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Retro Game Walkthroughs For
"Silent Hill 5"
(Xbox 360)

Retro Game Walkthroughs for Silent Hill 5 (Xbox 360)
Submitted By: delta
I hope you find this guide useful!


Open the Gate
Rapidly press the action button to get up from the table. Proceed through the double door. Follow the blood trail on the ground to the next door, and walk up to the gate to meet Josh. After the short cut-scene, enter the nurse center to your right, and pick up the hospital map on the wall. Walk out the door to the hallway, enter room 203, and pick up the health drink on the shelf.

Pick up the map of the hospital so you don't get lost.
Hop over the open broken window, and read the Basic Weapons Combat pamphlet on the coffee table to learn about combat techniques. Walk to the lighted panel, and investigate it to obtain the X-ray film. Return to the nurse center, walk up to the lighted panel, and equip the X-ray film from room 203. This will reveal the security code: 624872.

Assemble the film to reveal the security code: 624872

Leave the nurse center and return to the gate where you met Josh earlier. To the right of this gate is a panel. Enter the code 624872 to unlock the gate. Open the gate and walk towards Josh on the ground, triggering a short cut-scene. Pick up the (1) Child's Drawing on the ground.

Follow Joshua
Open and walk through the door to the men's bathroom (consult your map). Continue through the bathroom into the storage room. Walk up to the marked save point location, and save your game. Open and walk through the door to the women's bathroom. Take the knife out of the broken window to trigger a short cut-scene featuring a nurse. Attack by following the onscreen attack commands, and kill the nurse.

After you take the knife out of the wall, prepare for some intensive care.

Walk to the open bathroom stall, squeeze through the opening by pressing the action button, reenter the men's restroom, and pick up the first aid kit on the wall. Leave the restroom and return to the main hallway. Walk south to the door, open it, and go up the staircase to the third floor.

Do it.

Break the window, hop through it into the next room, and fight a pair of nurses. Walk over to the slimy part of the wall, and interact with it to tear it open, revealing a passageway to the next room. Open and walk through the door and back to the main hallway.

Reapers will appear after a short cut-scene. Defeat them by pressing the attack button to step on them. Continue down the hall, enter the linen room, and pick up the health drink on the shelf. Open and walk through the northeastern door, to the right you will find the (1) Robby the Rabbit photograph, then continue into the Operation Theatre. Drop down from the walkway to the floor below and fight three Nurses.

Might as well...

Cut through the slimy wall, squeeze through, and pick up the (2) Child's Drawing on the wall. Walk up to the marked save point location, and save your game. Continue up the staircase, and pick up the Operating Theater Key from the body on the gurney.

What sturdy hands are performing these surguries? You'll see.

Go back down the stairs to the Operation Theatre. Use the key on the padlocked doors, unlock them, and proceed into the next room. Walk through the double doors for a short cut-scene to play.

Find Joshua's Toy
Enter the Nurse Center door located left of where you just spoke to Joshua, save your game, and pick up the health drink on the shelf. Now, walk through the unlocked door, and proceed south to the hallway. Continue down the hallway, and enter room 203. After the short cut-scene, interact with the hole in the wall, obtain the Robbie toy, and fight the Swarm.

Go on. It feels just like the inside of your cheek.

Pick up the (3) Child's Drawing on the wall. Return to where you last spoke to Joshua, at the locked gate. Give him the Robbie toy, he'll run away, and the gate will open. Pick up the (4) Child's Drawing on the ground.

Walk down the hallway to the elevator to finish this chapter.

Continue down the hallway and pick up the (5) Child's Drawing on the front of the doorway on the north side of the hall. Continue down the hall, press the elevator button, and a long cut-scene will end the chapter.


Proceed to Alex's house by walking east on Main St. towards Town Hall, and upon your arrival, a short cut-scene will feature you and Judge Holloway. After the cut-scene, walk north along Craven Ave. towards Alex's house.

*Note: You can stop by the town hall after the cut scene for an extra health drink.

Home sweet home.

Get the Map
You can find a map of Alex's house in a secret room inside the bedroom on the second floor. Enter the secret room by shifting a group of books on the bookshelf to the left, revealing a button. Push the button, enter the secret room, and pick up the map on top of the crate. Don't forget to pick up the flashlight on the bed. If this is your second play through the game and you've received the UFO ending, the Laser Pistol can be found next to the bed. Go back downstairs, and Alex will talk to his mother in a short cut-scene.

Push the books to the left to reveal the yellow button.

Draining the Basement
Since Alex is home, he might as well perform some chores around the house -- starting with the flooded basement. You can't get through the basement to the backyard unless you drain the water by using the water pump. It is easy to find, though: go down the stairs to the basement, and you'll see that it's guarded by a lurker. Make sure to pick up the garage door remote on top of the pump (you need to pick up the empty fuel can inside the garage).

Pick up the garage door remote on top of the water pump.

Cut through the wax paper on the side of the wall, walk up to the door, and watch the cut-scene on Alex's backstory. Walk out of the basement to the front of your house, and use the garage door remote so the garage door opens up. Get your knife ready, and kill the lurker that pops out from the garage.

Use the pipe to pry open the panel, revealing an empty fuel can.

The empty fuel can is locked in a small cage inside the garage. Pick up the pipe on the counter, and use that to pry open the small cage so you can grab the empty fuel can. If you've beat the game once, you'll find the Circular Saw on the counter. Kill the lurker that pops out of a hole in the brick wall as you leave the garage. Duck through that hole, and then duck through another hole leading to the playground. Turn to your right when you enter, there will be a (6) Child's Drawing on the fence. You can also find the (2) Spider photograph next to the slide.

Photographs can be found in various spots throughout the game.

Fill the Fuel Can
Now that you have an empty fuel can, you'll need to find fuel. You can siphon fuel from the truck in the alley next to the playground. Use your pipe to pry open the fence gate that leads to the alley, and then kill the lurker. Equip the fuel can, and siphon the fuel from the parked truck.

Use your pipe to pry open this gate that leads to the alleyway.

Now that you have a can of fuel, back track to Alex's house, and return to the flooded basement. Reduce the water level by filling the water pump with fuel. Now you're allowed to open the door to Alex's backyard.

