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Retro Game Walkthroughs For
"Unreal Tournament"
(PC Games)

This game is also available on PS2 and DC.

Retro Game Walkthroughs for Unreal Tournament (PC Games)
Submitted By: Booz
I've written this walkthrough for the easiest way to win all 41
levels on one of my favourite games, Unreal Tournament. There
are some very hard levels, but with the aid of this you should
be able to scrape through them. It's basically a brief summary
of how to win each level, and what methods to use. Enjoy.



This is very easy. Simply get the flak cannon, and when you spot
Blake, run away. He will follow you and one well-timed flak can
kill him. Alternatively, grab the rocket launcher, build up
rockets when you see him while walking backwards, and release.

The easiest way to win this is to get the shock rifle, place
yourself in a good hiding spot, and when either of them come by,
use secondary fire, immediately followed by primary fire (here
and after referred to as 'the big bang'), and you can easily get
a higher score than them

When you see Luthienne, just run onto one of the lifts. If she
has seen you she will follow you. When at the top, turn to face
the lift while building up rockets. Estimate when the liift
will reach the top, and release.

For this one, get the shock rifle, and stay where the thigh pads
are, facing down into the room. When anyone enters, just do a
'big bang' and you might even get more than one kill if you are

Once more this one requires the shock rifle. Stay where the
shock rifle respawns, and be ready to aim at where the enemy
might approach from. (There are several entrances so be on your
toes) 'Big bang'.

This one is one of the easiest to win. Just about every weapon
can be used to good effect on this map. The trick to lots of
frags is to run up and down the corridors, Expect to win by at
least 5 frags.

Very tricky one on Inhuman and Godlike. Get either the flak
cannon or the rocket launcher, go up the wooden passage, and
periodically lob down rockets or shoot flaks, so they ricochet
into the room.

Koos Galleon
Get flak cannon, shock rifle, or rocket launcher. Go up to the
spot where there are 4 medipacks. Look down into the room and
when anyone enters, just shoot or lob to your hearts content.
The medipacks are useful if anyone has nerve enough to come up.
If you have shield belt as well, a killing spree is more than

Again the shock rifle is vital for an easy victory here. Just
grab it, then place yourself in the alcove where the shock cores
respawn. When anyone enters, just aim where you think they are
about to go, and do 'the big bang'. A frag is almost

Another tricky one. Just wander round the area where the lift
takes you up to the shieldbelt, flak cannon or rocket launcher
in hand. When you see anyone, just attck them with full force.
When you are injured, nip up to get the belt, or take the
passage on the right where there are two medipacks.

Sit just to the left of the ramp that leads to the biorifle
(underneath of course), and shoot your shock rifle anywhere
there is life. If you crouch, you can even get a 'big bang'
frag, right up where the pulse gun is.

Simple but effective. Go to the shock rifle room, get the
shieldbelt if its there. If not, wait patiently for it to come.
When you have it and the shockrifle, just peep out into the main
room and 'big bang' your heart out.
I got 13 straight kills on Masterful last time I did this.
*Word of warning: Some swines will jump into the room behind
you. Always be on your guard for this*

One of the easiest. Simply get the flak cannon, crouch in the
corner where the shells are, and lob down into the passage. You
won't even need to move to collect more ammo.


A good trick is to wait down by the garage where the gvav-boots
spawn. When anyone comes and converts it just do a 'big bang'
with the nearby shock rifle. If the top one gets converted, then
jump up change it, go and get the shield belt from Arturo's,
then resume original position.

The top one is most valuable as it is visited least. When not
guarding the top one, patrol passages from center to bottom.

Get shock rifle, and walk on the sidewalk from Iron star to
Daemon Head. Get cover from one team mate, and when Iron star
gets converted, just 'big bang'' the offender, and your teammate
will convert back.

With any weapon, patrol the passage between Lava and Nook. There
is a Body armor nearby, which is very useful.

One of the easiest. Just guard the Lift point with a rocket
launcher, and your teammates will do the rest.

Squeeze yourself next to one of the pillars either side of the
bridge so you can see if any enemies come from the other side.
Pulse gun primary fire is very useful here.

