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The Sims 2: Double Deluxe Walkthroughs
(PC Games)

Submitted By: Angel2462
I am going to tell you how to get your kids into private school. Get your sim to call the headmaster and pay attention because he will tell you when he will come. Your children's grades must be at least a B or C.(or even better an A!)Whenever your kids come home from school they will bring homework!(DA-DA-DAA)Your kids won't like doing homework,as adult sims don't like fixing t.v's or sinks. So your kids need to be in a good mood. Do your homework and when your grade is not a D or F, then call you-know-who. A message will say that the headmaster is interested in coming for dinner. You may have a chance" Then choose "YES" or "NO".

Obviously you should choose yes, but if you change your mind, then no.He might say something like"I will be over tomorrow at 6 pm. etc..."Keep that in mind. Buy a few paintings and work on that cooking skill. Once he arrives you should click on him and choose entertain and give tour. Just show him a few of your best decorated rooms and then get your best chef to cook her best meal. Choose entertain once more but then choose call for dinner. He will eat your food and determine your scores. You should also get a sim with good charisma skills. Get that sim to talk to him about work, money, and school stuff. If your score is at about over 80 percent then you have passed. (It may be 90 percent, I forget) If you pass then your children will get cool uniforms and a better reputation. Hope this helps.


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