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Retro Game Walkthroughs For
"Dead Space"
(Xbox 360)

This game is also available on PS3 and PC.

Retro Game Walkthroughs for Dead Space (Xbox 360)
Submitted By: Jmaul
Chapter 1

As you watch the introduction to the game, the crew approaches the USG Ishimura and makes a crash landing. Once Isaac suits up and you can control him, head out the exit to the right. Head straight until you reach the entry gate and are tasked with opening the hangar door. It's not much to worry about -- after the crew around you finish chatting, the lock will be ready for opening.

Flight Lounge

Once inside, turn left to find some Credits and health pickups in the cubbyholes, listen to the conversation, then go open the next door when ordered. Inside the control room, go over and inspect the console behind the glass. The crew will wonder what's going on, and then something will go on: the room goes dark, and you're forced to watch the crew be attacked by a mysterious monster. The door behind you will open. Make a mad dash through the hall, not stopping for anything until you reach the lift door at the very end. Get in the lift and press the Use button on the panel inside to close the door on the monster that was chasing you.

Down below is a locked door to the Tram Control Room. That, however, is easy to fix: go over to the opposite side of the room to find a corpse and the Plasma Cutter gun. You'll also get a hint on how to defeat the monsters: blow their limbs off! For now, though, go back to the locked door and shoot the electrical box next to it to unlock the door.

Of course, once you open it, a monster will be waiting for you on the other side. Ready your gun and start firing at its arms to disable it. If you back away, you might even get lucky and squish it with the closing door. Then simply run down the hall and open the door to the next hall.

Things get a little dark now. From the door, turn right and continue. Pick up your first Audio Log, then round the corner and enter the door to the Control Room proper.

Tram Control Room

Enter the booth right in front of you to get an update from your partners, and get your next objective. Turn left and head to the door at the opposite side. Don't forget to open the lockers right next to the door for more pickups!

In the next hall, you're supposed to go to the right, but turn left first to find some pickups, a lone monster to kill, and more importantly, a Save Station. Then, head the other way and out the next door. A body falls from the ceiling, but you'll be fine -- just continue to the end of the hall and head out.

In this larger hall, there's a single door at the other end malfunctioning; shutting itself back and forth. Right nearby is the Stasis Module, which gives Isaac the power of stasis, letting you slow objects and enemies down. Use a stasis shot on the door, which will slow it down enough that you can pass through.

Through the hall and up the ramp, you can pick up a Stasis Pack, and end up near another Save Station. Left from there is an unlocked door to the Tram Repair Room.

Tram Repair Room

Walk up to the glowing panel to activate one of the mechanical arms down below in the center of the room. One the arm is attached, go up the ramp ahead. As you continue forward, you'll meet another monster. Get rid of it as soon as you can, then make your way over to the side where the other arm is. If you activate that arm's panel, the arm juts out really fast before retracting. By the time you get over there, another monster will pop out anyway. Get rid of that one, then go back to the panel. This time, as soon as you hit the panel, fire a stasis beam at the arm to slow it down, then run up to the middle of the two arms and wait for the Repair panel to turn on, then choose to activate it. Recharge your stasis energy on the wall behind the panel.

Isaac is thanked for repairing the tram. Head back the way you came, being careful for one last monster dropping in. And we do mean completely head back -- check the navigator path often and follow it back to a lift that takes you up to one of the engine rooms.

This area is narrow, and already dotted with monsters. If you're running low on health and/or ammo, use stasis beams to slow down the aliens, and make your way to the elevator to the Crane Control. The lift takes you up to the upper level, which actually isn't much different than the lower one, threatwise. After downing another monster or two, you may notice a small glowing thing up ahead. Go up and grab it, and you'll see it's the Maintenance Bay Key, which was what you were looking for. A Text Log is off to the left of it, as well.

Bay Office

Go back down the lift (staying careful of more monsters trying to surprise you) and follow the nav line up behind the lift towards the door to the Bay Office. This is a nice pit stop where you can pick up some replenishing items and a Power Node, which you can use in the adjacent Bench console to upgrade the equipment of your choosing.

Though you probably won't have a good idea of your personal strengths and weaknesses the first time you use a Bench, it might be a good idea to focus on a strong offense for the time being. Upgrade the Cutter in Damage or Capacity.

Exit and follow the path to the Cargo Hallway lift. You will inevitably be dealing with a few more monsters that might even get into the elevator with you, so be wary as always. You'll be headed down, and then back towards an earlier Save Station (before you got the Stasis Module).

Tram Control Room

Head back to the Tram Control Room and switch on the Tram Control computer in the corner. Your partners will have another enlightening chat, and then the rear door to the (halls to the) Flight Lounge will be unlocked.

Another short run to a lift follows that, and then a few dark halls with one or two not-so-difficult monster encounters.

Flight Lounge

Once you reach the Flight Lounge, take the path back to the Hangar and head back to your ship. Once inside and at the control panel, monsters show up and blow up the ship. Escape from the ship (slowly; running into the fire is very harmful) and Isaac will leap out as the craft goes down in flames.

Get back up, kill all the approaching monsters, and head back into the Flight Lounge. Another video chat will show up, and after that, save again at the Station.

Follow the path back out towards another lift that leads down into a new room with a Store kiosk. Purchase what you need first -- Med Packs and Plasma Energy, for starters -- and then some stuff you may want, like a new gun (although not immediately practical, you could wait to buy the Flamethrower first, because it can help out with some smaller enemies in the next few chapters). Take a breather, use the Bench, and when you're ready, head into the tram to finish the chapter.

Chapter 2

When the tram stops, you'll be near the medical district, with a hospital staffer still alive and on the floor. She gives you the Kinesis Module, which lets you move around (or even fire) loose objects. Use your newfound power to get the large containers out of the way you can walk down the hall ahead and open the door to the next room (and pick up a Flamethrower Schematic on the way).

Security Station

You'll soon be told to go get some thermite from the Medical Storage room. As for where you are at that point -- the Security Station, with the Save Station and Store kiosk -- this is the central room, and you'll be looping through here a few times throughout the chapter. At any rate, save the game and then enter the door to the right that leads to the Research Wing.

If you haven't figured it out yet, the game will teach you about your weapons' secondary firing modes. In the case of the Cutter, it switches between horizontal and vertical orientation, which can be very convenient depending on the monster you're facing and the limb you want to remove. Further up is another malfunctioning door you'll have to slow with stasis, and then you can finally enter the Main Lab.

Main Lab

Things will start getting hairy. When you reach the far side, the lights go out and monsters start appearing. So far, it's just a couple, but before you take the lift down to the lower level, take care of the ones up where you are first.

Once you take the cargo lift down, get ready for more fighting. Walk around the room slowly, don't enter any doors (you'll just end up trapped), and keep your eyes open and moving for any monsters trying to sneak up on you. Again, if you're feeling overwhelmed, try a stasis blast. Once the room is clear of threats, the lights come back on and the locked door by the lift opens back up.

Secret Room: Also, keep a look out for the bookshelve in the center room of the lower level. Use your kinesis to move it, to reveal a little room with a gold semiconductor and a nice little statue.

That door leads to another "chill room" with a Save Station, lockers and other good stuff. Exit via the door by the Save.

When you reach the end of the hall, a monster will attack a member of the hospital crew. You won't be able to open the door to his side of the room until he's finally killed, so wait patiently and head in. You'll find the monster in the rear corner -- use horizontal Cutter shots to disable the tentacles it throws up.

A lift is also near there, taking you to the next level up. A few more of those little buggers will appear, so get rid of them first. The door at the end of the room leads to a hall that takes you back to the Main Lab, plus another small room with pickups and a Power Node. Make your way back to the Store room, being careful of at least two monsters to deal with on the way.

Save again, then head to the next door you're pointed to -- the one to the Imaging Diagnostics Wing.

Diagnostics Room

At the end of the hall, past the mutated corpse that bangs itself into submission, you'll enter the Diagnostics Room. There's a Bench in the corner for you to use that recently-acquired Power Node. Just above the Bench is a large orange tube that looks like a corpse rotisserie. Walk up in front of it to discover that you can use Kinesis on it. Use your power to "grab" the tube, then drag it all the way to the other end of the room, clearing the path to the other side.

