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This game is also available on PC and Xbox 360.

Retro Game Walkthroughs for Far Cry 2 (PlayStation 3)
Submitted By: kida pickles
Far Cry 2 Act 1 Tutorial Missions

NOTE: This introductory section is intended as a tutorial to learn all of the basics.
NOTE: Begin the game in the back of a Jeep. You can look around, but cannot do anything else. Just watch the scenery and the events that unfold, concluding with your character blacking out.
You awaken, suffering from malaria.
Pick up your journal, machete and Star .45 pistol.
Meet Jackal, who leaves just as fighting breaks out in the street.
Follow the on-screen prompts to leave the room.
Jump onto the pile of debris in the next room.
Crawl through the doorway to the upstairs walkway.
Enter an adjacent room.
Jump out of one of the two windows on the north side of the building.
Drop to the alley.
Shoot any APR or UFLL troops you encounter before they shoot you.
TIP: The best way to deal with firefights is to crouch and aim down the pistol's iron sight so that you are a smaller target.
TIP: Always go for headshots.
TIP: Check all dead bodies for weapons, e.g., Makarov pistol, Homeland 37 shotgun, and preferably a G3-KA4 assault rifle.
Make your way to the north side of town, moving quickly and staying off the main roads.
Once you make it outside of town, you will collapse and move on to the next mission.
NOTE: Where you pass out determines which mission will be next.
Northeast sector: Lumber Camp
Northwest sector: Pit Fighter
southwest sector: Slaughterhouse
Southeast sector: Dunk Cage
Objective: Pick up the weapons and syrettes from the health kit on the wall.
Upon awakening for the second time, your mysterious good Samaritan introduces himself.
Follow the on-screen prompts to learn first aid treatment and saving.
Take the assault rifle and flamethrower from the table.
Grab syrettes in the first aid kit on the wall,
Objective: Pop open the hood to fix the car.
Exit the building.
Locate the yellow car.
Open the hood.
Fix the car.
Return inside.
Objective: Kill the scouts at the safe house.
Get in the car.
Follow the GPS arrow south towards the safe house.
Park the car in a safe place before you reach it.
Take out the two or so guards stationed there to assume control of the safe house.
Objective: Use the bed-roll in the safe house.
Enter the safe house.
Follow the sleep tutorial to take a nap.
This restores your health.
Objective: Go to the observation point and scout the camp.
Return to the car.
Drive south to the marked map location.
Park the car and hop out of the car before you arrive at the destination.
Continue left on foot to the hilltop overlooking the camp.
Open the map.
Use the monocular to look around and scout out your enemies.
Objective: Free the lumber camp hostage.
Make your way into the compound.
Follow the map marker to the building with the hostage.
Sneak into the building using the hole in the fence on the west side.
Open the bolted wooden door to the storage closet to free the hostage.
Objective: Return to the slaughterhouse to meet Kankaras.
Return to the car.
Drive to the slaughterhouse.
Objective: Locate the diamonds using your GPS.
Open the map.
Watch for the small green flashing light on the radar unit.
NOTE: The flashing green light indicates that diamonds are near. As you get closer, an alarm signal will begin to sound.
Locate the first case near the garage with the car.
Objective: Purchase weapons using the Weapon Shop's computer.
Drive along the roads until you see the weapons shop indicated on the map near the bar.
Use the computer inside the shop to browse the list of available weapons and upgrades.
Purchase one of the available weapons with your diamonds.
NOTE: An infinite number of fresh weapons will now be available at the armories that are located near the weapons shops.
Objective: Head next door to the armory to pick up your weapon.
After picking your weapon off the wall, exit the shop.
Objective: Continue into Mike’s Bar to find help with curing your malaria.
Cross the street and enter the bar through the main door.
Locate the hostage you freed and speak to him.
Talk to the journalist - a man sitting at a table in the corner - and take the audio tape from him.
Finally, talk to the guy standing just across from the journalist. He will offer a rescue bonus, e.g., free revival.
Objective: Go to the church and give the tape to Father Maliya.
Leave the bar.
Take a vehicle and drive into the town at the center of the region and find the church.
Enter the church through the main door on the north side of the building.
Give Father Maliya the tape.
Take the malaria medicine from him.
Objective: Get a job.
Leave the church through the main doorway.
NOTE: This is the end of the introductory tutorial. Pay attention to the final few pointers about map usage and locating tasks and objectives.
Continue to the HFLL Headquarters, located on the west side of town and identified on your GPS with a yellow triangle.
Check in with the guard at the front desk. After being searched and cleared, head upstairs.
Find Dr. Gakumba. He will provide your mission details.
Far Cry 2 Act 1 UFLL Missions