Alex's Backyard
Before you go running through the cemetery, there are a few items you want to collect in the yard. The first is inside the pouch hanging on the wooden door, containing the (3) Hunting room photograph.

Walk through this door towards the cemetery.

The other items are the (7) Child's drawing taped on the fence, and the health drink in the bushes. Now you can open the wooden door, walk towards the cemetery, and then pick up the Rose Heights Cemetery map on top of the stone coffin in front of the entrance to the cemetery.

You can find the map as soon as you enter the cemetery.

Stone Plates in the Cemetery
There are two stone plates required to exit from the cemetery. The first plate is found by dropping down to the East Garden in the cemetery. Fight the feral, and pick up the odd stone plate in front of the water fountain. Head to the opposite side of where you dropped down to "climb up" out of the crater. Pick up a health drink inside the gazebo. Continue down the narrow corridors through the cemetery, and save your game at the designated save point. To avoid confusion about this next area, we have attached a screenshot below of the correct route to take through the crypts.

The red arrows mark passageways.

When you enter Founder's Road, drop down into the second burial chamber. Duck under the opening, and then pull yourself back up to the walkway. Consult the map and proceed towards Founder's Garden. Kill the feral between the burial chambers, grab the health drink on the upper level left of the north exit, and then continue north towards the West Garden.

Bet you didn't see that coming. Use both halves to open up the West Garden gate.

You can find the strange stone plate in front of the water fountain at the southern point of West Garden. Now that you have the two stone plates, walk north to the West Garden gate's entrance, insert the two stone plate halves, continue through to the parking lot, and then onto Main St.

Back on Main Street
Proceed west on Main St. to meet Elle, and acquire the walkie talkie from her after the cut-scene. Look on the back of the missing persons billboard, and pick up the (8) Child's drawing. You can also find a first aid kit on the ground near the dumpsters in front of the police station. Continue west on Main St., and then south on River View Rd. You'll come across a small wooden bridge. Cross the bridge, and open the wooden door to enter the junkyard.

Cross the bridge into the junkyard.

Guns in the Junkyard
Once in the junkyard, duck under a hole to the right. Follow the path around the back of the building, until you come to a place where you can slide through an opening. Slide through the opening, and follow the path around to the front of the house. Enter the junkyard shack to meet Curtis, exhaust all conversation with him and he'll give you a handgun in return for the broken revolver. Pick up some additional ammo on the table behind Curtis. Walk into the back room to pick up a junkyard map on top of the washing machine, a health drink inside the broken refrigerator, and more ammo on the ground adjacent the save point. Now that you have all these luxurious accomodations, you should save your game at the designated location.

Enter the shack, and talk to Curtis.

Backtracking Through the Cemetery
Curtis mentioned Mayor Bartlett might have information on where Josh ran off to. You can find the Mayor digging up graves in the cemetery. Back track your way to the Rose Heights Cemetery, fighting a couple of ferals, and smogs along the way. Once you get back to the cemetery, enter the now-unlocked Bartlett Mausoleum.

You must move each of the pieces around, giving you enough room to pull down the lock.

Arrange the pieces like this.

Walk up to the crypt at the end of the hall, and solve the sliding puzzle. Look at our image above to see the correct placement of pieces to unlock the crypt. Sit back, watch the cut-scene, and you'll suddenly find yourself in Silent Hill.


Welcome to Silent Hill
Your first task after entering the infamous town is to find an axe � you need it to chop away the wooden planks blocking the hotel entrance. Continue down the road until you come across a fire truck, take a right into the alleyway, fight the smog, and then drop down to the ledge below. Walk under the fire truck to pick up the fire axe. Return to the doorway of the hotel, and hack away the wooden planks with your newfound weapon. Open the double doors.

The Grand Hotel

As soon as you enter the main part of the hotel, take a right and go around the corner. There is a health drink in a small glass cabinet here. Walk down the hallway towards Josh, and he will run off. Turn left and pick up the Grand Hotel map inside the cubby holes, and then walk over to the open elevator at the end of the hall. Jump across the elevator shaft, and pick up the maintenance key on top of the red tool box.

Once you have the maintenance key, you can gain access to the electricity panel described below.

Go back outside of the hotel (fighting a smog along the way), and use the maintenance key on the locked fence next to the hotel. Interact with the fuse box, and arrange the wires to the screenshot below, effectively turning on the electricity inside the hotel.

Line up the wires just like this to turn the power back on in the hotel.

Walk back inside the hotel, and press the control switch to the elevator. Once the elevator arrives, walk inside of it, and pick up the pistol ammo. After you press the elevator button to go up a few floors, a group of needlers will appear. Kill them, and the elevator will come crashing down to the floors below (it's supposed to happen). Lucky for you, it will stop before crashing to the floor below, giving you enough time to pull yourself out of there and onto the third floor.

This is called refined art criticism.

The Lady in 301
As you step out of the elevator, you'll see a detailed painting of a woman on the wall to your right. Take out your knife, cut into it, and then squeeze through the opening. You'll see a locked door in front of you (ignore it for now), and a wooden railing. Duck under the wooden railing, and save your game at the save point. Walk into the hallway, and speak to the hole in room 301; a woman will ask for your help. Accept her quest to recover the three memories that are hidden in the hotel.

Collecting Memories
In the middle of the hall is a pile of rubble that you can't crawl over. To get around it, walk down the hall past room 304, and squeeze through the hole on your right. Follow this secret passage until you exit into room 307. Exit this room to the hallway, and destroy the wooden planks next door. Enter this small room, and then climb on top of the dressers up through the hole in the ceiling to the fourth floor.

You can get to a lot of rooms inside the hotel by hacking away at the wooden planks.

When you enter the hallway, fight a couple of nurses. Enter room 402, and push the wooden dresser out of the way to reveal a hole in the wall; walk through it to pick up the first memory inside the bathroom: the Alchemilla Postcard. Return to the hallway to watch the short cut-scene with pyramid head!

The first memory can be found in this bathroom.

Walk around the pile of rubble in the hallway by entering room 405 to your left, through the large hole in the wall, and then back out to the hallway. Destroy the wooden planks next to room 408, and pick up the (1) serum.

