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Retro Game Walkthroughs For
"007 Quantum of Solace"
(Xbox 360)

Retro Game Walkthroughs for 007 Quantum of Solace (Xbox 360)
Submitted By: STATICJBX
[U]White�s Estate[/U]
Proceed forward, obtain the SAF .45, and take cover. Allow the sentries to advance to your position. Eliminate them (4) as they attack you. Proceed to the end of the courtyard and obtain additional SAF .45 ammunition. Turn right, locate the keypad, and approach and activate it. To unlock the gate, you must mimic the green arrows with your keyboard arrow keys. Do so four times and the gate will unlock.

Proceed slowly. Retreat when the motorboat passes to avoid gunfire. Proceed to the dock and take cover behind the wall. Eliminate the guards with well-placed shots to either gas canisters. Turn around � an enemy will rush through the locked doors. Eliminate him and enter inside. Climb the right-side staircase and approach the security center � specifically the device with a blinking red light. Patch into the cameras.

Turn left and exit through the newly opened door. Ascend the staircases and sprint through the greenhouse. Afterward, turn left and proceed through the vineyard. Upon exiting, you will view another large greenhouse. Enter (sprint) via the center door and immediately take cover behind a wooden shelf. Eliminate the security team. Incinerate the enemies via destroying the left-side gas tank, if needed. Be wary of an additional security team that will approach from the side. Change cover locations often or enemies will flank you or throw grenades. Upon eliminating the security team, the greenhouse exit will open.

Exit the greenhouse. Ascend the staircases and proceed to the villa�s right side. Upon doing so, notice the right-side second-floor balcony. (This is only visible from close range.) A sentry will attempt to eliminate you from that position. Kill him and his body will open the entrance to the cellar.

Enter the cellar and proceed left down the winding hall. If needed, obtain the shotgun located in the second left-side room. In the main room, take cover behind barrels and pillars and eliminate the guards. Proceed to the opposite end of the room. Climb the ascending staircase to your right. In the octagonal room, proceed left and ascend the staircase to reach the kitchen. Take cover and eliminate the dining room guards.

Proceed to the dining room, turn right, enter the large stately room, turn left, and take cover behind the counter. Eliminate the sentries � one in front, one left. Proceed upstairs and ascend the left-side staircase. Walk forward, turn right, and eliminate the sentry. Proceed down the hall and turn right to enter White�s library. Proceed to the empty safe and activate it to open a secret passage. Enter the secret passage and approach the primary computer system, and hack into White�s computer.

To escape the burning villa, run right. Turn left and walk around the large gap. Turn left and descend the staircase to the first floor. Turn right and proceed to the opposite side of the room. Upon doing so, the wall will explode to reveal a second room. Proceed through the second room to exit the villa. Ascend the staircase to the helipad and shoot the helicopter until a cinematic is triggered.

Exit through the room the assassin did and descend the staircase. You will fall into a flooded room. Enter the tunnel and follow the straightforward path. Upon falling to a second floor to be met with a locked gate, crouch and enter the right-side passageway. Follow the straight-forward path until you arrive in a large room.

Take cover and eliminate the security team. Work fast, the room will be flooding shortly. Eliminate the surround enemies and proceed along the left wall. You will approach a broken slanted piece of concrete, allowing you to proceed to the second floor. Proceed forward and you will view a balcony. Eliminate enemies from here and jump down. Proceed to the end of the room. Enemies will enter through a gate that will close shortly thereafter. Eliminate them. To the left of the gate (and directly before the pillar) is a small tower with a generator. Shoot the generator from a distance and the gate will be demolished by the falling tower. Proceed through the gate.

Proceed through the new passageway and enter the left-hand passageway. Follow the straightforward path. Upon entering a room with small waterfalls, turn right and follow the straightforward path. Shortly afterward, you will enter part two of this mission.

Proceed forward and take cover behind the right-side wall. Eliminate the guards. Ascend the staircase and climb up the pole. Turn left and enter the apartment through the window. Proceed forward and turn right to exit the apartment. Ascend the staircase and jump to the rooftop. Climb the wooden planks to reach the second rooftop. Take cover and eliminate the guards from your position. Afterward, proceed forward and jump down to another rooftop. Proceed to the wall, turn right, and enter the apartment. Turn right, take cover, and eliminate the enemies outside. Proceed outside and jump to the house where the enemies were positioned. Head forward, ascend the staircase, take cover, and eliminate the guards.

Proceed forward and jump down to the crashed bus. Climb the pole on the opposite side. Take cover immediately and eliminate the snipers and approaching guards. Proceed to the left-side tower eliminating new enemies as you go. Climb the staircase and proceed for your first boss battle. When the target reticule and target appear on the screen, position the target reticule inside the target and press your fire button. Repeat this process until the boss fight ends.

