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Retro Game Walkthroughs For
"Resident Evil DS"
(Nintendo DS)

Retro Game Walkthroughs for Resident Evil DS (Nintendo DS)
Submitted By: spoonbeast
[Resident evil DS bestiary, weapons and bosses guide]
Guide by spoonbeast

Its quite surprising at how the DS is capable of running a playstation game like Resident Evil itself, but somehow capcom managed to do it. Resident Evil DS incorporates some touch screen and mic in various areas in the game, as well as throwing a wide selection of changes. This guide covers weapons you’ll use and the enemies you’ll face throughout the game.



[Combat knife]
The combat knife deals poor damage and is very short ranged. Granted, its useful against crows and maybe making quick swipes at floored zombies to conserve ammo, but generally it shouldn’t be relied upon heavily to save ones own skin. A boon with the weapon is that players can quickly switch to using it by pressing the L button of switching to it like any other weapon. Playing as Jill, it’ll be rare that the knife will be used thanks to the greater number of weapons at her disposal. Chris however will depend on it more heavily near the start when ammo is considerably rare.

Although damage is weak, the gun can hold a decent sized clip and ammo is easy to come by as it’s found strewn all over the mansion and on fallen STARS members. The handgun is a dependable early weapon when dealing with the majority of threats like zombies, crows and wasps. But when dealing with greater threats such as a cerberos, they should opt for more deadly weapons like the shotgun.

The shotgun is immensely versatile and a dependable weapon throughout the entire game. The shotgun delivers decent damage against enemies from short to medium ranges. The projectile sprays allowing multiple targets to be hit. Ammunition is frequent throughout the game and can make short work of most of the enemies and even the odd boss itself.

[Bazooka] (Jill mode only)
As if there were any reservations when using the shotgun, Jill can depend on the bazooka. Its immensely useful not to mention powerful, capable of taking out enemies in one or 2 shots from medium ranges. Ammunition isn’t hard to come by, appearing in explosive, flame and acid varieties rounds. Like the magnum its best used when dealing with considerable threats such as hunters or bosses.

The only real disadvantage is the amount of space it takes within the inventory taking 50% of the space were Jill to carry the bazooka and all 3 kinds of rounds. But chances are you won’t need to carry all 3 types of rounds anyway.

Whilst the shotgun is an excellent all-purpose weapon against the lesser threats, the magnum is an excellent all-purpose weapon against higher threats such as hunters, chimeras and even bosses making short work of them. Although ammunition isn’t rare, it’s still limited and therefore should only be restricted to the hunters, chimeras and bosses. Whilst Jill can depend on the bazooka, Chris will rely on this weapon much more heavily as this is the only real effective weapon against greater threats for him.

Playing as Chris, players will have their chance at occasionally using the flamethrower. Ammo is percentage based and ammo consumption can be quite high if players have itchy trigger fingers. The flamethrower is amazingly effective against zombies and as a brilliant alternative weapon against the giant spider boss in the tunnels. Unfortunately, players will be restricted to using it in certain locations as its used to lock/unlock doors in specific areas. It goes without question use the flamethrower in those situations to conserve ammunition.

[Rocket launcher]
Dropped by brad in the final fight with the tyrant or unlocked when the gamer replays the game. Simply put, the rocket launcher is the ultimate weapon killing any enemy with one shot.


The research and development of the virus has lead to the creation of many monstrosities. Ever since the disaster at the mansion, it has spread uncontrollably and the whole area is invested with deadly creatures and monsters. Here, we’ll discuss what those enemies are, tactics to defeating them and any rebirth notes that differs the game from classic mode.

Comprised of infected umbrella personnel, zombies are slow, weak, shambling corpses that attack by moving close to players and eating or vomiting on them. The presence of a zombie is easily identifiable by shuffling feet, groans or them eating.

Although numerous, they’re very little threat provided they don’t get too close to attack. Whenever zombies do catch players, shake them off by rapidly pressing the Dpad in any direction. The handgun is more then adequate for combating zombies, requiring few bullets to dispatch, although the shotgun is ideal for taking out large groups of them in one shot. Any other weapon (exc combat knife) will kill a zombie in one shot and generally isn’t economical. Be careful when walking past zombies on the floor as they’re live and will attack players. Best to step round them or kill them. Players can dodge round zombies, which can go a long way to conserving ammo. The technique is to stand to one side of the corridor and as the zombie approaches it’ll turn too early and walk into the wall. It’s at this opportune moment that players run past it.

[Rebirth mode notes]
Compared to the original game, the number of zombies is considerably higher and some zombies are considerably faster, being able to close distances alarmingly quickly. Previous rooms with nothing in them will be heaving with zombies. Recommendation: It’s not ideal for players to kill all the zombies they find, as it’s uneconomical not to mention unnecessary. If players do get attacked, rapidly tapping at the touch screen will kill the zombie rather then shaking it off. In knifing sections they’re not too dangerous a wide flurry of slashes is more then enough to deal with them. However, dealing critical hits is far more effective preventing players from being overrun. Zombies that puke on players can be dealt with by blowing into the mic to watch the vomit fly back in the zombies face.