Serums are hidden through the game. The first of which is inside the room below the blue arrow.

Enter the stairwell at the end of the hall by hacking away the wooden planks, then hustle up to the fifth floor, and fight a needler. Destroy the wooden planks in front of room 505, push the large dresser out of the way to reveal (guess what!) a hole in the wall. Walk through this hole to pick up the second memory on the bed: the Lakeside Amusement Park postcard. When you reenter the hallway, you'll fight another needler.

This postcard is lying on the bed.

You can find pistol ammo on the bed in room 504; hack away the wooden planks to get into the room. Also in this room behind the large dresser (push it out of the way) is a (9) Child's drawing. Return to the bathroom in room 503, and drop down through the hole to the hotel room below. Pick up the third memory inside the bathtub: the Toluca Lake Postcard.

Another bathroom postcard. Hell of a place to keep your memories.

Now that you have all three of the memories, start back tracking to the woman in 301 -- you'll encounter a couple of nurses, and a smog along the way. After you speak to the woman in 301, she'll give you a key. Walk to the doorway for room 306, pick up the (4) Tree house photograph taped to the door, and then use the key to enter this room.

After satisfying the talking door-hole, you'll get a key. Use it to open room 306.

After the short cut-scene, you'll be on the ground floor of the hotel. Save your game at the designated save point on the wall, and then walk south into the garden. Attempt to open the locked door at the end of the hall, and the room will change color unlocking the door in the process. Enter the large auditorium to see Mayor Bartlett standing in the middle of the room. Talk to him, and then be prepared to fight.

Boss Battle: Sepulcher
There's two attacks you must dodge. The first is when you see both of its arms come straight up in the air (about to pound the ground). When it does this, press a direction on your analog stick, and then the dodge button to roll out of the way. The second attack is its punches, signaled when you see one of its hands rear back. Dodge these in the same fashion by rolling out of the way.

Destroy these muscle sacks to weaken sepulcher.

When you see sepulcher pull back its arm like this, it's about to punch you. Start rolling out of the way.

You can inflict damage upon sepulcher with a melee weapon such as an axe or a pipe, but only after you've destroyed the red slimy cocoons surrounding it. Hit each 4 times to remove them, after which sepulcher will fall to the ground.

When the arms are raised, get ready to roll to avoid taking damage.

When sepulcher is stunned, hack it up with your axe.

Move in close and roll out of sepulcher's way when it strikes. It will perform a downward swing that plants its hand in the ground. Attack his arm with your axe. This will knock him on the ground, completely vulnerable. After a few hacks sepulcher will get back up. Repeat with the process of hitting him in the arm and then the head. You will go through this about three times before you're thrust into a context-sensitive execution. Sit back and enjoy the cut-scene. Chapter complete.


Not only has your hometown gone to hell, but you're locked in a prison cell. Lucky for you, Deputy Wheeler will believe your story after he walks into the cell blockade. After setting you free, he'll escort you to a save point. Save your game. Continue walking down the hall with Wheeler until a group of schisms appear.

Stick with Wheeler at the beginning of this chapter to make it to the save point.

Run past them (you're unarmed), and enter the open room on the right to pick up the (5) Police boat photograph on the table. Enter the room across the hall to pick up your supplies on the desk. Sheriff Wheeler will give you a 12 gauge shotgun. Make sure you pick up the station map lying in the doorway. Reenter the hallway with Wheeler until the two of you are separated by a siam. It will chase Wheeler, leaving you to fend for yourself.

You'll be introduced to a new enemy: schisms.

Equip your axe, and hack away at the wooden planks blocking the doorway. Enter the room to fight one of two schisms (if you kill both, three more will show up). Run around this last schism; pick up a health drink inside the nearby bathroom, and another health drink inside the small office with the broken window. If you face the three schisms, run away from them down the hallway, and enter the small bloody hole in the wall.

Duck into this hole to make your way to the garage.

Now that you're in the briefing room, kill two more schisms (no reinforcements will appear). Pick up the shotgun ammunition on the desk, and hack away at the wooden planks with your axe. Continue down the hallway towards the garage.

Pull this lever to open the garage door.

Fight the schism, and then pull the switch inside the garage office to open the garage door. Nearby there is a locker that requires a three-digit combination. A good guess would be 206. Enter this number and get a health drink, shotgun ammo, and pistol ammo. Get out your shotgun, step outside, and defeat the siam to end this chapter.


Lurking in the Water
Drop down the short ledge, walk up to the sewer gate on your left, and turn the red wheel. Elle will duck under the gate, and will keep it open for you to do the same. Run down the tunnel on your left, climb the well-lit ledge, and then drop down into the shallow water. Fight a couple of lurkers, and wade through the water to the ledge up ahead. Climb the ledge into the hall, and pick up the pistol ammunition on the large tank.

Turn the red wheel to open the sewer gate, letting Elle through to the other side.

A large hole in the wall is next to this tank. Walk through this hole, drop down to the ground below, and continue through the tunnel until you come across another ledge. Climb the ledge and save your game at the save point.

You need to drain the bildge.

Bilging the Bilge
If you're worried about getting lost in the sewers, we recommend picking up the sewer map on the shelf in the room next to the save point. You can also pick up shotgun ammunition on this shelf. Take a look at your map, and proceed to the bilge control valve. The area will be locked, so use your pipe to pry open the metal gate. Turn the red valve to activate the bilge tank.

That is a drained bilge. Prepare to push your immune system to extremes.

Return to the bilge take, climb down the ladder, and then climb up the opposite side. Refer to your map, and continue towards gate 8. Along the way you will see a nook on the left side of the tunnel -- walk in here to pick up a health drink. Once you arrive at the large gate, turn the red wheel to let Elle through, and she'll tell you to go back the way you came into the sewers. No problem.

Lurkers likely linger in this lackluster lagoon. Lucky you.

Backtrack to gate 4 and fight a couple of needlers and lurkers along the way. Save your game when you pass the save point, again. Once you arrive at gate 4, Elle will open it for you. Continue towards the area marked "spillway" on your map. You'll come across a nook on the right side of the tunnel that houses some shotgun ammo � you'll need it.