[U]Opera House[/U]
Proceed forward to the small device with a blinking red light. Patch into the cameras. Proceed forward (avoid the camera) and enter the second left-side alcove. Deactivate the camera via the power box. If you are caught, an elite squad will come to eliminate you. While this does not present a problem on lower difficulty settings, it can become a death trap on Agent or 007 modes. Afterward, proceed forward and enter the makeshift passageway. Your path will eventually be obstructed by misaligned bridges. To fix this, press the left-side switch once and the right-side switch twice. Proceed across the bridge.

Turn right twice and left once. The game will equip your pistol. Crouch, attach the silencer and eliminate the guard with a headshot. Apply your silencer to every weapon you use during this level to maintain stealth. Proceed forward, left, and proceed forward again to enter a small pond. To emerge upon the other side, proceed forward all the way. Afterward, turn right and then left. A guard will most likely be patrolling to your right side. Eliminate him. Proceed outside and take cover behind the brick wall. Eliminate the patrolling guard. Exit from cover and ascend the small ramp to the flashing console. Activate the console and a container will be lowered to create a makeshift bridge to the next portion. Proceed across the bridge, turn right, and ascend the ramp.

Proceed forward and descend the right-side ramp. While avoiding the camera, duck into the alcove. Directly beneath the camera is its power box. While the camera looks away, sprint toward the power box and deactivate the camera. Turn around and proceed to the opposite end of the room. Turn left and you will see a window. Above this window is a security camera. Exit through the left-side door and crouch. Take cover behind the wall and examine the camera. Directly beneath it is the power box. When the camera looks ahead, sprint to the power box and deactivate the camera. Look to your left and you will discover another camera. The power box is located in the crawlspace directly underneath the camera. Exit the crawlspace, proceed up the stairs, and enter the room the camera was guarding. Exit through the left-side door, take cover, and eliminate the patrolling guard. Climb over your cover and proceed to the opposite end of the area.

Turn left, enter the fence, and ascend the staircase. Turn left and you will see another small staircase. Ascend it. Turn right and climb up the ladder. Proceed forward and climb over the small bar. A second viewpoint will be visible � that of the sniper. You may shimmy across whenever the sniper is not looking toward the wall, either via the naked eye or his scope. Proceed forward and ascend the staircase. Proceed across the balcony and eliminate the sniper. He will fall and scream, but no guards will be alerted. Ascend the staircase he was guarding and a cinematic will be triggered.

Equip your silencer. After the first easily identifiable guards, they are random and usually appear in any open space. A simple strategy is this. When you see a laser, crouch. Quickly trace the laser sight to the guard and eliminate him. Upon eliminating enough snipers, a cinematic will be triggered.

Equip your SAF .45 and proceed forward. Ascend the left-side staircase and take cover. Eliminate the two snipers atop the small buildings. Proceed to where they were positioned. Upon doing so, you will enter a mini-game of balancing. To avoid falling, utilize your movement keys to keep the ball centered as often as possible. Upon completing this mini-game, turn left and jump down to the lower balcony. Take note of the barred descending ladder to your left. Proceed across the balcony, open the yellow case, and equip a new gun.

Take cover and eliminate the guards until a large explosion takes place. Remember that barred ladder? Descend it. Sprint across the deck � you�re looking to reach the road quickly. You will not receive significant damage from enemies - they will be killed by the explosions. After jumping across a large gap (which the game warns you of), the mission will end.

[U]Sink Hole[/U]
Descend the hill and take cover behind the boulders. You will not be harmed by the helicopter�s gunfire if you remain stationary. When the gunfire momentarily stops, sprint and take cover behind the next set of boulders. You will eventually take cover behind a large boulder with a fire directly in front of it. To the right of this boulder is a descending hill. When the gunfire stops, descend the hill and take cover inside the plane wreckage. You will suffer significant damage, but will quickly heal inside the wreckage.

When the gunfire momentarily stops, proceed outside the opposite exit. You will follow a straightforward path. When you see a large piece of plane wreckage (a tail), proceed to the tail. Upon entering the river, crouch and utilize stealth. Positioned on the wreckage is a sentry you must disarm. Slowly approach him and take him down.

Turn left and you will discover enemies attacking your position. Eliminate them and proceed to their position. Upon reaching their position, turn left and follow the river. Ascend the small hill and eliminate the small batch of enemies. Across from your position you will see an ascending hill. Proceed to the base of the hill.

Cover is essential in this section. Think of the ascending hill and the row of rocks as an ascending hill with a row of enemies. Eliminate the closest row first and take cover behind the row they were guarding. Repeat this process until you reach the hilltop. Enter the cave that is glowing red. Exit the cave. Upon exiting the cave, you will see parts of a crashed helicopter. Proceed to the crashed helicopter and arm the machine gun.