UFLL Objective: Wreck the commandos' gear.
NOTE: This is a simple buddy mission.
Leave town and head east.
TIP: Go to the nearest map bus symbol to instantly travel close to your target.
Take out the guard by the safe house.
Take out the rest of the guards.
Rest at the safe house to restore your health once the guards are dispatched. It is a good idea to sleep until daylight before you hunt for some more commandos.
Head to the villa to the northwest to locate the informant.
NOTE: You want to force him into sending incorrect coordinates to the commandos.
Once at the villa, fight your way up to the second floor.
Get him to transfer the wrong coordinates.
Locate the commandos by following the map marker.
Look for the truck with the radio in the bed.
Shoot the radio until it explodes.
NOTE: After this mission is completed, you will be able to access the APR missions.
UFLL Objective: Go to the oasis and tag gold for the UFLL.
First you need to complete a second buddy mission to kill a king, taking his ring to a prince.
Enter the fortress at the south entrance along the south side of the building and find your way to the second floor.
Kill the king and chop him up.
Take his ring to the prince at the next marked location.
Drive to the oasis at the center of the desert.
Equip the sniper rifle.
Locate a good hiding spot just outside the camp and take out the half dozen guards.
Locate the hold in the ground in the center of the camp.
Climb down the ladders into the crypt.
Tag the crates of gold.
UFLL Objective: Destroy water pumps in the greenhouse.
For the buddy mission that coincides with this mission, grab a defoliant canister on the table inside the shed at the depot south of town.
Give the canister to the buddy in the small house at the airfield to the south.
Now head to the greenhouses in the grassy field.
Take out the enemies at the guard post before you head inside.
Use the walls on either side to create cover.
TIP: This mission is easiest to complete at night because the guards are less likely to spot you.
The water pump is located inside the first greenhouse to the east.
Take it out with a single bullet.
UFLL Objective: Free the lumber camp hostage.
Similar to the previous tutorial rescue mission, check the map to locate the building where the hostage is being held.
Open the bolted wooden door to the closet.
Free him.
Far Cry 2 Act 1 APR Missions