Main Drain Chamber
Climb the short ledge at the end of the tunnel, and then climb down the ladder into the sluice drain. Step down into the shallow water of the spillway, fight a couple of lurkers, and continue to the other side of this area. Climb out of the water, and walk over to the area marked "the drop" on your map. Walk down the hallway, and pick up ammo on the ground for both of your guns. Pull the lever on the side of the wall to open the nearby door to "the drop." Walk through the open door, drop down to the area below, and save your game at the nearby save point.

Pull the lever to open up the passageway to the drop.

Walk down the hallway and then into the main drain chamber. Turn the red wheel to let Elle through, and after that, you'll hear her scream, and then three needlers will appear. Kill them and a siam will appear; kill it. Now the gate that Elle crawled through will open for you. Walk through the tunnel, and pick up the (6) Nora Holloway photograph in the nook on the left side. Continue until you see a ladder. Climb it to head back to the surface.

Ready your shotgun after you kill the needlers -- a siam will appear.

Back on the Surface
Proceed south down Craven Ave. towards the house marked on your map as "Fitch." Fight a couple of ferals along the way to Fitch's house. As you get closer, you'll find a blood trail on the ground. Follow this trail of blood until the short cut-scene plays.

Funnel the nurses through the doorway and smoke them.

Proceed inside the house, down the hallway, and enter the bedroom on the far right side of the hall. Pick up the (7) Scarlet Fitch photograph on the desk, and return to the hallway.

Holy-! Turn off that flashlight, get back inside the room, and ready your shotgun, because they probably saw you. Put your back to the wall and let them to shuffle into the bedroom one at a time. As each one enters, snuff them out with a close-range blast to the head. Take out the last one with the knife, if you're anxious about ammo.

Pick up the small key to open up the doll box in the bedroom.

Walk into the adjacent room to pick up the (2) serum and the small key on the desk. Go back into the bedroom, use the small key on the black box on the dresser, and a cut-scene will end this chapter.


Linear Catwalks
After touching Scarlet's weird doll at the end of the last chapter, you'll wake up, and notice the world around you has�changed. Pick up Scarlet's doll on the ground, and walk down the hallway until you see Josh run up the stairs to the right. Don't follow him. Instead, walk down the stairs to the left along the metal walkway.

You'll have to jump across a couple of gaps along the catwalks...

And thus begins the long walk along these metal catwalks. There is no map available for this level, and it isn't needed since this level is linear � you only have one direction to travel. So keep walking along the metal catwalks, dropping down, walking up stairs, down stairs, and dropping through broken fans when prompted to do so.

...drop through a couple of openings...

As you continue along the catwalks, you'll see Josh running from right to left. Walk over to the area Josh ran from, and pick up the (10) Child's drawing on the ground. At one point, you can go either left or right after decending from a ladder, with a biohazard sign on the right path. Take the left path first (past some iron cages) and keep following the linear route. The Crowbar can be found when squeezing through some pipes and ducking through a fan at the end of the path. Now go back to the junction and choose the right path, and follow this untill you come across a large operating fan in the middle of the walkway. Pull the lever on the right hand side of the wall to turn off the large fan. Duck through the opening of the fan, and pick up the (11) Child's drawing on the ground. Carry on through the metal corridors.

..and pull a bunch of levers to turn off these large fans during your linear walk through "hell."

The Puzzling Fans
Eventually you'll come across a room with six large fans labeled with numbers above them. Fans one, two, and three are on one side, and fans four, five, and six on the other. Surrounding these fans is a series of levers that control each one. Before beginning this puzzle, make sure to duck under the two stopped fans on the left side (labelled 3 and 2) and grab another (3) serum. Step out and then pull lever "5 | 6" so that the number five lights up above the lever. Now, pull lever "4 | 5" so that the number four lights up. Lastly, walk over to lever "3 | 4," and pull it so the number three turns on. Now that fan four, five, and six are in the off position, duck through the opening in the fans to reach the walkway behind them. Continue down the corridor, climb down the ladder, and you'll come across a save point; save your game.

Pull each of the levers we listed above to turn off the appropriate fans.

Climb down the nearby ladder to the walkway below. Walk towards the doorway with the exit sign above it, and a hallway will appear. Continue down the hallway until you come across a metal door � open it to find Fitch sitting in the middle of a room. Talk to him until the choice to give him Scarlet's doll appears; give him the doll. A short cut-scene will play and you will be thrust into battle.

Boss Battle: Scarlet
In Scarlet's first form (tall and lumber), her main attack is a swipe followed by a slap. You must dodge these attacks by rolling into the direction of the swipe, and then backwards to avoid the slap. Another attack is a pound to the ground that sends out a damaging shockwave. When you see Scarlet raise her right hand in the air, roll backwards away from her to lessen the damage from the shockwave.

Continue to hit these legs to expose the red muscle.

To damage Scarlet in her first form, you must attack her limbs. Equip your crowbar, get up close, and swing at each of the legs, but be ready to dodge her swipe attack after landing a couple of hits. Continue the assault until the ceramic is shattered on both legs, exposing red muscle tissue. Keep this up until she falls to her knees, and then attack her ceramic arms in the same fashion. Bring her to her knees one last time, then follow the context-sensitive event to remove the plate from her back, transforming her into her second form.

Once she is on her knees, hit her arms.

In her second form, Scarlet is nimble, avoids gunfire, and is generally a pain. Before she executes a lunging attack, Scarlet will hop and cross her arms before coming at you. When you see the arms cross, press the dodge button to avoid the attack. You want to hit her couple of times in the head � use light attacks, not heavy -- or dodge her attacks until she jumps onto the ceiling.

Get in close to remove a piece of her back. Doing this will transform her.

When she is on the ceiling, remain locked on her, and wait until you hear her scream. After the scream, quickly press the dodge button, and she'll come crashing down to the ground, stunned. Now, before she shakes out of the stun, shove your crowbar into her by pressing the attack button. This will cause her to spring to her feet, and repeat her attack patterns outlined above.

If you find yourself too frightened/lazy to enter close combat with this freakish form, you can opt to run around the arena as she gives chase, but if you keep moving she may not be able to reach you. Eventually she'll retreat and scale the wall, setting herself up for the stun.

