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Retro Game Walkthroughs for World of Warcraft (PC Games)
Submitted By: Asdasta
Hi there. I've been playing World of Warcraft for close to a year now, and I've played pretty much every variant of character it's possible to play. My favourite has to be the Warrior, and in this guide, I'll tell you why you should choose a Warrior.

.:Why should you be a warrior?:.

I know lots of people like to be Mages, myself included, but I just don't like playing as Mages in WoW - I find Warriors more fun, and they're a sight easier for beginners to the game. What I love about WoW is how the Warrior isn't just a brute who can nail you with their axe - they're pretty multi-tiered and this allows for some versatility in combat.

.:Advantages of being a warrior:.

- When you finally ascend to the greatness that is epic gear, it's a real treat. Warriors are one of the more gear-orientated classes, and so it really shows when you get to epic gear.

- Unlike other classes, you needn't buy water for spells and whatnot.

- You will never, ever be hard-pressed to find a group for an instance. Everyone needs a tank to take the damage, and so as long as you've got a decent enough kit, you'll be able to get some great drops.

.:Disadvantags of being a warrior:.

- As I said above, you're very gear-orientated as a warrior, and so you'll need to constatntly be replacing items. As such, be sure to constantly keep your eye on the durability of your items, as if they break during a fight, or whilst tanking for a group, it can be disastrous.

- Be wary when changing weapon types - you'll need to grind that weapon up to a decent standard before it can do decent damage, so don't run in with a new weapon without grinding it first, or you WILL get eviscerated.

- Tanking, whilst reaping rewards, isn't the easiest job in the world (of Warcraft, heh, aren't I funny?). Know what you're getting into before you do it.

.:Which race should I choose?:.

I have my own favourite, in Tauren, but I'll list them all here:


- Humans: The spirit and reputation bonuses help a little, but not greatly. The sword and mace bonus are far, far interesting and useful.

- Night-Elves: Shadowmeld is essentially the "escape" option from the Final Fantasy series, and works to great effect. +1% dodge is a small increase, but every little helps.

- Dwarves: Stoneform is a useful attack, and frost resistance is quite useful, although a little sparse.

- Gnomes: Escape Artist can get you out of some tough spots, and engineering bonus is useful.


- Orcs: They have a strong melee attack, and they're very adept at using axes. They can also amass a lot of resistance.

- Tauren: War stomp is a very effective skill. Also, you have +5HP, which helps a hellua lot as the game progresses.

- Troll: Beserking can help near the end of a fight but at the cost of rage. The regeneration bonus is also good for lessening downtime.

- Undead: Will of the Forsaken will protect you from sleep, charm and fear. Cannibalise reduces downtime, and shadow resistance has its uses on occasion.


Being a solo warrior is far easier than in other classes. It'll take a little longer as your dps (damage per second) is a little low, though. My first tip here is to decide which you prefer fighting with - a 2-handed/dual-wield sword, or with a shield. Fighting with a shield slows you down, but it provides a security blanket should you get into trouble in combat.

Also, the "Retaliation" attack is one the best attacks in the game. Hit it, and your enemy will be obliterated. It takes half an hour to "refill", though.

I said you needn't have water earlier on, but make sure you're well stocked with a few bags of food if possible. As such, ensure that you get the maximum number of 12-slot bags as soon as possible.

Be wary when soloing elites. Sure, it may only be a level 20 elite, but the key word here is ELITE. In many instances, you will not survive.

In regard to tanking, this is a Warrior's forte. But before you consider tanking, get a friend or another player to show you how to effectively, or you may get not only yourself, but the rest of your group absolutely slaughtered.

Also, make sure to get Taunt as soon as possible. It's invaluable when tanking.

Defensive stance is another vital asset to have as a tank. It reduces all damage by 10% and gives a boost to your threat.


This is pretty much common sense - get the items with the highest stats. However, I will say not to bother with spirit or intellect, as they're usually at the cost of rage, which serves as far more valuable in battles.


A lot of people don't like using Warriors for PvP, but they're far more adept than people suggest. Some classes Warriors can easily dispatch - e.g. Hunters, whilst some, such as Druids, become very difficult. However, if you remember one thing, remember this - Mages will kill you. Every class has another class that can defeat them, and Mages are that for Warriors.

.:Useful Quests:.

The locations vary for different classes, so I'll be brief:

- At level 10, you can get the Defensive stance from your class trainer.

- At level 30, you can get the Berserker stance from your class trainer at your capital city. He'll send you on a quest to Fray Island, which isn't too difficult.


I hope I helped a little, thanks!
Submitted By: Hibberdy
In this walkthrough I will talk about all the different races of Azeroth


The Humans of stormwind are just..... average humans. They have quite a few usefull advantages. These are that there ability to detect stealth units is increased. They have a specialisation in maces and swords. They can also break out of movement and speed altering effects which is very useful if your trying to flee and you get trapped by a movement stopping effect.

The Dwarfs of Ironforge are a very special race. They are brilliant at being hunters as they are skilled with guns and they may take on stone form which is very useful.

Night elf
The night elves are very unique as they are one of the only 2 races that can take on the role of the druid in the game. ( they also look very cool as it ). They can also fade into the shadows which is very useful if you are being overwhelmed.

The Gnomes are very unique because they are 2 feet high. they are very good at engernieering and there intelligence is increased. Because of there shape and height they are rather good at getting out of tricky situations.

the draenei are probably my favourite race as they are very good at being the warrior. This is not because they are the best at that role, it is because they can heal themselves in battle without being a healing class thanks to gift of the naruu. ( long live the draenei )


The orcs of orgrimmar are a very cool race. this is because they have some really good advantages. For example they are not able to be stunned, Or that they are brilliant at being warriors.

I think the class that suits the undead best is the warlock. This is because the undead are particularity good at shadow spells and have the best spell casting animation.

Just like the night elves the tauren are one of the only two classes in the game that can be druids.They have a very big advantage of +5HP which come in really useful throughout the game.

The darkspear trolls are a bit like tribes people. They have an increase in beast slaying and are most suited as the mage, shaman and hunter.

Blood elf
The blood elves are probably one of the coolest looking races in the game. this is increased as all of the class costumes are really cool too.

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