Beware of a monster that jumps out as soon as you cross, and a couple more after that. When things have calmed down, use Kinesis to pick up the large, glowing energy cell on the floor, then walk it into its hole near the small lift. The lift will turn on, letting you go up, but before that, you can explore the small office to the side to find another Power Node.

Up on the next floor, walk across the hall and get ready to fire at a monster on the far wall. Defeat it and the one that joins it, then turn around and use Kinesis on the small platform in the middle of the hall and move it to the left to create a path leading over to the locked door at the other end. Save at the Save Station, then blast the power box next to the door to unlock it.

Vacuum Hall

Open the door straight ahead to enter a vacuum zone. Here, you have a limited amount of time before your oxygen goes out. For the time being, there are no enemy threats, and the path is straightforward, so start running. Feel free to open the nearby lockers for extra item pickups, too. Before long, you'll enter the sealed part of the ship again.

Zero-G Room

And then things get a little funky. To deactivate the gravity in this room, push the panel in front of the small platform that you're on. Now, you can use the Zero-G Jump. Make your way across the gap in the middle over to the door at the far end. You can't just jump to the door, though -- aim yourself at the padded wall around the platform and jump to that, then walk up the wall, over to the other platform, then jump onto it. An energy cell is missing from the side of the door, but it's floating right near the other cell.

Grab the cell and put it back in place to unlock the door. Inside the small room is the shock pad, which completes your current objective. Raid the lockers for other goodies, then head back out. Monsters are now floating in your direction, though they're not used to zero-g. You can easily pick them off as they float or crawl on the walls, or ignore them completely and jump back to the other side.

On your way back through the vacuum zone, a monster is waiting for you. Try to run past it when you can; if it's absolutely blocking your way, zap it with stasis. Another one will be waiting when you exit the hall, but by then you'll be sealed off from the vacuum and can kill the beast.

Follow the path all the way back through the Diagnostic Room and round the corner in the hall. A new enemy awaits: tiny, creepy, crawly monsters! They will inevitably latch onto your back, forcing you to shake them off. Make a run for it back down the hall and into the Security Station again.
Security Station

Now where? Well, with the shock pad, you can blast the door barricaded on one of the walls -- just look for the big yellow shock pad icon flickering over the rubble. The door through there leads to the busted-up Ishimura Clinic.

Ishimura Clinic

Make your way into the large main clinic room, where the lights are flickering a bit. Eradicate the monsters crawling around here (only a couple; not too much of a threat), then seek out another energy cell on the floor. Also around is an Oxygen Charger station. Once you plug in the energy cell and enter the door, you'll see a little monster skitter across the hall up ahead. Ready your weapon and approach. It jumps back into view, and that's when you open fire. Get closer and a larger monster runs in; hit it with stasis to slow it down and try to get rid of it (or both monsters) ASAP. Once you round the corner, a few more monsters come at you. Once again, use stasis beams to prevent being overwhelmed, then make a break for the door at the end of the hall (but don't forget the Audio Log to the left of it!).

In the next room, a mutated nurse slits her throat, but that's about all that happens here. Go up ahead to the next Save Station and continue through the next door. The proceeding hall leads to the lift to the Morgue. This should be fun.


And it is. Once you enter the Morgue, you'll see the captain attacked by a monster, and then both of them smash through the glass and attack. Take care of the mutated captain first, since he'll be fastest. As usual, a stasis blast can buy you some time -- enough to take out the original monster. By that time, you can stasis-ize the captain again, and finally finish him off. He'll drop the Captain's RIG, clearing the main objective of this chapter. When the fight's over, explore the rest of the Morgue for Text Logs, a Power Node and other pickups.
The lift at the other end of the Morgue leads back to the Emergency Room. Follow the path back to the Security Station, and beware one or two monsters that will make life difficult. Be careful not to get killed, or you'll restart just before the fight with the captain again.

Security Station

After that, it's a clear path back to the Security Station. Take one last time to buy any new weapons or extra supplementary items with the Credits you've picked up, and then follow the path back to the tram to end the chapter.

Chapter 3

Control Room

From the Tram Station, follow the path to the Control Room, which has an Audio Log in the center, plus a Store and few other items to find around the walls. Buy what you need, save, and then take the door to the Machine Shop.

Machine Shop

Go down the metal stairway until you reach the bottom level. Be careful of a "dead" corpse that rises up and attacks you. Kill it and continue onward. Around the corner, you can find a Text Log and a Bench. And through the door at the end is a hall leading to the Refueling Control Stations. Follow the nav path left when the hall splits, and take a short detour into a small storage room where you can pick up a Small Med Pack. Follow the path up a little and a monster will drop down and attack.

A little way up ahead, you'll have to take a gondola to the Refueling Control, but it needs to be activated. Follow the nav path over to a tall lever that will switch on the power. Use Kinesis to grab the lever from the top, then pull it down to the bottom. Problem solved!

Go back to the gondola and use Kinesis again to pull the gondola over to your side, then step on and activate it. Ready your weapon and be prepared to fight a handful of monsters on the other side once the gondola stops. When the coast is clear, check around for some more item picks, then follow the nav path.

You'll walk past a Save Station and then a Schematic for the Ripper before coming back down to another lever. Pull it, and then make your way back. Crawling monsters (those really annoying small ones with the tentacles) will pop out along the way, but it's a clear path to the gondola after that. Once on the other side, follow the path back to the Control Room.

Control Room

Once you reach the Control Room, you'll see a monster is already taking over the corpse inside. There's little to do but to go in and take care of both of them. Stay in the doorway, as they'll inevitably come at you anyway, and you can more easily back out. Once the room's clear, save again and then head to the door on the opposite side to the Centrifuge elevator.

Path to Centrifuge - Decontamination Room

Before reaching the Centrifuge, you'll be near the Decontamination Room. Raid the lockers outside, then walk in. Activate the decon system on the center panel, then watch as the lights go out, the decon sprinklers run for a while, and then, of course, monsters drop in. Keep your weapon drawn right after turning on the decon and stay in the middle so that you have a more constant source of light when the monsters finally do appear near the door at the opposite end. You'll have about three to deal with before the lights turn back on and the doors unlock.

The proceeding hall leads to the Centrifuge Access door. Follow the left path to a dead end and you will find a power node, then head back around along the nav path and you will find a Save Station and a lone Air Can on the ground.


It's zero-g time! Make things easier and jump to the ceiling so you have a wide open space to shoot the approaching monsters. Once a few of those are gone, you'll have to activate the power of the Centrifuge. Jump back down to the floor and go up near one of the large generator modules. You'll first need to hit them with stasis, then use kinesis to pull the modules into the Centrifuge.
More monsters will arrive just as you get to the second module, so quickly finish up and take care of the beasts. Jump to the ceiling again if you want and take them out that way. Then, follow the nav path and jump over to the control panel by the entrance and switch on the power.

Now that Air Can may come in handy, as the Centrifuge opens up a vacuum. Quickly enter the doorway and take the lift down to the lower level, but don't walk out just yet! The Centrifuge's humongous arm is slowly spinning around the room, and you'll die instantly if you get in its way. Wait for the arm to pass, then run to the right down to the next indented safe spot along the wall. An Oxygen Recharge is there, so get a refill and keep head down to the right.
Make your way to the third safe spot, which has the lift you need to take up to the next level and back into the Centrifuge Access Hall. A job well done! Just make sure to have all your ammo reloaded and save again before continuing.

Well, that is until you head back to the Control Room and are surprised by a humongous snakelike monster that grabs on to you and tries to pull you into its lair. As soon as you can, draw the Plasma Cutter and fire at the bulbous yellow part about three times to blow the whole creature up and ensure your safety.

Make your way back through Decontamination (with at least one more monster to deal with) and onto the Control Room. Save, upgrade, and follow the path to another vacuum zone.

Vacuum Zone

This is pretty simple: just jump to the obvious, large floorplates floating in space, then over to the next big doorway. You're on your way to the Engine Room!

