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Beijing 2008: The Official Video Game Of The Olympic Games Walkthroughs
(PlayStation 3)

This game is also available on Xbox 360.
Submitted By: Nin
In amongst the myriad of button bashing, rhythym games and shooting sections, there is a lovely little judo game.
Unfortunately it became notoriously rage inducing among gamers due to Sega taking the unusual step of refusing to let anyone know what the actual button combinations for moves were and instead telling them to work it out, which no-one did.

After much searching of the internet in vain, I decided to work it out and so for you now, an internet exclusive as you will not find this information anywhere else.



Circle, X, Square, Square - Basic Pin

Once it's locked in you'll have to hold it for 24 seconds using the shoulder buttons

Circle, X, Triangle, Triangle, Triangle - Advanced Pin

Your hold bar will start from a more advanced position, making it easier to hold and also seemingly easier to pick up a score.


Triangle, Triangle - Rolling Choke

The simplest choke and most difficult to hold with the shoulder buttons.

Triangle, Circle, Circle - Rear Choke

Hold it for 10 seconds and you've won

Triangle, Circle, X, X - Arm-lock

10 second rule again

Triangle, Circle, Square, Square, Square - Cover-lock

The most advanced submission and possible to score with.


X, X - Leg Sweep

You'll kick their legs out from under them. Shoulder buttons do not work here, you need to defend the throw with the pad buttons.

X, Square, Square, - Push

You push them backwards over your outstretched leg. Again, bash the pad buttons to make the move more effective.

X, Square, Triangle, Triangle - Pull Sweep

Pull them towards you while kicking out their legs. Use the pad buttons

Square, Square - Hip-toss

Roll them over your hip, landing on their back. Pad buttons

Square, X, X - Roll-flip

Grab, roll backwards and flip them onto their back. Very effective for scoring and use the pad.

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