When you see her do this, press the dodge button.

Whatever your attack pattern may be, abuse her stunned state until you are prompted to execute her. Complete the context-sensitive event to finish her off. Take a moment to breathe.


After valiantly destroying a giant porcelain doll, you'll wake up in Fitch's house, and be given the founder's key with a strange symbol on it. Alex recognizes it: the symbol is similar to something he's seen inside town hall. Leave Fitch's house, proceed to town hall (consult your map) while battling ferals and schisims along the way.

Town Hall

Inside the western span of town hall is a boarded up doorway. There is also a smog in this hallway now. Use your axe to hack away the wooden planks, enter the room, and push the dresser out of the way to reveal a (12) Child's drawing. Also, if you didn't find it in Chapter 2, there is a (4) serum in the south east room. Walk over to the eastern room in town hall to save your game.

Use the key on this chest inside the town hall.

Stroll into the center room of town hall, and use the founder's key on large chest on the table, opening a secret passageway in the middle of the room. To the right of the table you open up with the key is a (8) Judge Holloway Picture. Proceed down the stairs the basement of town hall. Pick up the first aid kit at the bottom of the stairs.

Town Hall Basement
Make sure you keep your flashlight off as you walk down the ramp, because you'll soon enter a room full of nurses. Remember, light attracts the nurses. After you've killed the nurses, examine the strange cross in the room to obtain the ceremonial dagger. This dagger also works as a key on some doors, like the one pictured below, and on the enigmatic door inside the basement of Alex's house.

After you pick up the ceremonial dagger, use it on this door.

Love in the Cemetery

Unlock this door, and follow the long corridor until you come across a study. Climb the ladder out of the study, and you'll be inside Founders Garden inside the Rose Heights Cemetery. Make sure you pick up the (13) Child's drawing taped to the wall inside the catacomb before using the ceremonial dagger to unlock the door out of the catacomb. Use the dagger to unlock the adjacent catacomb, and then pick up the (5) serum inside.

Go back to the place where Elle was hanging up missing person flyers. On the bench next to it is (9) Curtis Ackers Picture. Next to the entrance of the junkyard, you can find two boxes of shotgun shells and a health drink. It's worth the trip. Now go back to the cemetery.

As you begin to backtrack through the cemetery, look at our screenshot below so you can pick up the Chrome Hammer Pistol inside the marked catacomb. You can get to this area by using your axe to hack away the wooden planks to reveal this room.

You can find the 'Chrome Hammer' pistol.

Continue to backtrack through the cemetery so that you'll be near Alex's backyard, while fighting a couple of smogs, and ferals along the way.

Inside Alex's House
Enter the back door to the house, and insert the cassette tape (that you found in chapter two) into the tape player on top of the kitchen counter. Now open the refrigerator and pick up the health drink inside. Turn your attention to the boarded-up door, and use your axe to cut apart the boards. Enter the room to pick up the first aid kit on the desk and then proceed to the basement of Alex's house. Once here, use the ceremonial dagger on the locked door to your father's mysterious room. Enter the room to pick up the attic key on the bloody cutting board. Grab the Bluesteel Shotgun from the open locker. Go upstairs into the house and use the attic key on the doorway to the attic.

Whenever you see doors with that little slit, use the ceremonial dagger to unlock these doors.

The Attic
Pick up the (10) Alex photograph on top of the rags in the northern part of the attic, and then reveal a door by pushing the large dresser out of the way on the eastern span of the attic. Open the door to watch a short cut-scene about Alex's father and Josh. Walk over to the desk, and interact with the puzzle box. The puzzle's objective is to slide and match the pieces in the family crest on the quilt above the desk. If not handled correctly, this puzzle can quickly become one of the game's loftiest obstacles.

You have to have the puzzle started in its default formation for it to work. If you've got it all messed it up, well, you're in trouble.

1) Move the top-right double piece one space left.

2) Move the second piece in the third row one space down.

3) Move the third piece in the third row one space to the left.

4) Move the vertical double piece on the far-right one space up.

5) Move the bottom-right horizontal double piece one space up.

6) Move the second piece in the fourth row two spaces to the right.

7) Move the first piece in the fourth row two spaces to the right.

8) Move the second piece in the third row one space down.

9) Move the horizontal double piece in the third row to the left.

10) Move the vertical double piece on the left side one space down.

11) Move the first piece in the first row one space down.

12) Move the double piece on the top far-right one space down.

Match the puzzle on the desk to this family crest.

After solving the puzzle, you'll obtain a map to Silent Hill. Go back downstairs, and talk to your mother who's still sitting in the same chair. After the long cut-scene, your house receives a home-makeover. From hell.


Chapter 8's objective is to escape Alex's house by solving four separate puzzles locked away in the house. Solve each of these puzzles, and the door out of the house will open. To unlock a specific puzzle, you must pull the large lever in the main hallway, opening one of the four areas � indicated by a small green light above the lever -- where you'll tackle the mask, military jacket, clock, and meat cleaver puzzles, respectively.

This lever controls access to all rooms inside the house.

Mask Puzzle
The mask puzzle is opened by turning on the leftmost green light the hallway. The first required mask is the indifferent mask in the parent's bedroom upstairs. The frowning mask is in the kitchen on the first floor (along with a health drink on the counter), and the angry mask is next to the save point in the living room.

Collect the masks from all over the house.

Go into the dining room and examine the cross statue. There are two bodies crucified on each side, with text inscribed above their heads. Place the indifferent mask on the face below the quote, "To hide her pain this face she did wear�" Now place the frowning mask on the skull below the "Behind this mask her heart was laid bare." Easy. One puzzle down, three to go.

Place the appropriate mask on the skulls.

Military Jacket Puzzle
In order to gain access to the attic, you must activate the green light second from the left on the control switch in the hallway. Proceed to the second floor of the house. A dresser is in the room below the entrance to the attic. Push it to reveal the heart of darkness medal on the ground; pick it up. Now go up the stairs into the attic, fight a couple of schisims, and pick up the vile acts medal on the mannequin bust.

Move 'this' to earn a medal.