As with the sniping portion of Opera House, enemies will approach from all areas randomly. Whenever you see a gun muzzle flash, eliminate the enemy. If you are harmed, proceed to the source (point in the direction of the red arrows when being shot) and eliminate the enemy. Do this until the objective is completed.

In this room, there are three red glowing lights produced by flares. Proceed to the source of the second (middle) one. Follow the straightforward path upward and eliminate the two snipers. Using your newly-obtained M14 sniper rifle, eliminate the guards attacking Camille�s position. You will soon receive fire from guards (two) are attempting to flank your right side. This portion will end when the helicopter appears in view.

Turn left to enter a second cave �room� and open the yellow case. Using your newly-obtained D.A.D. rocket launcher, destroy the helicopter. Two nicely placed shots will do the job. When the helicopter has crashed, proceed to Camille�s position to end the level. To descend the hill, return to the first �room� and jump down to begin descending.

Proceed to the shack across the snake pit, take cover, and eliminate the enemies. Work your way through the small shack to the beach. Approach the coast, turn left, and take cover behind the boxes. To eliminate the machine gun gunner, shoot the gas tank directly above the truck. Proceed forward and an enemy will open a shack door and begin attacking you. Eliminate him and proceed through the door. Proceed forward, turn right, and exit through the door. Proceed left and follow the straightforward path. You will eventually find yourself in a small shack with a yellow case. Open the yellow case and equip the CAT-8.

Though the CAT-8 may appear wildly inaccurate upon first glance, it is a wonderful gun to use when shooting from cover and thus, a wonderful gun for this portion. Approach the middle window and eliminate the guards proceeding toward you, in the garage, and to the upper-left of the garage. Approach the right-side window. Eliminate the enemies on ground level and those on the elevated level. Watch for enemies on your immediate right, upon the rooftop. When the pickup truck approaches, stay under cover and ignore it. It will drive away shortly.

Return to the middle window. Eliminate the few enemies still alive and the pickup truck will return. The garage door will also open, revealing a large gas tank. Ignore all enemies and concentrate all your fire upon the gas tank. The large explosion will eliminate all enemies. It will also create your exit. Proceed outside and chase the bomber � he will be running up the hill found on the right side of the garage.

[U]Construction Site[/U]
Proceed to your right and run around the collapsing pipes. Ascend the small hill the bomber did. You will see a large blue plank leading upward. Jump onto the blue machinery (found on your left) and run up the plank. Enter the left room, crouch, and crawl into the open gated space. Proceed to the opposite end and exit the gated space. Turn right and approach the portion of the wall with a large crack.

Run forward, turn left, ascend the small bridge, and climb over the bar. Turn right twice, and proceed left via the planks. Jump to the machinery holding the pipes and detach the pipes to ascend to the bomber�s position. Proceed to the bomber�s position (the balancing mini-game is used) and jump to the �lower level.� Turn right, play the balancing game again, and jump to the building�s rooftop. Proceed forward to fall down to the lower level and descend the staircase. When you fall, turn left and approach the seemingly locked gate. It will automatically open. Turn right and proceed to the lift. Tear the cables (via the console) to descend. Sprint to the van.

[U]Science Center Exterior[/U]
Begin eliminating the snipers on the lower level. One can be found beneath the poster. Two others will be found to the left and the right, patrolling the building corners. Eliminate the snipers on the upper level. There is a faint white light in the building�s middle portion. Eliminate the sniper there. Two other snipers can be found near the faint red lights to your left and right. Turn behind and proceed to the opposite end of the area. Exit through the only corridor. The game will automatically leave your rifle behind.

Equip your silencer and eliminate the guard in front of you. Proceed forward and eliminate the patrolling guard. Proceed further and eliminate the guard working with the laptop. Proceed along the truck�s right side and you will encounter a right-side door locked via keypad. Hack the keypad and enter. Enter the left-side room and eliminate the patrolling guard. Eliminate the second stationary guard and take cover behind the boxes. Eliminate the guards near the car. No matter what, an elite squadron will enter. If possible, try to eliminate as the guards when they exit from the van. If this cannot be done, they will take cover behind the cars. Beware of guards flanking your right side. Approach the farthest 18-wheeler truck. On the right side is a ladder. Climb the ladder to reach the base of an ascending staircase. Proceed left � an enemy will soon burst through a door. Enter the room he came from and open the yellow case to discover a D.A.D. rocket launcher. Exit the room and ascend the staircase to your right.

