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Retro Game Walkthroughs For
"Tomb Raider: Underworld"
(PlayStation 3)

This game is also available on Xbox 360, Wii, PS2 and PC.

Retro Game Walkthroughs for Tomb Raider: Underworld (PlayStation 3)
Submitted By: Gama97
*This walkthrough was done using the PS3 version of the game. It's not been tested for Xbox 360, but as far as we know he two versions are identical bar the different buttons.*
*Although complete this walkthrough is still 'work in progress' as we have yet to add images to aide the user. If you have any additions or suggestions feel free to add them in the comments section and we'll see if they can be included.*
The first task is to escape the burning mansion. This is a fairly straightforward reminder of how to use Lara's moves. Just avoid the fire and follow the instructions.

Chapter 1 | Mediterranean Sea
Game section: The Path To Avalon
- If you dive straight ahead and down you'll end up on a stone pathway with a tall stone structure ahead of you. As you face its entrance, turn to the right and notice a clump of stones.
- Swim round it until you find an entrance. Swim inside and through the passage until you find a handle you can pick up on top of a stone plinth, take it and swim back to the tall structure you saw before and through the entrance.
- Directly in front of you is a large circular metal door
- Place the handle you are holding into one of the empty slots at the center of either of the lower circles. In front of the doors on another stone plinth is the other handle. Grab it and place it in the remaining empty hole.
- To open the door you need to get the three eye-shaped symbols to line up in the middle.
- If you need the quickest way use:
Right circle: pull twice.
Top circle: pull twice.
Left circle: pull once.
- Swim down the linear route and then emerge in a dry room. Leave the water via a platform. Climb through to the next room with a pool in it and then up a ramp to reach a stone block. Use this to get to a ledge and follow them round the wall onto a bar across more ledges and then back down to the base of the room on the other side of the water.
- Head round the corner to find a switch in front of a door with two pillars either side of it and two floor switches.
- Pull the pillar to the right of the door (facing it) using the grapple. It will topple over and weight down the switch on the floor in front of it.
- Next to the left-hand floor switch are two blocks. Use these to weight down the other switch and pull the main switch opening the door.
- Head through the door and then follow the passage until you drop down under a stone arch. Locate the tunnel on the other side of the area and crouch and walk through it. Carry on following the obvious path to reach some steps. At the top you trigger a cut-scene.
-The aim is to kill the Krakken using the spikes above his head. To do this you need to free-up the mechanism behind the structure heís in front of. As you face the Krakken from the area you arrived in, Lara will have to free the mechanism on the left and on the right. It doesn't matter which order this is done in.
(Right mechanism)
Head right down the obvious passage and use the ledges to climb across the gap and slide down the slope.
- Go forward and right where you'll see a blue flame on the wall. Head past it round the corner and then continue to find yourself behind the Krakken, where you can see one of his tentacles.
- Use the grapple point to pull out a pin and it will land on the Krakken's tentacle, freeing it from the cogs. Head up and out of the room using ledges, a pole then jump of a slope and onto more ledges to find a switch. Pull it. Now head out on the platform across and above the where the Krakken is and into a door behind the right hand mechanism where you'll see another of the Krakken's tentacles.
(Left mechanism)
- Remove the cog with your grapple and pull the switch. Easy.
Short cut-scene.
- Now you need to flick the central switch. Head back outside the front and walk directly left behind the head of the statue. Walk round and onto his arm and then use a ledge to reach the platform with the central switch.
- Shoot out the chain links to the left and right of you using free aim and watch the cut-scene.
- Use the grapple hook to abseil down to find a door. Open it with the switch to the right as you face the door. Walk through and follow the obvious passage round, using a climbing wall and a beam. You'll enter a high-ceilinged room with a gate at one end.
- To open the gate we need weights to put on the switch to the right of the door as you face it.
- Head through the door to the high right using the climbing pole. Put the first block on switch and then get the next one and stand on the switch with it. Throw it through the now open door using R1. Pick up the other block and do the same with it, following it out before the door slides shut with a jump roll. Place them on the right switch.
- Now stand in the far left corner of the left switch and grapple onto the point in the middle of the gate to pull it over. Run towards the first of Thor's two gauntlets and watch the cut-scene.
- To escape the tomb, exit the room you are in and head right into the unexplored room using a block to get through a hole in the wall that has now appeared.
- Enter a room with a load of red pillars and climb the first one on the right to get to a platform above. From here use the pillar top on the right, to jump to the next platform. Now jump to the one hanging from the ceiling and across the two pillar tops to leave the room. Head on and under some rubble to find yourself back in the room where the Krakken was.
- A cut-scene will show you were to go next.
