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Retro Game Walkthroughs For
"Lego Rock Band"
(Xbox 360)

This game is also available on PS3 and DS.

Retro Game Walkthroughs for Lego Rock Band (Xbox 360)
Submitted By: Ghost Killer
LEGO Rock Band is a fun party game and also offers a wealth of fun achievements. Some are fairly simple but others are quite tough so here is a guide to getting all 1000 Gamer points in LEGO Rock Band.

Got Wheels (10 G)

You start the game with a run-down van and will gradually be given the chance to unlock more vehicles which in turn get you access to more gigs. If you keep playing through the story mode you’ll eventually unlock the mini bus. It’s the first vehicle you unlock and costs 50,000 studs to buy. Buy it to get the achievement.

Sea Legs (10 G)

This is the second vehicle you will unlock as you play through story mode. It costs 100,000 studs to buy and when bought unlocks the achievement.

Rotary Club (10 G)

This is the third vehicle you’ll unlock as you play through story mode and costs 150,000 studs to purchase. Buy it and get the achievement.

Open Road (10 G)

The tour bus will cost 200,000 studs to buy and is available after you have made your first album. To make your first album you’ll need to hire a record producer. The producer becomes available once you have played the “Accidently In Love” song at the Jolly Rocker venue. Once hired just play the gigs in LEGO City Speedway and LEGO City Skyscraper until eventually you unlock the gig where you’ll record and album. Do this and the bus will be available.

Walking On Air (10 G)

The hovercraft is the next vehicle to be unlocked and will cost you 300,000 studs. Buy it and unlock the achievement.

Into The Deep (10 G)

The submarine is the next vehicle and costs half a million studs to buy. Purchase it and you’ll get ten Gamer Points.

Jet Setter (10 G)

The private jet is the last vehicle you’ll have to buy and costs 750,000 studs. Buy it and you’ll unlock the achievement.

Teleportation Nation (10 G)

After beating the “Rock-It Fuel” challenge in Wembrick Stadium the teleporter will become available. You do not need to buy this as it is free.

New To The Scene (10 G)

In order to unlock this achievement you must simply complete your first gig. As soon as you start your story select the first or second single song and there you go.

Tour De France (20 G)

To complete this achievement you need to play in every venue in the game. This means completing one gig per venue. Below is a list of all the venues available in story mode:

Camper Van (LEGO City Station & Bill Diff Construction Co.)
Minibus (Brickton Manor & Crystal Mine)
Speedboat (The Jolly Rocker & The Parrot n' Pegleg)
Chopper (LEGO City Speedway & LEGO City Skyscraper)
Tour Bus (Stud Farm & LEGO City Zoo)
Hovercraft (The Bone Cave & Volcanic Rock)
Submarine (The Abyss, The Coral Riff)
Private Jet (Brickingham Castle, Wembrick Stadium)
Teleporter (UFO, The Moon & Space Rock Festival)

Veteran Performer (50 G)

Completing every gig in story mode is no easy task. There are 161 in total and these range from single song setlists, to three song ones or creating your own. Finish all of them to get the achievement. (If you’re feeling really lazy you can set the instrument to microphone and choose ‘Super Easy’, placing the mic by the TV. This will pick up the vocals and get you at least a pass every time. No effort required!)

Long-Distance Rocker (30 G)

To unlock this just complete the ‘Rock Marathon Setlist’ in story mode. This consists of fifteen tracks and can be played at the very end in the final vehicle. If you want you can use the same method as above.

Endless Shameless (50 G)

Like the last achievement except longer. Completing the ‘Endless Setlist’ requires finishing thirty songs in a row but if this doesn’t sound for you then you can simply use the same technique as above using a mic on Super Easy mode.

The story mode in LEGO Rock Band consists of nine challenges spread over the course of your career. Upon completing each of them you’ll in turn unlock each achievement. These challenges become open once you’ve played enough gigs within each vehicle’s venues and aren’t any different from regular events. If playing with more than one person, at certain moments each player will play on their own. Below are the achievements and the challenges you need to beat to unlock them:

Rock The House Down (10 G)
Complete the “Wreck ‘n’ Roll” Rock Power Challenge in the Bill Ditt Construction Co. venue.