Upon reaching the top of the ascending staircase, climb the ladder and climb over the right-side guardrail. Shimmy across to the pole and climb it. Take cover behind the funnel-like device to eliminate the enemies safely. Proceed the only way you can. (The direction depends upon where you took cover.) Proceed to the opposite end of where you first approached this area. Upon doing so, turn right to discover a new roof portion.

Take cover behind the large unit and eliminate the three enemies also under cover. Afterward, a helicopter will appear. Do not eliminate it � you cannot. Eliminating it is a later part of the mission. Eliminate the enemies, proceed to their position, and turn right. Take cover and eliminate the guards. Jump over the vent and take cover behind the large unit. Eliminate the snipers and other approaching enemies. Follow the straightforward path until you emerge upon a large area where a helicopter will soon appear.

Destroy the helicopter with well placed D.A.D. rockets if possible. If you did not obtain the rocket launcher, one to two magazines of rifle ammunition will do the job. Be wary of flanking enemies � at most, there will be two or three. While they do not pose a significant threat on easier difficulty settings, they must be dispatched quickly on higher settings. They can usually be found on the opposite end of where you first entered the boss arena, or near the small ascending staircase near the building.

[U]Science Center Interior[/U]
Sprint to the end of the corridor, turn left, descend the small staircase, and eliminate the guard. To the right of the doorframe leading downstairs is a camera box. Patch into the cameras and head downstairs. When you approach the closed door at the base of the stairs, it will open automatically. Take cover behind the wall. If you accomplished this section quickly enough, you will see two guards approaching each other and later conversing. Take note of the security camera across the room. On the right-side wall across the room is a doorframe. When they exit the room and enter the doorway you will soon enter, sprint across the room and enter the doorway. Avoid the camera. Eliminate the guards inside.

Inside this room are two locked door requiring hacked keypads. Upon unlocking one door, the other will unlock automatically. Unlock the left-side door and take cover. Eliminate the enemies inside. If needed, take cover behind the right-side wall to eliminate enemies. During this fight sequence, the left and right-side doors to the next room will momentarily open and later close. To proceed to the next room, walk on the last catwalk. You will see a �walkway� consisting of pipes. Walk across the pipes to reach the second room. Inside this room, locate the small ladder that leads to a ventilation shaft. Enter the small ventilation shaft and slide down the rope. Enter the room.

If you reached this room late enough, the left-side double doors will be locked via keypad. Hack and keypad and proceed through. Directly in front of you is a camera patch box. Patch into the cameras and head left. You will soon come to a corridor with a yellow-white wall. Do not enter the rooms but instead follow the main corridor. Be wary of the one security camera that exists here. When first entering this sequence, take cover behind the first wall that forms a right angle. From here, you see the security camera. Sprint and crouch directly below the camera. When it looks away, proceed forward and left.

You will enter a similar section with red-white walls. Proceed through this corridor without entering the rooms. You will soon enter a small office complex with a large computer station. Access the elevator using the computer. Ensure you have a good long-distance automatic weapon before entering the elevator. Upon reaching your destination in the elevator, the doors will briefly open but soon close. During this period, eliminate visible enemies. The elevator will begin crashing. On the ceiling is an escape hatch. Wait for it to open and quickly proceed through. Upon reaching the top of the elevator, quickly climb the ladder leading to your destination. If you do this too slowly, you will die from the explosion resulting from the crashing elevator.

Upon reaching the top floor, quickly take cover. Cover during this portion is essential. What you wish to do throughout this is proceed to the opposite end of the exhibit room on the first floor. From the cover, eliminate as many enemies as possible and proceed forward to another cover station. From there, eliminate more enemies. Rinse and repeat. Enter the hallway leading left and take cover behind a pillar. When the enemies stop, turn right and proceed to the hallway that (from your position) leads left. Take cover behind a pillar and eliminate enemies from there. Behind you is a yellow case contacting a TLD-22. Obtain it if needed. Return to the left-side hallway and descend the staircase. Upon reaching the bottom, take cover behind a pillar and eliminate enemies. Be wary of enemies from the left and right on the (slightly) upper level attempting to attack you.

Proceed halfway across the room and enter the left-side (slightly) upper level. Eliminate the enemies here. Eliminate all enemies. Be wary of enemies approaching or firing from your right side. Upon eliminating enemies on the left side upper-level, eliminate enemies on the right-side upper level. Upon eliminating the first squadron of enemies, a second will appear. Steadily proceed to the opposite end of the exhibit room. Upon eliminating all enemies, this section will unlock. Inside will be an enemy. Eliminate him to complete the mission.

