stay on the left track; a subway will come towards you on the right track. Run through the tunnel until arriving at a service hatch. Walk into the nearby office to pick up a first aid kit and then go up the stairs. As you're heading up the stairs, you will notice that your wanted level drops from five to three stars. Once the stars start blinking, stand still until they stop. If you continue upstairs while the stars are blinking and you're spotted by the police, you will be stuck with the five-star wanted level. Continue upstairs once the blinking stops and kill the cops standing guard by the doorway. Sprint outside towards the parked silver SUV. Commandeer it, wait for Packie and Derrick to get inside, and drive away from the officers.

Alternate Strategy: After your wanted level goes down to three stars, run back down the stairs onto the subway tracks, make sure Packie and Derrick are behind you, and run either north or south on the subway tracks until you are no longer wanted, then return to where you would have had to fight the cops to get out, walk out the door, jump in the SUV, and drive Packie and Derrick home (make sure you return to where you would have fought the cops or Packie and Derrick wont leave the subway).

Clear the doorway before running outside.

Pay ‘n' Spray: Having trouble losing the cops? Get into the nearest Pay ‘n' Spray to reduce your wanted level.

You must completely lose your wanted level before you’re allowed to go to the mission ending checkpoint. Survive this, and you’ll pocket $250,000.

13. Ray Boccino Missions

A Long Way to Fall
Taking in the Trash
Museum Piece
No Way on the Subway
Late Checkout

A Long Way to Fall
Reward: $8,000

Ray Boccino will give you hard but good work.

Before you drive to the housing projects in Galveston, load up on shotgun and machine gun ammo, grenades and armor. Follow the directions on your GPS to the intended location. When you arrive there, you'll receive a picture message identifying the informant, who is dressed in a grey and blue football jersey. Intimidate him by pointing your gun at him. This will get the necessary information. Next, shoot him so he doesn't warn his friends that you're coming upstairs to kill them.

Get the drop on the thugs in the apartment complex.
Walk into the housing complex and enter the elevator. Equip your shotgun when you exit from the elevator, and kill the first two thugs you see. Go into a crouched position and walk slowly down the hallway with your gun drawn.

If you see anyone poke their head out, kill them.

Be ready to shoot any goons popping out of the doorways, or ones hiding behind the pillars on your right and left. You can tell if someone is behind a pillar by spotting their body poking out.

Keep your gun drawn, and slowly walk up the stairs.

You can also flush out the thugs by rolling a grenade down the hallway. They'll run out of hiding when seeing the grenade, giving you a chance to gun them down.

You can get the first shot by keeping your gun drawn.

You can take your time since your target has no where else to go. Plus, you're blocking the only exit. Don't run through the area and risk being shot to death.

He has nowhere else to go but down.

Your first checkpoint is a room marked on the GPS. After you kill everyone in here, a short cut-scene plays, and Teddy will get the drop on you. After the cut-scene, he'll run to the rooftop.

Once again, move slowly towards his location on the rooftop with your gun drawn. Shoot any goons who pop their heads out, continue towards Teddy's location, and kill him. He won't be armed. An easy kill.

Taking in the Trash
Reward: $9,000

Help Ray lose his headache by completing the next mission.

Drive to the marked area on your GPS to meet with some of Boccino's thugs. You'll change into a sanitation worker uniform and take control of a garbage truck.

All you have to do is drive to each checkpoint, and pick up the bags of diamonds.

You'll drive to two checkpoints to pick up garbage bags full of diamonds. After the second checkpoint, a rival gang will ambush you. You could try to outrun them, but you're in a slow garbage truck.

Shoot at the enemy car to get it off your tail.

It's best to take out your gun, open fire on their car, and blow them up. This might attract the attention from the police. If that happens, lose your wanted level before continuing the mission.

Drop off the truck at waypoint on the GPS, and collect your $9,000 payment. Mission accomplished.

Reward: $9,500

Ray suspects you robbed him...that's no good.

Ray thinks you took the money; it's time to prove him wrong. Drive to the waypoint marked on the GPS and confront Luca. After a brief exchange of words, he'll drive off, and you'll automatically jump into a nearby parked Banshee.

Stay on Luca's tail, don't lose him, and don't fire at him.

This is a scripted car chase, so don't spend any time shooting at Luca. Instead, stay on his tail until his car crashes at the park. If you lose sight of him, look at your GPS to see where his red dot is in relation to your position.

You'll find two of the goons under the bridge hiding behind the pillars.

After his car crashes, he'll exit the car along with three of his goons. The first goon will be in the open, right next to the water fountain. The other two are behind cover under the bridge, and near the bathrooms where Luca ran into.

Open the bathroom stalls until you find Luca.

Enter the bathroom and open each of the bathroom stalls by shooting the door. When you find Luca, he'll be begging for his life, unarmed. Kill him to collect the money. You'll automatically call Ray to give him the money on the bridge in the park. Run from your current location to the bridge, and give him the money to complete the mission.

Museum Piece
Reward: $9,500

It's time to collect the money and to get rid of the diamonds.

Before starting this mission, you should pick up armor, grenades, machine gun ammo, and rocket launcher ammo from the gun dealership. Proceed to the location marked on your GPS. After the cut-scene, you'll be in cover behind a cement block, inside the Libertonian. Your mission is to escape from here, alive.

Grenades will take out a lot of the goons at one time.

Fire at the enemies down the hall from your cover position. Use blind fire and roll a few grenades down the hall to kill the goons firing on your position.

Use blind fire to kill a lot of the enemies in hard to reach places.

Make your way downstairs, towards the exit marked on your GPS. When you get there, more goons will be in cover behind the large black cars outside. Fire a rocket at the parked cars, killing most of the goons outside. Now, sprint out of the museum, and into the park.

The rocket launcher will help clear the exit...

...and takeout any cars chasing you.

You'll be followed by more goons. One will chase you on foot, and two will chase you via car. Shoot the cars with your rocket launcher, and kill the one goon on foot with your machine gun. If you have a wanted level, you'll have to lose it before you're allowed to complete the mission.

No Way on the Subway
Reward: $9,500

Good thing you're already wearing a motorcycle jacket.

Don't worry about looking for a motorcycle beforehand, because one will be provided for you after you reach the destination point. After the short cut-scene, you'll automatically hop onto the nearby motorcycle. Chase after the two thugs, but don't open fire. Concentrate on staying close to them.

Be prepared to turn 180 degree after you land this small jump onto the subway tracks.

After a few seconds of chasing them, they're going to try and lose you by riding on the subway tracks. Their entry point to the tracks is marked on your GPS. Once you get onto the tracks, execute a 180 degree turn, and follow them into the tunnel. Now you can open fire.

After you enter the subway tunnel, you can start firing on the bikers.

Inside the tunnel, they'll take a left at the first fork in the tracks. A subway train comes down on the right side of the track, so stay on your left. After a few more feet, another train will be on the right side of the track, followed by another one on the left side of the track.

After that, you'll pass another subway car on the right before you enter a junction point -- the bikers will take the left most junction. Once the tunnel exits outside to the bridge, there will be one subway on the right track, followed by another on the left. At the end of this track is a pileup that leaves the biker's nowhere else to go, so kill them. Mission complete.

Late Checkout
Unlocks Phil Bell Missions
Reward: $11,000

The final job for Ray Boccino.