The virus has also infected the guard dogs turning them into dangerous predators that solely exist to satisfy their hunger. The cerberos can be found in the outer edges of the house (smashing through from windows) or roaming the gardens. The presence of the cereberos is easily identifiable by the growling and panting, typically attacking by lunging at players.

Handguns and shotguns are ideal weapons against them, although shotguns are preferable as they’re more effective taking 2-3 good shots. Usually getting the shots in early is more effective as this prevents them from lunging at players and by the time it gets back up you’ll be ready for the second shot. Alternative strategy is to hide around corners and blasting them when they appear. Caution is advised when attempting to flee from dogs as they can outrun players.

[Rebirth mode notes]
Again, just like most enemies, their numbers have increased considerably compared to classic mode. The cerberos is a nuisance in the knifing sections of the game. They’ll always lunge at players and there’s very little room for error. Timing is crucial and for beginners it can be slightly frustrating to do this. Try to remember the points on the screen it attacks and practice timing your attacks as scoring critical hits is the only way of dealing with them.


The virus outbreak has resulted in abnormalities with the local wildlife surrounding the mansion. Not content with stale bread and mouldy chips, the crows have had a deadly taste for human flesh.

There will be only a few occasions when players will encounter crows. In most situations players can ignore them. Otherwise, a simple knife thrust or handgun bullet is enough to dispatch them. Players are warned: One of their more annoying aspects however is that they can be difficult to kill as they fly over head and get at blind spots in aiming. They will need to be shaken off and players will need to move to get at a better shot. In some cases crows are used to distract players whilst the nastier enemies close in for the kill. Therefore killing them quickly is a top priority at times.

[Rebirth mode notes]
Although encounters with crows have increased, they can still be dispatched the same way. During the knifing sections players will have no problems taking them down. A quick slice or jab is more then enough.


Just when players start to feel secure with the equipment collected from their journeys from the guard house, the hunters populate the mansion and garden tunnels ensuring that the return to the mansion is every bit as dangerous. Fast on their feet, these green reptilian creatures attack using their claws. The distinctive clattering of feet and calls easily identifies the presence of hunters.

Since they replace where the zombies once stood, players can pretty much guess where and how many are located throughout the house. Players should stash the handgun and use more powerful weapons until after the second encounter with the yawn. Although shotgun shells are effective, it can be quite expensive and will deplete shotgun stocks quite quickly. Jill however can depend on the bazooka as well as the shotgun when dealing with the hunters. But it should be top priority for both characters to locate and use the magnum as it kills them in one shot. Players be advised, hunters can decapitate players resulting in instant death even if players are at reasonable health. When this happens can be unpredictable, often occurring when the health drops down to orange.

[Rebirth notes]
More numerous, will appear in knifing sections. Although not as much as a nuisance compared to the cerberos. Although susceptible to random slashing, when more then one appears on the screen, players are better off…


Simply put, poisonous vicious snakes. They can be found in the garden or inside the garden tunnels. Players will more likely see them first dropping from trees in the garden or emerging out of tunnels.

The best tactic is to generally run from them. They’re too numerous to kill and too small to effectively attack. When they drop from trees or appear in the tunnels there’s sufficient time to run away from them before they begin chasing.


[Giant spider]
The giant spiders can be found in the mansion and guardhouse with an extra deadly one in the garden tunnels. Spiders 2 types of attack are spitting venom at players from a distance or biting them. When they die, there’s a chance that baby spiders will pop out from them. Although silent, Spiders can easily be spotted by their large size.

Occasionally, spiders can be found on the ceiling waiting to pounce on unsuspecting players. Blast them down with a handgun shot before going in for the kill using the shotgun (bazookas could be used if players can spare it). Try and avoid attacking them from the front or being cornered by one, as they will shoot venom/acid at players not to mention deal a nasty bite. To avoid baby spiders amassing from the corpses of giant spiders, simply leave and re-enter the room again.

[Rebirth mode notes]
Apart from the extra odd one or 2, the giant spider deployment remains the same.


[Baby spider]
When players kill giant spiders, there is a possibility that after it dies, large amounts of baby spiders will spawn from them.

Although they attack in large numbers, they’re weak and trampling on them is more then enough to kill them. But to avoid the confrontation altogether by exiting the room after killing the giant spider and the giant spider’s body disappears along with the baby spiders.

[Rebirth mode notes]
Although more frequent appearing in the garden and guardhouse they still don’t pose much of a threat. Again running all over them is the most effective method in dealing with them.


Roaming in the lower basement of the guard-house, these sharks go searching for fresh prey. Neptunes are quite nippy in the water and are made extra dangerous, as they’re silent. They can cause a lot of damage and grief to players when they bite.