- To get through the door use the rappel point and swing to the ledges above the exit youíve just seen in the cut-scene. Shimmy to the left and drop down when it's safe.
- Head out and follow the obvious passage all the way to the door you opened earlier on when you first entered the tomb. Cross the water and head over the blocks to find the pool you swam in through.
- Swim down and out of the gold circular exit and head back to the surface and your boat.
Game section: Realm Of The Dead
- Climb up the anchor to get to the deck. There's no strategy to this bit - just make your way across the boat (using the containers to get up to the bridge area) until you find the entrance to the below deck area. Shoot some more goons inside and... cut-scene.
- Follow the corridor round for another cut-scene.
- To escape the ship: go out the doors (the ones without the green lights) to find some burning steps. Head right then right again past the flaming control panels and then up the steps and left, a pair of doors will open. The ship starts rolling.
- Avoiding the steam, use L1 to sprint through the corridor while the boat starts to keel over. When you get to a dead end look for a ladder shaped object and keep climbing up using the valve taps to progress.
- When you can go up no further shimmy left and pull yourself up onto the platform.
- Follow the corridor to another ladder on the right and climb up again, using the valves and ladder. Jump from the ledge you arrive on to the ledge behind and find an open porthole.
- The cut-scene kicks in signalling the end of the level.

Chapter 2 | Coastal Thailand
Game section: Remnants
- You'll be on the edge of the boat.
- Swim across to the obvious ledge visible from the back of the boat.
- Take a path round to the left of the climbing wall.
- Jump and shimmy onto a set of ruins in a kind of arch and then jump backwards to another ledge. Shimmy round the corner and then pull yourself up on to the ledge. Lara will stand up revealing another ledge opposite which she can jump to. Youíll be at some steps.
- Look out for the spiders which can be stamped on using triangle. Head up and round the corner to the slope, facing the sea. Slide and jump onto the bar. Use it to get across to the steps opposite and above. (If you mess this up and find yourself hanging off the bottom of the slope use the ledge under the bar to get up).
- Head onto the outcrop to find the ledges on the wall to the left facing the sea again. Follow them to the top. Careful. You don't want to fall down now.
- Follow the obvious path through the foliage and use the grappling hook to get across the gap. When you get to the ruin go left and use the chimney jump method followed by more obvious ledges to reach the top of the structure.
- You'll emerge facing a temple across a ravine filled with pillars. Use the ledges and bars to make your way down safely to an area underneath the entrance at ground level. You'll be accosted by tigers as you walk into the jungle below so shoot them.
- Head to the unexplored set of pillars round the corner and climb onto the beam that runs between two of them. Keep jumping ledges, using the chimney jump again when you reach a high ledge. Cross the last high beam and use the pillar to get across to the temple steps ahead.
- Head left to the ledges under the fallen branch. Shimmy round to the entrance to the temple you saw earlier and deal with three tigers before heading into the temple.
- Follow the passage; negotiate more ledges, beams and spiders and then head down into a lower area with a series of beams above in a corridor with red pillars. Climb the first ledge using the rubble as a step and wall jump onto the first beam. Balance and jump between these to continue to reach a set of steps that that lead outside.
Game section: Bhogavati (Shiva puzzle)
- You'll be faced with a huge statue of Shiva and his wife. Note the lever to your left. Pull it and nothing happens because the mechanism is being obstructed. Lara has to free both pulleys.
(Left pulley)
- Head left to find a huge lizard and crouch down to access a ledge under a large plant. Descend using the climbing wall below.
- Go left and find the ledge near the edge of the big drop and use it to make a leap onto the ledge on the underside of the structure that the mechanism is on top of. Use the climbing wall all the way round until you can go no further. Pull yourself up onto a ledge and then chimney jump up to the platform. Use the grappling hook to pull out the silver ring and make your way back to the lever where you started.
(Right pulley)
- Head right and then down under a beam and drop down to a set of pillars to find a pole. Insert it into the pillar nearest the stone statues.
- Press X and pull yourself onto it and the quickly jump again to reach the ledge opposite. Use the next pillar to get to the wall and then head up using ledge and climbing wall.
- Use the two pillar tops to get to the beam attached to the pillar you stuck the pole into and then drop down to the ledge and shimmy round so you can jump up to the ledge to continue to a platform. On your immediate left pull out the bar in a rope contraption to free it. Head back to the lever.
- When both pulleys are free pull the lever and be ready to press square to grapple when the area you are on crashes to the floor. At the base of the temple where you end up shoot the lizards.
- Ignore the statue and movable pillars for now and head down either set of steps behind you. You'll find a hole with a grapple point between two statues at the bottom. Head down the hole on your rope. Cut-scene.