This is a combat heavy mission, so prepare accordingly: grenades, ammo, and armor. When you arrive at the hotel, use the lobby's elevator to go up to the penthouse. Take cover behind the wall on the right side. From this vantage point, toss a grenade down the hall to kill a decent number of enemies. Take out your gun and pick off any remaining goons that you can see.

Remain in cover while killing all the goons at the end of the hall.

Go into a crouched position and walk slowly down the hall with your gun drawn. If any goons have survived that opening gunfight, they'll be in cover behind the housekeeper's carts, or behind the wall at the end of the hall.

Two goons will attempt to surprise you from the stairwell. Be ready for them.

At the end of the hall, two goons will come out of the fire exit stairwell. Kill them, and proceed up the stairwell. At the top of the stairwell is a set of doors that enter into the penthouse. Equip your machine gun and shoot at the door to blow it open. Crouch, and target any enemies running away from your location. You can toss a grenade in here to take out a large number of enemies.

Shoot open the doors and kill everyone inside the penthouse.

Make your way into the penthouse, take cover behind the sofas, and from this cover position, pick off any remaining enemies.

Be careful not to shoot up the window too much, or else you can't see who's firing back at you.

First aid and Armor: This mission takes a heavy toll on your health. You can pick up a first aid kit in the kitchen inside the penthouse, and a suit of armor on the rooftop near the BBQ grill. We pictured both locations for you below.

A first aid kit is on the wall inside the kitchen of the penthouse.

You can find an armored vest outside on the patio, pictured on the far right of this photo.

With your gun drawn, slowly ascend the staircase leading up to the patio above the penthouse. To your right is a glass wall to the patio. You can shoot through this glass wall and it will not break. But if you shoot it too much, you won't be able to see who you're shooting at. Keep in mind, the enemies can see you walking up this staircase, and can shoot at you through the window as well.

Kill the last diamond dealer, then get out of the hotel.

After everyone has been killed, walk back down the staircase, open the white double doors at the base of the staircase, and you'll find the last diamond dealer. Kill him, escape the hotel by taking the elevator back down to the lobby, run out the hotel's entrance, and into the park across the street to lose your wanted level. Mission complete.

14. U. L. Paper Missions

Wrong is Right
Portrait of a Killer
Dust Off
Paper Trail
That Special Someone

Wrong is Right
Reward: $6,500

It's time to work for the good guys.

Michelle will contact you when you complete the Photo Shoot mission for Playboy X. She wants to talk. Meet her at the question mark on your map. After the long cut-scene, you must hunt the target named Minkov for the United Liberty Paper.

Use the internet to locate your target.

When you arrive at his house, Minkov won't be there. Use the laptop on the coffee table, and by reading the email in the inbox, you'll discover Minkov is at a jewelry store. Your GPS will be updated with his location. Now find a fast car such as a Vigero (pictured below), and get ready for the best car chase in the game.

Stay on his tail for most of this car chase. Don't open fire, yet.

Drive to the jewelry store by following your GPS. Minkov will spot you and speed away. Stay on his tail for the opening part of the chase, but don’t bother firing on his car; your bullets won't damage his car just yet. Follow him across Broker Bridge into Algonquin’s Chinatown. If you lose sight of him during this chase, look at your GPS to see his location marked as a red dot relative to your position.

If you get caught behind the metal pipes, back out, and drive down Lower Easton Street towards Minkov.

When you turn onto Lower Easton Street, don’t follow Minkov into the alley, because it will be blocked by cement pipes. Instead, continue driving down Lower Easton Street and towards his location. Only when he crosses Liberty Lane and Lower Easton Street will you’ll be allowed to damage his car.

Get in range of his car, and open fire.

Drive close to his position and fire. Kill Minkov to complete the mission, and once he’s dead, you’ll pocket $6,500.

Portrait of a Killer
Reward: $6,750

Mr. X, head of United Liberty Paper.

After speaking with Mr. X of U.L. Paper, you’ll receive a picture message containing a photo of your target, Adam Dimayev. Find a police car and use its computer to locate him. To get a cop car, you can call 911 for one to show up, and then steal it, but you must lose the wanted level before accessing the car’s computer.

Take the photo from your phone and do a picture search using a police computer.

Search the police records by photo, and the computer will automatically connect to your phone. Search the database, and find Adam Dimayev, whose location will be added to your GPS. Now, stop by an ammo dealer, and purchase as much sniper and machine gun ammo as you can.

Our position across the street from the warehouse can eliminate most of the thugs.

At the location, you should stay crouched across the street on the corner of Hooper Street. Take out the sniper rifle, and pick off each target outside the building on the other side of the street. You can kill all but three of the targets from this vantage point.

Go across the street and kill any remaining targets.

Equip a machine gun and go across the street, where you'll hunt the last three targets on the upper level of the building hiding among the metal containers. Kill them to complete the mission and to get $6,750.

Dust Off
Reward: $7,000

Mr. X will get on your nerves, but he means well.

This is an easy mission. All you need is a decent car such as a Vigero (pictured), full health, and full armor. Drive to the location on your GPS, and U.L. Paper will let you know that the helicopter has lifted off. Time to chase it.

If you lose the helicopter amongst the buildings, look where the red dot is on your GPS.

As long as you drive clean by not running into other cars or obstacles along the way, you’ll be fine. If you need help tracking the helicopter or if you lose sight of it, look at your GPS for the helicopter's location.

After the pilot leaves the helicopter, drive across the pier, pull a 180 with your car to create a barrier between the helicopter and the goons behind the boxes.

Eventually, the helicopter will land at a nearby pier. Drive your car up to the pier, past the gate guards, and towards the helicopter.

Get in the pilot's seat.

Use your car’s handbrake to turn 180 degrees at the end of the pier, creating a barrier between the helicopter and the goons hiding behind the crates. Get out of your car, sprint towards the helicopter, and take off.

Land at the airport to end this mission.

Fly the helicopter to the location on your GPS, to the airport, and land. You’ll complete this mission, and collect $7,000. Be careful when driving away from here. Don’t drive onto the runway or you’ll instantly get a five star wanted level. Instead of driving, walk towards the main highway before obtaining a vehicle.

Paper Trail
Reward: $7,500

Time to dust off your flying skills.

Remember that helicopter you stole? Well, it’s time to put it to good use. U. L. Paper will tell you to drive to the area marked on your GPS. Your old friend Little Jacob will be your co-pilot on this mission, manning a rocket launcher.

Stay on the enemy chopper's tail.

Get into the helicopter, take off, and follow your target: another helicopter. You can only fire on the helicopter when it’s over the water. This won’t be for a few minutes. Until then, stay on the helicopter’s tail by following it between skyscrapers and under the bridges until it's over the open ocean.

Fly steady and Little Jacob will take care of the rest.

When the helicopter is over the ocean, Little Jacob will climb out onto the left side of the helicopter. You need to fly along the right side of the target for Little Jacob to get off a clean shot with the rocket launcher, and to send the target into the sea.

Mission complete.

After you’ve destroyed the helicopter, return Little Jacob to the area marked on your GPS to complete this mission, and pocket $7,500.

That Special Someone

Arrive at the airport with Roman to finally meet the traitor after all these years.

After completing Weekend at Florians, Pest Control, and Liquidize the Assets missions, you'll get a phone call from your old friend at United Liberty Paper. He found the man you've been searching for this whole time: Darko Brevic.