The School Of Shock (10 G)
Complete the “Shock Band” Rock Power Challenge in the Brickton Manor venue.

Kickin’ The Tentacles (10 G)
Complete the “Rocktopus” Rock Power Challenge in the Jolly Rocker venue.

Rain King (10 G)
Complete the “Rock The Crop” Rock Power Challenge in the Stud Farm venue.

Dooyafinkhesaurus (10 G)
Complete the “Securi T-Rex” Rock Power Challenge in the Bone Cave venue.

No More Mr. Ice Guy (10 G)
Complete the “Rock The Boat” Rock Power Challenge in the Abyss venue.

Royal Command Performance (10 G)
Complete the “Kings Of Rock ‘n’ Troll” Rock Power Challenge in the Brickingham Castle venue.

Start Me Up (10 G)
Complete the “Rock-It Fuel” Rock Power Challenge in the Wembrick Stadium venue.

Armageddon Outta Here (10 G)
To unlock this challenge, you need to get 30 stars in the Space Rock Festival venue. Complete the “Stop The Rock” Rock Power Challenge in the same venue when it unlocks.

Pencil Pusher (10 G)

This achievement unlocks as you progress through the story and hire a band manager (so it’s pretty much unmissable.) At the LEGO City Station venue complete the “Hot Connections!” gig to unlock the band manager.

You’re Hired! (10 G)

Once you’ve hired a manager you can start to hire your entourage. These become available as you complete certain songs (Look below at the next achievement to see which songs) To unlock this achievement you just need to hire the one.

#1 Boss (40 G)

To get this achievement you need to buy all the entourage members. Below is a list of the songs need to complete in order to unlock the next entourage member:

Camper Van at the LEGO City Station venue playing “Grace” by Supergrass
Minibus at the Brickton Manor venue playing “Girls and Boys” by Good Charlotte
Speedboat at the The Jolly Rocker venue playing “Accidentally in Love” by Counting Crows
Chopper at the LEGO City Speedway venue playing “Make Me Smile (Come Up and See Me)” by Steve Harley & Cockney Rebel
Tour Bus at the Stud Farm venue playing “Valerie” by The Zutons
Hovercraft at the Bone Cave venue playing “Kung Fu Fighting” by Carl Douglas
Submarine at the Abyss venue playing “Naïve” by The Kooks
Private Jet at the Brickingham Castle venue playing “Two Princes” by Spin Doctors
Teleporter at the UFO venue playing “Fire” by Jimi Hendrix

Bare Essentials (10 G)

In the Rock Den go to the Rock Shop and buy a single item. To buy items you need studs (the game’s idea of currency) which can be earned from playing gigs. This doesn’t count instruments so make sure it’s clothes, hair styles, hats or mini figures. More will unlock as you progress through the story mode.

Appetite For Apparel (20 G)

Like the previous achievement except you need to spend over 100,000 studs on clothes. As mentioned before more items become available as you play gigs and venture to new venues.

Fashion Victim (40 G)

As before except you need to spend over 1,000,000 studs on clothing. Some mini figures can cost as high as the hundreds of thousands so purchasing them will make this achievement unlock quicker.

Local Legend (10 G)

Getting one hundred fans is extremely easy and can be done by your second or third gig. The better your star rating in songs, the more fans you’ll get. Once you pass one hundred the achievement will unlock.

Fan-TASTIC (30 G)

This requires you to get 1,000,000 fans. In order to speed up the process, hire as many entourage members as you can that increase your fan bonuses. By the end of the story mode you easily have passed the 1,000,000 mark.

Twinkle, Twinkle (10 G)

Stars are how you are rating when playing a song. This ranges from one to five. Getting 100 stars in the story mode is easy. It’s twenty songs at a five star rating, twenty five songs at a four star rating, thirty four songs at three stars or a mix of the three. As you progress through the story mode you’ll eventually get there.