- Facing the Iron Gate find the first ledge and pull yourself onto it, then jump behind to a ledge on the opposite wall. Use a combination of ledge shimmying and beam walking to make your way between the walls to the top of the wall that has the gate set in it. Drop down to progress using the ledges and then head outside.
A brief cut-scene will show you two entrances. Heading down either set of steps you'll get ambushed by lizards. The easiest way to deal with them is to run backwards up the steps and shoot down at them.
- In this area the aim is to get two lenses hidden on platforms on the high right and left of you as you stand at the exit facing outwards. You can get them in either order.
(Right lens)
- Near the top of the set of steps to the right of the entrance you exited look up to see a pillar. Head up to it using the climbing wall, a beam and a few ledges to reach the top and then jump across to collect the lens. This will open a gate below shown in a cut-scene. You can use the grappling point to get back to ground level quickly.
(Left lens)
- Head to the far left corner and use the climbing wall to head upwards and around to the right.
- Jump onto the platform and head round to the end where you can chimney jump up to a ledge and pull yourself up on to it. Jump to the ledge in front of you.
- Walk across to the ledge and drop down and shimmy across and then pull up. Continue up the pillar to the top and then use the grappling point to reach the lens. Use the grappling point where you find the lens to abseil down to the bottom and head across to the right hand platform via the same route.
- Using the grapple point abseil down to the exit just below and head through the passage.
- There's only one path so use the grapple hook and then the ledges and poles to proceed over large gaps finishing with one last grapple hook to the bottom of the steps out. You'll emerge in a courtyard where a tiger will try to savage you.
- You want to head up the central 'pillar' structure that's in the sun. Do this following the obvious ledges and pillar tops culminating in a chimney jump near a cluster of fungi when you run out of ledges. You'll be on a platform.
- Now for a real test of skill. Drop down and follow the ledge round and then jump to a beam. Walk to the end and then use the pillar top to get to the ledge on the beam.
- Work your way round and down to a pole and use that to get across to the next ledge. Now head up and let Lara pull herself onto the ledge. She can't chimney jump here because of the lack of wall in front of her so you need to jump up to the ledge above from standing. Done it? Now youíre out and on another high-up ledge and, phew, a checkpoint!
- Head across the gap by jumping to the ledge and follow it round to pull up by a set of red pillars. More climbing. Use the ledge on the far wall to get onto a beam. As you do this you'll get attacked by bats so it's better to be hanging at this point.
- Cross it and then use the ledges and a pillar top to reach the last red pillar. Shimmy round the top of it and then down onto the beam before a final leap onto the temple entrance ahead.
- Follow the passage round to the series of poles and jump to the ledge to the left at a slight angle. Follow the obvious path to the end. As you exit the chamber, watch out for another lizard attack.
- You'll find yourself back in the original Shiva area only now you are on the high left hand side of the temple.
- Stand on the lift-like platform you'll find and Shiva's arm will drop down. Run round to it and place one of the lenses into the hole. Head back to the lift and jump on the other one to reset the hand and line up the lens. Ooooh pretty.
- To complete the effect you need to get to the other side. Pull down the obvious grapple point using square and abseil down. Now use the other point opposite to get up to the other side.
- You'll notice on this side the lift arrangement is missing one platform. Go down and pull that metal box as close as you can to the edge of the lift platform; you're going to have to wedge it underneath there in a minute as quickly as possible to prevent it falling down.
- Head behind the statue the lift platform is attached to and use a ledge to jump across three poles. On the last one Lara's weigh triggers the mechanism so hop down ASAP and wedge the box underneath while you can to stop it falling down again. Now run round, use the second lens on the Shiva statue and then pull the box out so the Shiva arm swings into position providing a second beam of light.
- Use the grapple point to get down to the base of the temple.
- Move the statues around on their tracks so that both the fans are on the outside of the circle, then push them into the light beams so they reflect into the Shiva. It's obvious when this is done. Watch the cut-scene and proceed.
Game section: The Ancient World
- Jump down the big hole by pressing circle on the edge nearest as you approach.
- Hit triangle quickly, then when Lara is steady drop her to the next ledge. As you drop again, quickly tap square to grapple onto a hook or you'll die. Be careful you are low enough before disengaging as it's higher than it looks. Approach the door with the skull on it and watch the cut-scene.
- Use Thor's glove on the door and push left or right to slide it open and enter a large high-ceilinged room with a tree in the middle on a platform.
- Walk onto it and watch the cut-scene.
- Now you have the power of Thor's gauntlet you can move heavy things. Lara needs to do this to move the bridge round to the exit.
- Climb down the back of the platform and use the gauntlet to move the structure as far right as possible.
- Now head left round the other side of the central column, jumping the gap and then using the grapple wall run to get onto the ledge on the far wall where the bridge has moved to.