You'll automatically contact Roman, who wants you to pick him up. Pick Roman up and drive to the airport marked as a waypoint on the GPS. A lengthy cut-scene plays when you arrive at the airport, and at the end, the game provides you with a choice: kill Brevic, or let him live.

Live or die, you make the call.

The choice has no bearing on the ending of the game; the only difference is dialogue between you and Roman.

15. Gerry McReary Missions

Actions Speak Louder than Words
I Need Your Clothes, Your Boots, and Your Motorcycle
I'll Take Her...
She's a Keeper
Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend

Actions Speak Louder Than Words
Reward: $9,000

Gerry wants to do business with you.
After accepting this mission from Gerry, drive to the waypoint marked as a green line in your GPS. Pick up the bomb when you arrive at the destination.

Pick up the bomb behind the trash bin in the alleyway.
Picking up the bomb prompts a new location on the GPS, so drive and park your car at the designated area in the street, then walk across the street, and plant the bomb on the back of the marked car by pressing the LB/L1 shoulder button.

Walk up to the marked car and plant the bomb.

After the short cut-scene, you'll be back behind the wheel of your car, watching Tony Black heading towards the meeting point in a car. Follow his car, keeping two car lengths behind him until he arrives at the power plant.

Keep some distance between you and Tony Black's car.
Park your car across the street, on top of the hill, and call Gerry on your cellphone. On the cellphone is an option to set off the bomb, so select that choice and watch the power plant blow up. A few goons will survive the blast.

Go across the street and kill every remaining goon.

Drive across the street and fire at them while staying in your car. Drive away from the area as quickly as possible before the police arrive. If they do show up, you'll have to lose your wanted level to complete the mission.

I Need Your Clothes, Your Boots, and Your Motorcycle
Reward: $9,250

Gerry and Niko admire the body in the fridge.

Gerry was so impressed by the way you handled the last mission that he will give you another mission. At his house, you'll get new clothes: a motorcycle jacket and jeans. Walk over to the stolen motorcycle parked outside Gerry's house, then get on it, and ride it to the designated waypoint on your GPS.

Pick up the motorcycle parked in front of Gerry's house.

Frankie, your target, will spot you when you arrive at the waypoint. He'll get onto a motorcycle, and you must chase him. Don't fall too far behind, and try to remain close to Frankie for the opening part of the chase. If he creates too much distance between you and him, the mission will fail.

Open fire once you get on a straight-away.

Don't open fire at Frankie until you're close to him. If you spray bullets in his location when you're too far away, you won't hit him. Instead, wait until you come across a straightaway before moving in close. Open fire in short controlled bursts to kill Frankie. Mission complete.

I'll Take Her...
Reward: $9,500

Gerry has seen better days.

You won't receive this mission until you've completed the Undertaker mission from Francis McReary. Visit Gerry at the prison, who says Packie will contact you about the mission: to kidnap Ancelotti's daughter, Gracie, and use her for ransom to get a bag of diamonds.

You can find the car ad by going to from any internet cafe.
Log onto the internet at a nearby internet café, click on the ad, and scroll through the available cars until you come across the pink convertible. Click on the red call ad to automatically put the number into your cellphone. Leave the internet café, and call Gracie's cellphone between 8:00 and 21:00 for a meeting to see the car.

Drive up to indicated waypoint to take the car on a test drive.
After you have set up the meeting, go to the designated waypoint, and introduce yourself to Gracie. She'll get in the car when you take the car on a test drive. After a few minutes, you'll let her know that you're going to kidnap her. She'll freak out and grab the wheel.

Gracie will make driving difficult for the early part of this kidnapping.

For a few blocks, driving in a straight line is almost impossible, because Gracie will try to escape by grabbing the wheel of the car. Eventually, Niko will punch her in the face and knock her out. Resistance solved, and mission complete.


Go to the safehouse and take a picture of Gracie.

A few in-game hours later, Packie will call you about taking a picture of Gracie with a camera phone, and then sending the picture to him. Go to the hideout marked on the GPS.

After you've snapped a photo of her, send the picture message to Packie.

Go upstairs to where Gracie is being held, press LB/L1 shoulder button to have Gracie look up at you, take out your phone, and snap a picture of her face. Send the picture message to Packie to complete the brief mission.

She's a Keeper
Reward: $9,750

Gerry would like to help out, but he's behind bars.

A few in-game days after he receives the picture, Gerry will call you about Packie. He wants you to move Gracie's location. Drive to the location, and Gracie will now be in your trunk after the short cut-scene.

Take your first right, down the alley, and then take a right when you exit from the alley.

After that, you'll discover Ancelotti will be onto you. You must drive to the location marked on the GPS before your car is destroyed. However, you can't drive with reckless abandon. If you do, you'll break Gracie's neck, and the mission will fail. The car can't take a lot of bullets or else it will blow up, and, well, the mission will fail.

Take this right at Bridger street and then a left at Plumber's Skyway.

Drive across Hickey Bridge, and then take a left onto Galveston Ave. into North Holland to lose the Ancelotti thugs.

The trick is to drive in and out of any nearby alleyways, creating enough distance between you and Ancelotti, so that the last leg of your drive will be without incident. You won't know if Gracie is alive until the very end of the mission when Packie opens the trunk. If you were driving clean without running into other cars, and avoiding enemy fire, you should be fine. Mission complete.

Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend

Gracie returns to her family. Good riddance.

After meeting with Gerry for the last time, Packie is going to call you. Ancelotti wants to make a deal to get Gracie back. Before meeting with Packie, you should load up on rocket launcher, sniper rifle, and assault rifle ammo. Also, make sure you're at full health and full armor. Drive to Packie's location, enter the car, and drive him and Gracie to the water treatment plant.

From your cover position behind Packie's car, pick off Bulgarin's men with your sniper rifle.

After the cut-scene, you'll be in cover on the side of Packie's car. From this location, take out your sniper rifle, and pick off all the goons hiding behind the large circular tanks on the lower level. Then, staying on the same vantage point, pick off the goons on the upper catwalks across from you.

Stay under the catwalk so that the goons above you can't shoot you.
Packie will ask you to follow him. Equip your assault rifle and follow Packie up the metal ramp onto the upper catwalk. You'll pass an armored vest to your left when walking up the catwalk. Pick it up. From this location, crouch and look up. You should be under a catwalk. As long as you stay here, the goons above you can't hurt you. Kill any goons you see across from your location along the walkway.

As you're walking across the walkway, take out your rocket launcher, and destroy any reinforcements that arrive.

Continue to walk up the walkway, keep your rifle pointed up at the catwalk, and open fire at the goons. Continue across the walkway to the other side until Packie suggests splitting up.

While you walk across the catwalk, three cars full of goons will arrive below your location. Take out a rocket launcher and destroy the cars before any goons step out of the vehicle. After that, you'll meet up with Packie. Provide cover fire for him by firing on the remaining goons converging towards you. You can pick up a first aid kit on the side of a nearby power box.

After the deal goes sour, kill the remaining goons.
You'll meet up with Packie and a short cut-scene will play. Kill the last two thugs, go back to Packie's car, and drive him back to his house to complete the mission.

16. Derrick McReary Missions


Tunnel of Death

Reward: $6,500

Derrick is falling on hard times.