Just guard the Middle checkpoint. Leave everything else to your
trusty team.

Sesmar's Tomb
All AI will concentrate on Hall of Pillars. Which means you can
concentrate on the other two. Throw your translocator near
either of them, then go to the other. When the original gets
converted, just spawn there.

Just wander round all the time, trying to convert. Staying near
the middle means you can dash to any checkpoints quickly.


This one of thhe most effective uses for the shock rifle. Stand
at the top of the ramp outside with your crosshair on the door
crack. When an enemy leaps down, just do your 'big bang'. Let
your teammates attack. 30+ straight kills is a reasonable

Facing worlds
Snipe! Also, grab the redeemer and when one of your teammates
has the enemy flag, immediately fire it into the enemy base,
then go and help them.

Eternal cave
Stay in the rocket launcher passage with a launcher, and when an
enemy has the flag, immediately start building up rockets.
(Primary and secondary both work) Look out of the entrance and
fire. They will have little chance.

Tell all your team to take the flag. (you will find with all of
them attacking, getting killed and respawning, there is little
chance of an enemy getting far with a flag. Join in the attack,
always with full armor.

The Gauntlet
Tell your whole team to defend. This is a map which is very
dash-and-grab, so if your defence isn't strong, you will lose.
Meanwhile, grab the shieldbelt and launcher and do a
dash-and-grab yourself, grabbing the body armor on the way out.

This is quite easy to defend, provided you have flak cannon,
rocket launcher, shock rifle or the biorifle. Just stand where
the flag is, and when you hear 'incoming', just get ready to

Last command
Get shieldbelt and flak cannon, and take the left passage to the
blue base. Before you reach the end, translocate into the
porthole right up on the left. You will get damage amplifier, so
then translocate across and make a run for the flag, firing the
whole time. Press 'cover' immediately.

Lava giant
Get shock rifle, body armor, anti-grav boots and sniper rifle.
Then translocate across to the left of your castle. Run down
the passage, get the redeemer and thigh pads, then head for blue
base. Standing by the wall of the blue castle, steer your
redeemer into the base and try to get maximum effect. Jump in
(you should land on the ramp perfectly) grab the flag, and jump
back over the wall. Then jump down to the lower level (the
boots will prevent any harm), press cover, and you should

November sub pen
Get maximum health and armor, and enter blue base. At the top of
the stairs, don't let the defender on the boxes see you. Stand
so you can just see them, and do a 'big bang'. They should die.
Grab flag and run down stairs, don't fall down hole, it takes
off 40 life. Get cover and you'll score.


To attack
Get Rocket launcher and body armor. Walk down pier building up
rockets (secondary fire), and release once your inside. That
should get most defenders, so its easy to get hydraulic
compressor. Then get mega-keg-o-health (in the same room),
shield belt, and attack.

To defend
Get full health and armor, and biorifle. Start building it up
and when you hear auto cannon going off release the wad of
sludge, then primary fire when they come in.

To attack
This is so easy, its unreal. Get anti-grav boots, jump up
pillar immediately in front. You'll find keg-o-health, and flak
cannon. Drop down and get other set of grav boots. Jump up the
big carriage and you'll get a shieldbelt. Then just jump along
the tops of the carriages, dodging to avoid auto cannon. There
is a hole in the roof of carriage 1. 48 seconds(approx)

To defend
You shouldn't need to, but if you do get shock rifle. Thats

To attack
Tell your teammates to attack while you wait in the other
entrace to the library. When it opens you should be the first
to get to the chains. The rest is easy, but if you have trouble
with snipers, grab a rifle yourself and do some sniping.

To defend
Let them open the library, tell your team to cover you, then all
wait down the passage where the chains are.
They should have no chance.

To attack
Get full rockets, tell your team to attack, to kill defenders,
and follow them into the room. If you are building up rockets,
then try to get them at the weight, even if it is at an angle.
Once you've destroyed the weights, don't bother opening the
doors. Just run straight up the ramp to open the reactor room
doors. There will be no defenders to trouble you, they are
guarding the front doors.