Enter the father's secret room in the attic, and pick up the fallen star medal from inside the medal case on the table. Examine the military shirt in the corner of this room, and place the medals in the order from left to right to complete the puzzle: fallen star, heart of darkness, and vile acts.

Here is the correct order to lining up the medals.

Clock Puzzle
Activate the green light second from the right by pulling the lever in the hallway. Go upstairs into the bathroom, and pick up the stuffed bunny in the bathtub. Walk into Josh and Alex's room, and examine the clock on the wall. Set the time to 2:06 (this clue is deciphered from the note on the nearby table, mentioning room 206), so that the window shades open in the room. Place the stuffed bunny in the brightest window (pictured) to complete this puzzle. Before you leave this room, use your knife to cut open the slimy wall to reveal a small room. Pick up the butcher knife and the (14) Child's drawing on the table.

Insert the bunny into this window frame.

Meat Cleaver Puzzle
Pull the lever in the hallway until the rightmost green light is lit. Go upstairs and pick up the old meat cleaver on top of the small dresser in the hallway. Now go downstairs into your father's secret room in the basement. Pull out the bogeyman knife stuck in the carcass of a schism.

Insert the knifes into the appropriate areas. Hungry?

Examine the cutting board, and place each of the knives into the appropriate areas on the wall. Lastly, place the bogeyman knife into the head of the schism on the cutting board. Completing this last puzzle will unlock the door to the house. Get the hell out of there.


t's time to save Elle and Wheeler from the clutches of the order soldiers. Refer to your map of Silent Hill and proceed south towards the bait shop (you can save your game there). Next to this save point is also a (15) Children's Drawing. A short cut-scene will play, where you communicate with Wheeler in a cell inside the Overlook Penitentiary. And he got a walkie talkie to get in touch with you.

Save your game at the bait shop.

Continue walking along the road to the penitentiary, take a left onto Simmons St., and Wheeler will communicate with you again. He'll tell you that you must disable the electronically sealed door to the prison by turning off the power at the nearby Toluca Lake Water and Power plant.

Walk south to the boiler room, enter, and walk through it to exit onto Koontz St. Proceed over to the Alchemilla Hospital and pick up the (6) serum on the green bench outside. Continue up Wilson St. to the Toluca Lake Office while fighting ferals, and lurkers along the way.

Toluca Lake Office
Navigate through the offices (look at the map), and make your way over to the break room, and save your game there. Use your axe to hack away the wooden planks to the adjacent room � next to the save point -- where you will find the key to the Toluca Lake Water and Power plant on the desk.

When done there, jump back across the gap and look for a sink on the wall to your right. Pick up the conveniently hidden gemstone, the Turquoise, from the sink. You'll be glad you did. Backtrack towards the entrance to the office, and use the key on locked door to enter the power plant.

Get the key so you can enter the water and power plant.

Toluca Lake Water and Power
Once you're inside the station, defeat the pair of Order soldiers and turn your attention to rotating a series of red valves to turn off all of the power: station A controls the water, station B (on the upper catwalk) controls the boiler, and station C (also on the upper catwalk) controls the steam feed.

Once you turn the levers in the correct order, you can pull this switch to turn out the lights.

Here is the correct order to turn off the power: valve B, valve A, and then valve C. This will cause a green light to turn on next to a main control lever. Pull this lever to turn off all of the power, plunging Silent Hill into darkness.

Be prepared to take out a couple of Order soldiers when the lights go out.

A couple of Order soldiers will come after you by climbing the nearby ladder. Take out your pistol, aim, and shoot them as they step off the ladder (they're invulnerable while climbing the ladder). Collect the rifle ammo next to valve B, and some pistol ammo on the shelf under the upper catwalk. Backtrack out of the power plant to the Toluca Lake office, and then back outside.

Run to Overlook Penitentiary
When you're back on the street, continue towards the Overlook Penitentiary, and along the way, enemies will be wandering your way -- ferals, smogs, schisms, and lurkers. It would be wise for you to run to the penitentiary instead of fighting the enemies; they�ll continue to spawn out of the sewer gates. Even if you die while running for the penitentiary, your respawn point will be the moment the power turns off inside the Toluca Lake water and power plant. (It's not a lot of ground to make up.) This will also conserve your health and ammo for the fight against the siam outside the prison gates.

Be sure to pick up the Pulaski Axe in the bed of the truck in the parking lot.

Once you arrive at the penitentiary, look for the abandoned pickup truck in the parking lot, because the Pulaski Axe is on the bed of the truck. This axe swings fast, and inflicts a lot of damage. Before going to jail, however, you should consider collecting a supplemental addition to your munitions--the Silent Hill mainstay-- the omnipotent Rifle.

The Rifle puzzle

Thus begins the quest for yonder musket. Head for the SH cemetary off of Sagan Street.

In the Janus garden of the cemetary is a statue with two holes in it. One hole says "I," and the other "XII" (1 and 12), which stand for the months January and December. There are four stones that can fit in the holes (Garnet, Turquoise, Bloodstone, Sapphire), but only the Garnet and Turquoise are necessary.

The Garnet can be found in the SH cemetary. Approach from the south and find your way to the north side of the Sun garden. There you will find a wall that can be breach with the axe. On the other side you'll find the Garnet on a bench.

The Turquoise can be found in the Power plant's office building. From the save point in the office building jump across the hole in the floor. In the room where your in now you can find the Turquoise in the sink.

The Sapphire is on a bench in the Janus garden of SH cemetary.

The Bloodstone is on a bench in the little park left of the Boiler room building.

If you've managed to collect all four stones, congratulations, but the pawnshop is closed.

Put the Garnet (hole I) and Turquoise (hole XII) stones in the statue, and you will receive the moon garden key. Go to the fence that leads there and use the key. Inside the moon garden is the Rifle. Drool.

Return to the prison gate and enter the side entrance, through an alleyway to the left.


f They Freed Me from This Prison
Walk to the lower guard room and pull the lever to open the prison gate. Continue into the hallway, and use your axe to destroy the wooden planks blocking the doorway to the visitor booths. Pick up the first aid kit inside this room. Proceed down the hallway, break the glass to the visitor room, enter it, and continue through the open door. The prison map is taped to the wall below the staircase. Go into the door to the right of the stairs to pick up a health drink.