Call 911 for a police car to arrive near your location. Once the officers step out, steal the car, and then lose your wanted level. Hack the police computer (press the LB shoulder button) and search for BUCKY SLIGO. He likes to hang out at the Burger Shot, and the waypoint will be updated on your GPS. Drive the police car to the waypoint.

Arrive at the Burger Shot and wait for Bucky to show up.

After the short cut-scene, you'll chase Bucky through the streets in a car, who tries to shake you off by going in and out the back alleys. Don't drive fast when Buckey is weaving though the alleys, but drive safely to avoid hitting any objects that may slow you down. Eventually, Bucky will arrive at the safehouse with his crew.

Chase Bucky through the back alley.

Park the police car outside the house, get out of the car, and use the car for cover from the goons shooting from the front porch. Kill them before entering the house.

Take cover behind the police car and kill the enemies on the front porch.

Inside the house, use the sofa for cover from enemy fire. Pick off each thug one by one from this location.

Use the sofa for cover from enemy fire.

After you kill everyone, leave the area by stealing one of the cars in the driveway (chances are, your police car is heavily damaged). Lose the wanted level you may have gained to complete this mission.

Reward: $6,500

You need to keep Kim and his boat in one piece.

Go to the boat pier, take the driving wheel from Derrick, and drive the boat to Kim's location marked on your GPS. After the brief introduction, you must keep Kim and his boat in one piece.

If you're close enough, shoot the passengers in the boat.

Enemy boats will converge on your location shortly after the start of the escort mission. Stay close to Kim's boat, fire on the enemy boat closest to your location, and destroy it. If you can, aim for the passengers in the boat instead of the boat itself, because you'll use less ammo to kill a passenger than to destroy a boat.

Under the northern East Borough Bridge, you must destroy a helicopter tailing you. Stand up and out of the driver seat, walk to the back of the boat, and equip the rocket launcher.

This game has some fantastic explosions.

Aim a few feet in front of the helicopter's flight path when you fire the rocket -- you want the helicopter to fly into the rocket's trajectory. Once the helicopter has been destroyed, hop back into the driver's seat, and follow Kim to the destination point to end this mission.

Tunnel of Death
Reward: $7,500

Someone is talking trash about Derrick and making him upset.

Find the large truck at the location marked on your GPS, and drive it inside the Booth tunnel. After the short cut-scene, you'll be in cover in front of the truck. Take out a rocket launcher and shoot a rocket at the nearest police car. Equip a machine gun, crouch, walk slowly towards the Stockade, and kill all the officers.

Destroy the police car to kill a large number of officers at once.

Get into the Stockade with Packie, and drive out of the tunnel. The hardest part of this mission is clearing your wanted level, because you're in a heavily armored but slow truck.

Kill the remaining officers guarding the stockade.

To lose the cops, double back a few times in the tunnel, creating a pile up of police vehicles, and giving you time to get away from the cops.

The best way to lose your wanted level is to backtrack a lot, causing the cars to pile up.

Drive under any nearby bridges or freeway overpasses to break the chopper's line of sight. Drive clean, avoid hitting anything that may hamper your escape, and make it to the area marked on your GPS.

Kill Aiden to collect your payment.

Get out of the Stockade and enter the getaway car. Drive to the marked area on your GPS, get out of the car, and shoot Aiden in the head after the cut-scene. Mission complete.

17. Bernie Crane Missions

Hating the Haters
Union Drive
Buoy's Ahoy
Bryce's Infernus

Hating the Haters
Reward: $6,000

Bernie thinks you're fantastic.

In hopes of flushing out his attacker, Bernie wants you to protect him while he jogs in the park. Keep about twenty feet away from Bernie as he jogs through the park, using your sprint ability intermittently. If you use it too much, you'll get tired, and Bernie will be too far away.

Keep up with Bernie, but don't get too close.

A brief cut-scene plays after Bernie enters the tunnel. Chase Bernie's attacker up the stairs and to the top of the bridge, and steal one of the nearby parked scooters.

Steal a scooter to chase after Bernie's attacker.

You can choose two options here. One option is to pull out your sniper when you get to the scooters. You can shoot him in the back 3 or 4 times, and he will die, so you will not have to perform a chase. Wait till he is a good distance away before you shoot, because he takes not damage in the park, but you can kill him if you shoot him at the right times when you are by the scooters.

Second, chase the attacker through the park on your scooter. Don't open fire on him in the park because it won't damage him, and you'll risk shooting a civilian. If you do shoot a civilian, you'll alert the police, and you'll have to lose your wanted level.

After Bernie joins you on the scooter, chase down the hater, and kill him.

During the chase, Bernie will run up to your scooter and hop on. Now you can open fire on his attacker as he takes the scooter chase to the streets. Get in close to his location and open fire. After he's dead, take Bernie back to his apartment to complete the mission.

Union Drive
Reward: $6,250

Bernie is feeling less than fantastic right now.

After accepting the Union Drive mission from Bernie, you'll see a Turismo halfway down the block from Bernie's apartment -- the ideal car to use in the upcoming car chase. Drive to the waypoint on your GPS to meet the blackmailers, and after the short cut-scene, they will drive off.

You can find an awesome car right down the stree from Bernie's house.
Chase after them, but don't open fire. You'll have your chance to kill them at the end of the car chase. Concentrate on staying close to them and be mindful of your surroundings. Trucks, buses, and police cars will attempt to hamper your ability to stay close to their vehicle.

It's OK to slow down in order to avoid running into these obstacles. The Turismo is a very fast car, so you should have no trouble catching up to them if you decide to use your brakes every now and again.

After they wreck their car, kill them.

Eventually, the blackmailers will wreck their car at the city park. Stay in your car and open fire. If they manage to escape into the park, you'll have to chase after them on foot. Take Bernie back to his apartment to complete this mission.

Buoy's Ahoy
Reward: $6,500

Now Bernie wants to make you feel fantastic.

After the cut-scene you'll command a speedboat. Bernie is convinced that you need a little fun in your life. So, take him out on a pleasure cruise in the speedboat to the waypoint. Sure enough, goons will show up and shoot at the boat. Your day ruined, it's time to chase and kill them.

The goons will ruin your day.

You can't damage their boat during the chase sequence. Concentrate on remaining close to their boat until they run their boat onto land, and take refuge in a waterfront cemetery.

When you get out of the boat, take out your sniper rifle, and kill all of the goons on land.

Use the sniper rifle to pick them off. For those you can't snipe, take out your assault rifle and kill them. Talk to Bernie, who has been waiting by the boat during the mission.

Bryce's Infernus
Reward: Infernus

Holy crap, it's the Infernus!

18. Phil Bell Missions

The Truck Hustle
Catch the Wave
To Live and Die in Alderney

Truck Hustle
Reward: $11,000
Unlocks Assassin Procedural Missions

You'll be handed off to Phil Bell for future missions.

Ray Boccino will introduce you to Phil Bell, who wants you to steal a heavily guarded truck full of goods. Before you drive to the waypoint, load up on rocket launcher ammo, assault rifle, and armor.

Blow up the nearby cars to kill most of the goons.
After you arrive at the waypoint, you'll automatically go into cover, and a short cut-scene will show the layout of the area. Take out the rocket launcher and fire a rocket at the parked cars. Do not hit the truck that you have to steal.

Catch up with the truck before it escapes.
If any goons are alive after the initial attack, kill them with an assault rifle. The men in the truck will attempt to drive away, but don't bother trying to kill the remaining enemies. You must catch up to the truck.

