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Retro Game Walkthroughs For
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Retro Game Walkthroughs for Banjo Tooie (Nintendo 64)
Submitted By: Tiltawhirl
Welcome too Tiltawhirl's Banjo Tooie guide

In this guide I will be telling you where too find all the Jiggys and how too get them. Being such a massive game I won't be holding your hand telling you exactly what too do and where too go, but I'm sure you wouldn't want me to do that anyway. If I was you though I would only use the guide when you're really stuck, this game is one of my favourites and you will enjoy it a lot more if you do most of it yourself. So thanks for reading and I hope this guide is some help to you, hopefully you will enjoy this game as much as I have.

To start off I will tell you a little about the Jiggys.

There are 10 Jiggys on each world no more no less, for each Jiggy you will have too fulfil different tasks. Also there are 10 extra Jiggys on the main Isle of Hags Hub. There are 90 Jiggys too collect in the whole game, you won't need them all too reach the final confrontation, but if you do manage too get them all then you will unlock a few surprises.

Anyway lets get on with the guide

Isle O' Hags: Main Hub: 10 Jiggys

1. This is the easiest Jiggy of the whole game, if you can't get this one then I think you may as well give up now, it's given to you by King Jingaling the first time you meet him.

2-10. When all the Jinjo's of one colour are found, you will get
a Jiggy, you will find the Jinjo's hidden all over the Worlds, some are easy too find some are very tricky, I'll let you find them yourself.

Mayahem Temple: 10 Jiggys
The first World and also one of my favourites, check out the music.

1. The first and easiest Jiggy is located at the top of Targitzan's Temple, climb to the very top of the highest Tower and there it is staring you in the face.

2. To get this one you will have your first encounter with Mumbo the crazy shaman, you will need to have found a Globo for him too do his magic, as Mumbo find a way to summon the Golden Goliath, and kick the large double doors near the level entrance to enter Jade Snake Grove.Walk across the quicksand, and get the Jiggy above the enemy.

3. Using the Golden Goliath again, kick a hole in the double doors under the bridge. Then change back too Banjo and Kazooie Climb to the top of the prison, and find the wading boots, then cross over the quicksand to get the Jiggy.

4.Defeat all the Insects using your eggs, to do this you will need to learn a few moves off Bottle's, the insects are located across the bridge near Targitzan's Temple (where Bovina the cow is).

5. Collect a Globo then go find the new Shaman for the game Humba Wumba get her too turn you into a Stony, then go and compete in the Mayan Kickball game win every game and get too the final to collect the Jiggy Jiggy.

6. Enter the Treasure Chamber (located near Mumbo's skull) and after talking to Bloatizan, climb up to the entrance to Unga
Bunga's Cave. Use the Tiptoe move making sure not too wake the sleeping Caveman too get the "relic thingy", pick it up then leg it back too Treasure Chamber, give it to Bloatizan and he will give you a jiggy.

7. Once you have the Bill Drill from Bottle's, find the path leading behind the Prison, and the stone in middle to open up and underground chamber. Hit the columns with Grenade Eggs until the
Jiggy is on the lowest one, and then go back up and collect the jiggy.

8. Go to Jade Snake Grove, and climb to the top of the
Large Temple (Code Chamber). Use the Tiptoe (hold the direction on the stick you want too go in, but press very lightily) move making sure you don't wake Ssslumber the Snake and get the Jiggy.
the snake doesn't hear you.

9. You will need a move off Bottle's to do this one, when you have it go inside Targitzan's Temple, run around the First person maze and collect 10 emblems to open the Slighty Sacred Chamber and get the Jiggy.

10. This one's inside the same temple as the last, collect all 20 emblems to open the Really Sacred Chamber then destroy the Targitzan boss to collect the Jiggy.

Glitter Gulch Mine

1. Rescue Canary Mary from the gas filled cave, then race her on the Mine Cart. You will be awarded a Jiggy for victory (Be sure to race her a second time that way she will appear later in the game)

2. For this Jiggy you will need too collect the running shoes which are located near the entrance to the mine, a new edition to the running shoes in this game is that when you have them on you can walk on water, so get the running shoes and hit the switch near the start. Then follow the stream to the right, and reach the gate before it shuts. Go through the entrance to get into the Waterfall Cavern you will find the Jiggy just below the entrance.