- Now use the gauntlet again and move the bridge a bit (pulling) so there's a gap allowing you to get on the other side of it so you can push it instead. This is important.
- Push it as far as it will go and now grapple/wall run back to the middle platform and push it the rest of the way until the cut-scene kicks in. Climb up to the exit and continue.
Game section: Puppet No Longer
- Wall run and then jump backwards to get to the opposite platform across the water. Use the ledge to jump to a pole on a slide that operates as a switch, opening a stone gate under the water. Get underwater and swim through it. When you reach what looks like a dead end find the lever on the wall and it will open onto the sea and the level ending.

Chapter 3 | Croft Manor
Game section: Protected By The Dead
- Follow the passage round using the pillar to enter a large room with scaffolding in front of you. As you face the room from where you entered you need to head right, using the scaffolding in the corner to reach the higher level passage.
- Time for a puzzle. First up head along the passage you are now in and drop down into a room behind the one you originally entered, separated by railings.
- You'll notice some switches (put your torch on dammit) on a statued column and a wind-up switch with a handle on the floor in front of it. Leave them for now.
(Reflection puzzle)
- There are two ways of doing this puzzle both with the same technique and result, just different paths. This is how we did it.
- Run round through the door to the right if Lara is facing the wall with the railings and the stained glass window behind. In that passage she'll find a box.
- Put this on the floor operated switch at the far end of the passage in front of an iron gate.
- Head back down the short passage and up some steps to find another box.
- Carry this round to the same place and put it on the switch with the other box. Now the gate is open chuck the first box through the open gate using R1. It will stay open because of Lara's weight and the other box. Now throw the second one through and just as it lands jump roll through the gate before it shuts.
- Now use the two boxes on the other floor switch in the room you are now in. A short cut-scene will show the room behind lighting up and a little flame will start burning behind you.
- The gate you jumped through is now open so run to the back room with the switches again and head to the set of four wall switches on the central column.
- As you pull one the camera will show you what it does - it rotates a wooden cut-out above that casts a shadow on the stained glass window. All you have to do is keep hitting each switch in sequence to move them around till the shapes are focussed on the correct shape on the window.
- This done you can now open the big door between the two windows by winding the floor mounted switch in front of it. It's on a timer though so once it's fully opened act quick: Run up the stairs and jump up onto the broken pillar to your left. Now use the grapple point in the vaulted ceiling to jump across to the closing doors and squeeze through the gap to emerge on some stairs.
- Exiting this room is a right pain the ass if you don't know how. Pull the glowing pillar with the Thor gauntlet as far round the desk in the middle of the room as it will go. It'll be near a higher pillar you can now climb to. If you are in the right place you'll now be able to reach a beam that looks like a bit of broken stone balustrade.
- Shimmy along and around to the other pillar until you are facing another ledge on the next pillar. Jump across to it and shimmy round so you can jump to the exit. That should have solved you at least 15 minutes of faffing about.
- Follow the long mine shaft passage to a locked door. Pull the switch and... you're back to the 'escape the burning house' section from the start of the game. We shouldn't need to tell you how to do this now so we'll see you in a minute.
- After the cut-scenes, to get into the control room head left from the door to the glass fronted area as you face it and find a ledge on a pillar. Scale it to the top and then jump down. Run towards the control room and you'll see a pole. Jump to it, pull your self up on to it and then over the top of the glass wall to drop down into the room.
Lengthy cut-scene.

Chapter 4 | Southern Mexico
- Ride the bike down the obvious path until the cut-scene shows you an object through a window of a stone temple.
- Use the series of ledges on the stone pillar in front of the temple to get onto, and then scale, its front wall. Grapple onto the gold hook and then abseil down the front of the building. It will pull a switch opening a door to your right. Wall run across and grab the ledge and pull yourself up and into the temple before it falls shut again.
- Inside, pick up the Jaguar Head on the plinth ahead. Now exit the building by chimney jumping into the room above and then using the ledges to work your way to the ground outside. Beware of a black panther attack.
- Hop back on the bike and continue past the temple through the ruins and down some steps through a long tunnel. As you emerge from the tunnel head up to the temple ahead and park up. Cut-scene.
Game Section: Xibalba
- You'll be standing facing a large open area, in front of you is a lever attached to the ground in the middle of a large circular stone structure with a skull on a plinth next to it. Place the stone Jaguar Head into the top of the central lever. Now the puzzle.
- The aim here is to line up the three black sections of the stone circles (Mayan Calendar). When Lara operates either lever the camera shifts into the same position. Our directions are given from this angle - with the camera facing her.
Line up the two outer rings so the black sections face away from Lara towards the middle of the open area, using the central lever. A clunk noise will be heard when this is done.