Engine Room

You'll know you're near the Engine Room because the walls get a little... gooey. A door off to the left leads to a small storage room with some ammo pickups; otherwise, go forward to the lift that leads down. Follow the path around the corners (being ready for some creepy-crawly monsters that skitter out), then take another lift down. Down there, you should spot another malfunctioning door. Use stasis to get through it and continue to the Engine Room proper. More creepy-crawlies will come down from a ramp, followed by a larger monster, so be ready with your gun (the Flamethrower works best with the crawly ones, at least). Past that is another Save Station, though, and then you can enter Engine Control Access.

Engine Control Access

Once you open the big door past the Save Station, you'll see a few monsters lumbering around in the Access room. Stay near the door and fire a shot to spook them, then remain around that spot and pick them off as they come in. After that initial wave, a fatter monster will waddle in from the rear. Gun down that one from a distance and you should be safe for now. Explore the room to find more than a few ammo pickups and one Power Node nearby. Go back and save if you want.

Go up to the control panel near the end of the room and switch it on. Once you hear "ignition sequence initiated" from the ship computer, turn back and camp out at the door again. More monsters are on the way, and they're coming from all sides. There's little to say here other than keep shooting and keep turning so that you're not sliced in the back. After several monsters are down, the engines will be primed. Run back to the console and activate the system. Now you can finally leave.

Back to the Tram

Save again, then dash back to the Control Room, and ultimately the Tram Station. Don't forget to stop by the Store for some extra ammo if you need it. Aside from one last monster before the Tram, you're all set for the next chapter.

Chapter 4

Start by exploring the station and getting some more ammo and Med pickups, then make your way to the Atrium. A monster will poke through a hole in the hallway, but you'll be fine if you hug the other wall and just run by.

Main Atrium

Take a few steps forward once you enter the Atrium and something crashes into the floor. You're fine for now, though -- just follow the path down to the Captain's Nest where you can meet Hammond (and don't miss the Level 3 Suit Schematic in the small room just before it). When Hammond's done talking, take the lift back up to the Atrium and save.

When you approach the exit door, something starts trying to bust it down from the other side. Stay back and wait for the visitor to arrive: a Brute. This armor-plated monster can't really take any hits from the front, but you'll have to pelt it a few times so that it stops and cowers for a bit, and then you open fire on its exposed backside. In general, keep the Run button held down and sidestep often to avoid the Brute's charges, and when its back is exposed, run up and let the bullets fly.
Your next destination is to the Ship Systems Level, but if you explore the hallway the Brute came out of, you can find a storage room with a Bench and another Power Node, among the usual pickups. Raid the room, then head to the lift in the center of the Atrium.

Ship Systems Room

The hallways leading to the Systems Room start out fine, but you soon enter a treacherous section with a few monsters, as well as certain panels on the floor exposing high-powered vents. These vents blow anything that launches them straight up to their death, including you. If you can lure a monster into them, great! It's not guaranteed, however, so gunplay or stasis freezing is your best option as usual.

At the end of the vents section is a Stasis Recharge, and then you'll have to kinesis-toss some shelving units out of the way to enter the room to the left.

It's a larger Systems section, but not large enough to handle another Brute that crashes in! You can out in the room at the far end where the twitching electrical cables are, but it's good to attempt killing the Brute, as you'll get a Power Node as a reward. Use the same tactics as before: staying in running mode, sidestepping often, pelting the Brute from the front a few times, and then laying more powerful hits into its back. You might even down it faster than the last one!

As for those electrical cables, you'll have to run past them when they fly to the left briefly (or stasis-freeze them), then go over and hit the console to re-route the ADS power. After that, it's a simple matter of running back to the Atrium. Take the lift to the Atrium, then touch the panel again and travel to Level 01.
On Level 01, a Save Station will be in the room just before you make your way to Mining Admin.

Mining Admin Room

The hall to the Admin Room will have part of it blown off as you walk through, creating an impromptu vacuum. Just keep running forward to the end of the hall and you'll be in Admin before you know it.

The Admin Room is dotted with open vents, and it may be even harder to get an enemy to walk into them -- they dodge them a little too smartly. You may fare better by shooting them in order to push them into a vent, but again, this is not guaranteed; just shoot what you see.

Head to the end of the room and activate the next ADS power panel, and then get ready to gun down another wave of enemies. They'll mostly be coming in from the other side, so you can just hang tight by the power console and keep them at bay.

As you might guess, after that's all done, you'll be heading back to the Atrium lift. This time, go up to Level 03.

Level 03

When you exit the lift, take a moment to save and raid any open lockers, then continue into the next hall. Beware of the fatty monsters, as well as the little crawlers. Clear the room and then continue forward to the next ADS console.

There's just one more little thing to do: protect the ship's exterior from getting too damaged from space debris. Luckily, the next door that opens is the one to the Ship Exterior Access! Follow the hall down to the lift (don't forget to check out the side storage room), and then it's up you go to the entrance to the deck.

Ship Exterior

You'll have to make a long, slow walk down the hull, but it's not so hard. Waves of debris will come hurtling towards you, but you'll get ample warning. Just stay behind the large square consoles until the debris smashes them in, then simply run up behind the next one. Farther up, you'll have to do a zero-g jump over to one of the other walls just to maintain cover, then jump back to the center before reaching the door on the other side. Just don't lose track of your air counter, and use an Air Can if/when it starts getting low.

When you enter the other end of the hull, make sure to save at the Save Station, then go forward up to the cannon at the front of the ship. Hammond needs you shoot down as many asteroids as you can to maintain the integrity of the hull. The problem is that the cannon tends to overheat even when you're being careful with burst fire. As long as you shoot as many rocks as you can, and don't completely destroy the hull, you'll do fine. Keep it up for a few (full) minutes and Hammond will finally get the power up and the cannon will take care of itself.

Save again, then head back out. This time, you can freely run straight for the door, but some monsters have joined the fun! Then again, this is zero-g, and they can't deal with it well, so feel free to run for the door unless you're in desperate need of random ammo drops.

Back to the Tram

Now to finish things up. Head back to the Atrium lift, go to Level 02 this time, and head back to the Tram Station. Beware of a trio of enemies assaulting you in the hall just before the station. It's a tight space, so try hitting them with stasis and running past. You might have enough money for a Level 3 Suit by now, too, so stop by the Store when the coast is clear. Then it's into the tram for Chapter 5!

Chapter 5

Back to the godforsaken Medical wing. The air's a bit iffy, and it's up to you to undo it. Plus, the place is a lot darker, and you'll constantly be taunted by the mysterious doctor who may or may not be responsible for this whole mess. At any rate, head out of the Tram Station and back to the Security Station. At Security, save your game and check out the Store. Buy some support items if you can (at least a Med Pack or two) -- keep the Flamethrower if you have it, as it may help you out for the next few minutes. At any rate, go ahead into the Imaging Diagnostics Wing.

Imaging Diagnostics Wing/Room

Run through the hall, ignoring the couple of small monsters on the wall, and head into the Diagnostics Room, the place with that large orange tube you had to move earlier.

A big, ugly sack of something is hanging on the wall next to the small lift firing dangerous little babies (stomp them early and often to get rid of them), and if you get near the lift, you're immediately decapitated by the monster, regardless whether you hit it with stasis or not. The quick and easy solution: check the corner by the entrance for a red canister hiding in the darkness. Grab it with kinesis, walk over to the monster, and fire the canister near its head. That one blast should take it out, and you can use the lift.

Upstairs, use stasis on the spazzing platform to get across the hall, then move around the first corner, use stasis on the platform again, and head towards the next door leading to the Zero-G Therapy Area, then through that and towards the lift leading to Chemical Research.

Chemical Research

Walk into the room, take the Power Node from the left-hand wall, and activate the console in the center in order grab the antigen capsule. And then you'll be locked in by the mysterious Dr. Mercer. He'll lecture you a bit, tell you you're wasting time, yadda yadda yadda. Keep the camera pointed at the containment chambers behind you, because as you're about to see, the doctor is going to unleash his "latest creation" at you.