Players are advised to try and avoid confrontation with the Neptune until the basement is drained (via the control room). Although this is easier said then done as it can out swim faster then the player can run in water.


These large wasps appear only occasionally throughout the game. There are 2 varieties; the smaller variety attacks in swarms and the larger ones. Both varieties are poisonous if players get hit. The only way to identify their presence is by seeing them as they’re silent.

Running away is the best option. The only location where there are wasps is in the guardhouse in classic mode is in the hallway outside the chemical storeroom. Players can quite easily snatch the key located besides the wasps nest wander into another room to reset the wasps and never be disturbed by them again.

[Rebirth notes]
There will be only a few places you’ll encounter the odd wasp and they’re easily dispatched with a single bullet from the handgun. They pose little threat.


It’s hard to describe what the Chimera actually is or how it was created. These small, agile purple creatures are found in the lab itself. They attack by swiping at players up close or pouncing on them from above. A tell tale sign that a chimera is present is its distinctive footsteps.

Their speed and ability to climb ceilings makes them a considerable threat especially in groups. They’re most dangerous (but most vulnerable) when on the ceiling as they can pounce on players from above dealing greater damage. Suffice to say, keep your distance or keep moving to avoid this from happening. The only real effective method in dealing with them is to use either the magnum or bazooka. It will take 2 shots with the magnum and one shot with the bazooka. Chimeras will frequently be found on the ceiling and if players can blast them down they’ll have a real advantage, as players will be ready for the second shot if required.

[Rebirth mode notes]
Players will first encounter them in the library of the mansion and will pop up in the tunnels underneath the garden as well as in the lab itself. In earlier encounters, players would probably be better off avoiding the majority of them since they appear in corridors or locations where players will only need to venture down only once. They can be pretty much be dealt with in the same way as described in tactics.



During Jill and Chris’s trek through the mansion to uncover the secrets to umbrella and the disaster that took place at the mansion, players will encounter several unique and deadly creatures that serve as bosses. If you’re struggling to beat them, here’s a guide on them:

Potentially the hardest of the bosses, this giant snake will be encountered at least twice (3 times in rebirth mode). Players will first encounter it in the attic and in the music room.

The first encounter the Yawn is venomous but players won’t suffer from the effects until leaving the room and then waking up in the storage room. Players should retrieve the shotgun and pack as many shotgun shells they can for the encounter. The yawn will lunge at players, striking from long distances. In the confines of the attic it’s difficult to dodge its attacks. The only hope is to constantly run away, running rings around it or weaving round the pillar whilst taking pot shots at its head. 7 shots should be more then enough to send it retreating.

The second encounter is pretty much the same, but with additional space and weapons like the magnum, bazooka shells and shotgun shells, the second encounter will be a lot easier not to mention briefer. Again, keep your distance to dodge its attacks (don’t get caught by the fire place!) and pump its head full of shotgun/magnum or bazooka shots to dispatch.

Rebirth mode, players will have to take on the yawn located where plant 42 was fought using the knife in first person mode. Players need to be pretty adept at performing critical hits because it’s the only way to prevent it from hurting players when it lunges. The key is to play it slow and steady and not rush things. Wait for it to strike and critical hit it, once stunned, hit its exposed under belly hard.


[Plant 42]
This carnivorous mutant plant has grown out of control throughout the guardhouse. Players should create the V-jolt in the chemicals storeroom and apply it onto the roots (in the flooded basement). To defeat, players should keep their distance aiming high at the large bulb head and shooting it until it drops all its tentacles. Players will notice objects dropping from the ceiling that can cause damage. Provided players kept moving, making one shot before moving again will ensure its not a problem. For Jill, the bazooka with flame rounds will make short work of it, but generally any weapon with ammo you could spare could take it down.


[Black widow spider]
Compared to the normal spiders players will face, this one is considerably larger and comes in a nasty grey and black livery. Players should opt for at least shotguns when tackling it. A good tactic is to keep their distance from the spider and constantly move to prevent it getting a lock. It attacks by shooting venom. From long distances its inaccurate and it should provide plenty of opportune times to shoot it.


For a last level boss, the tyrant is easier to fight then it looks. Players will fight the tyrant in 2 locations:

Encounter 1: Inside the lab
The tyrant will be first introduced here. At this stage, the tyrant is slow and won’t pose a threat. Players can easily dispatch the tyrant with 3 shots from the magnum.

Encounter 2: Helipad
Things get slightly more difficult as the tyrant will be far more aggressive and there’s a timer counting down. But again it’s not too difficult. Players best bet is to simply stock up on magnum or bazooka rounds and healing items and simply constantly shooting it. The tyrant will constantly charge and there’s usually very little that can be done to dodge it effectively. Once the rocket launcher is dropped pick it up and fire it at the tyrant to end it. Simple.

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