Break the glass into this room to continue through the prison.

Climb the staircase up to A Block East Wing (consult your map), and then jump across the gap in the catwalk over to B Block West Wing. Walk inside the nearby office, and pull the lever to open the entrance to B Block. Stroll through the open door and fight the two order soldiers.

Leap across these gaps like some axe-toting gazelle.

Pull the lever next to the sign that reads B Block North Wing. Descend the stairs, and pick up the rifle ammo across from cell B2. Continue through the western door so you're outside. Walk to the next cell block area, fight 2 order soldiers as you open the door then find Wheeler, and pull the lever next to his cell to free him.

Reunited and It Feels So Good
After the cut-scene with Wheeler, a siam will appear. Kill it, follow Wheeler up the stairs, and pick up the (16) children's drawing in the prison cell to your left. Continue to follow Wheeler across the gap in the catwalk, and then duck into the small hole in the wall to appear in another prison control room. Pull the switch to open the door, and continue with Wheeler through the prison � he'll lead Alex to the camera control room.

Follow Wheeler, he knows the way!

The Voice of Wheeler
Leave the control room and walk over to the A Block East Wing. Pick up the health drink in the A6 cell block. Walk down the hall, and wait for Wheeler to remotely open the door across from cell A7. Walk down the stairs and enter Cell Wing A. Continue through the shower area, and then enter the boiler room. You can save your game at the save point at the top of the stairs.

Look for holes in the walls to continue through the prison. Your tax dollars at work.

Wait for Wheeler to open the door below the save point location (NOTE: this save location is one that you need to NOT overwrite; can be used to come back to for the 5 Different Endings; after this point, remember your saves as Killed or Didn't Kill, you'd know which if you've played through once already.) Walk through it and you'll be in the A block cell. You must collect three pieces of wire in this area in order to open the cell block doors out of this area. Drop to the floor below, and investigate the radio to pick up the piece of radio wire in cell A20. Walk over to investigate the orange cart's headlight in cell A10 to pick up the loose wire. You then can find a scrap of wire inside the guard control shack outside of cell A18.

Walk into the upper guard room, and insert all three of the wires you have collected into the wire box. See our image below on how to line up the wires.

Here's how you line up the wires.

Go downstairs, enter cell A12, and read the note mentioning prisoner #110391. After opening all the cell doors, be sure to head back upstairs, and jump across the opened prison cell, to find the Serum (7). Leave this cell area and enter "110391" at the padlock code in front of the solitary confinement area. This will unlock the door, allowing you to continue through the prison.

Note: Choosing one of these dialog choices affects the ending of the game. Refer to the endings SuperGuide page to choose the preferred ending.

Walk down the hall, where your mother is strapped to the cross. Make your choice from the dialog box. Backtrack out of the confinement area after deciding the fate of Alex's mother, and save your game at the save point outside the cell door. Continue through the green double doors.

You have a choice to make...

Puzzle Shapes
A large slimy cylinder will rise out of the ground that has three symbol dials attached to it. You must match each of the three symbols to correlate with the riddles along the walls. Here are the solutions:

"I stand beside the holy man,
The monarchs fear my wrath,
None may move the way I can,
Ever the crooked path."

Pick the Knight Chess (resembles a horse) piece symbol on side of the column.

"The man who devised it,
Does not want it.
The man who bought it,
Does not use it.
The man who used it,
Does not realize it."

Pick the coffin symbol on the side of the column.

"What man loves more than life,
Fears more than death or mortal strife.
What poor men have, the rich acquire,
And all contended men desire
What miser spend and the wastrels save
And each man carries to his grave?"

Pick the empty space on the side of the column.

When you're done turning dials, have Alex stick his hand in this...thing.

Now you can have Alex reach inside the hole on the column, and it will rise into the ceiling. Drop through the large hole in the floor, save your game at the save point, and then squeeze through the gap in the wall. Continue down the corridor, defeat the two needlers, and then open the door at the end of the hall. After the cut-scene, you'll square off with asphyxia.


You must avoid the three punch combo attack from Asphyxia: right hook, left hook, upper cut. That means: dodge left, dodge right, roll backwards. Also, avoid her black smoke attack by rolling away from the black stream, and sidestep the charge attack.

When the arms go up, asphyxia is about to charge -- press dodge when you see this.

The charge attack is spotted when all four of its arms rise up in the air. Sidestep this attack, and hit its curvacious "tail" with an axe, which stuns Asphxia. Get in another couple hits with your axe before waiting for another charge attack. Repeat the strategy until the attack button begins to flash in the upper corner of the screen � press it to defeat Asphyxia.

After making a successful dodge, attack asphyxia's tail.


After walking out of the prison you'll find yourself in front of a hellish looking church. Walk towards the church pick up the two pistol ammunitions, health drink and rifle ammo before heading up the stairs through its large double doors. Walk up to the very front of the church, and insert the ceremonial dagger into the slit on the wall below the organ. This will unlock the plate puzzle: you will have to insert five plate pieces hidden in the church into this device. To the right of the organ is some shotgun shells.

Plate Collecting
Walk into the western span of the church, and turn the red valve on the side of the wall to raise body to the surface inside of the well. Investigate this body to pick up the chalice plate. Look inside the water bowl on the dresser to pick up the (11) Joshua's photograph. Walk upstairs in the room above this to save your game at the save point. Pick up the unlit candle and health drink in the adjacent room.

You must collect a bunch of plates like this hidden throughout the church.

Walk over to the confession booth and sit down.
Note: This is the area where Alex will have to make a choice. See our Endings section to decide what you want to do.

After you talk with Alex's father, he will leave the booth. Look inside this booth to pick up the kneeling man plate.

Grab the candle on the table.

Go downstairs and enter the room on the eastern side of the church. Place the unlit candle on the plate in front of the statue, and you'll receive the candle plate. Go up the stairs above this room, and pick up the health drink on the table. Walk over to the three paintings, and then cut into the painting on the far right with your knife to reveal the tree plate; pick it up.

Cut into the panting to pick up the hidden plate.