3. Use the Bill Drill move (obtained from Bottle's)on the Rock just left of the starting point to find the Ordinance Storage mini game, diffuse the dynamite to win the Jiggy.

4. Find Mumbo in the Mine, then use his magic to take the large Stone near the crushing shed and put it inside. Then change back to Banjo and Kazooie go inside the Shed and hit the red switch to grind up the stone. Now go back outside the shed to find pieces of a Jiggy, collect them all and you will have a whole Jiggy.

5. Get the Spring Shoes move from Bottles and use the boots too jump to the top of the smallest Waterfall in the caverns to collect the Jiggy.

6. Find the Power Hut (near Mumbo's Skull) then go into the basement. You will find a Pitch black room, to see where you are going you can either use fire eggs, or have one character stand on the light switch while the other gets the Jiggy (with the split up move you get from Bottle's).

7. Find the generator room then shoot fire eggs at the generators too light your path to the Jiggy.

8. Enter the Flooded Caverns you will need too find the path to the Jiggy through the underwater maze.

9. Go back too the Mayahem Temple and into the Prison section, enter the Prison building (using the code a Stony Tells you) and Bill Drill the rock. You will meet a rat follow it back to the Glitter Gulch Mine level, and Bullion Bill the prospector gives you a Jiggy for finding his friend (don't ask why he's friends with a rat I think the guys at Rare must have been drinking).

10. Use Mumbo's magic to straighten out Chuffy the train, the go inside Chuffy's boiler and fight the Old King Coal boss.


Witchyworld: 10 Jiggys

1. Find Humba Wumba and get her too turn you into the Money Van then drive over to The Inferno and pay for entrance. Change back to Banjo and Kazooie and find a way too climb the Fire covered Helter Skelter in the Inferno, get too the top to collect the Jiggy.

2. Use Mumbo's magic again to power up the Star Spinner, then make your way too the top to collect the Jiggy.

3. Find a way to inflate the Crazy Castle (you will need too gain access to the pump room) then go inside and beat the Balloon
Shooting mini game.

4. Separate Banjo and Kazooie then go back into the Crazy Castle as Kazooie, and beat the Hoop Hurry mini-game.

5. Gain access too the big Circus tent by collecting 4 Tickets which are hidden all over the park, then go inside and fight the Mr Patch boss too collect the Jiggy. (Check out Conga the Monkey from Banjo Kazooie)

6. Find the diving board located on the far side of the Theme Park and climb it too collect the Jiggy.

7. Find Mumbo and use his magic to give the Dodgem Dome power, pay for your entrance using the Van then complete the Dodgems mini game.

8. Beat the Strength testing game too collect the Jiggy, you need too hit it three time using different methods. Try using Grenade egg, Beak Buster and Bill Drill.

9. For this one return to the main entrance of Witchy world and talk to Mrs Boggy, she will ask you to find her 3 children, they are hidden all around Witchyworld (here's a tip every time you play Banjo Tooie the positions of the kids changes).

10. Go back too the Glitter Gulch Mine and find the disused Mine Cart track that goes into a cave, inside you will find the Saucer Of Peril Ride, it can't get into Witchy World because there is a Boulder blocking the way, destroy the boulder with the TNT, then power up the Saucer of Peril ride with Mumbo's magic, now you can play the Saucer of Peril Mini Game too get the Jiggy (very very cool)


Jolly Roger Lagoon

1. Gain access to the beach with Tip-Tup on by blowing up a week wall inside Mumbo's skull, and then use the hatch move to hatch the Egg to collect the Jiggy.

2. Find 20 Doubloons (Jolly Rodger bay currency) that are scattered around the town, then pay for the Jiggy in the shop.

3. Go into Jolly's pub and turn left, there should be a small window fire a grenade egg inside too take out the wall, then go outside use the split up move (the pads are located underneath the statue in the main square fire grenade eggs at it) and take Kazooie down into the underground cave, use glide move and go and get the jiggy.

4. For this Jiggy you need too help the Pigs clean out their swimming pool, this will take sometime and I'm going too let you work it yourselves, here's a hint you will have too go to 3 different worlds to complete this one.

5. At the beginning of the level use the Talon Torpedo on the door of the UFO, swim inside and help the aliens by firing Ice eggs at their generators they will reward you with a Jiggy surprisingly enough.