Hang onto the sides of the truck, or else you'll die.
Behind the truck is a waypoint arrow. You must get close enough to the truck in order for Niko to automatically grab onto it. Rapidly press the A/X button to climb onto the truck, and then to its rooftop.

The men in the truck will try to get you off the roof by taking sharp turns. Counter that by pressing your analog stick in the opposite direction of the truck's turn. If Niko hangs onto the sides of the truck, rapidly press the A/X button to hang on. Climb all the way to the front of the truck's cab. Niko will knock out the driver, and you'll take control of the truck. Drive the stolen truck to the waypoint on your GPS to complete the mission.

Catch the Wave
Reward: $7,500

Meet Phil at one of his favorite hangouts: the strip club.
After meeting Phil, take his car and pick up the truck marked on the GPS. Purchase assault rifle ammo and armor along the way. Now that you have the truck, drive to the boatyard on Charge Island by following the GPS.

Use the van for cover from enemy fire.
At the boathouse, you'll see Phil talking to the men working at the warehouse. Shortly after, they'll take out their guns and fire at you, so be ready. You can kill most of the surrounding enemies if you stay in the truck.

Once most of them have been killed, drive the truck towards the entrance to the warehouse, and angle it so it fits between the opened warehouse doors, serving as a large piece of cover from enemy fire.

Take out the enemies on the boat pier.
Pick off the remaining enemies in the warehouse before walking through the exit, where two boats full of coke are parked. Kill any remaining guards on the piers, then steal one of the marked boats, and follow Phil in his stolen boat.

Fight off the enemy boats that get close to Phil's boat.

You'll be attacked by two enemy boats while driving towards the waypoint. Destroy them by staying close to them and firing at their boat. Follow Phil to the rendezvous at the docks to complete the mission.

Reward: $10,500

There's no time to sit and relax. Get back to work!
Load up your arsenal with rockets, grenades, assault rifle ammo, and armor. The warehouse has two openings: 1) through the front door, 2) or around back. We used both. When you arrive at the warehouse, you'll see cars parked outside the front door. Toss a grenade at the parked cars to set off an explosion. This will draw some of the enemies outside, making your entrance around the back a little easier.

The goons are standing in the doorway -- easy pickings.

Run into the tunnel, crouch and go through the shattered brick wall, and look at the open door. Several enemies stand in the open doorway, staring at the burning cars you had destroyed moments earlier.

By shooting a rocket straight up the stairwell, you'll kill the men on the stairs.
After killing the thugs in the doorway, step into the ruins of the building, look up towards the staircase, and fire a rocket straight up. The blast from the rocket will kill most of the guards in the stairwell. Walk up the stairs, take cover behind the sofa, and pick off the remaining goons in this room. Walk up the ramp made out of rubble, quickly kill any guards up here (there is no cover), and continue up the staircase while chasing Chubby Charlie.

In this area, crouch and stay behind cover from enemy fire.
At the top of the staircase, take cover on the left side of the doorway. Stay at this cover position, and fire at the goons in the next room. Toss a grenade in that room to flush any goons out from cover. Once they're killed, continue through the doorway at the opposite end of the room and proceed outside to the building's rooftop.

The enemy will use the pillars as cover.
Take cover behind the air conditioner vents, and use blindfire to kill and scare the goons into cover. Kill all the goons in the vicinity before walking across the covered walkway. A first aid kit is located by the air vent directly in front of the rooftop doorway.

Blindfire is very effective in this area.
Take cover behind the large cement pipes and fire at the goons on the rooftop across from you. One will be on the rooftop and another will be on the smokestack's staircase. Walk through another walkway and climb the ladder to the rooftop. Continue climbing up the next ladder to the very top of the building.

Climb the ladder to the rooftop for the final battle against a helicopter.

After the short cut-scene, Chubby Charlie jumps onto a helicopter. A rocket from a rocket launcher can take out the helicopter in one shot. But if don't have a rocket launcher, any gun in your inventory can destroy the helicopter, as long as you keep firing at it.

Destroy the helicopter to complete the mission.

Concentrate your fire on the gunner position of the chopper, and then fire at the cockpit. Destroy the helicopter to complete the mission.

To Live and Die in Alderney
Reward: $12,000

One last job for Phil.

After meeting Phil Bell, drive to the waypoint marked on the GPS. On the way there, stop by an ammo shop, and buy armor, rocket launcher ammo, assault rifle ammo, and grenades. After the short cut-scene you'll be in control of a car full of drugs.

As soon as you leave the garage, take a hard left, and follow Phil's car.
Drive out of the garage and take a sharp left, following Phil's car. A black police car will be in pursuit of his vehicle, so destroy it before he kills Phil.

You must destroy the car pursuing Phil.
Follow Phil, staying close, and firing at the police cars that come close to him. He'll call your cellphone and tell you that he's going to ditch the car. Meet him at that waypoint, and another short cut-scene will play.

Take out the police car with your rocket launcher.
Two police cars arrive at one end of the alleyway. Take out your rocket launcher and destroy the police cars as quickly as possible. Kill any remaining officers, and then direct your attention to the other end of the alley.

To kill a lot of police men at once, keep chucking grenades at the police cars .
More police cars will show up, along with the SWAT team. Take cover behind the trash bin on the right side of the alley, and start chucking grenades at the squad cars at the end of the alleyway. These explosions will create a chain of explosions. Most of the officers will catch on fire, but if anyone survives, take out your assault rifle and finish them off.

The helicopter will stay in place, making it an easy target.
Phil Bell will tell you to run to the escape van in the parking lot across the street. On the way there a police helicopter will appear. Take out a rocket launcher, aim, and fire. The helicopter will remain stationary above you, making it an easy target. Get in the van, wait for Phil and Frankie to get in the van, and drive out of there.

Lose your wanted level by driving back through the alley where you and Phil ditched your cars. Take a left on Farnsworth Road, and then a right on Vitullo Ave to lose the cops. Follow your GPS to the waypoint, and drop off Phil and Frankie.

19. Jimmy Pegorino Missions

Pegorino's Pride
Pest Control...

Pegorino's Pride
Reward: $10,500

The influential Jimmy Pegorin will shape the outcome of the game.
Before you meet Jimmy Pegorino for the first time, put on your best suit and dress shoes as requested by Phil Bell. Load up on heavy ammo and armor as well. Drive to his house by following the GPS. After the long cut-scene, you'll get into the driver's seat of Pegorino's car. Drive him and his men to a meeting with the Pavano family.

As soon as the red arrows appear on each thug, pull the trigger, and protect Pegorino.

At the waypoint, walk up the nearby metal staircase, and get to the spot with the golden arrow. Pull out your sniper rifle and look at the meeting through the scope. Keep your crosshair aimed at the head of the mediator talking to Pegorino. The moment you see red markers appear over the heads of the Pavano goons, pull the trigger on the mediator. Quickly kill the four other goons (pictured).

As soon as that car full of goons shows up, kill as many as you can.
Four goons in a car will appear as Pegorino stumbles for cover. Kill them as they step out of the vehicle before running downstairs to protect Pegorino. If you can't kill all four men in less than three seconds, leave your position, and run down the stairs.

Don't spend too much time exchanging fire with the goons in the building.