Head downstairs and take note of the camera directly in front of you. Avoid the camera and head right. Afterward, turn left and head forward. You will soon see a large office surrounded by bulletproof glass and locked via keypad. Unlock the door and hack the computer. To your right is a newly unlocked door. Wait for the guard to enter the office and eliminate him. Exit the office and turn left. Turn left again, shoot the guard, and take cover behind the wall. The guard�s death will alert other enemies. From your cover position, eliminate all guards. Proceed to the opposite end of the room and turn left. At the end of the corridor is a room similar to the one where you hacked the first computer. Unlock the door and hack the computer. The door to your left that was previously locked is now open. Proceed through and take cover behind the cubicles.

Take note of the security camera to your left. Ignore the camera, head forward, and then right. Take cover behind another cubicle. From this position, you should see another security camera. The security camera power box is found directly to the right, on the side of the pillar. Deactivate the camera. Hack the door to the left of the security camera. Hack the third computer. Upon hacking the computer, the locked doors to your left and right will open. Exit via either door and immediately take cover. Eliminate all enemies. Be wary of enemies that may flank from your left or right, depending on your position.

Upon eliminating all enemies, exit the room via the doorway at the opposite end. Turn around the truck, head upstairs, and take cover behind the wall. Eliminate as many enemies as possible from that position and take cover behind the left-side windows. This is another section where cover is essential due to multiple enemies in multiple positions. Eliminate as many enemies as possible from this position. Be wary of enemies flanking from your right. When you can no longer attack enemies from this position, proceed downstairs (the door downstairs is found on your right) take cover behind an appropriate setting, and continue from there. Upon eliminating most or all enemies, locate a portion of the garage that slopes downward to a new section. From there, turn right. Climb over the baggage and over the fence. This section is another where cover is essential.

Take cover behind the medium-sized blue box and eliminate the enemies on the catwalk first. Afterward, proceed across the room taking appropriate cover to eliminate enemies. Proceed across the room. You will see a doorframe that leads outside where a white truck is stationary. To the left of that is a ladder you must climb. After climbing the ladder, immediately take cover and eliminate enemies from your position. When this position is no longer viable, follow the catwalk left to descend to the lower level. On the lower level, proceed across the room eliminating enemies as you go. Be wary of enemies that will make a mad dash for your position or attempt to flank you. Across the room is a set of garage doors. Between garage doors two and three (counting from the left) is a switch.

Activate the switch and a cinematic will automatically show Bond proceeding outside. Ascend the blue staircase to your left and eliminate the bomber. He hides behind cover (behind the cars used for passenger luggage) but quickly dashes for different positions. Eliminate him to complete the mission.

[U]Montenegro Train[/U]
Exit the train carriage and proceed right. Upon proceeding to the end, enter the janitor�s closet and climb through the escape hatch. Proceed forward to the carriage with skylights. Shoot through a window and drop down into the carriage. It is recommended that you shoot a window placed at the beginning or end of the carriage. If you drop down in the middle, you will have enemies shooting from both sides. Nevertheless, drop down, take cover behind something, and eliminate all enemies. Proceed up the ladder leading to the train exterior. Attached to the train is a cargo car of sorts. You do not wish to jump atop the storage container, but atop the walkway. Position yourself slightly to the right, jump, and you should be successful. (If you jump directly across, you will fail.)

Restock on ammunition in the second cargo car if needed. When you reach the car with large concrete slabs, take cover behind one and eliminate enemies in the car across. Throughout this battle, you will see enemies fleeing to the left. Ignore them, you will fight them later. Eliminate the enemies that stay inside the car across. Switch cover to other concrete slabs to discover other enemies in other windows. Upon eliminating most or all enemies, proceed to the next car carriage. Upon approaching it, the doors will unlock. Take cover behind the concrete slab blocking your way. Eliminate enemies from here. Upon completing this, proceed to the next carriage and climb the ladder. Drop into the next carriage. Restock on ammunition and take cover behind the weapons boxes. Enemies (in the carriage across from you) will fire upon the carriage. From your cover position, you should not receive much damage. When the fire creates a medium-sized hole in the carriage, you can attempt to eliminate enemies through it.

When they stop, proceed to the opposite end of the carriage. It will unlock automatically upon your approaching it. Proceed through this section quickly. Destroy the two flashing gas tanks to eliminate most enemies. Do not eliminate the enemy detaching the cars, it will make things difficult and he will be eliminated automatically anyway. Proceed quickly to the end of the car and jump across to the second car. The previous car will soon detach, if it has not already. To your left is a small obstruction. Climb over it and shimmy across the left side of the cargo car. Upon reaching the end, eliminate the enemies you passed while shimmying.

Afterward, turn to the next cargo car, uncouple it, and proceed through. Climb over the obstruction, take cover behind something, and destroy the gas tank at the opposite end of the car to eliminate enemies. Proceed to the next car and you will see a large gap between your car and the main passenger car. Do not attempt to manually jump across, the game will do it for you. Enter the passenger cargo car and take cover. There are a number of devices in this room you can use against the enemy including fire extinguishers, gas tanks, and generators. Use them as you see fit to eliminate enemies. There are two passenger cargo cars like this one, including the one you�re fighting in. Fight through the cargo cars and you will find yourself in a janitor�s closet with a ladder to the train exterior.