6. Look for a see through fish with a Jiggy inside it, then use the Talon Torpedo (see bottle's) too collect the Jiggy.

7. Go to the Big Fish Cavern and find the largest fish, use Grenade eggs to blow all his teeth out then swim into his mouth. Inside search for Merry Maggie, Jolly the Camp frogs partner rescue her to get a Jiggy from the frog in the Pub at the beginning of the level.

8. Swim too the main Atlantis Chamber and find the four mermaid statues on the floor, shoot them in the correct order too open a door too one of the large buildings, swim into the buildings and help the pig avoid the fish too collect the Jiggy.

9. Find Humba Wumba in an Under water cave and get her to turn you in too a Submarine, then go to the deepest cave and play the Submarine shooting Mini game.

10. In the same cave as the Submarine game, look for Davy Jones's locker then either use grenade eggs too blow off the front or the Submarines rockets, go inside to face the boss.


1. Get Humba to turn you into the baby T-Rex then gain access to the Jiggy behind a gate by growling in the order shown inside the mountain.

2. Get inside the main mountain and stand on the large pillar in the middle, a Dinosaur should emerge from the water and eat you, play the mini game inside his belly too get the Jiggy.

3. You need too defeat the Rocknut tribe, to do this you will need to stand infront of the cavemen so they look at you then fire a clockwork kazooie egg and walk it round the back of them and blow it up where they have a hole in their armour, there are five of them all around the level.

4. Climb to the top of the mountain and beat Terry the dinosaur boss.

5. In the middle of Terry's nest bill drill the weak spot to collect the Jiggy.

6. Use the hatch move to hatch Terry's eggs, they are all around the level but most of them are pretty obvious.

7. For this Jiggy you need to get water for Drippy the Dinosaur, to do this go to Cloudcukooland and find a big bowl of water with a weak spot in the bottom, use the Talon Torpedo to take out the weak spot and you will get the Jiggy.

8. Help out the Styracosaurus family. There are 3 dinosaurs you have too help out, this one's pretty tricky.

9. Get Mumba too change you into the Daddy T-Rex then go to the cave with the Unga Bunga guarding it and use the dinosaurs roar this will scare the caveman off. Now go inside and help the Cavemen, they need warmth and food, for the warmth simply use fire eggs on their fires, for the food you need too work out how too transport burgers and chips from Witchy World into Terrydactyland. Help all 3 cavemen and they give you a jiggy.

10. Cross the Stomping Plains as both Banjo and Kazooie, and hit the switch, this is very hard there's no real tactic to it, just run very fast and try not to get stomped on.

Grunty Industries

Before I get started with the Jiggy's (if I say Jiggy one more time after writing this guide I'm gonna go mental) one thing that a lot of people have a problem with (I was the same 1st time round) is getting in Grunty Industries, to do this you need to locate the Chuffy switch and then use the Train to gain access.

1. Break the window just above the main entrance shutters,
destroy the 6 robots with grenade eggs. Then jump to
the platform where the Jiggy is.

2. Go to the Trash Compactor on the first floor, it's on your left when you come in the main entrance. Walk in so it crushes Banjo, then move ahead to a safe spot, then use the Snooze
Pack ability to regain all your energy. Now walk too the Banjo switch, and the door to the Jiggy will open.

3. Fly to the top of Grunty Industries and smash the 2 windows, inside one of the 2 windows is the Jiggy.

4. Get Humba Wumba to turn you into the Washing Machine, then go round as the Washing Machine and wash the Worker Rabbits dirty overalls, there is a map to show you where all the Rabbits are in the Workers quarters on the first floor. In total you need to find 6 Rabbits.

5. Find a battery near Mumbo's skull, then take it to the boiler area. Then find the battery cell area in the wall between the 2 big boilers and use the battery in it. This opens a door so you can play the Twinklies mini-game to win a jiggy

6. Find a battery and use it to open up the Cable Room on floor 4. Get to the other side and you will reach the Quality Control room. Blow up the Rareware barrels with grenade eggs, hit the wrong barrel and you will have too start again.

7. Enter the Sewers through a tunnel on the first floor and play the Clinkers Cavern mini-game to get a Jiggy.

8. Defeat Welldar boss who is located on the first floor.

9. After you have destroyed Weldar the large fan will stop spinning, you will be able to reach the part of the Waste Disposal area that the fan kept you from getting to. Have Banjo use the Shack Pack move to go to the bottom of the waste and pick up the Jiggy.