Now use the skull lever to disengage the smallest central stone circle (push the column as far left as it will go). This will also move the outer ring.
Line up the middle ring with the second largest ring, which will still be in position.
Finally, return the outer ring to its position by pushing the skull lever back into position again. You'll need to do the exact same thing again on another Calendar which is in the structure opposite you.
- Get back on the bike.
- Continue round the path jumping a ramp, then avoiding a pit of spikes by taking the left path past it. You'll reach a crossroads. Right heads into the base of the open area you were just looking at.
- Take the left through a tunnel. Park the bike up when you can go no further. You will arrive at another temple and see a group of men being attacked by panthers. Shoot them all. If you stand in front of the temple at the bottom of the first set of steps you'll find a pole leaning against the right hand wall.
- Use the pole in the in the socket in the far left pillar as you face the building. Now follow the obvious path across the pillars using ledges, briefly using the front of the temple as a climbing wall before negotiating a set of beams to get you across to the gap in the temple wall. Use the two bars on the first pillar to reach a third bar opposite and then pull up.
- Head left and use the grapple point to get down inside the temple.
- Head through an archway and then up to a platform that's opposite the grapple point. Stand directly opposite the grapple point and fire your rope. Now walk slowly right so the rope has hooked around the top of the pillar in the middle of the room. Stop and pull the rope using X. This will topple the block causing it to smash a big hole in the floor, revealing a vault underneath.
- Head down to the hole. Enter by the ledge on the right of the stone pillar as you face it. Drop down to a ledge, steady Lara with triangle and then drop again to the climbing wall.
- Continue to descend using the pillar behind you to reach the vault floor. Head over to the altar-like structure on the opposite wall and retrieve a skull. This is needed to activate the second Mayan Calendar
- Now exit the vault. Jump to the broken pillar to the left of you as you face your original entry point from the altar. Climb it and then use ledges and then a climbing wall to make your way round the top edge of the walls.
- When you reach the end of the climbing wall, jump backwards to the pillar and then onto another climbing wall. Jump up to the ledge, then across to the ledge you entered with. Leave the temple by heading through the small gap above the door. Murder the three goons outside and head back to where you left the bike through the dark tunnel.
- Drive the bike down the path to the crossroads again and take a left. You'll reach another temple ruin with two goons shooting at you. Jump off the bike and deal with them.
- Head up the steps at the far end of the temple to find a pole. Move the stone block underneath the gold metal hole in the wall that's to the right of the barred door. Use it to put the pole in the slot.
- Now move the block back a bit and use it to jump onto the pole pulling it down and opening the door. As you let go it will slide up again so you need to do a quick jump roll under the gate. This leads you into the second Mayan Calendar room. Place the skull on the plinth and repeat the same sequence of rotations as before.
- You are on a timer now - the entrance that has opened up is only there for a couple of minutes so dash back to the back ignoring the jaguars that attack and speed back to the entrance. Drive in for a cut-scene to begin.
Game section: The Midgard Serpent
- Heading the way the bike is facing after the cut-scene, take a ride down the steps (only one route) and be ready for a ramp. After the ramp, stop, and you'll find some poles. You can't go any further on the bike, so stop and use the poles on the left. (Before you do this line the bike up with the gap ahead with a run-up.)
- You need to wall jump to get to the higher pole. Jump to the ledge and it will move down, bringing up a ramp for the bike to jump. As you do this be ready for some ugly ass giant insects to come at you. That done, continue down the steps to a large musty room with seven stone statues sat round a circular stone
- Find the pole with a gold end in the middle of the room and place it in the hand of either of the pole-less statues. The other pole is up the flight of stairs opposite where you entered. Put that in the other statue with no pole.
Now four of the seven statues will have moved their poles to a horizontal position. Lara can rotate them to open the doors that are directly behind them. Rotate them all now.
To identify them here and follow the same route we took, stand directly between the two floor switches in front of the entrance you came into, facing the middle of the room and the statues.
From the first statue to your right count round counter-clockwise. So the first is statue 1 (first on Lara's right) and statue 7 is the statue on Lara's left. 1, 3, 5 and 7 have horizontal poles. We'll tackle them in the order we did them.
Statue 1
This one's a bit of a sketch to get into. Head up the steps behind statue 3 and jump to the beam on the left. Climb on top of it and jump to the ledge on the pillar opposite. Shimmy round to see a tubular narrow pillar and jump to that. Now jump to the climbing wall and down a bit to leap backwards to another bar.
Swing across to the next bar and stand on it to jump to a ledge and then another narrow tubular pillar. Jump across to the ledge on the larger square pillar and shimmy round until you can jump up onto the bars above. Make your way across the two bars, drop down onto the ledge to reach the beam next to the entrance and head inside.