Climb the ladder and immediately take cover. During this sequence, you must proceed across the train ceiling to approach the level boss. After a lighted sign has passed, exit cover and quickly dash to the second cover position. Rinse and repeat this method until you reach a hatch leading downward to a regular passenger car. Drop down and immediately take cover. A flashbang will be triggered; there is nothing you can do to stop this. When the flashbang effects wear off, eliminate the enemies taking cover as you see fit. When you reach the end of the carriage, enter the left-side janitor closet. Climb to the train exterior to fight the level boss. Fight the boss as you fight any enemy in hand-to-hand combat. When you have fought long enough, Bond will automatically kill him and the mission will end.

[U]Casino Royale[/U]
From cover, eliminate the enemy approaching your position and the enemy on the balcony. Exit cover and proceed forward to the right-side passageway. Enter left-side room with a laptop and projection screen. Eliminate the enemy working on the laptop first. The second guard will not notice, kill him too. Exit the room through the left-side door and proceed to the balcony where a sentry was positioned.

Turn left side, jump over the balcony, and shimmy across. When shimmying across the windows with sentries present, shimmy across only when they switch positions. Do not alert any guards. After the shimmying sequence, eliminate the guard on the balcony. His scream will not alert anyone. Enter the lavish hotel room and eliminate the enemies in the left and right-side rooms. Proceed to the hotel corridor. In exploring the corridor, you will find a laundry cart guarding blocking a locker room. Push the laundry cart out of the way and enter inside. Inside, push the dumpster toward the lockers. Climb over the dumpster, over the lockers, and enter the ventilation shaft. Inside, turn left and proceed through the passage. Do not bother eliminating guards through the shafts. When walking across a particular vent, one will collapse; you will be dropped into the spa and will automatically take cover.

Eliminate as many enemies as possible from this position. Afterward, proceed forward and take cover behind the pillars. Eliminate as many enemies as possible from that position. When you wish to proceed across the spa, do not proceed through the water or via the two semi-hallways. Turn right and proceed through the steaming spa. Upon exiting the steaming spa, take cover behind the vase and eliminate enemies. Proceed to the opposite end of this hallway and enter the right-side open door. Proceed forward and take the second right. On your left side will be a doorway to a large balcony. Eliminate the two enemies here, look right, climb over the balcony, and shimmy across.

You will emerge on a balcony outside a lavish hotel room. Eliminate the enemy entering the suite and proceed to the corridor. Turn left and eliminate the enemy walking away. Climb over the obstruction and enter the left-side double doors. Turn right and climb over the counter. Turn left and proceed to the end of this section. At the end, to your left will be a keypad. Unlock the door and proceed through the newly opened door. This section is another one where cover is essential due to many enemies.

Like the cargo cars, this level contains many devices you can use to eliminate or distract enemies. They include collapsing banners, collapsing chandeliers, gas tanks, and more. Use them as you see fit. Proceed upstairs and take cover behind a pillar. Eliminate as many enemies on the upper floor as possible. When possible, eliminate enemies on the lower-floor from your elevated position. If you cannot see an enemy on the upper-floor from your upper-floor position, switch positions to eliminate him. When you have eliminated all upper-floor enemies but lower-floor enemies still remain, go downstairs. Take cover behind the small pillars with statues. If more enemies still exist, proceed forward and take cover behind the small wall (flanked by two round tables) and eliminate enemies from there. Upon eliminating all enemies, a new objective will appear.

With this objective, a door will open and two enemies will emerge on the opposite staircase. Take cover behind a dinner table and eliminate them. When you have eliminated them, enter the newly opened doorway and follow the straightforward path. After the cinematic, you fight the level boss. Fight the boss as you fight any enemy in hand-to-hand combat. When you have fought long enough, Bond will automatically kill him and the mission will end.

[U]Casino Poison[/U]
This level is very easy, as the game gives you your walkthrough during the opening cinematic. All you must do is get to your Aston Martin. Across from the table where you start is a staircase leading upward. Ascend the staircase and you will emerge in a large dining room. Hug the left wall and enter the left-side doorway. Ascend the small staircase, and proceed straight through to another interior hotel section. Enter the corridor, turn right, and follow the corridor to a red room. Proceed forward and descend the large staircase. Exit the hotel via the third doorway from the left. Proceed across the street � ignore the cars, you are hurt in any scenario � and enter the parking lot. Walk to your Aston Martin to complete the level.