Once you're downstairs, sprint towards Pegorino's location marked on the GPS. If you encounter any enemy resistance, deal with it as quickly as possible. Don't spend a lot of time fighting against a single enemy. You must get to Pegorino before he bleeds to death. A cut-scene will play when you reach Pegorino, and you'll be back behind the wheel of his car. He wants his money back.

If anyone escapes, chase them, and collect the money.

Chase Pavano's car until it crashes at a nearby factory. Most of the goons will escape from the car and flee onto the factory's catwalk. Chase after them, proceeding up the staircase, and collect Pegorino's offering (the money) from their dead bodies. Once you have the money in your possession, go back down the stairs, into Pegorino's car, and drive him back home. Mission complete.


It's time for some payback.

Before accepting the Payback mission at Pegorino's house, you should max out your rocket launcher ammo. After the cut-scene, drive to the spot indicated on the GPS. Chase the marked car to a nearby car dealership. Don't fire at the car because it won't inflict any damage. You must follow it to the nearby car dealership.

Stay on the car's tail through this short car chase.

Park around the corner from the dealership, exit the car, take out a rocket launcher, and destroy the car dealership by shooting rockets at the parked cars.

The rocket launcher will take out most of the goons at the car dealership.

The explosion should kill every goon hiding in the shop. If someone survives the explosions, take out the assault rifle and shoot them. Lose your wanted level to complete the mission.

Reward: $13,000

Pegorino wants you to pull the plug on a snitch.

After accepting the Flatline mission, drive to the hospital, park your car in front of the hospital entrance, and walk inside. Follow the GPS into the hospital locker room, where you'll change into the doctor's clothes. Now follow the GPS to the indicated room in the hospital.

You can pick up the clothes from the hospital locker room.

Walk up to the patient's bedside, next to the life support system, and pull the plug by pressing the LB/L1 shoulder button. Walk out of the room and down the hallway until you hear the guards yell at you. Now, sprint out of the hospital, enter your parked car, and lose your wanted level to complete the mission.

Pest Control...
Reward: $14,500

One of these men is about to be whacked.

Pegorino wants you to "take care" of Ray Boccino. Load up on rocket launcher ammo, find a car (I used a Patriot), and proceed to the indicated waypoint on the GPS. Instead of following the motorcade, we'll tell you how to cut off the motorcade. Then you can destroy it and complete the mission in under a minute.

Take a U-Turn as soon as this mission starts.

Immediately after the cut-scene, pull a U-Turn, and head to the intersection of Albany Ave. and Silicon St.

As soon as you see Pegorino's car exit from the gas station, open fire.

Quickly get out of the car, equip your rocket launcher, and wait for the motorcade. The motorcade will appear at a gas station on the left side of the street. As soon as you see Ray's marked car appear, open fire, and destroy the remaining cars to complete the mission.

20. Gambetti Missions

Dining Out
Liquidize the Assets

Reward: $12,000

Gambetti will have a few dying wishes for you to take care of.
Accept the Entourage mission from Mr. Gambetti, then load up on assault rifle ammo, grenades, and armor. Drive to the waypoint. After the short cut-scene you'll take the wheel behind a motorcade car for Bobby Jefferson. Drive with the motorcade. No reckless driving allowed!

Drive nice and clean for the city official.
After a few blocks, the motorcade will be ambushed in the street. After a short cut-scene, you'll be in a nearby alleyway with Bobby Jefferson, and it's your job to protect him.

Using the alleyway for cover, kill most of the goons in the streets.
Run as far back as you can into the alleyway, so that Jefferson remains safe and away from the fighting. He'll now stay in place. Throw a couple of grenades out into the street in order to force the enemies into cover. Now that you've turned the ambush into your favor, get to the top of the building by climbing the nearby trash bin, and pulling yourself up onto the rooftop.

When you get up to the rooftop, you can continously toss grenades into the street to kill the goons.
Take out your assault rifle and kill the two goons on this rooftop. Take cover by the brick wall facing the street, toss more grenades into the street below, then take out your assault rifle and pick off any remaining enemies.

Steal the first car you see and leave this area as fast as you can.
If you can't kill the enemies from this vantage point, you must go down to the street and hunt the remaining goons. Afterwards, exit the area with Jefferson. Acquire the first car you see before reinforcements arrive.

Get Jefferson to the waypoint marked on your GPS in order to complete this mission.
Now that you have a car, lose the pursuers by driving fast while taking a lot of turns onto different streets. After you have lost the pursuers, drive Jefferson to the new waypoint indicated in the GPS to complete the mission.

Dining Out
Reward: $13,250

He doesn't have much time left to settle his various disputes.

Buy armor and purchase ammo for the rocket launcher, assault rifle, and shotgun. Find the restaurant by using the GPS, and enter it. As soon as the cut-scene is over, take out a shotgun, and kill the restaurant host and the nearby bodyguard. Take out a rocket launcher, enter the dining area of the restaurant, and fire a couple of rockets into the upstairs section of the restaurant, killing a large group of goons.

Take out your rocket launcher and kill everyone in the upper level of the restaurant.
Ascend the staircase to the second level, kill any remaining goons who survived the rocket attack, and walk through the red door. Question the manager to find out where your target, Kim, has run off to. To get the required information, you may have to intimidate him by pointing a gun at him. Pick up the armored vest on top of the managers desk.

Get the answers you're looking for by threatening the manager. Pick up the armor on the desk.

Leave this room, fight the goons running out from the kitchen doors, and then proceed into the kitchen. Pick up the first aid kit on the floor in front of the exit. Run out the exit and see Kim's car drive off. Quickly get down to ground level and hop on the parked motorcycle.

Kill the goons that come running out of the kitchen.

Chase Kim out to the street, pull along side his car, and open fire.

Chase Kim's car down and destroy it by pulling along side of it, and opening fire. Once Kim has been killed, you will complete the mission. Or, if packie will hook you up with a car bomb, you can call him and get one and before you go into the restaurant; go behind and move the car up a little bit and you can plant the bomb on the car, so when Kim tries to escape, all you have to do is call packie and press detonate at your leisure.

Liquidize the Assets
Reward: $14,500

It looks like Gambetti is close friends with U. L. Paper.

Purchase rocket launcher, assault rifle, and sniper ammo. Also, buy grenades and armor. Drive through the wooden fence (pictured) to enter the facility.

You can enter the facility by crashing through this wooden barrier.

Climb on top of the trash bin, pull yourself up the short rooftop, then on the air conditioner vents, and make your way to the rooftop.

Climb up to the buildings rooftop.

Pull yourself onto the next rooftop, run over to the ladder, and climb it to the highest building rooftop. There, kill the first goon you see standing guard over the trucks below. Killing this guard will alert everyone in the area, and more guards will run to your location.

After you kill this goon, everyone will know it.

Position yourself in front of the doorway leading to the rooftop (pictured), and kill anyone attempting to flank you. Now that you've cleared the stairwell, take out your sniper rifle, and pick off the guards you can see from your current location.

Don't let this happen to you. Be ready for any reinforcements that come running up the staircase.

Most of the enemy targets are in the open standing on adjacent rooftops. Others are in cover behind the trucks and trash bins below. Don't go downstairs until you've killed nearly everyone.

The rocket launcher can take out most of the parked trucks from this vantage point.

You can also destroy most of the trucks in the area below from this vantage point. Toss a few grenades towards the trucks and garages. Or fire your rockets into the garages where the trucks are parked.