This is hard to start off with. To get past the fire, time your run past the first horizontal flames and then jump on top of the bar, now watching the vertical flame the left. Take the left path to the back of the room and retrieve the first stone tablet. To return, go left using the short bar to get height and then go right, timing your final swing jump by the far right flame. Head back to the main room and place the tablet in its corresponding hole.
Statue 3
Head up the steps to find a load of moving stone walls. To get through the obstacle, time your sprint (L1) just as the first set of stones open, then do a jump roll. Retrieve the tablet.
To exit safely, pull the block down that's above the exit using the grapple and it will jam in the mechanism. Lara can use this to stand on and be protected, making the escape easier. Head to the main room down the steps and insert the tablet in the relevant slot in the table.
Statue 5
To get to the entrance use the grapple point to the left of it, then jump to the sloped ramp and grab a ledge before you fall off the bottom. Head down the dark passage and crouch under the fallen rubble. Retrieve the tablet and then head back to the main room to be attacked by giant spiders. Place the tablet in the relevant slot in the table.
Statue 7
Head to the area with the columns decorated with skeletons. Behind them, use the narrow cavity in the wall to chimney jump to the top and then use a ledge and a climbing wall to reach the top ledge. Shimmy round and note the other climbing wall on the opposite side of the cavity.
Jump across (tricky) then make your way round the climbing wall until you reach one of the columns. Jump to it and then climb to the top until Lara is on top of it. Make your way between the three columns to end up on one of the main pillar ledges and shimmy round to two bars opposite statue seven. Use these to reach the final pillar ledge, jump to the beam and then jump into the entrance. Why couldn't they have just had steps?
This chamber is easier than it looks, dodge the big spikes and just crouch under the guillotine blades. To get out after the mechanism stops use the obvious-ish climbing wall on the right as you face the exit to climb over the railings.
- Now head back to the table with the tablet.
Once all the tablets are in place drive the bike onto one of the two floor switches in front of the exit which has now opened. Stand Lara on the other.
- Head down the passage on the bike and use a ramp to jump rubble until you reach an area where you canít go any further.
- Pick up the Serpentís head and climb through the gap in the rubble.
- Head down to the steps to the waterfall room. Don't jump in! It looks lovely, but is deadly.
- You'll be attacked by Thralls so deal with them.
- That done, head over to the back of the dragons head thing that the water is spewing from. Climb up behind it and jump onto the bar attached to its snout. It will close his mouth and the water level will drop.
- Go back to the entrance to the waterfall room and use the ledge to work your way down a pillar towards the water, shimmy round the back of the pillar and quickly swing across between the pillars to a platform. (The ledges will crumble if you hold them too long, so be quick).
- Now jump up onto a beam and walk along it (again, it will fall apart so be hasty). Jump the few broken beams and then get onto dry land at the far end. THRALL attack!
- Where you reach a small channel of water, jump across to a ledge, pull up and shimmy round, then chimney jump to the high ledge before jumping across to a beam behind you.
- Make your way across the channel and jump down. Continue to find a block and then jump up on to it. Use the grapple point on the underside of the dragon's head. You'll need to hit triangle just as you jump off or you'll swing into the blue stuff. Swing to the opposite side.
- Use the grapple to pull a piece of stone towards you to make a ledge accessible. Use it to cross to the other side of the blue channel, via the ledge on the pillar. Jump backwards onto dry land. THRALL attack!
- Now using the same trick as before, climb the ledge behind the dragon's head statue and jump onto the bar on its nose to lower the water again.
- Climb down the two ledges on the furthest pillar and jump backwards on to the middle platform.
- THRALL. More of 'em.
- Use the grapple to turn the central screw into the ground at which point a door will open in the giant statue above you. Use the pillar with a ledge to jump across to it and retrieve Thor's Belt.
Game section: Land Of The Dead
- Use the gauntlets to pull the glowing blue pillar into its slot and then use the grappling point to get to the next level up. This triggers the water supply again so be quick about it! You'll be attacked by Thrall again. Head over to the obvious ledges and make your way up and across to a beam.
- Drop down for the inevitable Thrall attack and then climb onto a platform opposite the top of the blue glowing pillar you moved earlier. Bet you're glad you moved it now, right? Jump to it, then to the next platform, then to the hand of the statue.
- Use the grapple point to swing to the ledges you originally entered the area via (be quick, because it'll trigger the flow of water again) and get out of that hell hole.
- Head back to the bike and head up the steps using the gauntlet to move a stone blocking your path. You'll come through the room with the statues from earlier and then head up again, stopping briefly to bring the ramps up again, using the method as before.
- When you reach the switch at the very top, add the Xibalba object to it and pull it. This opens the doors to freedom. Ride out with enough momentum to clear the gap.