To defend
Get flak cannon, and perch yourself on the edge of one of the
vats. A well-aimed flak will kill them easily. If you keep
firing, you should. get 3 or 4 kills. When you have fallen
down, get the pulse gun, and when you see them, do a primary
fire, and they have little chance of survival. Snipers and
launchers do the job too.

Ocean Floor
To attack
No. 4 is the easiest, so go into the large docking area straight
through to 2 and 3. Then go for 1, building up rockets while
you are running along the passage. Your mates should get 4.

To defend
Simply press cover, and guard No.1. They will have a job
getting past all 4 of you.

To attack
This is a very difficult one and is more luck then anything
else. There is no method other than always attack in a group of
5. Also if you press 'attack' after the 10 minutes is up, and
if one if your bots is near the controls, they might finish the
job for you. (They did for me)

To defend
Go into the left tower and snipe down before they reach the
mortar. You can get so many headshots, it is unbelievable. If
they get into the boiler room, just get rockets and lob them
down the passage every now and then.


The redeemer is very useful if steered into the main arena. At
other times, get biorifle, wander up and down that passage and
lob big wads into the room here and there. It will take time but
you'll get there.

What do you mean you don't know how to win on Morpheus? Oh
well, just for the book, get rocket launcher, and crouch on
pillar where redeemer is. Then wait for it to lock on to
someone, and fire.
Oh, and there is the redeemer when it comes back.

The best spot is up the ramp in the main room, where just about
every weapon can be used to good effect. Build up rockets, run
down, fire, then run up, or fill the room with ripper blades, or
just 'big bang'.

The answer to victory on this level is - unbelievably- the
biorifle. Just try to stay near the shieldbelt with a built-up
biorifle, and when he starts chasing you, just lob it and start
firing more. Then go and restock. Main hint: Always keep it
built up. First time I tried this, I won 15-1.

Enjoy yourself, and remember, all of these methods take time,
but keep trying them and you'll win through. I hope this
walkthrough helped you.

Brett Shirley
Submitted By: Unknown
Heya, Shrunkensimon here to help you through another set of
bosses again.
The multiple game of the year award, Unreal Tournament, is the
fun, easy and enjoying to play, except for one section.

Once you have completed Deathmatch, CTF, Domination and Assualt,
the final section of the game is revealed to you, "Challenge".
In here there are the levels, "Phobos", "Morpheaus", "Zeto" and
"Hyperblast". These levels are plagued by the most skilled
warriors in the whole tournament, designed to give you a little
adrenaline action right before you recieve your last trophy.

In "Phobos", Vector, Cathode, Matrix, Silicon and Divisor are
your eneimies. This level is situated in space, so if you start
off outside, be careful not to get blown off the edge by enemy
fire! So obviously head inside to the main chamber, where you
will find a rocket launcher, two health packs and three routes to
take, one of which you came out of. The main chamber where you
stand is where most of the main battles will take place, as you
can see the chamber from the roof of the level (outside in
space), and from the two/three floors above you, which means a
lot of fire from above, so be warned. Now if you look down one of
the routes you can see a Ripper with two sets of blade ammo. Pick
these up and stay nudged in the corner just aside the arch on
which the otherside is the chamber. This is the best place to
stay as there is only two possible entrances to your position,
the least in this level, and to make it easier, you face forwards
for one of them and the other is forwards and to your left, which
makes it easy to defend your position. But here defending might
not get you the frags you need, so whenever a big battle
commences in the main chamber, unload lots of blades aimed at
head height around the room, and as long as you dont aim dead
ahead(hehe, korny joke),otherwise they rebound at you, then you
will be able to take out any foe who steps into the chamber. This
works for me and my friends every time we play it, and onto the
next level...