Walk over to the small room to the left of the paintings, pick up the rifle ammo on the ground, and continue down the hallway until you're in front of the glass painting. Investigate the middle of the painting to collect the sword plate. Two siams will break through the glass window, sending Alex falling to the ground level of the church.

As long as you have your shotgun handy, these siams will pose little threat.

After you kill the two siams, walk over to the plate puzzle below the church organ, and place each of the plates in the order based off of the screenshot below.

Here is the correct placement of the plates.

After the cut-scene is over, pick up a (17) Child's drawing next to your dad's corpse, then walk down the long staircase, and take a left at the bottom of the stairs. Walk over to the table and pick up the order soldier costume. Walk along the large pipe towards the elevator to start a long cut-scene, ending this chapter.


Let's Finish This
After rapidly pressing your action button to defeat Judge Holloway, it's time to save Elle and Wheeler�again. Pick up the lair map, first aid kit, health drink, and ceremonial dagger on the counter behind the operating chair.

Ladies and gentlemen: Judge Holloway. Don't let her bore you.

Walk down the hall into room 212, defeat the order soldier, and pick up the steel pipe inside this room. Use the pipe to break the window to room 211, hop through the broken window, and fight an order soldier. Pick up the Mk23 Handgun next to the television monitor, and the Sector 3 Key on the key rack. Go through the door on the left and pick up the (18) Child's drawing behind the laundry basket.

That looks expensive.

Continue back into the hallway, defeat the two order soldiers, and continue down the corridor to unlock the door into sector 3. Defeat more order soldiers, and use your pipe to pry open the door that leads to the southern corridor. Fight more order soldiers, keep going down the corridor, duck under the open gate, and walk towards the locked door. You'll see Elle being tortured by Curtis.

Saving Elle
Walk over to the metal gate left of the locked door, and climb over it. Push the dresser out of the way, revealing another door. Use your steel pipe to pry open this door, and walk through it to fight Curtis: equip your pistol and shoot him a couple of times in the head to kill him. If you're feeling generous, the pipe works well enough, as long as you've refined your dodging skills.

Chainsaw vs. Gun. What sportsmanship.

Grab the first aid kit and health drink on the bloody counter top. Pick up the Room 301 key on the wall next to the large green storage tank, and continue towards room 301 with Elle. Once you're in the room, pick up the large bag on the table to get all of your weapons back. Additionally, pick up some pistol ammunition and a health drink in the cupboard, along with the (8) serum on the table in the darkest area of the room. Break the window into room 302, and hop through it to pick up the first aid kit on the shelf.

Make sure you pick up the key to room 301, pictured on the wall here.

Saving Wheeler
Proceed north to sector 1, and then enter room 113 to pick up the Police Marksman Rifle, and the shotgun ammunition. Break the window into room 112, and hop through it to interact with Wheeler.
Note: Deciding whether or not to use one of your first aid kits on Wheeler will affect the ending of the game. Refer to our Endings section for the possible outcomes.

After making your choice, enter room 111, and then reenter the hallway. Continue through the door at the end of the hall, and save your game at the save point. Proceed through the door into the large circular room

Circular Puzzles
There are two large circular puzzles in this room. Look at our screenshots below see how to line up the symbols for both the large circular puzzle on the floor, and the one on the door. After unlocking access to the large room, investigate the Shepard tomb to have the end-game boss show up.

Here is how you line up the symbols on the ground.

Line up the symbols like this on the door.


Ammo: You should have close to full ammo on your guns (we revealed their locations in this last level). It's time to unload.

Amnion has only two attacks. It will either spew black gunk into the air (easily avoided if you just roll away from it), or charge with its two front knife-legs. You can spot the knife-leg attack when all of its front spider legs go into the air. When this happens, roll away.

Aim for the body, and fire away. It solves unwanted pregnancies.

When the knife-leg attack misses, its legs will momentarily be stuck in the ground, allowing you to shoot it with your shotgun. Or use the rifle or the pistol from a safe distance to inflict a great deal of damage. Amnion is the last boss of the game, so don't leave any ammo left in your pocket.

When its arms are stuck in the ground, move in close and swing away at the body.

If you're out of ammo, wait for the knife-leg attack, dodge it, and then hit the body portion while the knife-legs are stuck in the ground. Continue the attack pattern until you've defeated Amnion -- and seen this nightmare to its conclusion.


Alchemilla's Finest (10 G) Defeat 1 Nurse
Creeper Reaper (10 G) Defeat 1 Swarm
Sightseeing (10 G) Found 1 Photo
Lurk No More (10 G) Defeat 1 Lurker
Eddie's Legacy (10 G) Defeat 1 Feral
Clear the Air (10 G) Defeat 1 Smog
To The Point (10 G) Defeat 1 Needler
Kaufmann's Handiwork (10 G) Found 1 Serum
Six Feet Under (50 G) Defeat Sepulcher
Split Personality (10 G) Defeat 1 Schism
Shades of James (20 G) Defeat 1 Siam
Blood Donor (50 G) Defeat Scarlet
Out of Order (10 G) Defeat 1 Order member
Compassion (20 G) Dont end your mothers suffering
Mercy (20 G) End your mothers suffering
Catch Your Breath (50 G) Defeat Asphyxia
Forgiveness (20 G) Forgive your father
Angela's Choice (20 G) Dont forgive your father
Now about those drinks (25 G) Save Wheeler
Head Above Water (50 G) Defeat Amnion
Smile (50 G) Achieve ending 1
Lock 'n' Load (25 G) Found rifle
Josh's Gallery (50 G) Found all Photos
Health Junkie (50 G) Found all serums
Nursery Rhymes (50 G) Found all childrens drawing
The Old Gods... (100 G) Complete game on HARD difficulty
Rising Tension (25 G) Found Circular Saw
Science Fiction (25 G)
Found Laser Pistol
No Dogs Allowed (50 G) Achieve Ending 5
Intensive Care (50 G)
Achieve Ending 4
Judgement (50 G)
Achieve Ending 3
In Water (50 G)
Achieve Ending 2

Thanks a lot for reading and I hope you have got as much out of the game as I did. This guide was created using mycheats.

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