Chapter 5 | Jan Mayen Island
Game section: Gate Of The Dead
- Drive down the icy passage to the cut-scene.
- Continue down further on a spiralling roadway avoiding thralls and gaps in the track until you reach the bottom and a cut-scene. THRALLS!
- In order to open the door into Valhalla you need to line up four symbols using Thor's gauntlets. They are located on each of the rings of the lofty structure in the middle of the area you are in.
- To activate the structure, find the three cogs lying on the floor nearby and slot them into the holes in its base. It will start rotating. Starting at ground level, find the symbol that lights up when you touch it and rotate the structure. When it matches up with the one on the ground a beam of light will appear in front of the door we are trying to open.
- Make your way up using the ledges and poles to three further platforms and repeat the same method until at the highest platform you have lit 4 beams of light. Return to the ground safely.
Game section: Valhalla
- It's a bit of a maze in here and dark, but this is the way to go (hope you can follow directions).
- From the entrance, head right, then through a stone arch, then immediately left, then over a ramp, then immediately left again, then over a ramp and through an arch.
- If you've gone the right way you'll emerge in a chamber with a bar sticking out the wall. From underneath the bar looking ahead from where you've just come you'll see a clump of rock with a gap only big enough for Lara to get through. From the same position, if you go forward there's a left turn that leads to a door with light shining through it.
- Walk towards this door and chimney jump up in a small cavity to the right. Head into the room and across the bridge.
- This long room has two levels two it with rooms on either side. Four hammers swing across the room from above. There are rooms on either side. The aim is to use get into the rooms and then use the hammers as a way of crossing the gap, slowly working your way to the far end of the room and Thorís Hammer.
- It'll start to collapse in a dramatic fashion so be ready to jump for the ledge opposite you as soon as it falls. It's difficult to give exact instructions here, but follow the obvious ledges and beams until you find yourself back on a walkway above. You'll be below left from where you entered, looking down the hall with the hammers swinging across it.
- Your destination is the first door on right-hand side of the room. To get there use the pillar to your right if you are facing down the room with the hammers swinging perpendicular to you. Use the ledges to drop to a beam and then more beams and ledges to pull up on the platform opposite the doorway.
- Head straight into the doorway to find a room full of cogs and two stone weights moving up and down. Run over to the weights and jump on one using the handhold.
- When it's at its highest point jump backwards and you'll be on a pole attached to the cogs. When they are at their highest point grab the chain above and shimmy along to the platform opposite.
- Use the bars to avoid the cogs and you'll notice the hammer coming right at you. This is your ride. When you are on the last bar wait for it to get close and then jump on to it using the handhold.
- You'll fly across, so while in mid-air shimmy around onto the right hand-side of the hammer and when it hits the other side jump off onto the ledge on the wall. Shimmy along this as far as you can and then jump onto a ledge where one of the other giant hammers is stuck. Jump inside the passage behind it.
- Avoid the rollers by jumping and rolling and you'll come out in a room identical to the one you just left - cogs and stone weights, only something is broken here as the mechanism isn't working. Take the left chain and shimmy across to drop down onto a bar attached to the cogs. Swing across to grab the left hand weight and it will slide you to the floor.
- Pull out the block obstructing one of the cogs and then use it to jump back on to one of the stone weights to exit the way you came in. Once up in the passage again use the same method of jumping onto the right hand side of the swinging hammer and leaping to the ledge on the other side to enter a new room. This room contains that deadly blue water in the bottom.
- Easy peasy this. Just grapple down from the ledge and than wall run to grab the ledge on the right. Work your way round the ledges until you get to the platform and pick up the treasure then jump down and exit out of the lower door. You'll be on the platform under the second hammer (you just took a ride on it).
- On the platform, standing in front of the exit, walk to the edge straight ahead and jump to the ledge below diagonally left. Follow the ledges and beams around (used to this yet?) to land on a pillar. Use the two tiny platforms to skip across to the last ledge and then chimney jump onto a platform above. Deal with one of those thrall things and then use the grapple point to jump across to a ledge and then jump onto the next platform ahead and in through the door under the final hammer and you'll trigger a cut-scene. (And the game's first 'boss battle').
- He's easy to kill though as he's so slow. Run round in circles with your guns locked on (L2) and just keep pumping the triggers away. He'll be down in no time.
- Now use a chimney jump to get on the right hand stone weight and make your way on to the chain. It's going backwards this time though so you need to hammer the triangle button to pull your self across.
- Evade the rollers in the passage and jump onto the final hammer, drop down onto the platform below as the hammer passes over it and head on up the steps (Quick! The floor caves in) and retrieve Thor's Hammer to complete the set of Thor accessories. You are now hard as nails.