APR Objective: Kill the Police Chief.
NOTE: The police chief will be riding in a convoy unless you take on the buddy mission.
For your buddy mission, you will first need to obtain the ledger from the chief's brother.
NOTE: This is a time-consuming mission, so you may not want to bother.
Enter the large building on the docks.
Head up to the second floor.
The ledger is inside the box on the table near the bed.
If the chief is in the convoy, either shoot the driver with the sniper rifle or send explosives into his car. A well-placed grenade in front of the convoy will also do the trick.
The chief is wearing blue should you recognize him.
If you did opt to do the buddy mission, the chief will not be in the convoy. He will most likely be near a jail cell.
After dispatching the chief, you will then need to blow up the remainder of the convoy at the marked location to kill all of the enemies.
Objective: Find the lost box of files at the rail yard.
Head northwest to the train yard.
Locate the blue train car on the map.
Enter the yard from the north, south or east.
Take the case back to the buddy at the bar.
APR Objective: Head to the rail yard and blow up the gas tanker.
NOTE: If you opt to do the buddy mission, you will first need to murder an official located at the ranch to the east.
Head east to the ranch.
The official is located on the first floor of the ranch building. You will then continue northeast along the train tracks to the ambush point and kill a few more enemies.
NOTE: Watch out for wrecked train cars that block the roads.
If you have opted to skip the buddy mission, grab the sniper rifle and head northwest for the train yard.
There is a checkpoint before the mountain. You will need to eliminate about half a dozen guards before going around the mountain.
NOTE: If they approach you by car, use either a rocket launcher or grenade to take them out.
Walk around the mountain until you are positioned over the camp.
There are about a dozen guards in the camp.
Take them out from a safe distance with your sniper rifle.
Once they are disposed of, head into camp and locate the tanker between the blue train cars in the middle of camp.
TIP: The tanker is identified on your GPS with a red target marker.
Blow up the tanker with either a grenade or another explosive item.
APR Objective: Head to the scrap yard and blow up the compressor.
This objective's buddy mission is to steal a file of schedule information from a desk inside a building in the middle of the compound to the northwest.
Take the sniper rifle and heavy machine gun for this mission.
NOTE: It would also be a good idea to take your first underground mission since its objective is close by.
To complete the underground objective, eliminate the guards near the house and grab some medicine for your reward.
Follow the train tracks until you arrive at your first checkpoint.
Eliminate the five guards.
Continue on to the scrap yard.
Make your way to the tall platform located near the objective.
Take the stairs up to the top of the platform.
Use your sniper rifle to pick off a dozen guards.
TIP: If you use the crouch function, they will not be able to hit you.
Head to the building marked on your GPS.
Eliminate the two guards.
Destroy the compressor on the table.
To follow up with your buddy mission, travel northeast to the ambush point and take out the enemies waiting there.
APR Objective: Kill Gakumba at Goka Falls.
Equip the heavy machine gun, all of its grenades and as many Molotovs as you can carry.
Head to Gakumba's mountain hideaway by way of the small forest road into Goka Falls.
There is a small fishing house when you first enter the jungle.
Pick off the two guards and swim to the mountain behind the house.
On the mountain you will find a trail leading up to Gakumba's house.
Climb the mountain and cross the bridge above.
There are about a half a dozen guards in the house.
Throw some grenades into the house.
Use your rifle to eliminate the rest.
Enter the house and kill Gakumba.
Quickly exit as more guards will approach from the east and across the bridge from the west.
The best escape route is the same way you came up.
Eliminate the two guards across the bridge, hop in your car and leave.
Objective: Talk to Reuben at the lumber camp.
Once Gakumba is dead, your cell phone will ring.
It is a journalist requesting a meeting.
Proceed to the lumber camp and enter the marked building.
Upon your arrival, Reuben tels that soldiers will take out Mike's Bar and Father Maliya's Church.
You can save one. The choice does not really matter as far as outcome of the game, so take your pick and head to the appropriate location.
Objective: Defend Father Maliya's church.
Return to town and head to the church.
Enter and speak with Father Maliya.
Push the bookcase cabinet in front of the hidden doorway to block it.
Enemies will begin approaching from all sides, shooting from the windows.
At this point, your character will either be blown away or knocked out by an explosion.
NOTE: This is part of the story line.
Objective: Defend Mike's Bar.
Head to Mike's Bar.
Be careful of the enemies outside the bar as you approach.
Enter the door by the main entrance.
Push the refrigerator until it is in front of the door, blocking the entrance.
Enemies will begin approaching from all sides, shooting from the windows.
At this point, your character will either be blown away or knocked out by an explosion.
NOTE: This is part of the story line.
Congratulations! You have completed Act 1. World 2 is now unlocked.
Far Cry 2 Act 2 Introduction