Destroy the last truck to complete this mission.

If there are any trucks that you can't destroy from this vantage point, walk down the stairwell to the lower level. Some goons might still be alive in this area, so equip an assault rifle when heading towards the last remaining trucks parked in the garages. Destroying every truck will complete the mission.

21. Finale: Revenge

One Last Thing...
A Dish Served Cold
Mr. & Mrs. Bellic
Out of Commission

One Last Thing...

One last favor for Jimmy.

After you've completed all the main story missions, Pegorino will contact you, saying he has one last job before he lets you off the hook for good. He has struck a deal with Dimitri to make so much money that you can give up your life of crime. The strategies listed in this section are for those who forgo the money and seek revenge.

A Dish Served Cold

Finally, a chance to kill Dimitri.

After the meeting with Pegorino, you'll talk to Roman and Kate on the phone. Afterwards, two icons appear on the GPS. One is marked Deal, the other marked Revenge. Load up on sniper and assault rifle ammo, armor, rocket launcher ammo, and grenades. Set your marker at the Revenge icon, follow the GPS, and arrive at the boat dock.

Get this party started by blowing up the heroin supply truck.
Get out of your car and walk towards the supply truck. Now start the attack off with a bang. Shoot a rocket into the heroin supply truck, then walk up the nearby ramp to board the starboard side of the ship, and take cover behind the wooden boxes. Equip your sniper rifle and pick off the Russian goons at the aft section of the shipping vessel.

Use these boxes for cover from enemy fire.
Turn around, proceed towards the front of the boat, climb the ladder, and go up the stairs. Here, you can pick up grenades and an armored vest if you need it (you can always come back if you don't need them).

Armor will help a lot during this fight. Pick it up.
Go down the ladder so you're on the port side of the vessel. Take cover behind any nearby boxes, and use your sniper rifle to pick off more goons at the aft of this side of the ship.

Use your sniper rifle to kill a majority of the enemies on the aft section of the supply ship.
Proceed towards the aft of the boat and take cover on the side of the open door leading into the kitchen area of the ship. Toss a grenade or two into the kitchen area to kill most of the goons. Crouch, equip an assault rifle, and enter the kitchen to kill the remaining goons before going up the staircase.

Fill the kitchen full of bullets.
Take cover on the side of the passageway at the top of the stairs. Use blindfire to kill any goon sticking their head out from cover. Roll grenades down the hall to flush anyone out from cover. Continue down this hall after you've killed everyone. It will lead back outside.

Use blindfire to kill a lot of goons in the hallway.
Continue to walk towards the back of the boat and walk up the set of stairs into the ship's control room. Pull the control lever to open up the cargo hold where Dimitri is hiding.

You can pick up armor in the control room.
Leave this room, descend the stairs, and continue towards the cargo hold that just opened. There are two large open areas. Enter the port opening, because you can drop onto a set of boxes, and you won't get hurt in the process.

Drop onto the boxes to get into the lower area of the supply ship.
Take cover behind the boxes and pick off any goons in this area. Proceed towards the red dot on the GPS. After the short cut-scene, you'll face-off against Dimitri and his goons. Blindfire the goons protecting Dimitri, then equip a grenade, and roll it towards Dimitri. The blast instantly cripples him.

Fire at the goons, then toss a grenade in Dimitri's location to cripple him.
After another cut-scene, you'll have the chance to pull the trigger on Dimitri. Kill him, leave the shipping vessel, and drive away.

Mr. & Mrs. Bellic

Pegorino is pissed and is about to change your life.

Roman will contact you after you've finished the previous mission, telling you to arrive at the church by 10 a.m. for the wedding. Kill some time until around 9 a.m,. when Kate will call you for a ride. Pick her up and take her to the wedding. After the cut-scene, you'll be faced with one last task: to kill Jimmy Pegorino.

Out of Commission (reward $250,000)

You'll wake up in bed dressed in your rags, and have a text message from Little Jacob with directions to pick up some hardcore weapons. Load up on heavy weapons by purchasing rockets, assault rifle ammo, and armor.

After a few in-game hours, Little Jacob will call you and tell you to meet with him and Roman. Go to their location by following the GPS and enter their car. You have to follow one of Pegorino's goons to find out where Jimmy is hiding.

The goon's car will try just about everything to lose you -- driving into oncoming traffic, firing at your vehicle, and trying to speed away. Stay on their tail, and you'll follow them to an abandoned waterfront casino.

Unload rockets into the parked cars to start off the final battle.

After the cut-scene, equip your rocket launcher and unload all but three of your rockets into the parked cars. If any goons survive the attack, take out an assault rifle, and finish them off. Requip your rocket launcher and fire a couple of shots into the interior of the casino, killing most of the goons hiding in cover.

Use a few more rocket launcher to kill the goons inside the old casino. You can see the first aid kit in this picture, under the window, next to the stairs.

Equip your assault rifle again, proceed into the casino, get into cover, and pick off the remaining goons. There is a first aid kit under the staircase in this area. Proceed into the next room to watch the brief cut-scene.

Chase Jimmy and quickly kill any goons who attempt to get in your way.

Pegorino will runaway. Follow him up the stairs, open the door to the outside, and shoot the two goons protecting Pegorino as he climbs down the ladder. Climb down the ladder and fight the goons. Don't let Pegorino get too far away from you, and don't waste any ammo on Pegorino, because he's not meant to die just yet.

Destroy the car full of reinforcements.
A car full of men will show up to deter you from chasing Pegorino. Use your last couple of rockets to destroy this car, then run down the stairs towards Pegorino's boat, and watch him drive off.

Stay in line with stunt jump.

Hop onto the nearby dirt bike, ride it along the beach coast, and chase Pegorino's boat. Don't fire at the boat; you can't damage it. Concentrate on avoiding rocks or driving into the water. You need to stay steady and line yourself towards the stunt jump marked with a golden arrow. Speed up, stay steady, make the jump, and you'll automatically grab onto an attack helicopter piloted by Little Jacob. Rapidly press the A/X button on your controller to pull yourself up into the helicopter.

When you damage Pegorino's boat, he'll damage your helicopter. Don't freak out. It's supposed to happen.
Jacob will hand the controls over to you. Fly the helicopter, get in close to Pegorino's boat, and press the X/Square button to shoot. Once the boat catches on fire, Pegorino will fire a rocket at your helicopter, damaging it. Keep your helicopter in the air until the cut-scene plays.

Don't go through the trouble of chasing Jimmy down. Shoot him in the back as he's running away.
As soon as the cut-scene is over, quickly equip your assault rifle, and aim at Pegorino's back while he's running away from you. If you don't kill him in these opening seconds, you'll have to chase after him. Kill him now, and you'll not only complete the mission, but also beat the game.

The end.

22. Finale: Deal

One Last Thing...
If the Price is Right
Mr. & Mrs. Bellic
A Revenger's Tragedy

One Last Thing...

After talking to Jimmy, you'll have a very hard decision to make.

After you've completed all the main story missions, Pegorino will contact you, saying he has one last job before he lets you off the hook for good. He has struck a deal with Dimitri to make so much money that you can give up your life of crime. The strategies listed in this section are for those who decide to take the money.

If The Price is Right
Reward: $250,000

Meet up with Phil to start this mission.