This new walking monstrosity is nearly invincible -- any limbs blown off will just regenerate. Your best bet is to hit it with stasis, or if you're out of stasis energy, just run around the room for a few laps, trying not to get swiped before Kendra chimes in and gets the doors unlocked for you. Tip: If your stasis doesn't stop him for long enough take out his legs and when he's on the ground use stasis so that his leg regeneration progress takes longer and he can't crawl over to you, it will give you some extra time.
Imaging Diagnostics

Run back to Imaging Diagnostics. You're safe from the monster, but if you go forward, you'll be assaulted by creepy crawlies. If you're low on health and everything else, you're going to have a rough time, but if you have the Flamethrower, you can just blast them all. Another option is to use the Ripper. Firing it into the middle of the swarm and panning it left and right makes short work of the creeps. It is possible, however, to just hug the opposite wall from where they appear and run past them that way. You may still be caught by some, but it will hurt you less by the time you make it to the exit.
Get out of Diagnostics and return to the Security Station. Once you get there, you'll be instructed to get a DNA sample of the infectious growth tissue affecting the air. Save and stock up, then follow the path to the Ishimura Clinic.

Ishimura Clinic

When you enter the Clinic proper, the doctor will taunt you again from behind the glass, then the door to the other side will unlock.

Soon as you enter, turn the corner left. You should see another regenerating monster looking at you from the corner. Immediately freeze it with stasis, then turn around and start trying to kill the other monsters surrounding it. You'll need to kill all of them before the doors unlock, so keep up the pattern of freezing the big guy, killing another small one, going back to check on the big guy, and so on. Don't use stasis energy on any other monster than the regenerator, since your capacity is limited here.
Once all the defeatable enemies are gone, Kendra gives you the go-ahead. Rush for the door out to Hallway A.

Hallway A

Kinesis-grab the canister just after the first corner, and walk it up to the wall monster ahead. Once again, fire the canister at its head to disable it. The path leads you to the door right next to the monster, but you can veer right and find some Credits at the end of the hall, as well as an Oxygen Recharge. Regardless, head through the door to the Intensive Care Unit.

Intensive Care - Dr. Mercer's Office

Head through Intensive Care and make your way to Mercer's Office. Grab his Audio Log, then activate the chemistry console inside to get the DNA sample.

You're getting close to the end, but the doctor still wants to stop you. After exiting the office, he opens up the vents in the area, creating a vacuum. There's not much to say except: run! Simply make a mad dash back to the Security Station the same way you came, running past any and all enemies you can. It's not worth it to fight them, as your air keeps dropping, and you'll just have to spend an Air Can anyway.

Security Station

Once back in the Security Station, head into the corner by the Save Station and switch on the Life Support console to shut off the vacuum. Safe and sound! Follow the path back through the Diagnostics Room and into Chemical Research.
Chemical Research Lab

Drop the sample capsule into the computer to finish up the mixing of the antigen compound. After some more chatter from Kendra and the doctor, you can head back to the Tram. Or can you? The path leads you to the Cryogenics Lab, where there's one more task left.

Cryogenics Lab

When you enter the Lab, Mercer is there to taunt you some more, and sends out a third regenerator monster after you. Before he does that, go over and use the Stasis Recharge on the left-hand wall if you're running low.

Stay in the middle of the cryo chamber to lure the monster in, then immediately hit it with stasis, and dash for the control room in front of the chamber. Inside the room, push the control panel to switch on the cryogenics and freeze the monster. Don't sweat it, especially if it takes a couple tries -- the tentacle monsters crawling around don't make it much easier.

Luckily, the door out of the control room goes right back to the Tram Station! It's an easy run back.

Chapter 6

Exit the tram and head for the lift to the Hydroponics Lab. It first takes you to the Grow Decks, and the hall there will lead you to Hammond, who's a little out-of-commission. The main goal of this chapter is to get rid of whatever's poisoning the air, but it's locked away in the Food Storage quarter, and you won't be able to get there until you get rid of the mutated crew members that are further poisoning the interior.

When Hammond is done talking, go forward into the Air Purity control room, which features a Save Station and a Store. Save and stock up here, then continue into the Grow Chamber hallway.

Grow Chamber(s)

In the preceding hallway, check out the side rooms to find a Bench, but otherwise, keep going and follow the lift up to the next level. Kill a monster on your way into the West Grow Chamber.

West Grow Chamber

If you check the nav path, it will lead into a room with the first mutated corpse you need to destroy, but there are other, nastier monsters walking around, too. It's best to avoid them, but that might not always be possible due to their number. You can find an explosive canister or two in a corner to thin them out (and hey, if you have stasis energy, you know what to do). At any rate, try to run into the room shown on the nav path, then pump a couple of shots into the hunched-over mutant to clear the poison around here. That's one down!

Then, follow the nav path to the second room and the second mutant. When they're gone, head to the lift in the center of the chamber and take it up to Level 02 (though you can go up to Level 03 first to grab some good pickups like ammo and a Semiconductor to sell off later). Up there, the path leads to the Hydroponics Control Room.

Hydroponics Control Room

Run to the other end of the room to spot the next poison mutant in the corner. Shoot it down, then turn around and look to where you came in. Shoot down the crawling monsters quickly before they have a chance to take over the corpses on the floor, or else you'll have a few more problems to deal with in here. If all else fails, grab one of the canisters behind you.

With the room clear, head back past the lift to the door on the other side, leading to Refrigeration West. A Save Station will be waiting for you before you head in.

Refrigeration West

The long hall leading there has a few enemies dragging large yellow sacs on their arms. Shoot the sacs to blow them up -- try to get them close together to hit two birds with one stone! Then head down the hall and enter the actual Refrigeration room.

Things turn zero-g once you're inside. Raid the lockers at the entrance, then go into the large shaft in the center. Look up and you'll see a large metal door with a kinesis symbol. Grab onto the door and pull it to the right to open it. A small monster will fall through, but ignore it for now and just jump through the door. Make your way up until you find another door, yank it open and keep on floating. Before long you'll reach the end; the door to Air Filtration.

Air Filtration Room

Little to do for the first part of this room -- run up to the lift on the other side, grab the Audio Log, and take the lift down.

Then it's time to deal with the blast furnace. Shoot out the electrical box on the right-hand wall to open the adjacent door and stand back from the wall of flame. Wait for the flames to pass, then shoot the box on the door across the hall, run through and repeat the process for the next three doors. A monster will be waiting for you after the third. Naturally! Get rid of it, then destroy the nearby mutant.
Take the second lift back up to the upper level, then veer right and explore the small control room for a Medium Med Pack and a Power Node among the usual ammo pickups. Follow the hall to the opposite side where the lift will take you back down to the West Grow Chamber.

West Grow Chamber

There are some new enemies threatening you, but you can easily run past them and follow the path to the next lift, which will take you downstairs. Another long hall follows, and the danger this time is a series of busted pipes spraying steam, or some sort of bad vapor. Step lightly, and check out the side rooms for pickups. The next hall and door leads back to the Air Purity station.

Save again and visit the Store for some extra ammo (Plasma is a good choice for the next room), then follow path to the East Grow Chamber.

East Grow Chamber

In the first hall, you're up against one of those wall monsters. But you don't have any explosive canisters in here, so you'll have to kill it the hard way: shoot off all its tentacles quickly, and take care of the babies it spits out ASAP, too. Clear the hall, then check out the side rooms -- one of them has a Bench, but the other holds a monster that may surprise you, so be ready. Now you can go and take the lift up to the Chamber.
You might as well stay put once you enter the Chamber, because in a few seconds, a Brute is going to stroll into view. As before, there isn't a whole lot of room to run around in, but the method is the same: hit it a lot in the front, then again in the back when it guards its head. And you get another Power Node for killing it!

Don't run straight for the exit afterwards, though -- check the corners for the door to "Inner Greenhouse B," which has more hidden ammo and Med Packs. Then exit and head for the room with the next mutant you need to kill.

After that, follow the path to the lift and go up to Level 03, where yet another mutant is hiding on the catwalk, then go back down to Level 01.

The next mutant is hiding under the glass door of the feeding system. Every time you activate the panel, the glass opens up and shoves a new food canister into the system, but quickly closes again. The solution, of course, is to switch on the panel, and immediately stasis-freeze the door once it's open. At that point, run around the lift so that you can get a clear shot at the mutant below. You shot may not always be clear, though -- the canisters may be blocking your sight. Be patient and try it again if you need to.