Objective: Find Shelter.
Your character's body is dropped from a truck full of bodies in the middle of the desert.
Crawl northwest until you approach a hut.
The same Jackal appears and tells you how he is better than you are at survival before he mysteriously disappears just like before.
Objective: Kill Prosper Kouassi
After you awaken, another dude appears with the mission of killing Prosper Kouassi, the APR boss, at his troop rally.
Grab the mortar, an assault rifle and a pistol from the hut.
TIP: You may also return to your armory and retrieve some weapons.
Follow the dirt road to the southwest of town until you reach Kouassi.
NOTE: The rally is being held behind the ruins of cars and buses. These provide great cover along with the big rocks.
You will notice the dozen or so guards begin to panic as you continue towards the rally. Use the rock formations as cover as you go in to pick him off.
Objective: Meet Voorhees at Stephane.
Head back onto the road and begin to travel southwest through the open desert.
Follow the marker to the route that continues south until you arrive at a marked building within a small village.
NOTE: If you happen upon a dune buggy, take advantage of the ride and bypass the numerous patrols.
Talk to the UFLL boss and accept the mission he offers.
UFLL Objective: Meet the Barge Skipper at Jackal Island in Lake Segolo.
NOTE: This mission involves escorting a weapon supply boat.
Travel to the armory to purchase ammo and any necessary upgrades prior to starting the mission.
Travel by bus to the middle of the region.
Head to the docks and take the blue boat to the barge that is parked in the stream on the island.
Find the door to the bridge.
Talk to the captain located on your GPS, a new buddy.
Objective: Defend the boat until docking at Port Selao. Repair the engine in the middle of the deck if the barge becomes disabled.
Remain on the deck of the boat.
Use the ship's guns (loaded with grenades) to fend off any attackers on the shore or in the boat patrols that give chase.
NOTE: Various weapons and ammo can be found around the barge, included three mounted cannons towards the front of the ship.
TIP: Watch for a guard on the mountain in front of you. with several well-placed hits from his rocket launcher, he has the capability of dealing a great deal of damage to the ship.
Should the barge break down, take out any surrounding enemies and head to the foot of the stairs leading to the bridge on the middle of the deck. Look for the electric sparks and fix the engine.
Objective: Find Doctor Obua at the clinic.
After the boat docks, head to the clinic on the north side of town and prepare for chaos.
Enter the clinic through the main door on the south side of the building.
Warn the doctor that the town's cease fire will soon be over temporarily.
Objective: Escape Port Selao.
A new buddy warns you that exiting the clinic through the main door is too risky and advises you to use the back door to leave the building.
Head back to the south towards the docks.
Dodge the mayhem and find a car to escape more quickly.
The fight continues no matter how many enemies you manage to take out, so make a quick exit your priority.
TIP: It is easiest to exit the way that you entered, using syrettes while running to increase your chance of survival.
Objective: Return to the barge and defend it against attackers.
Your phone begins to ring as you are leaving Port Selao. Frank, the barge captain, is in trouble and needs your help.
Take the blue boat to catch up to the barge at the other side of the lake, or take the bus for a shortcut.
Dispose of the enemies on the boat and use the ship's guns to take care of those on land.
After all of the enemies have been killed, talk to your buddy Frank on the bridge of the barge to complete the mission.
Far Cry 2 Act 2 UFLL Missions

UFLL Objective: Destroy the Dogon Village kiln.
First, to complete the buddy mission that coincides with this objective, you need to find the man at the outpost marked on the map so your buddy can check out his transport documents.
Enter the hut and dispose of him.
Continue up the mountain trail to the village that houses the kiln.
Shoot the explosive tanks next to the kiln to break it apart or destroy it with a Molotov cocktail.
If you buddy still needs assistance, continue to the marked spot and kill the remaining enemies in the village.
Take the path leading to the left and see if you can spot the hang glider on the other side of the mountain.
Hop on and fly down the river to the left.
Secure a safe house after landing.
UFLL Objective: Kill Seth Uniya at the Polytechnic.
NOTE: This is a simple search and destroy mission to take out Seth, the APR bomb-making instructor. The buddy mission includes an additional task to retrieve a file of information first.
Head to the shack within the marked group of buildings.
Grab the file from the table in the center of the room.
Locate the instructor in the corner building at the college.
Take out the dozen or so guards and head to the back area in the northwest corner.
Uniya is hiding.
Take out your pistol and shoot him.
Continue to the next marked location via the mountain pass and help your next buddy at the airfield.
UFLL Objective: Free Andre, a hostage at the Dogon Sediko.
TIP: This mission is easier if done at night.
Head to the hut village and climb the ladder to get to the second floor.
Rescue Andre.
NOTE: More guards approach as you exit, so be careful.
UFLL Objective: Assassinate Yabek, the weapons dealer on the barge.
NOTE: Yabek has angered the UFLL chief by selling only to the APR. The UFLL chief wants him taken out. You can find Yabek on the barge beneath the train tracks.
NOTE: The buddy mission is to locate a fuse for your buddy to use in building a bomb.
Drive to the crash site that is indicated on the map.
Pick up the fuse that is lying on the ground.
Give the fuse to your buddy at the marked location on the bridge that is above the barge.
TIP: You can reach the spot by via the road to the east of the airfield.
Run quickly to the west once the bomb is set before the bridge explodes and crashes down onto the barge.
Take out the enemies who come to investigate the cause of the explosion.
Should you opt to not take on the buddy mission, follow the GPS to the train tracks area and take out the guards at the first sentry point.
Continue to pick off guards one by one.
Continue down the tracks until you arrive at the dirt trail.
Yabek is usually located in the bottom level of the boat.
Shoot him and leave.
Far Cry 2 Act 2 APR Missions