Game section: Andaman Sea
- You'll find yourself on a boat in the middle of a storm.
- The aim is to fight your way across the deck, killing goons until you reach an entrance at the far end of the boat. (The same as the last time you did this basically).
- To get up to the bridge, use the containers. You have no health at this point, but you do have Thor's hammer which you can use to smack enemies over like skittles.
- Just select it with right on the d-pad and then use R2 (or L2 and triangle). Itís lethal. Once inside the boat work your way to the below-deck area until you find the angel in a jar and a cut-scene.
Game section: Arctic Sea
- You'll be in the icy Arctic Sea. Swim down and find a large structure on the seabed, it's a temple with a path up to it guarded by huge stone statues with swords (the entrance to Helheim to be precise).
- Swim to the end where the bulk of the structure is and search for a door into it. Near the door pick up the red object. (This is the first of four Helheim Power Stones, needed to open the drawbridge.) As you face the structure it's on the high left.
- Swim through the door, pick up another stone and then straight ahead and up through a gap in the ceiling. You'll emerge in a room out of the water, use the beams and stone ladder to climb up and retrieve another stone.
- Head back out in front of the structure and swim to an identical door on the right hand side of it. Swim through and straight up to enter a dry chamber and use the beams and ledges to get to the top and find another stone.
- Swim to the base of the first statue in front of the temple structure (the one opposite the broken one) and find two cogs which Lara can lift using Thor's gauntlets.
- Place the two cogs in their slots on the side of the statue and then go to behind its head to operate a lever which will raise his sword, freeing a chain blow. You need to do this with the two other remaining statues that have swords obstructing the chain.
- In the one on the left (as you face the temple structure, furthest away) you'll find another Power Stone. You should now have four. Now we can open the Helheim Drawbridge.
- Swim up to the central door to the temple and in front of the blocked door is the lever to operate the drawbridge. Try and pull it and it will show you the tombstone-like containers for the Power Stones. There are two to the left and two to the right, so go and use the stones now and when done, pull the lever for a cut-scene.
- Swim down and in the door and then through the gap in the rubble. Keep swimming up through the corridors until you reach a large churchlike room with a glowing red area where an altar would be. Itís flooded with the nasty blue stuff.
- First, kill all the ghoulies easily with your hammer. Then make your way across the platforms to the pillar at the far right end nearest the glowing area - you'll see it has a symbol on it. Use Thor's gauntlet to turn it blue and then head across to the pillar that's sticking out of the water at a low angle on the left hand side of the raised altar area. Use this and a ledge to get up and approach the altar area.
Game section: Yggdrasil
- Head down the steps and follow the obvious path, down the red symbol-lined corridor. Kill all the Thrall with the hammer and keep walking on as they seem to just respawn. Approach the figure at the end of the corridor.
- Cut-scene.
- Continue down the corridor and kill a few more Thralls. Make sure you avoid the slope into the blue toxic liquid with a quick jump. Head into a new large open area and watch the cut-scene.
Game section: Out of Time
- You'll be faced by a large central column with fixed and rotating platforms on three separate levels. The aim is to destroy the three buttresses that lean against the center column. Look at them now so you know what youíre working with.
- This is achieved by using Thor's gauntlets to push the core of each of the buttress supports backwards to weaken them.
- There are three buttresses to deal with and you'll find the areas that Lara needs to push marked by the usual symbol. Her hands will glow blue and then use triangle to push them inwards.
- These buttons are spread between each of the three levels directly under the buttresses. There are multiple ways to achieve this goal so we can't give exact advice but here are a few pointers that we would have found useful (these apply to the whole level).
You'll be attacked by an enemy the whole time so be ready to duck and dive.
Once you've destroyed the first buttress it will knock the floating platforms down to make them more accessible.
If you find yourself unable to continue upwards because the climbing walls lead to dead ends look for the area on the first level with the grappling point you used to cross a gap and use that to rappel up and swing to a ledge marked with a collectible.
After activating the switch on the lowest level, the way to get back up is to chimney jump up the center of one of the buttress supports.
- Once you've pushed all the supports back you need to start moving upwards. The lowest buttress is dealt with first by climbing up the side and the back of it and then using Thor's hammer. Now hit the blue symbol for a brief cut-scene.
- To progress further upwards, find the grapple point that's used to cross the gap on the level you entered and use that to access a ledge. Then jump across to one of the higher floating platforms and use it to get across to the next highest buttress and use the hammer on it. A cut-scene will follow.
- From here jump on to the floating platforms and make your away across to the rotating part of the central column.
- Work your way up the ledges - avoiding a firebolt by timing your jump upward -and then slide down the final buttress to the bottom and use the hammer on it.
Final cut-scene.

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