10. Get the battery, which is located above the level's entrance to open the Waste Disposal Plant on the first floor. Go inside as Banjo solo and use the Sack pack to hop across the toxic waste. Find the Banjo switch and get the Jiggy.


Hailfire Peaks: 10 Jiggys

1. On the fire side, enter the Volcano, and keep hitting the switches that appear from the lava to create platforms too help you on your way. Once you hit them all, a Jiggy appears in
the middle of the lava.

2. On the fire side, enter the large Collouseum go to the right when you come in and blow away a large rock, this reveals a path back to the Mayahem Temple kick ball stadium. Go to Humba Wumba in the Mayahem Temple and she will change you into a stony now go back throught the entrance to Hailfire Peaks and enter the Kickball competition to win a Jiggy.

3. Go to the ice side of Hailfire Peaks find Humba Wumba and get her too turn you into a Snowball, the more you roll the snowball the bigger it gets so roll it until it's maximum size. Now find the warp pad that takes you to the upper part of the fire side and roll to the uppermost exit back to the ice side, do this quick as possible or you will melt (leading to the oil driller). Step on the rusted switch above the drill and the driller will dig up a Jiggy. Now use Banjo's shack pack to get the Jiggy out of the pipe.

4. Defeat both Chilli Billi and Chilly Willy bosses, they are located on the top of the mountain, 1 on each side of the mountain.

5. Go to the ice side and find the dead alien in the snow, now use Mumbo's magic too bring him back to life, he will ask you too find his Alien Children, there are 3 of them and they are all scattered around the Ice side of the mountain.

6. Go to the top of the Fire Side and find a pool of boiling hot water, use Banjo's sack pack move and find the fish in the bottom of the pool, tae this to Boggy on the Ice Side and he gives you a...wait for it...........Jiggy.

7. On the Ice Side you will find a Man frozen in ICE use Mumbo's magic to bring him back to life, then use Kazooie's fire eggs to warm him up. Then go to the fireside and he will be in a tent near the start of the level, there he will give you a jiggy.

8. On the Outside of the Collouseum on the fire side are several switches that need to be hit as a certain character. Once you have done that get Kazooie to collect the Jiggy.

9. Find the Chuffy switch on the Ice side, the ride the Train to get the Jiggy.

10. Go to the Terrydactyland to the Stomping Planes take Banjo across to the other side. Hit the Banjo switch, go in the cave and get the Jiggy.

Cloud Cuckooland

1. Race Canary Mary again to win a Jiggy.

2. Defeat Mingy Jonjo boss the evil version of Mumbo, he's in one of two Mumbo its random every time. Be warned this is a VERY hard boss.

3. Fly Kazooie over to the large trash can, get inside and play the Germ Killing Mini-game.

4. Get Banjo over too the Jelly Castle and get inside to get the Jiggy.

5. Open up the pot of gold and go inside to lay the Tile Shooting mini-game.

6. Open up the large safe in the middle of Cloud Cuckoo land, the combination numbers can be found in different places on the Island, if that sounds like too much work the combination's 1984.

7. Get inside the Cheese Wedge and find the Jiggy, to do this you will need to find Magic Beans and get them too grow with Mumbo's magic.

8. For this you need too beat Mr Fit (the annoying Rabbit that makes those stupid "hut hut hut" noises) at 3 different events, for the first one you will need to use the springy boots but the others you can work out yourself.

9. Get Humba Wumba to turn you into a Bee then fly round and shoot the Eyeball plants around the island, when you kill them all you get the Jiggy.

10. Change into the Bee and flight right to the top of Cloud Cuckoo land, you should see a large sign with a target on it shoot it with the bee's stingers and the Wasps will let you in, Now play the wasp shooting mini-game and you have the final Jiggy.

Well that's a rap, I'm done you can work out how too beat the final boss, oh and I missed out the Jinjo places so happy hunting, I'm gonna go sit down and wait for Banjo Threeie.
Submitted By: Mr.b-k
Tower Of Tragedy Questions and Answers:

Q:What is Mrs. Bottles' First name?
A:It was never mentioned.

Q:Name of statue on Targitzan's Temple roof?
A:he doesn't have a name!

Q:What is the combination of Supastash?

(image of Grunty's spiral-mountain "grave" is shown)
Q:where is this?
A:Spiral Mountain!

Q:What is "Lord-woo-fak-fak" annouced as?
A:Self important anglerfish!


Hope these answers help!

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