Directly in front of you is a camera patch box and a camera power box. Patch into the cameras and deactivate the camera. Note that there are two cameras present in this section. There is one above the large warehouse entrance and there is one attached to the small hut. To deactivate the camera atop the warehouse entrance, enter the small hut, climb over the window at the opposite end, and the camera power box is directly in front of you. Turn left and engage the guard in hand-to-hand combat. Head inside the warehouse, kill the guard with the sniper rifle, and restock on ammunition. Look outside and destroy the searchlights with your sniper rifle or well-placed assault rifle shots.

From this position, you must protect Vesper Lynd from guards as she proceeds through the barge. Using your sniper rifle (rather than your assault rifle) is highly recommended. This section is not particularly difficult; the enemies are more concentrated upon killing you than Vesper. Tanner will reveal the location of your targets. Most times, enemies will run toward Vesper on the lower level, will shoot from cover on the lower level, or will shoot (as snipers) on the upper level. If you cannot discover them and you are on a low difficulty level, stand up and fire some shots. When they fire at your position, you will get a general idea of their position. At one time, a guard will drag Vesper off-screen and you will not be able to prevent him from doing so. Restock on ammunition. From the viewpoint of looking toward the barge, turn left. A previously locked door will open upon your presence. Proceed downstairs.

From your position at the stairs, eliminate as many enemies as possible outside. When this position is no longer viable, take cover behind the wall and eliminate enemies. When most or all enemies have been eliminated, proceed outside and to the left. Take cover behind a large blue storage container. When you look out, you should see two enemies advancing to your position. Eliminate them and proceed up the bridge to the barge. Upon reaching the barge, take cover behind another large storage container. When looking out, you will notice a gas tank. Destroy this gas tank when the enemies briefly converge. Eliminate any enemies that may have survived or are advancing to your position. Collect their ammunition and eliminate the enemies that will appear from the right.

Advance toward where they came from to attempt to gain access to the upper deck. You will find a open door that will close shortly. To unlock it, look through the porthole to the door�s left and shoot the gas tank. This explosion will cause the door to open. Enter the newly opened door. Proceed forward and take the last left available. Head outside and climb the staircase to your right. After ascending the staircase, turn right and take cover near the barrels. Eliminate the enemy on the other side of this wall. Proceed forward and turn left. After briefly entering and exiting a gray storage container, look to your left. Climb the small ladder to your left to obtain a fair vantage point. Eliminate the enemies at the vantage point across from you. Sprint and jump to land upon that vantage point.

From that position, eliminate as many enemies as possible with your assault rifle. If or when the position is no longer viable, identify nearby cover on the lower level. Jump, sprint, and take cover quickly. The large blue square platform is highly recommended. When all enemies have been eliminated, a large storage container containing pipes should have collapsed at the opposite end of this section. This collapsed storage container creates a bridge to the next section. Proceed through this bridge. The large brown doors at ground-level are locked cargo doors. Ascend the small platform in front, activate the hanging switch, and enter the cargo doors to complete the mission.

Throughout this level you must follow Vesper on foot. Do not concern yourself with following her too closely; if this happens, she will only run faster. You will not fail the mission. However, you will fail the mission if you do not follow her closely enough. Proceed across the bridge and straight ahead. Afterward, turn right and stay near the left portion. You will eventually discover a building with an ascending staircase that leads to a vantage point of the courtyard. Upon emerging at the courtyard�s upper level, eliminate the guards.

Eliminate the guards on the upper level first, take cover behind a pillar, and slowly begin eliminating guards on the lower level. Be wary of guards that may flank you or make mad dashes for your position. When a certain pillar position is no longer viable, switch to a different pillar. Pillars found on corners or in the middle tend to work best. When pillars as a whole are no longer viable, proceed downstairs. At the stairs, there are two �sets� of stairs. Between these two sets of stairs is a small wall. If possible, attempt to eliminate enemies from this cover position. If or when this position is no longer viable, use one of the wall�s right angles at the base of the stairs or hide behind a pillar. When most or all enemies have been eliminated, a side of a fence will open on the courtyard�s lower level. Proceed through.

Turn right until you discover the bridge leading left. Take the bridge. After the bridge, look left and you will see an open gate. Enter through the open gate and ascend the staircase. You will seemingly discover a dead end. Sprint and jump atop the cross. After playing the balancing mini-game atop the cross, exit the deserted apartment via the left. Turn right, proceed forward, and take cover behind the uncompleted brick wall. From this position, eliminate as many guards as possible. To reach the lower level, proceed left until you discover a descending staircase on your right.

On the lower level, take cover behind the boxes closest to the other side of river. Eliminate the new guards that emerge. Afterward, proceed left until you encounter an ascending staircase on your right side. Ascend the staircase, proceed through the apartment, and you will emerge in a new section. Take cover behind the wall beside the descending stairs and eliminate enemies from your position. When this position is no longer viable, proceed downstairs and eliminate enemies from there.