Proceed to the Deal marker on the map and meet Phil Bell. The two of you will drive to the meeting point to pick up the money while Dimitri picks up the heroin. After Dimitri calls your phone, get out of the car, and follow Phil as he runs around the back of the warehouse. Climb the ladder and proceed towards a window opening on the ceiling. You'll have to fight your way out of here.

Drop through the opening with Phil.

Phil will shoot the window. Dropping through the window, you'll land on the catwalk inside the warehouse. Run towards the hanger control panel, the one furthest from your entry location on the catwalk, and take cover. From this vantage point you can look down at the goons below you -- an opportunity to shoot enemies ascending the staircase to your right.

This is a great vantage point for shooting at the enemies below.

Proceed down the staircase to the lower catwalk and take cover behind the hanger control panel nearest your location. Pick off the goons near this location before proceeding any further.

When the enemies come out of cover, open fire.

You may have noticed that once you went down a level, more goons have spawned in the same locations. That's going to happen again. Leave your cover position behind the hanger controls, walk down to the lower level so that the enemies will spawn for the last time, and then run back up to the cover position you were just at. Pick off the remaining enemies from this cover location, where you'll have a height and cover advantage on the enemies below.

The same cover spot will be available on each catwalk. Use it.

Once you'll kill most of the enemies in this area, proceed down to ground level, and kill any stragglers behind pillars, crates, or on the catwalks above you. Take your time and make sure you don't miss anyone. You don't want any enemies shooting you in the back.

Pick up the first aid kit before following Phil up the next catwalk.
Follow Phil through the warehouse towards the next staircase leading to the next catwalk. You can pick up a first aid kit (pictured) by a pillar near the other staircase. Keep following Phil up the staircase and onto the catwalk, while providing cover fire for Phil. Shoot the men at the end of the catwalk in front and across from your location.

Shoot the enemies guarding the office at the end of the catwalk .
Continue down the catwalk towards the office. You can throw a grenade into the window of the office to kill the enemy hiding in the room. Arrive at the door to the office and a short cut-scene will play.

Kill any enemies near the supply truck. You''ll want this path cleared in a few minutes.
After the cut-scene, leave the office through the door that the buyer just went out, run down the stairs, and enter the supply truck. Chase after the buyer.

Fight your way downstairs and enter the supply truck.
Stay on the buyer's tail during this supply truck chase. It will be a slow vehicle chase, through scaffolding, and various fuel barrels that fall out of the back of his vehicle that you'll have to avoid.

Many barrels will fall out of the back of the supply truck, hampering your chase. Be sure not to run into them.

Once the vehicle chase gets to the street, he'll spin out, and attempt to escape you on foot. Shoot him from your vehicle, or run him over to kill him. Get out of the supply truck, and pick up the money from the dealers body. Take Phil back to Tudor, marked on your GPS to complete this mission.

Mr. &. Mrs. Bellic

After talking about it the entire game, he finally got married. Good for Roman!

Roman will contact you after you've finished the previous mission, telling you to arrive at the church by 10 a.m. for the wedding. Roman will call you at 10 a.m. and a path will appear on the GPS highlighting the path to the church. After the cut-scene, you'll be faced with one last task: to kill Dimitri Rascalov.

A Revenger's Tragedy

Meet with Jacob to start this last mission.

You'll wake up in bed dressed in your rags, and have a text message from Little Jacob with directions to pick up some hardcore weapons. Load up on heavy weapons by purchasing rockets, assault rifle ammo, and armor. After a few in-game hours, Little Jacob will tell you to meet him. Go to his location by following the GPS and enter the car. You have to follow one of Dimitri's goons in order to find out where Dimitri is hiding.

Stay on the goon's tail, even when they start driving into oncoming traffic.

The goon's car will try just about everything to lose you -- driving into oncoming traffic, firing at your vehicle, and trying to speed away. Stay on their tail, and you'll follow them to an abandoned waterfront casino.

Use blindfire with your rocket launcher to destroy all the parked cars in front of the casino.

After the cut-scene, equip your rocket launcher and unload all but three of your rockets into the parked cars. If any goons survive the attack, take out an assault rifle, and finish them off. Reequip your rocket launcher and fire a couple of shots into the interior of the casino, killing most of the goons hiding in cover.

If you run out of rockets, you can always chuck a bunch of grenades into the casino.

Equip your assault rifle again, proceed into the casino, get into cover, and pick off the remaining goons. There is a first aid kit under the staircase in this area. Proceed into the next room to watch the brief cut-scene.

Instead of walking through the doorway, shoot it once to fling it open, and then shoot any goons you see.

Dimitri will runaway. Follow him up the stairs, open the door to the outside, and shoot the two goons protecting Dimitri as he climbs on the rooftop to your right, towards the helipad. Chase after him and a short cut-scene will play.

Drive towards the yellow arrow marker to automatically jump into Little Jacob's chopper.

After falling into the water, swim towards the nearby boat, and take control of it. Chase after Dimitri's helicopter. Don't fire at the helicopter you can't damage it. Instead, stay steady until you see Little Jacob bring his helicopter into view. Keep the boat steady, towards the area with the golden arrow, and you'll automatically jump onto the helicopter. Rapidly press the A/X button on your controller to pull yourself up into the helicopter.

Don't worry, that's supposed to happen. Keep the helicopter flying until the cut-scene.
Jacob will hand the controls over to you. Fly the helicopter, get in close to Dimitri's helicopter, and press the X/Square button to shoot. Once his helicopter catches on fire, Dimitri will fire a rocket at your helicopter, damaging it. Keep your helicopter in the air until the cut-scene plays.

If you miss killing Dimitri in the opening seconds after the cut-scene, you'll have to chase him down, and then kill him.

As soon as the cut-scene is over, quickly equip your assault rifle, and aim at Dimitri's back while he's running away from you. If you don't kill him in these opening seconds, you'll have to chase after him. Kill him now, and you'll not only complete the mission, but also beat the game.

The end.

Submitted By: akif
100% Completion:

Below is a list of how to reach 100% completion, and what everything in the game is worth (by percentage).

Ninety Story/Procedural Missions - 68%
Acquire each friend's special ability and do their activities - 10%
Win at each activity and mini-game - 5%
Find all random characters and complete their missions - 5%
Kill all thirty wanted persons - 2.5%
Complete all twenty vigilante crimes - 2.5%
Complete all fifty stunt jumps - 2.5%
Eliminate all two-hundred pigeons - 2.5%
Complete all thirty car thefts - 2%

Easy Money:

Head to an ATM anywhere in the city, and cause a traffic jam in the area. Wait for someone to approach the ATM and take money out of it, and then eliminate that person. The traffic jam should ensure that no ambulance can reach the injured person, so if you run a short distance away and return, you can grab the money that dead person dropped over and over again.

Free Taxi Rides:

Here's a great way to get a free taxi fare. Hail a taxi and get inside, and head to your destination. Right before you get to your destination, bust out the back window and point your gun out of the window (using the corresponding controls). Doing so will freak the taxi driver out. He'll stop the car and run away, leaving you near your destination without forcing you to pay for the ride.

Long-Lasting Fire Truck:

Fire trucks are awesome vehicles to use to cause complete and utter destruction in Liberty City. But, even these vehicles are susceptible to damage. Oddly, if the fire truck catches on fire and is about to explode, you can actually utilize the fire truck's very own water source to put its own fire out. Nice!

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