APR Objective: Destroy the nitrous oxide tanks on the flatbed truck outside of the dental clinic.
NOTE: Accept this buddy mission if you are in need of malaria pills even though it is a bit more complex than usual.
Pick up the plain cardboard box from one of the shelves at the post office.
Equip your sniper rifle and head to the clinic area.
NOTE: The truck is under a shed.
If you are not doing the buddy mission, the main story mission simply involves using a grenade or other explosives to detonate the tanks.
Use distance to your advantage and begin to pick off the guards without blowing up the truck.
Repair the truck.
Drive the truck to the northwest village.
If there are any enemies in pursuit, exit the truck to fight them off to lessen the risk of the nitrous tanks blowing up the truck.
APR Objective: Destroy the radio control tower generator in Weelegol village.
Enter through the mountain and continue to the first area in the village.
Use your sniper rifle and rockets to eliminate two dozen guards.
Take out the RPG soldier in the tower before the generator.
Pick up the IED next to the radio tower and detonate it.
APR Objective: Steal the dynamite at the diamond mine and blow up the pipe at the construction site.
Kill the dozen soldiers from a distance.
Use your GPS to locate the hut containing the TNT.
Make your way to the construction area.
Follow the road to the outpost to the right of your buddy's location.
Continue to the sniper post.
Use your rifle or grenade launcher to take care of the enemies below.
Backtrack to the glider located on some rocks.
Use the glider to swoop down and place the dynamite on the construction pipe.
Leave the area.
APR Objective: Deliver a message from Tambossa to Mbantuwe at the Brewery. Collect the diamonds as a sign of good faith.
NOTE: The UFLL boss, Tambossa, is asking for a truce with the APR.
Proceed towards the south side of the lake in Dogon Sediko indicated on the GPS.
Enter the town.
Make your way to the marked building.
Head upstairs.
Mbantuwe is dead. Take the case of diamonds from the red sofa in the office.
Far Cry 2 Act 3 UFLL Missions

UFLL Objective: Escape the prison.
Awaken inside a prison cell.
Examine the walls for a faded section to the right of the cell.
Kick through the small hole to create a large enough opening to escape.
TIP: Save game.
NOTE: You will notice that you automatically have some medicine, grenades and your machete.
Check the map.
Head northwest.
Continue down the dirt trail to the marked location along the road.
Sneak past any enemies you encounter.
UFLL Objective: Meet Voorhees at Sefapane.
Take a call from the new UFLL boss requesting a meeting.
Head to the bus station.
Get on the bus to Sefapane.
Head to the local weapon shop for some new weapons.
Far Cry 2 Act 3 APR Missions

APR Objective: Go to the Dogon Sediko and kill Oliver Tambossa.
Enter the village from the west.
Continue into the marked building from the southwest.
Climb the ladder to the second floor and take out Tambossa.
Far Cry 2 Act 3 House Cleaning Part 1