Once that's over with, walk back over to the lift, go up to Level 02, and exit through the Refrigeration East door. Don't miss the Node on the wall near the save.

Refrigeration East

Take a few steps and -- whoops! -- one of those huge snake monsters grabs you again and tries to pull you to your death. As before, carefully aim and fire at the sac down its body. A few shots should do it in.

Refrigeration East is another zero-g shaft, but much more mazelike than the last one. Keep in mind that you can only jump to the grated surfaces, and the nav path will always show you where you should be pointed.

After jumping forward a little bit, the first obstacle you'll come across is a power cell erractically spitting out electricity. Get past it by hitting it with stasis, jumping to the wall above it, and then through the doorway on the side. Not long after that, the small three-tentacle monsters will start appearing. Since they bound around just as often as you do, it's a good idea to kill them on sight.

Ahead of that is another malfunctioning electric cell, but you'll have to turn this one off manually with a nearby control panel. It's small, but it has a big "ON/OFF" text on it, so that helps. Other than fighting some more monsters, it's an easy trip through to the end, when your air meter starts counting down. Look in the corner for the last mutant, and put it out of commission.
Now to get back! If you killed all the monsters in the shaft, then it's a quiet trip back, but if not, keep your eyes open as you follow the nav path back to the entrance. You may have a bit of trouble trying to jump through one last section before reaching the door (due to an awkward placement of obstacles and walkable surface), so if you do get stuck, try going back a few feet and jumping through.

East Grow Chamber

Head back through the Chamber. Take the lift down to the ground floor and follow path to the door to Atmosphere Control. A crowd of enemies will be waiting in the hall, so try using the Flamethrower or Ripper if you have them to prevent using too much ammo.

Eventually you'll get back to the Air Purity station, where you can finally use the control panel and turn on the air recycler.

You're all set to go. Save one more time, stock up at the Store (ammo will be fairly accessible in the big boss fight, so concentrate on Med Packs, and keep the Pulse Rifle handy if you can), and head through the big round door behind the control panel.

Food Storage

After running down a couple of halls, you'll reach the final door to Food Storage. Go up to the small Food Filter kiosk and use the antigen container to get rid of the growth blocking the door, then get ready for the showdown!

BOSS: Leviathan

The mouth of the Leviathan is surrounded by three snakes/tentacles. One of the first things that will happen (once it wakes up) is that the closest tentacle will slam into the wall and try to swipe you from there. You can avoid it by running straight along the wall in the other direction, or with a very quick zero-g jump. Then follow up with firing at the yellow sac on the tentacle, just as before.

Once you shoot down those three, the Leviathan turns red and its mouth opens up. Shoot the bulb in the center of the mouth to cause damage. It will also start spitting out large balls of matter, which can be bounced back with gunfire, but it's best just to start running around the wall to avoid them, and fire again when it's stopped for a while. If you're running out of ammo, run along the wall and you're sure to find ammo pickups floating in the air.

This goes on for a couple of minutes. Just keep shooting until it's had enough, and sends out three more tentacles, plus the balls of matter. The strategy remains the same: run to avoid the balls, and then the tentacles will start acting. Dodge them, then fire quickly at the sacs.

By now it's just a matter of patience. Once the second set of tentacles are gone, the mouth starts spitting the balls of matter a little more frequently. Just keep running and shooting. The mouth takes what seems like a ton of shots, but there are always the extra ammo clips floating around for you to grab. After enough time, the Leviathan finally explodes and dies.
*Note: It actually does more damage to use kinesis to shoot the balls back into the Leviathan's mouth, as well as conserve ammo. This also works in the second phase and allows you to kill the mouth (and thus the Leviathan) without having to kill all of the tentacles.

Back to the Tram

Since you got rid of the #1 problem in this wing, you shouldn't face any more threats here. You can make one last trip to the Store if you can, but otherwise, just head straight for the tram.

Chapter 7

Listen to Kendra as you exit the tram, and head into the Mining Operations Room. Here, grab some items (including a Power Node hidden around one corner), then open the next door to the RIG Room.

RIG Room

Same as Mining Operations, really, but with even more goodies in lockers, plus a Bench, Save Station and Store. As usual, check every corner for hidden ammo or Med Packs, then continue forward into the elevator. Mind the dying soldier, then take the elevator down to Deck B - Processing.

The elevator starts going down just fine, but soon a few mutant soldiers will drop in. Stay to a corner and shoot them down -- at least they're the weak variety.

Deck B

After exiting the elevator, the nav path will point you to the right, but go left first and find a couple of chests with ammo clips (you'll probably be in need of them after the fight in the elevator, anyway).

Go back and around the "correct" corner. A mutant soldier will be waiting for you, and a "fatman" mutant up ahead of that. Check for another few soldiers behind you, too. Clear the room, then head to the next Save Station to save. Then head down to the door to the Mineral Processing Area.

Mineral Processing Area

There's a small, narrow hall on the other side, and of course, a single monster at the end. But it can be killed easily -- even better, there's a Store here. Otherwise, go past it and follow the path into the zero-g area.

To open the door on the other side of the zero-g/processing room, grab the junk asteroids floating around in the room and send them into the compactor (the humongous energy beam in the center). Simple go up to them, grab them with kinesis, then aim and fire them into the beam.

But of course, you won't be alone: crawling monsters come in to attack. As it usually goes in zero-gravity, it's best to kill the worse enemies, or else you risk getting disoriented and probably be hurt even more. After you toss three asteroids, more monsters -- the three-tentacle buggers -- join you as well. If you have a good amount of health (i.e., in the green), then it's possible to just ignore the enemies and go for the fourth and final asteroid.

Trashing all the asteroids will allow you to return to the entrance and use the control panel to turn on the gravity. Doing that, of course, brings out more enemies from the right. Walk down the path and Shoot them as they come. You can, however, freeze the larger ones, then shoot the ones with explosive sacs on their arms. Just be careful of the others chasing after you.

Run into the small room at the end of the path and run inside. Next to a corpse is the key you need to enter the Control Room. Finish up inside (including raiding the chests), then take the door back to the elevator hall. Get to the end of the hall, and then... the power goes out. Don't worry, it's a false alarm -- the door will open in a few moments. Return to the Save Station, save, then continue to follow the path. Beware of a crawling enemy dropping from the ceiling.

Get back to the elevator and go down to Deck D - Maintenance. At least there's no surprise elevator attack this time.

Deck D

First, grab a Medium Med Pack to the immediate left of the elevator exit, then continue down the little ramp. Shoot the crawling monster before it has a chance to infect any of the stray corpses -- no doubt you'll have to deal with at least one, though. Kill the second crawler, any of the stronger mutants, and beware of the explosive balls of matter on the ground. Once the room is clear, raid the chests for good items, as usual, and head through the next door.


A Save Station is waiting on the other side -- not bad! Then, it's time to ride the gondola. You'll have to pull it towards you with kinesis first, and then step on. The platform is very slow-moving, and small tentacle monsters will assault you from the sides. It's possible to survive just by zigzagging around on the platform, but that may get tiring, and besides which, there are items next to those enemies that you should pull over with kinesis! There are, at least, a couple of explosive canisters for you to try and grab and throw, but just make sure you're not aiming directly in front of your face. Just keep in mind that you'll be through here again soon.

At the end of the line, you have to listen to the ethereal voice of Isaac's lover before exiting the platform. Pick up the extra ammo in the room, then head through the door to the Repair Room.

Repair Room

Is Isaac's lover really alive? When you enter the Repair Room, a woman who looks a lot like her is over on the platform to the right, trying to help you unlock the door. Keep your eye on her, because mutants are about to drop in and come after her.

At first, it's just a few regular soldier mutants, and you can use the nearby explosive canister to get rid of them quickly. But after downing the first three, they start coming up on your side, too. Stasis-freeze the ones close to you while staying focused on the ones attacking the girl. After a few hectic moments, the door will be unlocked.
Head into the Maintenance Storage Room and raid the place: Power Nodes, ammo clips, and all that good stuff is in here, including the SOS Beacon you need. Once that's done, go back out to the gondola.