Upon eliminating all enemies, the gate across from you will open and additional enemies will enter. Do not allow them to take cover; kill them as they enter. Enter the newly opened gate and take the bridge across the river. To your left is a motorboat. Use the motorboat as a bridge to reach the other side of the river. Climb over the railing and shimmy across. (As in the Casino Royale level, shimmy across windows or similar objects only when an enemy is not looking.) Eliminate the lone enemy outside and enter the house across from you.

Inside the house, proceed quickly � the house is flooding. Turn left and then right. Take another right and ascend the staircase directly across from you. Atop the staircase, hug the wall and turn left. You will see a large yellow pipe doubling as a bridge. Take this bridge, proceed through the corridor, and turn left. Turn left again when it is possible. Proceed across the wooden boards to another room. Afterward, turn left and ascend the staircase ahead of you and to the right. Atop the staircase, proceed forward and then right. Proceed forward and you will discover a hanging switch. Activate the hanging switch.

Activating this hanging switch will create a makeshift bridge across the flooding room. Do not run onto the bridge; jump onto it. The same goes for jumping off. Ascend the staircase and proceed through the right-side corridor. Take a left when possible and another left to emerge in the room where the stranded elevator is. Approach the elevator to trigger a cinematic. Shoot the guard with the nail gun to end the mission.

[U]Eco Hotel[/U]
Proceed directly ahead (down the slope) and avoid the advancing car. Do not bother shooting; hug the wall as you see appropriate. Upon descending the slope to reach the garage�s ground level, shoot the guard fleeing to advance others. You will need his weapon, an M14. Switch it to fully automatic. Take cover behind the flower base and equip your pistol. Waste your pistol ammunition on the guards. If needed, shooting the boxes near the parked cars will release electrical energy that will momentarily stun them. When most or all guards have been eliminated, collect your ammunition and take cover. It is recommended that you take cover in the office (found on the right) or take cover at a pillar where your back is facing the locked gate where enemies will soon gather. Switch to your automatic M14 rifle. It is advised that you shoot as the gates are opening and while the guards are advancing toward your position. When most or all guards have been eliminated, proceed to the previously locked parking lot.

When all enemies in the second parking lot have been eliminated, two enemies will open previously locked double doors at the opposite end of the room. Eliminate the guards, enter the double doors, and ascend the staircase. Atop the staircase, turn right and unlock the door facing you. After unlocking, run past the lockers and through the double doors. Eventually, you will overhear a conversation between Dominic Greene and the general. If they are not alerted by your presence, fire some gunshots. Some enemies will emerge through the previously locked door. Proceed through the door and you will soon encounter two fires. To extinguish these fires and others, shoot the fire extinguisher.

Shoot the fire extinguisher found directly in front of the left-side fire and enter the office complex. Turn right twice and you will find yourself at the kitchen entrance. Before physically entering the kitchen, take cover behind the wall and eliminate as many enemies as possible. The first fire extinguisher can be found on the left wall. The second will be found on the right. Before entering the lounge (directly past the kitchen) take cover in the kitchen and eliminate as many enemies as possible. Enter the lounge. Exit the lounge via the door on the opposite end of the room and proceed downstairs.

Downstairs, you will find your path blocked by fire and obstructions. Shoot one of the windows and go outside. Shoot the last window on your right and return inside. Turn left, proceed upstairs, and enter the second hotel room on your left. In the hotel room is a door leading outside to a balcony. Proceed to the balcony and take cover behind the barricades separating hotel rooms. Proceed forward and a brief cinematic will be triggered. Shoot the tanks to trigger another cinematic. Enter the hotel room.

Inside the hotel room, stock up on ammo and turn right. The floor ahead will explode, leaving a beam to cross. Cross the beam and turn left. Descend the staircase, turn left, and enter the large room. Take cover immediately and switch all your weapons to fully automatic. Again, cover is essential. Switching cover is also essential � enemies have tendencies to flank you from upper levels or throw grenades. Upon eliminating a sufficient number of enemies, Dominic Greene will emerge with a squadron of elite guards.

Eliminate the elite guards normally. Dominic Greene conveniently takes cover near explosive tanks. There are two explosive tanks, both located in the center of the room. When he takes cover, shoot the explosive tank. Dominic Greene will flee to a second cover position, also near an explosive tank. Shoot the second explosive tank to kill Dominic Greene. Attempt to return to where you began this sequence. You will find your path blocked by fires, but an extinguisher will be available. Shoot the extinguisher, climb over the obstruction, escape the hotel through the window, and jump to the ground.

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