Super Stars (30 G)

This is a time consuming achievement and requires you to get 1000 stars over the course of your career. If you play the career only completing the necessary gigs, you will have to go back and play ones you may have missed. Endless setlist will grab you 150 stars if you can get five stars in each song. As mentioned if you can’t be bothered with completing so many songs, plug in your mic, set the difficulty to super easy and place it near your speakers. Do enough gigs and you’ll get those 30 points.

Gear Head (10 G)

Much like the “Bare Essentials” achievement except instead of clothes you have to buy instruments. This can be mics, drums or guitars. To unlock this achievement you need to buy just one instrument from the Rock Shop.

Instrumental (40 G)

And again like before you need to spend 1,000,000 studs on instruments throughout your career from the Rock Shop. This is a running total of all instruments so if you switch halfway though, what you paid before will still count.

Hovel, Sweet Hovel (10 G)

In the career mode go to the Rock Den and purchase any single item you wish. The achievement will unlock afterward.

House Proud (20 G)

Much like the previous achievement, except you need to spend 100,000 studs on furniture. Gaining enough studs is easy, but unlocking the furniture itself is tougher. Simply play as many gigs as you can and eventually you will unlock enough to purchase.

Luxury Living (40 G)

Same as above but spend over 1,000,000 studs on furniture. Keep playing gigs. Go back to ones you missed from previous vehicles. The more gigs you play, the more furniture you will unlock to buy.

Flawless Fretwork (20 G)

A real easy achievement this one. All you need to do is get 100% in any song on any difficulty. Just pick super easy and make sure not to miss a single note (which will be no problem)

Flawless Drumming (20 G)

Much like the guitar achievement this requires hardly any skill. Simply pick a song (one with a zero difficulty if you prefer) and select super easy mode. Since the drum pedal is controlled for you all you need to do is focus on not missing any of the slow and infrequent notes that scroll by.

Flawless Singing (20 G)

Getting 100% in singing doesn’t even need to be done directly by you. Simply select super easy mode and place the mic by the speakers. More often than not you will get 100%. Of course you could just sing it as it is very difficult not to get every bit right.

Flawless Groove (20 G)

Finally the bassist achievement. Like before get 100% and you will get twenty points. Pick a song, put it on super easy and follow along to 100%.

Universal Acclaim (50 G)

Simply play the final rock challenge (Armageddon Outta Here) and beat it to unlock a cool fifty points.

All Four One! (20 G)

Simply grab three friends and complete any song with all four instruments on. Sadly you need all four to get this, so borrow your mates spare guitar or mic if you have to!

Practice Makes Perfect (50 G)
As before, except this time everyone needs to get 100% of the notes hit at the end of a song. It sounds tough, but if you set all the instruments to easy mode all four of you should complete this simple. Pick a ridiculously easy song to make things even easier.

Solid Gold, Easy Action! (50 G)

To get a gold star in Rock Band you need to select Expert mode and get a near perfect performance. The easiest song to do this on is “We Will Rock You” by Queen. Play through hitting every note until you get a full star power bar. When this happens use it. By the end of the song the five stars should have turned gold. The achievement will unlock once you reach the stats screen.

Roadie Revolution (10 G)

This achievement is easy and will be yours after unlocking your first road crew member. To do this simply play through the first set of venues. Eventually you will be offered a roadie.

Stud Farm (20 G)

When you fail in a song you may keep going. However you must also play the stud recovery section. These notes will have studs over them and in order to unlock this achievement you must hit every single one. Don’t worry though since this will only last a small section of the song.

Brian MAY Be Jealous (20 G)

This achievement requires you to complete any guitar solo with 100% accuracy. The easiest songs to do this on are:

“Dig” by Incubus
“Summer of ‘69” by Brian Adams
“So What” by Pink

Personally I found Incubus the easiest but it’s all down to personal preference.

The Final Countdown (40 G)

Perhaps the hardest achievement in the game and sadly no real “cheat” way of doing it. You need to nail 100% of the notes in the solo on “The Final Countdown” on expert. Keep practicing (perhaps starting off at slower speeds) and eventually you will nab that 100% you desire.

And there you have it. All 1000 Gamer points. Hope this helps any out there having trouble with some of the trickier achievements.

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