The ride back is much the same as the first, but now three-tentacle enemies join the regular ones. Since they are more dangerous, feel free to use some gunfire to get rid of them. Kinesis-grab any Med Packs or other items you may have missed, then try and eradicate the soldier mutants waiting for you on the other side. Save, then get the heck out of there and back to the elevator. Deck C is now open, so take the lift up there.

Deck C

It's a little dusty and breezy here in the furnace, though certainly navigable. Multiple three-tentacle crawlers are in here, and it's a good idea to get rid of them all. Once that's done, follow the nav path into the next room with the Mining Bay lift... which has lost its power. You'll need to go grab the power cell for it. To find it, go back across the furnace room and into the spacious connecting hall. A soldier mutant will be to the left of the entrance, so get rid of that thing first. The hall features a Store and Bench, and of course, a few good items scattered around, including a small Med Pack or two.

The power cell is over on the other end of the hall across from the Bench (oh, and if you use the Bench, a mutant drops down behind you afterward). Pull the cell out of its hole and proceed to walk it back to the other elevator on the opposite end.
On the way back, you'll encounter those explosive-sac mutants in the furnace. Let go of the power cell and fire at the mutants (from a safe distance, of course!), clear the room, and finally take the power cell to the Mining Bay elevator. Up you go!

Mining Bay

A small dark hall leads to two big doors leading into the zero-g Mining Bay. Raid the hall for assorted ammo and other pickups, then enter the Bay proper.

Inside the Bay, you'll need to shut down the four generators on the inside and outside of the ship (the big spinning things firing odd beams at the huge asteroid) as well as shove the beacon into the rock. And of course, monsters will soon arrive to try and stop you.

Get rid of the monsters, then fire into the generators when you have a shot at the blue cores inside (the Pulse Rifle is a nice, easy tool for it). Once two are down, then what? The other two are outside on the other side of the asteroid, and to get over there, you'll have to jump onto the rock and run across. The problem is the pair of metal arcs sliding across the rock -- get in their way and you're instantly a cutlet. The trick is to jump onto the rock once the arcs start sliding, then by the time you land, they'll be stopped, and you can have a few moments to cross over to the other side.
Outside, you can basically fire at the other two generators from on top of the rock (though feel free to jump down to the deck and shoot them up-close), then hit the action button at any time to shove the beacon into the surface of the asteroid. There will be a few other crawling mutants around, but if you're fast enough, you can make it through without harm. Just take care of business, run to the other side of the rock (waiting for the metal arcs to pass and give you a clear path again), then jump back down to the doors.
On your way back through the hall to the elevator, you'll come across a mutant, but you can easily run past it.

Deck C

Back on the upper level, the furnace is fully on and spewing flames every few moments. To make things easier, remove the power cell from the lift control and start to walk it back to the connection hall. When you're carrying it, as you've realized, you're in a constant walking state, and it will be impossible to walk past the jets of fire without getting roasted. Instead, aim the cell across the way and fire it in the corner, then run by when it's safe and pick up the cell again.
Take the cell back to the receptacle behind the Bench and then go over to the large elevator to the right of it. And then, back up we go. The path takes you to the Mining Control room. Beware of creepy-crawlies on the way there.

Mining Control

Once you step in, the shutter over the window opens and you can switch on the control panel that launches the "payload;" the asteroid. The door behind you locks, so while Kendra is talking to you, take time to explore the room for a Power Node and other items in the chests.

After a few moments of nothing, the mutants come crashing in. This shouldn't be an overwhelming fight, but make sure to use stasis blasts on the stronger ones, as always. After downing about five of them, the lights come back on and you can exit the room.

Head back down the elevator and return to the Deck C connecting hall.

Deck C - Back to the Tram

The path leads back to the elevator in the middle of the furnace room. Go back up to Deck A, and ultimately the tram. A strong mutant will drop down on you in the elevator. Kill it, and then, if you've acquired all the other items in here, just make a dash for the tram.

Chapter 8

Ah, yes, back to the bridge and Atrium wings to check out the Comm Array. Follow the path back into the Atrium. Stop at the Store if you need ammo (for the upcoming fight ahead, it's good to have weapons with "normal" bullets like the Pulse Rifle), and having a Stasis Pack or two wouldn't hurt, either.

Main Atrium

Head towards the center elevator as indicated on the nav path. As you approach, explosive mutants will shamble in from around the corners. Start firing at their volatile sacs, attempting to blow up multiple ones at once. Don't forget to check behind you!

When you've destroyed enough of those, three of the tall-and-dark mutants come in, along with a crawler. Keep your distance and hit them with stasis when they're close together, then unload on them. When all is calm, the lights and doors return to normal and you can take the elevator up -- to Level 03, in this case.

Level 03

Pick up some items/ammo off to the left, then cross the hall to the Save Station and save. Down the corner is one of those wall monsters. With no easily accessible explosive canisters,

And around the corner from that is another wall monster! But this time you can use the corner to your advantage, sticking close to the wall and firing. You'll more likely avoid the shots from the baby monsters from that point. Just make sure to kill the wall monsters before you enter the large door to the Comm Array.
Comm Array

The hall on the other side of the door introduces a new monster: a very tall and skinny one that is nearly invincible. In reality, it just takes a bunch of hits, though you can get a valuable Ruby Semiconductor from it. On the flip side of that, though, it spawns a few extra-slithery monsters after dying. Around the corner is the door to Comm Array, but it's blocked by debris that you'll have to toss out of the way with kinesis. So, if you're not the daring type, stasis-freeze the monster and get the garbage out of the way, then head through the door.

On the other side is another Save Station, a Bench, and the elevator leading up to the door.

On the next level and through the door, you'll have to get on another gondola. But this is an easy, high-speed trip down the tunnel. But before shuttling off, grab a Power Node on the left wall. Have a nice ride!

Once you're in the Comm Array, you'll see that it is, in fact, offline. Explore the room and you'll find the Medium Air Can Schematic for the Store, and in the next door, you'll find a bunch of lockers with more good stuff (a Gold Semiconductor, Power Node and Med Packs, at least -- always appreciated).

Head into the main Comm Array chamber; a zero-g room with a lot of broken comm dishes in the center. Before you dive in, hang out at the edge of the doorway and fire at the crawling mutants you see -- a couple will eventually come up and join you anyway.

The big puzzle to solve in here is to pull out all the destroyed (red-trimmed) dishes and move all the functional (blue-trimmed) ones into the center circle, thus restoring the power. It's a lot of pulling and tossing, but you can keep track of your progress via the large orange map on one of the walls -- the green dots on the map are activated blue dishes. So, again, arrange them in the circle and you're on the way to success.
Once the power's back online, return to the control room above the array and switch on the panel. After intercepting a radio message, you're free to leave. There's still one more thing to do, though. Head back through the halls towards Cannon 48 -- it's a straightforward path there, but beware of at least one mutant encounter on the way there.

Cannon 48 Room

Sit yourself in the cannon and get ready to save the ship again, this time defending it from a giant Leviathan-type monster that grabs pieces of the hull and throws it towards you. Focus your fire on the yellow sacs on the tentacles, and fire at any debris that gets close. The good news: the cannon won't overheat this time, and it's harder to be surprised by projectiles due to the closeness of the monster, so this shouldn't go too badly.

After blowing off all the tentacles, the monster dies and floats into the dark abyss. And then the USG Valor floats into view, about to crash into the ship. This is a story sequence, so all you can do is sit and watch. After the impact and the screen goes white, Isaac recovers. You're done here on the bridge, so all that's left is to return to the tram.

Though when you return to the Main Atrium, you'll encounter another one of those new lanky monsters. As before, stasis-freeze it and run past it if you want, then continue forward. It should be a nice straightforward run to the tram after that.