Objective: Go to the TaeMoCo mine and kill Voorhees and his aide.
Head southwest to the mine.
Take out the half dozen guards.
TIP: Watch out for the soldiers up on the platforms that try to snipe you.
Sneak into the single-floor office hut from the west and take out Voorhees and his companion.
TIP: It is more efficient to use explosives.
Objective: Meet Reuben at the Marina bar.
Board the bus.
Continue to the bar to the south.
Talk to the journalist.
Talk to the guy sitting near the main door. Agree to his request to take out Greaves.
Objective: Go to Sepoko and kill Greaves and his aide.
Board the bus to Sepoko.
Head northeast to the compound.
TIP: Watch out for the rocket launcher guard towards the back of the base.
Take out the dozen or so guards.
Use explosives to take out the jeeps that charge in your direction.
Find the hole in the fence along the northern perimeter.
Locate the single-floor office shack.
Take out Greaves and his aide inside the building.
Objective: Find Reuben in the airport hangar.
As soon as Greaves is dead, take a call from Reuben. He is stuck in the marked airport hangar. He informs you that the APR and UFLL have joined forces and he may not survive.
Grab any medication before heading to the airport.
Just get to the airport as quickly as possible. Ignore the enemies hiding in the hills.
Once at the airport, take out any enemies on the way to the hangar.
TIP: Watch for the enemies with mortars and rocket launchers.
Find the door into the hangar.
Talk to Reuben.
Objective: Go to the prison and meet The Jackal.
Reuben tells you that The Jackal is about to stage a prison uprising.
Stop by the armory and equip yourself with weapons and ammunition.
Enter the prison via your earlier escape route.
Open the prison door.
Find The Jackal in the center of the courtyard.
Follow along with him while he moves and mumbles and he will let you in on his plan.
Exit the prison through the east door.
Objective: Go to the Landing Zone and retrieve the diamonds stolen by the Arms Dealer.
NOTE: The Jackal tells you that some arms dealers have stolen diamonds and plan to escape from Africa with them. Agree to stop them.
Head southeast from the prison's east gate until you reach the landing zone.
Make any final preparations along the way.
Continue through the valleys.
Use any safe houses on your journey to save your game and restock supplies.
TIP: After you leave the first safe house, stay on the rocky upper paths and look for the natural rock bridge spanning the gulch to reach the second.
Take cover once you arrive at the landing zone. The crates along the outer perimeter will serve your purpose well.
Kill all of your former buddies you find there.
Retrieve the diamonds.
Stop by the last safe house.
Far Cry 2 Act 3 House Cleaning Part 2

Objective: Go to the jungle bivouac and kill both factions' commanders.
Make your way to the cease fire zone in the dead-end area to locate the surviving faction bosses.
Stay on the upper paths and outer edges, working your way up to their shack.
Take out the two sets of 4-5 guards in the jungle if you have broken the cease-fire rules.
If not, you can stealthily approach the two targets, taking them by surprise.
Cross the bridge at the cease-fire zone.
Stand near the ledge in front of the shack and toss a grenade or RPG into the hut with the faction bosses.
Dash down into the gully and exit quickly and return to Jackal's hut.
Objective: Deliver the diamonds to The Jackal.
Make your way back to The Jackal's hut.
Enter his hut.
Hand him the case of diamonds.
Far Cry 2 Act 3 Finale

Objective: Select the battery or the briefcase.
NOTE: The Jackal wants to bribe the border guards into allowing civilians to access refugee camps and blow up the neighboring cliffs to block the pursuit of enemy forces. He asks for you to complete one of these tasks.
Objective: Go to the canyon overhang and detonate the dynamite with the battery.
If you select the battery, continue on the winding path behind the hut.
Kill or dart past any enemies along the trail.
At the end of the winding path, detonate the crates of dynamite.
Objective: Go to the Border Patrol camp and give the briefcase of diamonds to the Commandant.
If you select the briefcase, head north past the hut.
Follow the cliff side trail.
Take care of enemy final enemies along the path.
Open the door into the border security station.
Hand the briefcase to the man standing near the desk.

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