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Retro Game Walkthroughs For
"Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2"
(PC Games)

This game is also available on PS1, DC, GBC, GBA, N64, PS2 and Xbox.

Retro Game Walkthroughs for Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 (PC Games)
Submitted By: allardini
Here is a list of each character's (including secret charater's) special moves.

Steve Caballero
Hang Ten: Press Right, Up + Grind.
Triple Kickflip: Press Up, Left + Flip.
FS 540: Press Right, Left + Grab.

Tony Hawk
900: Left, Right, Down + Grab
Overturn: Down, Left + Grind
Sacktap: Up, Down + Grab

Andrew Reynolds
Nosegrab Tailslide: Press Up, Down + Grind.
Triple Heelflip: Press Up, Right + Flip.
Hardflip Late Flip: Press Up, Down + Flip.

Bob Burnquist
Rocket Tailslide: Press Up, Down + Grind.
One Foot Smith: Press Right, Down + Grind.
Racket Air: Press Left, Down + Grab.

Bucky Lasek
The Big Hitter: Press Left, Down + Grind.
One Foot Japan: Press Up, Right + Grab.
Fingerflip Airwalk: Press Left, Right + Grab.

Chad Muska
Mute Backflip: Press Up, Down + Grab.
Hurricane: Press Down, Right + Grind.
Muska Nose Man: Press Right, Up + Grab.

Elissa Steamer
Madonna Tailslide: Press Up, Left + Grind.
Hospital Flip: Press Left, Right + Flip.
Indy Backflip: Press Up, Down + Grab.

Erik Koston
The Fandangle: Press Right, Down + Grind.
Indy Frontflip: Press Down, Up + Grab.
Pizza Guy: Press Down, Left + Grab.

Geoff Rowley
Rowley Darkslide: Press Left, Right + Grind.
Double Hardflip: Press Right, Down + Flip.
Half Flip Casper: Press Right, Left + Flip.

Jamie Thomas
Beni F-Flip Crooks: Press Down, Up + Grind.
Laser Flip: Press Down, Right + Flip.
One Foot Nose Manual: Press Left, Up + Grab.

Kareem Campbell
Casper: Left, Down + Grab
Ghetto bird: Down, Up + Flip
Nosegrind To Pivot: Down, Up + Grind

McSqueeb (80's Tony Hawk)
Pogo Air: Press Up, Down + Flip.
Layback Grind: Press Up, Down + Grind.

Officer Dick
Assume the Position: Press Left, Down + Grab.
Lazy A. Grind: Press Down, Up + Grind.
Salute!!!: Press Left, Right + Grab.

Private Carrera
55 Ho Slide: Press Left, Right + Grind.
Double Splits: Press Right, Left + Grab.
Ho-Ho Handplant: Press Up, Down + Grind.

Rodney Mullen
Nollieflip Underflip: Press Down, Left + Flip.
Casper to 360 Flip: Press Down, Right + Grab.
Heelflip Darkslide: Press Right, Left + Grind.

Rune Glifberg
One Foot Bluntslide: Press Left, Up + Grind.
Kickflip One Foot Tailslide: Press Left Down + Flip.
Christ Air: Press Left, Right + Grab.

Spidey Grind: Press Left, Right + Grind.
Spidey Flip: Press Up, Down + Grab.
Spidey Varial (Does Whatever a Spider Can): Press Left, Right + Flip.

The best special Tricks are usually grinds as they can be repeated for multipliers, and huge points.

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