Chapter 9
The USS Valor
When you first get off the tram listen to Hammond and Kendra then head for the USS Valor.
Once inside you�ll enter a zero-g room were one of the Valor�s weapons has broken open sending radioactive balls in the room, you will have to destroy 8 power conductors surrounding a breach door the opens into space. When you open the breach door you will have to get rid of the radioactive green balls in the room by throwing them out into space. You will be attacked a few times by mainly lurkers. When the radioactive balls are all gone you can go through the door on the opposite side of the room.
When you enter the next room you�ll see a monster who will flee when he see�s you, head to the door at the end of the hall. In this room you will have to maneuver blocks with kinesis, when you make it through the little maze you will be attacked by four of the speed demons, three when you first make it through the maze and one when you head for the door at the left side of the room Tip: take out there legs or you won�t have a chance. In the next room there will be a couple storage chests, but no monsters to worry about.
The next room you enter will have an elevator that gets disabled when you try to open it. When it breaks head to the end of the hall and a couple abductor aliens will attack along with one of those speed aliens. When you take them out take the power until at the end of the hall and put it in the slot next to the broken elevator, after you enter the elevator Dr. Kyne will try to contact you and ask for your help in returning the marker to the planet.

When you get off the elevator head for the room at the end of the hall, once inside you will be attacked by one of those tall lurky creatures and two of those creatures with the explosive arms Note: there will also be a power node, work bench and shooting range which gives you some useful items. When you go into the section of the room with the shooting range pick up the audio log, but be carful when you do you get attacked by two more explosive creatures.

Shooting Range:
The shooting range is a fun mini game that awards you prizes when you complete each round, mainly ammo and health, but on round for you should get a ruby semiconductor if you complete it. If you can beat level 5 on the shooting range you will unlock an achievement and get a power node for your effort.
There�s nothing special in the next room besides a dieing soldier holding is disembared leg, who later dies. The next room will have a machine shooting lasers that in odd directions.

Tip: you can use the lasers to your advantage by luring the enemies into it.

There will be monsters in this room, but one will run right into the lasers while the other will attack when you get past the lasers. It�s easy to get past the lasers just use stasis on the machine and run past. In the next room you�ll be attacked by a speed creature and a few explosive ones. The best tactic is to run to the end of the hall on your right and wait for them to come to you, also there will be a power node at the end of the hall.

The next room is a tough one, when you start heading through the room a quarantine will occur and you will have a load of monsters to face.
After the quarantine there will be a straight path to the engine room.

Engine room:
The engine room is a little tricky, but what you have to do is use kinesis to move a booster engine around to protect you from the flames while also shooting the power conductors on each side to disable the fire and grab the singularity core. After you take the singularity core there will be a power failure, so rush down the hallway to the right of where you got the core and head to the glass were you meet up with Hammond, but unfortunately this will be the last time you do. After the mutant brute kills and dismembers Hammond he will come after you. When you kill the brute he will drop a diamond semiconductor make sure you get it because you can sell it for 25k credits at the store. Now get out of there! Head back to the zero-g room and jump straight to the door, but it�s not over yet when you out of the zero-g room and back to the room with the store you will be attacked by one of the stasis monsters Note: this would be a good time to sell the diamond semi conductor. Now head back to the tram.

Chapter 10
End Of Days
Head off the tram and grab the supplies on the left and right and then proceed
into the next room. Grab the supplies in here, use the store if you need to
and then take the lift up. Then grab the text log and go into the door on the
right, try to open the unlocked door to get an audio log, head back out and go
through the door next to the upgrade bench.

Watch the scene with Dr. Mercer, then head into the same room that he is in.
Make your way around and grab the supplies, then take the lift down. Down here
you will have to face to carrier necromorphs. You can either stasis them and
kill them both down here or quickly take the lift back up and you should be
able to take one out from up top. After both are dead, collect the supplies,
the power node, and in one of the supply boxes is the crew key. Grab it and
head out of this room.

Go into the door to the right of the room you were just in, in this room will
be a wall necromorph, kill it and then go into the bathroom, which is the
first door on the left. In here will be a supply box, grab it and then head
through into the elevator to the left of the wall necromorph. Head through the
hall, grab the supply box and then head into the next room.

Grab the supplies in here and then go in the door to the left of the of the
door you came from. Grab the supplies in here, don't worry this necromorph is
actually dead, then head back out. Now go into the room that is across from
the door you first came in from. A tentacle thing will grab you, shoot the
yellow weak spot and then continue going the way it was pulling you. Grab the
supplies and head back and enter the door to the left on the one you came

In this room will be a lock mechanism, use your kinesis to pull the lock down.
Now head back into the hall, in here will now be a necromorph, kill it and
then head back into the main room. Now go through the door to the right of the
one you just came from. Head down the hall and into the next room, in here
will be a fat necromorph and a normal necromorph. Kill them both and grab the
supplies in the room. Then enter the two rooms to the left of the door you
just came from.

In both rooms will be some supplies, then head back out, refill your oxygen
and kill the necromorph by the oxygen refill thing. Then head through the door
to the left of the oxygen thing. In here you'll face a few enemies as you move
forward, including two lurker necromorphs, a decapitated fat necromorph, and a
fast necromorph. Kill everything as you make your way through and the nav card
will be where the fat necromorph came from.

Grab it and continue to the other end of the hall and go through the door that
is straight ahead. In here will be a power node and some other supplies, grab
everything and head back to the main room. Now take the elevator you came in
from back up. Get off the elevator and head down the hall and go through the
door on the left. Proceed forward and 3 bomber necromorphs will come from a
vent on the right and a few hatchlings will come from around the corner, kill
everything and go forward into the next room.

Take the lift down and use the store, then head into the door to the right of
the store. Kill the necromorph and grab the supplies, then go through the door
on the right. In this room you'll find some supplies and the schematic for the
Level 5 Suit. Grab both and continue into the next room. Grab the text log and
the supply box and then head into the next room. On the middle platform will
be the second nav card.

Grab it and three lurker necromorphs will come out, kill them and then head to
the first platform by the door, a console should pop up asking if you want to
start the z-ball game. Start it and you only need 15 points (fairly easy to
get, jump from light platform to another to get a multiplier, then grab the
ball with your kinesis and aim at an open basket. There are 6 levels in total
and here are the rewards for each:

Level 1 - Ammo
Level 2 - Medium Med Pack
Level 3 - Stasis Pack
Level 4 - Credits
Level 5 - Ruby Semiconductor
Level 6 - Power Node

After you are finished with this, head out, grab the supplies from the lockers
and go through the next door, once you open the door a necromorph will attack.
Kill it and make your way back to the central room, when you get near the lift
a bat will come from the right, quickly kill it and then a necromorph will
come from the left, kill it and then sell some stuff and purchase the Level 5
Suit. Now head back to the hall you were just in and go into the elevator on
the left.

Continue through the hall into the next room, there will be a few tentacle
things that the wall necromorph's spit out in the room here, but no wall
necromorph. Kill them and grab the supplies, then head into the room next to
the door you came from. Grab the supplies here and then head back into the
main room and go into the door that is across from the one that you originally
came in from.

Head into the room on the right using a power node, grab all the supplies and
then go out. From the room, move the bunk in the top right hand corner back
and then move the one that was to the left of it to the right. Move in and
move the one you just moved back, then the one to the right (which would be
the one that was behind the very first on you moved) move it back and then,
move the one behind that as well. Nowe move the one thatwas to the left of
those two to the right and proceed through. Grab the supplies and make your
way around and then grab the last nav card.

This part will be quite hectic so be prepared to use any stais and ammo you
have. start heading back the way you came and the hunter will pop in, as well
as a necromorph, kill the necromorph and make your way as quick as you can
back to the start of this room. Now when you are proceed out, this part is
going to be pretty crazy.

You'll face several necromorphs, lurker necromorphs and have to deal with the
hunter while Kendra unlocks the door to the elevator. Just do your best to run
around in circles to keep the hunter walking around and kill anything else
that comes in. If you need to, use stasis on the hunter to slow him down. Once
she unlocks the door, quickly run through and board the elevator as quick as

Now head back to the main room, use the store if you need to and then head up
the lift and into the door on the right. Go through the door at the end of the
hall and list to Dr. Kyne and then head down the elevator. Once off the
elevator proceed into the next room. In this room will be four, yes four, fat
necromorphs. Kill them and collect the supplies from this room and the
four rooms (two on each side). There will be a bunch of different supplies and
a text log and an audio log. Once you've gathered everything, proceed into the
next room.