In "Morpheaus", you fight Divisor, Tensor, and the deadly duo,
Cathode & Function. This is my favourite level as it again is set
in space, so lots of nice falling into atmosphere and burning
here. To suceed at this level you need to master the low gravity
jumping, as this will make the difference between coming second
and winning. There are three towers on this level, all
galaxyscrapers, high above earth. They finish at slighty
different heights, more about that later. Usually you will start
off in the lower room of one of the towers, and there is only one
room per tower, all facing inwards to the middle roughly. Grab
whatever weapon there is the room, either a ripper, sniper or
pulse gun, and follow the stairs to first floor in semi-open
space. Here you will find two health packs under the stairs
leading to the roof, this is the same on the other two towers.
Now head up those stairs, taking care not to fall off the roof!
Once you get to the top, you will either find a shock rifle,
minigun or rocket launcher(all with ammo), layed out nicely for
you, providing no one got there first. If your not on the roof
with the rocket launcher, jump to it, remember it is low gravity,
so you wont fall, and even if you do, there is a platform way
below to catch you, with a jumping platform to help you back up.
Now take the rocket launcher, and look at the highest point on
this building, it has a spire, now jump up to the platform with
the spire on it. Here you should find a redeemer!! Use this to
get a double/multi kill at a good moment. Now for the main
killing. Using the rocket launcher, using aim, centre it on a foe
on the roof of another building, and when it go's to the homing
aim fire, and 2/3 times this will kill you foe. This is the best
place to be in the level, as you can hide behind the pillar/spire
if incoming fire is too much. Just take care not to get blown
off, as this can happen time to time. If your confident, jump to
the spire on the second highest tower to grab the invisibility
belt. And to the lowest to grab armor. Stay on top of the
situation, stay on top of level literally.

The next level, "Zeto", is a harder level, and not as fun, not
saying it isnt, as it isnt in space, no nice graphics:(. To win
this level you need to combine your fast sidesteping with your
accuracy to win, theres no safe places in this level! In this
level, it is quite easy to forget your way at first, so i cant
describe how to get to the main chamber from where you start, but
you'll know your there, it has a pillar in the middle of the
room, quite wide, with a secret chamber at three entrances and a
roof entrance from the platform above. Most of the battles occur
here. Advice here is to run around the pillar when someone
attacks you and take them out and run around again, or if your
lucky enough, sneak up behind them and take them out. Once
completed, on to the final, hardest challenge level, with the

"Hyperblast", with a one man challenge, Xan, the guy from the
intro with the armor suit. Now you might think easy, once man
target, think again, he is some tough guy, but not impossible to
beat, obviously. This level is again in space, on a spaceship,
but with low gravity outside, but with a limit, so dont jump to
far off otherwise you will find your self floating to your grave
in hyperspace. Ok, lets start. Wherever you start off, make it
your first job to get a weapon, my advice, head to the roof, and
take the rocket launcher with 4 ammo packs. Now look straight
ahead from there and you'll see a small entrance about 20m away
roughly, with a shieldbelt in it way. Now dont jump to it, just
run off the edge, crazy it might seem, but the makers made it so
you just make it into the entrance, if you jump you have to lower
yourself in carefully, and 4/5 times you'll miss and die. Now
grab the sheild belt and also the health potions around both
corners of this corridor. Now sometimes Xan will have got there
first in which case you have to wait for it to come back. Now you
just have to wait for a small time, dont worry, he'll come find
you! Patrol these to corridors until he appears at the end of
one, now using your skill, run backwards and around the corner,
firing missiles at him. If you get to close he will start
bunnyhoping, which makes it difficult to hit him. If you are
accuarate enough with one shot, load up 6 missiles whilst holding
down the right mouse button, remember to press the left one
first, otherwise they will be grenades. This concentrates all 6
into a very tight space, so if you strike him anywhere it will
guarantee a kill. My advice, aim for the body, not the head, as
this is difficult to hit. For this level you are required to kill
him 15 times! This is hard, and you will die. I do every time and
i have been playing it for aaages. Just remember to get the
rocket launcher and then stay in that corridor! This is the
easiest way to kill him most definatly, as his missiles will hit
the wall as he trys to hit you as you run backwards, also a tip
is to aim for the floor a bit infront of him as he will run
straight into it. TOP TIP: Dont stray outside if he is there, as
his shooting outside is amazing to say the least, and his jumping
with shooting skills are great, so he will kill you easily if you
go outside. This is my advice if you want to win...

There you go, that was all my own work, and took some time to
compile, as i get lost in the game as it is so fun! Hope this
helps you and good luck in winning the game.

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