Grab the supply box in this hall and then head into the next room. In here
grab the supplies around the walkway and then go onto the shuttle and put in
the nav cards. Then go into the control room and grab the supplies. Now be
prepared, you need to test fire the engines and when you do so, the hunter
will reapper in the room with you. Quickly run out and then kill any fast
necromorphs that appear. Now your goal here is to stasis the hunter behind the
engines and then quickly get into the room and activate them to kill him. It
can be tricky, but can be done.

After it is dead, Dr. Kyne will show up. release the dock clamps on the
shuttle by activating the terminal on the right, then once Dr. Kyne moves the
shutte, head out and grab the power node that the hunter dropped. Then make
your way back to the tram room. On your way back, in the room where you first
met Dr. Kyne, go into the room he was standing for a large med pack. Then head
out, after you get to the main room, there will be a bat eating a corpse,
quickly kill it. Then use the store and upgrade bench if you need to and then
get on the tram.

Chapter 11
Alternate Solutions
As the chapter starts out head off the tram and go into the small room behind
the upgrade bench and grab the supply box, then head into the room on the
left. Then head down the hall into the bathroom, grab the supplies here, there
are some more further down the hall on the left. Then enter the door that is
on the right.

In this room you'll be doing quite a lot and have to face quite a few enemies.
Once you enter, stay up top, you should see a fat necromorph and a bomber
necromorph. If you have the patience you can wait until they cross paths and
shoot the bomber necromorph to take them both out at once. Then two lurker
necromorphs should come out, kill them and take the lift down.

Now circle the room and grab all the supplies, you'll need everything you can
get, also there is a power node in the corner that is across from the door and
upgrade bench. Once you are ready, go to the computer terminal and activate it
and then run back to where the lift was. You'll face several enemies so I
prefer to hide in the corner and let them come to me and pick them off. After
you kill this wave of necromorphs (should be 3-4 normal necromorphs and a fat
necromorph) head to the marker and use your kinesis to move it.

Once you start to move it another wave of necromorphs will come (3-4 normal
necromorphs and a fat necromorph). Kill them and the start to move the marker.
When you walk down the center walkway you will encounter tentacles on the side
and they will try to slam down onto you. Just move the marker a bit, then run
away, then repeat until it is on the other side.

Once it reaches the end it will automatically move up to the top floor, now
you will face another way of necromorphs (2-3 normal necromorphs, 1 lurker
necromorph and a fat necromorph.) Kill them all and head back to the lift and
go up and return to the tram room.

Now take the elevator to the left and go up, once you are at the top, get out
and go into the room on the left, grab the supplies and head back into the
hall and out the next room. In here go in the door right ahead, grab the
supply box and then head through the big door that leads to where you
originally crash landed.

When you get close enough the room quarantines and you will have to face 4-5
necromorphs. Kill them all and grab any supplies and head out and then to your
right. Then head through the door straight ahead afrer Dr. Kyne unlocks it.
Then follow this walkway into the next room, then go around the corner for
some supplies and then activate the computer to enable zero-G.

First things first, go to the two walkways (the ones where you came from your
ship on at the beginning of the game. Near the entrances to the building
between the two walkways will be the Peng idol. This will get you an
achievement and it sells for 30,000 credits. Now space jump all the way to the
top left corner for some more supplies. Then head to the top right corner for
some more supplies.

Before you actually do anything a few lurker necromorphs will come out and
attack you, kill them and then grab all the supplies on this side, then start
to move the marker. You will get to the little terminal thing, switch it
around and move the marker onto it and then above it, then switch it back and
continue the marker on the path. Once you get to the second switch two
crawler necromorphs will attack, then once you get to the end of the track
two lurker necromorphs will attack. Kill them then go switch the gravity back

After you do this, head down to go to board the shuttle, watch the scene and
then go back to where you activated the gravity, go into the other room next
to the controls and head up the walkway. In this room will be a wall
necromorph, kill it and then head through into the next room. Grab the
supplies and the power node and the diamond semiconductor, then activate the
shuttle override to bring the shuttle back.

Now head back down and get onto the shuttle. You'll encounter three crawler

Chapter 12

Part 1
In the beginning of chapter 12 Nicole will tell you to unload the artifact from the ship. find the platform which should be near Nicole and bring it to the back of the ship and load it on. Bring the artifact to were there is electricity and leave it. Go into the room with the store. Next to the save point you will see an alien in the window he wont attack till you open the door Tip: take off all the dead bodies limbs and heads. Careful when you open the door, an alien will immediately attack and try to mutate those bodies, but if you dismembered them you don't have to worry about that. In the room you'll find a power unit which needs to go in the socket near the entrance. When you open the door to the outside you'll be attacked by one of those lanky monsters, take him out then turn on the power to the giant gate which you have to lead the Marker into Note: when you return outside Nicole will be gone so don't bother looking for her.

After you lead the Marker into the small room with 2 sides open up the next giant gate and lead the artifact into the next room. When you enter the room a quarantine will be activated and you will have to face many foes Note: Even after you kill the monsters a quarantine will still be active, you wont be attacked again...yet. Now that you've killed the aliens start to lead the Marker through the room by lifting the bridges, but the bridges will only stay up for a few seconds, so use stasis on the bridge when it fully opens and lead the marker through. When you lead the artifact under the first bridge you will be attacked by a few lurkers, take them out quick and return to the artifact. After you lead the Marker under the last bridge you will be attacked by 4 aliens with the explosive arms. After you dismember them the quarantine will be lifted and you can continue to move the artifact, but first get any items in the area. The next room you bring Marker into will be free of aliens Tip: there will be a power node in this room so get it. The next room you lead the Marker into will have 2 wall creatures. The bridge lift power id offline so go through door next to the wall monsters.

Part 2
You will enter a Zero-G tunnel which as a few foes to kill. At the end of the tunnel will be a power switch which will activate the bridge lifts, but it also turns on the GIANT fans. Head back through the tunnel using stasis on the fans. If you have a good amount of health you can just run past the aliens back to the door.

Part 3
When you return to the room with the artifact you will be attacked by a mutant brute Tip: the best way to take the brute out is with the contact beam and stasis. Take out the brute and lift the bridges and move the artifact into the next room. Open the next giant gate and you will be led outside. Don't take the artifact to the end of the bridge, wait for the leviathan to block the bridge because when they do you will be attacked by a load of enemies after taking all them out, take out the tentacles from a distance and take the Marker to the end and load it onto its pedestal. Nicole will reappear from behind the artifact and thank you then a warning will go off tell you to leave the area. Go into the glass circular room and get decontaminated, Kendra will show up and take back the marker and tell you to re-watch the distress video that Nicole sent you in the very beginning of the game, but this time from start to finish. I wont spoil what you see in the video so after you watch it head through the door into the next room.

Go through the tunnel and you will be returned to the start of the level. Save and exit back outside were the shuttle is, you are almost done with the game so don't loose your nerve yet.

Final Boss: Hive Mind
When returning to the ship that took you to the planet, you'll see the ground shake and Kendra killed by the Hive Mind, who then traps you into a small area, prompting the start of the battle.

Key strategy:
� Avoid its slamming tentacles by running side to side.

The Only way to Kill the Hive Mind is to shoot the sacks on its stomach, but they are blocked for now. The Hive Mind will attack by trying to smash you with it's tentacles so srafe side to side to avoid them. First you have to shoot the yellow sacks around its teeth (the pulse rifle or plasma cutter will do well). When there are only two yellow sacks left it will grab you and shake you. To get it to let you go destroy the remaining sacks.

When it drops you two pregnants (the big fat ones) will attack you take them out using the force gun to avoid breaking open there bellies. After you kill them focus on the Hive Mind again. Avoid the tentacles until it's stomach opens, when it does shoot the yellow sacks, after you destroy one it's stomach will close and you have to avoid it's tentacles again until it's stomach reopens. Repeat this until the Hive Mind is dead. After the Hive Mind is dead head for the shuttle, a cut scene will occure and you will leave the desolate planet.


Walkthrough compiled using Mycheats

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